Katrina was excited about their date tonight.
Sapphire and Katrina hadn't been out in a little while and she had planned something most special to celebrate with Sapphire. Katrina had been working a lot more. It seemed summer babies were a popular theme and she was running around town like crazy most days.

Dressing for such an occasion deserved something beautiful. Katrina probably shouldn't have saved most of her vintage dresses, it proved her age but knowing that some of them deserved to be worn again she couldn't help herself. Katrina pulled out a beautiful satin red dress with white lace around the collar.  The lace hanging from her sleeves were bustling with life yet. She always kept her dresses in the most pristine condition and saved them in a trunk now that she had moved to the celestial castle. 

With her hair pinned up and with earrings she sent over a quick text to Sapphire.

-Leaving now, I'll be there soon, remember to dress up, I have something amazing planned. ;) 

Katrina went into her car and started to drive there, the one thing she knew after tonight that cars weren't meant for you to drive in a petticoat. She felt it in all manners of the word. She smiled as she was at the door of her girlfriend's house.

Katrina got out of the car and knocked on the door with a few beats of her fist and now she waited. 

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Sapphire blushed and smiled as she kissed her girlfriend once more as she looked in to her eyes. "Well my love this has to be the best night of my life....well maybe the second since I think when we officially dated would have to a first." She said as she giggled and smiled. When she apologized, Sapphire held her hand up and touched her lips with her finger. "You do not have to apologize for helping women give birth." She said as she looked at her. "How about maybe we get a place together?" She asked when she mentioned that she could come spend alittle time between shifts and births.

The phoenix smiled as she felt her nuzzle against her neck. She blushed and bit her lip when Katrina had placed a few kisses on her neck. Sapphire looked at her and smiled as she tilted her head to face her. She smiled and kissed her deeply as she moved her hands to her face, cupping it as she kissed her. Once she pulled away, Sapphire spoke, "Like I said, you do not need to apologize my love. You are doing something truly amazing and I want you to be happy and not worry about me when you are at work. Listen, I know your job is important so I truly understand that needs to come first before me." She said with a small smile. "Plus I think you helping the new additions to the world was truly amazing." She said as she kissed her once more.

"You are important to me as well, and I don't think less of it." She said as she then looked at her again. "Oh please I wouldn't want you to quit your job. I know how much it means to you. So how about my offer about us finding a place together?" She asked as she looked at her with loving eyes. 

"I know you don't mind it, but I just don't want you to be upset."
She looked at her when she mentioned getting a place together. "We could, but we could always wait until we are married. Maybe I am super old fashioned since technically I am so many years your senior." She said with a small laugh looking at the woman before her. 

"What are you thinking? Tonight has been a night of many things." She said as they slowly made their way outside. She still held her close before slowly dancing with her under the moonlight. Holding her near and not wanting to let go.

"I do think about you often, I am madly in love with you, how can I not." She teased her gently. "Plus the picture of us on my desk is something that is saying a lot. Its hard not to look at it." When she spoke once more about the place she looked at her.

"Is that something you really want? I come and go at weird hours, an alarm clock is set for strangely early hours and..." lowering her voice she came near her ear and whispered, "I sing in the shower, and if I shower early, do you know what you have to listen to?" Backing up and talking normally now she smiled. "Now if you married me and when that happens and you say yes, well then you signed yourself up for it, but moving in before then, what if it entirely changes your mind about me?" 

Sapphire looked at her and smiled, "I wont be upset. I want you to keep your job and enjoy what you love." She said as she looked at her as she listened to her about waiting until they get married. "Well I don't mind that one bit." She siad as she then giggled at her little joke. "Well you are just a few years older than me but I wouldn't call you a senior." She teased as she looked into her eyes, dancing with her under the moonlight. Sapphire smiled as they both held each other close as they danced.

When Katrina asked her what she was thinking, Sapphire smiled and looked her in the eyes. "I'm thinking about you my love, and how wonderful this night has been." She said as she smiled at her once more as she kissed her lips, only a peck as she smiled. Listening to Katrina talk about how she was madly in love with her, Sapphire's heart could skip a beat at her words.  Hearing her words about the picture she has sitting on her desk, the phoenix could help but smile as she looked at her. "I am madly in love with you too Katrina. I can't see my life without you in it. And I have the same picture sitting on my desk as well. I look at it every time I miss you which is most of the time." She said with a small chuckle. 

As Katrina asked if she really wanted to have a place together, Sapphire looked at her in the eyes as Katrina continued to speak about her job and her singing in the shower. When she mentioned about marriage and if she said yes that she would of signed herself for it. Sapphire looked at her as Katrina asked about if would change Sapphire's mind about her. The phoenix cupped Katrina's face and kissed her deeply. "I would love to have a place for us, and the pups. But I am fine with you coming at weird hours or even waking up early hours." She said as she leaned in close. "And I cant wait to hear you sing in the shower." She teased as she smiled and kissed her once more. "That is something I would love if you want to do it. I am letting you decide if you want to get a place together with me." She said as she smiled.

Katrina looked at her. "If thats what you want, I will keep my job but I don't want it ever to become between us. make sure you communicate your feelings if you are upset, okay?" She asked Sapphire, noticing the beauty as the moonlight hit her skin. The moonlight had always been powerful to her, anything in the evening sky spoke to her. Possibly because of her celestial nature, that being of a fallen star.

"The night sky always means something to me, I always think its because of my celestial nature. Did I ever tell you what star I fell from?" She asked the young woman as she spoke about her age and laughed. "I'm 172 years older than you." She whispered gently across her ear in case a human was eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Cassiopeia was the star that I fell down from. I just know that but I don't remember any of the other stuff." She quickly noted it since she didn't tell her. Katrina listened about her getting a house.

"Well one day you will hear me sing all the time and you will cringe at the fact of it. As for the house, how about we start looking for one, or if you would like, we could get some land and maybe build a house of our dreams. I have been working so much and living off very little money-wise, so I have enough that we could do something like that?" 

Sapphire looked at Katrina as she nodded. "I will make sure to express my feelings about it but I don't think it would come between us. I understand that you are needed so I am fine with it." She said as she looked at her. Her eyes looked at her skin as it lit up a bit again the moonlight. All she could was smile as she knew that it was most likely because she came from the night sky. She continued to dance with Katrina as she smiled at her.

The phoenix smiled as she listened to her about how she was connected to the night sky. She shook her head when she asked her about the star she fell from. Sapphire smiled as she chuckled about the age thing. When she went back to the star, Sapphire looked at her and nodded. "Well then we can make more memories for the ones you cant remember." she said. The phoenix mentioned about the house to her as she then heard about how she will hear her sing all the time and cringe at it. Sapphire chuckled as she shook her head, "I would never cringe at it. And Yes lets start looking..." She said as she then heard the idea about getting land and building the house of their dreams. "Wait I like that better." She said as she looked at her. "I can also pitch in as I have quite a bit saved back just for any occasion." Sapphire said as she smiled and looked at her. 


"Good, I am just a little worried that I am ever upsetting you. I want to make sure you are happy."
She said pressing her lips gently on the silkiness of her cheek. She was so soft and so perfect, just grateful that she had such a beautiful woman in her life.

The dancing made the moment even more special when she spoke about the memories she smiled. "My memories didn't really make anything of importance until you came into my life." She said exclaiming her joy for the woman. When they brought up the singing and her not cringing she laughed for a moment. "I am in no way a professional but my sass in the shower makes me think I am."

"Okay, then we are going to find land and build something. We will have to plan what we want. Maybe talk about a future family and make it our forever home." She smiled noticing how happy Sapphire looked. "You don't have to worry about money. I have been working in a very important field for a while. It's been a lot of savings that I don't use. So maybe save your money a bit for other things you want." 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her, blushing a bit when she kissed her cheek. It was amazing even though it was on the cheek, Sapphire could feel the curve of her lips as they touched her cheek. The phoenix guard couldn't be happier with the woman she was with right now. She smiled as she could look into her blue eyes all the time if she could. Sapphire couldn't imagine Katrina not in her life. 

As the two continued to dance under the moonlight, Sapphire couldn't help but smile as she listened to Katrina talk about memories. Her words caused her to blush and smiled as she kissed her lips lightly before Sapphire told her about Katrina's singing and wouldn't mind it at all. Hearing her laugh made Sapphire's heart flutter as she smiled. "Katrina I bet you sing beautifully. And about the memories, I am glad that I am in your life. Memories for me are precious and the ones with you, I will treasure them forever." She siad as she leaned in close.

Hearing about finding a piece of land made Sapphire smile alittle more as she nodded. "I agree." She said as she was happy when Katrina mentioned a future family and a forever home. When Katrina mentioned that she didnt have to worry about money, Sapphire shook her head. "I know you want me to save my money, but let me at least by something for the house." She siad as she looked at her with her blue eyes sparkling. 

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