Katrina was excited about their date tonight.
Sapphire and Katrina hadn't been out in a little while and she had planned something most special to celebrate with Sapphire. Katrina had been working a lot more. It seemed summer babies were a popular theme and she was running around town like crazy most days.

Dressing for such an occasion deserved something beautiful. Katrina probably shouldn't have saved most of her vintage dresses, it proved her age but knowing that some of them deserved to be worn again she couldn't help herself. Katrina pulled out a beautiful satin red dress with white lace around the collar.  The lace hanging from her sleeves were bustling with life yet. She always kept her dresses in the most pristine condition and saved them in a trunk now that she had moved to the celestial castle. 

With her hair pinned up and with earrings she sent over a quick text to Sapphire.

-Leaving now, I'll be there soon, remember to dress up, I have something amazing planned. ;) 

Katrina went into her car and started to drive there, the one thing she knew after tonight that cars weren't meant for you to drive in a petticoat. She felt it in all manners of the word. She smiled as she was at the door of her girlfriend's house.

Katrina got out of the car and knocked on the door with a few beats of her fist and now she waited. 

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Sapphire smiled as she was glad that she had met Katrina. She even remembered when they first met which was around the Christmas season a few years go. The phoenix guard smiled at the memory as they sang carols and then grabbed some warm beverages to warm their bodies up, even though Sapphire didn't need it, she didn't turn a way a chance for some hot chocolate. As years went by, their friendship had grew more and more as years went on. Alas one year was different as Katrina made the first move on Sapphire. When Katrina kissed Sapphire that one night, Sapphire knew that their friendship had started to soar into something more. 

The phoenix couldn't believe that the woman infront of her was hers. Sapphire giggled as she listened to her words. "And you will have me forever until you don't want me anymore." She said to her as she smiled. Sapphire's smile never faded as she heard Katrina talk how she will have her forever. The phoenix couldnt help but smile more as she leaned in close. "I will keep you forever, I think my life wouldnt be the same without you in it." She said as she looked at her. Sapphire smiled as she took Katrina's arm as the two walked to the car.

Katrina held her hand gently as they began their walk to the car.
She knew that she was content and somewhere tonight with her realization and admittance of love she knew she would marry this woman. She didn't know when she would propose but she wanted something that she would be happy with. Katrina's heart was off in the stars filled with joy and excitement about the future.

"Well, we are gonna be together forever then." She stated with pure bliss on her face. As they reached the car she opened the door for Sapphire. "M'lady." She said with a slight pull of her red dress to do a small curtsey. Being back in this outfit brought memories of when she bought it. Not knowing when she would ever use it, never having an occasion too she knew that she wanted it for the one-day. This dress had sat in her closet for years, Never being used... until tonight.

Sapphire smiled softly as the two walked to the car. The phoenix just kept looking at Katrina as she couldn't help but look at her as they walked. She felt so much love for the woman beside her as she could never imagine her life without her. This made Sapphire think about the future and how things would be if things continued. Would Katrina propose or should Sapphire? That was a few questions in her head as she could feel her stomach fill with butterflies and her heart increase in beating as her mind went to thinking about a future with Katrina. 

"I think we are." She said as she smiled and noticed they were at the car. Hearing her say Mlady made Sapphire smile even more as she then got into the car. "Thank you my love." she said as she looked at her once more. Her blue sapphire eyes looked at Katrina up and down as she blushed alittle and smiled. "And I should say that red is a lovely color on you love." She said to her as she smiled at her before the car door was closed. Sapphire sat in the car and smiled as she looked at her dress she was wearing as she smiled alittle. She had only wore this dress to one event and that is when she had a charity event for children in the foster system. Her mind wondered to that event as she smiled thinking that she was glad she wore this dress to their evening. It made the dress even more special to her as she then watched Katrina get into the car. 

"Well, we are both in agreement then?" She asked with a smile as she got into the car after complimenting her dress she blushed before heading into the driver's seat. "I bought this a long time ago, never wore it before. I wanted it for something important and now it turned out perfect. I have been able to wear it with my person." Katrina smiled at her as she grabbed her hand and gently caressed it with her thumb.

"I love you. Thank you for giving tonight to me. It was perfect. More than." She said with a smile looking at her carefully. "Did you drink enough? Eat enough? Do you need anything before I bring you home?" She asked grabbing her heels off and putting them in the back seat of the car. "I can't drive in those things. I guess I am still old school where my feet are used to being bare." 

Katrina smiled at her precious Sapphire recalling previous moments and knowing at this moment she could never have enough of Sapphire. Things were perfect between them and it would continue to be if they wanted that. Katrina would forever be in love with this woman. 

How did she get such a perfect woman in her life? A thought that circulated in her mind.

"Yes we are." She said as she looked at her. Sapphire watched her get into the driver side as she listened to Katrina speak. Hearing about the dress made Sapphire blush and smile as she felt Katrina caress her thumb over her hand. Sapphire held onto her hand as she smiled. "I will tell you this. I have only wore this dress once and it was for a charity event. But tonight made this dress even more special because I am with you." she said as she smiled at her. 

Sapphire smiled as she listened to Katrina before chuckling alittle when she asked her about if she had enough to eat or drink. "Katrina, I love you too. Thank you for bringing me tonight. It was so perfect that I don't think I will ever forget it." She said as she then leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I did have enough to eat and drink, and all I need is you love." She said as she smiled and moved so she could take her heels off. Hearing that she couldn't drive in them made Sapphire smile. "As long as you are comfortable with it, it should be fine." She said as she giggled. 

The phoenix smiled as she looked into Katrina's eyes for a moment. Her mind wondered about how this moment was precious to the both of them. Sapphire could help but know that she couldn't stay away from Katrina as she was like a magnet to her. With this magnetism between them, Sapphire knew that this woman was perfect in everyway and was glad that she had her in her life. The phoenix knew that she would love this woman forever.

Katrina smiled at her as she spoke about her dress,
this had meant the world to her. These moments of pure bliss. As she was preparing to drive she spoke about being comfortable and she laughed a hearty laugh.

"I'm sorry. You know I think you look smoking-beautiful in that dress and here I am excited to take my shoes off cause I am a barefoot girl." She said as it seemed to not be funny once she spoke it aloud.

"I think the alcohol is making me silly. I apologize." She said sticking the key in the ignition and driving her back to her house. Having a hard time going too fast, wanting to take a longer route as not to make it end. Time seemed so fast when they were together. As they arrived at the house she looked at her gently before climbing out of the car. Not bothering to put her shoes back on she walked over to the other side of the car and opened the door for her.

"My you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I can't thank you enough for spending the evening with me." She said offering her a hand to help walk her to the door. 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina as she had prepared to drive as she then felt her heart flutter at her laugh. She could hear her laughter and her voice, it caused Sapphire to just fall more in love with her. Her smile never faded as she continued to look at her. Her words made Sapphire smile as she shook her head. "No need to apologize and thank you. But listen, I am happy that you are excited to have your shoes." She said as she then looked at her before taking her own heels off. "Now we can be two barefooted girls." She said as she giggled.

Hearing that the alcohol was making her silly made Sapphire just smile. "Love you don't need to apologize. And if you think the alcohol is making you silly, then maybe I should drive. The wine really doesn't affect me since it burns out of my system." She said as she looked at her. As she started to drive, Sapphire noticed that she was taking the longer route which made Sapphire smile as she knew that Katrina didn't want this night to end yet. As time went by, they had made it to the house. Sapphire looked at Katrina back as she watched her climb out of the car. When Katrina opened the door, Sapphire smiled as she grabbed her heels and got out of the car as she took her hand.

Sapphire listened to her words as she smiled while she held her hand as she got out of the car. "No need to thank me my love." She said as she leaned in close and kissed her lips lightly. "I love spending every minute with you. And this evening was just perfect and I really think we needed it." She said as she smiled softly at her.

When Sapphire took her shoes off as well she couldn't help but smile. "Don't worry, I can hold my alcohol very well. I only had 2 glasses. I know to limit it." She said as she smiled at her gently. She took the longer route to keep her girl with her longer. She couldn't help but turn and smile at her when there was a stopped light and such. 

"I will always thank you. I never knew I could feel like this." She stopped as she felt her lips kissed lightly and she kissed her back fervently before feeling a tightness in her stomach. Making her urge backward a bit. "Let me walk you to the door." She said grabbing her hand gently and leading her to the door with a smile.

"This night was perfect. I do agree! We always need more time together. I can never have enough." She said with a gentle smile before grasping her into a hug. Wanting to feel her close to her and the warmth of a hug always brought a smile to Katrina's face. Hugs were always the answer in her opinion.  "I love you, Sapphire. With all the stones in the world none are as precious as you." 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her girlfriend. "I can also hold my alcohol...well it kind of doesn't affect me since my body mostly burns it off as I drink it." she said as she smiled and looked at her. The phoenix could tell that Katrina wanted to keep her longer as they hit most of the lights. Her blue eyes looked at Katrina as she smiled as she loved every minute of her time she spent with her.  Hearing Katrina talk about how she will always thank her. This made Sapphire look at her and smiled. When she kissed her lightly, Sapphire felt her kiss her back as she smiled against her lips. 

Once she took her hand to lead her to the door, Sapphire smiled and walked with her to the door. Her stomach had butterflies when they held hands. Sapphire had never felt this much love for just one person in her life as she looked at Katrina with love and passion in her eyes. As they got to the door, Sapphire continued to hold her hand as she looked at her. The phoenix just stayed quiet for a moment, looking into Katrina's eyes as she smiled softly at her.

As Katrina spoke, Sapphire listened and looked at her. "I agree we do need time together." she siad as she smiled and hugged her back as she held her tight, not wanting to let go. This made Sapphire's heart flutter more as she laid her head on her shoulder and held her alittle longer. Hearing her words, Sapphire looked at her and kissed her deeply. After the kiss, Sapphire looked at her. "I love you, Katrina. With all the stars in the sky are not as bright and beautiful as you." She said. 

Katrina smiled at her knowing that this evening was going perfect.
When she led her to the door she smiled and watched as Sapphire replied to her questions. 

"Well, we have lots planned for the future. We will continue to go out and do our thing. I am excited about all the plans." She looked into her as she spoke about the stars in the sky. Katrina leaned down and planted another kiss on her lips.

Her hand moved to her cheek, cupping her lightly, her thumb caressing her cheek as her fingers played with the back of her neck. when she broke from the lingering kiss she giggled gently.

"I'm sorry, you are so beautiful. You get things going inside me that I never knew I had. I best be going. I will text you in the morning." She said leaning in for one more kiss before backing away slowly.

"Goodnight, I love you. Sleep well." She said before backing up slowly towards her car. Wanting to keep sights on her with a smile. When she reached her car she sat in there and looked at the house that held her heart. 

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