Run away pup in the park (Sapphire Rizzoli and Dominic Howlett only) ~COMPLETE~

It was a nice day in September when Sapphire walked around the city, just to get some air and let Nala out for a walk. Wearing a dark blue shirt with a white collar along with a yellow rain coat, in case it rained with her black boots and black skinny jeans. Her blue eyes looked around as she took in a deep breath as she could feel that fall was coming and it made her happy. A small bark got her attention, Sapphire looked down at the black pug and giggled as she spoke, “Don’t worry I will take you to the park.” She said as she continued to walk towards the park.

The wind picked up a little bit causing her stop and pull her coat closer as she giggled and walked into the park. Sapphire walked along the sidewalk as she looked around at the few people in the park. With her attention occupied, Sapphire didn’t notice that Nala’s leash slipped from her fingers until she heard barking. “Nala!” She shouted as she ran after Nala. “Nala come back here.” She shouted as she ran after her.  Her blue eyes kept staring at the black fur that she ran after before she skidded to a stop.

Nala had stopped in front of a tall and handsome man and sat in front of him with her tail wagging. Sapphire looked at her pup before looking at the man as she walked up to him and blushed a little as she rubbed her neck as she grabbed Nala’s leash. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention and let the leash slip.” Sapphire said softly as she looked at the man. “Um I am Sapphire Rizzoli.” She said as she held out her hand with a small smile. “I actually never seen Nala do that to anybody.” She said to him as she looked at Nala as she nudged him with her paw to pet her.

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"Yea, they better be. I feel like half my paycheck goes to their stomachs." They waited a few more minutes and then the cook placed a cardboard box on the open window sill of the truck and the smell of the delicious treats came washing over them. He quickly reached into the box and found his oreos, taking one out, and stuffing it into his mouth. It was hotter than he expected and he instinctively opened his mouth wider as he chewed while trying not to laugh and mostly failing. The powder from the oreos got into his beard and he lifted the bottom of his t-shirt up to wipe it off while balancing the box on the other palm. "So Godly!" Dominic chuckled. He waved to the owner before stepping aside and letting the next people in line behind them order. 

It wasn't long before Sapphire's order came up and the two started heading back through the park towards his truck. He grabbed a piece of the funnel cake inside the box and ate it. "So?" Dominic questioned, looking over to her as she eyed her food. "What do you think? I'm sure the doggo can't wait to try hers either." 

Sapphire watched him as he got his oreos and giggled abit as he got powdered sugar on his beard. She smiled before she got her order of deep fried snickers and the dog treats she got for Nala, which she told her that she could have later as they walked to his truck. Sapphire took a few bites even though it was hot, it didnt bother her as she glanced at him. "Well its delicious." Sapphire said as she smiled widely before she looked at Nala. "Well Nala will get hers later since she had already had some of your food earlier." Sapphire said as she smiled. 

"I am guessing you have to get to work now?" She asked as she took another bite from her snickers bar and looked at him as she delicately wiped the powdered sugar off her lips with a napkin as she smiled softly.  

"Yea, duty calls," he replied to her as he took another bite of his dessert. As they reached his truck he placed his cooler in the bed of the vehicle and he opened the passenger side door to put the box of other goodies in the backseat. "Plus, if I don't get back there within a decent amount of time to keep the peace they start at each other's throats. I'll walk in and they'll be wrestling on the ground with wagers on who's going to kick whose ass." He chuckled a bit at this as he thought of his coworkers. "Bunch of men that act like boys around each other. They spend too much time in that garage together, I swear."

He bent over and pet Nala one last time and leaned against his truck. "Are you on any assignments lately for the Guard?" Dominic asked as he crossed his arms over his chest in thought. "If you ever need any assistance with something, feel free to look me up if you need help. I like to keep busy when I'm not doing one of my two jobs."

Sapphire listened and giggled as she heard about his coworkers waging bets on who would win in a wrestling. "Well then you better get there and keep the peace." She joked as she listened about the boys. "Well they are just trying to make work fun I guess when you arent there." She said as she giggled. Sapphire smiled as she watched him pet Nala before she looked at him as he asked him about the guard. "Not really, I havent got any assignments from the Guard just yet." She said as she looked at him. "How about you? Have you got any assignments from the guard?" Sapphire asked. 

Her blue eyes looked at him as he spoke. "Well I will make sure to call you if I need you for help. " Sapphire said as she picked up Nala after she finished her dessert. "I like to keep busy also when I am doing two jobs but being in charge of a gaming company isnt really busy." She said as she looked at him and smiled.

Dominic nodded in response to her question. "I'm actually supposed to head over to the fort and talk to Aureus about an assignment later. He wasn't too specific, but hopefully it'll get me some action. I could use it. Not that the bars aren't giving me a work out." He shook his head with a smirk. "Those idiots drink too much and can't help but make fools out of themselves, especially for women." In fact, it was only two nights ago he had broken up a fight between two guys who thought they could impress a girl with beating the crap out of each other. "Some of them back down when they see me coming over, but some are so wasted that they can't even think straight. They take one swing my way and end up on the floor without me even touching them." Dominic snickered. 

He reached into the truck and moved some trash around before he found the card he was looking for. "If you ever are looking for a break from reality, I'm more likely than not at this place. It's not as crazy as some of the other places in Evermore and I can always give you a nice discount for drinks and food too, so bring some girlfriends if you want," he said, handing her the business card of the bar. 

Sapphire listened to him and smiled as she let out a giggle when he talked about his friends. "Well some girls like it when men fight each other. Me on the other hand, I am not impressed by that but I really go for personality." Sapphire said as she smiled as she followed him to his truck as she threw away her trash before looking back at him. Her blue eyes watched him as she noticed that he was looking for something. She listened to him about taking a break from reality, causing her to smile a little as he handed her the card. Sapphire looked at the card and smiled. "Well thanks I would really like that." She said as she smiled. 

Her blue eyes looked at him as she smiled. "I will tell you this but it takes alot to get drunk due to what I am." She said as she giggled softly. "But I will come to the bar with a few of my friends soon." Sapphire said as she looked at him. Nala then let out a bark, causing Sapphire to jump alittle as she then giggled. "Maybe we can get together again and I could bring Nala?" She asked as Sapphire scratched Nala behind her ears.

"That sounds like a challenge," he replied with a smirk. Everyone knew it was impossible to drink him under the table, not only because of his stature, but because of his supernatural heritage. Being a lycanthrope gave him the ability of healing at an increased rate, so getting drunk was somewhat impossible for under a couple hundred dollars at any normal establishment. It was nice being a bouncer on the side and getting free alcohol whenever you wanted. His pockets would be empty otherwise. "You name the time and I'll make sure to take an early night."

He began walking around to the side of the truck and pulled the driver's side open, climbing in. "They actually have the place open for lunch early in the day and you can bring pets out on the terrace, so feel free to drop by some time. I get out of the garage usually around six and they serve out there till about nine before switching it over for the night life. I'm sure doggo will enjoy it." Dominic started the car and looked over at them one more time. "It was nice meeting you, Sapphire. You too, Nala. See you two soon." He gave them a smile and put the truck into gear, heading back to work having met a new Guard he was hoping to get better acquainted with. After all, their kind of work required knowing people and having help and both was something he needed to let his wall down for. 

Sapphire let out a chuckle as she smirked. "Well then maybe the next time we meet, we can have a drinking contest." Sapphire said as she smiled at him. Being a phoenix gave her the ability to 'burn' the alcohol out of her system and due to her healing abilities it was impossible for her to get drunk.  Her eyes watched him get into the driver's side of the truck as Sapphire moved back alittle. Her smirk turned into a smiled as she nodded softly to make sure to tell him the time the next time they want to meet up. "I will  make sure to let you know the time." She said as she glanced at Nala.

"Really? That sounds great." She said as she looked at Nala with a smile as the pug's tail wagged. Sapphire looked back at him once he started his truck. "It was nice meeting you too Dominic. Nala was happy to meet you too. Hope to see you soon also." She said as Sapphire watched him drive off to work. A sigh escaped her lips as she then decided to head home, Sapphire glanced at Nala and smiled softly, "I am glad that I have meet a new Guard." Sapphire said softly as she put Nala down as both of them walked home, glad that she finally might have made a new friend especially from the Guard. 


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