Running into a old friend. (Katrina O'Sullivan and Sapphire Rizzoli~Completed~)

As the snow was slowly melting and the temperature was slowly getting alittle warmer. Sapphire had lived in the Manor, well close to the Manor as she wanted to get closer to the other guards. The phoenix guard was ready to get out of her room.  Sapphire had got dressed and was ready to go to her favorite coffee shop next to a dog park. The phoenix had thought about bringing the dogs but thought it would be nice to just have time for herself. As she headed down the stair case of the Manor, Sapphire looked around before she left the manor. She smiled as she took in a deep breath of the chilly air.

The young Phoenix walked to her car that she recently bought since she didn’t want to bring any attention to her or what she was. Sapphire drove down to the city and parked her car in the parking lot before heading to the coffee shop. As she walked, she smiled at the dog park and saw some of the dogs play around. She then smiled as she walked into the coffee shop, ordering her usual order of coffee. Once she ordered, Sapphire sighed and waited as she then noticed Katrina. She walked over to her and smiled. “Hey Katrina.” She said as she smiled, seating down next to the dark haired woman.

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Katrina was looking around her room and it just wasn't good enough for how she was feeling. With the weather becoming a bit better after all the snow she really needed out. She dressed warmly and walked outside of her house. She would walk into town and discover something to do. She really hadn't got out much with the snow and since no one was having a baby currently she didn't see anything to do.

As she was walking she noticed the cutest little park. Before going there she went into a shop and ordered herself something good to nibble on with a hot chocolate and went to sit down in the park. Seeing all the animals running around she smiled.

A woman walked up to her and she noticed it was Sapphire they hadn't seen each other in a year since last Christmas with caroling.

"Hello Sapphire, how are you?" Moving over for her to take a seat.

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her. "Im good, how are you? I haven't seen you since the caroling." She said as she smiled as she glanced at the counter to check on her order before looking back at Katrina. "The weather is getting better now." She said softly as she looked at the dog park across the street. A smile came across the phoenix's face as she thought to herself about bringing the pups to the dog park once its warmer. He blue eyes went back to looking at Katrina as she listened to her. "So tell me how your Christmas was?" She asked as she smiled. 

"I recently moved closer to the Ailward Manor to get closer to the guards." She said softly as she smiled a little. "And I also found out that Akira wasn't a husky but a hybrid. A Wolf dog." She siad as she looked at the older woman as a waitress came over to her and handed Sapphire her cup of coffee and a pastry. The phoenix quietly thanked the waitress and went back to Katrina as she smiled and listened. Sapphire did miss caroling alot but she knew that it wouldnt last long but the friendship she made with Katrina would last a long time. 

(Sorry for such the delay. I am on call I am a doula so waiting for a baby to be born has taken away my thought process) 

Katrina was excited to see her friend. As the girl began to speak she listened and was enjoying the time that she could spend with her friend. "My Christmas was good. I spend most time alone so it was no different. This Christmas had no babies so that was a difference. How was yours?" Katrina said listening to her friend.

Everything was so nice around here and she agreed the weather was getting a bit better but it still had those days that made you question it all. 

(Its fine.) 

Sapphire listened and smiled as she looked at the much older woman. "Mine was good, I moved from my own house into a house where I am closer to the guard." She said as she smiled. "I have also been training alot more, trying to see if I will become a personal guard for someone or not." She said as she looked at her. "Well I am kinda sad that there wasnt any babies been born this christmas season. It would of been nice to see maybe a couple." Sapphire said as she smiled.

(And baby came and I still lost my marbles lol. Please forgive me)

"Yes I agree, I live on my work. I don't do much with other celestials or do much with the other species. I tend to be more of a loner. But that is alright. Time continued to move take it from me." She was interested to learn and hear more from the girl. She was amazing after all.

"A move is always interesting? Do you like it there?"

(Its fine :) )

Sapphire listened to her and smiled as she nodded. "Well it isnt really healthy to be a loner but at least you can all ways meet new people." She said as she smiled and chuckle. "Yea a move is different and I do like it there, I have decided to get back into horse back riding so I can get closer to the guard I am going to protect." Sapphire said as she smiled. "Maybe there are some Spring babies that need to be born?" she asked as she looked at the woman.

She smiled and looked at her. "Horseback riding sounds like such fun. Since I am a bit older I remember the days when it was only horses but what wonderful fun that is now." She looked at her talking about spring babies. "Yes, any plans for you to have any?" She said with a gentle laugh. 

A chuckle came from the Phoenix's lips. "Well I dont know about me having any spring babies. I havent even found a partner to be with yet. So You might have to wait a while for any babies coming from me. " She siad as she smiled. "It is fun just being outdoors. What about you? what have you been doing? Well besides waiting for babies to make their appearance." Sapphire said with a smile as she drank her coffee.

She smiled and looked at her. Taking a sip of her drink she nodded her head in her direction. "Well rewatching Mamma Mia: Here we go Again." She said with a chuckle. "I like music and singing it keeps me very intrigued in life. Sometimes a musical would be interesting if your life went in such a way." 

She smiled gently as she thought about all the things going on. "To be honest I am debating on moving into the celestial castle. I just have always lived alone and been that way that I really never thought of living with others."

"What about you?"

(So sorry for the delay. 

(Its fine :) )

Sapphire listened to her and smiled softly as she chuckled when Katrina talked about re-watching Mamma Mia Here we go again. As the Phoenix listened to the Celestial she then asked about her. "Well besides moving closer to the Ailwards. I am actually looking for a horse since I am now a personal guard for one of the Ailward Aspects. The aspect I am guarding loves to go riding and she has got me back into horseback riding again after a long time of not riding." Sapphire said as she smiled at her. 

"And if you want my a opinion on living with others, it is alot more fun having people who are like you or are the same species as you. Plus it helps you connect with other Celestials." She said as she sipped her drink as she looked at the Celestial. 

"You want a horse, that sounds nice! Back in the day, all we did was ride horses. I am sure you understand." She said as a chuckle escaped and she looked at her. "Well like I stated I never did so I don't know if I would be good enough to live with anyone. I might be too much trouble." Katarina had always been on her own and it scared her the idea of living with people.

"I know I am rambling. I am so sorry." 

"No it's fine. You are not rambling, we just have a lot to talk about since we haven't seen each other in a long time." Sapphire said as she smiled at the woman. "But as for living with someone, I can understand where you are coming from but I didnt think it was that bad since my room mate helped me clean the house and with cooking when we had people over. Having someone live with you makes it sound troublesome but it is also nice to have a companion to be able to open up about things that you haven't been able to open up about." The Phoenix said as she smiled softly as she sipped her drink.


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