Running into a old friend. (Katrina O'Sullivan and Sapphire Rizzoli~Completed~)

As the snow was slowly melting and the temperature was slowly getting alittle warmer. Sapphire had lived in the Manor, well close to the Manor as she wanted to get closer to the other guards. The phoenix guard was ready to get out of her room.  Sapphire had got dressed and was ready to go to her favorite coffee shop next to a dog park. The phoenix had thought about bringing the dogs but thought it would be nice to just have time for herself. As she headed down the stair case of the Manor, Sapphire looked around before she left the manor. She smiled as she took in a deep breath of the chilly air.

The young Phoenix walked to her car that she recently bought since she didn’t want to bring any attention to her or what she was. Sapphire drove down to the city and parked her car in the parking lot before heading to the coffee shop. As she walked, she smiled at the dog park and saw some of the dogs play around. She then smiled as she walked into the coffee shop, ordering her usual order of coffee. Once she ordered, Sapphire sighed and waited as she then noticed Katrina. She walked over to her and smiled. “Hey Katrina.” She said as she smiled, seating down next to the dark haired woman.

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She smiled looking at the young girl. "That is true!" She took a sip of her drink and glanced at her gently. "So what have you been doing in your spare time? Trying to enjoy the spring around us? What was it you do again for a living?" She said looking at her gently not remembering what she did. Katrina watched as the dogs were jumping and playing around. They all looked so cute. But she had no time for a pet. 


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