Olivia let out a huff and ran her fingers through her auburn waves, then at the boxes of activities she conquered, finishing the longest shift she ever had worked at the community rec center, looking at the final task she had with a small smile. Olivia enjoyed her little side job that she found, she needed something that she knew and felt like she could lose herself in and volunteering a the rec center reminded her of a time in her life that saved her. Surrounded by people who needed a second chance, who needed to feel like the belonged was something she understood. Olivia liked helping people find their calling, giving them sense of safety, giving them the chance to be who they are meant to be without the backlash of the cruelty that hid in the world. And she did it all in the name of love, Chase, Olivia knew he was watching Olivia live her life to the fullest potential and that gave her the good kind of pride. 

Finishing up the last of the closing and getting caught up in some training she neglected to do it was way past witching hour in Evermore and the city was quiet when Olivia stepped out into the dead of night, a few drunk stragglers passing by in a clumsy embrace, locking the doors with one finally check her walk home started. Olivia wrapped herself up in her jacket and walked the calm city streets, it was her favorite time of the day, no one was in a hurry, no one rudely colliding into her, cars were idle and silent for once, the only sound she heard were the night howls. Olivia could hear the soft music of parties and bands, the bright lights off or going dim, the sky was a array of colors, that she always tried to identify. It wasn't black, or blue, it wasn't marigold either. 

Checking her surroundings she saw a man walking in the distance, his figure dark from the pallet of colors his clothes were, Olivia instinctively kept herself alert. Her eyes watching him but not as she found other things to nonchalantly look at, he looked like the kind of person Olivia drifted away from until the stranger stopped and gave a homeless man some food and drink. Olivia smiled and as she got closer to the stranger who was walking towards her in passing Olivia spoke up. " That was very kind of you, to help that man.. " she crossed her arms and gave a small polite smile, her gaze flickering from the stranger to the grateful man indulging in a meal.

Olivia wasn't one to randomly spark up conversation but she felt like this dark stranger should know that his good act didn't go unnoticed. " it is a refreshing thought to know people still care and help each other you know?... " she tilted her head finally meeting his gaze, slightly intimidating but Olivia still smiled and wore a friendly disposition about her.  

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" Easier said than done " Rhydian rose to his feet as he walked over to a boarded-up doorway as he slides a key out of his back pocket reaching for the lock with his free hand unlocking it he pushed the door open * your welcome to stay here if you wish " Rhydian walked into the doorway as he turned on the lights revealing a lounge and kitchen.

Rhydian picked up a couple of jackets placing them on the old coat hanger " you can have the bedroom if you wish " he walked into the dimly-light kitchen as he moved to the cups putting two . on the counter as he stopped " the last person that told me that ended up dead " Rhydian turned to the fridge as he opened it up " there is plenty of food if you get hungry " Rhydian touched the coffee maker quickly withdrawing his hand as he felt the heat knowing someone had been there recently as he poured two black coffees as he placed one on the bench milk and sugar in the canisters.

Rhydian walked to the sofa as he took a seat " and how do you know I won't be safe " he chuckled "I survived in many fights a lot more drunk in Russia, and when you annoy a Russian they let you know it " he raised his mug to his lips taking a gulp before placing the cup down he pulled his lighter as he lit the candles he used to meditate " and making my own advice I've tried that, and it never worked out "

Olivia stood up instantly a few seconds after he did it was a simple reaction of not wanting anyone to stand behind her that she didn't know, which was a reason why she was hesitant to follow him inside the sketchy doorway. Taking a few steps inside she looked around and protectively wrapped her arms around herself. Her eyes looking around what was his home, the walls, the furniture, the windows, making mental notes for an escape route. " you live here?..." She raised a skeptic eyebrow and walked over to the kitchen island and took the cup of coffee adding a lot of sugar and cream to it. 

Looking over her shoulder as he picked up some coats and hanging them up she had an amused look over her features and held the cup of coffee. " I take it you don't get a lot of visitors over? " she smiled faintly and listened to him tell her things. Olivia sighed and set the mug down tucking her hair behind her ear. " Rhydian listen, not everything in this life is going to end badly... So why not just make the most of it? You can't always be this brooding self-loathing person... " Olivia gave him a stern look and shrugged her shoulders solemnly.

"Easy. Alcohol affects your judgment and motor skills... so the more you keep drinking the more your level of being in danger goes up. " Olivia spoke with finesse as she looked the man dead in the eye. " Awesome you can hold your own in a fight with a drunk Russian, so what, so can I... I can take you as well " she gave him an unimpressed look and pursed her lips. " I am not here to give you some bubblegum life advice, I am not here to help clean your wounds, I am here to tell you Rhydian... wake up. " she leaned in and slammed her hand on the counter. Standing straight she inhaled and slowly exhaled shaking her head. " I will see myself out... "

"One of a few when I'm doing errands as I may not be able to get home in one piece, but I have places dotted over the place, but I allow Arthur to stay here when it gets too cold he has had Pneumonia a lot
' Rhydian raised his coffee taking a sit before opening the fridge to take a few ice cubes out, placing them in his cup.as he turned to face her " your actually the first person I took a leap of faith with " he leant on the counter " But I don't know about Arthur " Rhydian looked down as he listened to her words " how do you do Tell Esmeralda and Vasili, not everything ends badly." Rhydian's mind began to flashback to each of there deaths before shaking it off as he sat on the lone seat

"I grew up in a different time Olivia you wouldn't understand " he looked back at her dead in the eyes " Alcohol may do that, but it takes every bit of pain anger fear, and you don't feel the youths of today do not know the hardship " Rhydian gripped his seat as he looked . up at her " and how could you live when you everyone you loved or cared about dies " he voice was stern and sharp."

Why do you care I'm just some guy that could not take a compliment " Rhydian stared at her as she made her way out as his markings turned icey blue as he formed two knife-shaped icicles throwing them hard at the wall as he paced the room trying to calm his self as he began to see the start of the sun glimmering on the horizon as he turned to his stereo turning on the easy listening that he always did as he sat on the f taking in the music as he began to control his breathing as he began to close his mind returning to the only place he could relax

Olivia slammed her coffee cup on his counter, the hot liquid spilling out and the ceramic mug broke in two, she felt nothing but absolute rage fill her always calm demeanor and she slowly turned and her soft gaze was now dark and menacing. “ Pardon?...” she took a couple steps and placed herself in his like of vision. “ so because i was born in a different time period then you what i went through is in no comparison? Not valid enough?” Olivia rose her voice. Something that was so out of character for her, but his response made her snap and lose any and all patience. “ how can I live!? Oh well it’s quite easy! As a matter of fact! You get the hell up and you live for Esmeralda and Vasili! You do what they couldn’t! “ she shouted and got right into personal space. “ you go out there and honor them! “ Her hazel eyes had burning tears that made her clench her fists. “ I live for Chase everyday, I honor him by doing everything he would want to do not only for me but for him... you sit here and wallow in a pathetic little pity party reeking In alcohol and self pity while two people who you love watch in the afterlife I’m utter disappointment!...” Olivia scoffed and shook her head. “ at least when i die I know that wouldn’t have been for nothing...” Olivia took one look at him and shook her head before swiftly turning away. 

Olivia walked the dawn lit streets of the city fuming, her hand raked through her disheveled waves and she looked up at the lightening sky and closed her eyes finding her sanity before she did something reckless. Going home she ran a hot shower to ease away the prior days stresses, had her breakfast and made her way back to community center to start her day all over again. Olivia and her coworkers were setting up when a few of the early birds made their way in. Sorting through donations her mind was distracted with her annoyance towards him still. Sighing, tossing boxes, angrily clicking at her pen, snappier then usual Olivia had to go outside and just catch her breath 

Rhydian raised an eyebrow as she left as he  walked to the sink taking the white  cloth off the tap  as he moves to  clean up the dry liquid  while avoiding pieces of the broken cup  once  drying the service he began to   pick the pieces of the cup before  tossing them in  the small trash bin under the counter as his mind  began  to  drift  his hearing began to hear Esmeralda  voice   calling him into a trance  as he rubbed his face he turned to the shelf housing glasses he removed one as he  moved the glass to  the tap filling it to the top of  the glass  after he raised it to his lips drinking it down in one  

Rhydian turned to see the clock reaching 5 am  as he removed his shoes  as he made his way to  to the carpet  taking his usual opposition  as he began to focus  moving into a trance like state as  his breathing  moving deeper into  his trance  

in his trance  his mind took him to  a ball he was  escourting Esmeralda  as  they danced around the dance floor they  became separated  and the room becomes dark  and at the far end of the room Roman stood  by a  door with the only   working lights  as he stepped forward the door began to open  but this time instead of Esmeralda   but a different body   as he stepped  into the room he knelt turning  the body as he gently removed  the hair from the bodies face  he saw  Olivias  as he turned in anger  his marking turned  icey blue charging Roman  but he fails to reach  his target Roman  remained  ahead laughing 

Olivia was beyond conflicted then she would imagine she would be as she left the home of the most complicated man she had possibly ever encounter. everything Olivia stood for now was to help people rebuild their lives and vanquish their demons. but for some reason this man was so against help that Olivia finally understood what they meant by you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. As she walked through the city, the sun was creeping up on the horizon, it was peaceful out and the immortal brunette took the time to think about the evening she had. 

It was complicated and she had somewhat blamed herself for coming on to strong with her advocacy, she replayed the whole night in her mind and tried to peace together what went wrong. Her stroll through the woods was everything she needed to clear her heard and finally come to terms with that fact that Olivia had planted the seed of help for Rhydian and if he wanted it he could go to the center and apply for it. Until then Olivia could only hope that the man found some sort of peace and find it soon,

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