Olivia let out a huff and ran her fingers through her auburn waves, then at the boxes of activities she conquered, finishing the longest shift she ever had worked at the community rec center, looking at the final task she had with a small smile. Olivia enjoyed her little side job that she found, she needed something that she knew and felt like she could lose herself in and volunteering a the rec center reminded her of a time in her life that saved her. Surrounded by people who needed a second chance, who needed to feel like the belonged was something she understood. Olivia liked helping people find their calling, giving them sense of safety, giving them the chance to be who they are meant to be without the backlash of the cruelty that hid in the world. And she did it all in the name of love, Chase, Olivia knew he was watching Olivia live her life to the fullest potential and that gave her the good kind of pride. 

Finishing up the last of the closing and getting caught up in some training she neglected to do it was way past witching hour in Evermore and the city was quiet when Olivia stepped out into the dead of night, a few drunk stragglers passing by in a clumsy embrace, locking the doors with one finally check her walk home started. Olivia wrapped herself up in her jacket and walked the calm city streets, it was her favorite time of the day, no one was in a hurry, no one rudely colliding into her, cars were idle and silent for once, the only sound she heard were the night howls. Olivia could hear the soft music of parties and bands, the bright lights off or going dim, the sky was a array of colors, that she always tried to identify. It wasn't black, or blue, it wasn't marigold either. 

Checking her surroundings she saw a man walking in the distance, his figure dark from the pallet of colors his clothes were, Olivia instinctively kept herself alert. Her eyes watching him but not as she found other things to nonchalantly look at, he looked like the kind of person Olivia drifted away from until the stranger stopped and gave a homeless man some food and drink. Olivia smiled and as she got closer to the stranger who was walking towards her in passing Olivia spoke up. " That was very kind of you, to help that man.. " she crossed her arms and gave a small polite smile, her gaze flickering from the stranger to the grateful man indulging in a meal.

Olivia wasn't one to randomly spark up conversation but she felt like this dark stranger should know that his good act didn't go unnoticed. " it is a refreshing thought to know people still care and help each other you know?... " she tilted her head finally meeting his gaze, slightly intimidating but Olivia still smiled and wore a friendly disposition about her.  

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" Easier said than done " Rhydian rose to his feet as he walked over to a boarded-up doorway as he slides a key out of his back pocket reaching for the lock with his free hand unlocking it he pushed the door open * your welcome to stay here if you wish " Rhydian walked into the doorway as he turned on the lights revealing a lounge and kitchen.

Rhydian picked up a couple of jackets placing them on the old coat hanger " you can have the bedroom if you wish " he walked into the dimly-light kitchen as he moved to the cups putting two . on the counter as he stopped " the last person that told me that ended up dead " Rhydian turned to the fridge as he opened it up " there is plenty of food if you get hungry " Rhydian touched the coffee maker quickly withdrawing his hand as he felt the heat knowing someone had been there recently as he poured two black coffees as he placed one on the bench milk and sugar in the canisters.

Rhydian walked to the sofa as he took a seat " and how do you know I won't be safe " he chuckled "I survived in many fights a lot more drunk in Russia, and when you annoy a Russian they let you know it " he raised his mug to his lips taking a gulp before placing the cup down he pulled his lighter as he lit the candles he used to meditate " and making my own advice I've tried that, and it never worked out "

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