The weather had decided to take a turn for the worst in Evermore city, the temperature dropped every day and people having to wear more and more layers to brave the cold outside as the winter took it's grip over everything. Argent wasn't the biggest fan of the cold and so she found herself dressed in a sweater and jeans with extra socks on as she wandered through the halls of the Ailward mansion. For the most part the place was pretty empty with many guards having been sent off on missions or spending their time shopping for the holidays. Argent was starting to realize she needed to get out more having spent the past 5 days cooped up in the mansion avoiding the cold and rain outside.

Today however wouldn't be the day she broke her streak as she wandered into one of the many different storage rooms in the manor. Argent enjoyed exploring all of the different things people kept in these rooms, especially because it felt like the inventory changed every day, guards and aspects alike dropping off the different things that took up too much space in their rooms or they no longer had any need for. It was in here that she had found her first book on mixology and many other inspirations for new hobbies and ways to while the hours away.

She was distracted as she moved through the different shelves moving things around to see if anything of interest stood out to her. There were many different boxes lined up on one of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors that fascinated, she started to open each one curious to see what was inside. In one she found some antique looking jewelry that she was pretty sure one of her sisters would have left. Argent however heard the sound of the door open as she opened the final box on the shelf and a bright cloud of smoke started escaping from the now opened container.

Without giving her so much as time to run or really react Argent felt the smoke fill up her lungs causing her to erupt in a loud fit of coughing, the smoke felt like it burned in her lungs and she was busy panicking internally in her mind as she wondered what magic she had just unleashed from this particular box but she didn't have long to process it as she felt her body start to shut down around her and her knees gave out from under her. She reached out to grab onto one of the shelves as she fell trying to keep herself from hitting her head as she felt herself give over to the darkness that seemed to be surrounding her from all directions. 

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Dominic's truck came to a rumbling stop as he parked it on the long drive of the ailward mansion. He let out a deep breath and sat there for a moment in the idling vehicle letting his body and mind finally relax a bit now that he was home. Well, his second home. Malva had sent him on one of her crazy missions across country to find a small plant that only grew in the state of Washington. Since the therian had grown up around the area where the plant grew, he had told her he'd go. It had been years since he'd been back where his family had made roots for many generations and as soon as he was in his old neighborhood, he regretted ever saying yes to going. Driving past his old house only caused painful memories, hurt, and anger.

Not much of that mattered in the end. He was a guard and his duty became first. Dominic grabbed the small bag after slinging his backpack onto his shoulder and opening the door to the truck. The cold air immediately gave him renewed energy as he made his way up the walk and pushed open the front entrance. Dropping his bag against the wall, he couldn't help but notice how quiet it was in the large estate. There was always a number of people moving about the place, but today it was a ghost town. Not that he mind. He always preferred that no matter where he went. Much of the reason he chose to live in therian woods instead of the mansion like many other guards.

Dominic put a hand through his messy hair and made his way towards the kitchen. He pulled open the fridge and grabbed a beer, popping the cap off with his teeth and taking a much needed gulp of the cold refreshment. He was going to need a few more of these after passing the plant off to Malva. Grabbing the small bag, the therian made his way through the vacant manor and came to the aspect's room. "Malva? I'm back. You in there?" He knocked a few times on the door, but was met with silence. "Perfect." His eyes drifted down the hallway and up the stairs to one of the storage rooms that he decided would have to be the plant's home for now.

He pushed open the door to the store room and finally saw a familiar face. "Hey Red. You know where your sister is? She's not in her room and..." but his words drifted away as the aspect of light suddenly stumbled and he saw smoke pouring from a box that clattered to the floor. "Red!" The therian rushed across the room and had managed to catch her as she crumpled to the ground. "Argent!" She was non responsive and soon the smoke was beginning to fill his lungs as he attempted to lift her up and move them away. It was useless. Despite being as strong as he was, whatever magic had escaped was overpowering him completely. Dom had enough sound of mind to put his back against the wall as he coughed violently, sliding to the ground while still holding the aspect who he now joined in unconsciousness. 

Argent had heard Dominic’s voice as it shouted for her but she couldn’t do a thing to react as she felt every nerve in her body slowly slipping away from her, all her senses fading through to darkness until that was all she could see. She laid there for a long period of time, completely blacked out from the world around her, unable to feel or even dream until she started awake once more. She opened her eyes groggily groaning from the feeling of exhaustion she had gotten from the whole encounter before she realized there was weight on her.

She shifted a little releasing her grip on what she was holding before she turned her eyes downwards. Her mouth fell agape in confusion as she saw what she could only explain as her holding herself in her arms. “The heck” her mouth uttered but the sound that came from her mouth sounded nothing like her own voice which caused a loud scream to escape her lips as she looked down over herself. She shook her head thinking this was some kind of weird dream and she would wake up soon enough  but then the figure sitting in her lap started to wake too.

Hesitantly Argent reached up to touch her face and sure enough she felt the unfamiliar sensation of beard hair, a little panicked she shuffled around trying to find her phone in her pocket but she found nothing in her pant pockets. She squinted a little suspiciously and then reached forward to pull her phone from her pocket of the now half awake figure she had been holding and as she held it up, the reflection on the screen was not her own face but one familiar nonetheless.

“Well this is a problem” she uttered as she looked back at the much smaller redhead figure whilst she set down her phone “Dominic?” she asked, though her low voice still completely freaked her out, her eyes looked around desperately trying to get her bearings and also figure out how they were going to deal with this particular situation.

Dominic was somewhat content in this dreamless sleep he was currently in. In fact, he hadn't really had a good night's sleep since before he'd gone on the mission for Malva to Washington in search of her precious plant. His eyes felt incredibly heavy and if it were up to him he'd stay exactly how he was if it weren't for the poking and prodding he suddenly felt on his person. Dom forced the lids of his eyes to open more and when he caught a peek at the familiar floor, he suddenly remembered how he ended up there in the first place.

He heard his name being called, but didn't recognize the voice. "Yea..." he replied and then realized he didn't recognize the sound coming from his mouth either. "What the..." Dominic was starting to focus more and when he looked down at the slender figure that was his own body, he quickly scrambled to his feet and nearly fell over again when he tried to balance himself in the small heeled boots he was wearing. Women's boots. His gaze shot over to the other figure in the room and he thought he was losing his mind for a second as he stared back at himself.

"This. Is. Weird." His face scrunched up again at the sound of his voice as he ran his fingers through his hair and saw the vibrant red strands slip through them. "Holy shit." Dom's hands began to slowly touch the different parts of his body when lastly they landed on the pair of breasts that he was now donning. Mouth falling open, he slowly raised his head to look back at the mirror image of himself that still stood across from him looking as confused as he must've been. "Red? Did... did we switch bodies?!" It was only then he realized he was still holding onto his boobs and quickly dropped his hands at his side, nearly toppling over again in the foreign feeling shoes. 

A slew of curse words flew from his mouth, but they just weren't as powerful when they came from the airy sounding voice of the aspect of light. Dominic stumbled quickly out of the room and down the hallway to the bathroom where he grabbed onto the sink and stared at the horrified reflection looking back at him. More cursing echoed down the corridor as he wobbled his way back out into the hallway and fell into the doorframe of the storeroom. "I'm going to kill your sister. Kill. Her." He bent over and unzipped each of the boots tossing them down the hallway in his anger. "I need a drink!" he screamed in a huff and marched away to the staircase to head towards the kitchen.

Argent’s eyes widened as she saw and heard herself talking back to her. She had to double take because of how surreal the whole thing felt, pressing her hand against her face once more. Argent wasn’t really sure how she should react to this but she didn’t really need to because it seemed like Dominic was way ahead at her. She had to hold in her laughter as she watched him stumble across the room though her arms flew out to catch him if he did fall. “Dom you can’t just keep walking all heavy footed in those” she commented, though the feeling of his heavy boots beneath her feet was strange too.

Argent had to admit this was one of the weirdest situations she had found herself in, she kept noticing different things, from the raspiness of her voice to the fact she was now a foot taller than she should be. She glanced over at Dom realizing he was going through the exact same thing. Hey expression was shocked as she watched what he did with his hands and she opened her mouth to protest before her eyes dropped down towards her crotch and she shook her head “No no this isn’t happening” she spoke giving him a slightly questioning look as he dropped his hands to his sides “Uh...I think so?” she responded still confused.

His reaction was pretty much what she would say if she wasn’t so well mannered but the sentiment was the same as she chased him down the hall realizing she was taking much longer strides than she usually did. “Will you stop running before you break my shoes, they cost a lot of money” she cursed shaking her head, at this rate he was going to break the heels off and probably give her a cut on the head to go with it. When he threw them down the hallway she darted back a little to avoid being hit with them “200 hundred dollars Dom” she cursed, though the voice sounded ridiculous in this body as she gathered them and set them down in the room before darting after him.

She let out a heavy sigh, well it wasn’t exactly what she was expecting from today but at least Mal would be able to fix this right? She huffed a little, why would anyone leave something so dangerous just laying around like that. With a shake of her head she followed Dom into the kitchen, almost stumbling down the stairs as she did so and grasping onto the banister for dear life as she peered around, glad that no one had heard their altercation. By the time she had made it over to him he’d already started pouring out spirits in a glass “Hey my toler…” she couldn’t get the words out before he’d downed the glass “Isn’t anywhere near as high as yours” she finished, arching her brow with an unimpressed look. After a moment she sighed and moved over to him pouring a glass for herself and downing it too.

“…” she paused, still weirded out looking at what should be her own face in front of her “I don’t suppose you know where Malva is?” she hadn’t actually seen her sister in a couple of days.

Dominic frantically pushed away the red hair that was falling in his face as he shuffled down the grand staircase in socks, being careful not to slip and fall. When he had reached the bottom of the steps and hadn't fallen on his face, he gained a little more confidence in himself enough to quicken his pace. The kitchen was entirely too far away at this very moment. Sliding around the corner, Dom pulled open the pantry that held the endless amount of liquor bottles stocked from floor to ceiling. It always surprised him how much the Ailwards had stocked in their home when he was pretty sure he drank more than any of them combined. Not that he was complaining. Being as old as they were, he had to admit they had an incredible selection from around the world.

Pulling the nearest whiskey from the shelf, he opened a nearby cabinet and pulled two glasses out, setting them down. He quickly wrapped his fingers around the top and twisted, but the cap would not come off. "For fuck's sake..." So this is what it was like when a woman passed him something to open. He put the bottle between his thighs for leverage, grabbing a dish towel to get a better grip on the top before twisting as hard as he could. The satisfying pop that finally came from the bottle made him smile in his small triumph. Throwing the towel to the side, he quickly and sloppily poured the whiskey into the glass. He wrapped his newly gained slender fingers around the cup and took the double shot just as he heard his own voice coming into the kitchen with a warning of his new tolerance which he completely ignored. The brown liquid went down in a hurry that left a burn followed by a warming sensation. He couldn't help but scrunch the features of his face as the alcohol tasted completely different than what he was used to. An involuntary shudder went through his whole body and he poured himself another glass.

After making his new drink, Dominic pulled the nearby stool to the island under him to sit, hearing Argent's inquiry of Malva's whereabouts. He looked down to see his legs swinging off the floor which made him adjust the way he was sitting from his normal straddled position with an annoyed face. "No, I don't know where your crazy ass sister is!" he shouted, but immediately regretted it as he looked at her...well, himself. He knew it wasn't Argent's fault and he needed to gain a level head. He'd been through the most horrific danger the world had to offer and was able to keep a cool head, but somehow this was making him freak out the most. However, there was a strange feeling that underneath it all, he knew things would be okay which was not in Dom's nature to feel. He was definitely a glass half empty kind of guy. It took him only a moment to realize it was because of Argent's natural ability as the Aspect of Light to make people feel better with just her natural aura. Apparently, it even affected him now while occupying her body. Dom took a deep breath and spun the glass on the countertop between his hands. "I spoke to her last night and told her I would be coming back today after I went to Washington for her. She was supposed to meet me back here. I called her this morning to see when she would be at the manor, but she didn't pick up, so I left a voice mail." He brought the glass to his lips and gingerly sipped the alcohol this time, making a face again. "What about you? When was the last time you saw her?"

Argent was still doing her best to get her mind around all of this and she only narrowly missed hitting her head on the doorway as she came out into the kitchen. So this was what being tall felt like, who knew. The aspect felt jittery, everything felt so strange and different. Despite her warning Dominic that her body wasn’t going to take that amount of alcohol he completely ignored her and she rolled her eyes at him “If you puke over my clothes I swear to god Dom, Malva won’t be the only one dead” the threat actually sounded pretty intimidating coming from Dominic’s low toned voice, even if it was over clothes. Despite that, she did agree with him that a drink was probably going to help with dealing with this particular predicament and so she took the bottle and made one for herself. Downing the liquid she was expecting the usual wince that came over her when she tasted whiskey but it actually tasted pretty good. Odd.

She moved over to pull up a chair too, perching on it because it no longer required her to lift herself off the ground to sit on it, hmm, perhaps she should start wearing higher heels, she pondered to herself as she leaned her elbow on the table and watched herself. When she heard her own voice shouting she raised her hands in defense “Hey it’s not like I put swapping bodies with an actual giant on my to-do list today” she responded in a snarky tone and a shake of her head. It was lucky that she didn’t actually need to be anywhere today because that would be one hell of a task in its own right. Argent started to think back in her mind to any spells she’d heard of that could do something like this but for the most part, she was drawing blank, aspect of light not aspect of magic, unfortunately.

Argent stared at the empty glass on the counter for a bit, she’d downed that entire thing and literally felt nothing, no head spinning, no random ass thoughts that made her want to laugh, nothing. Damn. “I haven’t seen her since she said she was heading out this morning” she answered with a shrug pushing the glass away from her “You know what she’s like, always wandering, sometimes I think we need to put a bell on her because she’s so much like a cat” Argent was still weirded out every time that she spoke, the voice so many octaves lower than she was used to, she literally felt like a stranger to herself and that was really unsettling.

“Wait, she sent you all the way to Washington?” Argent asked with an arched brow, what was there that Malva needed to send a high ranking guard but she shrugged it off, totally not on the top of her priority list right now. Argent naturally moved her hand to where her staff would be in a holster on her belt, wrapping her hand around it she pulled it out before staring confused when a dagger appeared in her vision. It took a moment for her to realize. She pressed her hand against her face in frustration, well this was taking some getting used to. She raised to her feet holding out the newfound weapon towards Dominic, she blinked a few times, still completely thrown off by seeing her own green eyes looking back at her “You carry a knife?” she asked with raised brows, though she was essentially implying she wanted her staff back, maybe she could use it to get a clue as to Malva’s whereabouts and they wouldn’t have to trail all over the manor looking for her. She could hope anyway.

Dominic lifted the glass of whiskey in the air and studied the brownish gold contents as if he were looking at it for the first time in his life. He'd remembered the first time he'd gotten drunk when he was barely a teenager after he and his brother had sneaked a bottle of vodka into the barn. His older sibling had stolen it from the liquor store in town and rushed home in his victory. The two had taken their first few sips and couldn't for the life of them understand why adults enjoyed the idea of drinking until the sober part of them dissipated within minutes. Needless to say, the two boys didn't know the meaning of stop and when their father had found them barely functioning as they laughed and lay sprawled out in the hay, neither of them knew the meaning of fun for the entire summer break.

This was kind of what Dom was feeling now as his eyebrows furrowed while studying the alcohol he'd taken in very quickly. Feeling intoxicated to this degree was something he hadn't known for many years; Years of his life that he wished he could erase which were full of bad decisions. His new green optics suddenly came into focus on the fingers holding the glass and he cleared his throat to look back over at his doppleganger as she mentioned his recent trip. "Yes, near where I'm from," he replied, trying to straighten his posture more as if it would help him not feel as intoxicated as he was. "She needed a plant that grew there. Apparently it's one of the only places in the world that it grows and in the proper environment which she was adamant about. You know how she gets when she's all excitable about some new spell. Lately..." his voice trailed off and he sighed. "I don't know. I think she's dabbling in some shit that she needs to be careful with."

His eyes trailed back to the whiskey he held and quickly downed the rest of it before a shiver went throughout his whole being. He could see out of his peripheral as Argent stood up and pulled his dagger from his belt with a confused look. Her question that followed made him give her a quizzical look. "Of course I carry a knife. You do know what you all hired me for, right?" He saw her eyes go down towards his waist and realized what she was requesting silently. Dominic stood from the stool and immediately felt dizzy. His hands scrambled for the island for balance and he couldn't help but giggle. Oh God, he was drunk giggling. "I'm good, I'm good," he quickly said when he saw her reaching out to stabilize him. His hand fumbled to pull the staff out from its holster, but he eventually won the battle with a few mumbled and frustrated curse words. Taking the knife from her, he replaced it with the staff before looking up at her and beaming. "Just as that staff is an extension of you, this knife is the same for me." On instinct, he tossed the dagger up and caught the handle before launching it across the room. It went sailing through the air and sunk deep into the wall. "HA! Oh..." His excitement was short lived as he realized what he'd done. He shuffled not-so-straightly across the tiled floor and pulled the dagger with force from the wall. Spinning around to face her, he put on a bright smile and shrugged. "Argent, I will totally fix that." Dominic hurried back across the kitchen and pointed absently in the general direction of the other rooms in the mansion. "We should ugh, go look for your sister now, huh?" He quickly moved passed her as fast he could before the possibility of getting a scolding and continued on with bare feet, bracing himself with any sturdy piece of furniture he passed.  


Argent knew letting him drink was a bad idea but she was too busy worrying about getting back in her own body to fret too much over it, she had tried to tell him after all, her short stature didn’t allow for much tolerance to any kind of substance. This body, however, had no issue with the bitter liquid that went down her throat, in fact, she felt exactly the same as she did before she had taken a sip, except there was a slight burn in her throat, kinda disappointing. Argent actually enjoyed making drinks more than she did drinking them nowadays, mixing her own cocktails was really fun, she’d been dabbling in mixology for a few months now.

Argent knew exactly what he was talking about, the aspect had been noticing changes in her sister over the past few months that worried her, an obsession with those books of dark magic that kept showing up no matter how much they tried to get rid of them “The problem being that she isn’t careful” Argent commented with a shake of her head, she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was very wrong but she had no idea what she could do to stop it, it wasn’t like an aspect could fight their intuition when it came to what was best for their element and Malva had told her this was it “I can’t get in the way of her doing what she thinks is right but something just tells me I should worry” and Argent knew better than to ignore those nagging feelings in the back of her mind.

Though the serious tone in her voice faded out as she noted that Dominic seemed to be having trouble sitting up straight, oh dear, it began. Argent had been drunk enough times to know she was  absolutely hopeless at it, she did stupid things while drunk and that tended to be why she avoided it at all costs now “Oh for sure, I just always thought you would just punch the hell out of people” she admitted with a shrug, he looked like the kind and Argent didn’t really watch the guards closely in combat, there wasn’t often reason for the aspect of light to go out on missions really.

The moment he hopped off the stool she saw the wobbling he was doing intensify and she reached out to stop him from falling “Are you sure? Cause if you fall and cut your head open that’s gonna hurt like hell for me too” she chastised him with a shake of her head. Thankfully when the staff was traded for the knife and it was back in her hand the light reacted to her touch, though she didn’t feel the usual power she had surrounding her and she realized it wouldn’t be much use to her in the long run. Argent watched in horror as Dominic twirled the knife around and then launched it across the room into the wall, she gasped “Are you kidding me, Ven is actually going to have….” she started ranting about the repercussions of what he had done but Dom was already off down the hall.

“Dom!” she exclaimed as she followed him doing her best to keep close to make sure that he couldn’t do anything else that was going to get the both of them yelled at, it was strange though, towering over the tiny redhead frame of herself like some kind of bodyguard, so this is what it felt like to be a member of the guard huh? Regardless she searched her mind for likely places Malva might be “Well I doubt she’s actually there but we should probably check her room, at least for clues as to where she went” she spoke logically though when Dominic started wandering off in the wrong direction she put her arm out to block his path and ushered him in the other direction.

"I knew that..." Dominic shuffled along the wooden floors of the manor humming a song to himself after being redirected by Argent. The farther he went through the long hallways the more the alcohol was making him feel good. Great even. Before he knew it, Dominic was in a full dance routine as he paraded through the massive home. He twirled around and fell into the grandfather clock, making it rock and chime really loudly which put him in a fit of laughter as he grabbed onto it by wrapping his arms around to keep it from falling over. It didn't interrupt his dancing for more than a second before he was back at it, singing at the top of his lungs. "Hey, you've got a good set of pipes, Red!" he yelled behind his shoulder as he ran down the hallway and slid onto his knees into a powerslide, jamming on his invisible guitar.

He could hear heavy boots coming up from behind and when he turned around and saw himself looking down at him with an exasperated expression, it put him back into fits again as he'd forgotten for a moment that he was in fact, in Argent's body. "OH!" He pulled his legs out from under him and stood up, sliding over towards Argent and bumping into the sturdy wall of himself. He reached around to the back pocket of his jeans and pulled his phone out. After a few taps of his phone, Dominic had Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi blasting. He smiled big at Argent. With lightning quick speed, he was up on the arm of the couch and singing again. He was so far into his good time that with a few swings of his red locks, Dom was falling.

The floor never came though. He felt strong arms around him and then he was being repositioned over his doppleganger's shoulder. "Nice catch, sasquatch." Dominic lay limp as he let Argent carry him along, still holding his phone in his hand and singing along to the infamous song. He could hear a door opening and recognized the rug on the floor from his upside down position. He picked up his head and moved the hair away from his face to confirm his suspicion of being in Malva's room just as Argent dumped him on the bed.

The world began to spin. He lay there looking up at the ceiling and felt his stomach begin to turn. "It smells funny." Dominic's nose twitched side to side from the fragrance as he turned his head to the side when he heard Argent pass by. She was busy looking around the room, no doubt for any clue on her sister's whereabouts. Dom pulled himself up and wrapped an arm around his stomach. A wave of nausea washed over him, but he cleared his throat and pushed the feeling away. He was being of no help in his current state.

He dragged himself off the bed and gripped the nearby nightstand with a few deep breaths. It was hard not having his normal heightened senses that would help him pick out her scent and if it was strong enough to tell him whether Malva had been here recently or not. Instead, Dominic moved over to one of the dressers and noticed the odor he'd smelled was a stick of unusual incense burning. The features of his face screwed up slightly and he realized he knew what the aroma was, but couldn't place it. Magic wasn't his strong suit. It's not like he was able to perform it since he was a lycan, but that didn't mean he didn't brush up on all he could know about magic now that he was a guard. "I know this..." he said somewhat quietly as he stared closer at the incense, but before his mind could figure out what it was used for, Dominic was running to the ensuite bathroom and collapsing in front of the toilet as the alcohol he'd consumed earlier made an appearance again.

It was really strange watching herself drunk, she started to question every time she had a drunk and if this was the way that she acted because she looked...absolutely crazy. Argent gave an exasperated breath as the red-headed figure kept darting off in every which direction, it was making her a bit dizzy. Regardless she ran kept following him desperately trying to keep him from ruining anything important, just literally being the stereotypical grumpy male that her body probably looked like but hell was she taking the blame for any of this. Hearing her own voice singing through the hallways was really weird for her too, the voice sounded familiar but not quite right but he was right, she didn’t sound awful either “Yes, please don’t strain them, I have a shift at the hospital tomorrow” she was pretty sure it was all going in one ear and out the other at this point but she had to say something.

Watching the way that Dom was dancing in her body was quite funny, his expressive movements always going a little further than her smaller frame seemed to actually be able to reach, muscle memory she supposed “I never had you pegged as a drunk dancer” she commented, though she’d never really had him pegged as a drunk anything, to be honest, he had the highest tolerance for alcohol she had ever seen and she had met a lot of people in her long life. She was lost in thought and quickly widened her eyes when he went to grab the phone from her pocket, though she did lose it at his song choice “Well at least some things stay the same” she commented, if you stood back, this was actually pretty amusing, as long as there was end to it, oh God there better be an end to it.

The movement was almost reflex as she watched him trip and put out her arms to catch him nearly in her arms, she shook her head “I really tried to warn you about the alcohol” she scolded but it was hard to be mad when he seemed so happy for the past few minutes. Glad for her newfound strength it was pretty easy to walk the rest of the distance to Malva’s room and opened it, of course, she wasn’t there. She wasn’t surprised, a little disappointed but not surprised. She walked Dom over to the bed and threw him down on it so that she could look around, hoping he was inebriated enough that he could stay still for five minutes.

The comment about the smell was echoed in a wrinkled nose of her own, he wasn’t wrong, something did really smell off in her. She paid little mind to it though, instead moving around the room and looking for clues of where Mal might be, there was nothing on her bedside table, where she might sometimes leave a note if a guard was looking for her and none of the things she usually kept close to her were around, namely her staff, which told Argent she probably wasn’t in the manor. With a frustrated sigh she turned back towards him “How do you put up with everyone smelling quite so…” she didn’t even know how to phrase it “Unique” every smell just seemed to fill her senses and burn her nose, especially the pungent smell of the incense in the room “I feel like I need to stick my head in a bag of coffee beans” she grumbled completely in scent phantosmia.

She didn’t really have any time to deal with it though as she heard Dominic speak and then he dashed for the bathroom. She knew exactly what that was going to be and she almost felt herself retch in her current body just thinking about it. Instead she sighed following him inside and reaching out to collect copper curls into her hands and pull them back out of Dom’s face before he could puke in them “Gross” she stated in the weirdest sounding way considering her new voice and then patted him gently on the back “Perks of being a lightweight, you get to the fun faster, drawbacks, this” well at least he hadn’t done it in Malva’s bed, or the aspect of magic may possibly have plotted both their murders.

Once he seemed to be done she reached for the flush and then knelt down for a moment to look back into green eyes “Are you feeling any better now or do you need coffee?” she asked with a raised brow, she was more than happy to continue the search for Malva on her own, now it was evident they were going to need to leave the manor, but she couldn’t fly in this current form and they were probably going to need her dragon form to be able to have any chance of finding her. The aspect pulled her phone from her pocket and tried calling her sister’s number to no avail, instantly cutting to voicemail. “Really Mal, the one time you leave the house” she cursed with a shake of her head.

Dominic couldn't remember the last time he was sick like this. He'd consumed ten times the amount of alcohol on any other day and felt perfectly fine. The last downward spiral he'd been in that had him hugging a toilet was years ago when he was at his lowest in life before Aureus had found him in that dive bar to join the Guards. Several exasperated moans came out of his mouth as he resigned himself to possibly living in this bathroom for the rest of his life. His muscles ached and the high amount of energy he'd had only a few minutes before was gone with the alcohol that he was currently bringing back up. "I hate everything..."

His eyes found Argent's as she looked down at him to ask if he'd like a cup of coffee. A new wave of nausea passed over him at the thought of drinking anything but water, so he shook his head in response and laid down on the cool tile floor. What he really wanted was a long, cold shower, but that brought about some strange complications of seeing her without clothing. Dominic didn't even dare to say aloud that he was also dying to break the seal. He was pretty sure there was nothing that could top that awkwardness.

With all the effort he could muster, Dominic reached out for the sink and pulled himself up. He turned the faucet on and let the water run for a moment, watching as Argent attempted another phone call to her sister. His fingertips reached out and grabbed at her wrist, pulling the hair tie that was there and attempting to pull back all his newly gained red locks. The water felt good to the touch and he let it fill in his small, cupped hands before splashing it on his face. Looking in the mirror, the droplets rolled down his face with small black streaks left behind. He groaned in annoyance. "How do you women get through the day?" He pulled open the closet door and rummaged through for a fresh towel to wipe the running makeup from his skin. With another look in the mirror and a satisfied nod, he smirked at the aspect. "There, just as cute as ever."

He slowly walked out of the bathroom and attempted to keep a sound state of mind. His eyes landed on Malva's closet and he immediately pulled open the doors to step inside the enormous walk-in. The clothes were neatly organized and he rolled his eyes at the sheer amount of garments in the room which was nearly the size of half his house. His gaze fell on the shoes and he quickly grabbed a pair of boots with no heels. Definitely no heels. Bottom falling to the floor, Dominic laced the shoes and stood up being thankful that the sisters were about the same size. After grabbing the nearest jacket he could find, he walked up to Argent and reached into his own jeans to pull out the keys to his truck. The look on his face was a serious one while he dangled the set at her. "If you break my baby..." he couldn't exactly threaten the aspect, but it was the closest he could do to ensure that Argent was aware of how much he loved that beat up old truck. He knew they needed to start checking elsewhere for Malva and that meant leaving the manor, but he was in no condition to drive.

It was then realization passed over his features and he tilted his body to the side to peer behind Argent who was obviously a wall to him now. His eyes narrowed in on the burning incense before he stood upright again and exclaimed. "It's janna root! You need that in the summoning spell she was working on. The one she needed the plant for that had me trekking to goddamn Washington. Malva said she still needed a few things for the magic to work. Maybe she's in town at one of the diviner shops getting the rest of the supplies?"

Argent watched as he sprawled himself out on the floor of the bathroom and she sighed, she’d been there before and it wasn’t fun, she knew that much, she dropped down to a crouched position as she watched him, she had to admit her own voice sounded pretty funny when it came from someone who always grumbled because she didn’t sound angry at all. “And now all my complaining about being short and my tolerance makes sense to you” she stated with a tilt of her head. She could tell he was about as uncomfortable as she felt though, everything kinda felt wrong to her at the moment, she felt like herself but then she also didn’t and it wasn’t settling ell for her.

Still, with the puking and the possible shouting he was going to get from Malva later she decided it could be much worse. She watched as Dom struggled to tie her long hair up and shook her head before she made a beckoning motion and took it from him before doing her hair in an updo messy bun that even he couldn’t ruin, though it was very strange catching a glimpse of the scene in the bathroom mirror and it made the aspect laugh softly. She was about to warn him about running water on his face but sighed exasperatedly when he ended up washing off all the makeup “By knowing products and what to not do with them, like getting them wet for instance” she rolled her eyes at him and headed back into the bedroom.

As soon as she saw him going for Malva’s closet she dashed towards him with a what the fuck are you doing look on her face “You really do have a death wish” she commented as she leaned against the doorframe, it had been a while since she had gone out of the house without makeup on, honestly her whole body already looked like a hot mess. She watched as he picked out clothes and had to bite her tongue before she mentioned anything about how none of those things went with her outfit and also how it was going to be really obvious it wasn’t her just on sight “Red jacket and purple top...definitely not going to give ourselves away instantly” she commented with a sigh, she definitely missed having her own body already.

Argent almost jumped back in surprise when he went into her pocket once again and she grumbled “This is starting to feel very intrusive” she shook her head before she looked at the keys held out in front of her and her face lit up a little. It wasn’t exactly a secret that Argent had only passed her driving test a few weeks ago. Though the excitement quickly faded to ‘Oh crap I only passed my driving test a few weeks ago’ she widened her eyes a little but took the keys from him regardless noting his warning “As long as it doesn’t require me to do any reversing we should be fine” she commented with a slightly guilty smile.

Argent was confused about what the hell he was on about at first but then she realized he was talking about the incense he had commented on earlier and she furrowed her brow about why that was relevant, once it clicked she nodded a little “One of the apothecaries?” she questioned before remembering that Mal had a favorite one, said it was because it was out of the way and she didn’t have to see as many people “Well it’s the only lead we have so” sighed tucking the keys into her pocket before she wrapped her arm around his waist to drag him down towards the garage “I swear to god if you do anything to those boots or that jacket we are both dead so do not, I repeat, do not, puke on them” she held her hand up to warn him as they arrived into the manor garage and she looked around for his truck.

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