Suspicions Brewing In The Tension Of Three (Open to Malva, Leona and Alexander)

Malva didn't know who she could trust now or then.She had always have suspicions on almost everyone for the rest of her life, wait scratch that she has always had suspicions on EVERYONE except her family that consists 8 people protecting their own aspects including her.To be honest, she was feeling a tad tired and sleepy these days, she was sure everyone could see it although there was no eye bags thanks to her physical appearance change form.Leona would think she was tired from the work she had, the files and problems on the rivalry between Phoenixes and Initias while Alex on the other hand would think that she was too tired because of the training classes she had with him everyday that will last at least 2 till 4 hours since she couldn't be that far off long from other aspects or she will drop dead on the spot.

She was documenting yet another scroll of spells.Her spectacles were running down the bridge of her nose which was starting to annoy her to the point of breaking it into half and throw it.She inhaled the cold air that came from her window since she let it open.She doesn't like small or tight spaces and having no air means that.She does remember to close it at times before going to sleep since her playful prankster of a brother, Virindeus would sneak in and throw pink balloon paint in her room resulting her room becoming a Hello Kitty birthday party.Of course she got back to him by trashing and painting his room.She wasn't one who would just take it and didn't pay back.Argent might play and joked around him but not her apparently since she is not available at almost all times.

She does feel sorry for Virindeus and others who wanted to spend their time together, it has been a tad harder than it was before for them.With the rivalry rising up and brewing in the eternal city, it caused them to be restless.Even Argent was having trouble holding that one up.Her head was also messed up at some point.The main reason to why she was tired and restless these days was because of the nightmares that has been haunting her ever since she was an Aspect.Of course it stopped for a while since Aureus binded her mind for quite some time.She tried to do a spell to stop it but of course to no avail, it didn't work.She took her jacket and wore it before making her way out to the mountain in her dragon form.She wanted to check up on the fiery Phoenix ambassador.To be quite honest, she has grown fond of her even though she hates to admit it.She closed her heart too long not letting anyone in except the Aspects.Guess it wouldn't be a harm to let someone in..for a while.She landed behind the trees and reverted back to her human form before knocking on the door waiting for the ambassador to open the door and let her in.

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The long, toned form of the blonde stood over a round table, maps of the world strewn around the room. Her piercing hues only glared down at one, however: the map of her mountains of Evermore. She had already broken down all but one of the roads to her faction, the Phoenixes easily being able to fly up to their high homes. Her tongue parted her red, chapped lips, her gold waves falling over her toned shoulders to shield her sharp features. Leona swallowed, her teal hues narrowing slightly. The Initia had handed over her clan members, agreeing to cease the war upon the interference of the Ailwards over a month ago. But she knew inside as she toyed with the gold ring resting upon her right hand that the Initia weren't done with her. No...the fight between the species existed longer than the rule of the Ailward's themself: it'd take more than them to stop it. She rolled her eyes: the fiery Italian would be damned if she let someone else take control of her rule. Maybe since the Guard and the Aspects had been keeping a closer on eye on the people, the Reigns might have slowed down their plan, giving the illusion of peace. But still, she had to take the necessary precautions to protect her people.

A sigh parted her lips, as her eyelids falling to a close a she slowly shook her head. Of course, Sebastian had to leave her at this dire hour. Her siblings had a knack over abandoning her, she noted with magic as she turned, propping her bum on the oaken surface of the table, her hands folding under her bust. What was she to do, now that her second-in-command was gone? “Sibling love indeed,” she muttered angrily under her breath, tilting her chin up. She needed a drink, she thought to herself as she pressed her chapped lips together. Something strong enough that would make even Leon' tumble around after a bottle or two, she thought as a wry smirk pulled upon her hues. Her gaze then looked over at the bulletproof windows, noticing the sky had changed from a rich ultraviolet to a light turquoise, a vast difference from when she last looked out. She exhaled, dropping her long arms to her side as she pushed her form off the table, moving with an eeri elegance across the room, unlocking the door before pulling it open. She needed to rest, she thought to herself. Maybe something to eat along with it.

She locked the doors of the war room as she exited---it was the one room that was only to be accessed by her brothers and Jason Karter, her her bodyguard, and no one else. There were too many risks that came with leaving those double doors unlocked. Hiding a yawn, she slipped the key into the back pocket of her dark-washed bell-bottoms, her bare feet then spinning on the wooden floor as she sleepily moved towards a spiral stairway that would take her down her tower she was in. Her eyes felt heavy as she moved, her shoulders slightly hunched over over tall form as she circled down for about a minute or so, finally reaching the wooden door. Slipping another key from her pocket, she unlocked it, only to be met by a soft burgundy barrier: a tapestry. Sensing none of her kind were around her, she pushed past the silk, blinking as her pupils adjusted to the light as she emerged from the base of her towers and into end of one of the many hallways that snaked through the large manor. She sighed softly in exhaustion, turning only to lock the door she had just emerged from, then arranging the tapestry to hide it once more. Her stomach growled as she did so, reminding the fire lord of the many meals she had skipped due to her long nights spent in the war tower. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, giving into her hunger as she tucked her key back into one of her pockets, then moved silently up the hallway.

A knock on the double mahogany doors then broke through the manor as she approached the archway that lead to the kitchen, Leona rolling her hues once more. “Give me a minute,” she called out to whomever it was banging at her door, quickly slipping into the modern-styled kitchen, her hues falling on a large crystal bowl of fruits set on one of the kitchen islands. She reached towards it, grabbing a large red apple from the top before padding her way out and to the foyer. Raising the fruit to her lips, her teeth sank into it’s flesh, the sweet taste of it’s juice flooding her tastebud as she bit off a rather chunk, still chewing it as she reached the front doors. She pulled it open slightly, only to meet the sapphire blues of someone who she had seem to have seen more than often these past few weeks. “Malva,” she greeted tiredly as she swallowed, not bothering to stifle the yawn that parted her lips as she looked over her shoulder to cover it. “To what do I owe this pleasure? Couldn’t keep away from my charming self, I’m presuming,” she said nonchalantly, a sly smirk pulling at her lips as the ambassador the pulled the door open wider for the Aspect to enter. Closing it after the Russian had moved into the foyer, the fire lord turning on the ball of her feet, heading towards the kitchen archway once more. “I’m just about to make a cup of coffee; do you want anything?” she asked, taking another bite from her apple as she looked over her shoulder at the Aspect. Entering the kitchen, she made a feeling from the coffee machine, a finger raising to push a button that said ‘latte’ and another that said ‘afrogato’ twice, and rubbing her eyes as she reached over to pick up a pastel blue mug by the machine, setting it under the spout of the machine. Letting out a soft sigh once more, she then turned to watch the brunette, leaning against the marble counter top as she lazily raised an eyebrow, but saying nothing.

Exhaustion started to catch up with the ancient nephilim , his toned frame running over the forest floor , dodging bushes and trees here and there as he jogged through the woods , down a secluded path he used to use for his runs of the day.The male nephilim was wearing a pair of shorts , along with some snickers , his upper body being shirtless , the slight chill that came with the evening not bothering him in the slightest , as sweat started to drip down his forehead, the sound of crunching leaves echoing through the silence of the quiet forest , Alexander unable really to hear anything as his earbuds were plugged in his ears , as music blasted through them , his phone resting in a strap that was wrapped around his upper arm.

Stopping for a second , the male decided to check the time , pulling out his phone , looking at the bright screen as it read that it was 7 PM."What?" Alex asked , mumbling as he tried to catch his breath a little.Lost in thought , he had not realized that he had been running for over an hour now.Leaining with a hand against a tree , the nephilim started to look around , not even knowing where he ended up at this point , placing his phone back in the shoulder strap , music starting to blast once more through his ears  as he suddenly glanced up , slightly crouching against the wet dead leaves covered ground , before pushing up as his wings shimmered in to existence and with a single flap he darted through the branches , breaking a few , the sound echoing through the woods as he came up through the tree line , hovering above the woods now , as he was already facing the direction of his house , which was a few miles away from his current location.Deciding to fly back instead of running , Alexander flapped his wings again , a powerful flap at that , as he went like a bullet through the lower skies , straight for his castle like mansion.

A couple of seconds were only necessary , as the nephilim was already landing on the balcony of his bedroom , this feet touching the marble terrace , his wings fading away as he continued to walk the rest of the way , pushing the tall glass doors open , walking through the curtains as he removed the strap with the phone from his shoulder and threw it on the bed , removing his earbuds and letting drop on a nightstand around the huge room , removing his shoes along with his shorts , walking through his bathroom door , and turning on the shower as he stepped in the hot steamy stream of water , starting to wash the sweat and forest dirt from his body.20 more minutes , and Alexander was stepping out of the shower , wrapping a towel around his waist and walking over to the mirror , swiping a hand over it to clean the steam that formed from the hot shower , only to find his reflection starring back at him.Running a hand through his hair and over his face , the male walked out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom where he dried himself and then getting dressed in a pair of sweat pants and pulling a hoodie over his torso, leaving it unzipped.

Grabbing his phone from the strap , he placed it in his pocket and made his way out of the bedroom , down the long hallway , finally arriving at the huge main staircase of the house and going down till he reached the parlour.The minibar in the huge room was his destination , walking over to it , and picking out a crystal glass from the superb collection that resided on the counter , lifting the crystal bottle as well from the set filled with the amber liquid that played around it when he started to pour it.Placing the bottle back in its place , Alexander picked up his glass , and walked over towards the wide open tall doors that lead to the backyard of the house , walking over to the concrete railing of the upper level of the backyard , glancing down at the pool down before his eyes , leaning with his elbows against the railing , a sigh escaping his lips as he took a sip from the scotch , feeling the slight after burn of the delicious drink as it traveled down his throat.He glanced upwards , in the distance seeing the peak of the mountain , the home of the phoenix , his mind drifting to Leona.It had been a couple of days since the incident at the event , where she got stabbed.

The ancient nephilim promised the fire lord that he would stay by her side in the days to come , help her manage the pain that she was going through with his powers.Pulling out the phone from his pocket , he opened it checking the time once more , reading that it was growing close to 9 PM.Would it be to late to drop by now? he thought to himself as he took another sip from his glass , deciding to down it right then , reconsidering to not go.The use of his powers should help her even when he lost contact with her for a little while , but it grew weaker and weaker as the distance between the two grew.Sure , his power worked best when in physical contact with the person he needed to help , but he could also use his mental abilities to keep the pain at bay , not to the same extent , but manageable.Putting his phone back in his pocket , placing the glass on the concrete railing and leaving it there , the nephilim zipped up his hoodie and pushed off the ground , his wings coming out as he started to fly in the direction of the mountain peak , gaining more altitude as well as speed with each passing second.In the span of a short minute , not bothering to hurry his arrival to the fiery italians house , Alexander started to descend , landing in the driveway of the huge mansion before him , his wings fading away as they started to rest on his back.Putting one foot before the other , the nephilim started to walk , going up the staircase , and arriving in front of the large door , pressing the button that resided on its side ,ringing the bell , waiting then after for a response.

Malva frowned on seeing the Phoenix's tired and gloomy face.Seems like her mind wasn't on the bay much now, the same goes with her.She saw the ring she enchanted for a favor that she gave to Alex a few days ago were nicely making itself at home sitting on top of her finger.'So this is who he was giving the ring to..',She thought although the feeling of the fiery Phoenix ambassador was somehow not radiating off her.She has been reviewing back her spell book to see whether she made mistakes on the ring she was supposed to enchant but saw none.Maybe one.But it's a risk she'd have to take to find out."Where did you get the ring from?", She asked her curiosity bubbling up inside her wanting to know the truth once and for all.

When Leona asked if she wanted anything, she'd take up the offer but a ring cut her words."I'll get that..I'll have black coffee please.Make it quadruplets too if you mind..I've been having..a busy day.", Her voice quivered and somehow faltered from the tone which confused her to the extent.All the questions that started with 'whys' continue to bother her head.She shook the thoughts off and sauntered to the door taking her time in doing so.She wasn't in rush and she hoped the person knocking on wasn't as well.She clicked the door knob and opened the door just to see the least person she'd ever want to meet right now.Or ever.Her eyebrows creased into a frown once again."What are you doing here..", She said coldly not wanting his presence to be near her but it was probably for a reason to why he came to the Italian's mansion.

"Mamabird, you have a guest.", She called out before closing the door and make her way towards the couch plopping herself on the soft cushion in the process of doing so.She hide her gaze from the English Nephilim by taking out her spell book from her bag by the couch and opened it flicking every page she could get.She wasn't gonna wait for Leona's response, like usual her curiosity got the best of her.Even if it often gets her in trouble, she was still a child and was willing to find out what she had in her mind.Knowing herself, she won't ever stop until she gets what she wants.One way or another.Her sapphire optics stopped at a certain page."Черт побери .. я знал, что я должен был увидеть , который пишется я должен взять(Damn it.. I knew I should have seen which spell I should take...)", She muttered cursing herself while doing so.She totally gave out the wrong spell while enchanting it, somehow she took the wrong one.It was similar but the difference is, that the caster and the one who wears it are linked.Means that they will feel what both are feeling.

Hurt, pain, grief etc.Now she knew why she was often off sometimes to the extent on hurting herself."I need to fix this..", She mumbled before taking out her phone and closing the book tossing it inside.She send a simple text to Argent but knowing her, she doesn't really like the hi tech and modern technology as much as she does.All of them bear the same mutual dislike.Since Leona was unstable and tired, she shouldn't be that hard to fall asleep over a spell.She needed to retrieve the ring and destroy it so that Leona couldn't feel what Malva was feeling now.She remembered a lot of spells and took a glance from the book before closing her eyes and muttered the words "Gadyen nan balans, gadyen nan la foi. Se pou nou fe sa yo dwe fe..", She chanted a few times.It was a sedation spell, it will knock the person out a few hours only.It wouldn't be a harm even if it was in the Offensive Spells section.She wasn't gonna harm her in any way, she just wanted to retrieve the ring.Of course she has to chant it a few more times for Alex to even fall in the spell.Although she wasn't sure if he is in his weak point.She needed it to work, she wasn't at her powerful state but she could do a few simple spells.They couldn't see what she was doing as she cloaked her voice and her head was the opposite way.


A sly smirk found its way upon the pale pink lips of the ambassador at the Aspect's question as she turned to make her way back to the kitchen, her gaze flickering down to take note of the glistening gold band that rested on the middle finger of her left hand. The five violet-red rubies glistened in the light of the crystal chandelier hanging above the parlour, the warm beams of light setting streams off the small diamonds that rested in between the red gems as she moved, not letting Malva see the knowing expression that played along her expression. Of course, the man who had given her the ring had told her somewhat of its make and origin, including the enchantress who had cast the spell upon it: Malva herself. Still not turning to face her as they walked through the Greek-inspired archway to the kitchen, the Italian answered, "It was a gift from a...friend," in a soft purr, pushing away the bittersweet memories that came rushing through her mind. Her expression faltered slightly, remembering how she had run out, afraid of what could happen. She then recalled the agreement she had struck between the Nephilim, and upon making peace with her past, she now knew what she wanted from it. Now, she thought to herself, letting a sigh slip past her lips, it was just the task to tell him that lingered in her mind.

Only at her guest's request for a cup of coffee did she look turn to look directly into the sapphire orbs of the Aspect, her smug smirk still lingering upon her eagle-like features. By then, the ring of the doorbell rang through the manor, Leona then rolling her eyes. "Finally...someone who knows to push that button..." she muttered under her breath, referring to the surprising number of people who preferred to knock upon the double mahogany doors rather than use the far more effective electronic. "Thank you," she slurred as the Russian then moved to answer the door, watching after her for a moment before turning back to the coffee-machine, taking another bite from the apple gently clasped in the fingers of her right hand as she moved her pastel blue mug out of the spout of the machine and replacing it with a black one, punching in Mal's requesting. Her fingers were just starting to wrap around the now-heated ceramic of her own cup of coffee when Malva's accented words cut through the silence of the manor, catching her attention. Her brow creased, the Italian leaving her mug upon the counter as she soundlessly left the kitchen, wondering who on Earth had come to her home.

Leona cringed at the name Malva often called her, the Phoenix rolling her hues as she moved gracefully through the hallway, running her fingers through her blonde locks in an attempt to look somewhat presentable to whoever was there. "I thought I told you to stop with that," she snapped in response to the annoying nickname, hopping it'd never catch on. She rubbed at her eyes, exhaustion already catching up to the Italian as a yawn slipped past her lips, and she blinked sleepily. Upon reaching the archway to the foyer, she stopped, her teal gaze meeting a familiar pair of icy-blue hues. Her breath hitched, the fire lord thinking that he wouldn't be making an appearance that day, judging from the time. "Alexander," she greeted after a moment of silence, letting her expression quickly mould back into its usual malevolent state. She tore her hues rather from his, looking around the spacious area only to see the two of them were alone. "Where did Malva run off to?" she asked, looking back at the Nephilim as she then moved towards him, an eyebrow raised slightly. She then let an almost soundless sigh escape, her gaze falling to the wooden-floor beneath them as she came to a stop about two feet from the man. "I need to talk to you about...something," she said, wondering if he remembered the conversation the two shared after he had saved her after the gold dagger incident at the ball. "But not now. That Russian takes everything I say into account, including my takeout orders," she muttered with a roll of her almond-shaped hues.

The Phoenix was suddenly aware of her appearance: her eye bags, her tired demeanour, the unruly state of her hair. She swallowed, looking away from the man. Unaware that the Aspect was muttering a spell in her own home, Leona began to feel what she thought to be the effects of her work and lack of sleep, another yawn threatening to part her thin lips. Stifling it with a quiet swallow, the fire lord blinked a few time, steadying herself by propping her free arm against the table. She then looked towards Alex once more, a faint, apologetic smile pulling upon her lips. "I'm sorry for being a terrible host, but I can't seem to keep my eyelids open," she said with a soft laugh, hoping he'd understand as she then looked towards the double stairway that leaded up to the heights of the manor. "Stay as long as you like, my home is open to you as always, but tell that blasted Aspect to bugger off as soon as she can, if you would," she requested, and with a soft smile, she then turned swiftly on the balls of her feet, moving towards the left staircase, and sparing a backwards glance at him as she reached the landing, she smiled, and the moved down the hallway. Not knowing this wasn't the usual sort of fatigue, Leona felt herself growing weaker with every move she made, each step taking more effort and energy than the last. She struggled to keep herself upright, but before even reaching halfway to her room, she collapsed against the carpeted ground, her hues sinking to a close as the apple slipped from her grasp, rolling along the hall until coming to a stop far from the fallen Italian, her breaths slow, her form splayed across the ground in a rather unnatural position.

The ancient nephilim awaited by the large mahogany door , turning around with his back to it as it was taking a bit , glancing over the driveway , a look of surprise then passing over his features as he heard the door open up behind him , yet he could not feel the aura of the blonde phoenix , or any aura for that matter.Turning around , his eyes met the aspects of magic hues , a blank expression matching hers , not bothering to reply to her cold words , walking in through the door , past her , hearing her scream after Leona that she had a guest , only glancing back at Malva over his shoulder , seeing her move away from the door and past him taking a different hallway , as he himself continued down the corridor he was on , following her aura.

The further he walked down the corridor , deeper in the house , the stronger he could feel her presence more , the smell of freshly brewed coffee hitting his nostrils , the warmth of the villa covering the chill from the outside , the soft , yet annoyed voice of the fire lord reaching his ears , a soft chuckle escaping his lips hearing her tell Malva to stop calling her that , but , as soon as he saw the silhouette of the tall blonde woman , a blank expression made its way over his features.Hearing his name roll off her tongue, the almost surprised tone of it , watching her intensely , scanning her beauty , the nephilim wanted to say something , but he knew that he couldn't. He had promised to stop chasing after her , and let her decide what she wanted , so he decided to protect himself with a cold , detached demeanor , even though it was the last thing the man wanted to do."Leona" he responded passing by her through the archway and walking towards the kitchen "Sorry about coming so late.It was a ...busy day " he continued to speak , his back to the woman stopping in front of the kitchen counter, noticing the source of the smell of coffee lingering in the air "Coffee at this hour?" he turned to look at her "Plan on not sleeping tonight?"he questioned , leaning with his back against the counter.

At that point , turning around , he noticed Leona approaching him , her head bowed slightly looking at the floor , the nephilim seeing her like that , his icy blue gaze lingering on the beautiful blonde before him , his hand slightly lifting up an inch or two from the surface of the counter it was resting on to , wanting to reach out and touch her , but reconsidered it , pressing it hard back against the counter , trying to act as normal and detached as he could having her so close to him.Her soft italian tone then broke the silence ,her words echoing in the back of his mind , knowing what she meant by them , yet still unsure of the outcome of her decision.He did not respond , but looked away , towards the archway as she mentioned that they should talk later , when Malva would leave, not wanting her to know about what was happening."I'll be here whenever you want to talk, Leona " he replied in his deep husky british tone , his gaze then diverting from the fiery blonde , as she turned around as well , himself leaning against the counter before him , as she moved to the other side of it as well.

Something then started to feel weird for the anceint nephilim , as a sudden tiredness started to envelop his body , loosing his footing there for a second before managing to fight it back and regain control , feeling his power course back through his veins , shaking that feeling away.But then , glancing over at Leona , he noticed that something was wrong with her as well , a worried look present on his features as he tried to move towards her "Leona, are you ok?" he asked , concern present in the back of his tone."Wait , no.Somethings wrong " he tried to call after her as she left saying that she just needed some rest , but did not manage to reach her in time , seeing her collapse to the floor , Alexander rushing fast to her side , turning her around , supporting her head with his hand as he checked for a pulse fast "Leona " he called her name worried , but she seemed to be unconscious.Glancing then up , his icy blue hues fell in to the other room , gazing through the archway , where Malava stood on the couch in the parlour , a book in her hands , seeming to mumble something under her breath , the idea falling immediately in to the mans mind.She was doing a spell , but why.Why would she do something like that.Were the aspects trying to make their move?Take Leona? "MALVA" he yelled after her , anger present in his tone , gently letting go of Leona , as he rose back to his feet walking fast in the parlour towards her , in his angry state not bothering to go around the table before him as he swiftly gripped the edge of it and lifting his hand , with his superhuman strength , the table flew against a wall , the wooden object breaking in to pieces in a loud noise as it made contact with it, finally coming to a stop before her , as she was still chanting under her breath , slapping the book out of her grasp as it fell next to her on the couch , and then looking down twoards her angry "What do you think you're doing " he gritted his teeth , speaking in a lower tone.

Malva was still chanting but it wasn't that loud enough for them both to hear since she put a cloaking spell so it would be invisible to others but visible to her.She knew with her strength on point, there was no telling when she would fall asleep after this, the spell did not require a strong persona but the caster obviously have to be ready to do these types of things and unfortunately for her she wasn't as ready as she thought she would be.She also knew the risks, Alex might be strong enough to resist it as she wasn't in her best state.He shouldn't be here, she thought knowing she'd get in trouble for doing the spell.

Not a second flew over after she thought of that, he did make his move.Towards her.She heard the Italian Phoenix ambassador fell to the marble floor and she sighed in relief, but before she could ever do so in stop chanting her spell, the book of hers was thrown away by a strong force.She had heard Alex calling out her name and with the tone so dangerously low on him, she knew the risk was definite.But it is one she was willing to take, it was her mistake after all.She took a quick glance to the broken table he didn't bother pushing out of the way rather than smashing it into pieces."You don't have to destroy that thing.", She frowned lightly had always admired beautiful wooden carved sculptures like that.And his expression tells her everything she needs to know.He's angry and he has every right to be but she had the right to have an explanation for the spell she enchanted too.

She looked at him pursing her lips, bitting the bottom lip before standing up.He was of course taller than her.Even Leona was taller than her by a few inches, she was always the shortest, next to Argent and Cora.Even so the height did not give her an advantage to be intimidating, she tried."What I'm doing?You should have known before you asked me that stupid question, Alexander.",She glared at him.If looks could kill, he'd be dead and revived back to life more than a thousand times by her.She had only used someone's full first name qhenever she is serious.And in this situation, she was dead serious.Not to mention furious and angry."But what I did earlier, I'll tell 'what'.It was only a sedation spell, unfortunately it wasn't strong enough for you since you can see I'm not in the best state whatsoever to be doing those.",She said implying on her tiredness and sleepiness these days.

"I aciddentally switched the spells needed to do the enchantment.It was a similar but the only difference is that the caster and the person wearing it will be linked.Meaning they could feel each other's emotions and thoughts.Especially on the caster.No wonder I have been much more violent.",She grumbled explaining to him in the process of doing so."But why?Ask yourself that question.That ring rested on her finger, that was the ring you gave me.For me to enchant with a spell.You did not tell me who it was for, maybe I do not need to know.Maybe it is better that way.But I at least have the right to KNOW who the hell did I enchant it for.For what purpose!You said it was a favor yes.It is.But doesn't mean you could just ask me to do things like that with no matter the consequences were!If Venetus finds out I enchant things for someone else outside our faction, who unlike Argent thag blessed things to pure hearted people and those who deserved it, I wil be deemed and branded as someone who is being a bias.Especially to an ambassador!I will be punished severely if he ever finds out.",

"And unlike others, we don't keep secrets from each other.Even if we do, he'll know first beforehand.I don't like the idea on waiting like that.Waiting for me to be caught red handed",She sighed heavily her tone getting much more calmer."I needed to retrieve the ring so I could destroy it.",She told him why she she was doing it.She knew she was in a very tight situation, one she could probably get herself in trouble if she hasn't already that is.

The ancient nephilim stood tall before Malva , towering the aspect of magic even as she rose to her feet from the couch before him , making a joke about the table he just broke "Jokes?You're gonna start cracking jokes now?" Alexander snapped at her , still angry at what she tried to do , thankful that he managed to fight the spell enough to witness what she was about to do.At that point , Malva threw his way the same angry expression he was expressing her way as she herself snapped back at him in return.Alexander listened to her carefully as she tried to explain what happened , telling him about mistaking the spell she did to enchant the ring , how she shouldn't have done it in the first place and wanting to destroy the ring.

He glanced back at Leona still laying across the floor several feet away from them , a worried look on his sharp features that soon changed as he jerked his head back in the direction of the aspect of magic , anger appearing back on his features."You messed the spells up" he yelled at her , anger building up more , especially after hearing her say that she wanted to destroy the ring "NO" he firmly said , stepping before her , blocking her view of Leona " You are not destroying anything."

At this point , the ancient nephilim was just about ready to fight the aspect.He knew he would not be strong enough to kill one , but he did not care.He would die trying if it came to it."This was your mistake Malva.You want to tell Venetus about it?Tell him.I don't care.He can come and have it out with me if he wishes, but you will not harm Leona.She has nothing to do with this , and no , you did not need to know for what i needed it.What i asked you to make was not a weapon , it could not harm anyone , so stop being all high and mighty up on your god pedestal." the nephilim continued to speak towards her "To whom i give it to , be it Leona or someone else should be of no concern to you.I asked for that ring for me and me only.I gave you people 400 years of my life , and i did not ask or take anything in return from you like the rest of the guards " he told her referring to the countless amulets the aspects would enchant for the guards for immortality or protection. "You owed me that much " he continued , referring to the you as more of a general word for the whole aspect collective rather than just Malva here.

"You will not destroy anything " he continued to speak , turning around from her and slowly walking over to where Leona was , leaning down as he picked her up in his arms and turned around with her walking back towards Malva "Look at me Malva " he called after her , a serious dead expression on his features "You are not destroying anything.You are going to fix your mistake by doing the right spell and unlink yourself from her , no matter what it takes." he then put her down gently on the couch , running his hand over her golden locks , pulling them back as they covered her face , glancing at her , worried , then taking her hand in his , looking at the ring he gave her , then back at Malva. "Fix your mistake Malva." he simply told her , no malice or anger at that point in his tone , but just concern.

Malva was not shocked nor was she gonna cower down by his booming tone adding up the height of his towering above her like a monument.She could only keep her glare on him that looks could kill him right there on the spot."Jokes?Alex, if I wanted to crack up jokes and play on the humor card of mine, I would not do it now.",Her voice still laced with playful sarcastic tone but had a stern one mixed into one.When the ancient Nephilim started looking back at the Phoenix ambassador with a look of worry, she knew there was definitely SOMETHING going on between the two of them.A bond stronger than just friendship."I hope you would not worry too much on her condition, she is meant to be asleep.She needed one without painful memroies including nightmares coming back at her.Lets just say I waa doing her a little favor.",She rolled her eyes adding and backing her reason on doing so.

She was able to keep calm and stood her ground the whole time but she cringed once Alex let out his rage on her.The simplest words hurts the most, the say.She had a guess it was true at some point.She felt the rage bubbling up inaide her once she heard him accuaing her into messing the things up."Hey!Look I know I messed up things, the spells and shit.But if you had taken a good look at me and would bother to even find out, I would not be at the best state!And for your information.None of the spells thing was my fault!",She snapped."I would say that you were so obsessed into protecting her till the point where you are willing to die for her.But it is not my problem to look through.Your life, your decisions.But do NOT drag me down with you.Call me selfish or whatever.I AM gonna destroy that thing.You can find plenty of other witches and rings.'m sure it won't be a problem for you.",She muttered and was making her wya towards the petite body of the Italian Phoenix ambassador when the Nephilim suddenly blocked her way.

"Get out of my way, Warren.",She grumbled and advanced again but only to be blocked by him, again."YOU think it was not a weapon.I did not say it was.But it WILL and CAN be used against her if anyone ever finds out.It would not be long, only time matters now.And about telling Venetus?Oh please, I would not tell him, maybe because I am too ashamed to even tell him it was my doing.You would not care if he had a go with you, but me?Like I said can do whatever the hell you want.But-,She paused and parted her soft burgundy colored lips before letting out the last word for her sentence."Do not EVER drag me down with you.", Her tone was dangerously low as if she was reminding a death threat.

"Are you seriously gonna start talking about your time in the guard for almost four centuries?Really?!Firstly and foremost, that does not depends up on your offer.I may owe you, but I am not the only one.Are you forgetting that there is at least 7 more aspects you can 'ask' help to?If you needed my help, you would council them first and tell your 'favor'.Then maybe we three would not be in such mess.",She crossed her arms, her sapphire hues still not averting her sharp gaze on him.But since she wasn't at hee best mood and state, she would not bother fighting and arguing with him because it would only drain her energy.Of course she was shocked when he demanded that she fixed her mistake right there.

"Wait..wait.You are not serious are you?This is not just some spell, Alexander.This is a big one requiring the caster to channel some energy out from the nature itself.It took me a long time to cast it, and it TOOK certain amount strength that I have too.I can't just fix it on spot like nothing happened.",She gaped and after a while bickering with him, she knew she was at risk on doing something she might tire and hurt herself with."Fine.I'll do it but after this, I want nothing to do with you.",She averted her gaze on him and followed the trails on the blonde locked lady on the sofa."Or her.",She said giving her final word before doing the spell.

She opened her book flicking from page to page and for what seemed like hour long, she finally found it.She took a deep sigh before taking up a knife from the drawer and sliced her palm dripping up her blood on Leona's forehead.She sliced the ambassador's hand too to take a few drops of blood, but only made a small cut on the tip of her finger as well as taking up the ring and placed it on the marble floor as she crossed her legs and sat chanting the spell over and over again.The candles that sat next to her stable and towering were gushed with fire lighting up them.The room's atmosphere was dull and somehow dark.Her chantings began on moving louder and louder till it came to a point where she was screaming her throat out.She felt a warm liquid trickling down from her nose and felt a copper taste when she taste it slightly.It occured to her that is was indeed blood.She continued on focusing on the spell and when time goes by, she was already at the verge of falling out.It wasn't that long after when the blood starts to flow out from her ear.The spell was nearly finished when she felt a huge wave of migraine passing onto her.After a while for what seemed like ages for the pain to stop, the spell was completed and the fire went out from the candles around her.She let out a tired sigh and a relieved one before she came crashing hitting head first to the cold marble floor.She felt warm blood trickling from her head before having her visions clouded by dark and soon pitch black.


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