There is a certain level of tired that equates to insanity. Sometimes it can occur in the temporary power to dislocate ones spirit from their body and sit elsewhere, just for a moment and seemingly watch the day drawl by while the body still tapped away, doing the same work they'd started days ago.
In others, its the ability to time travel, to look at the clock for say 10pm and an hour later look back and it be 10.05pm. The time it felt like hours between every blink, or hours between every dull tick of the clock that echoed its sound tauntingly like a Allen-Poe Raven.

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It was the latter that effected Everson the most.
The sight must have been truly frightening, Everson had been sat hunched over the metal desk for hours, scouring through folder and folder, file upon file, the blue glare from the computer screens before him numbing his eyes. Every now and then, the male lent right back in his chair, squeezing small droplets of solution into his eyes to battle the itch of being awake for more than 32 hours on the trot. Coffee cups piled three high, dotted around the table, the ground and the big beside the desk, wrappers from various snacks, takeaway containers and a half eaten Spring roll from the most current takeaway endeavour.
The paperwork that was stacked, 50 sheets to every staple before him, was crumpled into piles, each of relevance to the case and each equally useless to him at the present moment because not a single one had the answer Everson was searching for.
Everson had been instructed to watch a certain new arrival who had been a member of Evermore City for a number or years, left, and returned suddenly very recently...

Lifting the profile again, Eversons bright blue orbs scanned over the page once more, committing the words to memory;
"Aaliyah Cole, alias' Aal' and Liyah, Age 70+, appearance, early 30's, 5"9 athletic, long brunette hair, pale green eyes (Gold when magic is in use) Right handed, no tattoos or distinguishable marks.
Hobbies; Reading, working out, horses and travelling. Weapons of choice, knives and magic."
The image below was of the striking female, her eyes piercing even through the image and Everson had found himself staring at the picture numerous times throughout the night...What were her secrets? Why did she return now? Did she return because she knew what was going on? Did she return because she was aiding?

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Nothing made sense, which infuriated Everson to no end.
The human had watched the diviner for days since her return to the city. She took residence in her old house once more, just her and two dogs, never any visitors...No house warming, no congratulatory coffee, nothing.
In the organisation, Everson had access to every CCTV camera in the city, which meant wherever the Diviner went, Everson could track.
For example, Everson knew that every morning Aaliyah took a run from her home just outside the city limits, into the city and towards the woods that framed part of the cities edge with a drop in at a coffee house on the route back.

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She ran either alone or with her two dogs, a retriever and wolf hybrid, never with someone else.
A theme Everson had discovered in the girl, Aaliyah enjoyed her own company. She would shop herself, run herself, take the dogs out herself and she was home alone all the time.
Ever since she came back to the city, Aaliyah hadn't connected with a single person...
Which begs the question, Why did she come back? What did she have tying her to the city?
Raking his hands over his face, Everson shook his head and stood from the computer chair he'd been sat in for the past 26 hours. He needed coffee. Checking his watch, a smirk lifting up the corners of his mouth. Aaliyah would be going for her morning coffee at the Coffee hut on the edge of the city.
Pulling on his hoodie and baseball cap, the tired human made his way through the underground levels of the organisation and to the car park. He climbed into his company Audi TT. He made his way quickly to the Diviners chosen coffee spot and, once again checking his watch, managed to get his coffee and sit before the door pinged, announcing her inevitable arrival...

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The day started with the rise of the sun. Bright blue/green optics watched the suns slow and steady rise above the treeline. Steam rose from the river, just visible through the forest that surrounded the house and horse fields out the backyard. Aaliyah Cole briskly threw her hair up in a ponytail atop her head as she zipped up her navy sweater. She wore running shorts today, her long, tanned legs sliding quickly into her running shoes as she walked out the front door and slipped her earbuds in. 

She started her usual quick pace and followed her usual route, a nice dirt trail from her property that led her to the river. Her routine had been much the same since her return to the city. She ran every morning, sometimes got a coffee in town before continuing her run home. She had spent that last week or so cleaning the house and getting everything out of storage. Her house was finally becoming the home she remembered it to be. She had missed her private little world away from the city very much during her travels and was happy to be back now. Throughout her travels she had visited places where it was believed there had been a strong witch presence. Most humans, of course, did not know of the supernatural so travelling to places humans believed there had been witches was a good start. From there, Aaliyah had found herself travelling to some of the biggest cities in the world, meeting with Diviners of different covens and learning all she could.

She had brought home a substantial amount of new information in the form of massive books and scrolls. Aal was in her element when researching her kind. She loved learning about who and what she was. Since being deprived of using her abilities and any form of knowledge from a young age due to being a prisoner of the Phoenix most of her life, the brunette took to her research with a burning passion. Now that she didn’t have a faction to run, she had all the time to dedicate to developing her magic and pushing the capabilities known by most Diviners.

Her breath started coming in quicker gasps, her heart beat quickening and her legs starting to burn as she passed the 5KM mark and reached the city. She continued her run along the riverside but was now on the concrete sidewalk of the city. The sun was now fully up and filled the city with its warm morning glow. The early spring air was relatively warm despite being early in the season. Traffic was already picking up in the city, commuters rushing to get to work early to get a head start on their day. The foot traffic was picking up as well, more and more joggers taking to the paths, some offering Aaliyah warm smiles as if hoping to strike up a conversation as they ran. She smiled in return but had no interest in chatting with anyone, hence why she always ran with her earbuds in.

45 minutes later, the brunette slowed her pace to a walk as she neared her favourite coffee shop. Walking the last block or two helped her muscles stretch out and cool down before she sat for a while. A bell tinkled gently as she entered the shop, the small of fresh coffee beans washing over the Diviner as she smiled in greeting to Dale, the barista who always worked the morning shift. “Morning Aal!” he said with a smile, already pouring her a cup of her favorite brew, black. “Morning Dale,” she said, her cheeks still flushed from her run. “How was the run this morning? Looks gorgeous out there,” he said conversationally, handing her her mug and taking her change. “It was,” she said before turning to go to her favourite chair by the fire. There was a stranger among the morning regulars. Keeping her face politely blank, Aal moved to her seat and sat at an angle that allowed her to view him without notice.

She had followed the same routine since her return, nearly a month now since being back in Evermore and the folks that made up the morning crew of this coffee shop had remained the same since her return with zero inconsistency. It was one of the reasons the brunette had chosen this coffee shop. She had learned quickly after her release and after taking over leadership of the diviners to leave little to chance and she looked at most deviations from the normal with some suspicion. She took a long sip of her coffee and leaned back in her chair with an appreciative sigh. The coffee her was delicious. Her bright eyes looked towards the strange male again briefly before switching to her phone where she pulled up the Evermore news. In the millisecond she had allowed herself to glance at the man she had a fairly good read on him. He looked roughly 30ish give or take a few years, short dark hair, somewhere around 6 foot, give or take an inch or two, and blue eyes.

Aaliyah knew her return to the city might be met with some scepticism but she wasn’t sure what form it might have taken. Word had recently reached her of the current woes of the city and the Ambassadors, woes in the form of a Dark Diviner. From what she had gathered, this man was stirring up quite a bit of trouble for the leaders and the factions. Of course Aal wanted to step in and help but that was no longer her place, as much as it killed her to have to step back. She finished her coffee quickly, rising to her feet and giving the guy another quick look with a small smile before dropping her mug off with Dale. “Have a good day Dale,” she said, popping in her ear buds again.

 Having no real intention of leaving, Aaliyah started her run along her usual route home, her eyes shifting to a bright amber as she worked her magic silently. An illusion of herself broke formed and continued to run her route. At the same time, Aaliyah cast a second illusion around herself changing her clothing. Shorts shifted to jeans, runners to a pair of ankle boots, and her sweater shifted to a light spring jacket while a hair and sunglasses appeared on her head. The illusion also included a hint of a spell that would encourage people to look past her, making her almost unnoticeable to humans. She continued walking until she came to the river path where she leaned over the railing that overlooked the flowing river while the illusion Aaliyah continued its jog back to her house. There she waited to see if the coffee house stranger would appear….

Everson had seated himself in the corner of the small cafe, the spot with seemingly the best vantage point. When the door pinged a new arrival, a light voice named the barrista and Eversons eyes flashed to the back of her head. Aaliyah Cole, lean and muscular body, aa shed of long brunette hair, scraped up into a now messy ponytail.

The human had been doing this routine for a while, so he'd made sure to pick up a newspaper from one of the other tables on his way to his own. As soon as she walked in he'd flipped it open and began 'reading'. His bright eyes flicked up every now and then, doing a survey of the room...Of her, then back down to the black and grey words on the page.

Then things went pear shaped. He'd looked up to notice Aaliyah watching him. He tried to play it off, a small awkward smile towards her that read "Sorry, awkward eye contact." a chuckle to himself and returning to his coffee. Her eyes unfortunately read nothing and so when she stood, he thought he was safe to finish his coffee and follow. His first mistake.

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Everson left a space, he nodded his thanks to the barrista, Dale She'd called him, and then made his way out, tugging the rim of his cap down slightly over his eyes. She'd began to run and after huffing annoyed with the choice, he'd moved to match her pace. He was just in time to notice her spell. His first victory. He knew she was shedding forms now, so he carried on blind upon her usual route home, his feet beating the dirt in a steady rythm.

He turned along the track towards the river and saw a sliver of her walking on, but as he hit the bridge, the real Aaliyah stood there and in his tired state he made it obvious he was following her with his second mistake.

He stopped dead, his blue eyes wide as they took her in. His mouth opened as if to speak, but closed just as quickly. His jaw clicked to the side as he took in her annoyed Frame and so, instead of weaving a lie, Everson rolled his shoulders back and eyed her.


"Hello Miss. Cole, I believe its time we had a talk."

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His smile was charming as he grinned sheepishly at her from over the brim of his newspaper. Awkward eye contact, sorry, he seemed to be saying as he returned his gaze to the paper. She was sure that smile helped him get away with many things. The brunette sat in her usual spot, keeping to her routine completely and ensured she left when she usually would within a minute or two.

The fine hairs on the back of her neck rose as she left the coffee shop, her stomach churning with unease despite appearing calm on the outside. Her lips parted in a frustrated sigh as she picked up a slow jog again, her breathing immediately falling into the well-known rhythm. She had left so suddenly, stepping down from her roll during a difficult time in the city but the issues had also barely involved her and her faction. It had seemed like a good time for her to set out on her own.

Pale eyes flashed amber as she worked her magic. Leaning on the railing that overlooked the river, clothes shifting with magic, she watched her image continue on its run. Chewing the inside of her cheek, the Diviner watched the water flow several feet below the rock wall. She didn’t feel any guilt regarding her decision to leave. She had spent the first nearly 60 years of her life as a prisoner. She had gone from prisoner to leader with barely any time in between to discover who she really was or what she really wanted to do with her life. So she had made the decision to leave the city she had lived in the longest, fallen in love in and been shattered in.

Returning was something she was sure the Ambassadors were going to look at with some suspicion. Word had reached her as she travelled on the happenings of the city. She knew about the current Dark Diviner that was causing havoc in the city but she wanted to check in with Kaelyn before she stepped in. If they wanted her help at all.

The image Aaliyah was just leaving her line of site when the brunette shifted, her back leaning against the railing, arms falling to cross her chest as the eyes met those of her coffee shop stranger. Her brows raised in silent challenge as her head tilted to the side. The brim of his hat was low, his blue eyes dark in the shade as they met hers. His lips moved silently and she smiled at him comical surprise. He really couldn’t be that surprised she was aware of him, could he? If he was any good at his job he would have sensed her tension and probably even noticed her magical working if he truly knew who and what he was dealing with.

She let her magic drift over to him invisibly, getting a read on him and noting that he didn’t seem to be supernatural in the slightest. That wasn’t too surprising considering how many humans were becoming aware of the supernatural and working in the Organization. She tilted her head, a wry smile curling her lips as he spoke. “You believe so, do you?” she asked, her voice cool and clipped as she pushed off from the railing.

“How can I be of service?” she asked, her pale eyes bright as they never left his. She hated that she knew nothing about this man who clearly knew about her. She didn’t mind his knowing about her, she had nothing to hide but she hated being caught unawares.

She was quick, something that had always impressed Everson from the first day her name crossed his desk. Quick both in attitude and intelligence. He should have guessed she'd know exactly what he'd been doing, but he'd managed to keep his distance. His watching had been done in the form of other people, police reports, drones and camera's both public and hidden. He too had been smart, but not smart enough.
Everson knew the day would come when they would have to come toe to toe and unfortunately, she would have the upper hand being a diviner and he a measley human. Measley? He thought suddenly, shaking the thought our of his head with a frown tugging at his brows. Humans had technology on his side, he could down the woman in seconds had he chosen too. Take her away and keep her...But he hadn't, and that was where Everson Echo's ego got the better of him.

Standing before her, near a head taller, Everson slid his feet together and took more of a regal standing, he lifted his hand cautiously and removed the baseball cap revealing his bright blue orbs, a smile gracing his features as he took a hesitant step forwards. "You aren't going to invite me for coffee first? Don't lose your manners now Aaliyah..." He paused, the smiled widening slightly and he chuckled. "I can call you Aaliyah, right?"
He was treading on thin ice, and he knew it, but in general he wanted to see what would come of their interaction. How can I be of service? She asked and it merely made her smile grown further.

"Actually there are a few things you can help me with." He said, again another few steps forwards until he was about a foot away from her.

"I want to know why you came back to Evermore so suddenly. Why you came when everything else appeared to fail, you managed to mingle your way through again and come back almost undetected." Everson grinned once more, his ego once more inflating. "Almost." He repeated.
The truth was, there were times when Aaliyah did fall off their radar, off every radar, she disappeared for hours on end which infuriated the human. He needed to know where she went.
"Tell me Miss Cole. And don't lie to me -" His hand went to his phone, a few drones dropping from the skies under his control and to their eyeline. "-Why did you come back to Evermore."

Curiosity  had always been a weakness of Aaliyah’s. When she was young she had lost count of how many times her curiosity had gotten her into hot water with the Phoenix and resulted in her locked away for weeks on end. She had loved exploring, always believing there to be some grand secret or another behind every locked door or within the pages of every book. While most of the time there were no secrets, on the rare occasion she would be correct and paid the price in the small amount of freedom she had been allotted with the D’Fierro’s. It was being denied her curiosity her whole life that had inspired such a desire for knowledge in the older Diviner.

Her lust for knowledge helped her expand her abilities, her magic now able to be used without speaking the ancient spells needed previously. She still used some spoken spells on occasion if the power needed for the spell was greater but most of her magic was done silently now. Her magic research in not on her own species, but all of them, was something she thrived off of and her study of magic and supernatural continued since her return through all the volumes and scrolls she had found on her world-wide travels before returning to the city. Since her return she had kept to herself, the few connections she had had before leaving seemed to have also left and none of her other connections were strong enough to warrant a get-together.

Running a hand through her mocha locks, Aal smirked as the stranger spoke about an invitation for coffee, her brows raising as she looked at him with bright eyes. “I think we both know neither of us needs another cup of coffee,” she purred, hands dropping to rest in the pockets of her jeans. “And I don’t tend to freely offer invites for coffee to strangers. Especially when I don’t even have a name,” she purred, her voice pure ice. Aaliyah hated not knowing who this stranger was when he clearly knew her and had made it his job to be knowing her for a while now. She still had those she spoke to for inside information but she also wasn’t as up to date as she could have been and clearly she wasn’t as trusted as she once might have been.

She waved a hand dismissively when asked what he should call her. “That is my name so it’ll suffice,” she said, her eyes never leaving his. “And I can call you?” she left her question open-ended. He knew she didn’t know who he was. He was clearly good at his job so why had he come out into the open to do the work face to face and risk catching her attention? She must have left him with some questions that he had been unable to get answered up to this point. The thought that she had him snagged somewhere drew a secret smile to her lips as she listened to him while he moved closer to her.

She listened to his questions, her expression politely blank despite his closeness to her. She could smell his cologne, not too strong and a warm woodsy smell to her surprise. She also noted just a bare hint of old food that were nearly hidden by the rich cologne and she fought a smile. Her amusement was cut short at the tone of his questions. Her eyes narrowed as they met his ever so slightly and her lips pursed. She let out a deep breath in frustration. She had known this was coming but that did nothing to ease her anger especially since she had reached out to her technical ambassador Kaelyn to meet with.

She chuckled quietly, shaking her head before her eyes met his again. “While I did ask how I could assist it was more out of courtesy. The only assistance I’d really offer a stranger such as yourself are directions,” she said, her tone clipped. “This is the home I’ve known the longest, that is why I’m back and that’s really all you, or The Organization need to know,” she growled quietly, her voice dangerously low. She felt pretty safe in the assumption that he, at the very least, knew Sariah. Probably, he worked for The Organization. “My intention wasn’t to come back undetected,” she taunted, shrugging. “It’s not my fault there was minimum attention being paid and my return wasn’t noticed,” she answered, her smile cold.

As his hand dropped to his phone, her eyes never left his even when the buzz of drones sounded overhead. Her eyes shifted to amber as she glared up at the human, her patience used up. “I never lie, sir,” she said sir with nothing but pure venom. “and my answer is none of your damn business,” she hissed, an invisible shield falling over her like a second skin as she looked from the drones, back to the man and raised her brows again as if asking ‘really? Drones?’ she gave him one final look of disdane and turned to follow the path her magical image had jogged towards home.

There was no birdsong around, not even a chirp, and especially not now with the chill air around them so thick that it seemed to still the wind through the gangley branches. The deep roar of the river below the bridge almost disappeared altogether, its water murmering and bubbling over the stony bed, heading towards more comfortable area's.

Aaliyah Cole, Everson had discovered, was a curious soul. She was much like Everson in that fact, because he too had a thirst for knowledge. Rolling a shrug over his broad shoulders, he smirked a little "I think coffee is a great idea personally." He said, his cockney tone toying with her. She mentioned a name passive aggressively and he shook his head slightly.

"The organisation?" He questioned and then laughed a little, wagging a finger towards her. "Seems like Aaliyah Cole knows more about Evermore than she's letting on."

As she turned, Everson fell into step following behind her, the drones keeping pace too. "What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet." He said in a taunting tone. "So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, retain that dear perfection which he owes without that title." Everson knew her curiosity would peak with the prospect of knowing the man whom was now following her.

"Everson." He said then, and smirked a little cocking his head to the side. "I just want to know what you know...You seem to be clued up." Everson added before his smirk dropped and a serious expression took charge.

"Why are you practicing more dark magic Aaliyah? Whats it for?"

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The dark pair squared off nearly toe to toe. Aaliyah's neck angled as she looked up at the taller man, her eyes bright with anger and her magic as they never left his. The tension was thick in the air. So thick that people gave them a noticeable distance and all nature sounds fell silent. The brunette had once been well known for her quick and harsh temper but as she shifted and moved into the role of leader of her faction she had learned control and easily kept herself in check now. That didn't mean her temper was any less, just better kept in check.

Her pale optics rolled  as he spoke about coffee and her hands moved from the pockets of her jeans to her waist. "If you want a coffee date, ask a girl. I don't recommend lurking in the same coffee shop waiting for her to extend the invite," she growled. She shook her head, holding back the sharp words that wanted to spill from her lips and took a breath before speaking. "Know more than I'm letting on?" she said, her tone condescending. "I led the Diviners. I knew every damn thing happening in this city and the Organization has been around since before I left. So I know just what I need to know,' she said coldly.

She was done talking with the stalker man and turned away before her anger truly got the better of her. She was not surprised that she was being looked at by the other leaders but she was definitely disappointed. She had never been overly close with any of them but they had always gotten along well and she had hopped that they would have trusted her more than this. As she walked she let out a frustrated sigh as the stranger quickly fell in step with her, not willing to let this go. The drones, she noted with amusement, also followed. As he spoke, her eyes shifted to look at him over her shoulder but it was the only sign of interest she gave before returning her gaze to the path home.

They crossed the river, the path fading from cement to unpaved trails as the path followed the rivers course upstream before Aaliyah took a separate trail into the trees. Finally revealing himself as Everson, Aaliyah's eyes met his again as he continued. She softened every so slightly, about to consider the idea of actually talking to him when he threw in a curve ball and called her out for using 'Dark Magic' as he put it. Her lips pursed and her eyes flashed as she stopped, turning to face him.

"You must have really not done your research, Everson," she said, her eyes ice and her tone poison. "I am a DARK Instar Diviner and I used MAGIC," she hissed. While it was true her nature allowed her to specialize in darker spells, Aaliyah practiced magics of all kind with no true specialization. She had even started researching healing spells to grow that branch of magic. Her eyes searched his for a moment before she turned away from him again with a scoff. "Piss off stalker, I have nothing else to say to you or the Organization," she cursed over her shoulder as she walked through the forest, the sunlight dappling through the trees as the morning sun peaked.

Everson couldn't help but laugh as she mentioned about asking a girl out instead of stalking them. His lips pursed a little. She was lonely, he thought, otherwise she wouldn'y even dream of mentioning a date. Everson had a certain knack for reading people, probably what made him so good at the Organisation. Unfortunately for him however, he had begun to feel for Aailyah. The human and Diviner were leagues apart in terms of supernatural subject, but on a base level? The two seemed very simaliar...And that was dangerous in his line of work, because at the drop of a hat he could be asked to terminate.

Shaking his head as if to dislodge that dark thought, he continued down the beaten track behind her, knowing exactly where she was heading. He waited a moment before speaking. "I don't think you know anything right now." He said softly, toying with her pride. "Thats why the defence came up, which is fine." He said softly. "I suppose i'll have to go a little higher up than the usurped queen."

She stopped dead then and he too halted, a little closer than he wanted to be with her. Aaliyah's large grey/blue orbs almost darkened as she hissed toward him. His hands raised in a mock surrender and he nodded sternly. "I know." He said, his tone deadpan and his expression mimicking. As a dark diviner, her particular magic to the human eye looked like Dark-magic, however it wasn't that simple at all, magic was a complicated art he was fascinated by, but the humans didn't know the logistics of.

Everson frowned as she told him to piss off and he shook his head. "No." He snapped and quickly caught up, overtook her and stopped infront of her, looking right at her icey eyes. "I won't piss off, because this town is my home. And right now there is something taking over it that threatens that existence. So stop with the cryptics Aaliyah Cole. -" Her name slipped from his tongue with ease, but this time he was serious, there was no attitude lacing his cockney tone, just dead pan. "-If you know something, tell me...If you don't, then tell me that and I will go on my way. But the truth is all i want right now."

Everson had hidden away in Evermore for many reasons, the main being there were people in the world that would see him dead, she obviously didn't know that, but he needed something from her to take back and work with. A name, a location, a plot hole, anything...

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Aaliyah kept her pace, not looking back at him again, her gaze strictly forward and her lips pressed together in a firm line. The day was steadily getting warmer, the sunlight through the trees warming her skin where it dappled her tan complexion. Not halting her pace, the brunette removed her jacket and tied it around her waist. When Everson next spoke his words were poking, trying to get some reaction out of her but she easily continued to ignore him, the pairs path continuing deeper into the forest, rather than following the rivers path. Eventually they would meet back up with the river as it curved and wove through the surrounding area.

She rolled her pale hues at his continued dig. She could really care less what he called her or what his perception of her was. Usurped Queen? Sure, why not. He had pissed her off with his comments and he knew it but he didn’t stop, also seemingly knowing her temper was a way to get reactions out of her. Once upon a time it would have guaranteed him some kind of reaction but not anymore. She knew better now, especially after leading and being the face of her people for as many years as she had been doing it. Walking away from him and giving him nothing was easy.

As Everson took his turn now and stepped before her, the brunette sighed and looked up at him. Her face void of any emotion including anger. She listened to him, his interest slightly piqued as he spoke. So he did this not just for the Organization but also for himself. Something in Evermore he cared about? Maybe someone? Or maybe just somewhere he could finally call home? She fully intended on looking into him more once she got rid of him even knowing that he would expect her do exactly that. “You want to talk to me about cryptics, stalker?” she said before stepping around him and continuing to follow the trail. “I don’t anything,” she said quietly as she walked. “If I did don’t you think I would have done something to help the factions stop the Diviner? Oh wait – you think I’m connected to him,” she growled.

She hadn’t realized how far they had travelled until the river emerged through the trees again and a moment later Samson, her retriever bounded up happily. Celty followed at a slower, more respectable pace despite being the younger of the pair and paused beside Aaliyah, eyeing Evermore with bright eyes. Samson too noticed the stranger, and looked from him to Aaliyah and back. She knew he wanted to go say hello but he waited for his cues from her.  The rush of the river was loud in the clearing, the sun bright as the brunette knelt and pet the two canines. Their closeness relaxed her immediately and her eyes found Everson’s again searching. Seeing what else he might want or if he would finally just leave her alone.

Anger. An emotion Everson knew all too well in his life. An emotion that grows in the belly until its as hot as any dragons flame and it only ever hurts those that are loved, those nearest...They burn to embers and ash and sizzle in the rain of regret that follows near. Aaliyah's anger was different though, it was calculated and stubborn, tormented almost...

Shaking his head, Everson ran his hand across his features, maybe it was the tired getting to him. Aaliyah did always insist on extremely early mornings. A frustrated sigh left his lips and he had to keep from saying something too emotional. She was testing his last nerve, and then it hit. Maybe she truly, TRULY didn't have a clue?

Maybe he was wrong about her?

"Stalker is a strong word." He muttered, his hand reached to scratch at the back of his neck a little. As she spoke, he sighed heavily and shook his head a little. "No." He added and ran his tongue across his lower lip slowly. "I don't think that...Not anymore." He muttered.

With that, his bright orbs travelled down, spotting her two dogs and a smile stretched across his lips. "Hello" He mouthed towards the pup at her heels and then looked back to Aaliyah. "I'm sorry Aaliyah, It appears the information I recieved was wrong..." Standing a little straighter, Everson smiled. "I hope you'll accept my apologies and consider letting me in on any information you recieve? Even if it be mere rumor, we - I mean, I - want to know."

As Aaliyah knelt, her hands ran through Samsons long silken fur as Celty stood stoic by her side, patiently waiting her turn. The hybrids bright eyes never leaving Everson as she waited. Sam gave quiet little wuff as they stood there. "Oh go on then," Aal murmured, caving in and letting the retriever bound over to the human man that had provided the ex-Ambassador a trying morning. Samson immediately loped over to Everson, immediately shoving his head in the mans hands for pets before jumping on him. "Sam no!" Aal growled, getting to  her feet.

"Sorry," the brunette grumbled, placing  a hand on Samson's collar and pulling the dog back to all fours. Aaliyah's eyes found Everson's again as he spoke. He seemed to continuously be trying to read her, trying to get a feel for her. Much the same as she was doing to him each time she looked at him. He frustrated her, aside from making her incredibly furious with his original accusations, he frustrated and annoyed her. He yoyo'd like no one she had met before. Playing the dangerous spy with drones at his call before conceding slightly to help calm her down before asking her more hard questions that pissed her off all over again.

He knew what he was doing, she would give him that. At his apology, she frowned. Aaliyah hated awkward apologies and almost preferred that people just silently accept a mistake happen and agree to move on without awkward exchanges. She waved a hand in dismissal, her cheeks showing a hint of color that faded as she met his gave again. His meek expression almost had her rolling her eyes. "Stop," she said, letting Sam loose again to politely say hello. "Not necessary, you were following poorly guided orders," she said quietly, starting to brush dog fur from  her clothes.

Her lips curled and she tilted her head as he stumbled over who would be receiving any information she might be able to provide. "Nice,' she chuckled dryly. "I make no promises and I tell no lies," she purred coyly in response. In all honesty she planned on looking into the strange Diviner causing issues with more seriousness now. Now that she was being viewed and a complete stranger, a potential threat, she saw things might be more serious that she had originally thought. "You'll have to ask very nicely," she said, bright eyes dancing and her smile hidden.

The honey speckled pup bounded over and Everson petted its large soft head before eventually being jumped on. Laughter bubbled from his lips, true laughter, at the animals antics and he shook his head as she apologized for the attack. "No need, its been a long time since I've had a dog jump up at me. I used to love dogs..." He muttered, trailing off as he glazed for a second.

Running his fingers through his hair, his eyes flashed up and spotted one of the small drones he'd had follow them "Oh." He added, pulling out his cell and returning the drones to standby. Each small, silver drone flew towards him and he caught and pocketed them quickly. He felt somewhat safe for now around the dark haired Diviner before him, probably another mistake Everson had made that morning, but for now he was happy with that one.
Everson hushed as soon as she said stop and smiled slightly. It seemed she hated apologies as much as he did. 'Sorry' was a mere cover up to him and he despised people being sorry, the word brought a degree of pity with it. But appearances need to be upheld.

Her next statement made him smirk, cocking his head to the side and chewing on his bottom lip. Was she...teasing him? A scoff left his lips and he shrugged a little, his entire demeanour relaxing in her presence. "Oh, I can ask incredibly nicely." He purred back, a grin spreading across his lips and presenting his white teeth.
He'd followed this woman for weeks, documenting every action she made, every gesture, every word and hadn't once seen her tease or play and Everson couldn't help but like this side of her. His bright blue orbs caught hers and he couldn't help but add "Maybe over dinner next time."
He wagged a finger in her direction again and grinned once more "Or maybe coffee, you move too quick for me to finish mine on a morning. A man needs caffeine you know."

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