Nora stood at the center of the stage, there was a decent-sized crowd around her listen to her talk, she was here to demonstrate one of the newly developed products that Everectronics were slating for release in the next few months. The goal was to gather some interest from tech fanatics and get valuable feedback on the look and feel of the product. What was it? A computer system which made all those crazy looking holograms you saw in superhero movies and Sci-Fi franchises a reality. Her company normally provided medical technology as well as biotech for the organization but now they had decided to branch into consumer products as it was a great market and a chance to share their ideas with the entire world. 

As she came to the end of her speech, where she was talking about the importance tech now had on daily life and the way people were slowly becoming more and more interconnected with all of the devices and software available. She explained how she didn't see this a generation becoming numbed but instead of people who were willing to rapidly adapt to change, who were always searching for new knowledge and easier ways of achieving everyday tasks so that their focus could move to a bigger and better future. While Nora wasn't the engineer that built all these things, she was an avid believer in tech, she had done some research into biotech as well as AI and machine learning and everything about it excited her, the possibilities really were endless and she was sure people saw that in her speech. 

Once she finished, she smiled as everyone clapped and she ducked her head before heading off the stage and back towards the demonstration table they had set up. They had a few prototype machines set out ready for the attendees to try and she was glad to see someone checking one of them out when she came back. She kept quiet and studied the way he was using it for a moment and the look of intent on his face as he studied it. She had a similar expression on her own face when she first got to try it, she was really impressed with what she experienced and the possibilities made a reality but the little machine. Plus it looked super futuristic with the neon blue lighting and the way you controlled the device in mid-air. "Quite the experience isn't it?" she prompted to the male with a quirk of her brows "I get myself lost in it all for hours" she commented with a slight nod.

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“Kang Seonghwa! Wake up! Remember you have that damn Evertronics speech to go to in about three hours!” A loud and deep voice sounded in the brunette’s ear. With a start, the young male jerked up and tumbled out of his bed onto the floor. “That’s what you get for sleeping half the day, you lazy pabo.” The voice said and then a slender hand, with a silver ring encircling the ring finger appeared in his vision. Oh, great. Daehyuk was still there and had been there since last Tuesday. Oh, how Seonghwa wished that he would go away so he could mope around and just eat ice cream every day. But, Daehyuk wasn’t going to let him do that. So Seonghwa took his brother’s hand and pulled himself up. He blinked his chocolate eyes as soon as he was standing as Daehyuk pulled open the bright pink curtains. Sometimes he hated the light, it reminded him of happy times when he was a teenager and well, he wasn't a teenager anymore. Groaning, he rubbed at his eyes and padded towards his closet to get nice clothes for the speech.

Seonghwa had been waiting for this speech for a long time running. He loved anything having to do with technology but was often too shy to say much of anything about it. He always had some sort of electronic device on him and loved to watch videos from the CEO of Evertronics, Elenora Noredstreom. He had always found something so fascinating about the way she would explain how the different devices worked. Once upon a time, he had even taken a technology class in high school since Ayno had encouraged him to take it, but after Ayno died he had given up the passion entirely. Now, he got ready in record time, doing his makeup in less than thirty minutes. It had never taken him that much time to his makeup, usually, it took him close to two hours since he was trying to cover up the bags under his eyes. Saying goodbye to Daehyuk with a hug and a kiss to his cheek, he grabbed his keys and phone and got in his Corvette. 

As soon as he saw the crowd he immediately tried to back out of the parking lot but, was immediately blocked by a car pulling in behind him and preventing him from leaving. Cursing his bad luck he apparently had, he pulled into a parking spot and sat there for a minute contemplating if he should get out. After a minute had passed he got and walked to the place where the speech was, handing his ticket to the lady at the front desk. As soon as he got in the building he was immediately blown away by all the different devices and listened to Elenora before completely zoning out as he saw the cool new prototype they had and went over to play with it. He was so immersed in playing with it he didn't notice Elenora come up behind him. He startled and then smiled back at her, all bright white teeth. "Yes, Ms. Nordestrom. It is quite the experience." He says shyly and then nods at her comment, his cheeks turning rosy. 

The little prototype was the coolest thing Seonghwa had ever seen, and that was above a lot of things. It looked like the things he had seen in Star Wars and The Flash. Of course, he was a nerd for it, but he hadn't been updated on the little things since he was a senior in high school. Something about being in the tech world brought a little smile to his face. Ayno would be proud that he had finally followed his passion and even got to meet his tech idol. They had both loved watching her animatedly talk about the little things of her passion. 

To say she was proud of the prototypes was probably an understatement, the whole thing had been several years worth of designing, testing, redesigning, perfecting and trailing, it had been pretty exhausting after a while. Whenever one of the devices was produced and major issues were found it sometimes felt like they were all the way back at square one which could be disheartening but now they were finally here, showing something she believed in and there was very little that could dull her excitement about that. She was glad to see people milling around the table during her speech but she had noticed people seemed a little wary about trying to actually use it. Which perhaps was because they weren’t sure they were allowed to or maybe they weren’t sure how to get started, either way, it was one of the mental notes she made to review later on.

So it was really nice to see the young male so completely lost in the device to the point he didn’t even notice she was there, when she spoke she noted the way he jumped and immediately smiled a little “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump” she commented, she felt a little bit awkward with the way he addressed her, not because it wasn’t the proper way to call someone but because she had never really liked the business formal way people spoke to one another in general “Oh please call me Nora” she spoke softly “And you are?” she prompted the shy seeming male. She wasn’t the most approachable person in the world usually but when she was working she always seemed to push past that barrier, you didn’t make it in the business world without being able to play the game after all.

She leaned over to see what he had been doing with the device, noting that he had managed to get into one of the pseudo programming tools which were used to create virtual realities “Oooh you found one my favorite parts” she spoke as she stepped alongside him and guided him through the ways it worked, pointing out how he could draw the shape he wanted to make with his finger and then push it to project it out into the space around him and then shape it with his hands “It’s a little too artistic for my actual ability but I find it pretty amazing for world-building, imagine all the situations you could make with it” she stood back to give him a chance to try it, looking at the trees she had just made in her demonstration and how they were projected over the top of the screen.

Seonghwa looked confused for a second. Was the CEO of Everetronics actually asking him his name? What had the world come to? He smiled again and said softly. "My name is Ace Kang, but please call me Seonghwa, Nora." He replied and respectfully called her by the name she had asked him to call her. He had recently gone back to using his Korean name but sometimes would use his English name when he needed to. And now was not a time he needed to, Seonghwa also hoped that Nora could pronounce it, his name was hard to pronounce. He had known that she was as shy as him, because of the interviews he had seen. But, on stage, she was so confident and he aspired to be as confident as her. 

"It's okay about making me jump. I do it all the time." He laughed and responded a bit late to her earlier apology. Nora had apologized about five minutes ago, but he was so nervous that he apparently lost his timing on certain things. Being in the same room as her really made him want to do well and have a nice conversation about technology but meeting his idol made him so nervous that he literally couldn't respond to a statement until five minutes later. Seonghwa knew that Nora really was proud of her little prototypes. They were cool he had to admit. Something about the way they projected a reality that he could see made him want to make a reality that Baekhyun was alive in. But, he couldn't figure out how to use the little thing.

He heard her step beside him and saw her hand go out, working into the program. Seonghwa yelped startled as she started showing him how it worked. He wasn't used to people helping him with things. People thought he was too depressed for them to help. "Ah, yes. I like this one to, but I couldn't figure out how it worked." He replied as she began drawing shapes that turned into trees. They were actually pretty good, and he was amazed at how she said she couldn't draw. "I agree. Architects could use it and make buildings even before they build them." He replied and stepped forward as she allowed him to draw on the prototype. Taking the shapes, he drew up Baekhyun and his apartment from senior year and then shaped it beside the trees. "How's that, Nora?" He asks excited to see what she thought. 

She saw the slightly dumbfounded look on his face and wondered for a moment if she had said something strange before long he responded with his name, she repeated the name back to him to make sure she had the right pronunciation “Nice to meet you Seonghwa” her American accent probably didn’t get it perfect but she worked with a lot of people in a lot of different countries so she knew how to listen when someone spoke their name “Did you take time out of your day just to come to the conference?” that was pretty impressive considering he seemed quite young and this was mostly aimed at stuffy executives. Frankly, she was happy to see someone here that would actually enjoy the tech rather than simply the money the tech might make them.

“I’ve been told I have a bad habit of sneaking up on people” she explained with a gentle laugh, part of being a vigilante, you always sneaked in and out of places and so you got used to being light-footed and generally sneaky which she supposed followed her into everyday life. It became evident pretty quickly to her that he seemed pretty nervous and jittery, which is exactly why she switched from trying to pry conversation from him to show him the device. Sometimes things were just better shown rather than told and she got the feeling in this case that he would feel more at home discovering the device himself.

She glanced over at him after showing him how the program worked, it was actually pretty fascinating for her to watch how someone with a clear interest in technology and how it worked, interacting with the device for the first time. She saw the way he instinctively moved through the different menus and options as he looked for what he wanted to do and the drawing he made had far more precision than anything she’d managed to make so far, much more of a logic and numbers girl rather than a visualist was Nora. “Wow you’ve got quite the eye for graphic detail” she commented as she moved in close to examine the structure he had drawn up, it was quite intricate and showcased detail well “Do you play a lot of video games?” she asked curiously wondering if that was where the art style came from because it had this certain edge to it she couldn’t describe.

She was actually really excited to see someone truly interested in the developments using the device so she decided she would ask as many questions as she could “So dream big for me, if you could use this device to do absolutely anything, what would you use it for?” she liked being around creative people as they always sparked great ideas and it was already clear Seonghwa was talented.

"Nice to meet you too, Nora," Seonghwa replied and smiled widely. "You got it right, actually. That's great because no one ever pronounces my reaal name right." He said, raising his eyebrows. Growing up in Korea, everybody could pronounce the name "Seonghwa" but when he moved to Colorado nobody could pronounce it, except the Korean people that lived there. He nodded at her, and then looked down, fidgeting with his fingernails. "I did. I didn't have anything to do since I got to work at nine and I was incredibly excited to see this." Seonghwa responded with a slight grin. He knew he looked quite young, and he was quite young. He had seen a lot of upper-class CEO's and businessmen and women. 

"That's a good thing sometimes," Seonghwa replied, his hands shaking a bit as he leaned over to look at the little prototype again. He had become jittery ever since he had lost Baekhyun and had started having hallucinations. He suspected he wouldn't have one in here of all places, Baekhyun had never been here. He guessed that he was sneaky sometimes, part of being a bartender. He could sneak up and fill someone's glass without them noticing. He also noticed that Nora had stopped talking to him and was leaned over the device. Seonghwa didn't know what she was trying to do, but to him, it looked pretty cool.

"Thank you. I took graphic design classes in high school." In which he wasn't lying, he actually took the classes all throughout his four years. His counselor in middle school recommended that he take art and graphic design since he liked to draw. Seonghwa had agreed because his friend Minghao was also taking the class. He concentrated on the drawing leaning over to actually get all the detail down. "Once, I played Minecraft when I was in eighth grade." He replied and flushed red. He hoped she wouldn't judge him for playing it.

Seongwa's eyes widened. He wasn't sure how to answer her question, as he hadn't thought about it before. "I... I..." He stuttered, racking his brain for an answer that wasn't there. But, he didn't want to appear a fool in front of her. Seonghwa flushed and tried to answer, but nothing came out of his mouth. 

She smiled happily when he confirmed she pronounced his name right, she always get really upset when people used the wrong name for her so she was glad that she was able to prevent herself from doing the same “I have a little practice pronouncing foreign names” she admitted with a slight nod of her head “That’s a Korean name right?” she asked with raised brows curious to know if he was given the name but raised in American or if he had emigrated from there. When he said he purposely made the effort to come attend the conference she raised her brows impressed, that showed initiative that she found a lot of young people didn’t tend to have and it immediately made her curious about his motivation for doing so “Oh so are you an avid technology follower?” she wasn’t always but nowadays she consistently paid attention to technology trends and developments.

“It’s good when people are slacking off at work and they don’t think I notice for sure” she commented with a slight laugh, she was trying her best to put him at ease because he seemed quite jumpy and nervous, which could probably be here, since she wasn’t the most approachable person in the world but something gave her the impression there was more to it than that. “You said you don’t have work till nine?” she commented noting something he said before, she had a good memory for remembering little details about what people said or did “What do you do?” she asked in a mildly interested tone, she’d say he looked about college-age so perhaps part-time work while he studied.

“Oh really?” she asked with an interested glance in his direction “They never had those when I was back in high school but they probably would have helped” she shook her head amused by how fast the world changed and what the kids got to do nowadays, when she was in school computers had floppy disks and took about 20 minutes to actually load anything and now here she was presenting one of the most powerful new computers she had seen “Only once?” she spoke with a challenging gaze in his direction “Even I admit I’ve played a few Nintendo games more than once” she teased with a laugh, she had a Nintendo Switch she played on occasion, she liked farming simulator games sometimes.

She saw the way he was panicking in response to her question and took the initiative to guide him through more of the functionality rather than press for an answer “Well my first thought was the recreational side know, games and movies and the likes” she pulled put the movie app to show the way the computer could project the movie in a curved screen type format that made the action look really close “Obviously if someone developed a movie specifically for the device then it would get even more realistic” she glanced over at him to see if he’d managed to calm down.

Seonghwa watched happily as a smile spread over Nora's face. He had never seen that big of a smile on the dark-haired CEO. "That's cool. I wish I did. Sometimes I can't pronounce American names. Please tell me if I ever pronounce yours wrong." He replied and smiled back, bright teeth appearing. "Yes, my name is Korean. I was born there. Well, specifically in Incheon, but that doesn't matter." He laughs and curls his eyes up. "I moved here in the eighth grade. About eight years ago." Seonghwa replies and tilts his head as he remembers moving here that long ago. "Yep! I love technology. My boyfriend Baekhyun introduced me to it, and I've loved it ever since." He confirms and laughs lightly.

"That would scare a person. It's good that they don't notice, or you wouldn't be able to scare them!" Seonghwa exclaims with a bright smile. He wondered if he would ever be able to sneak up on someone like that. But, he needed to stop wearing heeled boots if he wanted that to happen. He was quite nervous, but his shaking had calmed down a little as he got comfortable. "Yes. I don't work till nine tonight." He said and nodded his head. "Oh, I am a bartender in downtown Evermore. Specifically at the Blue Ribbon." He replied, jokingly using the nickname for "The Azure." which was an expensive bar in downtown. 

"Well, when did you graduate?" He asked. He wasn't trying to be rude, he was just curious. "They started them around the 2000s, I guess?" Seonghwa replied, confused about whether he got the year right. "Only once. My brother Baekbeom judged me and I haven't played it since." He said and blushed. "Nintendo? Like the DS?" He wasn’t as familiar with that one, because Baekhyun hated anything Nintendo, he had always said they didn’t work right. 

"Games and movies? That sounds fun!" Seonghwa says and finally calms down, his hands not shaking anymore. He wondered if he used the movie app, then Baekhyun would be realistic and he wouldn't have to pine anymore. "Of course. Like a 3D movie, but more." He agreed, smiling a little bit. 

She nodded slightly “Well thankfully my name is pretty short and sweet, though my full first name is more of a mouthful” though quite literally no one called her that, it was either Nora with people she knew well enough to be friendly with or Miss Nordstoem to anyone she wanted to be on business formal terms with “That’s awesome, I’ve been to Seoul a couple of times but never got to explore too much” Korea was pretty much the technology capital of the world, after all “There’s a certain rhythm in your speech which tells me you were a native” Nora was good at reading people too “That must have been a big change so young” she spoke it softly. “Well I can always appreciate a fellow enthusiast, do you have any favorites?” a lot of mine revolve around research into making the smallest components possible” which meant she did a lot of research into things like the raspberry pi and cell phones.

“Well if they weren’t slacking off they’d have nothing to worry about” she spoke coyly with a shake of her head, she was a pretty strict boss, she had to admit but she did so to ensure success for all her workers and ensure they got to keep coming and making a living every day. And on a good day, she would join in with the office banter anyway. “Ah! A bartender, that makes sense” she wasn’t really a bar person so she had no idea where the place he mentioned was but it was nice to see someone so young already working for a living “Are you a student?” she asked as she glanced over him guessing he was probably around 20.

“High School?” she responded surprised by the question and trying to remember what year it was when she graduated, it was a long time ago in her mind “I guess in 2007?” she responded with a laugh “Well now I feel old” she commented and pressed her lips together “Computers were mostly slow up until about when I graduated, it would take forever for them to load up so we couldn’t really do serious work on them” she remembered it being pretty frustrating when she was young because she found them so interesting but by the time they got anything going she had already moved onto college “Yeah, the new model, it’s therapeutic sometimes” she shrugged, she could be normal sometimes and just spend the afternoon playing games.

“Yeah, things most people do in their everyday life I guess” she shrugged slightly “I’m hoping once people see the capabilities of the hardware they’ll want to develop for the platform, much like games developers always choose to develop for consoles” she nodded slightly “but then there’s also the professional outlook, like you said before, architecture, art mockups, that sort of stuff” she pressed her lips together “Maybe interactive lessons for teachers where they can show the whole room what they’re demonstrating” she was pretty excited about the possibilities she had to admit.

"That's good, mine can be pretty hard to say. But if you want, you can call me Hwa or Ace." Seonghwa said and offered up his English name, which was something he never did. He knew what her full name was because of different internet searches and what she had said in different interviews. And for some reason, he couldn't pronounce it. It always sounded like "Elenola" because his Korean accent messed up the r's with l's. "Oh, you've been to Seoul?" He asked his chocolate-colored eyebrow raising. He had never even heard of her going to Seoul, she must've done it in her free time. "Yep. My accent betrays me a lot." He replied and laughed. "It was! I didn't speak much English back then, and I really didn't understand the language at all. The schools were much different too. Back in Korea, we had to wear uniforms, here we don't." Seonghwa said and brushed back a strand of his floppy pink hair. "Yes, I do! Thank you for asking. I like Macbooks, and cell phones, and Apple products." He answered her question with an interested glance toward one of the computers on display. 

He laughed as she said this, and went back to playing with the computer, only looking up when she said something. "Yes. The Azure is located near the shopping mall, I think." He really couldn't remember it at that moment. "No. I'm twenty-one, and I graduated from college last year. Started when I was seventeen." He replies and switches one of the buttons on, startling when it makes a noise. He wasn't as used to the machinery in the building because he hadn't been around tech for a while. 

"That's not old!" Seonghwa protests and laughs. "I was born in 1999, so I don't really remember slow computers, but I know they were like that." He replies with a smile. He had actually worked on a computer from the 1980's, taking it apart and putting it back together. That thing was the hardest thing he had ever done. "Oh. Well, I never used a Nintendo device. Baekhyun hated them." He said and grimaced as he remembered the time Baekhyun had thrown the tiny device at the wall because one of the screws wouldn't go back in properly.

He nodded and smiled. "Yes. They can use it for teachers. I have a friend who would love that. She works in an elementary school classroom and the students can never see what she's trying to describe. So that would be a great idea for them. Or college students could use it to help them study for exams and things like that." Seonghwa agreed and then fiddled with one of the drawing tools. 

“Yeah a couple times, one of our manufacturers we have worked with a few times is based out there so I visited their offices” she nodded slightly, she did a lot of traveling as a business person and she met a lot of clients and partners, it was fun, though it could be pretty exhausting given all the long flights and timezones. “Wow, a really big change then” she commented from the way he talked about his move to America, she would have found it really daunting to move somewhere new without full grips over the language, she was fluent in many because she didn’t like feeling out of the loop “Well some schools here have uniforms too” she spoke and laughed “But I think I prefer the casual approach, it’s not like it actually affects people’s ability to learn” she shrugged slightly and then gave an amused raise of her brows “And what is it you like about those products so much?” typically the answer to that was either usability or brand loyalty she found. .

“Oh! Now you’ve reminded me that I’m well overdue to go clothes shopping” she spoke and shrugged “Maybe I’ll have to drop by some time, just to make sure the bartender’s work is up to scratch, you know” though she wouldn’t have the first idea about what made a good bar if she was honest, she only went to them when it was required for business outings. “Oh you already graduated” she smiled brightly towards him “What was your major?” she missed her college days, people weren’t kidding when they said it was the best time of your life and she had made some really great friends back then too.

“I mean it’s closer to 30 than 20 so I protest that it’s old” she responded with a playful roll of her eyes, she was very aware that the business world moved fast and so she did feel like she was getting left behind a little sometimes “I have vivid memories of having to wait for my mom to get off the phone so I could use the internet, believe me, it was a whole different time” computers were smaller and more powerful nowadays, hell, everyone had a tiny one in their pocket that was more powerful than the ones she used to use as a child.

She glanced over at Seonghwa while he talked about his friend and the work she did in the classroom, she had actually talked to a couple of teachers herself who were pretty interested in the tech, the only problem being that making something this powerful and forward-thinking was also pretty difficult to keep on a low price tag “Yeah exactly and doctors could use it for say, drawing up their surgery or even doing surgery training” honestly in her mind the possibilities were endless “So what’s the goal Seonghwa? What are you hoping to achieve with your life?” she was pretty sure it wasn’t working in a bar forever, that’s for sure.

"That's cool, I guess," Seonghwa said and then laughed at how awkward he sounded. "It wasn't that big of a change for my sister and brother as they had been there before." He replied and went back to fiddling with the drawing pen, not really drawing anything with it. Seonghwa hadn't really been anywhere outside of Korea until he was twelve. His parents had taken him to Paris for a week, letting him breathe in the beautiful architecture and delicious food. It was there he learned some French. It wasn't enough to start a conversation with, but it was still something he could say he knew. "They do? I didn't know that at least I didn't go to a school with them. I hate wearing uniforms." He responds and laughs, remembering how much he hated wearing the stupid things. "I know right? Some people don't like looking the same. Like me. I like bright colors and soft patterns." Seonghwa waves a hand to represent his point. He really liked fashion. The only uniform he could stand to wear was his bar uniform, and that was about the closest he was going to get to wearing an actual uniform. "My boyfriend got me an iPhone and I have loved it ever since. It reminds me of how much he loved the tech." He said as his shoulders started to sag. Talking about Baekhyun was going to give him a heart attack one of these days.

"There's a cool women's store in the mall. I think it's called Kate Spade? I don't know what's actually in there since I've never been in. But it looks nice." He says and smiles slightly. Talking about and suggesting stores made him happy. And if the person he was talking to actually talking to liked it, he was even more happy. "You can drop by anytime. I'm there at night, but the bartenders in the morning are nice as well." He replies and then laughs at her comment. We're always up to scratch." Seonghwa smiles brightly and then nods. "Yep. I already graduated," he says and then taps his temple and pretends like he's thinking about it. "I majored in Criminal Justice and my minor was French." The brunette smiles as he remembers the bright lights and sweet laughter in college. 

"Hey! Thirty's not old! It's young." He laughs when she playfully rolls her eyes. "It's seriously not that old. People are getting their Ph.D.'s and still having kids." Seonghwa quips and then listens intently as she explains what it was like for her when she was young. He wished he could've had the memories she had. All he had was the bright lights of television and constant music. His mother loved the American band Journey and his Dad loved more Korean bands like H.O.T and JYP. "Well, I didn't have that. I was constantly surrounded by fast internet and data. I grew up on Scooby-Doo and internet games." He replies with a playful eyebrow raise. He was quite certain that Elenora's childhood had been better than his. More family time and not as much internet.

"Yeah. Surgery drawing could help them be more precise in their cuts and help them save more people." Seonghwa responds and looks up when she says his name. "My goal?" He asked with a stunned look on his face. "Well, I don't know. I was planning on doing something law-related when I was in college. Or becoming a French teacher since I minored in French. " He responded and then looked down. He really was planning on becoming a French teacher and then settling down with Baekhyun and maybe having a few kids. But, he couldn't do that anymore. Baekhyun was gone.

She shrugged slightly, she had been to a private school so she had worn a uniform for most of her schooling life so she supposed she was used to it, nowadays she sometimes missed just wearing the same thing every day and not having to think about what she needed for which day, business dress was a whole pain. “It did make life easier not to have to worry about an extra thing every day, I swear working in an office you’re always questioning what to wear” which was pretty crazy considering you tended to be sitting at a desk the whole day. “Liking your own style is really good for self-confidence though” she commented with a thoughtful nod of her head, she definitely felt a sense of power in choosing her own outfits and style, she tended to have a work go-to and a home go-to and they were very different. Much like she was very different in and out of work.

“That sounds like a dangerous trip for me, I complain about having to choose clothes because I already have too many of them and yet I always seem to get more” she shook her head slightly, she guessed she wasn’t immune to having nice tastes and wanting to spend her money on nice things “This is why I tend to hide in my house, no worrying about stepping out and making $100 disappear” okay, she wasn’t as bad as she made it out to be but she did find staying home definitely saved a lot of money. Since the majority of her money went straight back into Everectronics R&D she didn’t keep a whole lot of herself. Only what she needed. “That’s an interesting combination of subjects, so your plan is French-speaking criminal defense attorney?” if he’d graduated she was curious why he hadn’t gone straight into law LPC.

She rolled her shoulders and shrugged “It’s the age where everyone expects you to have your life together by” she responded with a half-smile “By 30 you’re supposed to be married and thinking about kids or whatever” she knew that was stereotyping but the age definitely felt like it was a significant milestone in a person’s life and she had quite literally no idea what she be by then, vigilante life wasn’t exactly the ideal basis for settling down after all. “I think that has its perks too, education material at your fingertips, well equipped for the rapid changes in the industry and who doesn't like cartoons and games” she shrugged slightly. Nora didn’t idolize her childhood by any means, her parents were never there and seemed to care more about money than quality time, she supposed she had been pretty lonely.

“That’s the idea, things to help pretty much every aspect of life easier” she nodded slightly “We’re looking to install these devices into planes too, both for entertainment purposes but also safety, using it to scan the pressures and measurements on the plane” she was excited about that part because the aviation industry was one she had always been personally interested in and getting to partner with major airlines was pretty exciting for her. She tilted her head as she listened to him talk about his future and it seemed to her that he was a little lost “So you changed your mind through the course?” she asked it with raised brows “Cause I’d kinda expect you to be doing a LPC by now if you wanted to go into law.


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