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Underwater (Open to Len and Jules)

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It was ridiculous to feel nervous. She knew that, it wasn't like she had just met this guy and it wasn't like they hadn't slept in the same bed when she let him come stay with her over Christmas. It…Continue

Walls Up (Open to Nora and Fleur)

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It was always the same routine for her when it came to her Dhampir training, every evening she would head out and catch out criminals running loose on the streets of Evermore, get a few hours sleep…Continue

Deja Vu (Open to Eleanora and Julian) [COMPLETED]

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Since Everectronics had decided to go commercial a…Continue

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Nora stood at the center of the stage, there was a…Continue


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  • Eleanora Riley Nordstroem

  • Ellie, Nora, Elle

  • 27

  • Dhampir

  • Bisexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Willa Holland

  • Taken by Julian Lockhart

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Eleanora was born in the middle of a long night in fall to parents Cassandra Valentina and William Nordstroem. Eleanora’s parents welcomed their first and only child to their family with open arms after trying for a child for many years. She was doted upon from the moment she was born, a beautiful and healthy baby dhampir born from two wealthy parents who ran one of the leading pharmaceutical research facilities in the world. For William it had been a long life so far, her father had lived 142 years in this world before he met her mother and the two fell in love.

In her younger years Eleanora, endearingly nicknamed Ellie, was a sweet and curious child, she was always the adventurous type often causing her parents trouble when she wandered off or got too close to things she shouldn’t have. Nothing her parents couldn’t handle though, they’d prepared for having a child for years. Her father remained at work most of the time, he was a hard worker, he always told young Ellie about how he was going to save the world one day. He was working on experimental drugs which they hoped would one day contribute to the cure for cancer. His mother was the one who cared for Ellie most, her earliest memories being with her and remembering the small sweet moments they had together.

Still, their work kept her parents very busy which may have influenced Ellie’s independence from a young age. She was enrolled in private school at the age of 5. She wasn’t much like the other stuck up kids at her school though, the girls in their pretty dresses they didn’t want to mess up while Ellie was busy skinning her knees and getting grass stains all over her clothes by the end of the day. She was an active child and often came across quite boystrious and rough, even for the boys in her class. The school raised concerns about her behaviour several times to her parents by no amount of lectures or telling her how to be seemed to change a thing about who she was.

Ellie was an average student in most of her classes, not the smartest but also never the worst scorer. There were some classes that interested her and others that bored her to death. She mostly enjoyed anything that let her do physical activity, she particularly enjoyed running track and playing tennis. In her preteens, this became her favorite thing and she joined the track team. Her parents took it as a sign her dhampir side was starting to emerge and hired her a trainer to help her learn how to fight. Ellie took to those lessons like a fish to the water, she was very skilled with everything they gave her and she quickly became quite the skilled combatant.

Throughout her childhood, Ellie’s parents became more and more distant, their focus on their work taking the top spot on their priority list. Ellie quickly became the child they attempted to please with gifts and by hiring people to take care of her but it didn’t fill the void she felt by their absence. She tried to grin and bear it because she knew how important their work was to them and she knew they were trying to help people. She became more and more self-sufficient, not needing constant supervision. She did her homework when she was supposed to, enrolled herself into extracurriculars because she knew that would be good for her future and tried her best to be a good person.

Ellie got a bit of a reputation at school for being scary. That was because some guy in the 4th grade had tried to bully her and she had responded by punching him cleanly on the nose. After that, she seemed to become the ‘problem kid’. She was suspended for two weeks for doing it but she never really got scolded for it by her parents and the boy never bothered her again so in the end, it had worked out for the better. She had a small group of friends, people she let in and made friends with, she preferred to keep around people who were down to earth and real rather than the people who paraded their money around and acted snobbishly.

Ellie was born to a wealthy family but her parent’s money wasn’t what she wanted and often she found herself with more stuff than she actually knew what to do with, she didn’t really like designer clothes, preferring to wear the same pair of comfortable worn-in boots than all the new ones her mother tried to get her to wear. Her mom always complained about her image and how she didn’t give the impression she wanted to their fancy friends but Ellie would often remind her how she wasn’t around enough to actually have a say in how she led her life. Still, she never asked her parents to prioritize her because she had constantly been told for all of her life how important the work they were doing was and she was willing to sacrifice what she craved in the name of helping the world.

By the time Ellie turned 16 she was an interesting mix of the life she had led till then. She kept up with her dhampir training throughout the years, never missing a session and getting stronger and stronger, she became a deadly fighter and even began to best her teacher which led to her being allowed to train earlier than most at a dojo. She still had two years until her rune claiming ceremony but she found herself able to keep up with most of the other dhampirs and she enjoyed letting off steam in her training. She continued to do well in school and actually found passion in studying business on the side so she could understand the work her mother and father were doing each and every day. Ellie saw it as a way to feel close to them when they were never home.

She became a very moralled person who often called people out for being entitled and spoiled and the people at her school tended to fear her because of the rumors that followed her and the fact the young Nordstroem girl wasn’t afraid to fight to prove her point. Not to mention everyone knew she had a black belt in martial arts. She kept the same group of friends most of the way through her high school years, they remained people she could rely on and were her reason for being so grounded. Her best friend, Leah, became friends with Ellie after the dhampir had stood up for her when some other girls were making fun of her clothes. Leah didn’t wear designer clothes, in fact, she didn’t have a lot of money at all but her parents put every penny they had into paying for private school for her because they wanted to get her the best start in life.

The two of them were always very close, despite the fact Ellie often to pay for things because she had plenty of money to spare, Leah taught her humility by always insisting she pays for her fair share and generally being a good and grounded person. Leah was usually the one to drag Ellie away from a fight when her temper got the better of her and they were generally close. It was common for Leah to spend her evenings and weekends at Ellie’s house because her parents fought often and the other girl was facing the reality of her parents getting divorced. Ellie’s parents remained these perfect figureheads in her mind, despite them never being there, she always told everyone how important the work they were doing was and how they were saving the world.

Ellie wanted to do the same thing as they did. Make the world a better place. She never really intended for things to unfold the way they were but Ellie and Leah were walking back from an evening study session at their school when they had heard a girl screaming from fear down one of the side alleys. Normally that would be a cue to run like hell because there was a danger but Ellie had done the opposite. She had run herself towards the danger because she figured she could do something about it. Leah had shouted at her not to go but the headstrong teen refused to stop. She found a hooded male towering over the young woman and instantly threw herself between them. He had smirked and said some derogatory words he wouldn’t later regret because before long the dhampir had him pinned face down against the alley floor and she held him there until the police arrived.

After giving her statement they warned her that she shouldn’t get herself directly involved like that and that it dangerous for a young woman like her but by then Ellie had found a way she could help people. Her fighting skills, they were next level and they were only going to get better once she got to her weapon claiming ceremony. She could help people like this, if she could save people from ever having to go through these awful things then she was saving the world just like her parents in a small part right? Leah disagreed with her, she told Ellie she was being reckless and that if the guy had a knife or a gun then things would turn out differently. By then Ellie had a taste for it though so she decided she would continue to find people who needed her help in secret.

That continued for several months, she managed to steal a police radio from an unmanned cop car which she kept so she could find out where potential crimes were and interject, make sure people never got hurt. She didn’t always come off unscathed though which only made her obsession with training deepen. She wanted to be strong enough to fight off anyone and make criminals pay for the things they had done. The supernatural included. She believed in justice and fighting for what was right. Dressed in a red hoodie and dark grease paint over her eyes she became a secret beacon of hope for Evermore city. With tensions growing between supernatural factions she began to get deeper and deeper into those problems, learning how she could combat different supernatural skills, getting a collection of things that she could use to weaken them long enough for them to be captured and punished for their crimes.

Despite her best friend worrying for her safety, Leah kept Ellie’s secret, she knew that the other female knew what she was doing and yet she said nothing. That was how she knew she could trust Leah with anything and while they never really talked about it directly, she was always thankful for the protection her friend gave her. Still her long nights and constant desire to go out and beat down thugs who tried to hurt people caused a strain on their relationship and slowly but surely, Ellie found herself alone, eventually Leah blew up on her, telling her how she was going to get herself killed and that she couldn’t be her friend while she kept risking her life like that. They grew apart, she pushed away the rest of her friends in the name of her crusade. She found purpose in being this person, in making the city a better place. In doing what her parents were doing. Making the city better, helping people.

Ellie began to meet her match when she found herself centered up in the illegal drug trade though, a new drug hit the streets and was on the news because of how potent and dangerous it was, it had caused a string of deaths throughout the city. Ellie had been fighting against it for weeks, taking out dealers who were selling it, following students from her school who were buying it and preventing the deals from happening. With her new found information gathering tactics, she also found herself led to one of the factories who were making the stuff and managed to pass the information anonymously to the police and got the place shut down.

She hated the stuff with a passion but nothing prepared her for the news she would receive at school the next Monday morning. There had been an underground party which several students from the school had attended and been partaking in the drug. It had led to an accidental overdose. The empty chair in the room was screaming at Eleanora who burst into tears the moment she realized who the girl who had died at the party was. While the two of them were estranged at the time, learning about Leah’s death hit her right where it hurt. She rushed out of the classroom and sobbed loudly, clutching her chest as the reality of what happened set in. Of the danger of this drug and how it had crazed the whole city. Most of all she knew now there would never be a chance to fix things between her and Leah, there would be no I’m sorry and hugging one another until things were better. She was gone. It was just over.

Ellie was furious at the world but mostly she was furious at herself for not stopping the spread of this drug in the city faster. Maybe if she had then her friend would still be alive. It made her all the more determined to find out the truth about where this was drug was coming from, who was producing it and take them out. Put them behind bars where they could never take another young man or woman’s life in the name of their illegal trade again. She took to the streets, hunting down every dealer she could find until one finally gave up the name of a supplier. She turned to a friend she had made in the city who was into hacking to get answers about this guy and who he worked for.

What she discovered shocked her to the very core. Shook the entire grounds of her existence and made her question everything she had ever known. Because the lab that had authorized the creation and illegal circulation of this drug? It all led back to Nordstroem pharmaceuticals. At first, she was in denial about it all, unable to believe that anything tied to her parent’s company could do such evil but the evidence was right in front of her as clear as day. She felt conflicted, unable to believe her parents would ever do this, they were her shining examples, the people she aspired to be like. How could they release something like this knowing it would hurt so many people, that it would kill so many people.

She convinced herself it must be a misunderstanding, that her parents would never do that to anyone. She took the evidence she had and she went straight to her father’s office to confront him about it. And her world began to unravel as she looked back into his terrified eyes, she knew that he was guilty. He explained to her that in order to make the breakthrough on the experimental drug they were working on, they needed the extra cash and so they had authorized the release of a highly addictive drug to the trade which they could supply in order to fund the research. He told her how close they were to saving everyone. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How he would sacrifice so many people in the name of saving others, like one life was worth more than another. He was the reason her best friend was dead.

Tears filled her eyes but she didn’t hesitate as she stood there and called the police, told them everything she knew and waited for them to come and arrest him, her sword pointed at him as she told him not to move until they came to pick him up. She knew he’d never dare hurt her, at least not physically. The police took him away and then swept around to her home and collected her mom too. At the age of 17, Eleanora had nothing. The company entered a state of a hostile takeover in her parent’s absence, she was technically a minor and was taken in by the care system. Her parents were gone and so was everything she had ever looked up to. She saw them constantly on the news, her name completely tarnished everywhere. She was ashamed of who she even was anymore and she was furious at them for doing this.

Her name didn’t even feel right to her anymore so she asked people to stop calling her Ellie, that was the nickname given to her by her parents and she wanted no part in knowing them anymore. From that day she asked everyone to refer to her as Nora. She refused to be crushed from the weight of the world though and thankfully she had made a good friend and ally in her Dojo leader Katzia who took Nora in as her own and agreed to take care of her until she turned 18. Much to Nora’s luck, a lot of money had been put aside for her in bonds for when she turned 18, money that was legally part of her assets and not her parents and therefore wasn’t able to be touched by anyone who had a hand in the business. Nora was never a legal part of Nordstroem pharmaceuticals after all. Nor did she ever want a part in that company ever again, it was as good as dead to her.

Nora became more and more frustrated and angry as the months went by and it became clear she was spiraling, unable to deal with the things her parents had done. She refused to see them, refused to talk about them, refused to even acknowledge they existed. All her focus went into her dhampir training, she threw quite literally her everything into it, knowing that her 18th birthday was coming around soon and then she would finally have her weapon claiming ceremony. Katzia was always there for her, never pried too much but was a kind and supportive ear for Nora when she needed one. She was ever thankful to her for taking her in, even if it was only for a few months until she came of age. It meant everything to someone who had lost so much.

Nora remained quiet and pretty unapproachable at school, people stopped trying to ask her if she was okay or make friends with her because she would just snap at them or make some sarcastic comment to keep them away. She didn’t need anyone, everyone she had ever relied on had either left her or let her down and she didn’t need that in her life. She finished her finals and still managed to do decently well, though it still was unclear to Nora what she was going to do with her life next. She would have enough money to start a new life of her own but she didn’t have a plan, or a passion to drive her forward. She guessed she just felt a little lost, everything she thought was a part of who she was had been taken from her and now she had no idea where to go.

On her 18th Birthday, Katzia had been with her when she went into the weapons room. She was expecting it to be a sword of some sort considering that was what she had so heavily trained in all these years so when she picked up each and every one of them and nothing clicked she almost lost for words. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and letting the force take her where it wanted to. She crossed the room until she reached her hand out to lay on a bow. A bow of all things? She’d never shot an arrow in her entire life but as she opened her eyes she saw the faint red glow around it which told Nora this was her weapon.

Her life became quite the hectic mess after that, from having to learn how to use a new weapon from scratch, to graduating high school and deferring her options for college while she tried to make a decision about what she wanted her future to be and meeting with lawyer after lawyer to get the money that was rightfully hers given to her. It took several months of back and forth but eventually, that was exactly what she managed to do. She also took the time to become quite the sharpshooter with her runed weapon as well as becoming versed in the practice of using runes which made her become far more of a threat than she ever used to be out on the streets.

It wasn’t long before Nora resumed her nightly antics, going out into the city and finding people who needed her, fighting to make things better in Evermore. Taking down anyone who threatened the peace. In the day, she began to figure out her life, she gave Katzia a large sum of money as thanks for taking care of her when everyone else turned their back on her and she bought her own apartment in Evermore city. The first thing in her life that felt like it was truly hers. She didn’t just want to live off her parent’s money though, they had gotten it by doing things so wrong so she wanted to turn that around and invest it into something good, something that really would change the world for the better.

She started by deciding to use it to invest in herself, whatever it was she chose to do, she wanted full control and say in it, she wanted to be the person who led this charge. So she went to college for a joint major in business and science. While science had never been her strong suit, she was determined enough to understand it, science was the future, it would allow her to lead the charge on something groundbreaking, something that would truly change the world just how she always envisioned. Nora still didn’t make many friends, even in college but she did take interest in one of the guys in her technological science class which she had really taken a shine for. They sat next to one another in near every class and eventually got paired for a project.

They were quite conflicting personalities, Nora was standoffish and often a little snarky and Emilio was soft-spoken and intelligent, always talking in jargon and tinkering around with different gadgets and talking about all the ways they were going to change the world. Problem, he’d never actually managed to prototype one because of the expensive materials involved. They decided for their project they would make one of his prototypes a reality, a medical piece of tech designed to be swallowed, processed through the body to allow for accurate readings and visual representations of the body fed back to a reader for later review. A very powerful medical device which the two worked very hard on to perfect, trial, research and produce.

It took months of hard work together, but eventually, they managed to bring their project to fruition and write a research and development paper alongside it. Emilio did the technically heavy work while Nora’s main focus had been on the marketing and business model of the product and how they would make it profitable. What started as a paper about a hypothetical product had become so much more real and in the time they worked on the device and project together, Emilio and Nora became good friends. Good friends who worked very well together in a business sense.

Nora graduated her degree at Evermore University with honors in Business and Technological Science and a few months after she graduated she reached out to Emilio with a proposition. She had finally found what she wanted to invest her parent’s money into, a business she really felt passionate behind and believed they could help the world with. If they could build a high tech medical device which was later adopted by a leading technological research facility. Surely the two of them could build technology to help people even more. Break the laws of what could and couldn’t be done and invent things that will better the lives of those with serious illnesses and struggles.

It took a long time to come to anything real. The two of them started up a small business, they hired a lab space from a friend’s father and it was just the two of them for the first full year of their business. They decided on the name Evertronics, a technological research firm created to develop technology capable of protecting and helping the vulnerable in Evermore city. The first device they developed was a risky venture into the nature of paralysis. Emilio’s sister had long struggled with a lack of ability to walk because of being born paralyzed from the waist down and he wanted to be able to invent something which would allow her to walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

They gifted her the first prototype of their spinal implant technology as a wedding gift and thanks to Emilio’s genius and the months of hard work, they were able to make what seemed like the impossible a reality. Emilio’s sister became the success story for their first product which drew the interest of high named investors who were interested in growing the Evertronics business and mass producing their technology as well as investing in new medical technology. Everything moved quite quickly from there and they went from two hard-working individuals borrowing a lab to having a lab and corporate building of their own, along with the money to hire several assistants and skilled researchers.

The business only grew from there, it took off faster than Nora ever saw it happening and she struggled to even keep up. Still, she was glad to finally see everything she had worked for being recognized, while she was not the CEO of Evertronics, namely due to the fact the board thought her name might hurt the reputation of the company, she was every part as proud of it as if she was one. Nora stayed busy, the company kept to its roots, developing technology to help the people in Evermore city. Emilio forged an alliance with the human ambassador in Evermore city who sought the lab’s help in developing technology for its secret organization.

While Nora was supernatural herself, she supported the alliance fully and agreed to lend company time and resources in helping to develop technology they could use to stand a chance against the supernatural. She respected Sariah’s ideas of a future where the supernatural and the humans could be on equal standing, when it came to the justice system. Especially after her father was freed from jail fairly early into his sentence thanks to his connections high up in the valkyr community and later came sniffing around Nora and her company for money. She had sent him packing but it frustrated her nonetheless.

While most might think her days on fighting for what is right on the streets would be over, she found solace in that role and while the organization never knew it was her helping them, she used her technology developed on the side, as well as her dhampir given abilities to take out many rogues on the streets of Evermore and hand them over to their custody. She didn’t win every time and suffered from some pretty serious injuries but there was something about going out there and saving the city that made her feel like she had a purpose, like she was saving the world in her own way. Seeing the relieved faces of people she saved, that was enough payment for her.

Eleanora Nordstroem, COO of Everectronics Ltd by day, Scarlett Archer by Night.


Julian Lockhart

The Lighthouse

Beginning when Nora caught him in one of her traps, Julian became a thorn in her side from the day she met him. But in time he began to chip at her walls until eventually, one cold Christmas night she finally let herself give in to her feelings for him. Since then, the two of them have been exploring their relationship and Nora finds herself falling for him little by little.

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"She gave him a playful look and then smiled “I’ll tolerate it because it seems important to you” she tended to avoid things she wasn’t good at and she wasn’t super patient when it came to things she needed to practice…"
May 11

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"The idea of her messing up an easy game of bowling does sound very amusing to the Nephilim because you essentially just needed to wield the ball for a moment before letting it go. “I’ll teach you, and I’ll make you a pro player…"
May 6

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"She pouted her lips a little when he insisted that she should go bowling with him but eventually just shrugged her shoulders “Well you can try but I just hope you won’t be too disappointed when you see the ball go flying…”…"
May 2

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"When the dhampir expressed how she was really bad at bowling, the nephilim couldn’t help but give her a judging look. It was not anything serious but god knows the male loved bowling. “I will not go bowling alone when I already have a…"
Apr 29

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"She shook her head and pulled a face “I definitely don’t have time to be out here writing books” she responded and bit her lip, he work kept her really busy and she wasn’t exactly a fan of sharing any parts of herself with…"
Apr 24

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"“Look at you being all philosophical… do you know you would make a good poet? Or I don’t know… someone who would write a book about it?” She has always struck him as someone who has had plenty of experience in life…"
Apr 21

✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Underwater (Open to Len and Jules)
"She gave him a playful look and shook her head slightly, reaching to pat his shoulder “I don’t think I’ll ever consider myself a pro player when it comes to dealing with these twists and turns in life, and truth be told, I think…"
Apr 18

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"She was definitely on her way to his happily ever after bingo card. Was she who he expected when he came to Evermore? No. Was she someone he thought ticked every list of his ideal girl that would be good for him? Not really, no. But was she the one…"
Apr 14

✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Underwater (Open to Len and Jules)
"She gave him a pointed look when he said her type must align with what she needs “Maybe…or maybe the universe just decided to throw me a curve ball and see how I handled it” he was unexpected in her life after all, she never…"
Apr 14

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"Julian remember the first time he came to Evermore, he had nothing much to himself. He just went somewhere he pointed on the map the first time because he wanted to drink his sorrows away after the death of his late fiancee. And perhaps to move on.…"
Apr 2

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Apr 1

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"The thing is, she wouldn’t have believed that was his intent if he was anyone else, in her mind, she had always felt like people maintained an ulterior motive, they wanted something, they liked tear off little pieces of her good graces until…"
Apr 1

✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Underwater (Open to Len and Jules)
"Nora has never been the type of conventional woman he thought he'd see himself with. When he first met her, things were... not going in his favor, honestly. But suffice to say, after spending his time with the lady, he found himself being…"
Jun 9, 2023

✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Underwater (Open to Len and Jules)
"He was sincere and she liked that about him, he had sought her out for the exact person she was right now and she had never asked him to be anything different. She offered a small smile when he said he wanted to be her comfort “You are”…"
Jun 4, 2022

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""You I can't see that way. You can't be someone else Len, it'll break my heart… and yours too." All he wants is for her to be herself, even if it's only around him. That's fine, he could take that. "I…"
Jun 4, 2022

✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Underwater (Open to Len and Jules)
"She shrugged her shoulders slightly “Isn’t it exhausting to try and reach people’s expectations?” she questioned in a soft voice, especially if the person you were trying to get to like you wanted you to be someone…"
Dec 29, 2021

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