Nora stood at the center of the stage, there was a decent-sized crowd around her listen to her talk, she was here to demonstrate one of the newly developed products that Everectronics were slating for release in the next few months. The goal was to gather some interest from tech fanatics and get valuable feedback on the look and feel of the product. What was it? A computer system which made all those crazy looking holograms you saw in superhero movies and Sci-Fi franchises a reality. Her company normally provided medical technology as well as biotech for the organization but now they had decided to branch into consumer products as it was a great market and a chance to share their ideas with the entire world. 

As she came to the end of her speech, where she was talking about the importance tech now had on daily life and the way people were slowly becoming more and more interconnected with all of the devices and software available. She explained how she didn't see this a generation becoming numbed but instead of people who were willing to rapidly adapt to change, who were always searching for new knowledge and easier ways of achieving everyday tasks so that their focus could move to a bigger and better future. While Nora wasn't the engineer that built all these things, she was an avid believer in tech, she had done some research into biotech as well as AI and machine learning and everything about it excited her, the possibilities really were endless and she was sure people saw that in her speech. 

Once she finished, she smiled as everyone clapped and she ducked her head before heading off the stage and back towards the demonstration table they had set up. They had a few prototype machines set out ready for the attendees to try and she was glad to see someone checking one of them out when she came back. She kept quiet and studied the way he was using it for a moment and the look of intent on his face as he studied it. She had a similar expression on her own face when she first got to try it, she was really impressed with what she experienced and the possibilities made a reality but the little machine. Plus it looked super futuristic with the neon blue lighting and the way you controlled the device in mid-air. "Quite the experience isn't it?" she prompted to the male with a quirk of her brows "I get myself lost in it all for hours" she commented with a slight nod.

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"I didn't like it, even though it is easier," Seonghwa replied and shook his head. He hated wearing the same thing over and over again. He liked the variety and different colors of different designer's clothes. His closet was filled with a rainbow of color and several sparkly things he really had no use for. "That's why I don't do an office job. I couldn't wear a business dress. You can't get me in a suit. I will literally fight you." He replied and giggled, something about imagining himself fighting someone was an imagination. He would never fight someone unless you took his stuffed animals, and then he'd really fight you. "Thank you! I have really high self-esteem. I always call myself pretty. Cause I am!" He said, excitedly pointing at his face with a big smile. Once you really got to know Seonghwa he was super loud and bubbly. 

"Oh, that's the same as me. I swear my closet hates me. And I literally have two separate closets for all my clothes." Seonghwa giggled. He was actually pretty sure that his closet hated him. Even though his closets had been organized by Baekhyun when he was alive, he still had too much and could hardly shut the door without having to slam it shut. "That's where were different. I love shopping and nobody seems to want to go with me, so they can't stop me from getting too much." Seonghwa quipped, and then ran a hand through his hair. He loved shopping, and nobody, literally nobody would go with him. Well maybe Lyra, she had said she would when he had met her. He didn't like being a homebody, staying home was the worst. It was where the majority of his hallucinations happened and he hated having them, so he generally stayed out all day. "No. A French-speaking CSI. Or maybe an FBI agent. I didn't know at the time." He really didn't know what he was going to do in College. He was undecided at the point of graduation so he just went with his Criminal Justice major. 

"I agree. My parents expect me to have kids by then. And I was all like, I can't! I'm not married and why would I?!" He replied and gestured wildly with his slender hands. He was definitely stereotyping thirty-year-olds, and he wasn't trying to be mean but they were married and settled with kids already, and had great jobs and pay. "Pretty much. I guess kids in the late '90s are more used to technology and video games." He said and nodded. He was pretty much used to the tech that came out in the late '90s since he was born in the late '90s. "Education too. It was different back then. We didn't need computers to do everything." It was true, they hadn't used computers that much. When he was in college it was like the sudden need for it expanded. Seonghwa didn't like computers back then since he was very little and the tiny things confused him. 

"That's a great idea. I would totally use it in the bar. Help us with making drinks and things." Seonghwa nodded his head, fluffy hair falling in his eyes. "That would make flying easier, and they could track other planes to make sure they didn't run into them. It all seems lovely." He said and thought back to the past when he had first been on a plane. It had scared him so much. But now, it didn't. He loved flying, it was exhilarating. "Yes. I was undecided and just got confused halfway through. I mean I'm intelligent, but that was confusing." Seonghwa admitted with a bashful smile. "Oh no. I didn't want to do that. That was not as fun as I wanted it to be when I studied up on the course. I really wanted an interesting job." He replied, with a slight nod. 

“Office jobs are where the money is, unfortunately” she joked with a shrug of her shoulders, though companies like Apple and Google were definitely encouraging a much more lax approach to attire, some of them even allowed fully casual dress, that was the case for Everectronics too, they allowed you to dress casually as long as there weren’t customers in the office at the time but she did a lot of the meetings and traveling so for her it was just easier to keep a formal wardrobe. It was interesting to see the way his shy self faded away the longer they had been talking and he seemed to feel more at ease with everything. She laughed at his slightly narcissistic comment “Cute” she commented shortly, Nora wasn’t exactly a people person but there were definitely ones she got along with better than others.

“It sounds crazy superficial but I guess having new clothes is just a nice feeling” but having many she put in the back of the closet and never wore was probably a bad idea and it made her think that maybe she should have a clear-out and donate some of them instead of letting them collect dust like they are now. “Oh no, don't get me wrong, I love shopping and could probably spend an entire day doing so, my purse just hates the fact that I love shopping” she gave an amused laugh and shrugged “Though I mostly go alone, more of a do things alone kind of girl” she got her fill of socialization at work she supposed and she didn’t have many close friends who she’d want to keep around for a long time. “Oh, a CSI huh? Aiming big then” she commented and nodded but frowned, she was sure there were paths he could be down by now.

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders slightly “Well it seems like I’m not completely off the mark then” she rolled her shoulders back a few times, something she often did to distract herself “I feel like I have too much to achieve right now to even think about anything like that” which is the way she always felt, always driven to do better and make the world better but the idea of settling down with someone just never really registered. Though she supposed she never really went anywhere that you might meet a significant other anyway. “And the next generations will only be more so, it’s a staple of life nowadays” she didn’t see things going back the other way that was sure, tech had become something that people relied on and enjoyed, it allowed people to share things all over the world at a touch of a button, it made things that used to take days and feel difficult easy. “But I don’t think that’s a bad thing either and honestly, I think all those people who talk about addiction to technology probably don’t understand it well” not that she didn’t agree that you could get addicted, you definitely could but most people used it as a way to communicate on their worst days, to entertain themselves, to learn new things.

She nodded, he seemed to open up to giving ideas now and she was interested to see his thoughts on the product and how he used it, she stayed back a little while she let him interact with the device to get some thoughts on the usage of it by the average person. “As someone who spends a lot of her life on planes, I agree” she laughed slightly “I swear I see more of the inside of a plane than the office some months” though at least it was usually quiet and she could do her own thing without being interrupted. Nora was definitely an introvert in most senses of the world but at work, she could tend to put on a more confident persona. “That happens, imagine having a degree in business and having to figure the ins and outs of the tech industry without ever studying tech yourself” through the years she had managed to catch on though and Emilio had always been there to help her. “Well it was really great to meet you Seonghwa, maybe we’ll get the chance to explore the mall together someday” she offered her hand out to him and nodded politely.

"You're right. Office jobs are where the money is." Seonghwa agreed and then smiled. "But, they're so boring. Like why would I need to sit at a desk when I could be out and about doing things that require walking? I don't want to be lazy." He explained with several hand gestures. Seonghwa hated not being productive, it just made him feel nasty and lazy. "It's true. I am a very handsome guy." He replied and whirled his hand around his face. He believed in himself a lot but was shy when you first met him. He opened up after a short while, not very long. 

"It is crazy superficial, but people love clothes," Seonghwa replied with a shrug of his shoulders. He loved clothes, any type off clothes. Whether mesh or fabric, skinny jeans or sweatpants. He really didn't care what it was. "I love shopping like always." He giggled softly, his lips stretching into a smile. "I don't like going alone at all. My brother usually has to go with me. I always have a problem with loneliness." He responded. Archer always had to go with him, since he hated going alone. "It was aiming pretty big, honestly." He had wanted to do something to help people, but when he realized he was no good in chemistry he left the major.

"I guess." He replied and then fiddled with the pen to the computer. "I have too much to achieve as well," Seonghwa said and nodded. He really did. Bartending took up a lot of his time, and he really didn't have another job. Unless you counted volunteering at the fire station as a paramedic. "Possibly. I mean this day and age are different from some people." He replied and then nodded. "Yes, not many people know what they're doing when they get addicted to it." He was right on some points. People who got addicted usually never got un-addicted. 

"I'm not always on a plane but I can understand that." He used to be always on a plane all the time when he was little. He had gotten used to seeing the inside of a plane so many times that he was tired of it. "I understand that. I didn't do that, but, it seems like a difficult thing." He agreed, nodding at her with a smile. "It was nice to meet you too, Miss. Nordstreom... I meant Nora, sorry. Maybe we can some day. Let me know!" He agreed with a smile and shook her hand 



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