Katrina had been planning for what felt like forever. Katrina had technically never dated.
All she saw were those cheesy romance movies and knew she wanted that.
She wanted to be romanced and to woo someone of her own.
Today was finally going to allow her that chance. She told Sapphire once she was ready by 6 she would pick her up.

Katrina took about an hour to get ready trying on a hundred different things. It was driving her crazy she couldn't find the right outfit. So she hopped in her car early and went to a local store. Picking up something cute in pink she looked in the mirror to make sure it was just right. Adding some pearls around her neck and put her coat and hat on she was ready.

She went back into her car to pick Sapphire up. Today she was going to be romanced. Smiling she looked at her stuff in the back she had ready for the most perfect evening of their life!

Walking to the door she knocked carefully and waited to hear Sapphire's response. Katrina was nervous and her palms were getting a bit sweaty. She had no idea what to do but just wait for it to end. 

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The phoenix guard was a mess as she was having a hard time picking the perfect outfit for her date with Katrina. Her room at the manor was a mess as she looked through everything in her closet it. "She is going to be here any minute." She said to herself as she continued to look through the clothes she had once more and groaned. This was the first date that she has been on in a while. She soon found the perfect outfit with a light pink jacket and a white top. Sapphire then looked at the mirror and smiled as she fixed her hair into a messy bun before adding a few necklaces and adding some red lip stick to her lips. She smiled as she posed in front of the mirror before putting on some comfortable black flats before grabbing her purse and headed down to the main door of the manor to wait. 

When she heard the knock, Sapphire smiled and opened the door to Katrina. She smiled softly as she looked at her amazing outfit. "I guess great minds think alike." she said as both wore pink. "You look beautiful Katrina." She said softly as she came out of the manor and kissed her cheek. "Lets get going." She said excitedly as she smiled and took Katrina's hand once the manor door closed. 

Looking as Sapphire came to the door. She was agape. Her beauty seemed to be much more clear in the lighting. Smiling she looked at her. "You look ravishing yourself Sapphire. And yes great minds do think alike." The kiss on her cheek made her blush as she took her hand and led her to the car she opened the door for her and smiled. 

"I wanted to get you something. But I am not huge on flowers. They never last." Smiling she handed her a little box. Inside the box was a gift that meant something to her. With that, she went into her side of the car and began to drive. "First I must ask are you allergic to anything?" She said smiling looking at her gently. She had a wonderful afternoon/evening planned for her!

Sapphire smiled as she blushed at Katrina's compliment as she held her hand. While they walked to the car, Sapphire smiled as Katrina opened the door, sitting down. Sapphire looked at her as she blushed, "Aww you didnt have to get me anything." She said as she looked at the small box and held it as she wanted to wait to open it. "I can understand about the flowers, I am not a huge fan either but sometimes when someone does send me flowers, I press them into some books to preserve them but that sometimes doesnt work." She said as she giggled. 

As the car moved, Sapphire looked at Katrina and smiled. "No Im not allergic to anything, unless its gold. I cant really touch gold since it makes me kinda weak." She said as she smiled alittle. The phoenix had nervousness but it was slowly going away as she talked to Katrina on the way to their wonderful evening together.

Smiling at Sapphire. "I wanted to. Please open it. You don't have to use it I just want you to have it."

She smiled looking at Sapphire as she spoke about her allergies. "I am glad to here it.
Well I knew about the gold. No Gold in the gift promise." Katrina smiled and continued to drive till she reached a wooded area. There was still enough light out. Parking the car she ran out and opened the door for Sapphire. 

She gently took her to a barn where a woman stood with two horses saddled and ready. "Horseback ride?" 

Sapphire looked at her confused about what she said as she opened the small box. As Katrina spoke, Sapphire listened and giggled as she nodded. "Ok." She said as she then noticed where they were in a wooded area. The phoenix giggled when Katrina came running out after she parked to open her door. "You know I can open the door myself." She joked as she got out and followed her to a barn. The smile on Sapphire's face only grew wider as she saw the horses. "I would love to go horse back riding!" She said as she walked up to the horses and rubbed their faces gently. 

The phoenix was excited to go horseback riding as she was thinking about getting a few horses herself and the ailward she was protecting also told her that she could hold her horses at her barn if she got any. 

Katrina was over the moon with smiles on her face. She really liked Sapphire there was something different about her. "I know you can open your own door but you won't have to with me." She said smiling looking at her. With that she took the horses from the lady and handed a piece of the rope from the lead and gave it to Sapphire.

"I was hoping you liked horseback riding. But I thought this would be the best way to get you to our first destination." She said smiling looking at her horse gently. Placing her forehead on the horse's she smiled. "Thank you for the Journey friend." Smiling she hopped on and looked at Sapphire. "Ready?" 

Sapphire smiled as she held the rope in her hands as she smiled once more at Katrina and then at the horse. "Our first destination?" She asked as she kissed the horse's nose before hopping onto the sattle. "I love horseback riding." She said as she smiled and looked at Katrina. She didnt get to look in the small box that she had put in her pocket once she got out of the car. As she led the horse to follow Katrina to their destination, Sapphire looked at Katrina with a smile as she felt her heart flutter with excitement and something else while she was with Katrina. 

The feeling that she had for Katrina was different than any other from the people she has either made friends with or had gotten closed with. This feeling made Sapphire just want to melt into Katrina's arms as she continued to ride the horse next to Katrina's horse. "Oh, I didnt get to fully open my present." She said as she looked at her. "I will open it when we stop at our destination so I dont lose it." She said as she made sure it was in her pocket, safe from getting lost.

Katrina smiled. "Surprise, it will be soon. Promise." She smiled as she clicked her heels and the horse gave way.
The horse knew the trail. But she knew something off the trail a long time ago. Smiling she looked at Sapphire. "It's okay you can open it when we rest." 

Smiling she turned to Sapphire. "Trust me." With Katerina's horse, she went off the tracks and through the woods. Slowing to a stop she came upon her destination. It was a beautiful ruin of an old staircase. Near some of the stone was her picnic basket set up with the beautiful red and white squared blanket. 

She looked at her and smiled at Sapphire. "May I help you off your horse, M'Lady?" She said smiling practically from ear to ear. 

Sapphire clicked her heels as her horse followed Katrina's horse on to the trail. "Ok." She said as she smiled and continued to ride the horse with Katrina. When Katrina's horse went through the woods, Sapphire looked confused as she followed her. Once Sapphire laid eyes onto the ruin of the old staircase, she gasps quickly as she then smiled alittle as she noticed the picnic basket on the stone close to it. "Katrina." She said softly as she looked at Katrina as she stopped her horse and smiled. "Yes you may." She said with a smile. The phoenix was helped off the horse as she kept her eyes looking at the staircase and the picnic spot. 

"This is amazing, Katrina." She said as she looked over at Katrina with a smile. Her eyes looked into Katrina's as she kissed her cheek once more as she was excited about this date between these two. "How did you ever find a place like this?" She asked as she looked at her with a smile as she looked around once more.

Katrina smiled at her. She seemed surprised which is exactly how she had planned it. Smiling she looked at her as she seemed very in awe of the place as she looked around. "Isn't it beautiful? I love to come here when I need to remember the history I have lived." Smiling she gracefully took Sapphires hand.

"How did I come across this beautiful ruin? Well I decided that I needed one day to go back to Scotland. I couldn't make it here in America, my accent was heavy and i just couldn't be here. Of course Scotland had changed since the 1800s but if I went back to living in my place then I would be okay. So I decided to take one last ride through the country here and stumbled across this place. It made me think that it wasn't that bad here after all." With that Katerina went towards the picnic basket and sat. "I have lots of surprises for you today but how about you open the gift?"

Sapphire smiled as Katrina took her hand. She gently held it as she looked around at the ruins. "It is." she said as she smiled and listened to Katrina. "Oh really?" she said as she looked at her with a smile. "I can see it being alittle like Scotland, even though I never been." She said as she giggled alittle as she looked back at the ruins. The phoenix followed her over to the picnic basket and sat down with her as she looked at the set up of the picnic. "Really? You dont have to do that Katrina." She said as she blushed alittle. When Katrina reminded her of the gift, Sapphire took it out of her pocket. The phoenix glanced at Katrina as she smiled and opened the small box, alittle nervous about what Katrina is surprising her with on this date.

Once she opened the box, Sapphire looked to Katrina as she the looked in the box. A small gasp came from Sapphire's lips as she looked at the object in the box as she didnt know what to say. 

Katrina smiled at Sapphire.
"A little I really just missed home so anything at the time could have led me back in memory." Smiling when she spoke about all the fun surprises she giggled a little at her reaction. "I want to dote on you my darling." She said smiling. When she looked at the gift and Sapphire didn't say anything she just smiled and hoped she liked it.

"It's real silver and sapphires. I had it passed down from a lady I met in World War One. I saved her husband and she was very happy so she gave me this as a gift. It belonged to her father's mother. I didn't know who to give it to so I just kept it until someone could make better use of it." 


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