Katrina had been planning for what felt like forever. Katrina had technically never dated.
All she saw were those cheesy romance movies and knew she wanted that.
She wanted to be romanced and to woo someone of her own.
Today was finally going to allow her that chance. She told Sapphire once she was ready by 6 she would pick her up.

Katrina took about an hour to get ready trying on a hundred different things. It was driving her crazy she couldn't find the right outfit. So she hopped in her car early and went to a local store. Picking up something cute in pink she looked in the mirror to make sure it was just right. Adding some pearls around her neck and put her coat and hat on she was ready.

She went back into her car to pick Sapphire up. Today she was going to be romanced. Smiling she looked at her stuff in the back she had ready for the most perfect evening of their life!

Walking to the door she knocked carefully and waited to hear Sapphire's response. Katrina was nervous and her palms were getting a bit sweaty. She had no idea what to do but just wait for it to end. 

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Sapphire smiled and nodded as she looked at her. "It does and I have been interested in adopting. I have thought about being pregnant and think its an amazing thing to be pregnant and carry a child." She said as she smiled and looked at Katrina. When she grabbed her hand, Sapphire blushed and smiled as she looked into her eyes when she kissed her hand. The phoenix continued to finish their meal when Sapphire heard her speak. "That would be amazing, I never really been in a carriage ride." She said as she took her hand as she stood up. 

The Phoenix guard still had a small amount of a feeling she never had still in her gut as she could remember that Celestials and the Ailward Guards were supposed to be enemies. That feeling continued to go away as they made their way to the carriage as Sapphire smiled at her. Sapphire knew that this could change between the two factions if they can see the love between Katrina and Sapphire as their relationship developed. 

She looked at Sapphire. "Well at least we know our futures align." She smiled as she held her hand and walked her first to what seemed a park bustling with people. "Here first." She said smiling as everyone was just about to start the lighting of the paper lanterns. In honour of something or someone.

"I wanted to light a paper lantern together for our relationship. If you would like to that is?" Katrina smiled as she grabbed a paper lantern and a match or two. She was enjoying her time with Sapphire. It didn't matter what other people thought she was happy and thats all that mattered to her. 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina as she held her hand as they walked. The phoenix noticed the paper lanterns as she smiled softly as some of people were writing on them. "I would love to Katrina." She said as she looked at her as Katrina grabbed the things for it. Sapphire looked around for a perfect spot before Katrina over to the table that was empty to write on the paper lantern. Looking at the markers, Sapphire grabbed a blue one and thought as she didnt know what to write on it. "What should we write on it? Our names in a heart? or something else?" she asked Katrina as she smiled and blushed. 

The guard was excited about this as she didnt want this date to end yet. Even though the two would plan more dates together before they make anything official yet, Sapphire just felt right with Katrina with her. Katrina was someone Sapphire can see her being with for a long time, possibly forever as she smiled at Katrina.

Katrina smiled at Sapphire. "I love the ideas of our names in a heart."
Smiling she felt like there was a need for it almost. Handing her a marker in the colour pink she smiled. "Go on you write it." She said smiling as she looked at Sapphire. This evening was amazing and she was going to miss the fun when they went home.

She looked at Sapphire. "We will go out again soon, I hope! I have been having so much fun." She said smiling at Sapphire her heart skipping a beat here and there. 

Sapphire smiled as she gently took the marker and started writing their names together in a heart. The evening was wonderful as she continued to add alittle things onto the lantern besides their names in a heart. She drew a star and a phoenix together in a heart as well. Once she was done she looked up at Katrina and smiled as she leaned over to her and kissed her lips lightly. "I count on us going out again. This was the best date I have been on in my life." She said as she smiled. 

The phoenix guard knew that this was something that would be a wonderful journey for both her and Katrina. "And Hopefully, I would take you out on at least one date since you have made this one a wonderful one. I even bet that you have already planned for the next one." She teased as she giggled and smiled as she looked at Katrina.

She looks gently as she decorated the lantern with beauty. She watched in awe at the creation skills that Sapphire had. Smiling she glanced at her gently. "Oh yes, I want to go out many a time with you." She said taking the kiss and leaning her back and kissing her with such passion and enchantment. 

"As for the next date I may have possibly 3 dates planned. But you can plan the next one." She said looking at Sapphire smiling. With that she grabbed the match and looked at her. "You ready to light this baby?" 

Sapphire smiled as she continued to do some more art before Katrina kissed her back. Her heart fluttered as they kissed she then smiled when she listened about the dates. "3 dates? Already planned. Wow, I cant wait for those dates and I can plan I guess the fourth one since you have already planned the other three." Sapphire said teasingly. She then looked at the match and got the lantern ready. "Yes ma'am" She said as she got it fixed so they would light the bottom together

Once the match lit the part to bring the lantern into the sky, Sapphire smiled and held Katrina's hand as she watched the lantern go up to the sky with the other lanterns that people were letting go. The phoenix took in all the lanterns with names of the couples around. She looked at Katrina and smiled as she kissed her once more as she was happy and excited about this date being a total amazing thing in her life. 

"No, if you want to plan the next one, I am not stopping you one bit."
She said before rubbing her nose gently into Sapphire's giving her a form of an Eskimo kiss.  As their candle went up into the sky she sank into another kiss from Sapphire. "This was beautiful Sapphire. Are you ready for your carriage ride home m'lady?" 

She said as she gently took her hand and held it close to her heart. "I have had nothing but good times with you Sapphire." 

Sapphire chuckled as she looked at her. "Well I think I will need some more time to think about what to do on a date when I plan it." She said as she then smiled when Katrina gave her an Eskimo kiss. When their lantern went up, Sapphire blushed when they kissed. Sapphire looked Katrina and nodded as she smiled. "Yes it is beautiful, and yes I am." She said softly as she looked into Katrina's eyes as she smiled. 

The phoenix smiled as she held her hand as she looked at Katrina. "Me too Katrina, This was the best day of my life." She said softly as she looked at her.

As she gracefully took her hand and guided her to a beautiful white horse leading a carriage she smiled at her. "I hope that this proves I am ready for anything with you." She said as she helped her into the carriage and the driver began to ride them off. "It feels to good to be true but I think I covered a few romantic things this evening." She said with a small chuckle in her voice.

She didn't know what to do but she was excited for what the future holds in her heart she had dreams of getting many things done with Sapphire. She didn't care about age or race or even species she just wanted to spend as much time as she could with her. 

Sapphire smiled as she followed Katrina to the carriage and smiled. "It does prove that, Katrina." She said as Sapphire got into the carriage with Katrina. "I think you covered a lot of romantic things this evening. It might be hard to beat when I plan the next date." She teased as she smiled at her. "But I can at least think of a few things." She said as she chuckled alittle. Sapphire looked around as she enjoyed the ride with someone special to her. Holding Katrina's hand, Sapphire smiled at her and kissed her cheek. "This is the best date ever." She whispered as she smiled.

The phoenix knew deep in her heart that Katrina was more special than anyone else in her life besides her own family. The doubt in her head had disappeared as she knew that she should care about what others thought, as long as it was about just the two of them. Sapphire didnt care about anything from race to species, all she wanted to do is spend alot of time with Katrina when she could.

Katrina sat in the carriage as the horse carried them off and bringing them first to Sapphire's house
she looked at her gently.
"I am glad you had fun." Smiling she stepped out of the carriage and offered her a hand. 

"You said you never been on a carriage ride. It surprises me but then it doesn't since I am older than you." Being back at her house she smiled and leaned down placing a romantic kiss on her lips. "Thank you for the evening and your time. We will have to go out again." 


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