Katrina had been planning for what felt like forever. Katrina had technically never dated.
All she saw were those cheesy romance movies and knew she wanted that.
She wanted to be romanced and to woo someone of her own.
Today was finally going to allow her that chance. She told Sapphire once she was ready by 6 she would pick her up.

Katrina took about an hour to get ready trying on a hundred different things. It was driving her crazy she couldn't find the right outfit. So she hopped in her car early and went to a local store. Picking up something cute in pink she looked in the mirror to make sure it was just right. Adding some pearls around her neck and put her coat and hat on she was ready.

She went back into her car to pick Sapphire up. Today she was going to be romanced. Smiling she looked at her stuff in the back she had ready for the most perfect evening of their life!

Walking to the door she knocked carefully and waited to hear Sapphire's response. Katrina was nervous and her palms were getting a bit sweaty. She had no idea what to do but just wait for it to end. 

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Sapphire smiled as she took her hand as she got out of the carriage. "This was really fun, I just hope that my date I plan will be just as memorable as this one." She said. When she mentioned that Sapphire never went on a carriage ride, Sapphire chuckled. "Yea I know but it was nice riding it with someone special." she said. As the two walked to her house, Sapphire looked at her and blushed when Katrina kissed her. She kissed her back and smiled as she looked at her. "No Thank you Katrina, This was amazing and loved every minute of it. And I am hoping I will be the one to take you out for our next date." She said as she smiled and kissed her once more.

After their departure, Sapphire walked into her house and smiled as she felt her heart swell in excitement and happiness as she loved this date, it was better than any other date she had been on. The phoenix smiled as she then knew that she needed to make sure the next one would be nice as well. She started planning some things before she would head to her room to think about the memorable date she had.


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