To The Moon and Back (Open to Jaesung, Sangeun and Hanseol) COMPLETED

The topic of his family and when he was going to tell them the truth about the life he now lived in Evermore had been on the forefront of Jae’s mind for a long while now, he didn’t know how you just came out and told the people who mattered to you so much that you aren’t what they wanted you to be. Jae had been putting it off for months, it was never the right time he would tell himself, he would go onto a video call with his parents and think he had worked up the courage to tell them what was on his mind and then he would have the usual discussion about what he achieved and how they couldn’t wait for him to come home to Korea and bring pride to his family. He knew they were waiting for him to fold, biding their time while they let him live his dream knowing he’d come running back them. Except he didn’t want to go running back, far from it.

There was only one person from his past that knew about the life he led now and the only reason he had been forced into telling them was because they came to visit in Evermore and saw him and Hanseol together. While they hadn’t seen any of their more intimate gestures, Jae had decided to share the truth with them because he needed to ask them to keep their mouths shut about what they saw. And as told by the lack of mentioning in on calls and messages, they had been true to their word and not told his parents about what they saw. Still Jae felt like he was living a lie, one he didn’t want to live now that he was sure that the future he wanted to have was here in Evermore, not just because his boyfriend was here but because he really enjoyed the way of life here and he found himself getting more and more attached to it with each day that passed.

He’d been putting a lot of thought into it, so much so that it was keeping him up at night lately, he was trying to figure out what to do or how he broke it to his family without completely losing them but every way that he saw it playing out ended badly. Jae didn’t know how to get past it, he couldn’t ask Han for advice because he really had no idea about the sort of community Jae was raised and Daehyun wasn’t any use either considering how unorthodox his life had been. Honestly, Jae had been wanting to call Sangeun and talk to him about things for a long time but he knew how busy his brother was with big clients lately and the last thing Jae wanted to do was add to Eun’s already full plate with problems he didn’t need.

The dhampir was lost in thought as his head was rested against Hanseol’s shoulder, they had some movie about people who got drunk and did stupid things playing on the TV but he hadn’t really been paying much attention to it, just enjoying having some peace and quiet in the dorm apartment and getting to spend time with his favorite person. Still, he wished he could pay attention to the movie because the whirring going on in his mind was starting to make him restless, still, he did his best not to move too much as he kept his eyes on the screen and got lost in his mind again. It was one of those rare afternoons they spent at Jae’s dorm because it was nearer to the grocery store which they would go to in the evening one most people had finished and gone home for the day, it made the shopping process easier for both of them, Jae’s roommates were also always out for this little period every week so it worked out well.

Jae almost jumped out of his skin when heard a knocking at the door and he turned to Han with a curious expression on his face, well he wasn’t expecting any guests so he figured it was just someone coming to check in on the apartment or something “Back in a moment” he stated and pressed a soft kiss to the star’s cheek before he headed into the hallway and up to the front door. He didn’t even bother to look through the eyeglass, just reached for the handle and pulled the door open. The moment that the door was fully open Jae gasped in shock before he completely threw his entire body at the figure standing in the doorway capturing him in a hug that was so forceful that it would have tackled them both to the ground if it wasn’t for the fact his brother was pretty strong.

“What the hell is this?” Jae murmured into Eun’s shoulder as he held him tightly completely in disbelief that he was actually here, Jae forced himself to pull back to look his brother over completely shocked to see him “Why didn’t you call?” he asked with widened eyes “Not that I’m complaining, I just…” he pressed his lips together “만나보게 돼서 기뻐 (I’m glad to see you)” Jae spoke before he realized he’d been quite loud with his excitement.

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It’s only been about 2 days ever since he settled in Evermore following his current client’s case. Apparently, his client a supernatural too, which is not surprising since they won’t be the first supernatural case he’s handled before. Back in Seoul, there were plenty of supernatural cases lying around amidst the chaotic setting, that side taking advantage and the other also corrupting the system that grew gradually just little by little as each day passes. The justice system was crappy, just like anywhere else he's been to for a few conferences. But something about Evermore just calls to him despite having only stayed in the hotel for no more than 2 days. Eun has yet to visit his little brother who's living somewhere around the corner, nor has he hears anything regarding the local dhampir faction in the supernatural haven.

Plenty of stuff happened, he didn't get off on an exactly right foot with the city when he first arrived. Which could”ve been due to the mishap that took place at a local bookstore around the block in the city center. A very particular male caught his interest, and he was not talking about the robber, for sure. Overall, after walking around, the city itself was very enigmatic in a way that he could not describe. It draws you in unknowingly, and you just wanted to stay, regardless of everything else. If it was up to him, the dhampir would have concluded that the city is placing the newcomers or visitors under a spell that keeps them there but it wasn't that. Eun would've have noticed if there was anything fishy surrounding this place. If there was anything else that he could trust other than his family, despite their… somewhat narrow-minded and conservative heads, with the exception of Jae, it's his instincts.

Today, the eldest Moon brother can finally pay his favorite brother a visit. Well, the latter didn't exactly know that he's here in Evermore, which he might've left out the bit about that when Jae called. Oh well, he can make up for it by appearing physically to see him, since Eun has missed Jae a lot. The last time they met was when he was sending that passionate rebellious dhampir off, at the airport, bidding him farewell and good luck in continuing his studies in a foreign country that was 15 hours away. Worries plagued his mind though it was slightly mixed up with other stuff. As Eun briefly sorted out his documents and papers on the desk neatly and organized it using files and dividers alike, he logged off his laptop and closed it. Glancing over the clock that was hung across the room, it was afternoon already. He lost track of time. Again.

Quickly finishing up and cleaning the mess that mostly consisted of papers, Eun threw a coat over him before rushing out, but not before making sure everything was neatly tidied up, of course. The dark haired dhampir fished out his phone and debated whether he should call Jae and notify that he was going to come and visit, literally, this time. Even after calling an Uber, he still contemplates whether he should do it or not. Halfway across the journey to his brother's dorm, Eun decided against it by using the reason on wanting to ‘surprise’ him. They haven't seen each other in months long, and the elder dhampir did bring with him, a gift for his birthday. Slightly late, belated, really. But at least he didn't forget to wish him as soon as the clock struck 12, a simple message of him being goofy as ever. At least, in his timezone, which Jae replied hours later. He was probably busy with his studies that he slept through it.

Once the Uber stopped in front of the residency, he thanked the driver and paid him before analyzing the housing structure before him. Not bad. In his hand, a paper bag was gripped firmly while his other free hand held his phone. He remembered Jae telling him almost everything about how things are going, so he had a clear idea of where he lived at, at what unit and floor. Walking up the stairs, he reached his destination very soon. Standing before the said door, he sucked in a deep breath before knocking softly against the door. It didn't take long for him to hear Jae's distinctive voice from inside and the door was opened seconds later. The way his baby brother tackled him into a hug almost send the dhampir flying because of how surprising it was. Thankfully, his phone and paper bag was still there within his grip. Patting Jae's shoulder softly, he chuckled. “Alright, big man, that's surely a way to greet me after so long. Hahaha. 한번 가 봐야겠다고 생각했다. 하지만 먼저... 적어도 자리라도 내놔라, 예절은 어디 있어, 문재성. (I thought I'd pay a visit. But first... at least offer me a seat, where's your manners, Jaesung Moon.)” he chided playfully.

Jae hadn’t meant to react in such a crazy way, he was just completely shocked by the fact that his brother was actually here, he was confused too since it wasn’t the kind of journey you just made because you wanted to make a surprise visit and Eun was very lucky that he showed up at the time he did or Jae probably wouldn’t have been here. Which quickly reminded Jae that Hanseol was currently here and that made his eyes widen a little, of course, he had been planning on telling his brother about what was going on in his life for a long time now, Jae wanted to tell him first because he was the most likely to understand and really he thought he owed his brother the truth first considering he had always been the one he was closest within his family.

So here he was with his head buried in his brother’s shoulder, completely elated but also panicking a little, he’d always pictured having this conversation over a phone call where he could hang up the call once it was over and then calm himself down, now he was completely thrown off balance. Jae was still staring at Eun like he was some sort of figure of his imagination even after he’d hugged him half to death, Jae was the touchy one in the family so it was hardly surprising that all he got in return from his brother was a pat on his shoulder. Jae didn’t mind, he knew that it wasn’t really considered normal to hug people often at home. When Eun reprimanded him Jae gave him an apologetic smile, perhaps this Western way of life had affected him already more than he thought it had “깜짝이야 (I am shocked)” he admitted with a soft laugh and scratched at the back of his neck.

“오세요 (Please come in)” he spoke as he stepped to the side to allow Eun to step inside, naturally his eyes turned back to see where Hanseol was, there was no way that he wouldn’t have heard Jae’s excited talking “It’s not much, the dormitories are very small, you’re lucky that you came at a good time hyung” Jae stated though he was really just occupying the space with words because he was still freaking out about the situation he found himself in, part of him wanted to smile brightly because this was the first time he had seen his brother in months and he got to see him in person which was even better. Jae always liked spending time with Eun and missed him most after he had gotten on the plane to Evermore but the other part felt like screaming because he had done very well at keeping his old life in the past until now. Shaky breaths came from him as he got ready to face up to this, with zero preparation, what could go wrong right?

It’s been a while since they established where they stand in this relationship and each day that passes always bring up the reminder to the celestial that this is the life he’s living right now, it’s nice and mild; it’s normal. Exactly what he’d project on how having a simple and normal would be like. Living the domesticated lifestyle is beginning to crawl up the male. Today was one of the days where he would come and spend the day at his boyfriend’s place instead of his own, the two of them taking turns every week to see which place they will end up staying back at. Most of the times, it had been the celestial’s home, but it doesn’t mean that Hanseol didn’t like the idea of visiting Jae’s dorm.

Spending the entire day cuddling up on his bed was like his idea of a perfect day, living it as simple as he could. There were times when he would memorize Jae’s schedule and classes held on the said day, where he would sometimes wait in his room, after making sure neither of his roommates is in the apartment, of course. Han would bring a few treats or gifts with him, nothing much but thoughtful enough to show his affection and love towards his dhampir. Did they have any problems or conflicting situations where they would find awkward? He’d lie if there was none. It has happened, and despite the celestial not liking it, there wasn’t much that they could do regarding it. He had promised Jae that he wouldn’t push him into telling others about their current relationship even though they’ve been official for months long.

While he does intend to keep that promise, it’s a bit difficult to navigate his rather insecure head around it. Hanseol would often find the person he is today questioning himself if he lacked anything at all. Sure he’s not perfect, and that Jae accepted him despite his flaws, but who wouldn’t be paranoid when it comes to your own significant other that had previously proclaimed how proud they were about you denying all those the next minute they meet someone from their past? It’s confusing to him, but of course, him being him would never admit that to Jae. Today, they were actually doing their grocery shopping, which meant a trip down to the supermarket that’s conveniently close in distance with the dhampir’s apartment. A few words exchanged and then here they are, nestled against each other’s embrace on the bed, one hand playing with Jae’s locks and the other rubbing soothing circles on his hand.

Thankfully for the couple, his roommates weren’t home today, and he will take it as a chance to shower his boyfriend with more love at his own place. They were midway through a not-so-verbal conversation and he hummed responsively towards Jae who heard the sudden knock at the main door, beckoning for the other male to go and see who it is. A part of him was slightly aggravated that someone, a living soul, was disturbing their inner peaceful time together, so much he chewed his bottom lip in retaliation. Well, at least he got a kiss to the cheek? Could’ve been more, but he’ll take what he can get.

However, when Jae didn’t return, he quirked up his eyebrows, wondering what was keeping him in front. Did something happen? So the fallen star got up from his previous lying down sprawled on the sheets and forced himself to go through the hallway. “Jae, what’s taking you so lo-” Of course, he would not be able to finish that sentence. Why? Before him, was his boyfriend hugging another man. Who’s also very attractive, by the way, those refined features almost threatening the celestial. Who is he kidding, he is threatened. “Who?” He’s really at loss for words now.

The reaction he received from his baby brother was not unexpected, in fact, it’s exactly what he actually thought would happen the moment he set foot in the neighborhood and climbed up the stairs to the place where Jae is currently residing at. Of course, Jae would be surprised to see him here, because the last time they contacted one another, Eun was still in his office in Gangnam. That was all the way in one of the busiest working districts in Korea. Yes, a country that is also about 16 hours away; their home.

He was mostly curious about the kind of life his brother is leading, but judging from the tone of their last conversation and how healthy the dhampir before him looked, everything seemed to be fine. But exactly following what Jae would reiterate proudly, Eun wasn’t much for skinship of affection shown publicly or privately, he’s kind of closed off on that matter. Not because he doesn’t like it though, he loves and cherishes his family deeply, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t give up or do for them. It’s mostly due to the fact that his parents only ever hugged him whenever he achieved anything, which made the whole idea of it sound a bit off to the elder male. Regardless of it, he did reciprocate the embrace Jae gave, since it is his baby brother, after all. If he doesn’t hug him, then who else would he hug? His younger brother and sister? Those two couldn’t hug to save lives, unfortunately.

“Pfft...충격받았어? 오, 난 그걸 기대하지 않았어. (Are you shocked? Oh, I didn't expect that.)” he snarked, rolling his dark hues at the male. The playful siblings' banter between the two never ended, and it’s always fun to see the result at the end of the day. Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule lately, Eun couldn’t even accept his calls and whenever he rung Jae, it’s always the timezone difference interrupting them. Seems like the world got tired of that and arranged for them both to reunite. It’s not like he’s complaining either, because it meant he could spend more time with his beloved brother more; more than he did back in Korea.

Thank god for technology, or else neither one of them would really get to interact and communicate much. They couldn’t talk much when they were both in Korea, much less now that they’re countries apart with differing timezones too. When Jae invited him in, he grinned playfully and took off his shoes before setting his foot inside. The apartment looks decent, slightly cozy enough for a student. Offering the young dhampir the paper bag he had in his hand, he pushed it softly against his chest. “늦은 생일 축하해, 재야. (Happy late birthday, Jae.)” he uttered tenderly, lacing his words with the brotherly tone he missed so much. That was when he heard another voice coming into the living area, another male that stood across them, looking casually neat with the exception of his slightly disheveled dark locks. “Jae?” he turned to face his brother, a questioning look present across his face.

To say Jae was panicking on the inside was an understatement, he’d been thinking about telling his brother about everything that was going on in Evermore for a long time now, tried to get him on a call several times and finally tell him what was going on with him, how he’d found happiness in Evermore, how he had found someone to love and who loved him, how that said special someone wasn’t a woman, how he didn’t intend on returning back to Korea any time soon and yet every time the call had been rescheduled or Jae had found a way to back out of it until a later date.

As he buried his head into his brother’s shoulder and took in his scent though, the dhampir realized just how quickly his time had run out and now he would have to do this in person, under pressure, with his boyfriend in the next damn room. He felt the nerves bubbling in his stomach the moment the realization of all that set in for him. Jae was usually a go with the flow kind of person but this felt like more than he was ready to handle. Yet he did want to tell his brother, to finally be honest with someone from his life before he came to Evermore and see what their reaction was. Sangeun was the obvious choice to be the first because he was the most understanding and open of his family. Hell, he was the only one who would dare come out here to America and surprise visit him at his dorm. Not that Jae was complaining, his missed his brother a lot and the chance to actually see him in person was almost indescribable.

As Jae pulled back from Eun he gave him a lopsided smile at his words and shook his head slightly, they were always teasing one another, always had, despite their age difference being the biggest between all the siblings, he’d always gotten along with Eun, the two of them had a similar sense of humor and morals. Truthfully he was just so surprised to see him considering this was the first he’d heard from his brother in months aside from the odd text to remind him that he was still alive. Jae was so caught up in his happiness that he almost forgot for a moment what would come next. Really he was unsure what Eun was going to say, especially with Han here in person but Jae supposed he would find out soon.

“고맙습니다 (Thank you)” Jae responded as he took the paper bag from his brother though he didn’t have time to look inside of it because that was the very moment that Hanseol spoke up from down the hallway and then Eun had looked between the two of them and then shot Jae a questioning look. The youngest male reached for the door and closed it, really he was very glad his roommates weren’t here to witness this right now because he had the feeling this was going to be an interesting conversation. Seeing the twitchy look in Hanseol’s eyes which he recognized instantly as the celestial feeling suspicious or jealous Jae instantly shook his head to his boyfriend to assure him it definitely wasn’t like that “Ah…” he spoke a little lost for words “나는 형제가 있다고 말했다. (I said I had a brother)” he spoke to Han before he flicked his eyes to Eun and then back to his boyfriend “Hanseol, meet Sangeun” he spoke softly as he stepped aside so they could greet each other. He hadn’t specified who Han was yet, he was figuring out how you phrased that to someone from a society where homosexuality was so taboo.

“앉아서 얘기합시다. (Let’s sit down and talk)” he suggested as he jerked his chin towards the living area and then headed through there, he was playing with his hands, threading his hands through one another over and over again, a surefire nervous tick he had whenever he felt pressured about something and not something he’d done in a very long time.

When Jae went to greet whoever it was, knocking on the door, Hanseol took the time to ponder in his own train of thoughts. The celestial finished his work early today, and was able to come back earlier than usual, by at least a difference of 5 hours. So here he was, lying on top of his boyfriend's bed, tangling his body on the sheets and light colored comforter as he buried his face against the soft material, inhaling the smell it carries. A particular scent caught his attention,it was Jae's; a scent Han would recognize anywhere, quite literally. It smelled a lot more heavenly since it's almost mixed with Febreze.

Taking in Jae's room, his eyes wandered around, averting his gaze from his bookshelf that's stocked up with a plethora of books, to his desk that's surprisingly only littered with a few notes and everything else was tidy enough. Hanseol being quite the coordinated guy that could not stand any messes in any form at all, would always cringe every time we sees them, even that crinkle while making your bed, yes, that too. And whilst Jae wasn't the most messiest guy, the fact that he had tidied up things before the celestial came over since he had texted him an hour prior, that sounded so thoughtful and he was deeply touched by the simple gesture. His boyfriend still remains to be such a considerate person that he still wonders how he got him. A lucky guy, indeed.

His eyes fell on a photo print, taped on the assortments of other notes on the clip on board, prompting the fallen star to make his way there to see what the picture is about. Finding out that it was a picture of them both, looking all happy and cute, brought a smile to his face. He knew Jae kept pictures of them, Han did give a few himself, but the clearer he looked, the more elated he became. Like it was a first time revelation. When Jae didn't come back immediately, he had went out to check if anything was wrong, or if his boyfriend had somehow tripped himself because let's be real, that's not even a surprise anymore, considering his recklessness and accident prone self.

The moment his eyes caught the sight of another male who sported a semi-formal attire and the paper bag in Jae's grasp, he was really taken aback. Who the hell is this guy? Thankfully he could understand Korean, having picked up the language since he was figuratively, born there, and has been talking in it for a while, with Jae. So he was able to pick up the words. “형제가? 그래, 전에도 말했잖아. (Brother? Yeah, you've said it before.)” he trailed, still not believing the sight before his eyes. Okay, first of all, Jae's brother is very attractive, so much he actually found himself staring at the other brunette. Yep, those genes definitely flows within each one because the two brothers were breathtaking beautiful even more when they're standing side by side. Eun was slightly taller by one inch or so. He also looks more refined and polished.

Waving awkwardly at the other dhampir, he proceeded on introducing himself politely. “안녕하십니까, 박한설 입니다. (Hello, I'm Hanseol Park.)” he even bowed 90 degrees for it, despite the celestial being at least thrice their age. Scurrying after Jae, he took a seat just next to the dhampir and across Eun. Right, no one else knew of their relationship, he always forgot that. But not wanting to make things worse or the likes, Hanseol clamped his mouth shut. Though his eyes never really left the male across him, he was quite in awe because he could already pinpoint the similarities between them in a physical sense. Dark hues mirroring Eun's own, the star wondered why he came here, in the first place.

After handing his brother the paper bag that contained his gift for his birthday; which was just a few scented candles that would help Jae study or sleep better just for the kicks, a few blank journals, because he knows how much the younger dhampir loved writing on those point blank pages, something he could relate to seeing as Eun also preferred to jot down his notes and suspicions on a real sheet paper instead of relying solely on his phone, tablet, or laptop. Simply did not have time to do that too. The smell of the parchment was something he likes a lot, and it does seem like the similarity tightened the bond he had with Jae. They both liked reading, though Eun was nowhere near the younger male when it comes to writing.

He’s more well-versed with politics and economics but he’s never eloquent in literature. There was also an invitation card slipped inside the said paper bag too, but he’ll talk about that later on. The mood shouldn’t be ruined so early. “I’m giving you a few scented candles, though would I have to worry about you setting yourself on fire? I’m just saying, if there’s a likelihood of that occurring, I’ll be more mindful next time,” he mumbled but then his attention fell on the other male who looked equally confused as he did too. Both of them were admittedly, giving Jae a look that clearly stated for him to explain. Who is he? His friend? Roommate? “아, 여기가 너의 룸메이트니? (Ah, is this your roommate?)” he exclaimed, his eyes going back and forth from the brunette and to his brother.

Though as soon as he said that, the faltered look on the other male did not escape his notice either. Has he said something wrong? Was he not his roommate? When he heard the guy introduce himself in Korean, he reciprocated by sending an introduction his way too, alongside a greeting. “안녕하십니까, 문상은 입니다, (Hello to you too, I’m Sangeun Moon.)” he mustered up a smile, before returning his scrutinizing gaze on his baby brother. “내 뒤에서 내 얘기를 하는 것 같구나, 안 그래, 이 나쁜 놈아? (So you were talking about me around my back, didn’t you, you rascal?)” he grumbled and literally pushed him away before taking a seat across them both. It didn’t stop the dhampir from eyeing them both, something feels off, the air was too intense and awkward, it’s beginning to feed off him.

His dark hues fell on Jae, who was busy playing with his hands, a tick he recognized way too well. Eun is naturally perceptive and he hates it when he’s in an awkward situation, and right now, this is one of those places. “You’re nervous, Jae. Why is that?” he asked, prompting for his brother to tell him the truth on what’s going on. “Did I come at a bad time? I interrupted something, didn’t I?”

Jae clutched the gift bag to his chest, instantly noting that it smelled really nice, like the calming scents his mother would always burn at home and it reminded him of how much he missed his home, the feeling came and went lately, most of the time he was completely fine but there were moments when he just wanted to jump on a plane and crawl home. The thought of Hanseol always chased that snap reaction away though, he never wanted to leave the celestial behind. He opened the bag and peeked he saw the journals inside and smiled to himself, he’d actually been meaning to get himself another decent journal because he’d been writing so much since he met his boyfriend that he had almost run out.

When Eun asked him if he had to worry about setting himself on fire the younger male averted his gaze and cleared his throat “I think I can handle it” he answered, though he didn’t sound all the convincing if he was honest. Thankfully his brother’s attention was taken away towards his boyfriend. Jae felt the heartbeat in his chest quicken as he looked between the two of them watching as they took one another in. Of course, Eun assumed Han was his roommate and Han was staring at his brother with an awestruck look on his face, the usual reaction most people had when they first saw the eldest Moon sibling, so much so that Jae wasn’t even surprised, though a little disappointed on the inside.

Jae still didn’t know what to say exactly so he decided on introducing them to one another by name while he tried to find the words in his head, he was supposed to be good at words so why were they failing them right now when it was most important to be able to string them into sentences? Thankfully, Eun knew how to defuse an awkward situation better than most people and he cracked a joke which made the youngest male laugh softly “오직 좋은 것들, 형 (Only good things, hyung)” he assured with expressive eyes, he would never talk bad about his brother, there was no reason to, Jae always looked up to Eun, tried to follow his example and make him proud, he supposed he put his brother on a pedestal a little.

He took a seat next to Hanseol, sitting closer to him than was probably expected of anyone who was ‘just friends’ and the temptation to tell his brother they were just that and figure this out when the pressure was less heavy was real. He took a long breath, his brother knew him too well and Han did too, by now they both knew something was off though Han was the only one who would have any clue why. He flexed his hand before he reached for Hanseol’s and threaded his fingers through his. The younger dhampir took a long, pointed breath before he looked his brother in the eyes “I’m nervous because I’m not sure how to tell you this” he admitted with a slight nod of his head, but somehow just holding his star’s hand was enough to give him the courage to say it “Hanseol isn’t my roommate, he’s uhh..” he stumbled over the words but still managed to say them “He’s my boyfriend” Jae went quiet as he stared at Eun, his whole body feeling like it was paralyzed as he waited for a reaction.

Han was still staring at the brunette who stood next to Jae, who he had assumed was someone else, definitely not his brother. But after Jae introduced him as his older brother, the eldest, the one the dhampir had a fair share of explaining who Sangeun is, everything clicked. So this is Sangeun, the one Jae seemed to rave all on about. He’d lie if he said he never dreamt of meeting his boyfriend’s eldest brother, seeing how thoughtful Jae made him out to be, it was somewhat unreal to see someone who would protect his siblings, especially Jae. But the more he stared at the slightly taller male, he saw some of the refined features that held certain resemblances with his boyfriend.

Both their faces were aesthetically symmetrical, it was unreal. The elder dhampir’s eyes were deeper and rounder than Jae’s, and his lips were plump, his body proportion also looked in place, towering above Jae by over an inch or so. Easily pinpointed by the naturally perceptive celestial, Hanseol could see that ‘family resemblance’, well, physically, at least. Both brothers were equally good looking, and boy was he awestruck. Though that gawking did not last that long as he heard Eun acknowledging and identifying him as one of Jae’s roommates. Okay, not what he expected, definitely nowhere near to that. He wasn’t surprised since he knew that Jae has yet to tell anyone else about their relationship and where they stood currently.

But did it hurt to hear he was regarded as a roommate, especially the ones living with Jae that also had a point in making his life more uncomfortable and miserable at times? Mhmm. His face dropped so fast like a train just ran him over. ‘Just friends’, that particular sentence irks him and sent the celestial spiraling downstairs, and not in a good way too. He felt like he was so close into ripping that statement cardboard and replace it with whole writing of ‘I’m his freaking boyfriend’. Patience was not one of his virtue, unfortunately. But for the sake of Jae, the star kept it in, getting lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t even realize the dhampir sitting closer than any friend should.

Until he clasped his hands into his own and surprised the dark-haired celestial, who stared at the intertwined fingers resting comfortably. Looking back up at Jae with wide eyes, the star gaped at the way he revealed the truth to his brother. Admittedly, Eun was supposed to be very understandable and open-minded, someone who only cares for his brother’s well-being and happiness, but it surely would’ve been a shock either way. They did come from a rather strict and conservative household and community, after all. He didn’t expect any less than that. Jae said it, he could hear it ringing in both ears. ‘He’s my boyfriend’, he said that. Still gaping at the dhampir next to him, a compressed squeak escaped him. Oh god. He said it.

He eyed his brother carefully, taking in his reaction to the said gifts. Eun knew Jae didn’t like extravagant things, luxury is good for once in a while, but sometimes, it’s also good to give in thoughts while gifting people. That’s what reaches their hearts, and Eun believes in that. The delight that lit up Jae’s entire face made him smile triumphantly. “I’m glad you like it. I’m not gonna lie, but I almost forgot your birthday if it wasn’t because of Ahreum reminding me-” he stopped his sentence halfway because Jae didn’t know who Ahreum is, well not until he reads the invitation letter he had managed to slip in the paper bag before giving it to him. He’ll explain. Later.

Thankfully Jae responded quickly enough, so he was able to divert the attention elsewhere. “The more you say that the more I’m actually not convinced you haven’t set yourself on fire yet,” he scoffed, but then widened his eyes and turned to face the younger male. “Wait, you haven’t been setting yourself on fire, lately, right? I mean, it’s cool if you set yourself on fire with a girl or something, know, just not literally.” Did he know that sentence is gonna make him feel like he’s gonna bury himself into a hole? Not at all. Today wasn’t supposed to be a very awkward day, but everything was weird, that’s what it is.

His head is whirring with ways of trying to find any solution in diffusing this exact situation because he can feel the heat of the tension intensifying in the living room. It also didn’t help when Jae and the guy who he knew to be Hanseol, is giving each other knowing looks like they either just committed a heinous crime or was trying to kill him afterward. So, it was only natural for the elder dhampir to stare at both males scrutinizingly because he too, wanted to figure out what’s going on. He hates being in the dark, after all. Everyone does. Usually, he’d have something to bring up, but his head is blank now after remembering what’s happening back at home and what he was actually going to tell his baby brother about too. "Please tell me you two are not planning for my demise because I can at a very untimely time? I can leave, like for real. I would like to live to see another day." Both his hands were raised in defense, eyeing the two because they were being very suspicious, it's starting to scare him.

“여기서 현실적이 되자, 그런 말을 하면 할수록 난 널 믿지 않아, 재야. (Let's be realistic here, the more you say that, the less I trust you, Jae.)” he jested, okay that’s an effort right there. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because the revelation that was spewed by Jae really caught him off guard. It wasn’t a bad thing, it’s just surprising. How could he ever say what he said earlier? Burning yourself with a girl? What the hell, Eun? “Wait, you’re telling you my youngest brother got some before me? How long has this been going on? What the hell, Jae. Why didn’t you tell me, oh my god? Details, Jae. I need details."

Jae was a little shocked when he heard that his brother had almost forgotten his birthday and pulled a face, he didn’t really hear him when he spoke about who reminded him and the younger male just assumed that he’d said Ahri, their sister was very good at remembering dates and important events, she had a schedule and was always the one they relied on to organize stuff for the family. He was thankful for the gifts but because of the situation at hand he didn’t want to go through them all now, he would do so later once he could rid himself of this nervous feeling if his brother was still here and speaking to him.

“It happened one time and it was a freak accident okay” he defended with a shake of his head, he couldn’t believe everyone was so crazy over it all, accidents happen and you get past them after a while, learn from your mistake and don’t do it again, he wouldn’t put candles on the dinner table, problem solved. The comment his brother made about setting himself on fire with a girl made Jae go pale and swallow though. He didn’t blame his brother for assuming that and making a joke about it, it just happened to make things quite awkward. He glanced at Han and grimaced, showing how nervous he was to try and go through with this. He wanted to and intended to though, so he just laughed at the joke lightheartedly.

He knew his actions were confusing his brother, they were confusing him too, he didn’t know how you phrased this, he wanted to say it directly enough that there wasn’t any room for taking it the wrong way but he also didn’t want to completely give his brother a heart attack, especially because he just got here. But he also didn’t want to let Hanseol down, he had been so patient with him and Jae had been planning to tell Eun first for weeks, the timing was sudden but he wasn’t going to back down, he needed to tell someone, he wanted to tell someone. “No no please don’t leave” Jae insisted as he tried to swallow all his nerves. God he was so bad at this, once he got nervous he became a jittery mess “It’s’s a good thing I hope” he really hoped his brother understood because if he didn’t then there was no hope for rest of their family.

And so he just kinda came out with it, then heard Han’s little squeak of surprise or shock in response, Jae gave a half smile at it and squeezed his hand a little enjoying the smallest touch between them and the strength it gave him. He couldn’t believe he’d actually said it, his mind whirred as he watched Eun’s reaction. It was shock on his brother’s face, not anger or disappointment, which was probably a good sign. He took a shaky breath of relief at the first words his brother spoke unable to stop himself from breaking out into a wide and bright smile towards the elder male. He looked at Han to share the moment with him, he honestly felt on top of the world from a simple word.

And Eun was completely...excited? About the whole thing, now he felt like his heart was actually beating again and he could breathe he went to answer his questions “Well we met about nine months ago...I actually tripped over him in a park” he blushed softly from the memory “And we've been dating for about 3 and a half months now, since February” he explained and pursed his lips a moment, the why didn’t you tell me was a little harder to answer “I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time but our short Skype calls didn’t feel like the right time to explain it and honestly, I wasn’t sure how you might react” Jae had always said his brother was open-minded and forward thinking, but he was living in a conservative society that expected him to react differently to this news.

Did his face fell the moment he heard Jae’s brother pull a lame reference on a girl? Yes. Was he annoyed over it? Hell yes. He even scoffed when Eun asked whether he had any reasons to worry if Jae was going to set himself on fire, which made him recall the last time they were having a casual homemade candlelight dinner, oh yeah, Jae’s sleeves caught on fire and the top was ruined. Well, at least the celestial got to use it as a reason to take off his clothes that night. But still, here he was, extremely annoyed by the fact that he was going to compete against some girl.

Hanseol had poked his tongue in his inner left cheek as he tilted his head briefly, both of which were signature moves of the star whenever he’s annoyed. No doubt, Jae knew them. Of course, his boyfriend would know every single antic and habit he had. When Eun asked if they were planning his demise for coming at a bad time, Han was actually thinking about it, because in all fairness, the elder dhampir did interrupt their day and moment together, earlier. Now, he’s just tempted to cuddle Jae right in front of his brother, just to prove a point that was well-missed. His snarky side just jumped out and was about to show Sangeun Moon what he’s really missing out on his youngest brother.

So a few moments before Jae answered his suspicions, Han rolled his eyes secretly and coughed a barely audible response that goes along the lines of “Yes, you’re interrupting. Please try again next time.” but knew he would get a dirty look from his boyfriend so he refrained from doing more of that and curved a smile to hide it. That’s why when Jae spilled the beans to his brother, Han was in awe, and wouldn’t even snap out of his trance had it not been to the dhampir squeezing his hand, which made the star turn to face him, with the look of pure happiness and delight twinkling like his eyes just got lit up by the galaxy. This was actually happening, his boyfriend finally took the courage and said it.

What’s even more shocking was Eun’s response to it. It was not what he expected. Perhaps Jae was right to believe that his eldest brother was one of the most understanding guys ever. He was happier that this also meant an amount of pressure is finally released from the dhampir, it wouldn’t be as heavy to bear the weight now. Eyeing the two males, he feels like he should probably take his leave. “I’m happy for you, Jae. So much. But as much as I would like to get to know Eun a little while longer, I think this says Moon brothers conversation only. Besides, I have to...go feed Yeontan and Byul. Yeah.” His heart is just leaping right now. As he got up, he even tripped on his steps and stumbled on the couch.


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