His stark contrast to the other people his age was evident, Julian finding solace and comfortableness in tranquility the silence offered. Keeping to himself and rendering himself to be quite the ‘introverted mystery guy' that was hard to approach back in the boarding school seemed to be a particular trait he's kept to himself even after growing up. It's been quite a while since he's moved to the rumored supernatural haven; Evermore City, a place located so far up in Colorado. A place that could offer him a chance to start anew and develop himself into becoming a better person. Julian has had his own fair share of travelling around the continents of the world in his youth, as soon as he graduated off boarding school, but this was by far the most adventurous and ambiguous journey that he's ever taken up to.

During the first few months settling in the eternal city, the raven haired male found himself basking in the freedom the city exuded-- an enigmatic energy that just drew him closer than ever. He had hoped to seek out more people like him, and maybe someone from the past. But he doesn't know that, not yet. Leaving his home in Westminster, England, was hard despite being fairly familiar with the nomadic tracks he's been affiliating himself with, but moving permanently to a place that's over 4,720 miles away. The angel child was a bit skeptical and hesitant to leave his parents and family behind, but the transfer position from his occupation made it a lot easier to comprehend. Julian is an aeronautical engineering officer, which surprisingly suited him far better than being a biophysicist. It allowed him to successfully transfer his department to Colorado as a military officiant. It was certainly better than nothing.

Staring at the pile of snow that has begun to stick in on the stony pavements across his residency, he fished out his phone and dialed a number before waiting for the caller to pick up. After a few rings later, the person on the other end picked up, and a small smile made its way up to his lips. “Hey, how are you doing? Is mom okay? Or has she not gotten over the fact that her eldest son is doing fine in another country per usual?” Calling and contacting his younger siblings and father was a normal occurrence for the nephilim, seeing as his occupation usually entailed him to travel across the world to operate whenever he is called upon. Although this time, he applied for a transfer-- specifically to Colorado. Apart from his siblings and himself, no one actually knew the real reason why he came here, and he intends to keep it that way until a decision is made. He's heard of the nephilim ambassador but has yet to actually meet her, so his permanent marker is not really permanent. Though it's more likely that he'd stay because so far, Julian enjoyed the city.

Not an hour passed and his other phone's ringtone blared loudly on the mahogany desk situated just a few meters away from his bed. Noticing the messenger ID on it, he pursed his lips slightly before informing his younger sister that he'd call again when he has time and ended it. Seems like today's a field day, after all. Not even the winter could stop the progress of his work, it only added more to pile, it seems. Wrapping himself with his outerwear, Julian grabbed his car keys and tucked in his phone as he make his way downstairs, and over to the garage. Waiting for the garage door to open fully, he then drove off the compound to get to his workplace. Or site. Anything that suits, really.

Not long after, he arrived to his located destination and parked the car a few blocks away, simply because he preferred a low-profiled appearance. The winter tickled his skin per se, but nothing that would bother him nearly as much. Perks of working on site, the temperature and weather change literally molds you into a new vessel. He went over and read the clipboard given by the supervisor before nodding and telling the latter that he'll be back with the solution and report in a few days. After a small chat, Julian took his leave. He decided to stop by a cafe to get his daily coffee in his system before he proceeded on working on whatever it was that he received earlier. A problem that needed a solution, no doubt.

Shortly after locking his car, he entered the entrance door and made his order directly at the counter. When he received his coffee, he gave a small smile towards the cashier and went to talk a walk outside. He was just strolling down the shopping lots like a regular resident, taking in what was before him.

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She’d always managed to keep her powers and darkness under control around Julian. That's why it was so perfect back then, almost able to forget that she was even The Aspect of Darkness. Almost able to feel that she was normal for once before she was ripped back into reality and reminded that she’s not. Her and Julian were different in many ways but in a way they balanced each other. That she never got into much trouble when they were with each other as he was the one trying to talk her out of doing things that could end up in disaster. Well mostly. Cora never always had a way with people. Sometimes or mostly saying the wrong thing most of the time. Not intending to sound blunt or intend for people to take it the wrong way. “I have no filter, remember” She pointed out, shrugging a little. She’s one of the Aspects who tends to use the guards the least. Not liking being followed around, sometimes the guards who end up being assigned to her are boring and more like robots. Whilst she always loved to have fun and the guards liked to spoil her fun. She always wished she had a fun guard like Dom who would be up to go anywhere she wanted to. Clubbing, partying, and whatnot. Jealous of Ery. 

“You do have good thighs” Speaking her thoughts out loud but she knew he probably had been told by many people. “Oh stop whining” Rolling her eyes trying to sush him as she kept complaining about not wanting to be jumped on by people. That he could be a scaredy cat, over worrying other things that she teases him about. All easy for her because he’s an easy target at times. “Just wait and see, maybe one time you could come to the Ailward Manor and see it all for yourself” Giving him an open invitation to her home. With how it’s only fair, since he’s let her into his home. Cora wondered if he would want to. Showing him she was trying to be better at opening up, sharing secrets about her life that she’d kept from in the past. Learning from her mistakes. As she mentioned about the body swapping incident, Cora watched Julian;s reaction. It was priceless, laughing seeing how surprised he was of something like that happening. “I don’t really know, I think Dom ended up throwing up in Eryherus’s closet or something. Him and Argent ended up getting drunk whilst they were in each other's bodies” She mused softly, finding amusement at how crazy her family could be at times. Sometimes missing out on all the fun. Being more closer to Venetus and Ery than the others. 

“We’ve been told that a few times”  Preferring being part of a crazy family than a boring and strict one. Now being in the total opposite family to that she was in originally back in her human life. “It’s better than being uptight and boring right?” She teased him back to him. Happy that they are able to tease each other again, not caring about throwing a few insults in. Taking no offense to it, missing this in her life. Missing Julian and their friendship. Cora knew she had a lot of making up to do, but happy he was giving her a second chance. It still shocked her to find that he was still a virgin. “You're saving yourself for someone special huh?” Winking to him softly, that he was still old fashioned in some ways but it was a good thing. Truthfully she was a bit afraid of what's after them, how for once they weren’t able to know what it is. Learning the hard way, already losing one person, not wanting to lose anyone else. “I know” Shooting him a half smile before looking down. Being the one who forgets to look after herself, how she’s a little bit broken and all. 

When she pointed out that she didn’t have a filter to begin with, Julian scoffed and rolled his eyes playfully at the Aspect of Darkness, she really doesn’t and the Nephilim wasn’t sure if that was one of the things why he favored her so much back then. Everyone else knew to keep a certain distance and she didn’t. Cora was the type to just jump into the drama just because she can and leave without a slight repercussion. “Maybe you should be searching for a small one in the future, one of these days that mouth might be the end of you” he teased, but then again she’s stronger than she made herself to be and he was pretty sure an entity like her could easily take down anyone else. She’s a freaking dragon.

He narrowed his dark hues on her before shaking his head in mirth when she said he had good thighs, “Of course you out of all people would notice that of all things.” Not surprising coming from her, honestly. He has been told that by plenty of people though, she wasn’t wrong. “I’m not whining” he exclaimed, groaning in response to her remark, “besides, even if I was, I had every right to whine.” When she suggested that one day he could venture to the said manor and see for himself, Julian wondered how that would be like, it sounded interesting but then again it is also a nest for 8 dragons, and he only knew one who wouldn’t eat him. “Perhaps, but you’re not exactly selling me the idea of it. Sounds scary more than welcoming.” In his defense, Cora did make it sound as if they were ready to tear him from limb to limb if he set foot in the residence. “But I’ll take that as an open invitation for future… purposes.” One day he might need it, who knows?

The story about body swapping between her sister and a guard of theirs really did sound interesting to him. And scary. “Drunk as in literal drunk from alcohol or just… dizzy like drunk?” He shuddered at the mere thought of it alone, how risky. “How did the closet owner react to finding out your guard throwing up in their closet? Not nice, I imagine.” If all of them had half the temper Cora had, it was probably best for the guard to be a guard that is affiliated with them instead of being a complete stranger. It did not sound safe, at all. “Your family do sound slightly… dysfunctional but fun.” There had to be an ounce of fun somewhere, he imagined after living for so long, it would be boring and dull if it’s the same thing over and over again. He’ll be honest, he missed her company. Things were a lot more fun when she was there with him. After she disappeared and left him, it was hard for him to think much about having fun.

He wasn’t really uptight if he was going to describe himself and while one would never really describe themselves to be uptight, Julian still knew how to have fun. He just needed the proper company to be with him. His cheeks were slightly flushed when she said that, “Happy to announce it to the entire world, aren’t you?” he grumbled and shook his head, she could be a bit quieter about that part. “You know my fiancee used to believe in the whole sex after marriage thing. I was respecting her but I don’t really have… time to think about that.” Aka he might have ran away from the idea of losing his virginity to someone else because he didn’t want it to be over a one-night-stand. It felt like an insult to her memory and his own. “You should really be taking care of yourself, I know it might not seem much but I’m not the only person you can open yourself to. Surely there are others worth the attention of Cora Ailward, hm?”

She missed this, she missed their friendship. Now more than ever. That somehow Julian would always manage to cheer her up when he was down. That she’s always able to feel herself. Not needing to put a wall or upfront around him. Able to feel that she’s not the Aspect of Darkness for once when she’s around him. It was easier to forget and put all her worries and troubles aside, to feel that she’s normal. On a few occasions soon after they had first met she would say to Julian ‘You either take me as me or leave me’. Luckily for her even with her cold fronts at first didn’t scare him away. That he was used to her using sarcasm like it was her second language at times. Even if at times it did get her in trouble, finding it happened a few times before. “I’ll still be able to get away with it, distract them with my beauty” She teased back playfully how she knew it always annoyed him whenever she would flirt with someone to get them into different parties or clubs. That he’d have the same look of annoyance on his face looking the other way, not wanting to be associated with her. Having different ways of using persuasion.  

Cora shot him a look almost like what he expected of her. “That's one thing a woman can pick up on, loving men who have good thighs” She pointed out knowing that he’d probably be bound to go a little red after. It was all true, how it was something she’d picked up and noticing whilst she was with Rashesh. That many people forget about the thighs but with her it can be up top part of the list. “Oh stop it, at least I helped to show you the exciting life even if it was not all that legal” She rolled her eyes to him and crossed her arms something she would do whenever he would complain about something or one of her ideas. Soon as she mentioned him stopping by the manor she could see the look of panic almost something others too had when they knew of who or what lived inside. “Or are you too scared to go there?” Taking the opportunity to tease him again. “If you do stop by just tell me when, don’t want you go roaming around the manor by yourself” Warning him almost not wanting to see him to take the wrong turn then stumble into something he shouldn’t see or be caught in the middle of Constance’s feeding times.  

Most of the time she chooses to avoid whatever drama her siblings were going through, not wanting to be caught up in the middle of craziness. Especially in the middle of one of Malva’s hex’s. “Why don't you stop by and hear the story first hand?” She mused sarcastically seeing how intrigued he was more than he should be for it. Even if he wouldn’t admit it, she knew he liked hearing gossip and different stories of things going on. “We’re all one big crazy family” She loved all of her Ailward siblings and even the guards even if she doesn’t show it much, but they all knew.  

She wasn’t waiting to waste an opportunity to tease him with how coy he always was around to him and romance. “It’s cute. People always remember their first time, you want to do it right. Take your time” She smiled softly being the supportive friend, knowing that it still hurt him to speak of his late fiancee. For her it was a thousand years too late but for him it wasn’t. “There’s a few others” Always finding herself struggling to open up with anyone, not wanting to feel vulnerable. It’s always been different with Julian that he didn’t know of her past or who she was. Never needing to worry about anything else. “I overthink things, that I feel like everyone is out to get me” It was a silly thing really but something she worries about. “So are there anything else you want to ask me?” Changing the subject around wanting to show she was ready to be open and honest. Ready to answer any of his questions about her being an Aspect or if it was for something else. 

Cora was hardly the first person who has tried to push him away before and since he was used to that, he didn't allow her to do the same to him. He stayed by her despite everything. He promised to never leave her, though unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the Aspect of Darkness. At a point, the Nephilim clearly was hurt over the fact that she took their promise lightly and left him without so much as a note of goodbye or any explanation detailing why she did what she did. But he's mature and understanding enough to know there must be a reason why she did all of that. So he didn't press any further. "Right, distract them with your beauty, always the card you pull up" he rolled his eyes playfully and scoffed at her, he was always there to watch at the sidelines as she tried every trick known possibly in a man's history. It worked surprisingly, which he couldn't believe, that always rendered him speechless. 

"I don't think you and I remembered the same enjoyable parts we spent together, Cora" he pointed out, the things he remembered were the same setting but of different context, that's for sure. "I remember the place whereas you were more interested in the legal measures taken to go to it" he had a tone to him that was daring her to deny his claims. He knows her just as well as she knows him, there wasn't much to her personality and behavior the nephilim wasn't aware of, courtesy to her showcasing it to him. The idea of visiting the Ailward manor would send goosebumps to anyone sane, including him so he only stared at her with a discernible look before shaking his head, "Nobody sane, Cora… remember… nobody sane would do that" Roaming the halls of that place? No thank you. "Not that I'm telling you I'm going to visit anytime soon but if I do, I'll let you know for sure." For the sake of his own health and life, he will. 

He narrowed his hazel hues toward the dark haired female and crossed his arms instinctively, "What stories…" a part of him wasn't sure he wanted to hear them but still, curiosity is a tempting little thing. "That's an understatement. I remember you told me back then how crazy your family could be but by that I thought you guys just have way too much free time on your plate. Clearly that's not the case" after finding out that she belonged to the infamous Ailward family, he could understand her circumstances a bit better. "I can't believe you're actually talking about my first time so openly like this… what the hell, Cora" he grumbled and massaged his temples, sighing at how playful and blunt she was being. It was something he's used to but it still brings a smile to him. That's the Cora he knew and loved. Still do. 

"You always think someone is out to get you" he mumbled softly, she expressed her worry and paranoia to him too, to which the nephilim tried his best to reassure her that it's not always like that. Now with her identity being out in the open, he wasn't sure if he could tell her the same thing again. Was there anything else he wanted to know? "I mean there could be a long list if you want to hold a Q&A session with me but I think that's enough for today, I just want to spend time with you, that's all. It does make me wonder how many like seriously how many personal guards you have had in your lifetime though, you're not exactly easy to handle" he exclaimed haughtily. 

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