It was ridiculous to feel nervous. She knew that, it wasn't like she had just met this guy and it wasn't like they hadn't slept in the same bed when she let him come stay with her over Christmas. It had been a couple weeks since then, Julian had insisted that they go out on a real date but they'd been texting a lot since then and seen one another a few times at work. One time had resulted in a pretty heated makeout session in the break room which told her that everything she was feeling wasn't just going to disappear. She liked him, dammit she really liked him.

She had picked out her outfit the night before to avoid her getting in a last minute panic. Nora didn't really pay much mind to what others thought about her fashion but perhaps for one night she wanted to impress him a little. The feminist in her was shaking her head in disapproval but she couldn't bring herself to care in that moment. She was wearing her favorite pair of jeans, a pretty blouse paired with a loose-fitting black cardigan which would keep her warm enough as they wandered around the aquarium together. 

A blush rested upon her cheeks as she thought about the idea of going on a date with him, in public no less. She wondered if he would hold her hand while talking about something dorky, whether that stupid grin would plant itself on her lips and refuse to leave like it usually did when she was with him. As if he could sense her nervousness, Cloud jumped up for her attention which made her laugh and tell him to settle in her bed "I'll be fine, it's only a date, what's the worst that could happen right?" she attempted to laugh it off but really she was wondering how tonight would go. 

She grabbed her bag and keys and headed towards the door, closing it and locking up behind her before heading down the steps of her home and down the driveway. She decided to get a cab rather than drive because she wasn't really sure what the plan was. She knew where they were meeting but it seemed open ended on whether they would stay together after or where they might go. She wanted the freedom to have a few drinks if she wanted. She hopped into the cab she called and before long she was across the city to the busier tourist part at the center.

She got out of the car, looking around as she pulled her cardigan tighter because the air was colder than she was expecting it to be. She made her way to their meeting spot outside of the building and tugged on her sleeves a little as she waited.

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He didn't want to rush her into anything, it was clear that the two of them had different experiences in relationships. With Julian, he's the one girl kind of man and even then, it has been a while since he's dated anyone. Nora told him how she felt about it and he remembered reassuring the dhampir that they would take things slowly and however she sees fit. "Then your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic, no?" He teased and booped her nose and lips, "I'll treat you well" he cleared his throat and pointed to himself, "I can do that…'' He desperately wanted to give her what she deserves and that was love. In the beginning, he never thought his crush would come to develop this far, he just knew it was wrong to fall for your employer but sometimes the heart is quite persistent. He was glad he didn't give up or else today wouldn't be a reality. He was glad he kissed her that night. 

"Len, I think we have to visit that topic back… how could I fall victim to your pencil skirt last time?" he jested, he couldn't believe he couldn't control himself but it didn't mean he didn't enjoy them. But work is work. "Oh so now I'm the bad influence here?" He shook his head and placed a hand over his chest, feigning offense, "I can't believe you would say that to me, Eleanora Nordstroem. You know I'm just doing what you want me to do, you want me to do all those things, didn't you? Or else you wouldn't lead me somewhere people wouldn't find us." He hummed softly in affirmation when she said that, "It must be nice to have something others don't, you have to admit that much. The kind of feeling you have that people want." Julian bit his lip to hide the grin that formed on his lips but it was evident that Nora would see it by the way he was trying to stifle it, "I thought I'm always cute" he retorted teasingly, "oh no wait, you find me handsome during that time." 

He never thought much about reaching for the heights of his career but he did have a few things he wanted to do, much like others. He only didn't have much time to think about it, until now that she has brought it up. A laugh escaped him when she indicated that it would be unfair because he had wings to save him in case anything foul happens, "I mean it's reassuring to know if my parachute malfunctions, I won't be risking my life but I tend to forget I even have those sometimes." Aside from his increased agility because of what he is, and his purple tinted hues, Julian was pretty much your average guy when judging from physical appearance. "Do it with me" he blurted out and chewed his bottom lip apprehensively, wondering if she would go for it. "See, you can't say that for sure because you know I find everything you do hot… I mean minus when you're threatening me but that's honestly that too…" 

His eyes lighten up at the idea of them visiting yet another place, they both seem to like aquatic life, "Swim with dolphins huh? Have you ever dived it with a stingray? They're massive… and creepy but also cute. Like you" he poked his finger softly against his cheek while she was busy watching the sea horses.

She laughed under her breath when he referred to himself as a hopeless romantic but offered a small smile to affirm it, it still felt weird to her to have someone refer to themselves as her boyfriend, it was all new to her “Doesn’t it ever get exhausting for you? Pouring all your affection into someone like me?” she wasn’t exactly the most receptive person when it came to that and yet he continued to offer it without hesitation. Perhaps she secretly liked it more than she would admit. She looked up at him and then bit her lip when he spoke next, she liked it when he called her Len, he was the only one to use it and honestly it made her feel special “Is it really a pencil skirt that is your undoing?” she questioned it playfully.

Their little sessions could end up pretty hot and heavy but they hadn’t crossed the final line yet, sometimes she wondered whether he wanted to because he would always be the one to eventually bring the temperature down a little. He’d mentioned before that he hadn’t had too much experience so she wondered if it made him nervous “Mmm I guess that would actually be me huh?” he laughed “Always tempting you to do bad things” there was no question in her mind by now that she wanted him. “Well it’s better to keep us hidden than have the whole office watching don’t you think?” she was sure people would have plenty of things to say if they knew about them.

She gave him a playful look which said don’t push your luck when he said he thought she always found him cute. The whole talk about jumping out of plane seemed crazy and yet she got the feeling that Julian was actually crazy enough to do it “How do you forget something like that?” she jested, shaking her head in amusement because he bewildered her sometimes with his nature. She widened her eyes when he said he wanted her to go do the jump with him through “You’re insane” she pointed as he looked back at her, the idea of going up in a plane and jumping out was honestly terrifying to her but maybe it would be thrilling too. She risked her life most days anyway didn’t she?

She nudged his shoulder when he said he found everything she did hot “You’re really easy to please” she scoffed slightly, shaking her head in amusement because he was honestly like a cute puppy sometimes. She furrowed her brow when he said stingrays were huge...creepy and cute and then likened it to her “Thanks?” she responded and narrowed her gaze “Though the only giant here is you” she grumbled slightly “I haven’t had the chance to swim with them but it sounds fun” she agreed with a nod of her head.

He's used to being all giddy of course, this was hardly his first time dating someone but Nora is unlike any other. He wasn't even exaggerating when it comes to that part. There was something about the dhampir that really does differentiate her from any other girls and while Julian can't particularly pinpoint it out loud, her charisma continues to pull him in day by day, so much it makes him hard to resist. The enigmatic energy is always there with her. "Why would it get exhausting?" He raised his eyebrows in a confused manner, for a moment there, the nephilim could pass off as a giant version of a personified puppy. He looked genuinely confused by her question until he picked the tone up, "There's no reason why I should feel exhausting pouring my affection towards someone I adore. Why? Does it feel like that for you?" It was all worth it to him. 

"That pencil skirt was really dangerous so it could be one of the… main compelling factors" he trailed playfully. Because of it, Julian always finds himself picking her up before long. They never went any further than that, not that it was surprising for him, considering Julian Lockhart still has his chastity intact because of the vow he took out of respect for his late fiancee. Not that he didn't want to do it but he also didn't know how to ask her about it. Where does one even begin to bring that up? "You don't even realize you've been seducing me with your eyes until twenty minutes later, Len" he jabbed, but they both agreed it was best to keep their relationship private. He held his hands up defensively and retorted back when she pointed out his recklessness, "Hey those things actually happen okay. Malfunctions often come when you least expect it, believe me. I swear I've suffered from malfunctions from the oil compartment to a parachute bag… more times than I could count." 

Thank god he had wings to support himself should anything happen. He stared at her judgingly and scoffed, "I'm insane? Are you even hearing yourself? You talk as if you wouldn't try those out when you get the chance, we know you will eventually end up trying it. Besides… so long as safety is prioritised, it can feel very thrilling… you can even imagine you're actually flying. When else would you get the chance to think you're a bird? Or a superhero?" He bit his lip and giggled silently, "Probably not the best comparison but what I meant is that you… are unapproachable from afar but once you allow someone right to be near… you find that stingray is just cute as hell…" He cleared his throat and grinned, "It is fun. They're pretty gentle once you get used to them." He sneakily wrapped his grip around her hand and held it up for them to see, "Look, a seahorse grip."

This all seemed so easy to him she had to admit, everything he did when it came to romance seemed to be easy, he didn’t cringe, he was sweet and thoughtful which made him charming and hard to resist “I just thought it’d be easier for you to be with someone...more forthcoming” she commented in a soft voice, she cared about him in her own ways but she wasn’t the kind of person who tended to be overflowing with affection, though that didn’t seem to faze him. “I’s not like I’m’s nice to have someone who sees me the way you do” she nodded a few times “I just wondered if it’s hard for you” she murmured softly, she didn’t like the idea of making his life difficult.

She grinned slightly when he explained how the pencil skirt may have been a large contributing factor “Well then I guess I shall get a few more for my wardrobe, since you like them so much” she teased softly, she liked how he found her attractive, she liked having his eyes on her and knowing he liked what he saw. She let a wolfish grin cross her lips when he mentioned how she managed to seduce him with her eyes “Believe me Jules, I want to seduce you with far more than just my eyes” she responded and then bit her lip because she hadn’t meant to say it quite so directly but that was her nature, they;d been walking the fine line together for a while now and she had to admit there was a strong temptation to cross it.

She laughed under her breath when he called her out right back for commenting on his recklessness “Well true...I am curious to know what it’d be like” she was an adrenaline junkie, she kinda had to be to do what she did in this city “I have always wondered what it would be like to really fly, not just get on an airplane and catch up on beauty sleep” she gave a wry smile, she did like flying in planes though. “So what I’m getting from all this is that you find stingrays adorable” she commented and grinned as she looked up at her, her gaze following his hand when he grabbed hers, she looked up at him and scrunched her nose, it felt illegal to be that cute.

Before long she rolled her eyes and tugged him towards the next exhibit which was a large tank with a variety of tropical fish and coral but the current star was up close to the window, floating serenely in front of them “Wow that’s a big turtle” she commented excitedly as she tugged Julian towards the tank.

This isn't the first time Nora expressed how she thought he deserved someone else and every single time, Julian would respond with a witty remark telling her there's a reason he chose her. It would probably keep going on but he didn't mind reminding her how much he likes her. It's probably his favorite thing to do in his pastime. To prove her wrong. "Maybe, but I like you… so nobody else would be able to beat that spot. You don't need to be someone else around me, I'm not going to judge you Len" if he was, he wouldn't be here with her. Even holding hands was enough to the nephilim. "This" he held their hands up for her to see, "is enough for me." When she wondered if she ever made it difficult for him, he shook his head and ruffled her hair lightly.

"I'm used to it. Don't worry, this is fine by me. I don't expect you to pour your affection, I know what to expect when I fell for you." If she wasn't the type to be open with her affection, then what could he do? He wasn't expecting a girlfriend who would shower him with love every single time either. They were both working adults with their own personal life. "If you keep wearing those pencil skirts, it might be more than just a few kissing here and there" he whispered suggestively and chuckled, "for real though, they're lethal." When she followed with that remark, Julian bit his lip because as he expected, he wasn't the only one who thought about going further into their relationship. To another… phase. He couldn't help but wonder if this was just jis virgin self wondering if it's alright. After Maleah, there was no one else. Until he met her. Maybe it was fine to cross it, she seemed like she was waiting for it too and Julian knew the dhampir was respecting his choices. 

"I can take you" he mumbled, "If you want to know how it feels to fly like… without any equipment to aid you, I can just carry you over and I promise I won't drop you. Or if you want to be safe, have a parachute with you just in case." That would be really for him. "Technically it won't be legal to fly on uncharted air territories but I'm a nephilim, I was born with wings, nobody can really mark the air space for their own when species with wings exist." It was weird to liken her to stingrays but they were one the animals Julian had fascination over so that's not a surprising comparison. He likes her and he likes stingrays. Upon seeing her scrunching up her nose, Julian booped her nose playfully, seeing her tugging him to go watch the giant turtle had him doubling over because that's a big turtle indeed. "Do you think something as big as that would ever end up being carnivorous? It's hard to believe something as superior as their size to not show their status to others." 

Her gaze softened slightly when he insisted it was her that he wanted despite her flaws, perhaps a part of her needed that reassurance because she didn’t feel like she was good enough for him, he was such a good-hearted person and it felt hard for her to believe he would choose someone who was rough around the edges like she was “You make me want to be better for you” she whispered softly as her eyes dropped to their joined hands he was showing her and she blushed slightly, squeezing his hand gently “You really don’t ask for much” she murmured softly, wondering how she got so lucky to be the girl he chose out of everyone.

She pulled a face when he ruffled her hair and bit her lip softly before blowing out her breath slowly “And what is it that you expected? I’m curious to know what you see in this broken girl right here” she was a mess, anyone could see that, her parents were in jail for creating a drug epidemic, she had barely managed to crawl her way out from under the dark shadows they cast onto her reputation. She didn’t trust least there were very few she could name that she did. But he had managed to earn her trust in time. She bit her lip slightly when he said if she kept wearing skirts like that he might want more than just kisses “Well what if I told you that I...want that” she questioned and bit her lip, she didn’t want to rush him into anything he didn’t feel ready to do though.

“Flying” she had to repeat when he said he could take her, of course she hadn’t really thought about the fact he could actually carry her up there and she widened her eyes at the thought of it “That would be…” she was still surprised but honestly it sounded kinda magical but it would take a lot of trust “Thrilling” she murmured softly, it was kinda crazy but it seemed like they both were too. “I imagine legalities are the last thing on your mind when you can” it honestly sounded kinda magical to her. She stared up at the turtle that was floating serenely past them while leaning into Julian’s side “Some turtles eat shrimp and shellfish which makes them technically carnivorous...though they’re hardly vicious predators” she liked how calm they seemed, like they didn’t have a care in the world.

He knew what he wanted from her and that wasn't much. Julian wanted Nora to acknowledge what he was trying to do to her… for her if anything. It was hard considering the dhampir seemed to have this hard exterior to her that wasn't easy to break through but he was fine doing it bit by bit and that was exactly what he did. "See, me making you want to be a better version of you… doesn't that make your heart flutter? Because I want to be my best version around you too." He could be better than he already was, he's sure of that. When she squeezed his hand, he could feel the grip she had on him, and he loved it. Even though it feels tiny in his palm, it made him feel giddy. "I don't, but don't jinx it, who knows what I'll ask you in the future? What will you do then?" He pursed his lips slightly and shook his head as he frowned at the shorter girl in front of him upon hearing her calling herself a broken girl.

"I don't see a broken girl in front of me. I see a lonely one who wants comfort and company more than she would admit. And I want to give it all to her. Everything that she wants. I… want her to use me for her own happiness." Seeing her smile had to be one of the best highlights of his day. "I expected a girl who would welcome me in her embrace when I tell her I like her… and want to make her happy." He probably shouldn't have let it slipped out like that but he couldn't help himself, it just… happened. Julian didn't even realize what he had implied until a few moments later, resulting in his ears turning red from the thought of it alone. God, Julian… What were you saying? But when she told him she wanted that, his ears instantly perked up and he averted his gaze towards her. "You… want that? You're sure?" He tried to chuckle as an attempt to pass it off as somewhat a joke but it was a failure considering the chuckle came out nervously. He was internally freaking out at the prospect of it. That's what happens when you've been abstaining your entire life. 

"It would" he reassured, "there's nothing more thrilling than being able to be… free." And flying to him felt riveting. "I mean I don't wanna talk about legalities when I myself steal a few hours on the plane and not record it in the schedule book… but… yeah, it's pretty much not a thing you can think about when you're busy thinking about not hitting the bird traffic up there." She sounded like she was up for it and the nephilim wanted to show her how it felt like. The turtle that swam gracefully in front of them was really big and he went closer to inspect it from the glass, only to see another fish come close, "Is that… a mola mola… it's huge" he gaped because it was his first time seeing one. The tank was big so he imagined a lot of aquatic life lived there to accommodate the space but a mola mola was not what he expected. He had his jaw open while his eyes follow the fish, "I wonder how defensive they are..."

She shot him a look for a moment but faltered slightly because he was right, it did make her feel a little jittery inside to think about trying to make him impress him even. “Why does...caring about someone mean putting so much pressure on ourselves” she commented and grumbled slightly, pouting her lips a little at the thought. She looked up at him for a moment when he spoke about asking for things in the future “I’d probably give you whatever you wanted” she commented and shook her head slightly “Have you seen those puppy eyes?” she sighed and shook her head slightly, it was unfair.

Her gaze softened a little at his next words, he always had a way with them and she swore her heart jumped in her chest every time he spoke them “Your resilience is honestly impressive” she commented with a soft voice “Though she’d be stupid to use someone like you” she commented softly, she didn’t want him to feel like she wasn’t giving anything back to him. With him, she didn’t want to be selfish. “It wouldn’t hurt to expect a little more than that” she commented softly, it honestly made her feel a little nervous because of the way he just seemed to have so much belief in her, she found herself not wanting to let him down.

She averted her gaze for a moment, flustered about admitting what she wanted like that but it didn’t make it any less true, she found him attractive and she wasn’t the kind of person who held back when it came to....that “It’s natural to want to...get closer to someone you’re dating...right?” she murmured it softly, she wasn’t sure what made her so embarrassed about it. She smiled slightly, it was amazing to her, to know she was in a world where people could really fly in the air “What I wouldn’t have given for that kind of freedom in my past” she commented softly. They were soon distracted by the giant fish that came swimming past though and she gasped softly “It looks kinda...terrifying...I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with one” but amazing nonetheless. They were both standing there staring in wonder and honestly it was so nice to experience.

“I think there’s a rock pool after this” she commented and grinned “Are you brave enough to poke a starfish?” she questioned with a grin.

When she said that, he realized she wasn’t used to the type of feelings she might be experiencing right now. “Sometimes the pressure is nice, but often it makes you forget that you should care about others more than yourself, which is not something most people do." He held her arm gently and smiled, “If you think it’s a pressure then something is wrong. It shouldn’t be a pressure, it should be something you want to do lightheartedly.” He knew how tempting it was to impress your partner, hell he’s been doing that since day one with Nora and he is still doing it. Even so, this is her first time engaging in a serious relationship so he didn’t want it to be daunting for her. They can move as slow as she wants it to be. “Will you really? Give me whatever I wanted?” he grinned coyly and chuckled, what does he want anyway? Julian has never been an ambitious person, he never wanted a lot. You can’t buy love now can you? He pointed to himself and tried to refrain himself from bursting out in laughter when she told him he had a pair of puppy eyes, “Seriously? Me? Puppy eyes? Are you sure we don’t need to take you to go see an eye doctor?” It was nice to know she saw him as someone who is cute.

“I have to be resilient, have you seen how hard it is to survive these days? You can either be an opportunist or you might let the only chance of making your life a tad bit better go.” Which is ironic coming from him of all people, considering the nephilim rejected offers of pursuing a career as a pilot and chose to stay on the ground as an engineer that gets pushed around here and there 24/7. At least his superior wasn’t that bad. “That’s… nice to hear” he mumbled softly, so she didn’t want to use him, and though he was ready to let her do that, hearing it from her does make it different. “No, it doesn’t hurt to want more than that. But what can I say? I found happiness in just relishing what I have currently, sometimes holding onto hope can be what makes you or kills you. I would like to be someone who has his own fate in his hand instead of letting anyone do it for me. And this? What we have right now? It’s what I wanted for quite some time. Don’t dial down on your moves though, who knows if I wanted to take it further?” he teased and nudged her side playfully. 

The sight of her being flustered is tugging on his heartstrings and god knows what the nephilim was doing internally to stop himself from scooping her up right there on the spot and kissing her. “Mhmm, very natural. There’s not supposed to be a boundary between the two of us. What you think you want to do, you should just do it because it’s within your right. I’m your partner, aren’t I? If I can’t handle you, then who can?” His ears were turning red, because he might’ve let it out that he was just a teeny bit nervous about it when in reality, he was freaking out massively. “I don’t think you would wanna pick a fight with any aquatic life, honestly. The sea is vast and we have yet to even discover more than a quarter of it, we can barely breathe even with an oxygen tank down there right now because of the current since our bodies wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Speaking of which, do you think it’d be possible for us to go diving down there? I mean, taking into account of the supernatural physiology, do you think it’s possible?” 

Some of them had regenerative abilities and better healing factors so he has always been curious about it. “I think we should try finding out, to be honest. It’ll be fun.” He gave her a look when she asked, “Am I brave enough to poke a what now? Why would you wanna poke a… starfish?” Still, he beckoned for her to lead the way. “Won’t the starfish be upset if we poke them?” 

She bit gently on her lip when he said the pressure could be nice as it pushed you to want to be a better person, she looked up at him, smiling at the way he put a supportive hold on her arm, she nodded “I put a lot of pressure in myself in everything” she commented in a soft voice, as though it was a confession “Everyone I ever relied upon left me so” she shrugged a little and pouted her lips slightly “That pressure is...a side effect of the fear of being left” she confessed in a small voice, she was doing her best to be honest with him about how she felt and where her mind was at, even though it was hard for her.

She shrugged her shoulders slightly when he asked if she would really give him anything he wanted and pursed her lips slightly “Well as long as you’re not asking me to join a cult or something” she teased with a wry smile. She shook her head in amusement when he denied having puppy dog eyes “No…” she commented and chuckled “Hey you should see those eyes as an asset not a curse, they’re my weakness” she commented softly, she couldn’t lie to him when he looked at her with those wide eyes.

It honestly gave her assurance to know he wanted more from their relationship, even if she felt like it was a lot to take on and she enjoyed the slow pace they had set into, it gave her a sense of security to know he saw some kind of future. She never thought she’d want that before him, but he made her feel things, he made her want to scale back the walls just a little. “You can be fun when you’re acting coy” she teased and nudged back against his side as the two of them walked through the aquarium, she was enjoying their date, she was enjoying just having fun with someone she liked being around.

She did feel flustered to talk to him about this topic because honestly, it wasn’t the same with him as it had been with others, she cared about him, she cared about his feelings during the whole experience, she wanted him to be happy and comfortable and sure. And she knew that he wasn’t experienced and that he might be more nervous than he was actually letting on. She reached to cup his face with her hand for a moment as she stared into his eyes and murmured “there’s something I want to do...again.” she bit her lip softly, they’d kissed many times of course but her mind just kept drifting back to their first one, in her kitchen on Christmas.

She grinned when he was talking about sealife, she loved it whenever he pulled out all his nerdy facts and she was just watching him with that gaze that said she adored it when he was passionate about something “Possibly...though i’ve heard about immortals getting put into comatose like states if they’re unable to breathe” she murmured softly, which meant they wouldn’t be able to make it to the surface again. She was laughing as he questioned her about the starfish “Only one way to find out” she commented as they came into the rock pool area, there were a few starfish as well as some cleaner shrimp inside and the guide was explaining how the shrimp fed on the dead skin cells. Nora glanced over at Julian and giggled softly “You’re brave enough right?” she didn’t hesitate as she put her hand in the tank and a couple shrimp came over to climb on it.

“I won’t” he quipped softly upon hearing her said that everyone she ever relied on left her, “I can’t promise forever because that’s… just something I have no control over, who knows what lies ahead in my future but I can promise you that I will always be there for you.” Even as a friend. "If you're afraid of being left… I want to tell you that those who are really genuine in loving you, won't do that." He pressed his lips into a small smile and stroked his thumb against her knuckle absentmindedly. A snort escaped him when she said something about a cult, "Not a cult, no. But something else maybe, but don't worry, definitely not a cult." He could his heart thumping in excitement when she said he should see his puppy eyes as a gift and not a curse because she likes them, "Really? You like them huh? That's good to hear" maybe he'd keep them for a little while longer. Just for her. Because why not? 

He was trying his best to ease her into their relationship since it was her first time and the last thing Julian wanted to do was scare her off. "Are you trying to say I'm not fun when I'm not acting coy, Len?" He narrowed his eyes playfully and shook his head, "I've always been fun… you just didn't pay enough attention to realize it." Admittedly, he had been trying to get her attention for the longest while, unapologetically. He did have a crush on her first, after all. It wasn't surprising. When she cupped his face, he could feel his cheeks flaring up, she looks so small in his eyes, both physically and from another perspective. It wasn't just their heights, it was so much more than that. "Something… you wanna do? Again?" He trailed softly and blinked a few times, trying to guess what she meant, until it dawned on him. Did she mean… a kiss? 

"Well, you know you always have a green light, Len." That was basically him telling her she could have a go whenever and wherever she wanted. Since he wasn't sure what she meant and didn't want to impose by kissing first, maybe this would help him understand her better, if she chose to do it first. The kiss they shared in her kitchen during Christmas was memorable, to say the least. For both of them he's sure. "Dessication, right?" He heard about that a few times but never actually dived deep enough to know more. "That's… really scary if you get put into a comatose state, because then you'd be relying on another's help to rescue you and what if nobody knew where you were? Then you'd stay under forever…" he couldn't help but shudder at the mere thought of it. It sure is scary. Not something he would ever think of doing, honestly. He likes the life he's living now just fine. 

He scrunched up his nose and made a face when he saw what she was doing, should he really be doing that? He peeked over and stared at the shrimps with an indescribable look before slowly scurrying over to her side, still looking over the shrimps in caution, "I am… I mean I'd like to think I am" he muttered and placed his hand in, only to squirm after. "It's too ticklish…"

She could feel the sincerity in his words when he responded that he wouldn’t just leave her, of course she wasn’t sure he could keep that promise, but she did believe that he really wanted to keep it and that was something “Always is a really big word” and yet those big words and big commitments seemed to come easily to him. She knew by now he’d always been the big romantic kind of person but it still surprised him when he said things like those so easily “Then I guess I haven’t...had anyone truly love me” she murmured softly, there was a time when she believed her parents did but they had become so selfish and conceited.

She nodded when he asked if she really liked his puppy eyes “How do people not give you the entire world on a plate” she cooed softly as she looked up at her, all she ever saw when he was staring back at her was this softness she’d never experienced before, and she liked it. She rolled her eyes playfully when he twisted her words saying he wasn’t fun when he wasn’t acting coy “I never said that, I’m just saying I’m a fan of the mystery” she pressed her lips together and smiled softly. “You are fun” she commented in a soft voice “And surprisingly an excellent dancer too, who would have thought” considering how tall he was it had definitely been a pleasant surprise for her.

His adorable clueless look made her want to kiss him even more “Mhmmm...something...special” she commented as she pushed herself onto her toes so she could hint to him what she wanted because there was no way she could reach his lips if he didn’t lean down a little for her “I’m glad I wore heels today” she murmured softly as her lips finally brushed softly against him. She smiled against his lips before they finally parted, the warm expression remaining on her face “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that” she commented before realizing she was being all sappy and averted her gaze slightly.

She was enjoying their date, she’d been to this aquarium countless times but it was much more fun spending it together, having someone to marvel over all the marine life with. She giggled when she noticed how scared he looked of the shrimp but she was impressed when he put his hand in the tank. Before long she pulled her own hand away and looked down at it “They must get quite the feeding every day when everyone comes through here” she commented as she wiped her hands with paper towels and sprayed the hand sanitizer “We haven’t even seen the dolphins or penguins yet and it’s already been a great visit” she commented as she went around to a few more displays.

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