It was ridiculous to feel nervous. She knew that, it wasn't like she had just met this guy and it wasn't like they hadn't slept in the same bed when she let him come stay with her over Christmas. It had been a couple weeks since then, Julian had insisted that they go out on a real date but they'd been texting a lot since then and seen one another a few times at work. One time had resulted in a pretty heated makeout session in the break room which told her that everything she was feeling wasn't just going to disappear. She liked him, dammit she really liked him.

She had picked out her outfit the night before to avoid her getting in a last minute panic. Nora didn't really pay much mind to what others thought about her fashion but perhaps for one night she wanted to impress him a little. The feminist in her was shaking her head in disapproval but she couldn't bring herself to care in that moment. She was wearing her favorite pair of jeans, a pretty blouse paired with a loose-fitting black cardigan which would keep her warm enough as they wandered around the aquarium together. 

A blush rested upon her cheeks as she thought about the idea of going on a date with him, in public no less. She wondered if he would hold her hand while talking about something dorky, whether that stupid grin would plant itself on her lips and refuse to leave like it usually did when she was with him. As if he could sense her nervousness, Cloud jumped up for her attention which made her laugh and tell him to settle in her bed "I'll be fine, it's only a date, what's the worst that could happen right?" she attempted to laugh it off but really she was wondering how tonight would go. 

She grabbed her bag and keys and headed towards the door, closing it and locking up behind her before heading down the steps of her home and down the driveway. She decided to get a cab rather than drive because she wasn't really sure what the plan was. She knew where they were meeting but it seemed open ended on whether they would stay together after or where they might go. She wanted the freedom to have a few drinks if she wanted. She hopped into the cab she called and before long she was across the city to the busier tourist part at the center.

She got out of the car, looking around as she pulled her cardigan tighter because the air was colder than she was expecting it to be. She made her way to their meeting spot outside of the building and tugged on her sleeves a little as she waited.

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A date. Who would've known this day would finally come again for Julian Lockhart? Staring at his own reflection in the mirror, the nephilim couldn't help but brush himself down while chewing his bottom lip nervously, it has been such a long while since he even tried dating again. To be fair, ever since his fiancee's passing, Julian didn't dare try dating again, always dismissing the very thought of it by saying he's too busy with his work and wouldn't have the time to spare for a significant other. Until he met Nora. Coincidentally, he was in the period of moving on around the time he moved here and met Eleanora Nordstroem. And boy did she make him feel things. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that his heart has been thumping wildly whenever he thought about the COO of Everectronics. 

Having kissed her on Christmas night, Julian didn't know how to process what happened over the period of those two days but he remembered coming back home and rolling on his bed for the next hour while trying to comprehend what just happened. Over the next few weeks, they shared a few more kisses. They occupied one another's time during breaks and snuck out a few times which was honestly a bit thrilling, even for him. Today is supposed to be their first official date, and he is beyond nervous even though he was sure they will end up geeking out over the sharks. He picked up the keys to his truck and glanced over to take one last look at himself in the mirror by the hallway before closing the door and headed over to his parked vehicle. The entire time during the ride to the aquarium, all he could think of was how things would change between them. In a good way, of course. 

Admittedly, he even daydreamed a bit to the point where another had to wake him up by honking since he didn't realize the red light had turned green. The last time he was this nervous was during his wedding, which clearly showed how much this date meant to him. How much she meant to him. After a while, the sight of the big signboard that symbolised the aquarium came into his view. He made a turn at the corner and went to park his truck at the designated parking lot. Before getting out, he closed his eyes, leaned back against the seat and checked his phone to see if he was late or early, thankfully he was just in time, about 10 minutes earlier than his appointment. 

As Julian made his way to the entrance, he noticed the familiar petite silhouette standing just next to the notice board, causing the dark haired male to smile unconsciously. "Are you sure you're dressed warmly?" He quipped softly from behind, pushing his hands into his pocket as he towered above her. She looks so small to him, his hand went to brush a strand of her hair from her view. "I missed you" It has only been two days but Julian had no idea why he said that, perhaps he had been accustomed to her presence. He offered one hand out to her and grinned, "Are you ready, milady? I have our tickets ready." 

She had been telling herself over and over all day that this wasn’t going to be much different and she didn’t need to put pressure on herself but the pressure seemed to keep resurfacing itself. She supposed she would take that as proof that she really, really liked him. Honestly, she didn’t really know what made him like her, she was sharp-tongued and dismissive most of the time, she had turned him down more times than she could count. She wasn’t the kind of person people wanted to make happy. But that never seemed to matter to him, the way he looked at her always gave her butterflies in her stomach, he made her feel special, important in a way she’d never felt to others before.

They hadn’t been able to stay away from one another since they shared that first kiss. Honestly, it was probably before then, when the two of them had fallen asleep in the same bed. It hadn’t been intended but she had woken up that next morning entangled in his arms. She couldn’t help but feel safe within them, secure. She had been craving more of him since then but they’d had to keep face because they were at work. It hadn’t stopped a few... slip-ups where they had shared a few secret kisses before. It made her feel giddy and it made her wonder if this is what a teenager in love felt like.

She heard his voice before he came into view which made her turn around towards him, grinning slightly as she tipped her head back to look up at him. He was so tall and she couldn’t help but notice he looked especially handsome tonight “I’m regretting not picking the outfit which matched my coat” she commented in a grumble, not realizing she was basically confirming that she’d been debating over what outfit to wear for their date. He gravitated to her so easily and it made her feel a little jittery as she leaned into his gentle touch “It’s only been two days” she commented and bit her lip a little “But I’ve never really had anyone...miss me before” she mumbled softly.

She couldn’t help but laugh when he called her milady “Did we get transported with the 18th century?” she commented but placed her hand in his and shuffled behind him as they headed inside of the building. The door staff checked their ticket and before long they were heading inside. Her eyes immediately lit up when she saw the wall lined with a tank and what must be hundreds of fish swimming inside it. She tugged on Julian’s hand as she headed up towards it, getting close to the glass so she could eye it in wonder.

He had every right to feel this way because he reminded himself that this girl wasn't just any other girl. She is Eleanora Nordstroem, someone he has been pining over for months, staring from afar and pretending he wasn't at all in love with her. Now he finally had the chance to make it true on their date. When he first suggested they should go on a date, he didn't think he would accept but here they are today, standing in front of the entrance of said building. The place they were visiting today had plenty of things they like, so it wouldn't be hard to strike a  conversation either. Their progress were not too fast and the two clearly enjoyed the time they could spend together, even in secret, especially those escapades during work. 

The smirks and teasing looks he would pass her way whenever he had the chance to do so when she came to visit the hangar for work. She looked so much tinier than he could remember, but it was perhaps the clothes she was wearing. It wasn't oversized which would probably have made her look even tinier than now. Maybe it was just him who thought she also looked prettier than two days ago but a man in love would actually find anything and everything about his partner beautiful, no? It felt silly but he's fine basking in this. "Well, if it makes you feel better, you still look good in them. I was just worried you might end up having a cold is all. Not that I think I should have anything to worry about since your immune system is strong, just like the owner." But knowing she debated on what to wear for their date made his heart flutter. So this is what it feels like to go all giddy. 

Julian had to clench his fist and hid it behind him to refrain himself from breaking out a giggle on the spot. Though the bright smile he had etched on his lips said enough to describe how happy he is. "Well now you do. And even if it has only been two days, it's a bit hard to cope when you see each other a lot at work" he murmured softly, even when she wouldn't come to the hangar, he would always find an excuse to run over the headquarters to pass a few paperwork, or really to just the COO herself. Then he would find himself spending more time than 'necessary' in her office. "Nothing wrong with being a well mannered gentleman, milady" he teased, making sure to enunciate the address once again just for the sake of it.

Once they got their tickets checked and was able to enter the place, the first thing he did wasn't looking at the tanks and their surroundings but more to staring down at the dhampir by his side who was in awe. He followed her to a section and chuckled warmly upon seeing the look on her face, "You look like a kid on Christmas. Do you have any particular sealife favorites apart from the sharks?"

Nora looked up for a moment only to notice the way that Julian was staring back at her, she swore her heart did a little flip whenever she caught him doing that because his gaze was so soft and his expression spoke so many more words than either of them knew how to say to one another. “I’ll be okay....” she assured him but she offered a small thankful smile that he was worried over her health. As a dhampir she didn’t really need to worry too much about getting sick and even when she did it rarely lasted longer than a few days “I’m sure it’s warm enough inside so as long as you aren’t planning on taking me on a winter stroll” she laughed softly, honestly if he wanted to go do that she would probably give in and go, even if she was shivering the whole way.

Despite the fact that he was trying to keep himself under control, she could sense how happy he seemed to be from the way he smiled. It wasn’t the half-smile he gave colleagues when they made a joke in the hangar, it was a full smile that reached his eyes, the type she only tended to see when he was truly relaxed. “It’s distracting huh?” she commented in agreement to his thoughts about work. They had been doing decently at being professional so far but it was hard to resist when he was right there every day. Not to mention she had noticed all the little reasons he’d made to come to her office, bringing a smile to her face every single time. She shot him a playful glare when he called her milady again like that and nudged against his side playfully “You’re lucky you’re cute” she chided softly.

She was completely enamored by her surroundings and it took a little while for her to just take it all in. Whenever she was in places like this she always felt so small because there was so much to see all around her and she found it fascinating. She didn’t even noticed Julian staring at her until he spoke and she cleared her throat and straightened up a little in response “I just can’t help thinking what a big world is out makes me feel tiny” she commented as her eyes widened as a big manta ray swam past them serenely. She bit her lip in response to his question “Seals...if you pull Cloud’s ears back a little he looks like a baby seal” she laughed softly and reached her hand out towards his so she could tug him to start walking through the tunnels “Did I ever tell you that I helped with a baby turtle beach crawl once?” that had been a lot of fun.

He would often take the chance to stare at her whenever he had the opportunity, and sometimes Nora would notice yet the Nephilim has never once averted his gaze even when he's at the risk of being embarrassed. She is… his girlfriend now, isn't she? They're on a date today too. Their first official date. Everything felt like it was finally setting down in places, where it should be. "You sure? Let me know if you're getting cold" he mumbled, he was sure he could warm her up anyway, and thankfully their date would be indoors today, so unless she was to fall into one of the tanks, there's no reason she would get colder than she already was when they were outside. "A winter stroll can wait for another day" he grinned sheepishly, "I do plan to do that though. Maybe at night one of these days, I heard they'll be setting up decorations and those pretty lights for something soon. That'd be pretty" he saw the workers working on something last week and wondered if they were planning on an event. 

"Don't worry, we'll do that when it's not as chilly and when you are actually dressed warmly enough" he teased, giggling softly to himself because he could picture her reaction if he really did decide to take her on a stroll today. "Very" he nodded in affirmation, distraction often came by and knocked on his doors, Julian couldn't help but allow himself to get lost in it sometimes too. Which would later pose a problem for the male. "We manage such a hectic life at work, I have no idea when we even make time to see each other unless I go out my way to stop by the office just… to send a few irrelevant reports that I could totally pass over the week's end." It was his excuse to see her frequently and it worked, in a way. The playful glare from her had Julian guffawing, "I am lucky I'm cute" he nodded, "Though I've been told that I'm handsome not cute though, do you perhaps… don't find me handsome" he purposely covered his mouth dramatically and looked down on her dramatically as if she just said the most absurd thing ever. 

"Chivalry isn't supposed to die, Len" he whispered, for as long as he lives on, he would never forget that code of honor that's probably somewhere inside him. Be polite, his sister would often remind him. Sometimes, he wasn't even sure who's the actual mother in the house. "You are tiny" he exclaimed bluntly, making it sound as if it was the most factual detail he has ever picked up, before chuckling a few seconds later, "It makes you look even more precious though. Just like those fishes… swimming the deep blue sea." When she tugged him with her, his smile grew and he tightened his grip around her hand firmly, pulling her close as they walked past the tunnels. "I'm gonna try doing that to Cloud now that you've said it. But seals huh? That's… unexpectedly cute. Who knew you'd like cute things" he jested teasingly. "That sounds like a story, how did you even come across one?"

She noticed the way he would stare her and honestly it still surprised her each time because his gaze always looked so soft, so caring and Nora had never experienced someone looking at her like that, it was a nice feeling but also a somewhat scary one because she felt this pressure inside of her to live up to the person he seemed to find in her. “I’m sure” she assured him but nodded as though to say she would tell him if things got too bad. He was worried about her and that was enough to make her feel warm inside. She looked up with a curious look when he said he wanted to go for a winter stroll another time so they could see all the lights in the city “You definitely take the romantic role seriously huh?” she teased but her expression showed that she appreciated it.

“I’ll make sure to find my winter hat” she teased with a soft grin. His little giggle honestly made her heart flutter a little because he seemed so carefree and happy tonight and it made her feel almost proud that she could be the one to cause him to feel like that. She didn’t know what she did to deserve him but she was done trying to push him away. She grinned sheepishly when he agreed it was very distracting to both work in the same place “In our defense, I think we have done a pretty job at staying...restrained” she commented in a thoughtful voice, it hadn’t been completely without slip-ups of course but if anyone suspected anything about them, they hadn’t voiced it yet anyway. “Excuse you, I’d say those reports were...very important” she teased with a wry smile. She rolled her eyes when he brought up that he preferred to be seen as handsome over cute “You know they don’t cancel one another outright?” she responded coyly.

“Tell that to most other guys” she argued back when he said chivalry wasn’t supposed to die, he was a rare breed nowadays, most guys wanted sex and little more than a girl and were perfectly happy to be honest about that. Julian was a really traditional person though and that was a little jarring for her but she was quickly learning what he enjoyed and valued. Her lip jutted out a little and she pushed up onto her toes when he pointed out that she was tiny “Compared to you, anyone would be tiny” she grumbled slightly shaking her head and sighed as she watched the fish swimming by “Completely lost in their own worlds, they barrel even notice we exist” she commented softly before tugging him and leading the way through the exhibit, studying each of the tanks and the fish inside, she grinned pointing out the clownfish “Nemo” she pointed out and grinned “Seals are bloodthirsty I’ll have you know” she explaining before shrugging “But they are pretty cute too” she commented.

She liked how tightly he was holding onto her hand as though he never wanted to let it go, it made her feel secure “I was on a business trip in LA and I saw some posters...not usually my thing but a girl approached me and explained their could I resist baby turtles?” she laughed, maybe that cute label fit her better than she wanted to admit.

He had hoped that she would feel at ease and know that whatever she does, he's going to be there for her either way but he also understood that Nora wasn't used to this and that he should approach her slowly. He's fine just smiling at her antics though, which makes things easier to process when he doesn't ask her to do this or that. When she pointed out that he took the romantic role seriously, he cleared his throat awkwardly and chuckled, "Maybe? I don't know, I'll be truthfully honest, girls seem to like that and I generally do like taking strolls at night when the place isn't so packed by people. It's refreshing and comfortable" Julian wasn't a fan of crowded places, he tends to keep to himself so taking a stroll when nobody is in sight was his ideal way of spending the end of the day. "Do you not like strolling?" He asked curiously, maybe she didn't, he had to know before he made any further plans. 

He had to admit, now that Nora no longer pushed him away, it was easier to talk to her. He had the opportunity to talk about more things, personal things mostly, without fearing he'd cross the boundary of a friend. "Have we now? Are you sure we're restrained enough?" He teased, they shared plenty of teasing and playful looks at work, sometimes even shared their break time in her office that he sure hoped nobody realized he went into. "Sometimes I wonder if they noticed me going into your office or spending time with you more often, but they haven't said a thing, have they?" Not even his colleagues. He wondered if they were just keeping their lips zipped or they were somewhat subtle with their affections. "Those reports are important" he wiggled his eyebrows coyly and chuckled, the time they had together was definitely well spent. They did their work, of course, only now it comes with a side… activity that allows them to stay a little while longer than usual within each other's company. 

"So I'm both handsome and cute, that's what you're trying to say?" Julian spared her a soft smile when she said the others don't have the same trait applied on them, "Well then aren't you lucky to get someone who actually didn't forget about it, hm?" He stroked her hair gently and grinned, he tried his best to make her comfortable with him. "We wish we're fishes sometimes… look at how much freedom they have. I'm jealous, I just want to swim away with you too without having to care about adulting" he huffed playfully and tapped the tank slightly, not hard enough to bring others to attention but still audible for the fishes to notice. "I don't know, they look pretty tame to me but I can't say I've tried to pass them off either so maybe I'll keep that mind for the future." Seals, what an interesting choice. Her story about baby turtles had the nephilim grinning from ear to ear, "You do realize how cute that sounds, right? So you went ahead with it?"

One thing she had learned quickly about Julian was that he was a very humble guy and rarely bragged about anything “A quiet romantic walk doesn’t sound like the worst use of my time” she responded in a coy manner and raised her brows slightly “That maybe when it’s a little warmer so my eyelashes don’t end up freezing” she pressed her lips together and nodded slightly. “You’re just...different than what I’m used to...traditional as they might say” most guys wanted to try and get a girl drunk so that she’d be more likely to take them home but that seemed so far from what Julian was aiming for, he just seemed to enjoy being in her company.

She offered a shy grin when he mentioned how they might not have been quite restrained enough “Guilty…” she spoke softly and popped her lips “But it’s so hard to keep our focus when we know” the way it felt to kiss one another. Julian was an excellent kisser and it kept Nora wanting more, more than could be squeezed into a few private moments in the office. “People know better than to gossip about me in my own workplace, it’s almost like I know everything they say” she teased with a chuckle, they both knew her dhampir hearing was good enough to pick up on it. She gave a wry smile when he agreed with her that reports were important.

She bit her lip slightly when he surmised that he must be both handsome and cute based on her words “And usually humble though it seems like that part of you has gone on vacation for a little while” she grinned slightly, eyes watching the tanks as they slowly walked past them, stopping to inspect each of them and then moving on “Adulting” she commented and grinned in amusement from his words “Life is definitely simpler for them but...I think I’ll put up with adulting if it means I get to keep everything else I have right now too” she spoke in a soft voice, watching the tank as the fish followed Julian’s finger. “They’re pretty great hunters and they’ve been known to take down boats when they want to” she pointed out.

She wrinkled her nose because of the soft way he was looking at her when she talked about the baby turtles, she shifted on the spot almost a little nervously and nudged his side “Of course I went ahead with it, I couldn’t let the baby turtles down now could I?” she raised her brows curiously.

He chuckled and held his own hand to refrain from ruffling her hair even more, he knows that would be the last thing he should be doing. "A quiet romantic walk indeed, there's plenty to do during those, you know" he would be content with just holding her hand while they chat as they walk down the snow-covered pavement. "Is that a bad thing? That I'm being traditional?" He was curious what she thought about that. It's the whole reason why he made sure to wait for the girl and then take things to what they wanted because when he loves, he only has eyes on that one person. The loyalty he held was the one trait he's proud to flaunt to others. He wanted to respect Nora's decisions on how they take things but judging from the way they spent their time together, she didn't seem to have any objections. 

"Surprisingly our self control isn't as high as we both thought it would be" he teased, he would often tell her they need to keep it under a low profile but somehow, they will always end up hitting that off once their lips are on each other's. And how could he deny her when every fibre of his being was telling him to give in? Julian brushed his finger against her ears playfully and flicked it gently, "Dhampir hearing, and how would they dare talk about their boss hm? That's practically suicide." They definitely know what's going on with them both but they probably choose not to discuss it in open space. It's fine by the nephilim so long as Nora finds no problem with that and the dhampir didn't seem like she cares much about what people have to say. "My humility is always there, I just decided to give him a break because I don't have to pretend when I'm around you" being humble has never been an act for Julian but it would end up becoming an automatic switch because that's basic decency. 

However, with Nora, he feels like he could be himself and she wouldn't judge. It's a different feeling and he didn't need to be so cautious. He brushed his thumb against her knuckles softly as if reaffirming what she said earlier about being able to keep what she has now, "Me too… I won't give this up for anything else, to be honest. I have all I want right here." And it wasn't an exaggeration, Julian did feel like things fell in place shortly after Nora accepted his feelings. "So don't try to pass one off when you're in their territory… at least they're not… carnivorous, or am I missing a part about that too?" Her story about the baby turtles made him grin and he was secretly battling the urge to squeeze her cheeks the entire time, "Do you want to go do that once again? What would you even name your baby turtle?"

She looked up at him and allowed a wry smile to cross her lips “Let me guess, it involves a lot of walking...and talking” she grinned slightly, it didn’t seem like the worst way to spend an evening she supposed, as long as the weather wasn’t miserable. She shrugged her shoulders when he asked her whether being traditional was a bad thing to her “Not bad” she answered without much thought before considering what she wanted to say about it “Just not what I’m usually expecting so sometimes you catch me off guard” she he says something cheesy or romantic it definitely made her heart flutter a little in her chest and there wasn’t a thing she could do to stop it.

“You’d think we’d be able to act our age and not like teenagers” she jested, disappointed in their own ability to keep their hands off one another. It wasn’t like it was one of them causing all the trouble either, it seemed like a shared attack from all sides that neither of them were able to escape. She winced a little in surprise when he flicked her ears because they were sensitive and gave him a playful glare in response “They don’t know I have dhampir hearing” she grumbled in a soft tone “But they’re right, it would be career suicide” she pointed out boldly and shrugged. Her gaze softened a little when he said he felt like he could be his real self around her “I kinda like the hint of confidence there anyway” she admitted in a soft tone, he never too things too far.

She glanced down at their joined hands when she felt Julian’s fingers sweep against her knuckles “That doesn’t seem very ambitious of you” she chided as she gazed back at him “There must be some other things you want to do with your life...goals...bucket list items...random hobbies you wanna try” everyone had layers to themselves and even if people convinced themselves otherwise, there was always a future to look forward to and work for. “I mean they eat fish mostly but there’s some seals that have been known to hunt penguins” like said before, they could be pretty scary and viscous when they wanted to be.

“I’d love to go again” she responded without hesitation because it was honestly such a rewarding and fun experience “And Marina, cause why not, it sounds cute” she bit her lip and smiled “What about you? Ever thought about wanting to go on an animal rescue mission?” she already knew he had a soft spot for Cloud.

He coughed a few times and cleared his throat when she said that, bringing one hand to rub the back of his head awkwardly, "It does but you aren't like others, are you? Walking and talking with me seems… like a good way to you know, knit out relationship and connection further" he nudged her playfully and winked. Over the past few months, Julian had been more open and playful with Nora and everyone could see the chance in his demeanor, he was in no way a cold and indifferent individual but he's not that openly sociable either, so to see him laughing out loud and then cracking up jokes with his own superior? He's whipped. And it shows. "I hope I do that in a good way" he murmured softly in response to her remark about him catching her off guard, "I can be romantic when I want to be. Or foolishly attempt to do so. No in betweens." He wondered if Nora found some solace in it, to be cared and loved like that, the nephilim wished to be able to provide at least a fraction of it that could assure the dhampir that she is not alone. 

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you sound disappointed, Miss Nordstroem" he teased, "Do I not make your heart flutter when I sweep you off the ground and push you against the wall?" He whispered and brushed his thumb against her cheek gently. He couldn't help himself, it was almost as if Julian went into an instinctual mode when he saw her, he wanted to express his affection to her and the idea of being the one making her smile behind the shutters was a nice thought. "So it doesn't really matter at the end of the day no? Dare I say, perhaps some of them are jealous of our… love life" they weren't open with their relationship to their workers and kept it private between them both to keep a certain level of professionalism on air because she is still his boss. But they don't try to hide it either, Julian wants to shower her with the love she deserves. 

"Do you? I was a bit shy to be honest but you liked it so that's a positive reaction" Julian was hardly someone who would just take things up on the spot, he's brave but not that daring and definitely not that impulsive. The nephilim is rather calm at controlling his emotions. He did have random hobbies he wanted to try, "I'm not a very ambitious person, Len. I am… content with what I'm given and what I have achieved thus far. I just want someone to share it with. But there are a few activities I wanted to try, paragliding… I can fly but I've never done any air activities aside from piloting. Skydiving… those sound fun." He never did have the time to try it out either. "Besides, those kinds of activities require a second person, it's not a fun activity to do alone… so" there's that. Her talk and knowledge regarding seals were honestly endearing, "You know, I'd pay to listen to you talk about the history of seals and their current look, have I told you how incredibly endearing and hot you sound when you talk about these stuff?" And now he has. "Now that you fed me the idea of baby turtles… I want to try that" he chuckled, "it sounds really cute. I want to help dolphins too… they must be cute creatures. How about baby dolphins next?"

The dhampir grinned at the way he suddenly acted so sheepishly “Walking and talking sounds good to me” she assured him with a slight grin, he was right, it was nice to be around someone who actually wanted to get to know her, he asked a lot of questions but she couldn’t complain because for once someone actually seemed interested to know her. They were very much still getting to know one another but it was nice to learn more about him bit by bit and not feel rushed into anything. She laughed when he said he could be romantic and foolish “I believe they call that hopelessly romantic” she chided and smiled “We could use a little romance in the world, even the coldest girl secretly dreams about someone who would treat her well” and by that perhaps she meant herself.

She scrunched her nose slightly and then chuckled when he said she sounded disappointed “I’m only disappointed in my own lack of self-control, what impression must I be giving?” she teased softly before biting on her lip when he mentioned the way he liked to pick her up and pin her against the wall. How was she supposed to resist something like that, she nudged against his side and sighed “How am I meant to resist you when you’re such a bad influence” she jested, eyes following his fingers as they caressed her cheek but doing nothing to push them away. “Jealous huh?” she grinned slightly, perhaps she liked the idea of having something that made other people jealous, especially when it was something she never expected to have before.

She raised her brows when he said he was shy “You’re pretty cute when you’re shy too” she confessed with a slight smile, she definitely found that he was most charming when he was being modest and a little geeky, that was the part of him that she could relate to most. “Everyone is an ambitious person” she rejected his words almost immediately after he spoke them, she honestly believed that “It’s just...about what motivates you to want things...everyone is ambitious for different things” perhaps he wasn’t motivated by his career but she was certain there were things he wanted “Skydiving and paragliding?” she lit up with a smile when he admitted he wanted to do those “Never done either of those but I could see the appeal...though isn’t it cheating a little for you?” her fingers came to trail slightly against his back implying that the Nephilim had wings.

She chuckled a little sheepishly when he said he would pay to listen to her talk about seals, she scoffed a little “I would hardly call it hot” she responded in her usual grumbling tone and licked her lips “But if that’s what appeals to you” she laughed softly and shifted on the spot “I’m not sure the baby dolphins need as much help, they’re very smart you know” she giggled softly “But we could definitely visit a sanctuary of them...if we ask nicely maybe they’ll let you swim with them” she tugged his hand as they walked past the next tanks and came to stop by some sea horses, Nora grinned as she watched the way they gripped their little tails onto the plants.

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