The sun was setting as Sapphire had finished a mission with few injuries to herself when fighting off some of the bad guys. It wasnt good that Sapphire was in the Celestial territory but she was there for business. Sapphire had a few cuts and bruises but she did have a bad cut on her forehead from the fight as she continued to walk down the road. Sapphire could of flown home but she didnt want to look suspicious  in the celestial territory. She just smiled alittle as she walked down the road. The weather wasnt bad as it wasnt cold or raining and no snow was on the ground. The phoenix loved the weather as she sighed. 

As Sapphire walked, she didnt noticed her celestial friend Katrina walking around. "Katrina?" She said as she looked up at the celestial. "Hey Katrina." She said as the two got closer. "How are you?" She asked as she kinda moved her hair to cover the head wound with her hair. "Its been a while." She said as she smiled softly. 

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Katrina has been so busy trying to figure out how she was going to make her move to the Celestial castle. Aliward Guards were not meant to get along great with Celestials but Katrina had no enemies. She always did her best to make sure she was not enemies with anyone. She was not a part of big fights or anything that could get her in trouble.
She did her best by trying to be supportive of everyone.
Smiling she looked to see an old friend Sapphire. Katrina looked at her as her friend spoke to her softly. "Hey, how are you, Sapphire?" She said looking at her gently. "I am great old friend." Noticing some blood she looked at her friend slightly moving aside the hair and looked at her. "What trouble have you been getting into? How about you come home with me and I clean you up?"

Sapphire smiled softly as she watched Katrina move her hair. "Im good." She said as she then chuckled. "No trouble, just a mission that didnt really end well on my part but managed to stop the bad guy." She said as she then nodded softly. "Sure, but you really dont have to Katrina. Phoenixes heal fast but I think the weapon I was going against had weakened the healing factor." She said with a small smile. "But tell me what have you been up to." She asked as they walked together to Katrina's house. "I must say I have been making new friends left and right in town and also been on alot of missions lately." Sapphire said as she smiled.

Katrina looked at her. She hated seeing people in pain. She was a midwife and seeing a woman contracting and in labour sucked so much. She hated people in pain. She looked at her head again. Touching her shoulder she gave her a smile. "Just let me get it cleaned up." She said smiling as they started walking down the street. "I have been getting ready with a thought process of moving to the celestial castle. But other than that its just delivering babies for people. I have been quiet. But I have been thinking a lot about you!" 

She smiled at her friend as they started reaching the house. "I have missed you." 

Sapphire smiled softly. "Ok." She said as she knew that Katrina wouldnt let Sapphire go home without getting her wounds cleaned up. As they walked down the street, Sapphire listened to Katrina. "Really? Have anyone recently have babies lately? and Moving? That must be alot to do." She asked as she smiled. "Me? really?" she said as she smiled alittle. "I missed you too Katrina. Its just kinda hard to go out an meet up with friends when being in the guard and stuff. Luckily I am able to take days off if needed." Sapphire said as she smiled softly. "Plus its getting closer to Valentines day so I think missions will be lessened for a bit until that day is over with." She said as she smiled and chuckled as she smiled at her.

She looked briefly at Sapphire and smiled. There was something about her. She had never really been in previous relationships she really wanted one but it was hard with her work and who she was. Sapphire and Katrina had been open with who and what they are.
They knew that others had their quarrels between the species but they didn't seem to care. They reached the house and she turned to Sapphire. "You haven't been here before. This is my little house. I will miss it but it seems better if I move in with the others." 

"Yes a few people, some are still growing their little humans. I have always loved birth. I know that it is hard to have friendships. I haven't had many friendships let alone a relationship. What about you is there a special someone in your life?' She opened the door for her and welcomed her in. 

Sapphire smiled and nodded. "Its a cute little house. But I can agree with that, having more people around is much more comfortable." She said as she smiled and listened as they walked into her house with her. "Well thats good. As for the someone special, No i dont have one. I did have a crush on someone but since we got busy with the missions, the crush on him has been kinda disappearing since I havent seen him much at all. Sadly I dont have a relationship but I do have friendships. But it doesnt stop me from looking for someone special." Sapphire said as she looked at her as she sat down. 

She looked at her and smiled. "Yes, it's hard if there are people to share your life with." Smiling she looked at her.
"No one special? How is a great girl like you not snatched up?" 
Smiling she lead her to the living room before running off herself to get her bag. She had different ones. One that she had updated but she classified more her healing bag. Special herbs and things like that. She used to be a healer in the olden days. But now midwife was her focus with birth.

Bringing it into the living room she sat down on her settee. She smiled at her. "How's it feeling?" 

Sapphire smiled and chuckled. "Yea it is hard to fine someone to share your life with." She said as she looked at Katrina. "Well I just havent found the right person yet, I guess." She said as she smiled and winced alittle at the pain but watched as Katrina ran off. While she was gone, Sapphire looked around the living room and took in the details of her little house. A small smile came across her face as she remembered how her little house was before she moved into the Ailward Manor to be with the other guards and to be around her friend and charge, Tia. As she continued to think, Sapphire snapped out of her daze and looked at Katrina when she asked a question. "My head? It still hurts but it should be healing much quicker now hopefully. I guess the man that attacked me during the mission used something with gold in it." She said to Katrina as she looked at her. 

"One day I am sure," Katrina said smiling. Sapphire was a special girl. She looked at her she felt older always did then the world around her. But that was all the time she was alive. Grabbing her bag and setting it on the table she grabbed Sapphire's hand gently holding it. "I am gonna clean the wound. I don't want anything happening to you." She said smiling as she held the cloth that she had poured some alcohol on. 

She would clean the wound so no infections came up.  

Sapphire smiled as she nodded alittle. "Yea. One day." She said softly as she smiled alittle. It was nice to hang out someone close to her real age since she has been alive for many years. Plus hanging out with Katrina was a different pace than the other friends she hung out with. When Katrina held her hand, Sapphire looked at her and nodded. "Ok. I know Katrina, I will be more careful for the next mission." Sapphire said as she watched Katrina pour the alcohol on the clothe and start cleaning her head wound. The alcohol burned alittle but Sapphire didnt wince or flinch when the cold liquid touched her head and let the burning clean and also help the wound heal. 

Katrina cleaned up the wound slowly and smiled at her. "I know you will be. I would hate it if one of my only friends got hurt. What would I ever do with myself?" She said in a playful but also serious way that she knew was kind of joking but also wasn't. Her body coursed through her something strange. She was very nervous but excited it was different this time spending time with Sapphire. She enjoyed her company always but this time there was something more. After a while of wiping at the wound, she cleaned it good enough to put a bit of gauze and place a large band-aid up. "I know you heel quickly. So before long, you can take this off." 

Sapphire chuckled as she smiled. "I dont know but I promise I wont get badly injured anymore.. well at least try to not get too badly hurt," She joked as she smiled as she looked at her. Sapphire enjoyed Katrina's calm nature and how it made her much calmer when she was normally. After Katrina finished cleaning the wound as she put guaze on it along with a large band-aid. "Yea but I might just keep it on for a while longer just in case since it was something gold that injured me and it might take alittle longer for it to heal." Sapphire said with a smile as she looked into Katrina's eyes. "Thanks again for patching me up." She said softly as she smiled.


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