The sun was setting as Sapphire had finished a mission with few injuries to herself when fighting off some of the bad guys. It wasnt good that Sapphire was in the Celestial territory but she was there for business. Sapphire had a few cuts and bruises but she did have a bad cut on her forehead from the fight as she continued to walk down the road. Sapphire could of flown home but she didnt want to look suspicious  in the celestial territory. She just smiled alittle as she walked down the road. The weather wasnt bad as it wasnt cold or raining and no snow was on the ground. The phoenix loved the weather as she sighed. 

As Sapphire walked, she didnt noticed her celestial friend Katrina walking around. "Katrina?" She said as she looked up at the celestial. "Hey Katrina." She said as the two got closer. "How are you?" She asked as she kinda moved her hair to cover the head wound with her hair. "Its been a while." She said as she smiled softly. 

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"I know you won't promise. What is with Aliward Guards are you always wanting to get hurt is it like a love for the fight?" She said really curious. Smiling she looked at her. There was a form of feeling with her. She was very interested in Sapphire this was different than other times. She couldn't explain it since she was feeling her heartbeat a bit faster than usual.

Katrina was old fashioned but she had only felt this once in her past. A gentleman friend from the early 1940s in the war. A soldier had been badly injured and some could say it was the nursing him back to health but their friendship strengthened in such a way. "Can I get you something to drink?" She said trying to get out of her head. Not knowing if Sapphire was thinking what obviously her heart/brain was. 

"Well for me it isnt the love of the fight, Its the love to protect those around me." She said as she smiled softly as she continued to look at Katrina. "Yes I would love a drink." she said as she continued to look at Katrina as her mind wondered off thinking about things. Her heart was beating hard against her chest as she knew this feeling well from the past crushes she had before. But this was different, Sapphire was a little nervous but she was thinking that she was falling for Katrina for more than just a friend. It has been awhile since she had a crush on a female since some that she knew were either taken or married. Sadly Sapphire didnt want to ruin anyone relationship so she kept her crushes to herself. 

With Katrina it was different, Sapphire had know Katrina for a while now but never felt like this until recently when they started to reconnect after being busy for the last couple of months. The phoenix guard knew that this feeling wasnt going to go away unless Katrina had someone else in her life.

"Well, thats a good reason to fight, protecting someone. You know I am like old, old. But I didn't fight in the wars I much preferred trying to help people. Heal them as best I could." Katrina was all over the place in her head. Smiling Katrina stood up and went to the kitchen getting the kettle out. "Tea? Coffee? Alcohol?" She said with a joke about the last part. She would though to ease the tension a bit.

Her house was a very open concept and with the kitchen, on the back wall, she could see her living room. The only things on the main floor that were closed off were the bathroom and the dining room. She looked gently at Sapphire waiting on a response.  Of what she would like to drink. That alcohol was sounding like a good idea right now. Her heart was beating fast and she hoped that Sapphire couldn't hear it. 

Sapphire nodded. "Well I dont think you are old, we might be close in age really." She said as she smiled. "And I agree that helping people heal would be much better than fighting but still fighting is going to continue to happen." Sapphire said as she then asked about the drink. "Well I wouldnt mind some wine if you are ok with that. I havent had a alcoholic drink in a while." She said with a chuckle as she smiled softly. "But if you are not ok with that, I can take some tea." She said.

The phoenix smiled as she looked at the open concept of her home as she looked at Katrina.

"I am about 276 years old? Are you really close in age?" She said with a small smile.
When hearing what she wished to drink. Katrina sighed with relief. "I would love some wine!"She said smiling as she placed the kettle down and grabbed two wine glasses from the dining room and brought them to the living room. She was carrying with her a big bottle of red wine from the wine cupboard. The wine was from her time in France. When travelling in the past. Early 1900's she rarely opened bottles because she was alone. She rather go to the club. "I am so glad you said wine haha I feel like I needed. This visit feels different does it not?" She poured a glass for Sapphire and one for herself. Holding it up to cheers her. 

"Well I am 104 years I am not too close in age." She said with a chuckle. Sapphire watched Katrina get the glasses and wine with a small smile, she listened to her and smiled. "It kinda does feel different." Sapphire said as she held the glass and after Katrina poured the wine into the glass. Holding her glass up with Katrina for a cheers. "For catching up." Sapphire said with a smile as she heard the glasses gently cling together as they cheers. The Phoenix swirled the wine abit before taking a sip. A sigh escaped her lips as she smiled. "Man it's been a while since I have had wine. Mostly harder liquor for me sometimes, this is much nicer than whiskey." She says with a giggle.

Smiling she looked at Sapphire. "See a good 170 years in difference." Smiling she looked at her. Hearing her say that it felt different kind of made it seem more real. She smiled as the glasses clicked and they toasted to catching up it took less then a moment to take a drink. The tension was high and she can only relate it to na small experience in the past. With that she did something she never had thought of doing but her brain seemed to designate it as such. She leaned in softly touching her face, gently leaned in and planted a quick kiss. She backed away quickly and looked at her. "I apologize I have no idea what came over me."

Sapphire giggled and smiled. "Well that isnt too bad." She said as she looked at her. The Phoenix sipped her wine more as she could tell the tension in the room was high. Sapphire blushed when Katrina touched her face gently before kissing her. The kiss for Sapphire was like a shock to her spine. Even though the kiss was quick, it still left a buzzing feeling in Sapphire's lips. "N-no it's ok. It really felt nice." Sapphire said softly as she looked down at her glass. "Its kinda been a while since I was kissed." She said as she bit her lip alittle as her lips still buzzed from the kiss and the shiver in her spine still was there.

Watching her reaction made Katerina take a deep breath. "I have no idea what came over me. I have never really
been with a woman. You know it being illegal for so long. I may be a bit of a rule follower to an extent. She said with a smile looking at her gently. "But this time it was different you were sitting there. You looked so very beautiful. I am sorry. I shouldn't have done it without asking." Katerina said looking at Sapphire. Wondering what she was thinking. "Believe me it has been a long time too haha." 

Sapphire blushed at her words as she smiled softly. "No I understand." She said softly as she continued to blush at Katrina's words. "It did get me by surprise but it's ok you dont have to apologize." Sapphire said as she giggled alittle. The Phoenix touched Katrina's face gently and gave her a quick peck on her lips just to have the tingling feeling go through her body once more. This was different than any other kiss she had in the past as she could feel her heart swell alittle with each moment that Katrina was with her.

She smiled at Sapphire looking gently at her.  As Sapphire touched her face she knew something sweet was gonna happen. Before long there was another kiss and it made her blush. She smiled at her gently. "So is this something more than friends?" She said looking at her gently. There was something about today that was different then any other day they had spent together or hung out. She took another sip of her wine and smiled. "More?"

Sapphire blushed and smiled, nodding. "Yes this is something more than friends." She says with a small smile as she looked into her eyes. The tingle in her spine and her lips told her that this was way more than friendship between the two. Sapphire gently sipped her wine and giggled alittle. "Yea." She said with a smile as she looked into her eyes once more. This day was way different than any other day when they spent time together as she smiled alittle.

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