The sun was setting as Sapphire had finished a mission with few injuries to herself when fighting off some of the bad guys. It wasnt good that Sapphire was in the Celestial territory but she was there for business. Sapphire had a few cuts and bruises but she did have a bad cut on her forehead from the fight as she continued to walk down the road. Sapphire could of flown home but she didnt want to look suspicious  in the celestial territory. She just smiled alittle as she walked down the road. The weather wasnt bad as it wasnt cold or raining and no snow was on the ground. The phoenix loved the weather as she sighed. 

As Sapphire walked, she didnt noticed her celestial friend Katrina walking around. "Katrina?" She said as she looked up at the celestial. "Hey Katrina." She said as the two got closer. "How are you?" She asked as she kinda moved her hair to cover the head wound with her hair. "Its been a while." She said as she smiled softly. 

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She looked at Sapphire blushing. "You are very beautiful when you are blushing."
She said as she ran her fingers across Sapphire's cheek. "Good." She grabbed the bottle and poured Sapphire's glass and then her own with that taking another sip. "So why now? Does it make sense to you?" She said looking at the woman in front of her obviously her body and heart were telling her something. Of course, she should listen to her heart since it rarely told her things of such nature. 

Sapphire looked at her and blushed more at her comment as she felt her fingers touch her cheek. "Thank you." She said softly as she watched her pour more wine in the glass. The Phoenix took another sip as she listened to Katrina. "Honestly I dont know. It makes alittle sense that we feel this connect, but I dont know about it all." She said as she looked into Katrina's eyes as she felt her heart beat faster. "I never really felt like this with anyone in a long time so it is like something new to me." She said as she continued to look at Katrina.

"You are welcome. This is very interesting to me." She said smiling looking at her gently. "Well we have spent countless times together before and it just seems different than all of a sudden there is this strong feeling." 

Katerina smiled at her. "Its been a long time as well. My most vivid is from World War II and this soldier. Never with a woman though. I didn't even ask if that was an issue for you. Again so sorry for just doing it without asking."

She looked at the person in front of her. She was special and important. Was this something that was gonna happen!?

Sapphire sipped her wine and smiled. "Yea I felt the same with all this." She said as she smiled at her. "With all the times we spent together , this moment was very different from the other times we spent together." Sapphire said as she took another sip.  Listening to Katrina made Sapphire smiled as she shook her head. "It isnt an issue for me and dont apologize for it, Katrina. That kiss was special between us and it caused my heart to flutter when you did it. Yes it did surprise me but I am not mad that you did it." She said as she smiled. 

Sapphire looked into her eyes as she felt her heart swell as Katrina was not only some one important to her but very special to her now. Her mind started to wonder if more will become of their relationship after their kiss.

"I am so glad!" Katrina said with a deep breath and smiled.
Looking at her was amazing there was something awesome about her.
"Well, I am just as confused as you believe me!" She said before taking another drink of her wine she needed the fine liquid to course through her so she could calm down. "Okay I am sorry I may apologize a lot if I think I went out of turn."

Smiling Katrina placed her hand on Sapphire's. "So I guess if this connection is so strong I should ask you on a proper date no?" 

Sapphire sipped her wine and smiled as she looked at her. "Yea I guess we are both confused." She said with a chuckle as she smiled again and looked at her. "Its fine, I can understand why you do it. I do that sometimes too." She said. Sapphire sipped her wine more and blushed when she listened to Katrina. "I think so, since this connection is really strong, a proper date would be lovely." She said softly as she looked at her and gently touched her cheek.

She smiled looking at her gently. Taking another sip of her wine and watching Sapphire gently. Smiling she stood up and grabbed Sapphire's hands. "Then my dear, sweet Sapphire. Would you do me the honour of letting me take you on a date?"

Katerina was amazed with how she was feeling today and what she wanted to give Sapphire. She already had an idea of something special. 

Sapphire smiled and sipped her wine as she sat down the glass, holding onto Katrina's hands as she held hers. "I would love to go on a date with you Katrina." She said as she smiled and kissed her cheek gently. The Phoenix guard never really felt this way in a long time as she smiled softly at Katrina. Holding onto her hands, Sapphire looked at the time. "Oh no, I have to go home. The pups need to be let outside." She said as she kissed Katrina on the cheek once more and stood. "Let me know when and where this amazing date will happen and what to wear and I will be there." Sapphire said as she smiled and fought the urge to stay longer but she knew that her dogs need to be tended to.

Katrina smiled at her. "I can't tell you how much that makes me excited.
I am very happy about the turn of events!"
She said with a smile that smeared across her face. 

"I am sorry you must leave, but I promise I will give you a call and I will proceed to pick a wonderful date. Where you will be woo'd my dear." Smiling she gave her a quick hug before she left. 

Watching Sapphire go there was a new type of emotions that ran through her at this time. How did this feel so different this time around? Regardless she had the best date in history to plan. 

The End

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