Hana sat by the fireplace with a fuzzy blanket draped around her shoulders. She had barely realized how long she'd been staring into the flames as they danced, causing a much needed distraction from the world she lived in. A world where her brother had disappeared, and a world where she felt that any second now, she'd disappear too. Had he went to Korea to question their parents? Had he been taken away by those who hunted them? OR had he simply just left without no word? All those questions, and Hana didn't have even one answer that would make sense. She was horrified by the thoughts of Ha-joon being captured.. and silently prayed he had just left whether it was to question their parents, or to just get some time away, even if that didn't seem like her brother at all. He would have never just left Hana like that. Not without telling her. 

Lately the petite human had been spending much more time in the gym than she did at college, or even her job for that matter. Distracted by all of the what if's, she knew there wouldn't be any use trying to study,and she didn't want to take up space at the INN where she worked, or be in the way. Hana pushed the cover off her shoulders, and picked Princess up and took her to her bedroom with her while she changed into a pair of yoga pants, a cropped sports bra, and a thin jacket. After packing her book bag with a few water bottles, her cell phone charger, tablet, and a change of clothes, Hana was out the door, ready to head to the gym. She'd called for an Uber, and it seemed that it took no time to make it to her. 

On the way to the gym, Hana received a text message. But, since she was pretty close to her destination, she left it alone and decided to ignore it for now as she departed the Uber, and made her way into the gym. It didn't surprise her that the gym was relatively empty. It seemed to slow down during the winter months. There was 3 or 4 other people besides herself tonight. Hana took her jacket off, and pulled a pair of earbuds from her backpack before stuffing her jacket down in it. After turning some upbeat music on, she decided to hit the treadmill first. Sometimes she liked to think she could just run all her problems away on the treadmill. 

Her phone received a few notifications however, completely distracting her normal workout routine. "Ugh. It can't be that important" she grumbled as she slowed the pace on the treadmill until it came to a complete stop. Lately Hana had been all over the place with her emotions, and she'd become pretty unstable because of the whole ordeal with Ha-joon, so just the sound of a text message caused her to shake like a leaf. Hana figured she wouldn't be able to continue with today's workout if she didn't go ahead and check her text messages and notifications. But, what she got was far more than a simple text from any of her friends. And each time she heard her phone, she silently prayed for it to be her brother. It wasn't him though.. nor anyone she actually knew. The text read "We have something very precious to you. I think we'll keep it a while" 

The grip from her hand to her phone became insanely tight, almost tight enough that she was sure she'd cracked something.. at the very least, her case. It couldn't have been HJ, was the words she had begun repeating silently in her head, over and over. Distraught, the human took a seat on a bean bag chair and attempted to slow her breathing as she quickly fished her inhaler from her book bag. She knew someone would notice her current state, and try to check on her, but she did her best to seem like nothing was wrong, and would say just that if anyone approached her. She had to figure out where her brother was more than ever now. 

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Nayoung was no stranger to nightmares, in fact she’s been living with them since the passing of her dearly departed sister. The scene that day is still playing in her mind like a recording that’s on loop. However her nightmares had changed over the past week, she was no longer seeing visions of her sister’s death. Lately her nightmares included a stranger who she has never seen before, a Korean girl like herself, but she had no idea who she was. They had never met, so she found it odd that she would be having nightmares of this stranger. After the death of her sister, Nayoung had made it a rule to make note of her nightmares, every detail that she could remember; in hopes that it would someday help her. She kept the journal of her nightmares beside her bed, and it was starting to get rather full. “Looks like I’ll soon need another one” she started shaking her head, before returning to sleep. Nayoung had grown accustomed to the nightmares, and while they do wake her up at times, she hasn’t let it stop her from getting her sleep. Her sleep pattern has just never been able to be on a schedule.

After she had woken from her slumber, it was nearing dinner, so the first thing she did was get some food for Bambi; her puppy. Given that she slept late most days, she always takes care of Bambi first, because she was probably hungry from waiting so long for Nayoung to wake up. When she was done feeding her puppy, she began getting some food ready for herself. Although it was dinner time, she made breakfast for herself. Two slices of toast, scrambled eggs, and a couple strips of bacon, with orange juice as her choice of beverage. As she sat there eating, the young Nephilim pondered what she was going to do to pass away the day. Her sword fighting trainer was unavailable today, so she had a full day to herself. “Should I go for a walk?” she thought out loud, “Maybe a day in watching movies”, she continued as she ate her meal. When she finally finished her meal, she looked at the clock and sighed. “What do I do?” she questioned herself as she plopped herself on the living room couch. Just then Bambi came in, dragging a shoe behind her. However it wasn’t just any shoe, it was one from her pair of shoes she wore while working out at the local gym.

“Is this your way of telling me I should go work out?” she questioned the puppy with a laugh. Bambi barked and jumped around, causing Nayoung to laugh a little harder. “Okay, Okay. You win, I’ll go to the gym and work out. At least it will keep me active since I don’t have training today right?” she queried with a smile as she gave Bambi a few pats on the head. Heading upstairs to her bedroom, Nayoung collected her workout clothes from her closet, and got changed as Bambi jumped around on the bed. “Now, I might be going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can trash the house, got it. I expect you to be on your best behavior while I’m out” she commented as she approached the puppy. Picking Bambi up, she gave her a kiss before collecting her belongings and heading to the garage. Once she was in the car she headed out for the gym, turning her music up as she drove through the street. Nayoung enjoyed having her music loud when it was only her in the car, it really helped clear her mind to just listen and focus on driving.

When she arrived at the gym, she headed to the parking area for members, parking her car on the far end of the parking lot. An extra little workout she does, to make herself walk to and from the car. Collecting her belongings into her gym bag, she exited the car and headed for the entrance. On her way there, she bumped into a young boy who wasn’t watching where he was going. “I’m so sorry,” she said to the young boy. Lucky enough she hadn’t knocked him over, he just smiled at her, called her pretty then continued on his way. She laughed a little at the odd encounter, but smiled as she continued to the gym entrance. After she registered at the desk, she began making her way to the treadmill. A lot of people used to watch her as she was on the treadmill, not because of her appearance, but because of the fact that she likes to run on the treadmill with her eyes closed, listening to music. Today was no different, she went to the treadmill, put her wireless earphones in, and set the pace at which she ran. When she began running, Nayoung closed her eyes as usual and let the music consume her thought. This was normal for the young Nephilim, she used this to focus her thoughts on what she wanted, rather than be looking around the gym at the other people working out, and lately she sure has had a lot on her mind.

Nayoung hadn’t realized that another person had joined her on the treadmills, she just continued running as she normally did. Although she had music playing, she could still hear what was going on around her, the volume wasn’t loud. After a little while, the young Nephilim heard the person beside her grumbling a little in a low voice. It was barely audible due to the music in her ears, but she could tell that the person was a female, and that she seemed irritated by something. Deciding to open her eyes, Nayoung took a look beside her, but there was nobody there. Had she been hearing things? Slowing her pace on the treadmill, she took a look around the room, and what she saw almost caused her to trip, lucky enough she had caught herself on the treadmill. Was she dreaming, or was she really seeing the stranger from her nightmares across the room? After the treadmill came to a stop, Nayoung rubbed her eyes, but the female was still there. She gave herself a slight pinch, which hurt so she obviously was still awake.

Nayoung had to seize this opportunity to find out who the stranger in her nightmares was. Slowly she approached the female, and she could tell that the female looked like she had seen a ghost or something. As she stopped near the female, she had to think for a moment what she would say. She obviously couldn’t tell her that she was having nightmares about her. “Are you okay?” she questioned the female who was looking upset by something. “My name’s Nayoung, I come here fairly often. May I ask who you are?” she queried, then waited for the girl to answer.

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