The past month had been somewhat of a whirlwind for Yeon, he felt as though no matter how much he held onto his roots in Evermore, the place he had called home for the past 8 years of his life, the further they seemed to get away from him. He knew it was inevitable, he was barely here anymore, most of the apartment now packed up in boxes and his essentials in suitcases that rarely left his side. He was back and forth to the airport a lot and spent most of his nights in hotel rooms. He'd put in an offer on a nice place on the outskirts of New York, big enough for him to live there and entertain guests but nowhere near as big or as nice to this penthouse he supposed he'd come to associate with the word home. Just like Dae said, Yeon hadn't been able to give this place up fully and something kept him coming back here.

Or perhaps more accurately, someone kept him coming back here, multiple someones. When the valkyr had first started to make plans to leave Evermore and start a life elsewhere, he hadn't exactly been expecting for people to get in the way. But since then he had been reunited with Celia, someone who had been a very big part of his life for a very long time now. Han, whose presence he had really grown to like, Yeon had been there for him in the past few weeks since his breakup with Jae, mostly reminding the star that he was a bit of an idiot and encouraging him to try and make things right but he felt like he had learned a great deal about his friend and the life he led. Then there was Dae, he wasn't his volakiri but he had definitely sparked an interesting friendship with him, which mostly consisted of them complaining about the world and commentating on their friend's relationship. Especially now it looked like the two of them had finally reconciled. 

Yeon had to admit, he had been pretty shocked when Dae finally revealed that he did indeed live in the same building as the valkyr, at first he had thought he was joking but then he had proved it by inviting him over to see, which had bled into a dinner. It was pretty casual, considering the circumstances that their friendship came to be but he was happy with it, it was nice to have another person he could talk to, vent about something stupid that happened at work to and generally just be around. It wasn't exactly a secret that Yeon didn't have many friends, being who he was and having the assets he did, it was hard to find people you could trust but he definitely felt like he was really lucky in that area lately. An idiom about how things never happened and then happened all at once came to mind when he considered the recent changes to his life. 

He had just finished packing up the last of the things in the dining room of the apartment, mostly display plates and silverware that he only used if he had any of his clients over for dinner in a more private setting, he hadn't needed them much lately since none of his clients were currently in Evermore city, he tended to just take them out to a nice restaurant instead, which also reminded him that he'd been seriously slacking on cooking lately. After closing the last box he headed into his room and collapsed backward onto the bed, enjoying taking a break from all the moving fiasco and just relaxing into the sheets. He knew he was probably pushing himself too far, trying desperately to keep on top of everything but he definitely felt the tension starting to build up. Perhaps that was why he was quitting for tonight and just trying to wind down, he closed his eyes for a few seconds feeling the exhaustion slowly taking over. 

That was when he heard the first crash and he immediately sat up surprised in his bed, he yawned before sleepily drifting his gaze towards the window, he was about to collapse back into the sheets when the music started, booming and loud, echoing against the window even this high up the building, he grunted getting to his feet and going over to the window, peering outside to try and figure out what was going on. He couldn't see much from up here but he could definitely feel the rhythmic beat of the music from his toes. He sighed and flopped back onto his bed, grabbed his phone from the bedside table and scanning through all the missed notifications, he was pretty terrible at answering his messages on his days off. He pulled open his conversation with Daehyun and typed a message "Any idea why there's an elephant out on the street?" not literal of course but the beat felt like one

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Staring at the marble floor where plenty of screws and papers were scattered across the living room, Daehyun wondered if he was just off his racks or plain bored today, or perhaps a few days give or take. The instruction manual book was on his left side, the page number indicated that he has been reading it in order to properly set up whatever he bought though he has not made a move since 2 hours ago. The Niveis continued to stare at the materials in front of him with a blank look, why is he staring blankly like that? Shaking his head to get rid of the fussiness in his head, he got up and cleaned the entire thing before storing it away in the box he initially rummaged it from, setting it aside as he face planted himself on his bed. A part of him wondered what's wrong with him today, scratch that, what's wrong with him generally? Why is he still here in Evermore even though he was sure a month ago he was about to leave the goddamn eternal city? 

There was nothing here for him except his sister, Jae, and his tribe, but even then he told himself that wouldn't prevent anything in his decision so why hasn't he departed yet? Was something holding him back? A lot has happened in a month, he managed to clear two clients in the span of three weeks that allowed him to rest for a while because the pay he received was more than enough to last for a few months. He was that irresponsible sometimes, he never planned anything beforehand, not if it doesn't involve his work etiquette. If he needed money, then he'll take up a client, easy as that. Or maybe he truly didn't care much. In that same month, he befriended someone who ended up becoming his good friend. It was more of a last minute call and the snowy-haired male was quite wary because he wasn't sure if he could make a friend out of someone he initially slept with. 

Turns out it was better than he expected, Yeon provided him with the best humorous company he never thought he'd receive, he got used to his type of humor real quick and weeks later they were already texting each other like high school teens who had nothing better to do other than looking up to their phones. Only in this case, both of them had their respective occupations, one that required rigorous training and diligence in multiple aspects. They are both busy individuals but that didn't stop them from texting and calling every once in a while. Yeon left for NYC more often than he thought he would and though the elder Stormwind would never admit it, maybe he did miss his company. He allowed the exhaustion took over his body after he spent the entire day since yesterday night working on his cleaning spree to tidy up the place. Soon enough, after a few minutes passed, it was shutdown mode for the Niveis as his eyelids slowly closed itself the more he sink himself into the pillows on his bed.

 That was until he heard noises, not just any noises too, he was sure one can pinpoint the specific kind if they look well enough and that caused the pale-haired Niveis to grumble grumpily in his short-lived nap that probably lasted about 5 minutes. The soft blaring grew louder and had his toes curling, Dae cursed momentarily before covering his face with his pillow hoping that it would suffice. Unfortunately, the beats made itself known and he could feel the windows moving from the effects and was woken up as soon as he heard a familiar notification ring from his phone that rested on his bedside table, to which he tried to move and snatch sleepily. 

Big mistake.

 Before he knew it, the Niveis had a grumpy look marring his face after toppling to the floor, greeting the marble interior with a scowl, "fucking hell" he grumbled and pulled his weight up and grabbed his phone, sliding the notification message from a particular someone that had him rubbing his eyes sleepily to see if it's legit. "So I wasn't hallucinating due to lack of sleep… no idea." It wasn't until a few moments later that his head suddenly jump started itself and quickly type another message, "wait a min are you here in Evermore? Yeon?" And just like that, all memories of feeling exhausted and sleepy went out of the window.

Before he didn’t really have anyone he would just pick up his phone and text, certainly not to make stupid commentary about his day or some random joke he thought of but now it seemed to be one of the first and last things he did every day. And he actually enjoyed it, messaging and chatting for reasons that weren’t for work, sometimes even staying in instead of going to the club simply because he was enjoying the conversation so much and didn’t want it to end. Perhaps this is what it felt like to actually rely on people, he wouldn’t really know because it was something he had avoided like the plague for the last year or so.

When he heard his phone ping in response he blinked a few times, rubbing at his eyes sleepily, he was used to getting barely any sleep so it wasn’t exactly new or particularly difficult for him to handle but he was a little annoyed by the constant thumping from down on the street which was even causing a bit of a shake to his walls. He glanced at the messages for a moment before realizing he had totally forgotten to tell Dae that he was back in Evermore this weekend. Massive oversight on his part, he even remembered thinking about doing so on the plane journey but it slipped his mind the moment he got back into the airport.

Yeah, got in this afternoon, haven’t had much sleep, or food, and now this” he typed it out and then added a frowning emoji to the end of the message as he got up and headed to the window again, he couldn’t see much because of how high up he was, but it looked like some kind of party or festival happening. He hadn’t remembered seeing a notice for anything but then he hadn’t been around lately to receive said notice. He tapped against the windowsill a couple of times, once his sleep was disturbed it was basically game over because he could rarely get back to sleep.

He grabbed his phone again “I’m going to go out and investigate, you joining me?” he didn’t wait for an answer, just got to his feet and grabbed a loose-fitting sweater from the closet and put it on, he looked much more casual than he usually dressed but with short notice, he didn’t really care much for appearances, just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He slipped on his shoes and grabbed his wallet and phone, checking to see whether he was going to be heading out alone. He guessed a part of him was hoping Dae would come because they hadn’t caught up in person for a while and a dose of the attractive pale-haired male was exactly what he needed to stay awake.

The phone became his everyday essential thing already, okay maybe that was slightly exaggerated but it was no kidding, anyone can see that thr pale-haired Niveis got too acquainted and fond of the smartphone rather than actual people who attempted to converse with him directly. What was so important about a piece of gadget right? Wrong. It wasn't just a piece of gadget, and even if it was, it was just any gadget either. It was something that connected the bridge of communication with someone he grew to like the company of; whether virtually or physically. The elder Stormwind usually didn't have much need for a phone, unless it's a burner phone, much less an actual personal smartphone at that. He didn't really have anyone else to text or call, hell, he usually even visited the dhampir he befriended a few months ago, Jae, physically whenever he returned to Evermore. He would also stop by Mirae's apothecary to see how his sister is doing so there wasn't any need to text when he could come over.

 But he's been bombarded by plenty of cases and clients alike as of late, there were so many that complained and despite the original mindset of his raving about how this work is a freelancing thing to him, he eventually took one or two cases with him on the way out. He just finished them recently and just got back to the eternal city, naturally his first move was to lay his head on the soft and comfortable bed of his so he could doze off to slumberland. Not that it is possible now, not with the heavy music blaring outside, so much the glass on the windows rattled and annoyed the hell out of the Niveis. At least there was one good thing that came out when he was woken up from the all the noise pollution outside, a text from Yeon. But the ache on his temple from earlier was still coming back like a huge pang, literally. Dae brushed his hand over his jawline area and rubbed against it soothingly as he struggled to get back up and read the new text he received from the blond, huh so he is in Evermore. Better yet, he's upstairs. 

The first thing the pale-haired Niveis saw was the frowning emoji that got him scoffing in amusement, sometimes he swore the Valkyr had such a duality that knows no bounds, or easily known as 'automatic switch'. His fingers were quick to type a response to that pitiful message with the emoji, "sounds ouch, I wasn't aware that we were supposed to have any other event lying around this week" it wasn't long after that, he received yet another message from him. Yeon said he was gonna go out and investigate and asked if Dae wanted to go with him, that made the snowy-haired male scowl at the music that grew louder which caused him to launch his pillow across the room and against the glass mirrored sliding door to the balcony. Oh well, it wasn't as if he could sleep anyway, at least he would have a company. Dae may deny it but he does miss Yeon. 

Taking off his shirt with one pull, he tossed it aside into the laundry basket and got another top, wrapping himself with a comfortable hoodie instead, before snatching his phone and exiting his unit. "I'll meet you downstairs" he typed and tucked in his phone inside the hoodie pocket and allowed his feet to take him to the elevator that would eventually take him downstairs. A minute or so later, he reached the lobby and plopped on the seat first chance he gets. Hey, he's tired. May as well make himself comfortable while waiting for Yeon. 

Yeon was always busy, that was a part of his life now, being the owner of a successful company meant you were in demand, that’s why he had two phones and the difference between them was almost crazy. His work phone must have at least 100 contacts in it, ones he used regularly, from dancers at the company, to talent scouts, theatre and entertainment companies and even a few movie producers. If he didn’t put it on silent overnight then it would definitely wake him up from someone needing something. And a lot of the time it did keep him up at night because the moment he looked at that screen he couldn’t let whatever it was go and he needed to handle it. His personal phone, however, it didn’t see much love, mostly because he was so hesitant to give it out. He was definitely a person who was very careful with his trust and who he decided to hand it over to, so sharing his number, that was definitely a big step in showing his fondness for someone.

But lately he had been chatting with people on his personal phone more often, it wasn’t like business messages or emails, these were the kinds of messages that had him laughing on the plane as he scrolled through whatever post it was he had been sent or imagining Dae’s face as he talked about different topics because he was always so expressive with his distaste for certain things. The Niveis was definitely attributed to most of the outbursts of laugher in his day and Yeon just generally enjoyed chatting with Dae, he was more opinionated than he gave the impression of at first glance and he could be a pretty thoughtful and witty person when he wanted to be. Though Yeon noticed he had his on and off days, much like a cat might want attention one day and be ready to scratch your eyes out the next. The valkyr was getting better at reading him but he was definitely still a bit of the mystery to the younger male.

By the time he had changed out of his sleeping clothes and into something a little more public suitable, Dae he responded to his message which made him smile, he hadn’t seen Dae in person for a while. Not just because he had barely been in Evermore but also because their schedules never seemed to work out and he supposed there was something a little….off when it came to the way the Niveis was acting. He wasn’t that different from the last time they met but it definitely felt like Dae was putting space between the two of them and pushing for a more friends and friends only relationship. It disappointed Yeon a little considering how attractive he found Dae and how much he enjoyed the time they spent together but not enough to actually upset him nor be all that concerned about it. He’d made a new friend, he could handle any sexual tension he had to push down to keep that….right?

He didn’t take too long to ponder over it, instead running a quick hand through his hair to make sure it didn’t look completely like he’d been tossing turning and then he hopped into the elevator and traveled down the floors to the lobby. When he stepped out he tucked his phone into his back pocket and immediately saw Dae lounging on one of the many couches which lined the front of the building. He lifted a hand to wave to him before making his way over to him and leaning against the arm of the couch “When you said you don’t like standing I thought that was you being dramatic” he teased as he looked down at the snowy-haired male and smiled brightly because he was glad to see him, he looked good, especially dressed comfortable and casually, without his usual leather jacket that he sported most of the time. His smile faltered when he heard the loud sound of another song starting up outside though and he shook his head “So much for getting actual sleep this week” he grumbled as he jerked his chin towards the door and started making his way towards it. He wasn’t really sure what to expect, he was thinking maybe some kind of rave or something considering there hadn’t been any signage advertising whatever it was.

Dae didn’t have much use for his mobile phone, he didn’t have a separate one for his work either, much to many people’s surprise seeing as no matter how much a freelance the Niveis is as a bounty hunter, he was still bound to get a lot of offers from people all across the world, he’s good at what he does, after all. But no, he didn’t give out his number privately for certain purposes, though he was sure he ended up telling them the sole reason for his excuse was because he needed his sleep and rest once in a while after running for one or two clients, and his phone is off-limits then. They did complain and grumble about it momentarily until Dae told them he either gives in to his way or he can find another agent to carry it out. It was a bit surprising to see how quick they bow down to the idea of it. 

Dae never questioned anything which made him a good soldier to carry out all those deeds and had it not been to his moral code and values that he upheld very much, he could’ve passed off as a mercenary or assassin. Alas, Daehyun Stormwind has more of a heart than anyone else sees him be. There is more than what meets the eye, no? Unlike his former self that hated to open his phone to scroll over the unread messages, ever since he gave out his number to the Valkyr and received the same treatment from him, he’s been quite attentive when it comes to replying and responding all the same. It even surprised his sister. Jae even pointed out the change in his behavior that almost did seem to lit up when he received a notification from Yeon, well, granted that Jae didn’t know it’s Yeon, but the point still stands in his view. His smile never left his lips whenever he read those emojis over and over again. Unfortunately, no matter how much he likes this guy, they were friends, and friends only

That was what he pressed on very much, despite all the sexual tension hovering and looming over him, it was hard to stare at the Valkyr when they meet face to face. Admittedly, the blond is very attractive, too pretty for his own good too, especially with a dancer’s body and equipped with a businessman’s calculative as well as precise thinking, who wouldn’t melt into a puddle on the spot? Even the cold Jack Frost had to keep his knees from buckling. Since both of them had been busy, they were only able to FaceTime a few times and text, and that was more than good enough for the pale-haired male. The prospect of losing him as a potential company and friend scared the Niveis which was why he was careful about reiterating the ‘friends’ part. Friends don’t want to fuck each other, period. That’s what he told himself though it didn’t stop his doubts and worries all that well. 

The moment he saw the blond locks restricting his view, he scoffed and got up, eyeing the Valkyr who looked good in whatever he wore, much to no one’s surprise. “I’m a lot of things, Valky, but definitely not dramatic. Call me a realist, instead” he grumbled and stretched out briefly before turning his gaze outside, his brows furrowing into a frown as he sighed heavily, “I swear they better have a good reason to be this noisy, I need my beauty sleep.” He had a sympathetic look offered to the other male who clearly wanted some sleep and rests too, “Let’s see what all the fuss is about” he beckoned and make his way to the entrance door, trailing behind the Valkyr and poked his head out.

Yeon was generally a go with the flow kind of person, so he was good at picking on signs and respecting people’s boundaries, which is why he was okay with Dae putting distance between the two of them. He got it. When they met Dae had told him he was a one time and that was all kind of person, much like Yeon was and while they had both broken that rule, he got why Dae would want to go back to the rulebook. Hell if he was smart he’d want to do the same because it was easier that way, nothing to worry about. They were friends now though, at least he figured that’s what they were considering they talked pretty much every day now. So he would push down anything he felt that wasn’t platonic, he would do his best to avert his gaze, regardless of how striking the pale-haired male was or how gorgeous he might look when he stared back at the valkyr.

Looking back at Dae, he tilted his head curiously “I think you’re a little dramatic, I remember that time you complained to the management because your iced coffee was like a degree too hot” he eyed him for a moment and shrugged, maybe he was just a perfectionist and that came across as being dramatic. A realist though, that was definitely an accurate way to describe Dae, he was the type to say things how he saw them, even if they were a little dark but then he always didn’t always tend on the bad, in fact, sometimes Yeon could be surprised by how positive something Dae said sounded. “Yeah don’t we all, though I guess I can’t really talk considering that I’d call 6 hours a miracle” he rubbed at his eyes slightly, obviously showing his tiredness.

It didn’t last for too long because before long he was out onto the streets of Evermore, it was a warm summer’s day and it was nice enough out that he was comfortable in his t-shirt and loose-fitting jeans, not an outfit he typically wore out. The sound of the music immediately filled his ears, along with the view of many different lights and tents all around the place but the main thing that he noticed was the smell. It smelled absolutely divine and it quickly became evident to him that this wasn’t a rave. He glanced back at Dae for a moment to try and read him a little, figure out if he was about to go and trash all the tents or whether he seemed curious. He could hear the chatter of a lot of different people around, milling around the area, talking and laughing.

“I think it’s a street fair” he commented as he led the way into the clearing only to see all the people around and the bright colored lights, people were crowded around all kinds of street performers, from musicians to magicians. The tents seemed to contain both little carnival-like games, market stalls selling interesting looking items and food. And damn did the food smell good. He heard his stomach grumble loudly as he looked back at Dae with a bright smile on his face, just like that it seemed like the tiredness had faded away and the valkyr looked excited to explore “You know, there’s something about Evermore that always seems to find a way to surprise me” he commented wistfully as he took a seat on one of the many makeshift benches just so he could take it all in “Makes me a little sad to know I’m leaving it” he commented solemnly.

Any other day, nobody else would find Daehyun lounging over a couch in his own residence’s lobby while waiting for someone, he even needed to think twice if he was going to wait for Mirae which thankfully they didn’t live together neither did they live near each other, but here he is, surprising even himself by waiting for someone else. But was Yeon really just another person in his life that he just so happened to form an attachment with, simply because he liked his company? No idea. The pale-haired Niveis never got around the matter, his head had been occupied with plenty of things that required his utmost attention. Today was already considered a one in a hundred days of him not working his way around the globe chasing his clients, he intends to make the best out of it, so when his sleep was disrupted by the sudden pounding from the sound blaring downstairs, he was annoyed. 

Not pissed off, but one should tread the waters very carefully around him. While he was waiting for the Valkyr to arrive downstairs at the lobby, Dae mulled over what they were to one another, friends? He supposed they were friends seeing as they do contact the other often and always kept one another up to date on what they’re doing, even if it was as boring as eating or sleeping. They also had somewhat, a boundary that doesn’t cross over their privacy, and knew when to back off and vice versa. It was hard for Dae not to stare like a head over heels kind of fool whenever he caught a glimpse of Yeon, the latter was gorgeous that even he couldn’t stop his own lust from overpowering his entire body. The problem for him, he’s never felt this sensation ever before despite his enough years of sleeping around, so what the hell is this feeling? And why can’t he get rid of it? 

He fluttered his eyes open and meet Yeon’s own dark hues that always seemed like it was trying to bore a glare into his soul, in a good way, and sent shivers down his spine. The elder Stormwind wasn’t even aware he could feel cold, but with this guy? Everything is possible. “You think I’m a little dramatic?” the distaste accentuating his voice was clearly stating that he was not amused by the comment, it made him scrunch his nose up in annoyance, “One, you’re supposed to cater to your customers, especially in F&B business, demand and profit hello” Dae rolled his eyes at the blond and huffed albeit slightly childishly, “Two, I asked for Iced Americano, iced. Heat and anything hot doesn’t work well for me” It wasn’t until he glanced back at the male and eyed him up and down without any hint of subtlety and shrugged, “Well… I can certain hotness.” A frown crossed his daint features as soon as he heard the number of hours he’s slept, he couldn’t say anything about it because even he tends to sleep only when he had time to do so, which is almost non-existent if he’s on the clock, working. 

Punctuality in his department is basically the number one rule. The faster the better. “I always sleep little hours, which explains why I even operate on coffee. I sleep like a log when I don’t have any clients though, which prompts me to wonder why someone so hardworking and diligent like you, don’t live on coffee” he had his dark hues narrowed upon the Valkyr, scrutinizing his every move in wonder, “Do you have a secret or something for that?” Because god he needed one. When he stepped outside, he was greeted by the summer breeze of the evening, but there was no rave in his sight, no, what he found was the exact opposite of one. Dae tucked both his hands into his hoodie’s pockets before tilting his head to the side to sneak a peek, “What are those?” he asked Yeon, his eyes kept analyzing every stall and his pupils dilated a considerable amount upon seeing the variety in such a space. Admittedly, he’s seen markets, but nothing quite like this. 

Perhaps, it was due to the fact that he’s never had time or stumble across one. The smell of food, however, traveled fast to the Niveis who only responded to Yeon’s sheepish grin with one of his own, he wasn’t the only one famished. “A street what?” He followed the blond and took a seat next to him while still staring at the stalls like a curious child who just saw the Christmas tree for the first time. Regardless of how his attention was grabbed by the stalls and activities occurring, his eyes were fixated on the male with his lips pressed together to form a thin line, “Is the leave permanent?” Dae wasn’t exactly staying but the idea of Yeon leaving and not knowing when they’ll get a chance to see each other again kept surrounding his head with pessimistic energy. 

Seeing the way Dae reacted as he came into view made the valkyr raise his brows for a moment, clearly, Daehyun didn’t like being called dramatic so he didn’t try and emphasize the topic any further. Frankly, the Niveis sounded a little frustrated which definitely did pique Yeon’s interest but he wasn’t the type to pry, after all, he was a little grumpy himself thanks to to the rude awakening and lack of sleep. Still, Dae was here and that said a lot considering he wasn’t usually the type to make plans at the drop of a hat like Yeon was. “You really do have a personal vendetta against everything hot huh?” he commented with a chuckle, part of being a human form of an ice bird he supposed, Yeon was becoming impartial to the idea of cold himself thanks to the Niveis. He snickered slightly when Dae mentioned a certain sort of hotness being okay and struck a slightly dramatic pose “I say own the drama, makes you who you are” he teased with a wink.

He listened to Dae talk about his sleeping patterns and nodded “I think sleeping less would be okay if I wasn’t constantly crossing timezones” he admitted and pulled a face, it was very hard for him to just lay down and rest and with the lack of routine that traveling created, that just seemed to get more and more difficult. He looked back at Dae and laughed “Well I mean the reason I don’t live on coffee is because I can’t stand the taste of the stuff….as you have seen pretty evidently” he scrunched up his face in disapproval of the very idea of it “Protein shakes, crazy amounts of vitamins and the occasional energy drink, sometimes of the blood kind” he admitted with a laugh “Being a valkyr with extra stamina helps too” he shrugged as he headed out onto the streets of Evermore his attention being dragged here, there and everywhere.

“A street fair” he clarified again when Dae asked him what they were looking at “They’re usually just a spontaneous celebration of city culture, music, food, showing off your talents, that kinda stuff” though now his stomach had decided the food smelled absolutely amazing and took over his senses, his eyes were scanning over all the different places trying to decide what even smelled the best but honestly, he couldn’t even decide. Hearing Dae’s words about his leave the valkyr parted his lips to talk but then stopped himself for a moment as he gave it more thought “Maybe?” he spoke, though it was evident he wasn’t completely sure about that, there was still a lot of things that kept bringing him back here “I mean I’ll still visit of course, just like I do with New York right now but” he shrugged a little “Seems pointless to stay here when all my work is over there” but he was immortal, was there really such thing as permanently leaving in that case?

“Well I don’t know about you but if this is gonna keep going all night I’m at least getting a good meal out of it” he teased softly as he pushed to his feet, eyes scanning over one of the stalls until he spotted a small one which was serving traditional noodle dishes in a box, he grinned at Dae from over his shoulder as he looked back at him “Careful, the food might be too hot for you to handle” he teased referencing their discussion from earlier because there was no way in hell Dae only ate cold food. He went up to the counter and greeted the owner, asking them a few things about the fair and found out it was to celebrate 3 years since the peace contract was signed in Evermore city “Damn I had no idea” he commented and looked over at Dae, did you have any idea? Though Dae hadn’t even been in the city as long as that, so of course he wouldn’t “I’ll take a chicken noodle box please” he commented and then smiled at Dae “and whatever you’d like too, since you kindly came to investigate with me” he grinned a little, he was looking forward to trying it.

The thing that really surprised him was the fact that he even bothered to pull the effort to get up from his bed and leaving the confinements of something that has always served him a good home, only to go down here waiting at the residence's lobby just because the blond Valkyr was about to go and check out the source of the noise that had evidently robbed the two males' beauty sleep, especially when they clearly needed one. All he would ask isn't even much, just a nap. A one or two hour nap would suffice him already. Upon hearing the Valkyr's accusation on him disliking everything that is hot, he narrowed his dark mocha hues at him, sparing a rather scrutinizing look that he no doubt, knew the blond was all too familiar with it coming from him of all people, Daehyun is always grumpy. Or so people say. "I'm suddenly already regretting my choice to come down here" he rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance as he huffed, clearly not amused by his comment but really, it was all just a grandeur thing from the Niveis. Nothing Yeon wasn't used to. 

"But to answer your question, yes. I do have a vendetta over anything hot. The only exception that still remains impartial are hot people. Like you" he pointed out casually, hey he was pretty sure even Yeon himself knows how hot he is. "I don't know how to own the drama, unfortunately" he shrugged, it just wasn't really something for him, or so he thought, "People say I'm rigid as hell. Literally." He wasn't the most judgemental person there is, he is pretty flexible and tolerable but when he doesn't like something he definitely shows it without any hint of filtering it. The sudden mention of timezones caused him to scrunch his nose up in distaste, it's quite literally the worst thing ever for the Niveis as well, "Don't I know it… imagine going back and forth from the US to the Middle East? It's plain torture I tell you" It was a part of the job of course, written on the description early on and since he actually still likes this job of his that gives him thrill at life, he's not really going to comment on other aspects. At least he wasn"t being paid to kill.

 "I have this sudden urge to just judge you for hating coffee, but… I'm gonna pass" God knows why. "How the hell do you drink protein shakes… That thing is awful… straight out dreadful like hell" There you go, if Yeon disliked coffee, Dae disliked protein shakes or any collagen to be precise. The elder Stormwind almost choked on his own saliva when the blond mentioned a valkyr sustaining their energy because they also have superior stamina. One, it was almost impossible for Dae not to trudge around the gutter side of his head. Two, personal experience. Truthfully, when Yeon said it was a street fair, he was desperately racking his head to see if he can remember anything about one, and unfortunately his head's wikipedia just flat out rejected his access. Thankfully, Yeon was more than generous enough to give him more intel and information by explaining to him what it's supposed to entail. Interesting. What an interesting place, indeed. 

Though it was clear that the snowy-haired Niveis was already sold on the idea of food being available. The topic change was quick and brief, something he was glad of. He wanted to know about his leave but he also wanted to spend time with the Valkyr and enjoy this street fair together. "Well you would definitely be around there a lot more frequently than here seeing as you work there. But keep the place around, Yeon. You're well off enough to keep it and you're not going to stay in NYC forever. I have a feeling someday you'll return here anyway, the same goes for me. I'm not staying… but I'm not leaving the city permanently either. If my tribe calls me back, I'll be here where they need me." Some people call it a tribe curse but he doesn't view it that way. " have a pool…" with the tone he had, he was clearly chuckling. Dae pretty much followed him from behind, trailing after him cluelessly as he stared at the different food stalls. 

When Yeon teased him by saying the food may be too hot for him to handle, he grumbled and mumbled a few curses under his native language that Yeon no doubt could understand every single word of it. "A, I won't die from it. It's purely preferential matters. But I'm hungry as hell anyway, food is food. Jokes on you though, as a Korean you should know we have cold noodles." He eyed the variety of food displayed at the noodle stall, eyes glancing back at the Valkyr that made Dae look amusingly like a cat who stumbled across new things, "I'll take spicy prawn noodle box please" Unsurprisingly, his tone was leveled and polite, he even gave a curt nod and respectful smile towards the owner. "3 years? That's been a while… you know my tribe had been so excited about Evermore… but I was never into the idea of it because it felt so unreal to know there's a city welcoming their embrace for you to come and join their community, keeping their peace contact and all…"

Yeon shot him a look when he grumbled about coming down here, he was used to Dae’s passive-aggressive comments by now so they didn’t bother him all that much “You do realize that heat is like, a natural part of life as a whole, right?” he arched a questioning brow “Or do you just constantly complain about everything” though that didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility when it came to Dae actually. Yeon shrugged softly “You’ll figure it out, it’s part of who you are, just gotta figure out how to be you, unapologetically” he knew that was oversimplifying it, of course, but when you accepted yourself, every part of it started to shine just that little bit more. He raised his brow slightly curiously when Dae referenced himself as being rigid “Really? Cause I remember you be quite flexible” he grinned mischievously as he led the way outside.

He could see from the look on his face that Dae felt his pain when it came to timezones and he laughed softly “Yeah I can’t imagine that did anything good for your sleeping patterns” he admitted with a chuckle “The 2 hour difference between New York and Evermore is easy enough to handle but as soon as I need to go abroad, everything goes out of whack” and they had performances worldwide. He laughed when Dae spoke about Yeon’s dislike for coffee “They’re pretty easy to just down after a workout, tastes like a really bad milkshake I guess” he shrugged, just made life easier because then he didn’t need to find time out of his schedule to have a full meal and was generally good for energy. He eyed Dae for a reaction when he mentioned his own stamina, he wasn’t disappointed which made him chuckle lightly, knowing that even with that distance Dae put between them he could still get under the Niveis’ skin a little.

It wasn’t the first time that Dae had tried to convince Yeon to keep real estate in Evermore which was interesting considering the Niveis had already mentioned his own plans to leave the city. The points he made then and now were valid though and Yeon had taken heed to his advice “I’ keeping the place” he affirmed and nodded his head “Gonna rent it out as a holiday Air BnB when I’m away, unless a friend wanted to borrow it” he looked up at Dae for a moment and smiled “If you ever wanted to use a pool or anything” he didn’t mind Dae using it when he was away, seemed like a waste to have a perfectly good pool and then not let anyone use it after all. He bit his lip for a moment before he went to speak to Dae again “Don’t take this wrong but you’re very loyal for someone who seems to want to get away” it was an observation he’d made over the time he’d known the Niveis so far, he was so loyal that it was almost to a fault.

Yeon did find Dae’s grumpy cat-like tendencies pretty endearing, he grumbled and complained a lot but Yeon didn’t think he meant most of it, it was just the kind of personality he had “Well the joke might be on me if we were actually in Korea?” he commented raising his brow at the Niveis, here the food was generally served warm from his experience, the only real exception being sushi bar restaurants. Dae still looked pretty excited by everything around him, despite the fact he kept saying he was annoyed by everything. Yeon waited for their food to be made and then took them both, handing Dae’s over to him for a moment “I mean it’s probably one of the most unique cities I’ve ever seen” he commented with a thoughtful nod “Not everywhere that someone like us can like their life so openly” meaning that most people could live their supernatural life in peace here.

He took a seat on one of the benches and opened his box, digging into it with the wooden fork he had been given and eating a few mouthfuls, to no surprise it tasted absolutely amazing and a few meters away, there was a guy doing some interesting looking magic tricks which grabbed the valkyr’s attention from time to time, smiling at the amazed looks on the kids’ faces as the guy appeared to do the impossible over and over again. He glanced at Dae for a moment “So hot food in the spicy sense isn’t off the list then?” he smirked for a moment “There really seemed to be no consistency to this hot and cold logic” he teased and nudged against Dae’s side, he was glad it was a nice night out, it made him forget the fact he had barely slept “Did you hear that Han and Jae worked things out?” he felt like it was a little bit like cheating to ask Jae’s best friend how things were but they’d talked about it before.

The moment Yeon pointed out that heat is a part of natural occurrences, the Niveis groaned in response, giving the Valkyr a stink eye because he just had to come back and sass him like that, "When you say it like that, you're making me feel incredibly dumb and retarded right now, Yeon. You really do know how to make a man happy, don't you" he huffed and had his legs sprawled on the couch lazily, still contemplating whether he should actually follow the blond to do whatever he wished to do or go back and sleep upstairs. He wished he could but with the current noise polluting his ear? Not a chance. "One, I don't constantly complain about everything. Jeez, you make it sound like I'm a whole primadonna drama queen" he rolled his eyes and raised another finger to mark the number two, "Two, I'm a freaking ice chicken. I'm cold inside and outside, fire is my biggest lover turned enemy, you know what else is associated with fire? That's right, heat. It's a natural given birthright for me to dislike heat the moment I came back as this" he even went as far as to gesture to his entire body with a unamused look. 

When Yeon told him he'll eventually figure it out, Dae shrugged and quirked his lips slightly, he sure hope he does. True to his words, Yeon never lets the mood down, the suggestive innuendo got the Niveis choking on his own saliva, to which he swore he was so close to giving him a taste of his own medicine right there on the spot as he scurried after him, "You just need to know how to push the right buttons, anyone can find me very flexible at any given chance if they're good" Expect Dae to retort back with one of the same. Shame? Not in his dictionary. Two can play at the game. "All my patterns are fucked up, basically. Unsurprisingly. Can't seem to keep the rules rooted…" he grumbled, how he wished things weren't as hard as it is for him now, with the gorgeous blond in front of him, he wasn't even sure how he could maintain his self control without slipping up.

 At the mention of workout, the elder Stormwind scrunched up his nose and shook his head in distaste, don't get him wrong, Daehyun had no problem training which does require rigorous set of movements and more so than occasionally, cold sweats but that's the only form of working out he'll ever get close to, "I want to be born as a rock in my next life so I can be lazy all I want without having Mama Rock nagging. Or maybe a sloth… yeah they get to sleep almost 24/7, lucky suckers…" Though he was applauding at Yeon's efforts on working out, "Though I definitely have to compliment you all the workout did you justice" he whistled playfully, hey just because they don't sleep with each other anymore, doesn't mean he couldn't be that friend who checks out their own friend, besides Yeon does have good body proportions. 

Upon hearing that the Valkyr would be keeping his residence, the Niveis almost jumped out as he stared at the male with wide eyes, "You are? Wait I can?" All the words before the pool suddenly disintegrated. Was he being too loyal to the point where he wouldn't be wavered? "I don't know… but the tribe has been something for me for as long as I live, I'm used to being alone but wandering not knowing where to go or if you'll have somewhere or someone to go home to, it's kind of depressing for me who came from a background who's always wanting something, or tribe-needy. Lone Initia couldn't survive without one and honestly… I don't think lone Niveis could, either" he grinned softly though his eyes seemed deep in thought, "Even if you just tell yourself that to make yourself feel better, it can be a powerful tool; a person's will." He grumbled grumpily when Yeon said they weren't in Korea, "Shut up… you're making me look dumb again, this isn't fair" he whined but took his food nevertheless from Yeon's grip, the talk about Evermore struck him because maybe there's hope for them there. 

"You're right… sometimes it saddens me to know that some of us had to build a whole civilization consisting only them in some island here or there…" He remembered wanting to leave Unyak to travel the world and wasn't able to do that until 40 years ago. Dae was opening his own food and had at least two mouthfuls already when Yeon teased him again with the spicy food, "I swear you feed off teasing me" he facepalmed and wagged the fork in front of him, "Logic applies to whatever that person feels is right. When it comes to individuals, truth is a matter of an opinion anyway" he grumbled but continued to eat because it was still food, not to mention it was quite tasty. His ears perked up almost instantly upon hearing about the couple, "Yeah, I heard. Little star got himself drunken on his ass and called Jae out, classic move but… gotta give it to him, that's smart." Because maybe he is a secret romantic at heart. "And incredibly stupid and foolish of him because he could've gotten himself killed outside the border." Oh, there is it.

He laughed at the grumpy way that Dae responded to him and gave a mock roll of his eyes “I’m just saying your life would be much easier if you didn’t hate everything” he commented with a low chuckle staring back at him with the same grumpy expression that Dae had been using on him just to make a point. He could tell Dae was half tempted to head back to his room from the way he kept eyeing the elevator “I mean you do complain about a lot” he responded with a slight chuckle “One of your many quirks” Yeon had learned a few of them in the time they had been friends which is why he knew it was safe to joke around with him, Dae actually had a pretty great sense of humor behind the generally grumbly persona and he definitely wasn’t a stranger to innuendos. “That must have been strange, going from having full control of fire to it weakening you” he commented thoughtfully as he looked back at Dae, okay, maybe he understood some of the aversion to heat.

The way Dae choked on his suggestive comment made the valkyr smirk, despite the fact there was now distance between them he wouldn’t miss the chance to flirt with Dae, he enjoyed it and the Niveis always seemed to take it in his stride. If Dae wanted to draw a line then Yeon wouldn’t cross it but he sure as hell would balance on it. “The right buttons huh? I seem to remember you have many right buttons” he purposely dragged his gaze downwards and then back up with an amused snicker, Yeon truly was reprehensible when it came to things like this. “What even are the rules anymore?” Yeon teased with a shake of his head, he slept with Dae twice now, that already meant all his rules were out the window since he never allowed himself to do that because of personal attachment reasons. Add onto that that he befriended a one night stand too, he barely recognized that rulebook.

Yeon couldn’t stop the smile which graced his lips as Dae expressed his distaste for working out, couldn’t say he particularly liked working out either but he also liked the body which working out allowed him to maintain and therefore he set aside time every day to take care of it. “I mean I wouldn’t complain about extra sleep” he commented but then laughed “But truth be told I’m the reason I’m always busy so” work mostly but he also found it hard to just sit and do nothing like Dae did, he was always the kind of person who wanted to be doing something. He barely managed to sleep more than a few hours most nights because he always woke up with either nightmares or restlessness “Damn right it did” he commented with a smirk “Doesn’t have anyone complaining in the bedroom either” he winked, most people liked to kiss his toned chest, seemed like a lot of people had a kink for abs.

Yeon enjoyed the surprise on Dae’s face when he revealed that he had listened to him and decided to keep the apartment, he was right, it would feel weird not having it and then he would just be staying in hotels whenever he came back to Evermore which, while not the worst way to live, didn’t really feel all that accommodating after a while. “Well if you want to that is, I know you would probably use it way more than I do” he commented with a laugh, he knew how much Dae liked swimming and he always seemed to take the opportunity to use the pool when the valkyr offered. He went quiet when Dae started talking about his tribe, he could tell from the tone his voice that they meant a lot to him which he respected greatly. “I get it, there are people you care about back there but you also feel the need to spread your wings” he nodded his head and then chuckled “Pun intended” he added and smiled at Dae “It’s okay to choose yourself sometimes” he spoke softly.

He laughed when Dae told him to shut up “Hey I wish it was Korea, I miss home” he spoke it softly and grimaced a little before letting the subject go and letting Dae talk about himself, it was always easier for Yeon to listen to other people’s problems than handle his own “I do feed off teasing you, you’re way too easy to drive crazy” he snickered softly and picked up another mouthful of his food and swallowed it down. Hearing Dae explain what he knew about Han and Jae made the valkyr laugh gently “I mean I’m impressed that Jae actually answered the phone after that argument” and they hadn’t even seen the whole of it because they had been ...otherwise indisposed. Though Yeon had given Han a good talking to afterward, he still didn’t understand why the star had decided to hide their bond from Jae “Han is pretty reckless and stupid at times, but his heart is in the right place” he commented with a nod and glanced at Dae “He’s young and dumb but damn, I’ve never seen someone so besotted by one person” he shrugged slightly, it was always Jae this and Jae that when they talked, the star was completely wrapped up.


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