The past month had been somewhat of a whirlwind for Yeon, he felt as though no matter how much he held onto his roots in Evermore, the place he had called home for the past 8 years of his life, the further they seemed to get away from him. He knew it was inevitable, he was barely here anymore, most of the apartment now packed up in boxes and his essentials in suitcases that rarely left his side. He was back and forth to the airport a lot and spent most of his nights in hotel rooms. He'd put in an offer on a nice place on the outskirts of New York, big enough for him to live there and entertain guests but nowhere near as big or as nice to this penthouse he supposed he'd come to associate with the word home. Just like Dae said, Yeon hadn't been able to give this place up fully and something kept him coming back here.

Or perhaps more accurately, someone kept him coming back here, multiple someones. When the valkyr had first started to make plans to leave Evermore and start a life elsewhere, he hadn't exactly been expecting for people to get in the way. But since then he had been reunited with Celia, someone who had been a very big part of his life for a very long time now. Han, whose presence he had really grown to like, Yeon had been there for him in the past few weeks since his breakup with Jae, mostly reminding the star that he was a bit of an idiot and encouraging him to try and make things right but he felt like he had learned a great deal about his friend and the life he led. Then there was Dae, he wasn't his volakiri but he had definitely sparked an interesting friendship with him, which mostly consisted of them complaining about the world and commentating on their friend's relationship. Especially now it looked like the two of them had finally reconciled. 

Yeon had to admit, he had been pretty shocked when Dae finally revealed that he did indeed live in the same building as the valkyr, at first he had thought he was joking but then he had proved it by inviting him over to see, which had bled into a dinner. It was pretty casual, considering the circumstances that their friendship came to be but he was happy with it, it was nice to have another person he could talk to, vent about something stupid that happened at work to and generally just be around. It wasn't exactly a secret that Yeon didn't have many friends, being who he was and having the assets he did, it was hard to find people you could trust but he definitely felt like he was really lucky in that area lately. An idiom about how things never happened and then happened all at once came to mind when he considered the recent changes to his life. 

He had just finished packing up the last of the things in the dining room of the apartment, mostly display plates and silverware that he only used if he had any of his clients over for dinner in a more private setting, he hadn't needed them much lately since none of his clients were currently in Evermore city, he tended to just take them out to a nice restaurant instead, which also reminded him that he'd been seriously slacking on cooking lately. After closing the last box he headed into his room and collapsed backward onto the bed, enjoying taking a break from all the moving fiasco and just relaxing into the sheets. He knew he was probably pushing himself too far, trying desperately to keep on top of everything but he definitely felt the tension starting to build up. Perhaps that was why he was quitting for tonight and just trying to wind down, he closed his eyes for a few seconds feeling the exhaustion slowly taking over. 

That was when he heard the first crash and he immediately sat up surprised in his bed, he yawned before sleepily drifting his gaze towards the window, he was about to collapse back into the sheets when the music started, booming and loud, echoing against the window even this high up the building, he grunted getting to his feet and going over to the window, peering outside to try and figure out what was going on. He couldn't see much from up here but he could definitely feel the rhythmic beat of the music from his toes. He sighed and flopped back onto his bed, grabbed his phone from the bedside table and scanning through all the missed notifications, he was pretty terrible at answering his messages on his days off. He pulled open his conversation with Daehyun and typed a message "Any idea why there's an elephant out on the street?" not literal of course but the beat felt like one

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Usually Daehyun doesn't really take it well nor was he quite tolerant when it comes to people laughing or making fun of him if they weren't his friends, which so to say, is not many. But hearing his laugh, that's something the snowy-haired Niveis could get used to, it had a pleasant ring to it and he wouldn't mind hearing more of that. There was this satisfaction in seeing his friend being all happy and content, smiling genuinely, perhaps he was just being a good friend. "I know it seems like I'm making my life a lot harder and more complicated to comprehend because I hated everything, but believe me, that's just me." In his mindset, even if he wanted to change that about him, he couldn't because that'd been him since a child. "But… I'll never say never" he grinned, knowing the two of them always had a similarity discourse on that phrase, the grumpy mocking look Yeon sent his way had him shaking his head while trying his best to refrain himself from smiling.

 It feels like the blond could make him smile with ease, without any difficulty. "You find my quirks charming, let's be real" he teased, "It makes me unique and you know it." Thankfully, the two of them had been friends with one another for an amount of time ever since their 'reunion' back at the cafe; the same cafe that literally banned them from ever visiting again after causing an act of 'public indecency'. They knew which areas not to prod too, worried that it would be too sensitive to talk about and so far, things were more than fine with them. When Yeon mentioned how hard it must've been to shift from fire to ice, he shrugged absentmindedly, "Mhmm… I used to love fire so much you'd mistake me as a pyromaniac. I guess in that sense, I am one, but I don't set things on fire purposely" Then this change to Niveis just forced him to adapt or fall behind the lines and with the way Coldren acted back then, it was either adapt or reserve yourself an early tombstone.

 "But I'm fine with ice now… I think it's ironic how it suits me. I'm grumpy and temperamental like the fire that burns, but cold and harsh exactly like how ice would be...fate sure does have a way of turning things around." Talking about his past in a somber tone had been an unspoken rule between the two of them seeing as it wasn't benefiting anyone to be so sad. The way they could flirt so casually did excite him because perhaps he couldn't get the Valkyr into his bed again but that doesn't have to stop their harmless flirtation, much to his delight. "You would know that wouldn't you? You broke a few of my rules already and look at you, standing here all in your glory" He liked that they were friends now, Yeon was the kind of friend he wanted in his life. Dae knows about Yeon's workaholic tendencies and he respected how punctual the blond carried himself with so much discipline and integrity when it comes to work. "I mean with your current place, I understand why you would want to make the most of it. You're immortal so people would notice you're not aging soon, no? Gotta make the best out of it, I suppose." It was why he never had a proper or permanent job.

 His eyes fell down on his abdominal area before gazing back up at him with a wry smirk, "I mean… they're very toned and pretty....I imagine many have kissed your abs more times than you could remember" It was a natural thing to do when someone is that toned, in his defense, and he could already find himself drooling over the picture of it. Dae was grateful to hear that Yeon was offering him the pool knowing he likes to swim, "I mean, I would definitely make use of the pool better than you because I would actually swim in it, maybe you should make a habit of swimming more when you come back," he winked playfully, "I could teach you a few water tricks." Yeon always knew what to say to him, and god every word sounds so motivational Dae couldn't stop himself from grinning, "I know, but it'll take time for me. But I'll be sure to remind myself to do that, Yeon. You'll be here to remind me anyway" Did he miss home? He did. "You're not alone there… I remember liking to see the cherry blossoms every spring season. Mirae loves them a lot so I always sneak her out to see them." He scrunched up his nose and huffed, "It's unfair how you get to drive me crazy by teasing and I can't do the same to you." 

Dae had his cheeks filled with the noodles and prawns alike because goddamn, it was actually tasty and the Niveis is hungry almost all the time. It made him look like a puffed out cat. "Jae's weak for him, I'm not gonna lie but I guess there's a silver lining for that. They deserve each other…" He couldn't stop feeling upset when he saw Jae looking all down but now the dhampir was more happy, even by calling him he could sense it, "I guess they both are young and dumb and naive… but that's the part that really jumps out. They deserve to be happy, I'm just glad they're okay now, I can't handle sniffling people over the phones" he joked and soon enough finished his food, "Can we go and explore more? I'm still hungry…"

Their friendship was definitely an unexpected one, Yeon wasn’t the kind of guy who typically kept any contact with the people he slept with because it tended to come back and bite him in the ass when he did. People always wanted more. But Daehyun, while he had gotten more, didn’t seem interested in continuing that at all, which left them in a strange friendship but one he couldn’t complain about, he enjoyed having someone so open and blunt as a friend. “I’m starting to learn that” he commented as he agreed Dae was just generally grumpy, it was who he was and he was getting used to that “There must be some things out there that pry one of those rare smiles out though” he had seen a few of them but they were few and far between, he had to admit.

“They have a certain appeal, I’ll give you that” Dae was an enigmatic person and Yeon enjoyed trying to figure him out, understand what made him tick and what kind of person he really was, he was very real, unlike a lot of the people who put on a fakes show around the Valkyr and he was enjoying being around such a person. He was careful not to get too heavy with topics around Dae, he didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, nor did either of them like talking about their pasts too much so they tended to focus on quite literally any other topic “I really can’t picture you as a pyromaniac honestly, but then I’ve only ever known your colder side so” he nodded slightly as he glanced over at him. He was glad that Dae had managed to make peace with the person he was now and not completely reset the fact he had traded one element for another. “Cold seems to just fit your personality” he noted with a chuckle “And that’s not a dig, you’re a very calm and collected person, so casual about everything” which he enjoyed because he was similar in that sense.

Thankfully, Dae didn’t seem to be against the odd flirty comment between them, which was for the best because Yeon didn’t actually know how to stop himself flirting at times, it was like a natural part of himself and often he said things which could be interpreted like that without even trying. Though around the Niveis is was often more purposeful. “Well you know, rules are meant to be broken and all that, what’s life without a little anarchy” he winked and shrugged his shoulders, he didn’t regret the time they had spent together. And he was okay with it not happening again because he was simply happy to have the Niveis in his life, as stupidly cheesy as it sounded, he really needed friends he could trust and he knew for sure that Dae was one of those. When Dae pointed out the ticking clock on his work he sighed gently and nodded his head “I’ve tried to stay out of public light as much as I can but eventually my time will be up, at least until the industry goes through a full turn over” his plan was to achieve as much success as he could before then and make enough money to live comfortably through the cycle “I constantly feel like I’m living on a countdown though” he admitted as he bit his lip, not an easy thought to process.

The talk about his abs made the Valkyr laugh, he definitely took pride in his appearance, he would admit that much “They’re definitely a fan favorite” he commented with a snicker “And people want to do much more than just kiss them” a lot of people enjoyed touching him there and while that didn’t bring him all that much stimulation he didn’t mind sharing his hard work. Yeon opened his mouth as though he was offended by Dae calling him out for barely using his pool but eventually he pressed his lips together and nodded slightly “Yeah you’re right, it’s more a nice to have than something I actually make good use of so by all means, get my money’s worth” maybe he should swim more often though, he always enjoyed it when he did get around to taking a dip. Hearing Dae take heed of his advice made him smile, if anyone deserved to get out and do something they really enjoyed it was the pale-haired male before him, Yeon knew he had been through hell in his past and deserved some happiness. “I can’t go back to Korea, at least not for another 40 or so years but” he closed his eyes for a moment “I can picture my hometown so clearly, along with the sight of cherry blossoms” he opened his eyes and smiled at Dae “I guess we share that memory in different ways” he shrugged slightly and went back to eating his food.

“Who said you don’t drive me a little crazy too?” he asked with raised brows and an amused gaze, Yeon was a very hard person to rile up but he was sure if anyone could successfully do it, it was probably Daehyun. Watching the other male as he ate like someone was going to come along and steal it and seeing the way his cheeks were puffed up with food like a hamster made Yeon chuckle “You do realize the food isn’t going to get up and run away from you right?” he quirked a brow at him and then listened to Dae as he talked about Jae and Han. Yeon got the feeling that Dae was very protective over Jae from the way he talked, probably the same way Yeon felt naturally protective over Han, even when he was making massive mistakes “I think it’s pretty adorable, watching them figure out how to handle everything they’re going through” he shrugged and got to his feet, putting his empty noodle carton into the bin before hearing Dae suggest another round of food “Damn you weren’t kidding about your appetite” he chuckled amused by it “Alright lead the way Frost, I want to see where that never-ending pit you call a stomach leads you” he fell into step just behind him as he glanced at the pale-haired male who seemed to have cheered up a little.

Throughout this entire time, Dae had noticed one thing in particular when it comes to the Niveis describing the blond Valkyr is a more… vivid manner. Yeon broke his rules and he didn't even mind him for doing that whereas the snowy-haired Niveis would usually flip and grit his teeth in annoyance whenever one tries to assume they could get more than a one-night-stand from him. It was the usual anf he has yet to figure out why he couldn't exactly shake his head when it comes down to Yeon, what's so special about this guy anyway? Aside from the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous and confident, the kind that would steal your breath away and leave you with a smile because he is that ball of positive light as well. Oh… Oh. That's probably why. Yeon was right when he said those smiles were rare and that they were some things that would be able to prompt a gummy smile out occasionally, or really just a casual small smile.

 "You're right on both. But if I tell you now, that's literally telling you all my secrets, right? Why would I tell you something that could possibly incriminate me?" he teased and chuckled softly, before making a small gesture of beckoning him with a come hither hand movement, "Get closer to me and maybe you'll rise up your ranks and find out those. But… just to be very generous to you, my friend, here's a small peek" Without any ounce of hesitation, Daehyun formed a pearly smile that showed his dentures and both row of teeth lined up to form a gummy smile. It was only brief and lasted for a few seconds but it was there. Definitely enough for Yeon to get a glimpse too. "Yeah well, if you knew me about 150 years ago, you'd have dubbed me as one. I loved playing with fire. Pun intended" he snickered, even now he still likes to play with fire due to the thrill of the risks it gave him despite preferring to take a safe way route most of the time, "Anyway, I didn't even try to hide the fact that I am basically in love with two things; fire… and cherry blossoms." Even for a cold guy that hated so many things and people like him, Dae was a sucker for cherry blossoms and could quite melt whenever he saw them.

 He gave Yeon an amused grin upon hearing his compliment about cold suiting him better, "You'd say that, would you?" he teased and smiled to himself, because he did give him something to feel good about, "But thank you. I like me cold too. Feels good to know you've made your peace with your element too… god I remember I used to hate the cold so much and now I can't even stand the heat. Karma's a bitch." Hearing the blond tell him he's a calm and collected person may have made Dae grin sheepishly in response because why not? He does have a certain soft spot for the other male, after all. The way they flirted back and forth gave the Niveis the motivation he needed to keep that treatment gong because nobody else would entertain him but with Yeon, everything was a lot better than usual and that was saying a lot seeing as Dae is hard to impress in general. He pursed his lips and wanted to reassure him that it's okay to worry that eventually his time would be over in the public's eye but decided not to voice it out and pressed his lips together instead, "I understand why you would think so. Immortality is such a thing go worry over when it comes over go that. You wouldn't want to hand over your company to others because why would you? It's yours." 

Built from his blood, sweat and tears too, no doubt. It didn't take a genius to see how dedicated Yeon is. "How so?" he quipped, tilting his head slightly to the side in question, when he heard the blond say he feels like he's living in a constant countdown, "How do you feel so? Are you catching to accomplish a certain goal?" He was curious what else Yeon was pining for. The talk about his body takes a confident turn and the narcissistic energy that the Valkyr emitted made Dae curve a smile, god how can a person be this confident about his own self-worth without blinking so much of an eyelash? "Oh, definitely a fan favorite" he pointed out wryly, Dae always had a thing for toned bodies but the Valkyr's, in general, is just mesmerizing. He remembered the two times they slept with each other, he kept peppering the exact spot with so much love, "People want to do more than to just kiss them? You don't say" he had his eyebrows raised as he stared at the blond daringly. 

He was glad to hear that Yeon would be keeping the place because that meant the latter had a home secured and reserved just for him, and the thought follows him. "Well… if you wanted any reassurances on those, it doesn't take long to reach 40 years, Yeon. Blink and blink, you're suddenly on your 38th year in" he wanted to go back in Korea too, maybe he'd wait it out Yeon's wait with him and go travel together. "Then we'll get to enjoy the cherry blossoms in person… in the future, together" he grinned sheepishly, oh Dae. How contradicting your words are. Who knows what the future holds for you two. "Oh? You're telling me I drive you a little crazy sometimes? Good to know, Yeon, though I am curious as to where specifically" he whistled and eyed him from head to toe before winking suggestively. Even then, he doesn't ceased the flirting, how could he? When Yeon called him out to eat slowly because the food is not gonna go anywhere or be stolen from him, he shrugged, "You never know, Yeon. You never know. Besides… stuff like this needed to be savored early on" he murmured with his mouth still full. Admittedly, it does make him look like a puffed out hamster.

 "Ah… young love" he chuckled, Han and Jae had this one of a kind love and to say that Dae wasn't jealous over it would be an understatement. They love each other. It says a lot about how those two are. "Oh I never kid about my appetite. Where do you think all that want and stamina in the bedroom came from?" Let's be real, ge would never miss the opportunity to say that in this situation. "Hey… leave my tummy alone. It needs love" he grumbled playfully and noted the name play, Frost. Usually Dae wasn't one for nicknames but for some weird reason, he kept smiling on this one. He quickly dragged Yeon away with him as he went to the next stall across him, it was a corndog stall, the big ones that was stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bread crumbs and potatoes alike. "Are you telling me your tummy doesn't want more? Jeez Yeon, eat with me" he had a slightly whiny tone at the end and eventually spared him a pouty look without knowing. "You know... I did wonder from your remark earlier, have you ever been traveling anywhere for non-work purposes?"

Yeon crossed one leg over the other and looked back at the Niveis with an amused expression on his face, learning and leaning in close towards when Dae made his motion because he knew the close proximity would have a certain effect on Dae but that smile, that damn smile he pulled had the Valkyr losing his breath for a moment in pure awe because he just had this really pure and gorgeous smile which totally caught Yeon off guard “And now I understand why it must be contained” he spoke it softly and smiled “That’s dangerous” he laughed and leaned back away from Dae to give him his personal space back and leaned his hands back behind him “Well I hope you didn’t burn down any buildings or anything crazy” he widened his eyes with a chuckle “And those are probably the two most completely different things to love” he smirked “Though I guess they both have their own beauty” it was a sweet thought though, thinking about how the pale-haired male might light up at the sight of brightly blossomed trees.

He saw the way he grinned at the compliment and shrugged his shoulders as though to say he thought it was pretty much a no brainer “I know a little something about not being ready to accept who you are” he commented it thoughtfully “Woke up dead and needing to feed on blood, not the highlight of my life” but with time he realized this was his second chance and embracing it was the only way to move forward. Change was inevitable and what you did with it made or broke you. He also had mixed opinions on the idea of immortality, on the one side, he was going to be young forever, which meant he could be a dancer for as long as he wanted to, it meant he would always be as attractive as he was now, which was always a plus and it meant he got to see quite literally everything he wanted to in life. But it also had its downsides for someone who had such big hopes and dreams like he did “No it’s basically my baby at this point, giving it to anyone else would feel so wrong” he nodded slightly, but eventually he’d have no choice.

He was the kind of person who people would probably describe as working themselves into the grave but he loved it, it was a part of the person he was and he would feel so empty without that to fill his life “Well I keep telling myself once I reach a certain goal that will be enough but there’s always a next goal and a next next goal” he admitted with a soft laugh and shrugged “So it never really ends” he admitted as he looked down to the ground, kicking a few loose strands of straw which had rolled across the road with his toes “Do you have anything like that?” he asked as she glanced over to him curiously. When Dae complimented his body Yeon laughed slightly and shrugged “People want a lot from me” he surmised with a shrug of his shoulders “The real question is what I’m willing to give” he nodded slightly, implying not everyone was allowed to do things like kiss his abs.

“Everyone keeps telling me that” he commented with a laugh, being around immortals who had lived much longer than him was interesting that was for sure “I think I’m still in the human mindset right now, I’m sure time will cure me of that” he grinned sheepishly because he was really unsure when it came to this whole second life thing. Sure he was confident in himself and his work but when it came to the actual real future he might lead? He had no idea. He smiled when Dae said they could go see the cherry blossoms together because that was a nice thought, that he might have a friend still around for him in 40 years time, that not everything was temporary. “Oh I think you know exactly where” he commented and equally eyed him right back, it wasn’t exactly a secret that he found Dae attractive beyond belief, he’d said it more than enough times already “The coy persona doesn’t really work when I’ve been pretty clear” he chuckled. He was glad Dae was enjoying the street market, honestly, Yeon was enjoying the company more “I’ll take your word for it” he commented as he eyed the noodles Dae was eating and then his cheers.

He shook his head a little as he finished up his food too and tossed the empty carton into the trash “Probably about 100 years worth of pent up sexual frustration?” he commented nonchalantly and smirked, he imagined from the way Dae talked about only being free for a much shorter amount of time that he hadn’t had a lot of room for experimentation before that. “I’m impressed, not many people are so honest about their love of food” he commented with a laugh as he allowed Dae to lead the way over to another of the stalls, honestly, all the food around them smelled so good that it was hard to pick out something that was better than others but Dae’s choice was definitely a good one. He gave a mock roll of his eyes when Dae pouted and shrugged his shoulders slightly “Well only so you don’t look so greedy eating alone” he commented as he went up to the stall and bit his lip “I’ll take one of whatever he orders” he spoke as he glanced over to Dae to see what he would set them up for.

Dae’s question for travel made Yeon scratch at the back of his neck while he thought about it as they waited for the food they ordered “You know….I don’t think I actually have” he answered honestly “Of course I’ve done a few of the touristy things and I’ve explored a little but the motivation to go in the first place was always work” which was a sad thought now that he actually considered it. He glanced over at Dae “You must have seen a fair few places on your…” he bit his tongue thinking how to politely phrase it “Recovery expeditions” he grinned a little knowing Dae would understand what he meant.

It doesn't surprise Dae to see how Yeon was able to make himself look effortlessly gorgeous and classy with a simple act such as crossing one's legs, the way he did it with ease does find its way to make him gape. A sense of pride swells in his heart, a feeling he could only describe as how proud he was to have a friend like that. Or was it something else? The way he leaned in front of him and closed the proximity between them even more, however, got the Niveis gulping almost instinctively as he tried to maintain a certain distance between the two of them. Relax, Dae. A friend can be this close with each other without meaning anything, especially friends who occasionally flirts with one another. Well, define occasionally if not always. His cheeks flushed as it darkened when he heard that from the Valkyr, god how was it so easy for him to make him this flustered? It was one comment. One. "Is it? I wasn't aware because you know, I don't smile as much and most people don't even give me a reason for me to stretch out my lips like this for them" he shrugged casually, trying to dismiss it off subtly. 

The gummy smile was one he would spare any time at any day for Yeon though, but they don't know that. A relieved breath escaped him when Yeon leaned back, a breath he wasn't even aware he had been holding since the very beginning the blond decided to learn forward and invade his personal space the same way he usually does to the latter. Shaking his head at the playful accusation thrown at him about burning buildings, he rolled his eyes dramatically, "Only thing I burned were people. With my hotness" he winked and snickered at how cheesy that sounds, especially from the likes of him, out of all people. He really does make Daehyun spin around. He sent him a playful scowl when he said they were two different things to love, "Don't judge." People would be surprised to see how giddy Daehyun would be around cherry blossoms. He was just ecstatic at all times then. Completely different from his usual persona. Like him, he was sure Yeon had quite the past too, especially given his species, he knew minimally with basic knowledge that Valkyrs were all dead, ironically yes. 

They were turned into one after being medically deceased. It was a complicated process when he read about the shadow energy being molded into their vessels but he did know they had to feed upon waking up from their transition. "Couldn't fathom how complicated it was for you. I actually thought I was gone, that I wouldn't rebirth because it had been so cold… which made sense afterward because my body was dumped into ice cold water. Thought I was done for, but even then I guess I still had people to look back to. Gaining trust wasn't an easy path because this period of time made my sister and I… split up. Did you find someone to help you with your life after that?" he asked timidly, his voice and tone were levelled accordingly ad to not offend Yeon if he was prying too much into his personal life. Dae had hoped that Yeon did find someone, at least one if not two or more, to help him get a basic footing.

 "Of course it would feel wrong. You worked hard for it. You shouldn't have to give it to another. Why don't you appoint a proxy and use another name in that place in the future? They would have the outer appearance but the brain of the organization would still be you." But then again, the snowy-haired Niveis knows nothing about business and corporation alike. He wasn't at all well-versed in those. "Must be fun, to have one goal after another to pop up once you're done with the previous one. I wonder if I'll have one… not that I particularly have anything right now to work on." It was a petty thing yo be envious about, perhaps. But not to Dae. Not to him. "I'm assuming it gives you a lot of boosters and motivation though?" The question about having one like that came around soon enough which prompted him to shrug, "I don't think so. But then again… I don't think I have much of anything left. I was left pretty broken about the whole ordeal on dreams and hopes. I know I shouldn't stay that way but it'll take time, maybe I'll get there in due time." His reassuring smile says he wanted to. But it is up to the world to be kind to him or not.

A smirk crept up when talking about what Yeon was willing to give to the other party, "Oh? You seemed pretty content with giving in for me. I take it I'm a little special?" His smirk was so coy you could almost see the attempts he was trying to hide as to not break into fits of laughter. Easier said than done. "Don't rush Yeon, stay in that human mindset a while longer for as long as you'd like. Immortality isn't all pleasant and pretty, we have plenty of downsides but that's the reality of it." That was one way to phrase it. A satisfied and proud grin rested playfully on his lips as he cleared his throat because of course he knew where. He would never forget their moments together. He rubbed the spot where his heart was at and winced the moment he talked about his pent up sexual frustration, "Couldn't even let a man down easily as fast as you could make them kneel for you huh? Damn Yeon" he shook his head and didn't miss his reference earlier, "Just… damn."

 He puffed out his cheeks unconsciously and scoffed, "Why not, it's food. People express their love over mindless things sometimes. Food should be appreciated more." Dae narrowed his dark hues playfully at the Valkyr and proceeded on ordering him and Yeon a potato fried corn dog. It was big because they literally placed a block of mozzarella cheese in front of the hotdog and covered the batter with bread crumbs and mini potatoes that were cut into small cubes. As soon as it was done, he handed one stick of it to Yeon and beckoned for the blond to walk with him. He pulled the cheese that looked splendidly placed as he hummed in affirmation, "Can't say that I haven't. But not everywhere… just places where I have to scout or hunt- sorry, work. I have been to Scandinavia though...Norway, Denmark… Sweden, there's also Siberia. I would like to go to South Africa though, never got the chance to venture to Johannesburg. You? Any places you want to go?"

It didn’t escape the valkyr’s notice that Dae seemed to be a little nervous because of the close proximity between them which made him grin very slightly to himself, he did find it sweet how Dae tended to have this cute panicked face on his look sometimes when he was caught off guard “No one gives you a reason to smile, huh?” he tilted his head slightly towards him “Is it really that dire?” Dae did have a really nice smile though, it was authentic and bright and lit up his whole face. But maybe a selfish part of him liked the fact that it was a rare vision to see and he got to keep that memory all for himself. It seemed that list kept growing, even when they were strictly friends, they were friends who knew how to bring out typically hidden sides in one another.

Yeon noticed the way Dae looked visibly more relaxed when he moved back out of his space which made him wonder about the reasons for the tension, was Dae afraid of being close to him? That seemed unlikely given their past, so perhaps he was afraid of losing his own control, something he’d noticed the Niveis was trying his best to hold onto. “Okay, I have cheesy lines but I think that just topped all of them” he commented and laughed with him. He held his hands up when Dae said not to judge “Not judging, just making an observation that you chose those two things of everything to group together” Dae was interesting in that way, there were a lot of things he’d grumble or complain about but get the right topic and he would completely light up in a way Yeon never really saw in another person.

“If I’ve learned anything it’s that the supernatural world is complicated full stop” he commented with a soft laugh and shrugged, there had been a time when he cursed the world for what he went through but now he’d had time to reflect and to do something with the second chance he had been given, he saw it slightly differently. “Well I’m glad you weren’t alone, I don’t think there’s a single worse feeling than being completely and utterly alone” he nodded slightly as he looked back at Dae for a moment “Weren’t you angry? I would have been so angry” hell he had been angry and there wasn’t even anyone to blame in his case, freak accident, nothing anyone could have done to stop it. He fiddled with his hands in his lap, a nervous habit he had whenever he talked about things that were difficult for him “Not at first…” he spoke it softly “I woke up alone, I wanted to go home but a part of me knew I couldn’t before I even got then and then I traveled until I found Evermore” so the worst part he had done alone, if he was honest. “Which led me to Gideon and then I met Celia who took me under my wing and pulled me out of my shell a little” he shook his head with an amused smile “You probably wouldn’t believe it but I was a whole different man back then.” he definitely thought he had changed for the better.

“You and Mirae….you’re okay now?” from the way the female had talked about her brother, she definitely cared about him deeply and wanted what was best for him so that was good place to start. He hoped they could work things out because from what he saw, they were both really good people. “That’s the plan, but I still have to handle things carefully, one person in the industry recognizes me too soon and it’s game over, not to mention the repercussions if I expose myself” valkyr were supposed to live low key lives for this very reasons and so he had to think carefully. “Sometimes it’s fun” he responded with a laugh “Sometimes I picture myself as a hamster on wheel running and trying to get somewhere without realizing I never will” it definitely kept him driven and motivated though, which was a good thing “but yeah, it’s rewarding, you feel like you’ve actually achieved something rather than living from day to day” he gave Dae a slightly sad smile at the way Dae described his own motivations “Well it’s not like you have to rush into anything right now, observe the world for a while and see if a passion comes to you” he gave him an encouraging smile, he could tell Dae wanted it but maybe wasn’t in the place to reach out for it right now, which was okay.

Yeon chuckled softly at the way Dae picked up on his comments about willingness “You are definitely something” he responded with a coy smile, he wasn’t sure what it was about Dae they made him different, probably the way he managed to keep up with the Valkyr so effortlessly and that wasn’t even only in the sex sense, Dae kept up with Yeon’s jokes and it often felt like they were on the same wavelength, he was fun to be around. The blond nodded slightly when Dae said to take his time adjusting the immortality, he intended to do just that because in the grand scheme of things, Yeon was only 28 years old and it was going to be a while before he needed to worry about it “It does leave you with a pretty face” he commented and reached up to tap against Dae’s cheek twice in a teasing motion. He couldn’t help but snicker at the way Dae reacted to his teasing about where his stamina came from and even more so at the words which came next “Hey I’m nothing if not brutally direct” he commented with a laugh “Tell me I’m wrong” he teased back with a chuckle.

“Well you know what people are like, diets and gym and basically worrying about everything” he commented with a shrug of his shoulders, he watched as the server prepared the food for the two of them looking at it with slightly widened eyes because Dae literally went for the damn biggest thing he could find and it definitely looked…a little suspect. He took the stick Dae offered out and fell into step alongside him as they explored through the street fair together, Yeon came to a stop around an area where a street artist was drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and took a moment to watch, seeing the skillful way he placed the different colors and watching it take shape “So basically everywhere cold” he commented with a chuckle “You’re nothing if not predictable Frost” he grinned to himself, eyes still on art “Many places, I really enjoy just….experiencing, in every sense of the word” he nodded to himself “Food, art, landmarks, culture, clothing, water sports, theme parks” he reeled off a bunch of things that came to mind but there were so many more “One day I’m just gonna go see the world” not from a boardroom but with his own eyes, anywhere he wanted to go.

He took a few bites of the corn dog while they were talking and watching everything going on around them and then he glanced at Dae “Tell me something about yourself that would surprise me” he challenged him, he was enjoying getting to know him, not the stereotypical version of him he was sure most people saw, but the fun, thoughtful and witty guy he had come to know better over the past months.

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