The fight the night before with Caspian about whether or not their daughter should have a job in town was running through her mind as she laid in bed for a long moment. Maybe she needed to make a trip to town and talk to Kal who was her brother that had left the tribe all those years ago, who was also now Lucia boss. It was strange to her how her daughter had found her uncle on accident and had no clue who he was to her. Still maybe it was time for family to come back together, she let out a yawn as her alarm went off rolling out of the bed she had just been laying in before she got dressed for the day. She walked out of her cabin looking to the tribe as they were already getting started for the day by making breakfast for the younger children of the tribe.

She walked over to Roman who looked like he had gotten less sleep then her and it caused a concern look to cross her face when he reminded her it was supply run day and that he had other business to attend to. She agreed to take it on and dismissed him, watching him leave. She gave a soft sigh before looking down to the list of supplies that were needed for the tribe before the next week came and they were all out, though supplies were easier to find seeing as they were close to a town now. She needed coffee if she was going to make it through the day with no sleep the night before.

She turned to head towards the building that was a communal building were the Elders of the tribe held meetings so there was always caffeine brewing. She stopped mid stride and looked over her shoulder to see the face of a new comer. She turned around fully walking over to Graydon, her eyes while tired still offered a shine to them meeting someone that came to the tribe. She knew word had gotten out about the tribe settling in the mountains and many had come to join.

Though his energy felt different then that of many who came, almost like he regretted something. "How about you join me for some coffee or tea and I will give you the grand tour." she said as she then began to walk towards the communal building she was walking to, to start with "I am Anivia Frostbourne, the Chief of the Niveis tribe." She said looking to him as she pulled the door open for him to walk in with her after him. "Care to tell me what weighs on your mind?" She asked walking over to the brewing coffee pot looking forward to the cold brew coffee.

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Graydon had taken up residence in Evermore years before the Niveis relocated, it had been as if something inside of him was telling him where to go and where he would be needed. Maybe it was the remains of a tribe mentality from when he was a child but he honestly didn’t know. What he did know was the Niveis tribe was going to change the city once more and how phoenix and deviants of them were viewed. Today his own people were weighting on his mind heavier than that of most days. Partially because it seemed there was an increase in ice related crime and secondly because someone was dead and Graydon had once rejected the very people he now needed help from.

Maybe it was a bad idea to come into a tribe that he was sure was usually not to friendly to outsiders, but even though he wasn’t a part of the tribe itself he was a part of them collectively since they were of the same ice born species. There were a few who gave him looks of interest as he moved through the unfamiliar community asking one young child who was in charge that he should speak to. He was given a name, Anivia and a general direction which is where he began to head. Some shied away from him but others were intrigued that he was like them and yet different, modern where as they seemed to be trying to catch up with the times. That being the very reason he had refused to relocate to a tundra island, cut off from the rest of the world. Maybe he was a worldly person but that didn’t really matter to him, he had been a part of the world from the moment he ran from his mountain village for his life and had learned it was not the place he had believed it to be.

With an objective in mind Graydon walked with long strides towards the building which had been pointed out to him. However his stride slowed under the intense observation of another who was like him. However there was an aura of power, leadership and knowledge which surrounded her and given what had heard of the leader of the tribe he had a feeling this woman was who was in charge. “I’ll take the offer on the coffee but I hope the tour comes with a bit of a Q and A.” He said before pulling the badge from his back pocket and opening the leather folio to show her the metal inside which wasn’t of any value for anything other than his job. “Graydon Lee, Detective with Evermore PD and I’m sure much less skilled Niveis.” The conversation had clearly taken a bit of a turn but for some reason he felt comfortable in her presence.

“On my mind as a Niveis or my mind as a Detective? Though both seem to be rather complex weights as of late.” Being here caused guilt to eat away at the back of his mind, this tribe was once asked him to join and he had shunned them for the life he already had. Mediocre fame, fortune which he had never anticipated but truly an altogether empty life and way of living. Which had lead to his current occupation. “One of your scouts once offered me this life with the tribe, it was a life that at the time I couldn’t accept and yet fate seems to keep placing it within my path.” Shaking his head to clear it he focused on the actual reason he had made the trek today. “There have recently been a few robberies and most recently a death, all dealing with ice. The department believes it’s the Niveis, I know the power of our kind but the patterns and way the ice was used, to me it seems like something else but the best place to stay asking questions is at the top.” It seemed unlikely a tribe which cared little for wealth let alone the modern world would go to such extremes but perhaps Anivia knew of something else which held their abilities as well.

Anivia mind always seem to be heavy with thoughts on how the city was viewing the tribe. It had come to a point that her nights where restless because she always wanted to make sure that the tribe wasn’t stepping out of the guidelines the council gave her. Though she knew her tribe wasn’t the only Niveis to enter ever more. Along with the fact the their where many drifters still that didn’t want to be part of the tribe. Which Anivia respected, after all everyone had the right to do what they wished with their lives. As long as it wasn’t harming anyone else.

Then there where the drifters who found their way to the tribe, most of the tribe members enjoyed outsiders as they brought a new outlook to the tribe when they were on the island so it wasn’t strange to Anivia that many of them seemed to find interest in the man making his way through the grounds now. Anivia liked watching those who were new for moments of time to see the looks on their faces when they thought no one was watching. As he stopped in front of her she gave him a welcoming smile and then nodded “Ask whatever questions you feel you need.” She said as her eyes glanced down to the badge that he was showing her though she didn’t really know what it meant. Though she chalked it up to what the tribe use to call enforcers. “Pleasure to meet you Detective Graydon Lee of Evermore PD a less skilled Niveis.” she gave a chuckle “A title like that makes Chief Anivia sound lame.”

She tired to let an air of calmness hang in the air as she could feel that a lot was weighing on him though she didn’t know what. “Well how about we start with what brought you here and then move to the other.” she spoke gently as she poured the coffee in the mugs and then waved her hand for him to follow her, to her study. She sat behind the desk that was handmade from stone. She sat her mug down on the table and folded her hands together as she looked at him with her dark brown hues. “Don’t feel guilty.” she said as she then reached for her mug and raised it to her lips sipping it. “Many chose not to join us in the tundra. I don’t blame them. My own brother abandoned the tribe after our fathers death.” she said as she waved her hand “You look like you found your passion in life no?” she chuckled gently “Fate I am not sure if that is something I believe in.” she mused for a moment before he moved on to what brought him to the mountains that day.

She pressed her lips in a tight line as he spoke of the robberies that were happening. “That is terrible.” she said softly and then leaned on the desk closer towards him “Do you have any photos? If it is a Niveis maybe I can help figure it out. Each Niveis has their own style when they use Ice almost like a fingerprint of a snowflake I guess is more appropriate. No two niveis are alike.” she spoke softly as she tapped her finger on the desk. “Though I do believe Niveis are not the only ones to cast Ice in the city. Though I can not say that for sure, it may just be my senses off. Sometimes when I am in the street I can feel a coldness but it isn’t like ours.” she muttered softly “Not that, that makes much sense.” she gave a slight chuckle and then sighed. “I would like to help if I can, I can’t stand the thought of anyone losing their life and one of my people behind it.”

Evermore was the city which gave Graydon hope and it had been where he started his new life, not a fighter, but a protector which was a huge change. Not to say he didn’t at times take part in the underground fight clubs to blow off steam but he knew he had be careful. There were too many who wanted him to be removed from the force thinking he was too volatile even though he had a relatively clean record. There were actual corrupt officers who needed to be taken down but Graydon wasn’t in a position to do so since most didn’t exactly like or trust him. He still seemed to have a lot of the personality traits of a phoenix and tended to rub people the wrong way. Sometimes he liked to joke that it was part of his charm. Though coming to tribe land made a shiver seem to course down his spine for the first time his death as a phoenix.

Graydon used to live in the limelight, people always watching or wanting something from him, now it was different and he knew that no one here he had clue who he had once been. And yet they stared none the less as he walked passed as they seemed to try to figure him out. It was unclear if the woman before him understood sarcasm and joking and yet for some reason her words caused him to laugh. “We can just go with Detective Lee, that would be the shortened version. Though the rest is also true. Seems you might want to give yourself a more wordy title than just to make it interesting.” It was unusually for him to anything less than serious during an investigation but he couldn’t seem to help himself with her.

Following after her he nodded with the file in hand, it wasn’t something he was supposed to show anyone but if she was part of the Treaty than she would be considered an ambassador and that would be fine. If anyone could give him insight into the ice and what it could be, he had the feeling it would be Anivia. Taking the seat across from her he tried not to look a bit embarrassed. “I was born in a mountain community of snow and ice, strange for a phoenix but unfortunately such environments now just bring back old memories.” Plus he had his own life going at the time but it did remind him of a place and of people he would never see again. “For a time I had a much…more violent passion but I’ve mellowed over the years. Besides, helping people seemed the better option than knocking them our or leaving them a bloody mess in a ring.” He might be less skilled than some Nivies with his ability to control ice but he was skill in multiple forms of combat since he had been in the military before his transition to a Niveis, an assassin, MMA fighter and now detective, the tables had turned for sure. “We all have our own belief systems, Fate hasn’t necessarily been kind to me in the past but yet I can’t seem to curb that old belief.” There were still somethings which he had been taught which would always remain with him.

Graydon nodded as she said that was terrible, “It is and they hadn’t escalated until recently. I don’t know if something changed with the crew, if this was an isolated incidence or if it’s something else.” There had been very little evidence left at the scene. “I’m definitely not  supposed to let you see these but we’ll just keep that between us.” He said before handing over the file which had both photos and a full report on what had been found which wasn’t much. “The department believes the suspect is a Niveis, I on the other hand am not so sure. It could be, but I’ve seen ice manipulation happening in the city before you and your tribe arrived and it’s just…different. I’m not sure how else to explain it.” But she seemed to understand as well since he had the same feeling at times and he didn’t like it.

Anivia gave the Niveis in front of her a gentle smile, she rarely made anyone laugh so it was a nice feeling that a joke manage to land. “It's a pleasure to meet you Detective Lee.” she gave him a soft nod. “Please feel free to call me Anivia, or Nivi is what most tend to call me.” She chuckled and thought for a moment. “I am sure if you asked one of many to come with a name for me there would be plenty who would call me Chief Anivia, Liberator of a Mad man but its not something I enjoy being reminded of. Maybe Chief Anivia the Open-minded. Though who knows what some would call me outside of the tribe.” she chuckled softly, as she gave a slight shake of her head at the thought of all the names they would call her.

Anivia was in the works of signing the treaty this week to have the Niveis officially instituted to the city. She wanted her people to be safe and well it seemed like the best thing to do for the tribe as a clective. Though the Niveis had a lot against them thanks to their firebird counterparts many where evolved from. “Interesting, did you come from phoenix parents? Or where you initia parents?” she wondered aloud as she hadn’t meet a phoenix who grew up in a mountain community before. “Forgive my curious nature.” she said as she touched her nose. 

“You where a fighter before joining the force?” She asked as she leaned her head to the side letting her dark eyes run along his face for a moment. “Not many have been able to accept the cooling of their blood.” she said as she mused. “For most Turned blooded Niveis either the extinguishing of fire is a blessing or a curse. To my father it was a blessing it meant he had an upper hand on the world. For others I feel.” she placed her hand over her heart for a moment. “I feel their anger and abandonment they fight daily. They don’t understand what has happened and while I try to reach out, they refuse my call.” The leader gave a gentle sigh, not everyone was ready to accept the change in them. “We all have beliefs that never quite leave us.” she mused softly letting her hand fall from over her heart.

Anivia took the file in her hands and looked it over, mainly focusing on the photos. “Humm.” she said as she flipped through them slowly. “Its true that there are others who can do ice manipulation. They don’t tend to do so at the same level as a Niveis, not even a Water master can reach our level.” She said as she turned the photo and pointed to the edge. “This looks like water that was frozen after the fact not straight ice. But the photos don’t make things clear enough for me to say hands down it's not a Niveis. Even if it was a Niveis doesn’t mean it is anyone from the tribe. As you know, many didn’t grow up in the tribe we just happen to be the largest settlement.” She was quiet for a moment “How many events like this have happened? Do you have a time frame?”


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