When Phoenix And Dragon Meets ( Open to only Valente and Malva ) [Completed]

The Aspect of Magic found herself waking up in her mini library, the same room as hers but it was a small one at the corner and only she had the key to it. So far, the only people she has let in there was Argent, Aurantia, Cora and Erythreus when they needed a few books regarding the species she often 'stole' from the reading room on the 2nd floor. She had fallen asleep once again in the library. She thought she would finish her free time of the evening by reviewing a few files and read a few book regarding the Phoenixes, but like usual, her insomnia is something that cannot be cured. The others had the same case as her, but it was nothing major. Thankfully the dark circles on her eye bags were not visible. Her eyes were droopy but she managed to get herself to her room and into her bathroom without hitting anything. Of course, that did not come to an end however as she staggered to the marble floor after hitting her head on the window pane. 

She winced in pain before dipping a cloth and to her forehead softly massaging it. It didn't leave a mark or a bump thankfully. She rinse her face with the cold water before proceeding on taking a quick bath to freshen herself. So delved in her thoughts and away from the reality she laid in the bathtub with the water tap still running, the warm water making her sleepy all sudden. Fortunately, she managed to get herself back to reality before she drowned herself by accident, closing the tap and gasped for air. ""What am I doing..I nearly drowned myself.", She mumbled cursing a few words in Russian on the way, reminding herself over and over again to be cautious.

The red headed Aspect took little time to get ready, dressed in only a plain black tank top and a pair of jeans. It was comfy and casual, she had left her dresses away for some time and tried on the casual fashion. To be honest, she missed the Isle and the clothes she used to wear back then, she have found herself hating on the modern technology especially those so called smartphones which rigged her mind on her first few weeks here. But she was a fast learner and with Valentine's help, she was able to adapt well to the modern life. She opened her window and let the cold air blew her red locks away, tucking a few strands neatly and jumped, landing herself gracefully on her feet. Their manor was not far away from the town square, so she decided to take some fresh air out for the night. It was not late but it wasn't early either. It was around 10 if she wasn't mistaken. Nearly 11. Malva made her way to the town square and arrived not long after finding herself with a cup of coffee and her spell book out on the table where she had taken a seat in the cafe. 

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Malva was so delved into her thoughts, she did not realized that waitress had placed her order on her the table. She gave her a soft faint smile and gave her thanks for it, finding a few dollar bills in her purse and hand it to the petite young waitress as a tip. Her three black coffees and blueberry cheesecake laid on the table untouched. She was staring at the window pane, picking her cake with the small fork given along with the cake earlier, still away from reality. She kept thinking how it would be if things went wrong, like terribly wrong. Was it their fault for not acting fast as they should be? So many questions filled her mind at the same time, trying to find answers herself.

But a faint presence to which she recognized as a Phoenix's had made her disrupt her thoughts earlier and made her come to reality. She frowned as she tried to identify the faint aura of the Phoenix she sensed, and found her icy sapphire blue optics focused on a male who sat across her. He had a dirty blonde hair and brown hues. She did not recognize him from anywhere and certainly not Evermore but she might be wrong since newcomers are coming in and out of the supernatural haven which seemed to have attract supernatural species in like a magnet. He is like an enigma however, one that intrigues her to the extent of herself trying to rack her brains to find out who he was.

She did acknowledge however that she has finished all three coffees in less than a few minutes while staring off the coast.So the red headed Russian Aspect went on deciding it would be better to solve all her possible new questions rising up from her brain after she had her hues focused on the Phoenix male. She has met only a few Phoenixes around Evermore but none strike her interest much, unlike the d'Fierro family. 'Maybe he is one of those Italian fire birds?', She thought and since he was not that far from her seat, she could order yet another coffee and maybe strike up a small conversation although he does looks like the quiet type.

But it was worth a try so she went on making her way to the counter ordering another black coffee. He was only 10 metres away from her. But things started to take a quick turn and a waitress was in her way, not focusing herself she bumped into the girl and hot coffee starts spilling all over her top and if she saw right, a portion of it spilled on the Phoenix too. Since he has a strong resistance to fire and heat, she figured he would not even flinch at the heat but she reminded herself that she wasn't one who had a resistance like that, her hand were severely burned. She winced as the waitress apologized but she dismissed her with a smile and said it was alright. "I'm so sorry..", She apologized at the male and bow her head down 90 degrees following to the manners she was taught when she was a child. 

'The coffee was really hot than I thought.', She thought and gripped her right palm restraining herself from wincing. She was sorry, and the apology she gave was sincere as her burn.If he was a newcomer, it explains how she haven't seen him yet from her stay in the city. But she'll probably issue a file for him, find out his informations and all. It would be easier that way, but she was a human and needed to behave like one and by socializing is one of the way. But things went wrong, she remembered how Argent does all the apologies and made it look so easy."How does Argent does this so casually and easy..", She cursed silently.

Malva held the burned hand of hers and tried to hide it in the pocket of her coat but once it touched the cloth, she could only winced but since she did not want to display any kind of emotions of pain, she bit her lips, feeling a metallic almost copper taste to which she assumed was blood. She was embarassed, that was a fact. But what happened next was shocking, not something she thought would happen that is. The male Phoenix took her wrist and pushed it in ice display which did made her yelp because the ice was too much and it was not an act she was ready for, it was cold. But then again, a sense of pain made her jolt up.

She was going to take away her hand from the ice but her wrist was held firmly by the Phoenix.She was about to ask for him to let go of her wrist but it seems like he did it himself before she ever got the chance to say something. Judging from his tone and accent, he was a Brazilian. 'Figures.', She thought and took out her hand from the display, caressing her wrist slowly as the her burn decreased a little. "Don't worry about it, I've had worse.", She had a faint smile curved on her lips, she wasn't the smiler, so it was really hard to see her smile. Smirks are another game on the other hand."I'm fine..Like I said, this is the least of what I've had.", She grinned coyly. She took this chance to ask who he was and confirm her suspicions and questions.

"If you don't mind me asking, are you new? I have not seen you around Evermore.", She spoke softly yet casually, like she was talking to Tatiana or Argent.She had to keep her cover on. Once she gets his name, she should be able to do her job into finding out the informations easier than ever. "I haven't got a chance to introduce myself, pardon my manners. I'm Malva, Malva Arguarde.", She smiled softly, a genuine smile etched on her features, her sapphire optics twinkling in mischief that could only be identified by her family and those who have known her long enough to know her behavior.

Malva still had a smile, trying to familiarize the situation quickly so she wouldn't look so awkward. She did not know why she was so determine to find out things or hints, even clues to finding out about him, it was usual for her to find out about those she did not know, but something about him seems very off. Both were very embarassed on the incident earlier, that was something that is true.After answering her questions, he seemed to be trying to find a way to leave out, maybe he wasn't comfortable speaking to strangers.She would too, especially those who resides in Evermore where supernatural creature lurk around. There should be no one who we can actually trust. 

After all she did point out that he was a quiet person who would rather lurk around in the shadows than coming out to socialize type, wasn't exactly a surprise. She wasn't a social butterfly but she did manage to get her way around the town at times, much to her benefit. The more people she has met and made acquaintances with, the more advantages she'd get if they were good friends with her. If they did not benefit her whatsoever, she would not be making friends around the eternal city. Call her manipulative but she actually prefers that way.

She did practice her way in and out on her quote that she has been using every day of her life now. ' No attachments whatsoever, attachments can get you killed.', She remembered the every specific word of it. She did learn to accept it the hard way, it was not something she'd lose herself again. One he gave her his name, it was one step closer to finding out informations about him next. She definitely knew what she was going to do once she gets home. "Likewise.", She nodded lightly. He had tried to get back to his previous posture once again and this time, she lets it. It would seem like she was begging for attention if she continues to ask him questions and having herself attracting attention is not something she'd be delighted to have.

The Aspect of Magic got a new coffee since hers spilled after she had bumped into the waitress earlier and went back to her seat which was just across Valente. He was definitely facing her, that was one thing. She took out her phone and texted something ' It's Mal, I need you to find out things about a certain Phoenix in town. The name I got was Valente, tell me if you have found anything ASAP.' was written, after finishing the words she tucked the phone back in her pocket. She was getting a hang of the technology better than she anticipated which was a good thing. She had sent the message to Tatiana and her family of Aspects along with Tintin and Eleanor, the three guards she had her trust in. 

As soon as she hold up her head and her eyes facing the person across her seat, her eyes saw something. The sapphire hues of hers was fixed to the sight of the male Phoenix conjuring a fire from his palms, probably wanting to warm his coffee since it should be cold after being left for long. But maybe being a little unexperienced Phoenix, he had conjure up a fire instead rather than just willing the element to warm it. Her eyes had captured the scene and saved into the draft of her head. She decided she could not wait any longer to find out about the guy, and that she did not have anything to do in the cafe, so she should be heading home.

Malva rose up from her seat and went pass Valente but not before she could whisper something. "You should be careful next time. Some who aren't supernatural could have witnessed it.", was what she said as she exited the cafe. She realized that she had implied that she wasn't exactly a human once she had warned the Phoenix. Malva decided to take a small walk around the park before going home, taking a fresh air and clear up her head before going back to her daily routine hours. But with the thoughts of the Phoenix she had met earlier, she could not think straight. She kicked the pebbles on her way and took a seat at an empty bench. Soon, the red head proceeded on taking out her spell book, flipping from one page to another as her eyes were trained on one particular spell. The spell she had used on a certain Phoenix to knock her out.

Malva sat on the bench, her legs crossed into an X form and had her book out in the open resting her hands on it. It was late, and no one was at the park, why would they, unless they were finding trouble. There are a lot of criminals there is as much as the supernatural creatures lurking around in the dark. There was surely no knowing what's store for her. But she'd take her risk, she is more than capable to take care of herself. 

The Russian redhead noticed someone sitting at the edge of the bench, quite the opposite where she was sitting. And so, she made a turn around to see who it was and it turned out to be no one other than the young Phoenix she had met earlier in the cafe. She didn't exactly know if he was young or not but she had a hunch of it and preferred to lead it that way. She adjusted her position to face him a bit but was still at her original spot as she leaned on the wooden bench. " I thought you'd realize it by now? If you haven't, my hunch about the new you is true then. I knew you were new but I didn't know you haven't met your Phoenix ambassador yet?", She asked and gave him a bit of time to process her words before continuing.

"Once you came to Evermore and reside here, it automatically made you a member of the faction in the community, whether you like or not. Evermore is a place that attracts the supernatural creatures like a magnet around here, don't know why but it is considered a safe haven for us. Every faction has its ambassador, even if you do not acknowledge it, what you do here matters to them and they welcomed the new ones with open arms so you don't to worry about not being accepted because you're not normal.", She spoke out casually still flipping a page out of her book slowly. She might had the impression of being a little bit harsh at first. "Because we've all been through that. All of us.", She mumbled.

"But about the thing I warned you about earlier, the one where I said to be careful of your powers? It was because when Evermore is known for its supernatural population, they only cover at least 90% of it, whereas there's another 10% of human population. The humans are divided into two categories, those who did not have the knowledge on the supernatural around them and those who knows about them. I guess the first category is safe to say, easy to blend in for us. But there's the trouble with the second category, usually most of them are a part of a secret organization that protects them from us. That's debatable, but what's worse is that there are humans that hunts us down, not caring if we are innocent or not because they are probably influenced with the thought of us being a threat to the humans and on how dangerous we can be. Most of them have a common mutual hatred for us.", She shrugged, because it was very common to say that.

"And the ambassador of our own supernatural ones will tell us not to reveal our abilities in the open or public eyes. So that's two reasons why I warned you?", She did had her time on explaining things to Valente but she is on her position as an Aspect and her job is to protect their world and existence as well on restoring the peace. So it's safe to say, it's better to be safe than sorry. He seemed innocent enough but she had learnt not to underestimate them Phoenixes. "Your ambassador has a very complicated relationship with me..Although your ambassador isn't exactly on the best terms with me..we could be civil-ish.", She mumbled, frowning in response still not knowing how to say about her complicated relationship she has with the Italian fire bird.

Malva raised her eyebrows at his answer earlier. He has met her? That's not weird, even a newcomer should have met their ambassador because they say, they could sense the presence of one of them. It was a co-dependant trait really, but their behavorial isn't exactly cutting the cut for them towards her. All the Phoenixes she has met in Evermore did not exactly gave her the best first impression on them. Malva had saw the look he had, one of those she has saw many on various people's faces throughout the years in the Isle. It was the look on deciding whether one could trust her.

To be honest, she wouldn't trust herself if she got the choice to be in his shoes, because when she was there present for good cause, she was very manipulative and was determined to get things done. It doesn't matter if she had to get her hands dirty at times to finish the job, because their cause is something very important to her. It was the only thing she had other than her family, the one thing that kept her living for almost 1200 years now. It was hard but she learnt to take it soon. At the sudden mention of The Hunger Games, she couldn't help but to chuckle at him.

 "Something like that, but the thing that differenates us is that we are supernatural creatures while the districts in Hunger Games are humans. We do have the Capitol in some sort of sense, there are authorities which is a lot higher than us. Who monitors and supervises everything that happens in the supernatural world.", She shrugged giving a bit of hint about them Ailwards but carefully not giving any names. "And yes, I'm part of the supernatural community. How else did you think I knew what you are and warned you? And with this?", She paused for a while and showed him her spell book. "It's obvious I'm a witch..though I tend to cloak it to public eyes.", 

She saw how his fist were balled up, even in the dark she had always been the one with keen eyes, with her being a part dragon at times. "I know it's a lot to take in but take your time slowly, because what I'm about to say next will probably be overwhelming for both of us. You probably know about the rivalry Phoenixes and Initias had? If you don't, take a note. It might save yourself one day, it's been going around for thousands of years now, the rivalry. With Initias and Phoenixes rounded up and put in the same territory and city, things are bound to get nasty. It has, a few times. I wasn't present it but doesn't mean I don't get informations about it.", She shrugged lightly before continuing.

"A war is brewing, and with the tension going around. It's gonna break out any day now, only time awaits. I heard the other factions are rounding up the sides already, but I could be wrong. War is never good. That much we all know. If you came here because you're attracted to it, which is probably the best reason, to begin a new life. This is a not a place for that, but it could be a place for you to find yourself amongst the other Phoenixes. A family you would want to have.", She advised, her tone going soft, she might have the appearance and body of a younger her but her age matters for her decisions and words. 

"I don't mind.", She said softly, she wasn't overly fond of smoking and cigarettes but she was in no position to stop anyone. He is a Phoenix, he could take care of himself with their healing system and all. They are immortal, she reminded herself. "Many others thought that their powers is a curse while others thought it was a gift. None was true. There are gifts and curses. It's mother nature. The thing that represented whether if it was a gift or curse is what you did with it. But if you lose control of yours, it was not a shocking matter. I lose control of mine, younger than you I'd say.",

"Just remember to never forget yourself. Curses or gifts, it doesn't matter what people say because in the end, you'd be the one winning and surviving.", 

She was not sure whether she could handle yet another temperamental Phoenix with her. She wasn't very fond of their trait, she was temperamental but she didn't have fire to fuel herself up with so she was directly the word people would say 'harmless' or maybe she wasn't. But her position did ensure that she cannot hex people randomly because she was having a temper tantrum. She's famous for that, if she wasn't mistaken, at least around 1200 years ago when she was not burdened with the price of weight she's carrying along with the other 7 Aspects.

She saw his dark hues flickered and let out a huge sigh. She saw that plenty of times on her encounters with Leona d'Fierro. "I did warn you about the overwhelming informations I was about to spill earlier.", She shrugged, taking out her phone from her bag after hearing her phone vibrate. "I'd say witch..but there are names for us. You'll find out sooner once you settled yourself in the city.", She knew she was sounding like a complete crazy wacko but she'd guessed it would not be that easy to convince someone who's been there for like 5 minutes. She'd freaked out if she was in his shoes, thankfully she wasn't.

She was not surprised when he sounded out his words on her being a liar. "I wish I just create those words from my mind. But it's not. I know you might have thought it is not normal, that I might be lying because those things are just fantasies. Figments of our imaginations. But think again, how normal is it when you found out that you had a pyrokinetic ability? That you can burn things. How normal is it when you found out that you had a pair of wings, that you can fly around with it. None of those are normal. War isn't normal either. War between supernaturals are even more.", 

"Evermore might be that place where we lived together as a community, without having to fear what people thought of us. But that was once. It was that place, a lot has happened. This place will end up in ashes if the war broke out. It might be a game for others, that this is just some twisted reality. It's hard for you, it's a lot to take in, having to take all this in conscious when you've been here for like what? A day? Half a day? I may have not reside here for long, but it was long enough for me to know it wouldn't be long before it happens. I tell you this because I'm simply someone with nothing to lose.  I don't expect you to believe anything, Valente.", She mused before brushing the helm of her jacket, standing up and slung her bag over her and walk away but not before she could say a few words.

"I know you can handle yourself, everyone can. But everyone breaks over something.", She said softly before walking away from their spot, wanting to walk her way around Evermore before she could go home. The sounds of her boots were heard on the stone pavement where she walked on, not far away from her spot earlier. "Oh and a friendly advice, Evermore is not what it looks like. Welcome to the eternal city where supernatural creatures from all walks of life resides, Evermore.", She turned herself around while walking backwards before proceeding on walking away.

Once Malva heard those words, a frown creased on her features, not really liking the tone of his voice. She stopped her tracks and turned her head around to respond to the male. "Like I said before, believe what you want, Phoenix. Your choice, not mine. I mean people don't go around here calling me crazy.", She shrugged, she'd been called worse but what he doesn't know would not hurt him. She knew by then, Leona hardly briefed him about the town but he's new. He probably need some time to adjust to the 'reality'. She saw his dark hues wandering around her and chuckled, shaking her head at his actions earlier. "I did not escaped from any mental institution. Don't worry, if anything I'm a staff there. Well, I'm a doctor. ", 

As he admitted her believed her, a smile crept up tugging on her lips as she looked down on her boots before arching her back, inhaling the cold air of the night. "Yes, that's it. What more could you possibly want to know? Shoot and I'll answer.", She asked, her eyebrow raised. The wind blew her red auburn locks, flaring her anger a bit as it got into her eyes, she tucked her ringlets away and huffed. She knew by then he was a smart kid, asking what will break her. To those who would somehow get those informations about her will probably use it against her one day. 

"What will make me break? You see that's an interesting question. Not saying I am impenetrable and unbreakable, but the thing that holds me together is my family. My cause, my moto. My mission. Those people are the most important ones in my life, to the extent that I will kill for them. They hold me still, glue me up like bricks made to build something.", Her words were slow and her tone was soft. Her actions were usually based on her childishness, her temper tantrums and whatnot but her words are mostly wise as her age. She decided it was enough questions for one night and make her way back. His questions were heard, especially when his tone was stronger and louder. 

"Like I said before, I'm a doctor, a senior consultant working at the general hospital of Evermore. If you have any questions, please do not find me there. Unless you broke something or got wounded, then yes, you can probably come. Why do I know so much? Maybe I just keep my tabs around. Just to be sure, being cautious and taking precautions is good. Keeps you alive and well. Especially when there is not much we can trust around.", She smiled before teleporting away, of course after making sure no one except them both was there. Since he already knew what she was, it was no harm into telling what she can do as a 'witch'.


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