That was quite the eventful trip for the snowy-haired niveis who's currently standing in front of the bathroom mirror, staring into his own reflection with his hands half buttoning his shirt and buckling the pants. The silhouette behind them didn't escape his notice however, in fact, it's the only reason he couldn't stop smirking while he busied himself as he ruffled his hair into a much more neater messy outlook from earlier. Blowing the stray strands from his face, Daehyun brought one hand up to adjust the lining and hummed to himself a rather a familiar tune that he always does.

No doubt at this point, the whole cafe knew both their names already, and a part of him wondered the kinds of looks they'd receive once they exit the bathroom. It wasn't as if they were being quiet, in the first place and his attempts on silencing the valkyr was an utter failure. He wasn't one to say though, seeing as he wasn't exactly docile about it either. Was he impressed? Yes. Was he satisfied after what happened earlier? Definitely.

It was worth every second, hell, he could still feel the burning sensation in the pit of his stomach whenever he thought of it, even when it hasn't even been less than 20 minutes since their last trip to pleasure land. The question still remained stark, is it really the last trip? For both of them? He's not sure. For him? Perhaps the niveis was a bit too early into concluding things because no way was he sure he wanted this to be their last journey together. Dae agreed that this would definitely take his mind off that night but while it was better than what he expected, he wasn't sure if this would do anything more than just replace the dent and whining inside him that he received from that memorable night.

Wouldn't that leave the niveis wanting more? Did he even reach his closure? Daehyun didn't know because he's way too deep into his high that he forgot what he came here to do. One look at the blond and he's all weak like a gelatin. Stealing a look at the blond who also looked like the equal mess he was in earlier, but a hot mess, the pale-haired male couldn't help but to nibble his bottom lip unconsciously, before wiping his mouth with the sleeves of his shirt and turned on the water tap to wash his hands. “I still can't believe you chose a public bathroom out of all places.” Oh, he's still on that topic. How could he not? This is his first public rodeo, after all.

There was nobody else in the bathroom, which he was positive was due to them being a loud mess. Poor souls were probably traumatized to even set a foot inside the cafe, much less inside this bathroom. The elder Stormwind knew they scared the innocent customers away with their crude and obscene actions from earlier that he was sure went on for quite a while. “You know the cafe manager would probably have us blacklisted for its entire lifeline, right?” he grumbled and heaved a sigh as he turned to face the valkyr by leaning against the sink, propping his hands on both of his sides. “I actually like their coffee… what a shame.” Of course, he would talk about their coffee, even after what just happened, it sounds exactly like Daehyun Stormwind. 

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Speaking of not wanting to be tied down though, Yeon was still very much in the swing of finding a second home in New York, after talking it over with Celia first and then later Hanseol he had agreed he would keep two places. It would save him money in the long run in New York to have a place to stay rather than constantly using hotels. At first, he was going to sell his penthouse in Evermore but there was still demand to be here too and Yeon had decided he liked being able to come ‘home’ sometimes because it felt like a break from the constant business pressure. Still, he was spending more time in NYC than he was in Evermore now, so three full weeks in this city felt like a luxury to him. What a way to start it. He thought to himself with a chuckle. By the laws of biology, he should be dead on his feet by now and yet somehow he felt more alive than ever.

He guessed being with Dae had that effect on him. Or maybe the coffee at that place really was magical and he had just done himself a massive injustice by getting himself kicked out. He was fairly certain it was the former. Somewhere deep in his mind, he was adding Dae to the reasons to keep his place in Evermore, though that wasn’t something he would say out loud. There was also a certain level of sentimental value to his home in Evermore, it was the first place he ever bought with his own money and didn’t have to pay rent on. He’d had it entirely designed to his liking so the place was 100% him, it had art pieces he had personally collected, a layout he designed, things that allowed him to get a little peace and break from the city and the people. Sure, he spent a lot of time alone in there. But it was his and no one could take the meaning of it away from him.

Yeon chuckled slightly when he spoke about the harshness of wanting someone for sex “I told you, too direct” he spoke and shrugged, he wasn’t saying that like it was a bad thing, sex was natural and necessary to him, he didn’t feel any shame in wanting it, or wanting someone for it. When he followed it up with the compliment the blond smirked a little “Glad you enjoyed my services” he jested noting the way Dae phrased it accidentally like it was some kind of consumable and then he chuckled. He wasn’t offended, of course, it was very hard to offend him and telling him that he enjoyed his time with him only spurred him on more. Made him want more. There was more than just sex though, there was mutual respect between them, which he supposed was going to be necessary because they were now connected by their closest friends and while Jae might hate Yeon, he certainly didn’t hate Han and he suspected they would see one another again sooner or later.

The blond wasn’t an expert at managing friendships, nor people he casually hooked up with more than once so he found himself a little lost on how to proceed. Did he want this to continue? He couldn’t be sure about. He really enjoyed being with Daehyun and the way he made him feel but the idea of getting hooked on one person like that scared him, it made him wonder if it was going to make him feel more attached to coming back to Evermore than he already was. It made him wonder if he’d keep rushing back every time he felt like he needed that level of pleasure. It maddened him that it seemed to only be the pale-haired male he could get this true high from now. He didn’t want to spend another 4 months completely unable to feel release. Was there going to be closure in one more time? He wasn’t sure.

“I have my moments” Yeon commented with a chuckle, he cared about the people he let in deeply, had done ever since he was a child, he was the kind of person who would follow someone to the ends of the earth if they asked it of him but only if they meant enough to him. If Han pinched his right wrist while he was in NYC, you could bet the valkyr would be on the next plane home for him and if Celia had told him not to leave for New York, he would have stayed in Evermore for her sake. It was a short list, but those people got his everything. Everyone else was just another person in the world to him, he supposed, though those who worked for his dance company he supported morally and with his investments. He also had a few friends he had helped to start businesses. Still, there were very few people who got to see the real him. He noted the fact that the real him was already beginning to slip out around the Niveis, something about him just put the valkyr at ease and he felt like he could be honest and upfront around him.

The valkyr had a smile on his face the whole time that he listened to Dae talking about his friends, he really liked seeing him talk about people he cared about because he got into this really sweet and goofy state which he had never seen from the Niveis at any other point. Yeon supposed those people were Dae’s weakness and strength because they seemed to light up something in him that the blond hadn’t seen before. Yeon laughed looking at Dae’s snowy colored hair and then imagining seeing him in the dark without knowing him “Well I’m never going to be able to get that comparison out of my head now” though it was endearing to hear how the two of them met in such a funny scenario and Dae hadn’t been completely grumpy about it. When he returned the question he laughed at the blind date comment “You say that but it’s actually strangely accurate” he chuckled “Except instead of a date it was a blind Volakiri pairing I suppose, our ambassadors formed an alliance and they wanted to us to entertain the idea of having one” he shook his head “I went because I wanted to say I’d at least given it a chance before I said no but..” he leaned his hand against his face thoughtfully “I don’t know, I guess I saw someone I could help in Han and we made pretty fast friends” and he was still glad about the decision he made months later, he found purpose in helping Han straighten out his life and he really enjoyed the celestial’s company “Now I can’t really picture my life without him” he chuckled, that probably sounded cheesy but it was true.

It impressed him that Daehyun managed to hold onto a little part of his roots all this time, he probably did so because he wanted to, because there were no issues with the other male’s pronunciation or comprehension of the English language. Mirae, however, did speak with an American much like his own, probably another reason why he hadn’t made the connection between the two of them right away “I was raised in Busan but spent most of my teenage years with my father in Seoul” he explained as he looked up to the other male, he assumed he was looking for Yeon to confirm that he was indeed from Korea originally. Of course, he’d indirectly confirmed that already by speaking the language and telling Dae he’d only been in America for 8 years. “즐거운 우리 집 (Home sweet home)” he spoke softly, letting his native accent take over for just a moment as he smiled at the other male. He wasn’t sure if he meant that statement considering Korea wasn’t and couldn’t be home anymore but he liked catching the other male off guard by doing the unexpected.

“I think I’d go insane without it” he admitted with a laugh, he was such a workaholic that if there wasn’t someone to remind him he had a life outside of work then he feared he might actually work himself into the ground. He guessed he didn’t know when to quit, he was like that with a lot of things, always wanted to finish the task or the to-do list. He never wanted to give up on people even when they tried to push him away or told him they didn’t want him to. He couldn’t stop himself. The blond was wondering whether they could have the best of both worlds, a friendship and the sex, it didn’t have to be complicated if they didn’t make it complicated right? It didn’t have to be more than friends helping their friend feel satisfied. Friends with benefits he supposed. Could he do that? He wasn’t sure whether he could but the longer he spent around Dae the more he wanted to be able to make that happen. His presence and his looks and the way he made the valkyr feel a little weak in the knees, that wasn’t just going to go away, after all, he would feel it every time that he saw Dae. It would take a lot of self-control on both their parts.

Leaning into the Niveis he felt every little movement he made “Such an impressive power to have” Yeon purred softly, closing his eyes as he felt the vibration of the hum against Dae’s check, they were both whispering to one another, lips moving in close to one another’s ears as they spoke, being quiet so they didn’t draw the attention of their driver, he’d even stopped listening in to the loud argument echoing through the car because he was too lost in the snowy-haired male and the kisses the two of them were sharing. He gave a low chuckle when Dae returned his words on him and Yeon’s hand copied Daehyun by tangling up in his hair and pulling on it a little “Maybe I have” he spoke, his parted lips touching against Daehyun’s as his tongue explored his mouth his fist closing around his hair as he leaned in to the kiss.

He smirked as Dae leaned back in response to the lip biting going on “Oh I have more ideas than you can even--” he didn’t finish it because he let out a soft whimpered moan as the other male tugged at his bottom lip and he jerked his body a little against the other male, sitting on his lap and grinding into him a little while their driver went about his job certainly was an interesting idea. Even his voice in this hushed tone was turning him on though, there wasn't a single thing about Dae that had put him off so far. Just as he felt Dae’s hips buck a little was when the valkyr spoke in response to his words “I’m afraid you will have to make me” he breathed as he leaned in closer to Daehyun’s ear as he spoke and then leaned in to nip against his earlobe and sucked on it a little making a little point about what his tongue was capable of, a little reminder of their earlier encounter.

He was just about to return to Daehyun’s lips when the car came to a stop and the driver turned around to face the two of them. The blond turned his head back towards the male and gave an innocent smile before he reached for Daehyun’s door and opened it and climbed over him and out onto the street “Thanks for the ride” he spoke to the driver who was simply shaking his head. Yeon pulled out his phone and put in a $5 tip for him and then waited for Dae to get a handle over himself.

This was worth it, he told himself. Meeting him after 4 months only to be dragged away to pleasure land a few minutes later, in the very same place where both their close friends had sparked on what seemed to be an argument, that wasn't what he expected but boy did he enjoy every single moment of it. He knew there was more to him than he displayed himself to be, though. Yeon wasn't as normal as he posed himself to be, he's more than a pretty face with high rated confidence level. The valkyr had a heart, admittedly, a humble one, and that piqued his interest further. Daehyun has met plenty of people in his missions, coming across from one to another, each originating from various backgrounds, He's met good people and bad ones. Dae had his fair share in judging too, but ended up dismissing all those negativity afterward.

There was something about Yeon that pulls him close like a magnet, was it his hair? His lips? His almost perfect body proportion? Perhaps, his gracefulness? Or was it his confidence? Despite being a narcissistic guy himself, the niveis had somewhat a double standard when it comes to encountering others. But with Yeon, if anything, he was even more interested in the blond. It was as if he was lured secretly into a never-ending land of bliss. One he wasn't sure if he wanted to even attempt on escaping, not anytime soon, at least. The snowy-haired niveis is going to bask in everything he could receive now, and it wasn't as if it was easy to deny the valkyr's wants and wishes. At this rate, Dae knew he would never be able to get out of this hole unless the blond throws him out. Easier said than done, unfortunately. He's going to stay in Evermore for a while longer now, for him. For now. Why does it feel like he's trying to reassure himself though? Instead of doing the complete opposite?

“It's not a bad thing, being direct. I told you I like those who knows what they want and go for it” an indirect message into saying that if Yeon wanted him to kneel down on the floors, that's exactly what he would be willing to do. What can he say? He's hooked. Daehyun Stormwind is 100% hooked to this man called Yeonseok Lee. One snap of his fingers and he's scurry, trailing behind him like some lovesick puppy. Or cat. This is it, Dae. Take it or leave it. Is this friendship a go? Or a no? While his head was busy whirring with its own trainwreck of thoughts, he bit his bottom lips instinctively as he sighed heavily. This is hard. Usually, he had no problem in choosing. It's always A or B when it comes to him, as the male never found a need to compromise the state of affairs. He's happy with how things are. Like now. Earlier, he knew he was more whole than ever and that was saying something for someone who had a big pride such as Daehyun.

The sex was good, obviously. It was better than what he ever expected after that night, but the passion the valkyr poured in his every movements made his breath hitch every time. All the coffee in his system burned out quickly after the bathroom scene, but instead of feeling lazy or tired, the niveis only got spurred with the need to show the blond a good time, once again. It's also hard to hold himself back when Yeon didn't have to do a thing and Dae would be more than ready to pin him against any wall and take him right there on the spot. Everything he's been waiting for 4 months long was released yet the elder male couldn't find in him to stop at just that. He wanted more of where that came from and surprisingly, he wasn't ashamed to say so. Don't get him wrong, if Dae wanted sex, he will say it, per usual. That's the problem, though.

Things with Yeon is not normal, he's never felt this fueled by anyone before and certainly not because of some activities that are reserved for the bedroom. No wonder he's actually questioning his own sanity a few times already. His lips formed a pout as he heard those words coming from the valkyr, huffing lightly with one hand removing the stray strands of his pale-colored hair that was blocking his peripheral vision. “I'm pretty sure a ghost isn't supposed to look this good, let's be real,” he grumbled and even flaunted himself proudly. “With a ghost who looks like me, I'm surprised no one wishes to be haunted, considering years of my nightly services” he murmured cheekily, licking his bottom lip and smirked wryly. He also didn't forget to wink at the other male suggestively.

Hearing the story of how Yeon came to meet the celestial, Dae gaped for a brief while. “I'm not gonna lie, the way you phrased it, made it sound like it was supposed to be a scene from a romcom or something.” Okay, he doesn't watch them, but others like Mirae does and his baby sister didn't exactly know how to navigate things because she forgot to logout of his Netflix account and had used his instead of hers, every single time. It's no surprise to see plenty of sappy movies and dramas alike in his recommendation slot. But in a way, Dae would relate feeling the same way Yeon did. The friendship between him and Jae, he wasn't sure what would've happened or if he would still be here in the eternal city had it not been because of the dhampir. Without him, the niveis would have left months ago.

Seoul, most of the Koreans he met all hailed from the capital which wasn't surprising, Jae's from there. Now, Yeon's also from there too. “I am trying to picture you in Busan satoori, and god you must've sounded hotter than you already are.” Busan satoori are usually very deep and husky, while Daegu are more flighty in assonance. “Not that the you right now is not okay, I don't think I can handle a hotter version” he might burn himself from it, quite literally. It's ironic how Dae, who's always loved fire as a phoenix, hated the very element of it once he was turned into a niveis. What did caught him off guard, yet again, was him speaking in his native tongue. Daehyun gawked for a minute or so, and blinked awkwardly afterward. He did not expect that. “헐...놀라움으로 가득하지? (Heol… you're full of surprises, aren't you?)” While Yeon's English is melodic, his Korean is a lot more smoother and he found himself falling deeper into that pit. How is this guy real? He's got the looks, the attitude, the heart, the body, and the voice? Now that they're whirlwinding over the topic, he wondered if they could still be friends who gives fantastic sex to help one another? That term should exist if it hasn't, already. Because the niveis wasn't confident if he could turn away and find another to satiate himself on the other nights.

The weight Yeon carried, it was nowhere near heavy, the valkyr is actually quite light which he was sure due to his dancing experienced background making up for it, and the small pressure he felt from him didn't feel uncomfortable at all. His sweet saccharine voice melt the niveis inside and out, to the point where the pale-haired male wasn't sure if he could still abstain from this, hands off, he reminded himself. Kissing is allowed, but if this continues, then he's sure it wouldn't be just their lips working on each other. The car be damned, it could be a public transport and he's still down for whatever the blond wants. Feeling his nimble movements from his fingers tugging on his light locks, Dae allowed a soft groan to escape him. That felt a whole lot better.

The more he leaned towards him, the more he finds it hard to pull away or wriggle his way out from this. It was initially a reflexive move when his hip jerked upwards, but the moment he heard that whimper-like moan, he pulled the valkyr closer and grinded against him painfully slow, just to give a taste of his own medicine before he tightened his grip around the valkyr’s waist, probably leaving a mark, when Yeon nipped his ear, running his tongue just around his helix piercings. Thankfully, they arrived at their stop before the niveis could take any further action. That was quick. He was still processing things when the driver shook his head at them, and at how Yeon had casually climbed over to get out from his side. Trailing behind the valkyr much like a confused puppy, he parted his lips to say something but felt like his throat was being compressed. When he finally did, he walked towards him and hand a grip over his wrist. “You realize you're nowhere near done, right? I think you better finish what you started

He didn’t know if there had ever been someone he had thought so deeply about where he stood with, it was confusing for him but then it had been confusing for a long time now, for months the other male had haunted his dreams and his life. Every time he was with someone else he found himself wanting to be with the Niveis, he felt his name at the tip of his tongue and could imagine the way his hands would feel against his body in the place of whoever was there. And that was after one time, now it had been twice and Yeon didn’t know how he was ever going to get the thoughts of the Niveis out of his head. At the same time, he couldn’t find himself having the will to be mad about it either, because it was so good and brought him to a level of pleasure he didn’t even know existed before Dae. It was euphoric, but also, addictive.

Yeon was still chuckling as he pictured Dae frightening Jae with his pale, ghost-like appearance, he was surprised the poor dhampir didn’t have a heart attack but it did amuse him the way Dae turned it around and said a ghost couldn’t look that good. Well, he wasn’t wrong, he did look damn good. The valkyr licked his lips as he watched the male pout and run his hand through his hair “I might have to place myself at the top of the list” he returned the wink the other male gave him but did feel the look he was giving him strike through him “Piercing eyes, charming hint f a smile on the right moments, though soft lips, who could even resist?” he quirked his brow, not to mention the physique the other male held as you moved downwards but he was sure he got the idea.

Yeon laughed when Dae likened the way his friendship with Hanseol to a rom-com “It definitely wasn’t something I planned for” he admitted, which considering who he was and what he did was very odd for him, Yeon planned a lot, especially when it came to his work. Though that was more because he would forget to do things if he didn’t have something to remind him where he was supposed to be. “Though I guess I am easily taken with the wind given the chance so maybe it worked out right” he chuckled softly “He’s a pain in the ass though, always going on about what’s best for others and never thinking about himself” Yeon rolled his eyes, he struggled to put up with people who didn’t have confidence in themselves, that’s why he had been working so hard to show Han the great things he had going for him “Case and point, what he did this afternoon” the blond clicked his tongue, he couldn’t fix this one for Han unfortunately.

Yeon shrugged a little with a laugh “It’s still in there somewhere” he admitted with a lighthearted grin, especially because Dae found the idea of it hot, it seemed they both just kept finding more reasons to be attracted to one another. They shared the same roots, even if they were several hundred years apart, they both experienced death in some form, they both had someone they saw as a sister like figure and cared for a lot, they both had a best friend who they would probably bend their whole life for. They were more similar than either of them probably wanted to admit. Yeon smirked as he spoke in Korean noting the shocked look that came over the snowy-haired male, he liked being able to catch him off guard, surprise him. He gave a smug smile as Dae spoke to him in Korean tilting his head to the side a little and then nodded “Always” he spoke confidently.

The way they were all over one another in the car was hardly surprising, there was a certain pull Yeon had to the other male that he quite literally couldn’t resist, every time he tried to pull back he found himself coming back in like he was a piece of elastic returning back to where he belonged. He felt every kiss from his mouth spreading through his chest and all the way down to his toes, the movements purposeful and exciting. Daehyun was an excellent kisser who gave as good as he got and the work they were doing on abusing one another’s lips left them a little more swollen and red every time the two of them parted. He didn’t care, the feelings only got more sensitive as the raw skin on his lips was worn down a little. Hearing the soft groan that escaped Dae’s lips as he tugged on his hair only made the valkyr do it again, enjoying the reaction he got very much.

The two of them were once again in sync with one another, his body moving with the Niveis as they pressed into one another in the right places, though the pace Daehyun was keeping Yeon recognized as teasing, which made the valkyr focus on every minute movement he made as a pleasured sigh escaped his lips. He felt Dae’s hands dig into his sigh which made him throw his head back for just a moment. There was such a fine line of pain and pleasure when it came to being with the Niveis but he loved it, especially because every touch against his skin was ice cold and therefore felt all the more practiced. The build-up was halted because the car came to a stop though and Yeon chuckled softly to himself as he climbed out, well that was quite the pre-session and he was looking forward to the payoff very much.

He was about to lead the way towards the building, hurriedly because he wasn’t sure how much longer he could go without jumping the other male’s bones when he felt Dae’s hand clasp around his wrist. Yeon turned back towards him surprised by the intensity he found in his eyes, he chuckled at his words “I told you already, I follow through” he spoke as he reached up to touch his finger against Dae’s lips, sliding downwards for a moment and pulling his swollen bottom lip down for viewing “Like I could let you go now” he spoke with a smirk before dropping his hand to skim against his chest and then over his thigh. He smirked and jerked his chin towards the door to the building before heading inside to the elevators.

Once inside he pulled his wallet out of his pocket and took out the key card needed to reach the penthouse floor and swiped it against the device. It was just the two of them inside the room and once again the two of them found each other meeting eyes through a mirror “We have to stop meeting like this” Yeon spoke softly as he eyed the other male seeing how worked up he was over their warm up. He smirked and bit at the corner of his lip as the elevator door closed and it started going up all 24 floors. His breath hitched his chest and he felt himself getting a little nervous to be alone with Dae, he didn’t know why considering it wasn’t the first time. He stood about a meter from the other male for a full 9 floors before he threw himself towards him, pushing him up against the side of the elevator and kissing him roughly, both his hands clutching against the Niveis’ shirt for dear life as it continued to tick upwards through the floors.

Once had turned to twice, and would it turn to thrice now? Just because he doesn’t have any rule that stated nothing is applicable attending such circumstances, doesn’t mean the niveis had any plans to continue being attached. Whatever attachments it would be, it’s going to be dangerous and would pose him a weak spot because that meant Dae cares for them. He’s been trying to eliminate those doubts and possibilities all his life, especially after turning into a niveis, all he wanted to do is to keep the people he cares about safe, and go on about his life. Things are just more difficult because instead of people he could count with one hand, it might exceed if things continue like this. For instance, this guy with him, the person who had been a party in his one-night stand, 4 months ago. Yet nothing stopped them from going for another try earlier today.

Even after all of those talks he had going with himself and after what happened just now in the bathroom, he still found himself wanting more. That was when he had declined to the thought of not fighting this when he knows it won’t be a good backlash as the result if he continues to fight what he wants. One thing he knew about Yeon is that he’s a good guy with equally good standards and manners, nothing to frown on, which made everything easier to comprehend why Dae would feel immensely attracted to the valkyr. As much as he loves this, he wondered if this addiction would prove to be a problem for him in the near future. He’ll worry about that later on, right now what’s more important is relishing in what he’s given. It wasn’t as if this comes to him every day. Why waste such a good chance like this? The chuckles escaping the valkyr sounded too melodious to be true, which was why instead of being aggravated by the mocking implication he’s showcasing, he only found himself sn*****ing too.

Hearing directly from himself about how he even thought of Dae, that successfully made the niveis’ pride elevate to the sky. “Maybe that ghost doesn’t have many people on the list, it’s usually a first come first serve because… fairness. But a few tweaks can be made due to some ‘circumstances’,” he purred, a sly smile making its way up as his eyes lit up in amusement. “Wonder what it feels like to haunt someone like you” The humor in their conversations could not escape his notice and when’s the last time he chuckled and laughed with someone who’s not Jae? Months, obviously. “Such a charmer” he cooed, Dae obviously likes to be complimented or pampered with praises and the likes, but who doesn’t? He only frowned at them when he knew they were not genuine, but Yeon had no reason to kiss him up, seeing as all the blond had to do was click his fingers and he’d come running. Did he know that? “I see you’re not one for spontaneity” he mused, with an approving smile tugging on his lips because he could already pinpoint another similarity they both had. Dae too, is a meticulous planner, for most things. The only exception was how he lives his life, and even then he would try to avoid any disadvantages over anything he goes to. But when it comes to his work, he’s a perfectionist who would go as far as to study the ley lines of the entire city to make sure things go smoothly. The last thing he wanted is a stent to his plans and when he's taken aback by it, it's not a good day for the weather the moment Daehyun Stormwind goes impulsive.

For a calm person like him to flip would take a lot or it could take the least. Yeon clearly cares very much for Hanseol and he was starting to think if he was wrong to judge the celestial after today. The celestial certainly screwed things up but it wasn’t in his intention as Yeon worded it so perhaps he could acknowledge the mistake he’s made and turn a clean page. “He’s lucky to have a good friend” like you, but instead of saying it out loud and shift his character, the niveis decided to keep it to himself. His eyes lit up more when the valkyr said it’s still in there somewhere. Now he wants to coerce it out. “You seem to like catching me off guard too much, be careful, one of these days, I may have a heart attack and you’re to blame” he teased, technically he’d have plenty of cardiac arrests if he had to count the times the blond surprised him, in a good way, especially when they’re occupied with each other. Perhaps his self-control was nowhere near perfect, but usually, he could control himself when it’s up to him alone.

However, the same couldn’t be said when the other party strikes first. He might have been the first to kiss but Yeon was the first to enact the first step by sitting on his lap. All thoughts about the embarrassment they might face if the driver turns to face them and trying to figure out what kind of music that was blaring, went out of windows and now all his focus is fixated solely on the valkyr alone. It was no surprise that his grip on him would tighten after what the blond gave him, which was honestly just a push for the snowy-haired niveis to finally act on his impulse. What a good reason. The elder Stormwind made no mistake in informing his partner that he really likes his lips, which was why he’s been abusing it all the while they’ve been making out in the car. With the number of times, Dae had tugged and bit his lips should be illegal because it was clear neither one of them are playing with kid gloves or anywhere near mild level. It’s just a surprise that he hasn’t made it bleed yet like he did the first night.

The more vocal Yeon got, the more Daehyun is fueled, wanting to make those sounds again and again. He was close to eliciting a loud moan until he reminded himself he was in a car, and they weren’t alone. The music couldn’t possibly drown everything when they’re so close. Thankfully, the car ride ended as soon as it started and Dae couldn’t stop being grateful they’ve arrived. No way he could survive another hour after what the valkyr just pulled and he made sure to notify the blond of the problem he’s caused for him, his grip tight around his wrist, but thankfully not strong enough to leave a visible bruise. As if that wasn’t enough, Yeon even challenged himself by tracing his forefinger over his lips to which Dae was having a hard time not to bite it off because he’s clearly not the most patient person at the moment. Unsurprisingly, the elder male said nothing and only flashed Yeon a rather annoyed expression because he could tease him all day while Dae would have to battle with his inner urges not to pin the valkyr against the wall.

However, his breath hitched when the hand fell to the other parts of his body. Fucking hell, how is going to survive this teasing? The moment they walked inside, his hues told him enough of what he expected afterward, and there’s no telling how many things he’s got planned out in his head as he followed the blond into the elevator. Throughout the entire time, he had his arms crossed and huffed in annoyance, clearly due to the dissatisfaction the ride couldn’t be any shorter. He stood at the corner, across Yeon and his piercing gaze glared at the monitor that shows the floors’ level. The pale-haired male even tapped his feet, his lack of patience exuding off him as he bit his bottom lip, wondering when this will end. As usual, there would be a mirror in such a lobby, one which the valkyr challenged him with a remark, accentuated heavily in his smug tone despite the softness layering over it. “I’m not sure if that’s you convincing me or yourself, sounds a lot like the latter.” When he saw it was already on the 8th floor, he wondered how high Yeon lived at. This place also feels familiar for some reason but due to his head filled with rather obscene thoughts, he would revisit that matter after this.

The next thing he knew was that he was just eyeing the moment number 9 replaced the 8, and his body being pushed against the side, pinned against the surface while his lips were being occupied by a certain male and his shirt crumpled by the same person. “And here I thought you’re patient enough to wait until we reach your place,” he scoffed but hooked one leg to pull him closer, which was surprisingly possible. With their bodies pressed against one another, Dae brought one hand up to tangle itself with his flaxen locks, tugging them slightly while his teeth found its grip over the valkyr’s bottom lip. After a brief moment of sinking it deeply, it didn’t take him long to taste the familiar coppery metallic taste overwhelm his taste buds.

He was weak for this guy, he realized that now, Dae could quite literally ask him to do something, snap his fingers and valkyr would do everything in his power to give him whatever it was he wanted. The two of them were different but the same, their minds were aligned when it came to what they wanted in the bedroom and they both knew they were beyond good at it. He suspected Daehyun slept around a lot as he did, but it seemed since they met that neither of them was able to shake how good that night had been. And now there was just more fuel to add to the fire after their little bathroom session but instead of making Yeon feel full and satisfied it made him high on the way the other male made him feel and hungry for more. Once wasn't enough. He'd never experienced the desire to please someone out of their mind quite this much before and it new and exciting for him.

Yeon chucked softly as Dae spoke about shuffling around his list, he felt confident in this situation because the Niveis gave him that, he was cocky but not in a way where he felt the need to put someone down in order to get his high which turned into them giving one another quite the high praise “Who says you haven't already, couldn't get you out of my damn mind after all” his voice had a slight frustrated hiss to it because he simply couldn't believe someone could have that effect on him so easily. Seeing Dae laugh and smile a little only spurred him on a little, not only was he physically attractive but now it was evident he was a good person too and he wasn't sure if that made things better or worse.

Dae's observation about him not being spontaneous was both correct and completely wrong, his mind worked it really strange ways and he was very good at disconnecting different parts of his life “I think it depends what we're talking about” he admitted with a light chuckle “I prefer to plan things if I can but I'm very good at planning things even hours before said thing happens so it still looks like I'm spontaneous” plus if you told him something that interested him was happening right now across the city and he didn't have any plans he'd go. “My planning mentality and my say yes to things mentality are basically always in a battle, who knows which will win” he smirked a little, well it kept life interesting, he supposed he shouldn't complain too much.

The way he spoke about Han and implied Yeon was a good friend made him smiled gently, he tried to take care of his friend as best he could, even when he made the task difficult and often just told him to leave him alone. Yeon knew better than to believe Han actually wanted to be alone, he might never admit to it but he did seem to enjoy the company and often sought Yeon out for silly reasons just because he didn't want to be alone. When Dae mentioned having a heart attack Yeon laughed a little sarcastically at the irony “You know I actually did have a heart attack once, not something you wanna experience I promise” hurt even worse than the actual day he died, at least that had been over so quickly he didn't feel any real pain. He pressed his tongue to the roof of his mouth and smirked a little “But noted, continue surprising the hell out of you because you secretly go crazy for it” he winked, he'd seen the look in the pale-haired male's eyes and he knew the look of someone who was into it well.

Getting onto Daehyun's lap in the car just showed how hopeless he really was, couldn't go longer than an hour before he was craving those lips against his once more. Thankfully, it seemed Dae was up for it just as much as the blond was, his mind always felt like it was in the sky when he kissed the Niveis, the unforgiving way they kissed each other like the world might end if they didn't was addictive. The way the snowy-haired male would place a possessive hand on his hips and dig on until the valkyr was sure it was bruise showed how he was ready for this on an equal measure to Yeon. There was nothing gentle or sweet about the way they were with each other, they were all over each other, drawing out the deepest desires from each other. The sky felt like the limit with him, he could express himself whatever way he chose and didn't get any complaints. Just means, deep, needy moans that said all they needed to say.

They had been loud in the cafe, loud enough for the whole place to know exactly what they were doing to one another, this time it felt like a hushed whisper compared, their kisses and soft moans into each other mouths the only sound, it was kinda like a challenge of which would draw the driver's attention first but in the end, the end of the journey came before either of them gave into a loud moan. The blond lead the way into the building not even bothered to look back at the Niveis because he already knew he was hooked enough to follow him wherever he led them. The tension in the elevator as they stood side-by-side was intense, he felt his whole body wanting to shake from the apprehension of what came next, especially when he met Daehyun's eyes in the reflection of the mirror and saw the way he was looking at him, the same look was reflected in his own, a look of desire and lust that had them both practically removing layers of clothes with their eyes out impatient impatience for how long it would take to get to the top floor.

And then he couldn't take it anymore, pushing the Niveis up against the side of the elevator wall with such a force it felt like they might even dent it for a moment and his hands gripping to Dae's clothes as though he wanted to rip them off him. Maybe he did, Dae had done that to him once before, only seemed fair. But no, for what he had planned for the Niveis clothes were staying intact for now at least. He kissed Daehyun more desperately than he had ever kissed another person before. The moment that Dae returned the kiss he moaned into it, feeling him pull the blond in closer and obeying his wish by pressing up closer to him. He tilted his head back slightly as he felt him tug on his hair he groaned almost to the point of a snarling. The elevator continued up the floors but his attention was solely on the male in front of him. When he felt the stinging in his lips he smirked “You know if I didn’t know better I’d bet you were the valkyr out of the two of us” he moved back a bit and purposely licked his lips over the bleeding cut slowly and then kissed Daehyun again just as the elevator doors opened.

He tugged him back with him, stepping into the open space apartment of the top floor of the building, Yeon literally didn’t take his eyes off the taller male as he looked up at him with a look of wonder. His hands were still against his shirt which he used to pull him towards the living area and then he pushed him down into one of the armchairs with his knee before sitting on his lap. “I’m going to make you forget every person who came before me” he teased as he leaned in close to his ear but never quite touched it with his lips before he pulled away and stood in front of him. He ran his hands over his own hips and up his body, lifting his shift a little but then letting it drop before he came in closer and made griding motion over Dae’s lap as he looked him directly in the eye. He leaned in close, the metal of the chain he was wearing around his neck falling to touch against Dae’s chest “Do you want to do the honors or do you wanna watch me strip for you?” he licked his lips. Oh yes, Yeon could be the teases of all teases when he wanted to be.

At this point, there was no telling what Dae wanted to do with him, there’s plenty of ideas circulating around and that’s only the start of everything, nowhere near the middle phase or the likes. How had he missed out like this? Where has Yeon been all his life? Not necessarily all his life, but at least for the past two decades or four. The valkyr retained that youthful glow to him despite looking and acting very mature for his age, or the age he appears to be in, which made the niveis wonder just how old he is. There was a pearl of certain wisdom to him and he couldn’t figure out quite yet but would love to figure that one out about him, more than that too. Perhaps, he could get to know Yeon a little bit more on a personal level, which is a rarity for Daehyun, seeing as he’s not a fan of people, in general. To see him wanting to know about someone outside the line of his work is a surprising occurrence. It’s not as if it’s also surprising because Yeonseok Lee is a beautiful enigma that he couldn’t simply shrug just because he wanted to, not that he does.

Dae needs to know more about him, he just had to. There was no shrugging him off after this, not after what they went through in the bathroom and their brief casual conversation that piqued the snowy-haired niveis’ attention more than most. It still surprised Dae that instead of feeling satiated after their previous quick session, he was dying for more. The fires kindled his sexual desire, opening the doors to that side of him that invited carnal lust in its deviated form itself. He’s never felt so dissatisfied before him, and that’s not even worded in a bad way! It only meant the blond gave him so much more than he expected and now he’s endlessly hooked. When he poked teasingly about not being able to get himself off the pale-haired male’s mind, Dae found himself scoffing but cleared his throat a few times afterward. There’s the truth, right there. He’s not a bad liar but he never found it necessary to lie, most of the time hence the silence and lack of response to that.

He wasn’t wrong, and he couldn’t say a thing about it because then it would certainly elevate the valkyr’s ego, but why did he want to do that? Why does he want to rile him with praises so bad? Dae has always been an exception caretaker, in almost every aspect needed for someone that holds such a title. He loves giving affection to those who he deemed worthy of his own, which is also a far-fetched idea for most people. “Mhmm… I mean, can you blame me? After that night and today, what idiot would be able to forget?” his eyes flickered in amusement when he suddenly recalls their last encounter, which was also their first. How they spent the night together at his cabin, with a distinctive memory standing out; a variable, the table. Well, half the night, since the valkyr left before he woke up but he didn’t know the exact time. “I’m starting to think my table is eternally traumatized by us, it’s probably starting to feel lonely after I moved. By the way, I fixed it, no thanks to you. The carpet was not able to be saved, unfortunately. But I managed to fix the table,” leaning closer to his ear, knowing fully well by now that invading the blond’s space bubble is what gets him going. “I did leave the scratch marks around, for souvenir purposes.” There were plenty of times when Daehyun can be quite crude in his sense of humor, that, or his dark humor which none found to be ‘pleasing’ in any form.

With Yeon, however, it feels like everything else is enhanced by tenfold. He wanted to show all of that to him, to reach that maximum level. “I’m a big planner when it comes to work, not that I could take them lightly because then my chief would have my head too,” he chuckled, which was when he realized no one else outside his tribe or Jae knew what kind of work he does. Apparently tracking people down and making sure everything gets down behind the scenes, seems to be his specialty. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay quiet behind the curtains or under the sheets. “You seem like someone who would lead his life the way he wants it, and that’s undeniably very attractive” he made no attempts to show just how attracted he is towards the valkyr, which he was sure the other male was already aware.

Biting his bottom lip in response to the heart attack comment, he cleared his throat a few times awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that…,” he should’ve known better, but sometimes his words flew out before he could enable any filtering system, which is also in maintenance mode for him. “Well, I was stabbed through the heart, so I guess, in a way, I’d know” he winced slightly at the memory, it was painful, but it was nowhere near the pain of betrayal once he realized who wielded the sword that pierced his flesh. He was so grateful that Yeon brought another topic in hand so they wouldn’t be hearing too much about their deaths, it wasn’t something he likes to talk about. Not because he finds it hard to share with people he doesn’t even know that well yet, but more to the fact that his heart still aches at the memory of it. Whenever it rains, he was sure he could feel the scar. A wry smirk played itself on his lips as he licked his lips in anticipation. “Playing with our weaknesses, I see. Dirty tactics” he chided, wiggling his forefinger in front of the valkyr, playfully.

But was he wrong? He’s finally met his match, and it feels like a blissful moment for him. Someone who could keep up with him, if not better. Perhaps, he’s been searching enjoyment in the wrong places The way neither one of them couldn’t keep their hands to themselves once they got inside the car despite the compressed and limited space between them. Fingers tangled in each other’s fair locks, lips latched on one another, dreading any second they have to break the kiss due to the need of air to continue breathing. Yeon is addictive, Dae couldn’t get enough of him, every taste of the valkyr took him to cloud 9 and he wanted to continue flying around that particular place. The tingling sensation that sends shivers all over his spine, only the valkyr was able to make him feel briefly uncomfortable with the cold. It doesn’t help that the latter was so vocal that got him riled up and he was so close to pinning the blond against the seat and have his way with him, and the driver?

What does it matter now? If he wants to watch, fine. Daehyun has no problems with that, no qualms whatsoever when it comes to releasing their sexual frustrations by witnessing another’s session. But knew better than anyone that making out with the blond is all that he’s going to get, so he made sure to give the other male a taste of his medicine. He asked for this, so he’ll have to deal with the consequences he would receive afterward. That was why the pale-haired male made sure to grind himself against the valkyr connivingly, hitting them at the right places. Two can play at the game, no? If he’s not going to get his release, then Yeon shouldn’t either. Vengeful? Even when it comes to this, that’s Daehyun Stormwind for you. The moment they arrived in front of a building that he didn’t even pay enough attention to even read the name displayed, he stared at the car that rushes off. Dae’s more concerned that the driver didn’t even hear their rather questionably loud moans in the car until the very end when he saw both of them getting into the mood. Oh well.

Once again, neither made subtle hints about wanting to devour each other again as they aggressively removed every piece of clothing in the mirror. At this point, if they won’t even reach Yeon’s place, then what’s it for? 24 floors, that was high. The patience was slowly wearing off the niveis who only resorted to tapping his feet on the floor of the elevator, eyes never leaving the monitor so he could count down secretly. So when he was taken off guard by the valkyr who had pushed him against the side so hard it actually elicited a grunt from him, Dae wasn’t sure if he should feel flattered that the valkyr gave in first instead of him, or the opposite. Definitely the first. It raised his ego so much he could see himself getting off at the thought alone. That was just unbelievably hot. Yeon’s grip on his clothes was very tight that he’s surprised the other male hasn’t torn it off yet. Too quick to make your own assumptions, Dae. A guttural moan escaped his pouty lips as he heard the hint of snarl from him. That’s unfair, how can he keep his cool when the valkyr is out acting like this?

He eyed the emergency stop button, so tempted to push it so he could finally do what needs to be done but decided against it because they’ll arrive soon. Just a while longer, he said. “Maybe I just like biting,” he murmured, training his hooded gaze on the male as licked his lips upon seeing how the blonde made sure to show him how the stinging did not bother him the slightest. “Or maybe it’s just yours that calls out for me…” he purred, sucking on it extra hard as he bucked his hips against him. Just right then, the elevator doors opened and he wasted no time into following the valkyr to wherever he brought him to. They didn’t even pull away from each other. Once they did, for a brief moment, the niveis tried to regain his breath so he could continue without any problem. As he was pushed against the armchairs with the valkyr sitting on him, much like what he did earlier at the car, Dae arched an eyebrow, giving him a questionable look. Now, what is he planning now? Oh, that promise sounded hotter than it should be, causing him to flutter his eyes closed in pleasure as he whimpered at the thought of it.

The way he had teased like he was about to take off his shirt got him groaning. “That’s quite a number of people over 40 years ago, do you think you’re up to such a challenge, hmm?” Upon feeling the cold metal from his necklace, Dae tugged on it so Yeon would be nearer, but not enough to hurt the blond. A part of him wants to tear all those expensive clothes away so there would be no more teasing left but the other part wants to see how far he’s going to drag this. He’s never experienced this with any of his partners, nothing that matched this level of desire that’s bubbling inside of him, at least. “Strip.” That’s all he said, with his voice dropping an octave lower with those piercing hues that would cut a person down as far as they’re concerned.

Yeon was a confident person when it came to how he looked and how he projected himself to the world, he didn’t have shame when it came to his body or the person he was. A lot of people took that as arrogance which was a fair argument considering just how hard it was to embarrass the valkyr. But Yeon wasn’t a machine and there were things that caught him off caught, he didn’t really talk to people about what he did with his money because he didn’t like people to think he did things he did because he wanted attention or people to think better of him. He cared for the opinions of his friends and tried to do right by them. He was relentless in the way he supported and stood up for anyone in his company and their career decisions. He just didn’t care about the superficial things and he refused to let anyone bring him down because of his sexuality, lifestyle choices, how he looked or how he talked.

Yeon smirked a little when Dae talked about the first night they spent together, Yeon had been drunk when he decided to go home with Dae but he had been sober when he chose to have sex with him. It had been quite the adventure, centered around a table in the middle of that cabin which he still had no idea of the location of. Though he suspected it was on top of the mountains, he’d done a little research into Niveis since meeting Dae. He couldn’t help but note the fact the other male said that he moved, interesting, so he was no longer a mountain man then? But he shivered as he felt him leaning in closer and closer to his ear. “They were quite the additional decoration I thought” he teased running his tongue over his lip as he remembered the way the two of them were gripping onto that table for dear life. It hadn’t been the most comfortable position he’d ever been in but god had it felt good and the memory of it had been swirling around in his head since that night. He’d tried to get it off his mind but it felt near impossible.

The blond was interested in the way he spoke about his chief, he’d done a bit of reading up on Niveis, though there wasn’t much about them in the form of texts thanks to the fact they’d kept a pretty low profile in the world, they had a leader like phoenix clans did, usually a chosen leader rather than a born leader which he respected. When he spoke about the way Yeon led his life the valkyr chuckled softly “One of the freedoms of not having anything tying you down” his eyes dropped to the other male’s lips as he spoke about it being attractive and then he smiled softly, eyes moving back to the pale-haired male’s eyes again “Well other than my company of course” but that was actually sending him across the states rather than keeping him here right now and he did have options, he had really great managers and didn’t need to be directly involved at all times, he just preferred to be involved in the ongoings “And you?” he asked curiously wondering whether the Niveis had anything particular tying him to Evermore city.

Yeon noted the instant change in Dae’s demeanor when the valkyr mentioned having a heart attack, noting the way he actually seemed to care how he took his offhand comments, he wasn’t offended, of course, there’s no way anyone could know that, it wasn’t something he exactly advertised and shouted about. He wasn’t really sure why he’d wanted to mention it “Not many do” he responded with a wry smile, he didn’t want Daehyun to feel like he couldn’t talk about whatever he wanted with him, Yeon was somewhat of an open book. He was surprised and actually winced a little at the thought of being stabbed in the heart though, ouch, whoever did that was a cruel bastard. He could tell somehow that it wasn’t something Dae wanted to talk about though so he shook his head slightly and let the topic move to something else. When the snowy-haired male talked about weaknesses and dirty tactics he gave a dry chuckle “Says the guy who gets up in my personal space every time he wants something” his eyes moved up to meet Daehyun’s. It hadn’t escaped his notice that Dae knew exactly how to get what he wanted out of the valkyr, playing him so well it was almost effortless.

It wasn’t a bad thing though, they were weaknesses for a reason, because they sent the valkyr over the edge and made him want more. Most people he had been with were more focused on their own needs and thoughts to ever notice his and that had been okay because there was nothing he derived pleasure from more than pleasing someone else. But to have someone in tune with the things he liked too, into things because they knew he would enjoy it, there was something incredibly addictive and attractive about that. Daehyun was the first one to show him a slither of that kind of pleasure without the request for commitment in return. How was he supposed to resist when this guy gave him quite literally everything he was looking for and was gorgeous and amazing at what he did too. Not to mention how open and free they were with talking about the things they enjoyed about one another, he didn’t feel like he needed to put on any persona with Dae. Just his raw self.

They were both completely hooked on one another, knowing exactly where to kiss and nip, what sounds to make, how to move and touch to drive the other crazy. All of that, and they were still getting to know one another. It almost blew his mind that things could still get better and he desperately wanted to know what that would feel like. Feeling the pale-haired male grind up against him he let out a soft appreciative moan. Yeah, right there, he thought to himself as his eyes lifted to meet Dae’s. There was a smugness in his expression that told Yeon that he knew exactly what he was doing to him, they both seemed to love the tease despite saying otherwise. The problem for Daehyun is that he hadn’t even seen the beginning of how far the valkyr could take things. The bathroom, that had been a rushed session, mostly fuelled by the fact he hadn’t know true release since their first night 4 months ago. But the valkyr possessed quite the stamina and willpower when he wanted to.

Okay, maybe his willpower was a little skewed when it came to Daehyun, there was just something about him that took the blond to a place he wasn’t familiar with, but he liked. He liked seeing the way Dae practically took his clothes off in the mirror without making a single movement. God, he was so screwed, he thought to him just as he gave into the movement and pushed the other male up against the elevator wall. If it wasn’t for the fact he had other ideas in mind about what he wanted to do with the Niveis, he’d probably go straight for it. The deep and almost animalistic moan that came from Dae’s lips only spurred him on further. Oh man, he sounded so good right in close to his ear, knowing he was the one who caused him to feel that way, it was almost too much. The best part was there was no need to be quiet now, the whole damn building could hear them now for all he cared.

Yeon chuckled softly, tasting his own blood in his mouth, the other male seemed to like inflicting a little damage in exchange for sexual pleasure and the valkyr was more than happy to give him that, pain and pleasure were certainly a fine line for him and he enjoyed seeing the look on Dae’s face just after he was done making his mark. He let out a strangled moan of pleasure as he felt Dae sucking against his lip and the way his hips rolled up against his, in just the right way to send tingles all over the valkyr’s body “I think you’re trying to give me a run for my money as the kinkiest one of us two” he spoke as he pulled the other male into the apartment with him. The elevator opened directly into the full floor apartment so there was no need for unlocking doors or any other trivial matters. He was glad because it meant he was able to shove the pale-haired male down into the armchair so much quicker. The questioning eyebrow Dae gave him caused him to chuckle and the blond leaned in close to his ear, tilting his head to draw a line of kisses down his throat “You asked me to finish what I started remember” he grinned as he pulled away for a moment.

He was watching the minute changes in Dae’s expression as he moved, the way he groaned out when Yeon showed a hint of flesh only to cover it once more and then pull in close to him. The challenging look in Dae’s eyes made Yeon’s light up “They may have been something, but they will never be me” he spoke in a low tone, meeting the male’s eyes as he leaned in closer letting the Niveis pull him in by the metal of his chain “You like this?” he asked as his eyes dropped to the silver between Dae’s fingers “I can leave it on for you if you want” he teased as he ran his hands over Dae’s lap slowly trailing down his thighs as he pulled away from him. That curt and direct instruction from the other male made him bite his lip. Dominant. Hot. He smirked softly “I knew you liked a show” he teased as he ran a hand through his already tousled hair, his slightly sweaty locks sticking back with the movement.

He almost felt a little unnerved with those piercing eyes on him, but he had a promise to fulfill and fulfill he would. He started with the deep red jacket he was wearing, shrugging it off just enough to expose his shoulders. Throughout every movement he kept his eyes on the platinum blond, studying his expression while keeping an effortlessly cocky one on his own. His hands trailed very slowly over his own arms, one at a time as he slowly removed the jacket. Once he was down it fell to the floor at his feet. Yeon tilted his head to the side before he started on the buttons of his shirt, starting with the top one and then the second and third, the fabric remaining open over his chest but staying there. He smirked as he came in close to Dae and climbed onto his lap, this time kneeling on him to get some height to lean over him letting him look down Yeon’s chest. He could tell the other male wanted to touch but he warned him “Look, don’t touch” he teased as he undid the fourth button and then the fifth, slowly exposing more and more skin. He leaned in even closer to give a better view and even nipped a little against Dae’s jawline a couple of times. He undid the final buttons and left his shirt hanging over his exposed torso.

“Good” he praised as he leaned back slightly, “Something tells me you want me to leave this on” he spoke as he ran his own hands over the sleeves of the shirt and he chuckled softly. Next, his hands went to the buckle of his belt which he undid and then for show slowly unraveled it from the loops until it was free. He lifted it to wrap around the back of Dae’s neck and pulled him up with it, he moved his knees to either side of him as he did so, meaning he could grind up against the Niveis quite nicely as he pulled him for a rough kiss.

Throughout his entire life, Daehyun never had a problem with himself, not at how he feels about it, at least. Scratch that, before the shell of the person that he is today, he was nowhere near this Daehyun Stormwind when he was still an Initia who thought he had a better affinity for the fire element, someone who didn’t know if he belonged to the phoenixes’ clan. A boy who grew up wanting to do right by his parents, to make them proud as he wished they would be of him, and of course, he wasn’t lacking in that department. No, Dae never lacked love from his parents, his mother showed outstanding affection towards him while growing up, until the day she eventually made him suppress everything else that shows his ‘prodigal’ fire-bending abilities. That was when he shut everything and everyone out, for the situation requires him to do so. He was quiet while growing up, that didn’t change a bit, but he wasn’t this distant nor detached from everyone else.

Contrary to other people’s beliefs, Daehyun wasn’t this cold before. Unfortunately, only a handful managed to witness the other real raw side of him. Those he was proud to call friends. Now, he flies around acting like tomorrow is his last living day on earth, he made the most of everything and did not take a single thing for granted. To others, he acts cocky at times, but nothing was wrong with that. He simply finds it easier to be confident and put his guards up to cover the inferiority complex he possessed inside of him. Daehyun, feeling inferior? Insecure? Now, that’s new. Then comes this guy, someone he didn’t even know the full name of until he slid his business card on his table, that night. Yeonseok Lee. The valkyr might’ve been drunk that night, which was one of the reasons why the niveis even spared a glance his way to help him get through it. He knew what it feels like to be at the bitter end of being drunk, especially alone.

It’s definitely not due to how attractive he looks either. Nope. Even when he looked worn out and miserable after seemingly drinking his sorrows away, Yeon still managed to look good. Chuckling softly at the thought of the scratch marks as an additional part of ‘decoration’ on the table that was terrorized endlessly by both males, leaving no room for space that was not filled with their fun-filled moans the entire night. There wasn’t a day that passes by that Dae did not think about the valkyr every time his eyes would fall on the table. The prominent scratch marks sent shivers down his back with ease at the mere thought of something such as that charade could ever be pulled off again, by the same person. Of course, that was when he thought it would be the first and last time he met Yeon until today happened. It’s also hard not to notice the mahogany wooden table across the living room when the first time he meets after exiting his bedroom is that. There was literally no way to evade its attention. But now that he’s moved out and settled somewhere better and far from other people’s sights, he wondered if he’s starting to miss the table now that the blond brought it up.

Their position wasn’t comfortable, even Dae would admit that. It was slightly awkward due to the harshness they both applied but eventually, the pleasure got to them and both were too occupied with their high to even pay attention to the matter on hand. Amongst others, the scratching on the table hadn’t been the only thing they left, the snowy-haired niveis distinctly recalled that he too, left quite the mark on the blond’s back, trailing from the shoulder blades until it reaches the mid waist. It probably took the other male a short time to heal seeing as he’s a valkyr but staring at it afterward, to see his own handiwork, it’s perfection. Confirming his position in the tribe as the spy, of course, it didn’t take the pale-haired male long to gain information, both new and old. Valkyrs were high on the list too, much like the others, but he found them peculiar since they’re the direct opposite of celestials, yet another species he’s been looking into ever since Anivia told him to keep an eye out for them. Light and dark, how well would they mold together? What would happen if a valkyr comes across a celestial?

Talking about how well they find it easier to be detached from others rather than the opposite made Dae quirk his lips into an amused grin. This is why it’s easier to make of this, neither one of them would be attached romantically or wish to have more than whatever they have currently. Casual sex, he could work with that, why wouldn’t he be fine with that? “So there’s no one tying you down? Not as in partner, just anyone else?” He knew Yeon couldn’t have had his family keeping him grounded, not his biological ones, at least since valkyrs are supposed to forget about their previous life, usually the same price that applies to most of them that received a second life, though the other male is a tad more difficult since forgetting, couldn’t have been something easy. Yeon said that he’s been in the States for 8 years, that would’ve implied that the valkyr died a little over 8 years ago, and from the looks of his physical appearance, he couldn’t have been more than his mid-twenties. Looks can be deceiving so the male could be younger and he can still be fooled. He’s good at detecting things but analyzing one’s age by just scanning them? He’s not a robot nor a machine.

Either way, that made Yeon quite young. Under 30, probably. “I don’t have anything tying me down, I have a baby sister, obviously as I have stated earlier. Jae’s my best friend who I just met a little over 4 months ago. But other than wanting to be a company for that dhampir, I got nothing. No family, truthfully I’m not that close to my tribe either. I’m there if they need me, but everyone knows how to reach me so if they do need me, I’ll know” he shrugged absentmindedly. No point in evading anyway, besides talking with him feels a lot more comfortable that he pegged initially. “I was about to pack my bags and get out of Evermore. Nothing permanent as of yet, just thought I’d explore the world again, see where I missed. Living your life as if it’s your last, right?” he quipped, leaving felt so wrong but so right, at the same time. Unless he counted the valkyr that is already making him doubt his thinking since he’s actually here in Evermore, prompting the niveis to stay a while longer than needed. Though it does sound like he’s not here most of the time either.

The manner of their deaths didn’t sound pleasant, but then again, what kind of death was pleasant? Not even passing off in their sleep sounds okay. Especially when neither were ready to be swooped in by Death like that, without any consensual term signed. Dae, out of all people, knew how sensitive such topic is so he didn’t linger around it anymore and thankfully, Yeon respected his reaction too and didn’t stay to prod on his side of the story. He admitted he did get into the valkyr’s personal space whenever he wanted anything because of how much it affected him. His eyes perceived everything before him and it didn’t take them long to figure what each other likes and dislikes over the short span of time. It was as if they knew how each other’s bodies work. “Oh come on, you know you like it when I do that” he hummed suggestively, biting his bottom lip in response, something the elder Stormwind seemed to do habitually as if it was a reflex movement. Old habits die hard.

While the niveis is very into how much pleasure he’s able to gain from his partners, he too, paid attention to them and took what they like to his account. Pleasure is a two-way thing, anyway. It doesn’t seem right for the only party to receive it while the other writhe. A mutual consensual agreement should be upheld by each party, or parties, however many they would take. Seeing how their faces would slowly fade into a look of pure searing pleasure, combined with their moans, it sends him off to a good place. A place he always wanted to be surrounded in forever. What he thought would be the first and last time between them both became a second, half an hour ago, and after the stunt, the valkyr pulled in the car, it was close to being a third already. And the surprising fact was that it hasn’t even been an hour since their last. It’s easy to deal with Yeon, he could hold a conversation with him and still have good sex without any questions raised afterward. Who wouldn’t like that?

From the looks of things, Yeonseok Lee is a good humble guy who gives a lot more to the community than he posed to be. There’s more to him and he’s determined to dig the spoils up now. No going back, he told himself. It’s okay, then. If he’s going to fixate his focus on someone, it’ll be him. Regardless of many things unlocked by them in two sessions alone, it’s amazing to see that this was just the start of things and both had more under their sleeves, or rather, under their belts. He wondered just how much has he seen from the valkyr but is definitely excited for more, especially after what he’s been shown so far. They both knew what they want and that was why neither made any attempt to even be shameful that they were undressing each other from a freaking mirror. A mirror, yet another variable that they both seem to like incorporating. Dae figured that Yeon likes to put on a show, living up to his ‘performer and expressionist’ self. And he was more than happy to watch. The way he actually allowed a satisfied moan to work its way out of him when the valkyr pushed him against the elevator’s surface, pressing him against the cool metal and kissing him roughly as if his life depended on it.

He was happy to abide by that, showing a little defiance from himself just as well, while also contributing to their high. Daehyun still couldn’t believe that one man could do this to him, one man. One. He had emphasized on that word over and over again ever since they entered the bathroom and how he dragged the valkyr with him into one of the cubicles without hesitation. And now he’s about to see the fruition after being frustrated earlier in the car. He was so tempted to speak those endearing words, terms such as baby and whatnot but decided against it once he recalled how the valkyr snapped at him that night when he used it. Mutual respect, he reminded himself. It’s okay, there’s still his name. “Biting does not make me kinkier,” he purred, tracing his forefinger over his jawline slowly. “But whatever keeps you up at night. Though I would prefer to be the one that does that” Oh and that he will, he’s going to give more than he originally intended to. Dae wondered what he had up his sleeves, just what would he plan that would spur him into oblivion?

The moment he trailed his kisses down to his throat, falling dangerously close to his Adam's apple, the niveis gulped. God that felt so nice. “Right, you’re going to finish what you started, like a good considerate guy, because you’re damned if you think I’m going to let you get away with what the stunt you pulled earlier” he hissed, clenching his jaw slightly at the idea of Yeon leaving him just like that. That’s just painful. His profession does his justice, Dae couldn’t even tear his eyes away from how graceful the valkyr moved effortlessly. Of course, they’ll never be him. In all of those years sleeping around, he’s never felt so fulfilled and satiated by someone like him. The only person who makes him question things. Period. It’s clear that every time the niveis thought this was it, the valkyr would continue to surprise him with new things. Like this. It was as if he could read Daehyun’s head and heart’s desires. Nodding without any hint of hesitation, he licked his lips instinctively as he traced the metal chain slowly while humming. The cool sensation of the metal that sends him tiny shivers, it only fueled him up. Who doesn’t love the cold?

“Please.” Surprisingly, he said the magic word upon being asked if the necklace should stay on. Another first. It’s getting increasingly hard to stray clear from his sinful thoughts when the blond is wandering his hands over his thighs, which caused Dae to cough and clear his throat afterward. Stay calm, Dae. “Let’s be real here, everyone likes a show, especially when the performer is someone like…,” he couldn’t describe Yeon, not really. Nothing would paint him justice and he couldn’t handle that. “Well… that.” But boy did Yeon know how to tease like it was his own job. It was too slow and while it’s such a mouth-watering sight, there was only so much patience still left inside the male. Throughout the entire thing, Dae clenched his jaw and his hand gripped the armrest tightly, so much that he was sure he might flip. Watching his unbuttoning his shirt was probably the hardest he’s ever had to witness. Wait, too soon. It was when he realized that the valkyr was not allowing him to touch and he was even leaving the shirt on, clinging to his body perfectly, showing off his curves to the niveis, thoroughly blessing his eyesight. How is he supposed to keep his hands off, now? But the last thing he would do is break the rules, no, he’ll be compliant. Challenge accepted.

He did curl his lips pouting, as a snarl was evoked upon finding out that he was not able to wander his hands anywhere. Such a fucking tease. “I’m not sure if you got inside my head or have this amazing ability to read people’s kinks at first glance” oh, he’s not complaining, in fact, he’s amazed by it. Yes, he was hooked to the right guy. When the valkyr’s hand fell to his belt and started unbuckling it, that was when he lost half his cool, his head whirring with ideas to pull him in without the usage of his hands. Daehyun is incessant, but he is not an incessant fool, so when he said he’d comply, he would. His word is his everything. Unfortunately, his own train of thoughts was interrupted abruptly when he was pulled forward by the belt. The leather material of the belt behind his neck burns him, and he’s so close to snapping. Hell no. Grinding against him, hitting the niveis at the right places while pulling him into yet another rough kiss, that was the final straw. Apparently, Mr. Cold is not too patient, in the end.

Without breaking the passionate kiss, Dae brought his hands to snatch the belt from the valkyr’s hold which was still holding him hostage. He growled lowly in the kiss, making sure to let the valkyr know as he sucked on his bottom lip. In less than a minute, the niveis had wrapped the belt around the valkyr’s waist, pulling him closer, if that was even possible. Technically, he wasn’t touching Yeon, the belt did. As much as he loved to leave his tongue down the other male’s throat, he wasn’t going to be able to exact his revenge if he’s thinking about that only. He’ll have plenty of time to get back to that afterward. The snowy-haired niveis slowly trailed his kisses down the valkyr’s neck, taking his time in marking the blond furiously until he reaches his chest. Blowing a cooling air towards the male as he slowly trailed downwards, he made sure to keep it slow, just like what Yeon did to him. Oh no, Dae wasn’t about to lose this battle either. He had purposely moved his knees underneath Yeon too, just for the sake of riling the valkyr up, making sure to hit the right spots as he awaits the reaction.

Yeon never used to think he had much of a type when it came to men, as long as they were attractive and could make him smile he was okay with giving them the time of day. But there were things about Dae that took it to another level for him. The pale hair he sported was so him that it was almost hard to picture him with another shade, even though the valkyr knew it wasn’t his natural hair color. It gave him an otherworldly look, like he just stepped out of an anime. Then there was his attitude, the cocky, I don’t give a damn about anything attitude was enigmatic but also drew the younger male in, especially when he saw glimpses of there being much more to Dae than that outer persona. The way he cared about the things he allowed past his walls. He was attracted to that smirk and the way he constantly took everything Yeon had in mind in his stride, while the blond could catch him off guard, the elder male would right himself effortlessly.

He liked the way that sex between them was unpredictable because they were both volatile of nature, both of them were used to being the alpha male but when put together it became a game of who would back down first. They had both done so. And both ways had been good for the valkyr. As someone who was used to being on top, it was quite the change in dynamic for him but also exciting. He didn’t feel shame in giving himself to Daehyun, especially when he got the same kindness in return. Upon Dae’s question about ties Yeon shook his head and shrugged slightly “I have Hanseol but I’m a plane journey away if he needs me and Celia can take care of herself” he responded with a shrug, really the only reason he’d stayed in Evermore so long was because it felt nostalgic to him. Financially it was a dumb move but he supposed he could afford a few dumb moves. Especially if it led him to the bliss he got around the Niveis.

“Kinda freeing isn’t it?” Yeon asked out loud, more talking about how he felt about the whole life he led in general than anything else “Being able to just go wherever you want to” he imagined with wings it was even more fun to travel but the valkyr could afford to go wherever he wanted to. His businesses were profitable without him needing to have a hand in running them by now but he liked having direct involvement and guiding them to be run the way he pictured them. He totally understood Dae’s want to get out of the city and just go see everything, he’d been wanting to do so too for a long time. Wanted to experience everything. He kept telling himself that he’d go but it was yet to happen. He supposed he just hadn’t found a good enough reason to let his work go just yet. “Well if you’re ever in New York you might find me” he spoke softly, he spent more time there than he did here nowadays after all “So what’s on the list?” he asked curiously before contextualizing what he said “What’s on the list to tick off?” whether that was places to see or things to experience he’d leave to the Niveis to decide.

It was interesting, the way both of them were so good at reading people and that instantly reflected in the way they were with one another. Yeon had gathered a lot of information naturally about what got to the Niveis already, he was a sucker for words and sounds, the louder you were the more into it he seemed to be. He wasn’t particularly into public but if you made him impatient enough he wouldn’t mind the setting regardless of what it was. He had a weak spot on the middle of his back which could quite literally have him whimpering if you exploited it fully but the valkyr was yet to fully explore that completely. It was strange how his mind instantly clapped back at him that there was plenty of time to explore as though this was going to become a regular thing. He shook it off with a wry smile as the Niveis talked about exploiting Yeon’s weaknesses “I can’t think straight when you do that, you have to take responsibility for your actions when you cross that line” he quirked his brow suggestively. He struggled to resist when someone got in close like that, especially someone as gorgeous as Daehyun.

Yeon had some interesting tastes, broad mostly, he liked to live up to the idea of trying anything once and he was game for whatever might lead to the most pleasure. He was definitely a performer, he had no shame in showing off his body or dancing for someone’s benefit. He got the feeling that Dae was more of a watcher which worked well for him. The way his piercing stare would always catch him had the valkyr a little on edge though, knowing Dae was experienced it did make him have the smallest amount of doubt in his own ability. He wanted to blow everyone else the pale-haired male had ever been with out of the water, wanted to fill his head with lustful thoughts for him only. It was another foreign feeling, given that Yeon rarely wanted to know anything about his sexual partners. They were people who gave him a high which lasted for a few hours and then they moved on with both their lives. With Dae, he never really moved on, not fully, never managed to shake the memory of their night together from his mind.

Yeon enjoyed pinning the other male up against the metal wall of the elevator a little too much, enjoyed the surprising way he reacted and how into it that Dae seemed to be, the best thing about his experiences with Dae was how vocal he was which let the valkyr know exactly what to keep doing to pleasure him. The moan that gave into his mouth as they kissed brought an equal one from Yeon. If it wasn’t for the fact they were mere moments from his apartment he’d probably have given into him right there in the elevator. It was hot, the way they just gave into one another so desperately, their desire leading them as they moved against one another. There was no mistaking that Daehyun drove him completely insane, more than any person who came before him, male or female. “I don’t know, how else would you define your like for drawing my blood” he teased though he swallowed when Dae said he wanted to be the one to keep him up at night “Is that a promise?” he asked with a suggestive smile leaning into the touch Dae made along his jawline. God, he was so hot, ironic because he was also incredibly cold and the simple touch made the valkyr shiver.

Another of Dae’s weaknesses was kisses against the neck, those sensitive spots often got the Niveis moaning the loudest, especially if he sucked hard against the skin to leave those familiar purple marks against it. It felt strange, wanting to mark someone like that and Dae didn’t have expedited healing like Yeon did so he knew they would stay around much longer. He never seemed to complain as he felt the valkyr’s lips against his skin, in fact, he’d say the Niveis wanted them. The aggressive and frustrated tone of voice Dae used with him made Yeon give a cocky smirk, he enjoyed being able to get under his skin like that. Made him want it so badly that he was on the verge of acting on pure instinct. He was so hot when he got like that “Stunt?” he responded innocently, of course, he’d known what he was doing in the car, claiming what he wanted boldly, with his lips. “That was just the warm-up” he spoke in a low tone as he met the Niveis’ eyes directly, leaning in closer to him as he did so. Yeon was definitely into teasing, he liked to see Dae writhe and squirm a little, he liked that power.

He hadn’t expected to hear that word from the Niveis but God did it sound good, did he just beg for him? Yeon gave a satisfied moan at the sound of the word itself and then got to work on showing the other male exactly what he could do. He chuckled noting the way that Dae didn’t have any words to describe him. Yeon was definitely one of a kind. But so was Dae, he’d never met someone quite so adaptive and up for a challenge as the Niveis was. It was exciting because he felt like he could do anything with the other male and that was an incredibly sexy and enthralling thought “Well this one is all for you” he spoke as he looked him directly in the eye as he started to take off his clothes. He’d noted from the way Dae looked back at him as he undid the shirt and decided he’d quite like for him to keep it on. Showing just enough but keeping a little mystery. He could also tell how hard it was for the other male to keep his hands to himself but he was just about managing to do so.

The snarl he heard come from Dae’s lips made him hum in pleasure, perhaps Yeon did enjoy making people wait for him and seeing how patient the Niveis could be, he wasn’t sure whether he wanted him to hold out or give in but either would only get him deeper. “I told you I’m good at reading people, I enjoy exploiting people’s weaknesses” he smirked as his hands were working on the belt around his waist but his eyes were still on Dae, impressed by the way he was managing to stay his hands. He could see a hint of thoughtfulness in there which made him curious what the Niveis was planning to do to get what he wanted without breaking the rules Yeon had given him. Yeon rewarded his resolve by pulling him closer for a kiss using the belt, the deep and passionate meeting of their lips paired with the way Dae moved under him causing the blond to moan out loudly and move with the movements Dae made. He could feel the Niveis’ name at the tip of his tongue yet again and he bit it cursing how that name had become so connected to pleasure for him.

He was caught off guard by the quick movements Dae made to take the belt from him and he echoed Dae’s growl as he realized he’d found his loophole. The sucking on his bottom lip caused Yeon to groan softly “So good” he moaned until he felt the belt wrapped around his waist pulling him in closer against Dae’s hips. Maybe he deserved a little revenge given how painfully slow he had been doing everything to test the very ends of the Niveis’ patience but he was thoroughly impressed by how well he responded to it. Yeon’s hands went against the Niveis’ sides, his fingers curling into his skin as he felt the kisses against his skin, with each one he mumbled Dae’s name and the grip he got against his skin got harder. To the point that by the time he had dropped most of the way down his chest he was drawing blood with his nails. The way the cool air felt against his skin, making it sensitive and then following it up with the kisses against his skin but it was the way he was moving his knees that really got to Yeon, throwing his head back as he was overwhelmed with the waves of pleasure going through his system “You are such a dirty cheater” he teased with a chuckle.

Without wasting a moment Yeon ducked to slip the hold Dae had on him with the belt and pulled himself off the Niveis only to come back in, though this time he was on his hands and knees, positioning himself between the pale-haired male’s knees. He leaned back to a kneeled position so Dae could watch him as he unbuttoned his own pants and then pulled them off himself so that all that was left was his boxers, the shirt he was wearing open over his toned chest and that silver chain Dae seemed to like so much. He came back in close, his hands lifting the Niveis’ shirt so that he could kiss against his stomach just above the waistband of his pants and then did exactly what Dae did to him that first night and started to tug at it with his mouth only to let it go “Tell me how much you want me” he instructed “And I’ll let you touch me wherever you want to” he’d made enough of a point by now. He wanted him so badly.

Daehyun has been open to both gender when it comes to sex, he doesn't mind if they're males or females. It's almost surprising to see in the span over the last 40 years, that Dae still has yet to take a lover of sorts. It's clear that he's never stopping this habit of his, sleeping around every time he could get, basing his entire life purely from pleasure and boy does the snowy-haired niveis like the ones rooted from his carnal pleasure. He doesn't have any preferences over the top that couldn't accommodate most people to do it, he only required his partners to stay open minded and tolerate his voice during their session. It's clear that he's quite loud when it comes to such activities, it fueled him so much to hear his partners’ moans and screams of pleasure, it tells him that he did not disappoint. Who doesn't want to be praised, right?

Over the years, he leaned more to the company of women for no particular reason, but did not shy away from the thought of bringing men into his bed. Day? Night? It can be as early as 6 am in the morning and it is still not past Daehyun to smother his partner with their own cries of pleasure, which no doubt woke every neighbor within the radius. Thankfully, most hotel rooms are halfway soundproof, not that the niveis didn't enjoy thinking about the constipated look of disgust marring their face when they heard all those ludicrous lewd sounds from next door. The more audience he received, the more riled up he is to show them how it's done. What can he say, he likes to hear comments. With Yeon, everything is the same, only it's not. No no, everything was a whole lot better. He couldn't remember the last time he received this kind of treatment from anyone and how he had been so satisfied by his release earlier today in the cafe's bathroom. He's had plenty of partners but he'd be damned if any of them was anywhere near the skill Yeon had showcased over and over again.

From his physical appearance to what he seemed to exude internally, he is hooked on him. His flaxen locks that looks surprisingly soft every time he roped them into his hold, tugging and pulling it ever so harshly whenever it finds its place. Those luscious full doll-like lips that he had a soft spot over, which had unfortunately became a target of his lust, judging from how he tended to bite on them. His sturdy figure, the valkyr was incredibly toned, and he had expected no less, especially when he hailed from a dancing background, he's bound to have a very good proportion. Dae was not disappointed at all. It was better than what he expected. Despite all the ‘talents’ Yeon displayed, never had he envisioned himself begging for more. His pride would never allowed himself to do that on any other day, it still shouldn't enable him to do so, yet here he was, looking all eager to get his hands on the blond as soon as he's allowed to.

There was no more talk about self-control, at this point. It all went out the window and the niveis didn't even spare another glance at it. Yeon had him wrapped around his finger and he was sure the valkyr knew that secretly. All he ever needed to do is tell him what he wants and Dae would comply effortlessly. He was more than happy to do that. The only reason why he showcased a certain level of defiance and dominance was due to his usual status as the alpha male every time he sleeps around. No one ever tried to dominate him and this has been the result of it. It's new, and he likes it very much. “She sounds like an independent woman who can take care of others, much less herself. And Hanseol, I'm just surprised at the level of depth in this friendship you have with him, you're gonna have to tell me more about this Volakiri bond, sometime later” the way he had phrased it made it sound as if he wanted to stay for more and while that was the innate truth, Daehyun momentarily forgot his rule on getting attached. It doesn't even have to be a romantic rope tying him, just any kind of rope wasn't supposed to be used. It was supposed to be frowned upon but that's not what he's doing now.

The literal version do all hell broke loose without a care in the world. This is giving him another reason to stay a while longer in Evermore and he wasn't sure if he liked the idea of it. One thing is for sure, Dae wasn't entirely refuting it. He nodded in response to the valkyr's remark. “I like flying, a lot. Hate planes for some reason. It's probably the tight space thing.” Dae wasn't claustrophobic, but he didn't prefer being encased in a small space that might crash after going through turbulence. He'd rather crash when he's flying on his own, out of his free will, instead of being strapped against a seat not knowing what to do. Freedom means a lot more than it does initially to a normal person. The sudden invitation that Yeon forwarded took him off guard for a brief while, he didn't expect that. “I will” he said softly, probably the softest tone he's ever used on the valkyr, which was saying a lot, seeing as most of the time, Dae growled and snarled animalistically more than saying other pretty words for the idea of a verbal interaction. That happens when you are busy pleasuring the other.

“I've been to plenty of places before, scoured the entire area when I did but perhaps there's a few new things that missed my attention. I kinda wanted to swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, haven't ticked that one off yet. Didn’t wanna do it alone, it wouldn't be half as fun that way” he murmured, it wasn't as if he could ask another to accompany him there. Obviously he could just fly them before pneumonia takes course, no one was daring enough to say yes, though. So there's the matter of searching for companions. “You? What about you? Surely you have goals and dreams other than to be a successful multi millionaire.” It seems unlikely to see someone as creative and passionate as Yeon to have none whatsoever. A part of him noticed how Yeon seemed to know more about him rather than him about the blond but he wasn't entirely raging on that, he's good at what he does, what more to say on that?

But Dae knew that the valkyr is weak whenever he invades his personal space, leaving him no room to escape the intensity of his gaze that still remained unsubtle. “Oh, but am I not taking responsibility already? Pleasure only comes when both parties are consensual to it, valky. I'm pretty sure yours are satiated just as well… or else you would've asked for more-,” halting halfway through her words once she realized what she just said, the pale-haired male sn*****ed and wets his lips in anticipation. “well… to be truthfully honest, you are asking for more though, aren't you?” Just to rile him up, he made sure to lean closer until there was quite literally only one space left between their lips. A few seconds after, he pulled back with a smug smile adorning his pouty lips. “And you're not straight anyway. Why bother trying to keep yourself composed” he didn't miss the chance to take a teasing jab at the valkyr when the moment presents its opportunity. He likes teasing him way too much to miss out. He had a feeling that both of them fed off their high while analyzing how the other is doing, which was interesting. He hasn't even showed more of what he could do yet, and he wanted to show. So bad.

Being pinned against the cool surface, it shouldn't bother him, but it did. It bothered him so much that he couldn't just press the other male against the other side just as well because they were nearing their stop. The frustration was endless and they were relentless. There was no way the sexual tension would survive without cutting one of them down and if Yeon doesn't bring him back to his place in less than a minute, then he's going to push everything aside and have his way with him into the exact spot. “Perhaps your blood is just as sweet as the owner, you wouldn't know, one's view is different from another's, no?” he bit back, smirking at how hot and bothered Yeon looked. God, that was just insanely hot when he asked if what he said was a promise. The way the latter relished in his touch makes it even harder to push his lust back for now. “I intend to keep my word, I am… a man of my word, after all. Warning alert, when I say I want to make you scream, I will make sure that happens” he purred seductively, no wonder people called him a feline. His ability to purr rivals one. Especially with the deep voice he possessed.

Thankfully, they arrived just in time before his chaotic self broke out. That one side is quite literally, unpredictable. Dae squirmed slightly as he fluttered his eyes closed when Yeon leaned closer because with those words on that tone, he can't face or look at him directly without pouncing. “Live up to your words first, valky. Then maybe I'll believe in it” he challenged, knowing fully well that's going to get him in another place. Never did he thought he would beg, but he did. Today, he begged. He had begged the valkyr to stop teasing and now could no longer find words that would say the opposite. The mistake has been made and therefore, no taking back. But did he really wish to take it back? The whimper escaping him sounded way too vulnerable. Hands off, he reminded himself. You can do this, Dae. The kiss was blazing hot for him, ironically since the niveis couldn't stand the heat,  hell he defeated bodily fluids such as sweat alone, unless it's under applicable circumstances. Like this. But he found himself wanting more and more, there was no ending for this and he was happy that there wouldn't be one.

“Don't hold yourself back, contempt doesn't look good on you” he hummed, tightening his hold around the valkyr in doing so. And apparently, he wasn't the only one who decided to tighten a few things up. Apart from his pants, the grip Yeon had on his arms were beginning to bruise. Due to the high he's reaching with the blond, he didn't even feel most of the pressure applied there. Hearing the moan finally coming out, his own harmonized with it. If Yeon is going to continue doing this alone, then he wasn't sure how long he could hold himself. Up until he was distracted by the piercing grip on both of his sides. There were blood trickling down from the pressure and the niveis hissed but not from pain. Every time the valkyr would throw his head back, he was always granted with a good view. That neck just calls out for him. The next thing he knew was that the blond had slipped out of his the belt and kneeled in front of him. Shifting his position slightly from the seat, his breath hitched when he saw the view before him, subsequently bringing the urge to push him against the surface of the floor and kiss him again. Especially with that messy tousled hair and swollen lips. How was he able to hold himself back again was beyond him.

Another clothing was discarded and this time, it was Yeon's pants, much to his delight. The smirk he wore didn't last long since it dropped so fast when Yeon tugged on the waistband of his pants using his teeth after planting a kiss above his pelvic area. The fact that Yeon actually wanted to be the one of the best, if not the best if he dare say it, was turning him on. Of course, he'll never admitted out loud because his pride wouldn't want to feed the valkyr too much, but with the way he acts around him? It's a clear indication towards the answer–Yeonseok Lee is the best he's ever had. Period. No words were needed to relay that. His grip on the chair grew stronger, until his knuckles are now paler than his initial skin tone. He wanted to give in so bad. Instead of doing that, he leaned closer and averted his gaze from his eyes to his lips and back to his eyes. “Make me. Fucking make me forget everyone else that came before you,” and boy was his message was clear.

Yeon definitely had his preferences when it came to sex though, he liked the company of someone who was attractive and not afraid to use there voice, there was nothing that bored him faster than complete silence in the bedroom. He tended to bring back women mostly but not because it was a preference, just because it was often easier to attract the attention of women. He’d known many a man too though. He liked to be the one in control with them, he liked to be able to make others moan and groan. He liked running his hands all over their bodies, taking in every curve. Dae checked all the boxes for him and then took it one step further, the Niveis making him want something he’d never wanted with anyone else, to switch position. To let another man do to him what he enjoyed doing to others and enjoying it more than he would admit out loud. They challenged one another in a way neither of them was used to.

It was clear that neither of them actually had much self-control around one another, one time became two and now the two of them were on the verge of a third. Would it stop there? Yeon didn’t know, all he knew is how good Daehyun’s touch felt against his skin as it caressed the most sensitive parts of him. He craved those touches, felt all consumed by them, every little one giving him a sense of flames against his skin, igniting every ounce of desire he had in him. It was clear to the blond that Dae wasn’t used to whatever this was either, they were constantly pushing one another further, figuring how far this attraction between the two of them went. Yeon chuckled when Dae said he wanted to know about the Volakiri bond he shared with Hanseol “I’d tell you but really I’m not sure I understand it well myself” he commented with a shrug. He did notice the fact the other male was implying there was more to come after this. For once, Yeon didn’t find his mind complaining at that thought, in fact, it intrigued him. What made him want to stay?

Hearing Dae talk about traveling he wasn’t surprised to hear that he preferred to travel by wings rather than plane. He had quite literally flown Yeon across the city the first night they met, after all, he was still not over the surprise he had felt in that moment and how utterly vulnerable he had been. It took an immense amount of trust to let someone blindfold him and take him like that and yet with the pale-haired male it had been easy. Why was it so easy for him to do that? “Can’t say I’m a fan of flying either, in general” he admitted with a roll of his shoulders “Necessary for work though so I deal with it” travel sickness was something pretty ridiculous for a valkyr to have but he was yet to find a way to stop it happening. He was used to the feeling nowadays because he spent literally all his time traveling back and forth between the main cities his dance studios were in. The soft tone Dae used when he said he would visit made the blond’s gaze raise to his and he pressed his lips together and gave a smile, nodding his head a little “Okay” he spoke softly. Why did it feel like a promise rather than just an empty offer?

Yeon was actually interested to know more about how the Niveis had lived, especially because he knew he had lived his fair share of years now and he must have had a lot of opportunities to see the world if he wanted to. It made him wonder why someone with wings would ever confine themselves to a single city, Yeon wasn’t sure he’d be able to stay in one place if he had them himself. “The literally middle?” he asked with raised brows “Wow, bold” he spoke softly with a chuckle, that sounded cold as hell but then that seemed to fit the other male perfectly. Yeon gave a wry smile when Dae turned the question around on him. He ran his hand through his hair as the other male spoke about his wealth, one of the only things that could make him a little shy was people talking about his success but he brushed it off “There’s many things” he admitted with a half smile “Climb the Eiffel tower, stand over the line between the US and Canada, skydive, skiing in the alps” he nodded a little, he had a lot of things he intended to do with his life one day “The biggest one is getting to choreograph a full Broadway show, I think the stars would feel like they aligned if that happened” realizing he was getting wistful he laughed softly “Too big?” he asked as he looked back at him meeting those piercing cocoa hues for a moment.

There was no doubt in Yeon’s mind that Dae knew exactly what he was doing when it came to their interactions, the other male was very bold with the ways he showed what he wanted and his voice often guided the way for the valkyr. He sucked in a breath as the snowy-haired male leaned in close and called him out for wanting more. Yeon’s eyes expressive as he looked up to meet Dae’s and the dropped to his lips just as he want his tongue over it “Well I didn’t invite you home with me to talk about the weather” he admitted with a low tone, he hated that someone was able to make him ask for it more than once but he loved it too, so lost in the excitement and electric feeling there was going on between the two of them. Yeon did chuckle when Dae twisted the word he used and a smirk adorned the valkyr’s lips “You’re right, I am so fucking far from straight” especially when someone as hot as Daehyun was around, all his mind was filled with was sinful thoughts of the other male. No woman had ever made him feel as high as he did with him.

Their short-lived but passionate make-out sessions were both fulfilling and never quite enough for the valkyr who found himself keep coming in for more, whether it was in a bathroom while the cafe listened to their harmonious moans, on the Niveis’ lap as he lost himself in his kiss in the back or an uber or right here, right now, against the wall of this elevator. It didn’t matter where he was as long as he got to feel this sense of euphoria that he always felt when the other male was close. So lost in his masculine earthy scent and the way he felt pressed up against the valkyr. The lustful look in his eyes as he looked at Yeon like he was the only person he’d ever wanted. “Oh come on, if anyone knows about the sweet taste of blood it’s me” he smirked and flashed his teeth with a slight hiss and then smirked. He was very careful about how and who he shared blood though and that was one line even Daehyun couldn’t make him cross. Yeon didn’t even have any doubt in his mind when Dae said he would make him scream, if anyone was capable of pulling that raw and passionate reaction from him it was him. Hearing the purr that came with it Yeon swallowed “You’d get a kick out of that huh? Hearing me scream all for you” he slowly ran his tongue over his lips. He knew the answer was yes, he knew how much Dae enjoyed sound.

Yeon hummed low for a long note as he looked the Niveis over he sat there in the chair, he could see the hunger in his eyes as he watched the valkyr undress with him and he knew that while Dae spoke boldly with his words he was really into the way Yeon moved, the way he showed just enough skin to show off his toned chest but also kept his shirt one because it pleased Daehyun. The way Dae challenged him just made him want to rise to it, he wanted to show the Niveis just what he could do. He wanted every single thought he had to be completely absorbed by him. Yeon had always been into capturing the senses one by one, he’d already given the Niveis the visual show, so next, he leaned in close, knowing his slightly sweaty body would give off his natural scent. He leaned in closer to Dae’s ears pressing kisses against it and tugging softly at the cartilage with his teeth before he purposely moaned into it just as the other male put pressure on his lower body.

When Dae told him not to hold back he took that as a sign to continue and he worked on touch, his fingernails digging hard enough into the male’s skin to draw blood, the smell of the sweet liquid filled Yeon’s nostrils and made him groan from the way it completely took over his mind. God, he smelled so good and if the valkyr wasn’t so stubborn he’d be tempted to drop his lips against those scratches and taste him for himself. Their moans started to come out in sync with one another as they moved together, hitting the right spots at the right moments and causing them to both gasp and hiss with pleasure and the apprehension of how this was going to feel once both their clothes were off. Perhaps it was for his own sanity when he pulled away from the other male and got onto his hands on knees. He looked up at Dae with an innocent look in this eyes before it was replaced with a knowing smirk seeing how Dae was struggling to sit there and watch this. Yet somehow he did manage to hold himself back. Somehow the blond was half expecting Daehyun to pounce on him and have his way with him right here on the floor.

“Oh I’ll make you” Yeon didn’t expect to win so easily, Daehyun was stubborn and much more set in his alpha male ways than the blond seemed to be but he could tell how much the snowy-haired male was enjoying himself just from the hitches in his breathing every time the valkyr drew in close to his chest. He moved agonizingly slowly as he teased at the skin just above the waistband of his pants but he pulled back when he felt the platinum-blond lean in close. His head tilted upwards to meet his eyes, watching the way he challenged him. He didn’t need asking twice, he leaned up forcing the other male back with his kiss pressing his knee against his chest to hold him down. Perks of being a valkyr you were unreasonably strong. With his hands, he trailed down Daehyun’s chest, opening each button of his shirt and then leaning his head down to mark the other male’s chest on the new skin exposed until he was back down to just above his pants. He moved from side to side, drawing a line of purple bruises against the skin.

He wasn’t done proving his point just yet though, so he lifted the pressure off of Dae’s chest only for his whole body to move downwards over Dae’s and then he undid the button of his pants and without another moment tugged it down his legs to expose his bare thighs and the dark material of his boxers. “Name them” he instructed as he leaned his thighs and ran his tongue against the inside of one before nipping softly knowing exactly the effect it would have on the other male.

Preferences be damned if he has someone like Yeon to occupy his train of thoughts with. Not that the valkyr is not attractive, he is. Hell, if it was solely up to the niveis, Dae would’ve ranked Yeon 10 out of 10 without a sliver of hesitation lacing his voice and judgment. For his betterment, obviously, he could be seen as a bit ‘biased’, in a way, especially after the treatment he’s received from the said person. But really, he knew if it was up to anyone else who’s had the pleasure to meet and experience what he has experienced with the blond, they would be doing the same scaling as he did. Yeonseok Lee is a very attractive male in his mid-twenties, or late twenties, whatever mature look he would go for on a daily basis. Due to his immortality, the valkyr retained his youthful physical appearance and no doubt looked a lot better with all the exercises he’s gone through in his past time, choreographing dances here and there, befitting his status as a choreographer who also has an eye out for business all the same.

From head to toe, with those defined body proportion, it’s safe to say that Yeon knows he looks good. Dae never said no to the company of men despite leaning towards a lot of women due to the ‘easy marketing’ when he’s walking around. It’s also easier when most of the females he’s slept with knew what he meant when he said it was not going to be any more than just casual sex over a one-night-stand. He never got involved with people who couldn’t handle that truth about him. For males, the same rules applied, and the only one who’s ever made him take a second look at it was before him, looking like he was just birthed from perfection and the sun shone brightly on him, making him glow. Surprisingly, Yeon seemed that way to Daehyun. He’s never met someone like him, scratch that, he’s met people ‘like’ him. In his 40 years of travel, he’s met various multi-millionaires in his expeditions, but neither measured up to the persona that Yeonseok Lee is. Not only could he hold up an excellent record of bedroom activities, but he’s also easy and amusing to talk to.

All their topics could be empty conversations and yet he’d still be interested in what the valkyr had to say in his own views towards things. He’s so open to everything that it was slowly but surely, prompting the snowy-haired niveis to follow suit as well. Something he’s never gone through fully but is doing right now. Hearing that Yeon didn’t understand the concept of Volakiri itself as a whole, he hummed softly and nodded in response. Understandable, it’s something that’s surrounded by multiple elements of ambiguity, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the valkyr didn’t understand what it really entailed. It only proves to Dae further, that he was genuine about his bond with the dark-haired celestial. No more doubt regarding the topic that lingered by. “The first time I carried you to my place, I had to blindfold you in fear you might throw up on me. Obviously, I saved myself, my carpet didn’t get the best treatment afterward, though” he sn*****ed, triggering the very memory of that night that he couldn’t get rid of. Especially after what happened after that, it’s only right if Daehyun couldn’t erase it away. “But that’s okay, I’m afraid of planes but I like flying, a tad more complicated there but I don’t see anyone questioning it” Perhaps because they didn’t want to get on the bad side of you, Dae. But what does he know of that?

He’s just not a big fan of being tied to a constricted place, nothing regarding claustrophobia but slightly more complex than it. When he said he would stop by and pay a visit at the doorstep of the blond, he wasn’t kidding. It’s the first time anyone has ever extended such an offer to him without expecting anything in return and his heart lurched at the generosity. Even though he’s sure if Yeon wanted a company, he would be more than happy to comply. “I’ve swum the Mediterranean, but never the middle of Pacific Ocean. Risky but it’s not as if I can contract pneumonia or hypothermia” he shrugged casually, finding the idea daring in so many ways. He had no problem of fearing drowning or such but the living creatures underneath the sea level? Well, he would love to encounter a great white shark or something, but he’d like to make sure he won’t be fish food too.

Upon hearing a few things off Yeon’s bucket list, he quirked a small smile, he sounded so enthusiastic. “Well, you’re still young, Valky. Go and venture, don’t let anything else tie you down. You never know what day would be your last” he didn’t mean in a negative context but unfortunately, he finds that there is some truth to it. “I remember I tried to run around Niagara Falls, the border separating US and Canada. It was fun, what wasn’t fun was the security though. I’m just glad I was able to fly out of there.” As cold as Dae may be, he’s not heartless. Ruthless? Perhaps. Heartless? Far from it. He didn’t wish to give the security guards a heart attack. “You dream big, that’s good. Broadway doesn’t sound impossible from the way you say it, pretty sure one day that’ll happen.” Despite his questionable manners, Dae is pretty competent in giving advice that required a certain level of wisdom, though he never notices. Guess it’s one of his perks of not being much of a conversationalist. “No dream is ever too big, don’t worry” he reassured. Until he recalled one of the things the valkyr said. “Wait, skydive? I thought you don’t like heights? Or at least, you said you don’t prefer flying?”

Scoffing in retaliation to his words, he leaned closer just to get a kick out of it. For fun, he says. Seeing the valkyr squirming under his gaze is one of the best sights he’s had the chance of witnessing. “Oh, I don’t know, mister. I’m pretty well-versed about the weather, you’ll be surprised. Who knows if you would like to come and hear me talk regarding it, hm?” The teasing tone aligning with his words made it harder for him not to push the blond so he would be able to run his hands on him. “Controlling the weather is like controlling what’s inside here,” he pointed to the blond’s temple, tapping against it playfully. “It takes over your entire head, mind-blowing experience, I tell you” he winked, clearly indicating the innuendo he slipped in. He’s never been so forward with strangers but Yeon wasn’t a stranger to him, he’s the guy he’s screwed twice now, on his way to their third, and who knows how the numbers work? He had to admit, hearing the valkyr curse really gives him a different feeling, one he still likes no matter what. It’s invigorating. Those sinful words escaping his pretty luscious doll-like lips.

“A smart on the streets and a beast under the sheets, aren’t you” he trailed his forefinger on his face, lingering just around his defined jawline. No other woman or man has made him feel like this before, Yeon had set a new standard that he was very sure no one else would be able to match if they weren’t Yeonseok Lee. “I know a valkyr can get addicted under a few circumstances, so don’t worry, as much as I want those teeth tearing my flesh, I’m a considerate guy” he purred, nipping the valkyr’s bottom lip in defiance. The elder Stormwind wasn’t even subtle or careful to hide his lustful gaze on the latter, eyeing him like he was going to be his last meal and that he hasn’t eaten for months long. A hyena just waiting to devour its meal, that’s him. And devour, is what he’ll do. He promised to make him scream and he’s a man of his words. The fulfillment would be satiated and both would end up feeling the high they are on if Dae doesn’t pass out after all the teasing, he’s inhuman. But if he does pass out, then it only meant the valkyr successfully earned another stripe. And boy, Yeon’s already had plenty.

“What can I say, I derive pleasure from it. Hearing your sweet saccharine voice yelling at your release, now what’s hotter than that, hm?” while saying them, he made sure to whisper them in his ears to maximize the effect. Dae knows what he needs to do and regardless of the incessant teasing and foreplay, he’s holding every animalistic and sinful thought he had so he would be mindful and not pounce on him. Yeon knew exactly how to get high off him, his toned body adorning the clothes that hung on every curve of his body because of the sweat, god, how is he supposed to avert his gaze away from this? A growl erupted the moment Yeon nipped on his ear, fucking hell. If he was struggling in his seat before, now he’s just calculating the choices and options he had if he broke the rules and pounce on the blond. Was it worth breaking them? A knowing smirk graced his lips when he noticed how the other male grunted in response to drawing the pale-haired male’s blood. “Is someone feeling a bit squeamish,” he cooed, chuckling at how amusing it had been. “Can’t resist a little bit of blood, can you? I didn’t peg you to be so weak in control, Valky” he whispered coolly.

However, it didn’t take long for the valkyr to take charge again. When he was pinned due to Yeon’s knee keeping him in place, Dae snarled and clenched his jaw tightly because he was just about to let go of the rules and touch him but how can he now? “Look at you, stripping a person against their own will, tsk tsk…” obviously, they both know he had given his consent since the very beginning but teasing the valkyr was fun. “You just can’t wait- fuck,” his words were cut off when he felt the pressure on his chest, just around the area where his tribal marks were extended. Just when he thought that was as far as the valkyr would take it, he was proven wrong when Yeon positioned himself in between his legs, hands holding his thighs firmly in place after discarding his pants. Dae hit the armrest harshly and nearly got up halfway when the valkyr ran his tongue around the great saphenous vein, which was located in his inner thigh. Oh god, how is he going to get out of this now?

Every time his tongue would land on his skin, the niveis would throw his head back and moan out in pleasure. “Yvonne, 1979,” yes, he started from the day he was permitted to leave on missions, 40 years ago. “Meredith, 1979,” and more names began coming out, but it wasn’t easy when he’s trying hard not to lose himself right there. His breathing became shallow and a few minutes later, Dae had to speak them twice because he kept halting to let the pleasure take over his body. “Jake, 19- fuck, please, just please."


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