That was quite the eventful trip for the snowy-haired niveis who's currently standing in front of the bathroom mirror, staring into his own reflection with his hands half buttoning his shirt and buckling the pants. The silhouette behind them didn't escape his notice however, in fact, it's the only reason he couldn't stop smirking while he busied himself as he ruffled his hair into a much more neater messy outlook from earlier. Blowing the stray strands from his face, Daehyun brought one hand up to adjust the lining and hummed to himself a rather a familiar tune that he always does.

No doubt at this point, the whole cafe knew both their names already, and a part of him wondered the kinds of looks they'd receive once they exit the bathroom. It wasn't as if they were being quiet, in the first place and his attempts on silencing the valkyr was an utter failure. He wasn't one to say though, seeing as he wasn't exactly docile about it either. Was he impressed? Yes. Was he satisfied after what happened earlier? Definitely.

It was worth every second, hell, he could still feel the burning sensation in the pit of his stomach whenever he thought of it, even when it hasn't even been less than 20 minutes since their last trip to pleasure land. The question still remained stark, is it really the last trip? For both of them? He's not sure. For him? Perhaps the niveis was a bit too early into concluding things because no way was he sure he wanted this to be their last journey together. Dae agreed that this would definitely take his mind off that night but while it was better than what he expected, he wasn't sure if this would do anything more than just replace the dent and whining inside him that he received from that memorable night.

Wouldn't that leave the niveis wanting more? Did he even reach his closure? Daehyun didn't know because he's way too deep into his high that he forgot what he came here to do. One look at the blond and he's all weak like a gelatin. Stealing a look at the blond who also looked like the equal mess he was in earlier, but a hot mess, the pale-haired male couldn't help but to nibble his bottom lip unconsciously, before wiping his mouth with the sleeves of his shirt and turned on the water tap to wash his hands. “I still can't believe you chose a public bathroom out of all places.” Oh, he's still on that topic. How could he not? This is his first public rodeo, after all.

There was nobody else in the bathroom, which he was positive was due to them being a loud mess. Poor souls were probably traumatized to even set a foot inside the cafe, much less inside this bathroom. The elder Stormwind knew they scared the innocent customers away with their crude and obscene actions from earlier that he was sure went on for quite a while. “You know the cafe manager would probably have us blacklisted for its entire lifeline, right?” he grumbled and heaved a sigh as he turned to face the valkyr by leaning against the sink, propping his hands on both of his sides. “I actually like their coffee… what a shame.” Of course, he would talk about their coffee, even after what just happened, it sounds exactly like Daehyun Stormwind. 

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Yeon didn’t really know all that much about Daehyun’s life, most of the stuff he knew was what he’d managed to gather from talking to his sister and studying the way he acted and talked, he was a nomad, someone who traveled all around the world and saw many places. He lived a life of no commitment and no ties. He’d known many a person in his bed. He did some kind of bounty hunting work for a living which meant he must be a skilled fighter. He enjoyed flying more than anything, Yeon supposed it was because that was when he felt most free. His passions seemed to be swimming and seeing places and cultures. He was a good friend, though he seemed like he could be short and aggressive at times. He was most complicated than most probably gave him credit for. That was what Yeon saw when he looked at Daehyun, a complicated, beautiful person.

Yeon didn’t really fear things, or not the typical things people would fear anyway, he wasn’t scared of dying, been there, done that, it hurt like a bitch but it wasn’t anything to be afraid of, in fact, in the small moments he had been dead, it was actually far more peaceful than he expected. Snakes, spiders, storms, speaking in public, no problem, Yeon dealt with the idea of fear by simply facing up to it and not letting it get to him. His only real fear was much more complicated. It was a feeling deep inside, an irrational thought about what someone could do to his heart if he let them in. It was why so few people managed to get in. He feared getting attached to someone to the point that he couldn’t live without them and then seeing them turn their back on him. “You blindfolded me because you didn’t want me to know where you lived” he teased with a laugh, he got it, one-time thing was supposed to be a one-time thing and all. Neither of them accounted for more happening. Yeon was still shocked at himself for what had unfolded today “No offense taken” he added with a gentle chuckle.

He could understand Dae’s fears of planes though, it definitely was a nerve-wracking thing to do, knowing that if someone happened you were in a metal tank and completely at the mercy of the flight team and pilot. Yeon didn’t have major issues with flying, he just felt sick on every one and had to take stupid amounts of medication to keep it under control, which would be fine if it didn’t make him feel so drowsy that he struggled to get things done. That was frustrating as hell for a workaholic such as himself “So you like swimming huh?” Yeon asked with a chuckle knowing he had a swimming pool in his apartment. Didn’t use it as often as he probably should be he did enjoy getting a late night dip sometimes. “You flight must be able to take you far” the valkyr was curious. He didn’t know all that much about Niveis, it was surprisingly hard to find out anything about them. No in-depth legends or myths about them to pull from, they had hidden themselves well from the world.

Yeon nodded a little, Dae was right, he was still young, he had an entire eternity to spend checking off that pretty long list he had but Dae was also right in saying you never knew when the end may come around. He’d died very young after all, it could easily happen again, only took a hawthorne stake and he was a goner. “One day” he spoke softly and nodded “I’ve got my eyes on the main prize first” he admitted with a soft smile. That was why he was spending so much time in NYC, he was negotiating his involvement in a pretty major Broadway production so what Dae said about it one day happening. He probably wasn’t wrong “Sounds like quite the adventure” Yeon commented on Dae’s experience with the borderline, he hadn’t pegged Dae for the opportunist type but it was refreshing to be wrong about it. His question about skydiving made the blond chuckle, running a hand through his sandy locks “I don’t like feeling sick” he admitted with a shake of his head “Travel sickness to the point I quite literally have to knock myself out” he admitted and bit on his lip, weird for a valkyr he knew.

Yeon actually found it really fun talking to Dae, beyond the grumpy and harsh persona was someone with quite the sense of humor, he was funny and even at times, a little lighthearted. Their conversation felt casual and easy, they could talk about pretty much any topic without feeling too much pressure to impress one another or accidentally say the wrong thing. They both also seemed pretty hard to offend, taking each other’s jabs in their stride. He didn’t actually know that Niveis could control the weather but it now explained the blizzard on the night they first met. His eyes flicked to the place on his temple where Dae touched it and he smiled “Somehow I feel like you’re no stranger to mind-blowing things” he spoke picking up on the innuendo in the other male’s words and chuckled a little “I did wonder how your cabin changed temperature so quickly” he teased with an amused expression on his face.

Yeon gave a wry chuckle at the Niveis’ compliment about the skills he had under the sheets “I could say the same about you” he commented with sincerity, his head tilting a little as he leaned into the touch against his jawline, the temptation to pull that finger into his mouth and suck on it was real. Everything about Dae turned him on, from simple touches to the tone of his voice and the way he spoke to him. The pale-haired male teasing him about his lust for blood made Yeon groan a little at the pure thought, it was beyond tempting but he simply didn’t cross that line, he wasn’t sure there was an easy road back from it. The bite against his bottom lip caused his hips to buck naturally as he moaned into Dae’s mouth, everything he did went straight to Yeon’s head. Yeon didn’t know if there was anything he’d wanted more than sex with Daehyun Stormwind and while he was the one doing most of the teasing today, that didn’t lessen his want for him in the slightest. The valkyr was simply enjoying every writhe and moan he managed to elicit from the elder male and being the one to make him give it.

Dae wasn’t wrong, there was nothing hotter than hearing someone cry for you in those vulnerable moments as they found their high. They’d given each other that already today but that only made the valkyr want to do one better for him. He wanted Dae to know the full extent of what being with him meant, he wanted to encompass every single one of his thoughts, monopolize the conscious space in his head. He knew he’d gotten to the pale-haired male from the way he stared hungrily at him, eyes lingering over his toned abdomen and traveling lower as he thought about what was to come. Dae was still completely clothed and yet he still looked stunning and desirable to the Niveis, seeing the way he gripped so tightly against the arm of the chair, white knuckles holding back that primal desire to go straight for him but the animalistic growls and hisses told the valkyr just how difficult it was for him to hold back. With every one, he felt himself getting more and more turned on until he was the one moaning at the very sounds leaving Dae’s lips. Not to mention the smell of the blood. Fuck. He smelled so good it made him want to taste him so badly. Dae’s teasing made Yeon grab at his neck for a moment as he leaned in close “Don’t pretend you’re innocent in this, you’re driving me crazy too” he spoke, he would resist this particular temptation because he knew how dangerous the repercussions could be. Getting hooked on sex with the Niveis though, that was seeming more and more likely.

Yeon refused to be the one to back down this time, he’d promised Dae he would blow every single person he ever fucked out of the water and he intended to make good on that. Sure, he cheated a little, using his supernatural given strength to hold the other male down but the look on his face told the valkyr he was into it. “Right now, you’re mine” he spoke boldly as he looked into the other male’s eyes “And I want your clothes off” he spoke as he began undoing the buttons of his shirt and to prove his point about claiming him, he left those bruises all down his chest. Making sure to take his time to darken them to show him that he wasn’t playing with kid clothes “I can’t just fuck?” he repeated back to him and smirked “Oh believe me I can just fuck and you’re going to beg me to do it” he promised as he began his attack on the snowy-haired blond’s thighs. He had no mercy as he nipped against the skin, sending the other male shaking every time he did so.

He was managing to get the names out one by one but between them, he heard the loud and sensual moans that escaped Dae’s lips and Yeon knew he was winning, none of those names particularly mattered to him, the strangled way Dae was saying them as he licked against his skin, that matter. And then he heard those words. A wide smirk appearing on his lips as he made Daehyun Stormwind beg for him. “There it is” he drew out the words as he slowly lifted himself, placing himself in the Niveis’ lap, he took Dae’s hands and pressed them against his own chest as he gave him permission to touch once more and then his hands dropped to the top of Dae’s underwear as he went to pull them down his legs. Just as he did so he leaned in close against Dae’s ear “Yeonseok, 2019, I don’t need to tell you to remember that, you will” he teased as he kissed the other male passionately giving over completely to the desire he felt, they had a whole apartment to explore, this was going to be fun.

He didn’t know who Yeonseok Lee is. No, initially, the only thing he knew about him was that one night when he was supposed to carry out his scouting mission on one particular new blood in the bar near the valkyr and dhampir territory, which meant it was a rather closed off place. After taking the guy down after receiving multitudes of rejection, he found this guy staying back while others ran out after he activated the fire alarm and sprinklers. As amusing as he was, Daehyun didn’t think much about him as another drunk guy who decided to get wasted that night and was just going to do his bare minimum by escorting him out and away from the said premise after the niveis had damaged a few properties. He didn’t know why, but he felt bad for leaving him out on his own so he took him back home, wanting to sober him up so he could leave the next morning maybe. Dae didn’t expect thanks, but what he got after that was a lot more worthwhile, a memory he will never forget. Ever.

Did he know he would end up sleeping with the guy he was originally going to sober up? No. But boy was that occurrence serendipitous. After that night, he didn’t expect to see him again but he saw him again today, a guy who just so happened to be a good friend of Hanseol, who’s Jae’s boyfriend. Or whatever he is now after what he was sure an argument broke out afterward. He also didn’t expect the bathroom sex, for sure. Not that he was complaining about it, but everything that Yeon stands for quite literally goes against his principles, wait did he have those? Did he even have rules anymore regarding this matter? The snowy-haired niveis wasn’t sure what to make of the situation before him, it was way too tempting and good to turn it away, but at the same time, it wasn’t going to be easy once he gets hooked too deep with the valkyr. Once he gets too deep, he wasn’t sure if he was able to get out of it. But did he really want to get out of it? If he’s offered this level of satisfaction and pleasure every day, then you don’t see him whining in complaints. Whining in pleasure? Perhaps.

The only thing he knew of Yeon was that he’s apparently a humble multi-millionaire, a victim of what he perceived to be a tragic death over 8 years ago, and that he’s a loyal friend to Hanseol, who seemed like he would go over the top and to the ends of the earth to defend the celestial. Dae admires that about him. That fidelity he possessed, it was quite literally the best trait he’s ever found attractive on someone. Unfortunately, not many could flaunt it to people’s faces because they simply couldn’t stand it longer than a while, or they simply didn’t have the strength to keep it running. Much like the valkyr he’s gotten himself involved with, Dae was most of the part, fearless. The elder Stormwind had no problem engaging in any danger without hesitation, he didn’t have any phobia that measures up his character. There is one thing he did have a hard time feeling comfortable with; attachment. Once Daehyun latches on anyone, he would quite literally do anything for the said person. Jae being his best friend is a given, but Yeon? He wasn’t afraid of befriending him, god knows how much he needed more optimism in his life, but he’s worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep their friendship on the line when all he kept thinking was how he’s going to keep his hands off throughout the entire time.

Dae didn’t think with only sex in mind but after going through enough with the blond, after getting to know him slowly, everything was elevated. He wanted Yeon. Was that worth ruining what would be a beautiful friendship over? “Okay fine, I didn’t want you to know where I lived. But really, do you really think I would allow you to throw up on me? You should know there’s only one liquid I’d allow you to smear me with” he whispered coolly, initially, Daehyun Stormwind is quite crude in his manners, but nothing new about that, at all. Seeing as he could even pass off sexual innuendos and dark jokes with Jae, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him displaying that to the person who he’s about to get down with. “If I didn’t blindfold you, I would never have taken you back to my place and what took place on that night also wouldn’t have happened, that would be a shame, no?” Oh, he knows exactly what he’s on. Hearing the question from Yeon, he nodded vehemently. “Flying and swimming had been my passion since forever, well, ever since I was turned into a niveis, at least. Before that, I’m a pyromaniac” That’s the only bitter thing he will never be able to get away from. His affinity with fire. It was taken away just like that.

“I didn’t count specifically, but I always flew myself everywhere, it’s easier that way and the sight from above is a lot more beautiful.” Just like you, he mumbled. Yeonseok Lee is a beautiful specimen, there, he said it. Inside and out. “Just saying, if you need a company to do skydiving, you can hit me up. That’s literally what I do every day, anyway. And at least, you’ll have the assurance that I won’t let you plummet to your death if the parachute fails?” Nobody likes feeling sick in general, so he could relate to that. “Perhaps, what you needed is a distraction. It serves well for the head. I remembered I had mine once, well...admittedly, it was in the toilet.” There it goes again. At this point, sexual innuendos are probably a part of Daehyun already. “It’s quite the advantage in the bedroom, let’s be real. That cooling sensation puts everything else to shame, especially with the heat radiating off the body” and just as he says that, his free hand trailed one finger down the valkyr’s spine.

Never did he thought this day would come, where he would be the one on the other side of things, allowing another person to take charge. While the defiance was strong in him, it didn’t mean he was being as strong as he was usually when it comes to holding the alpha male status. “I try to keep up to impress” he purred, instantly turning into a moaning mess once he felt the sudden pressure against his hips. There was quite literally nothing else Daehyun wanted than to let Yeon pin and unravel him. The way their moans would harmonize with each other since they were still occupied with each other’s mouth really sends vibrations down his spine, causing the pale-haired male to arch his back instinctively in response to it. He’s been with so many people throughout the years but none could measure up to the flaxen-haired male. Perhaps he’s bold in saying that, but was it wrong? He’s only had a taste of him twice, well maybe thrice, but he’s already wanting to push any prospects of others warming his bed if they were not Yeonseok Lee. He only wanted him, and him only.

The fact that Yeon didn’t bother to undress fully by leaving the shirt to cling on to his body really got Dae riling. It was as if the valkyr knew the niveis had a thing for clothed sex. It was hard not to give in to his carnal lust, every time his eyes would glaze over the blond, all he could think of is how badly he wanted to bruise him so the other male would remember who left them. He wanted to give him the best night ever, rivaling what they’ve had with each other before this. It was a challenge he’s going to win and he would not have it any other way. How he wanted to drag his nails on his back the same way he did to him every time, especially when the valkyr has already done damage on his arms alone. The moment Yeon gripped his neck, bringing him closer, he had a wry smirk adorning his pouty lips, and only licked them in anticipation for what’s about to come. For all he knows, the rougher the blond is, the better the outcome of things. “Don’t worry, I intend to make you desperate enough to have an addiction for more of me, Valky” he’s going to keep that word because Dae knew if he’s the only one hooked, it would be hard to go about his day.

And just like that, his smirk grew bigger as he tried to hide them away by biting his lips in content as Yeon literally expressed what he wanted. “Don’t forget to show that,” he purred, his tone keeping at a languid pace. “Don’t forget to show that I’m yours and no one else’s.” The times he’d try to clamp his mouth shut because strings of moans couldn’t stop coming out was making him miserable, it was hard to keep his mouth shut. “Maybe you should focus more on doing them rather than running your mouth on it,” he scowled, all this teasing was fun but it was only a matter of time before his patience runs out. Bad choice of words, obviously because for the next few minutes, he was already writhing with Yeon in between his knees. He had one hand tangled in the valkyr’s blond locks as he tugged on them occasionally every time it sends a jolt to his body. By the time he was halfway done with saying another name, Yeon had positioned himself on his lap and the first thing he did was tugging both sides of his shirt towards himself, pressing the valkyr even closer, where there wasn’t even an ounce of space left between the two as he lost himself in the kiss.

He wasn’t wrong when he said that’s going to be the only name he remembers because the moment he woke up, he found himself surrounded by sheets and a very sore body. Apparently, Dae had passed out after a few more rounds to go, from exhaustion no doubt. After a nap, he’s a bit jaded now. Covering his face with a pillow nearby, he moaned out as he recalled what they did. Is it bad to say he’s utterly smitten with this guy?

Holy shit. Those words echoed around the valkyr’s head as he started awake, groaning into the mattress the moment he did so. Damn Niveis had actually managed to make him sleep, though his eyes turned to the clock on the wall and he counted about 45 minutes until they had finished up their final session on his bed of all places. Yeon didn’t even want to think about all the rules of his own he had broken today alone, a second time, a third time, hell you could probably count it as six now with the number of times they’d gone at it. Afternoon had turned to evening and now it was dark, the only light in the room shining in from the wide windows of the valkyr’s bedroom. He turned over onto his back, grumbling as he did so because everything was sore, which for a valkyr who’d even slept afterward was saying something.

His gaze fell on Dae who was fast asleep next to him, looking peaceful as he curled his hands around one the pillows he’d grabbed before passing out. He could see the curves of his bare body which was mostly exposed. Niveis didn’t really need blankets since they were so accustomed to the cold he supposed. Dae looked pretty spectacular like that, so worn out from the time they spent together. They’d certainly done quite the number on each other and the apartment. The valkyr was almost afraid to get up and see the damages for him. Not just because he was enjoying the view so much as he smiled at the other male. He’d let someone screw him in his bed and then fall asleep there, he was so fucking gone.

Seeing how serene and comfortable Dae looked, Yeon couldn’t bring himself to wake him or ask him to leave so he figured he’d leave him be. Now the valkyr was awake though he knew that was all the rest he was getting for now. He quietly pulled the sheets back and climbed out of the bed, walking over to his closet and opening to door heading inside. He wasn’t planning on going out anywhere so he just put on a clean pair of underwear and a robe before he headed out of the closet and out of the bedroom, closing the door softly behind him. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the lights on in the apartment so he blinked a few times and reached out to lean against the door frame. He felt weak and drained, the pale-haired male had just literally sapped all his energy.

God did he feel good though, he felt like he was sitting on top of the world, the high still causing his whole body to feel tingly and fulfilled even 45 minutes after they were finally done. And they had gone for a while. He remembered moving all different places of his home, blessing so many surfaces as they moaned and groaned into one another. He also remembered quite a few things falling victim to their antics. Things he should probably sort out now while he tried to figure out how to feel about all of this. Dae had even made him forget the first time they’d known one another because this time, neither of them were holding back. You knew when you started your session with the agreement of safe words you were in for a wild time and Yeon remembered every sinful detail of what they had done to each other.

He started by making his way over to the armchair which they’d begun the night in, his eyes moving over the claw marks Daehyun had made in the fabric covering over it. Yeon’s hand moved down to run over it and he smirked, he’d liked very much showing the Niveis what it was like to hand control over to someone else. Dae had the honor of doing that to him their first night, it only seemed fair to return the favor. Thankfully other than the cosmetic damage the chair had managed to hold itself together. He’d need to call someone in to get it reupholstered or maybe he’d just keep it like that for the sake of the memories. It was easily covered with a throw.

Next, he made his way over to the open kitchen area, his entire apartment was pretty much open plan, aside from the outer deck, the guest and master bedrooms and bathrooms. Not to mention the gym which connected to the indoor pool he had at the far end of his home. They’d covered most of the open area. Yeon enjoyed being with someone he didn’t have to hide his valkyr side from, it meant he got to be rough and fast with them and the number of places he had shoved Dae up against had definitely led to some collateral. There was glass on the floor of the kitchen area from where one of the pictures had smashed when they’d decided that wall was their next victim. He got the dustpan out from the cupboard and began sweeping the shards away as he smirked, noting all the things that had been discarded onto the floor, a newspaper, Yeon’s wallet, a bottle opener and such, Dae’s impatience to clear the countertop he wanted to lay the valkyr down on was to blame for that one.

The whole time he was cleaning up he couldn’t get the smug grin off his face, he had never remembered his time with someone like that quite so vividly, nor had there been so many visual reminders of the session either. Yeon was used to taking someone to one of the spare bedrooms, having his way with them until he was satiated and then waking alone in the morning with them gone. This was so incredibly different, this was wild and free, this was a memory that was going to be burned into his mind for as long as he lived no doubts. He remembered how loud they had been, how they had communicated every little dirty thing they wanted to do to each other and both had obliged. It had been blissful and it had taken everything he knew about good sex, screwed it up to a paper ball and thrown it into the trash.

After he was done putting the glass shards into the trash and returning the items discarded to the floor to their rightful place, he grabbed a couple of glasses from the upper cupboards and poured two glasses of ice water. He also grabbed some aspirin out of the medicine cabinet and swallowed one of the pills down as he drank down his glass of water before leaving the second one and the packet out on the counter for Dae. If the Niveis felt anything like Yeon did right now when he woke up. He was going to need it.

His eyes trailed over to the table and he gave a dry chuckle to himself, oh the poor table, he thought to himself as he made his way closer, seeing the way the whole thing had imploded on itself and the leg had given way. The whole thing was littered with scratch marks, a nostalgic reminder of their first time together he supposed, though this table had been far less lucky than the first one which had managed to just about hold together. Still, it evidenced their passion well, the way neither of them could take the pressure and needed to inflict it onto the wood in order to cope with the way the other made them feel. Now this entire apartment reminded him of Daehyun.

But the last one, the last one was the killer. Yeon had never, literally never let anyone he’d slept with into his room before. It was a personal thing, he didn’t want to connect some one night stand he had with a nobody to the place he rested his head every night. Dae wasn’t just a one night stand anymore though and the pale-haired male had been quite insistent on the fact he got to take the valkyr in the place he felt most vulnerable and somehow, the blond had let him. That memory would never leave him, he knew that much and he didn’t want it to. He didn’t want to forget the high he’d experienced with Dae today because it had made him feel more alive than ever.

Knowing he was still in there, asleep in his bed, that was the final nail in the coffin. He was so screwed, he didn’t know what this was between them but he didn’t see himself wanting an end to it. If he couldn’t move past their first night, how was he supposed to this one, in his home, against the places where he sat and he ate and he slept. Yeon bit his lip shaking his head. He needed to cool off because he was getting hot and bothered remembering it all. He made his way to the furthest part of the apartment, stripping down to his boxers again and leaving the robe at the edge of the pool before he jumped in and started to swim laps.

He did find peace in it, turning onto his back and floating against the cool water as he moved but it still didn’t take the image of Daehyun from his mind. He was so gorgeous and Yeon knew he was utterly hooked on him. It was going to be complicated, he could tell that already, but part of him was starting to want it. Need to know he could have this again. How was he ever going to find true satisfaction again after knowing he could have this. God help him.

Waking up being tangled in foreign sheets wasn't the way he pictured himself waking up from. Sure, he likes sleeping, or napping, a lot. Especially when he's given his all and pass out the next moment so he could replenish his energy. What surprised him was that these sheets, they weren’t his. No, no, even the linen and material is different, much less the smell. The scent attached on the sheets on the bed, it reminded him of someone. Partially, it's faint, but it's still there. And if there was anything he's learned all those years of keeping a watchful eye everywhere he goes and carrying out bounty hunting jobs, it's that he can identify what's wrong at first glance. Gripping on the clear sheets in his hand as he rolled over lazily, Dae sniffed it for a brief while before a frown creases his features. Okay, this was definitely soiled, but the earthy musk is way too familiar to the niveis for him to dismiss so lightly, especially when it doesn't take a genius to figure out this place he's sleeping at, is not his own.

One, the bed is not like his. His was encased with mahogany wood on the sides, this one isn't. Hell, it looked more bigger, no, no, it is bigger, and more comfortable. The sheets were not even his to begin with, Daehyun is way too meticulous to actually miss details like that if it meant it's his own personal home. Rolling over his side once again, he tried to recall what happened. The dark setting outside indicated that night has fallen and he probably slept over an hour or so because he can distinctly remember he was out in daylight. Wait, out? Oh right, he was our with Jae. As he fluttered his eyes closed, memories started to flood in like the hurricane. The argument between Jae and Han, or whatever it was. Him meeting the valkyr the second time. The valkyr getting suckerpunched by Jae. The bathroom sex that really left a mark in his head. Them making out heavily in an uber ride back to Yeon's place, which he assumed is where he's currently at. The elevator ‘party', and oh god, how long they went at it.

How many rounds they went, a blush crept up and settled faintly on both his cheeks, causing the snowy-haired niveis to cover his face with a spare pillow and groan into it. But god, did it felt good. Though his body was sore like hell, it only served him as a reminder today how good it felt to go on with Yeon. The last thing he remembered was passing out after they had each other on this exact bed, sheets clinging to both their bodies together, hands tangled with each others’ bright locks and the sounds they evoked from one another. Oh god, now that he's reminiscing the sounds they produced, he moaned softly against the material of the pillow. Unfortunately, as he tried to move, every muscle in his body clenched tightly, resulting in him hissing out in pain. Dear god, he is very sore. This had inadvertently, caused Dae to fall back into the bed and clutch the sheets over his body. “Fucking hell, Yeon” he groaned but still tried his best to at least sit up on the edge of the bed.

While still clutching on to the sheets, he wrapped a blanket over him, not because he's cold, but because he needed to find at least his underwear first. Luckily, the niveis spotted it in the living room. After making sure he was at least clothed slightly decently, he passed the kitchen counter and surveyed the entire floor plan. The complex is very spacious, which shouldn't be a surprise to him, seeing as Yeon is a multimillionaire. The way he designed it though, that's what piqued his interest. Well, aside from the damage they left. It was modest, something about it exuded humility in a way that even the elder Stormwind could not comprehend and explain fully in a well-versed manner. Of course, none of the details fazed him the slightest, but he does notice what they did. He had started from the bedroom, which he assumed to be the valkyr's own personal bedroom due to the interior design. The sheets were incredibly soiled, which really did made him smirk in response, after all, getting to the blond's bed after their multiple stops throughout the entire place, it's an achievement.

He noticed that one of the pillows were halfway torn from the side, which he wasn't sure which one of them did it. There was a slight dent on the bed too, poor thing. Putting aside the clothing that was littered across the living room, that he even came across the shirt Yeon wore earlier this evening that has unfortunately been ripped in half, which he no doubt knew was his fault. As soon as he reached the kitchen counter, his breath hitched slightly as he recalled exactly what happened here. Dae's impatience went through the roof, he literally pushed everything else off the counter with one swift swipe and pinned the valkyr on the cool counter instead. God knows what he did to bless the counter. Of course, he remembered every detail that occurred, especially those melodic moans that erupted from Yeon throughout their entire session. Both of them asking for more, requesting from adjusting their pace to how well they accommodate each others’ kinks. Dae saw a glass of water was placed on the counter alongside a packet filled with with aspirin. He probably left this for him because yes, his head is pounding, possibly from the overwhelming session, or rather, sessions, he had with the blond.

After swallowing the pill and downing the entire glass, he placed them in the sink before moving to the living room. On his way there, his gaze fell on the places they've wrecked. The books on the shelves fell into a disorganized mess, the picture frames were no longer in place, and the way the huge cabinet was even moved in a weird proportion way indicated that the strength used to even move that was unthinkable. Had they been that rough? Apparently, yes, because the next place he had his gaze fixated on was a broken table not far from where he stood. Oh yeah, he recalled wanting to give Yeon a payback for the ‘traumatizing’ stunt on his table back in the cabin. The scratch marks over the wallpapers though, he internally winced at it. Such decoration was ruined but why did he also have that wry smirk adorning his pouty lips? Perhaps because it served the valkyr as a reminder of what they went through earlier today. They had been especially loud then, especially Dae. He's never been that loud before, not with anyone, which literally meant the sex he received was nowhere near bare minimum. It was quite literally, the best day of his entire life.

But how is it that he didn't feel satiated? He was, but after recalling those visuals, he couldn't help but to think if there was anything chance of him receiving the same treatment again the second time. Or the third. Or the fourth. And from there, it doesn't take a genius to do simple calculation. Even at the mere thought of it, Dae was already squirming and even went as far as to let out a whimpery moan. Speaking of which, where is the valkyr that was responsible for all of this mess in his head? Since the place was big, Daehyun had to venture from every corner until he glanced over to the pool situated at the far corner. Someone was underwater, and his suspicions were affirmed when he peeked his head out and saw Yeon floating.

The cool breeze of the night sends shivers down his spine, especially when he's not that clothed, other than wearing his underwear. It feels so refreshing. “Penny for your thoughts?” he mused, sporting a coy smirk as he tilted his head slightly to the side. “Mind if I join you? I promise to stay at the far side so you don't get… bothered by me” what was that supposed to mean? Judging from the way he worded things, and that smirk still present, it surely meant so much more. “I'm sorry for the mess, tell me you at least enjoyed it? ”

It was a strange situation he found himself in, Yeon had quite literally never slept with the same person twice in his entire life. While 8 years might sound like a short amount of time to some, especially those who were immortal, he felt like he’d experienced and been through a lot in that time, really grown in a person, learned what he did and didn’t like. Found his true goals and passions and made something of them. Yeon felt like he knew himself well. But today, he felt like maybe he hadn’t known parts of himself at all. Perhaps it was cliche to say sex could change so much for a person but he honestly didn’t know he could feel so good or fulfilled until he had allowed this to happen.

That didn’t mean he was intending on changing much about his life, Yeon wasn’t stupid enough to think anything was going to come out of this. They’d both said themselves already that this wasn’t going to continue, couldn’t really, considering Yeon still intended on moving to NYC and Dae sounded like he had full intentions to get out of Evermore soon. If the timing had been better, maybe he would have been open to options but right now he was just happy he’d gotten a little tease of this ultimate pleasure. Sure, he would probably be a little sad to see the Niveis go and he had no idea how he was ever going to find someone to measure up but he was a grown up and he would deal with it, just like everything else.

Yeon did wonder what he was going to tell Hanseol about all this. He was worried about his Volakiri, the blond hadn’t failed to notice the fact that Han had definitely punched something several times this afternoon, he felt the pain radiate in his hands as the other male had recoiled from whatever he punched. Yeon hoped to hell it was some inanimate object. He knew in his heart of hearts things couldn’t have gone well with Jae. The reaction the dhampir had given had him pretty certain of that and he planned on calling Han once Daehyun was gone to check on him. Though the celestial would probably tell him to fuck off the same way he always did when he was upset. He did make it hard to be his friend sometimes but Yeon cared about him enough to stick around anyway.

As Yeon floated on his back in the water, his eyes were closed as he just allowed him to get wrapped up in his thoughts for a little while, he was in a really good place right now, felt more satisfied than he had in 4 months, his mind filled with good memories of the things the two of them had done. He had also kinda made himself a new friend, or at least they had sorta talked about becoming friends before they had gotten back to his placed and screwed several times over, all over the apartment. The two of them were pretty casual and comfortable around one another, despite the quite crude things they had done together.

He’d been in the pool for about 20 minutes when he heard movement through the apartment, he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t been listening out for it. Curious more than anything, whether the other male would leave or whether he’d stay around to at least say goodbye. Yeon didn’t know why it bothered him so much, it wasn’t like they were going to have much future after this. Neither of them wanted a relationship, they’d probably be casual friends, especially because they shared friends in common and would probably see one another around when they were in Evermore. Hell, Yeon would make good on his offer to meet up with Dae in NYC if he ever made it there, it was one of his favorite places, he’d show him the best parts of the city.

He couldn’t stop the soft smile that came to his lips when he heard the Niveis’ footsteps down the hall and he headed into the pool area. The valkyr came to the surface of the water and leaned up against the side wall of the area as he wiped the water out of his eyes and tossed his hair back. Hearing the other male prompt Yeon for his thoughts the valkyr chuckle “Just thinking about how much I’m going to miss the heat when I move to New York” he commented with a shrug and crossed his arms a little as he leaned up on the side of the pool so he could get a better view of the pale-haired male. He looked absolutely stunning in the moonlight wearing nothing but his underwear “And you know, wondering if I’ve hit my peak for the best sex in my life at 28” he added with a gentle chuckle and leaned his head against his arm, he spoke it casually but not like it was a joke because it wasn’t, he really was wondering if anything was ever going to compare to tonight.

When Dae asked him if he could join Yeon made a sweeping gesture with his arms and then ducked underwater for a moment, swimming across to the other side of the pool and then resurfaced again “Of course, this damn this is massive anyway” he chuckled softly “Though it really does concern me that your stamina is so high you could be suggesting going again” the valkyr laughed softly. They were both too exhausted, they had to be after that several hour-long session, they seriously went for far longer than he’d expected and it had been insanely memorable. “You said you like swimming right?” Yeon asked as he moved through the water “Just cause it’s cold or some other reason?” he was curious to know more about the other male still.

Hearing Dae speak about the mess he coughed and then laughed softly “Nothing I can’t get fixed in a few days” he admitted with a laugh and then wet his bottom lip “I enjoyed it” he added before he wondered if he should continue “This is not my usual way of playing things out so I guess I’m playing by ear right now” he admitted with a soft smile on his lips. Not that he was complaining, being in unknown territory didn’t especially scare the younger male. He swam over to the corner of the pool and pushed himself up onto the edge, sitting on the corner of it with his legs dangling in the water. He reached out to grab a beach ball he’d left at the side of the water the other day and tossed it into the water, splashing the Niveis a little as he did so “I’m kinda surprised you weren’t out of here the moment you woke up” he admitted with a chuckle, that what he did, snuck out so he didn’t have to face the after sex conversation. This didn’t feel awkward to him though if anything it felt quite natural and normal to him.

Waking up to another foreign setting wasn't new to Daehyun, he's been waking up on random places throughout his many years of venturing the world while still upholding his duty to the tribe. He had plenty of running wild amidst a few countries and continents alike, and of course he also had his fair share of switching one lover to another as easy as a wealthy heiress changes her bag. Though admittedly, they weren't considered lovers if they only warmed his bed and served their purpose as his company for the day or night no more than once, right? As dejected as that sounded, it never changed Dae's habits when it comes to sharing company. He sleeps around, as simple as that. He craved another person's touch and this assured him that no attachments would be formed and there would be no need for a relationship with a person he's sure he doesn't want to engage in with aside from bedroom activities. That, or the fact that some of them are mortals, which meant their lives would burn out quite soon enough.

For an immortal like him who's known the pain of living as one under the vessel of the person that he is, Dae never tried to see the appeal of becoming one. Live life as he goes, he reminded himself. You only live once, after all. There's no point in wasting your time over matters that would hardly make you bag an eyelash at. Or, two lives, whatever fits into the context. Today has been mind-blowing for the niveis, it was unlike anything else he has ever experienced, and believe him when he says it, he's experienced plenty of things that are considered unusual. This takes the list, for sure. Not only did he sleep with the same person more than once, or twice, or thrice, well he definitely knows how the mathematical equations work. He also passed out shortly after they were finished, that has never happened before. Daehyun doesn't burn out as easily, not with the stamina he holds, the snowy-haired niveis loves to fly and swim when he's not busy training, which meant he had a very good capacity at physical strength. Even the most strenuous activity that requires physical labor couldn't tire him out that quick. Not to the extent of passing out a few minutes after.

The pillows smelt just like the valkyr, naturally it would be faint and wouldn't be halfway close to what the male smells like in person, but he was more than grateful to have something to hold on to. Dae was greatly satiated throughout the entire day, it didn't come to him as a day that was necessarily bad. But then he was reminded of who may have felt bad; his best friend, Jae. He had dearly hoped that nothing happened between the two lovebirds. Jae was really happy where they were at, it was supposedly something real and while the pale-haired male might not agree to the same extent as the dhampir does when it comes to believing the idea and concept of love, it still doesn't take away the fact that the half-valkyr loves Hanseol. What kind of friend would he be if he didn't support his best friend through everything? Of course, he wanted Jae to be happy. All that talk about friends, it made Dae wonder where does he stand now?

He's already proven himself to be a rather questionable bad friend for screwing the guy that infuriated and aggravated his best friend earlier today, and not just once either. They went on and on until it actually resulted in the niveis falling deep into his own slumber the first thing they stopped. But it wasn't as if the niveis could run after Jae either, the dhampir clearly needed time and he gave him the respect of that. It's not that he was going to be able to give any advice regarding the said topic too, he's just utterly bad at that department. The other part of talking about friends, is Yeon. The current matter on hand, it does seem like they were able to strike a friendship wirh one another maybe. The valkyr doesn't pose himself to be a bad guy except that first quarter of today, which was questionably rude to Jae, but other than that, he's more than decent too. Too bad he wasn't going to stay in Evermore from the way he worded things previously, but then again, it wasn't as if the niveis was planning on staying right after he's been packing his bags to scurry our of the eternal city, anyway.

This would not hinder his journey to finding himself elsewhere, it just happened to be a coincidence that they met each other and how they're connected by their best friends too. Yeon provided him with the best company he has ever had throughout his entire life and dare he say, no one else would ever be able to measure up to the valkyr after leaving such an impactful effect after this. It's going to be a shame that today would be the last time they see each other, though. The valkyr was someone he was sure he'd find enjoyable to be around with. Staring at the floating body of the blond, he noticed the pool was incredibly spacious, befitting the entire complex. He was itching to touch the water and delve himself into it, while leaving it to himself so he could connect to the elements. It's why he likes swimming and flying. It made him feel at ease. Like he was free, where no one can disturb him.

He won't lie, a part of Dae was gonna leave without saying goodbye, but doing that feels so wrong now. He wasn't sure why, or what's really the exact reasoning behind that excuse, but he trusts himself more than anything. “I don't think I'd complain missing about the heat thing, so perhaps I can't relate directly in that context but change it a bit from heat to cold, then I'm good. Though it's not as if I can actually control that part of me” he murmured silently, his voice sounding slightly lighter and smoother than usual. He couldn't help but to let his dark hues wander all over Yeon's body, the way his toned body was sculpted, any longer of staring then the male might actually drool over it. “Young guy, only 28, should've known. With that stamina, age must've played something even if it's only the tiniest bit,” he teased, curling his lips up, forming into an amusing smirk. “you and me both, buddy. Can't find sex like this anywhere and I'm gonna miss it. Quite literally the best sex I've ever had in my entire life and I've been around for a while, already” he returned the comment with a playful wink.

When he wants to be, Daehyun is a good company to keep around. He's brutally honest, he's crude, he's witty, behind all that cold exterior, lies so much more. Once he received the confirmation to join him, he dived in head first like a professional swimmer would, and allowed the cold to wash off his body, evoking a mewling groan from him. God, this felt so good. When was the last time he swam? When was the last time he even had a chance and time to do that ever since moving here? Scoffing at his comment, he cleared his throat and licked his lips unconsciously at the thought of them going at it another round. He's never been a master at controlling those urges, anyway. “You're one to talk. Have you seen your capacity? I'm surprised the place hasn't crumbled down yet with all that strength.” It was a compliment, and Dae never offers them out randomly.

Nodding profusely at his question, Daehyun does like swimming. ”It's the cold, mainly. I can't really swim in lukewarm while retaining the same adrenaline rush I felt when I touch cooling or freezing ones. It makes me feel free. Feels like I can escape my troubles and worries if I swim away, seems kind of poetic if you'd look it that way. It's reassuring, basically.” Hearing that Yeon did indeed, enjoy what they had made his heart lurch. He's a sucker for genuine compliments. He feels liked. He caught the beach ball with both his hands firmly, pushing it down to his gaze as he arched a questioning eyebrow towards the valkyr across him. “What’s this for? You want to play fetch? I didn't peg you to have that kind of kink, Valky.” Judging from his tone, was already having fun teasing him. “Something compelled me to stay, not sure what and why. Maybe I want to bask in this company a little while longer.”

Yeon had always wondered if having a pool made him too flashy or stuck up, it seemed like the typical flex people would have in their homes to show they had a lot of money. For him it wasn’t about that though, he’d gotten it installed at the far end of his home with a glass wall so that he could look out on the city while he swam. He kinda wished he had more time to use it because he really liked just swimming for a while and taking in the sights to offer, it was a good place to come when he just wanted to stop and think for a little while. He didn’t really care what people thought if him most of the time but the only thing he never wanted to come across as was someone who was rubbing their success in other’s faces. It had taken him a full 8 years to get this far and there had definitely been times where he was much worse for ware. Blood sweat and tears were required to build his empire and he never wanted to take his success for granted.

As he spent time here though, he reminded himself that he should make the effort to more. He was the kind of person who was always busy, by his own doing for the most part, never knew how to stop but being a little selfish and putting his own needs first today reminded him that he was allowed to do that sometimes, that the world didn’t stop spinning the day Yeonseok Lee took a break. Maybe he needed it. The frustration that had been building up in him he’d tried to deal with by throwing himself into work and his workouts but none of that had actually been helping. Not that he was finally free of it, he felt quite peaceful, relaxed. He knew it wouldn’t last but for now, he would make the most of it. His mind was thanking him already for his three-week stay in Evermore city and while he would still do work, he figured maybe he would take some time to actually rest in the next few weeks too.

It was strange, the two of them didn’t really know that much about one another, they’d talked a little between the time they had spent together, Yeon knew more about Daehyun than Dae probably knew about him because Mirae was always talking about her brother. Who Yeon had now pieced together to be the pale-haired male. They were so different, that was for sure. Mirae was an outgoing and headstrong character, very bubbling and charismatic which he knew would give her a great stage presence when she danced. Dae, he was quieter and more reserved, some might describe him as a little gruff and perhaps even aggressive. The valkyr saw more than that in him though, he saw someone who was a good and caring friend, someone who knew what they wanted and was upfront about it. He actually quite liked him. “You were a phoenix once right?” Yeon gathered he must have been since Dae had spoken about being killed before and since Niveis didn’t rebirth, that must have been how he became one.

The blond noted the way the other male’s eyes wandered shamelessly over his bare chest, Yeon worked pretty hard to keep this physique so he was quite flattered by the way the other male seemed to be appreciating all the hours he’d put in to look the way he did. Dae was less tone than Yeon was but he still had a magnificent build which the valkyr was certainly enjoying taking in, especially when he was wearing barely anything at all right now. When Dae commented in his age, Yeon bit his lip realizing they’d never actually shared that information and this was the first time the Niveis had known how old he was “Technically I have the body of a 20-year-old so” he winked and chuckled “Stamina for days” he teased returning the other male’s expression. He liked how honest the two of them were about their thoughts on the night, he wasn’t much for playing off the truth or pretending he didn’t like what he liked “I’m just glad I wasn’t bigging up what we had in my mind this whole time” he admitted with a chuckle “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite so into….” he paused and laughed “Well everything” the fact they could talk about this so easily despite the fact they were quite literally screaming one another’s name in pleasure an hour ago said a lot really.

Yeon let a chuckle as he heard the groan come from Dae’s lips as he surfaced in the water, it seemed the Niveis appreciated the pool far more than Yeon did. Then again, he did say himself that he really liked swimming and the temperature was quite chilly this evening so he supposed the snowy-haired male was quite at home. His eyes trailed over him seeing the way his hair slicked back from the water “The hair’s dyed right?” Yeon asked as he lifted his finger to point at his own hair, at least, Mirae didn’t have blond hair so he assumed it was. Dae’s hair was surprisingly soft and silky to the touch for someone who must bleach it literally every month, Yeon would know, he’d run his hands through it more times than he could count this evening.

The valkyr laughing when Dae called him out right back for his own stamina and he shrugged “Yeah one of my issues is still forgetting even now my own strength” he admitted with a sigh, in the heat of passion and desire, his control over his own body seemed to slip a little, he forgets sometimes quite how strong he is. Most of the time inanimate objects took the brunt of it, or many of them today it seemed, though he wasn’t the only one who broke stuff today “Is that your way of telling me you’re sore?” he chuckled, he was too but the cool water was definitely helping with that so he figured he’d stay in here a while longer.

“I’ve always taken cold showers ever since I was a kid” Yeon admitted with a soft laugh, hence why swimming in this particularly cold water didn’t really bother him while it would most, nor did being with a lover who was quite literally almost freezing to the touch “Guess I’ve always had a thing for the cold” he admitted with a soft laugh, he was moving further North soon too, NYC was notoriously known for always being cold. Dae’s comments about taking his troubles away by just surrounding himself in water made sense to him “Is heat dangerous to a Niveis or is it purely preferential?” he asked curiously, honestly he just found everything about Daehyun and what he was interesting so the questions just kinda kept coming.

Hearing Dae’s teasing tone as he caught the beach ball made the valkyr scrunch his nose as he laughed gently “If having a bit of harmless fun in the pool is a kink then sure, Dae” he teased right back before hopping back down into the pool and submerging himself underwater for a few seconds before coming back to the surface once more, he shook the droplets out of his hair and smiled as he heard the other male say he wanted to stay in his company a little longer “Stay as long as you like, for once in my life, I actually don’t have anything to do in the morning” he admitted chuckling as he looked out towards the city skyline out of the glass window “Think I’m gonna miss it though, having somewhere that feels a little like my home to come back to” he was never here though so it seemed pointless to feel so attached. Couldn’t help it though, Evermore had been the place where he made himself, it was always going to feel a little like his place he supposed. “Any idea where you’re gonna go?” he asked noting the face Dae said he planned to leave Evermore soon too.

He knew secretly inside of him that he shouldn't be staying here. No, he really shouldn't. It's a bad decision, Dae, he tells himself. But why does he find it so hard to move those feet elsewhere? Preferably the entrance where the elevator is at? So he could finally exit and go back to his place, with the sole purpose of forgetting what he wanted and relishing the part where he knew this happened, it actually happened. And god, he's utterly hooked at the thought of it alone. Dae had this indescribable feeling inside him that pounds against his ribcage, yelling for a release. It was unlike anything else he's ever experienced, no wonder it didn't take him long to scurry behind the valkyr if the latter gives him this exact same treatment every time, or better. Talking to Yeon was something he actually liked to do now that he had a better and clearer picture of what the valkyr is like.

The moment he set his gaze on the spacious pool, Dae's eyes gleamed in excitement. Swimming was quite literally what he had in mind after going through that. His body is incredibly sore, that he couldn't even walk around easily without tripping halfway or feeling dizzy. Thankfully, his eyesight served him well as far as this goes so he didn't need to worry if he's going to betray himself. All those thoughts that occupied his head for the past few weeks had been hellish, paired up with his pent up sexual frustration for a release ever since the valkyr left him wanting more after that night. All Daehyun has been thinking about was moving out of Evermore but never got to say a word regarding it to anyone else. The only thing close to expressing it was to Jae, whom he actually just let it slipped up that he wanted to take his time to travel the world in a wider scope this time. One that wouldn't be held back by any limitations.

Every stress feels like it was lifted off his head and there was no more burden to shoulder either. He felt as ease. Perhaps, he should be giving Yeon more credit than he deserves. As if he hasn't been praising the hell out of the valkyr during their in-sessions and out-sessions. Yeon displayed a lot of humility behind all those layers he wore, it was slightly translucent but it's still there, Dae could see the crisp of every edge to it. It reminds him or himself. Tried to be transparent as if nothing bothered him but is exactly the opposite though he's not sure what's the valkyr's case. So interesting. Noticing how he bit his lip when the question rolling around their age came, which made him sn*****. He really does like it when he plays with his lips. Such a sight is not something he wanted to miss out on. “Mhmm, Phoenix. Until I got killed, and my body dumped into the cold so rather than being birthed as a Phoenix for my second rebirth, I'm stuck playing deviant again. As if being a Phoenix wasn't deviant enough.” He held a certain level of resentment, that much was clear.

“You really should stop doing that, it's a habit, isn't it? The lip biting? I don't know about you, Yeon, but I'm not much for self-control. I'd rather keep it down.” There, as simple as that. The fact that Dae had made it clear to the blond that he's having a hard time breathing alone when he's in the same room as the other male says a lot for someone who's never intimidated by such matters. Grunting in response to the question, he wondered how easy Yeon carried himself this way. There's the pros and cons to every immortality issues. “Stamina for days, indeed. Dare I say you might be able to rival a buck” he whispered coolly. “20 years old... Damn. Now I feel old. Isn't the legal age 21? Am I considered fucking a minor then?” His face mirrored a feigned expression of shock but he casual tone to his voice says otherwise. “I still can't believe I let you romp me into fucking you in a public bathroom. That's never gonna go away.” He knew today was probably gonna be the last they see of each other in that side again, he told himself this was it. This was the last time he's going to allow himself to fall for Yeonseok Lee's allure.

What a liar.

Arching a questioning eyebrow towards the other male, he ran his fingers through his hair and nodded. “Yeah, of course, it is. I was a regular human once, you know. Well… as human as an Initia, wait, a Phoenix, can be. I was born with black hair like many East Asians. I dyed it after I turned into a Niveis, thinking it probably shredded every other hint of Daehyun Kim there, and Daehyun Stormwind was born. I don't think I'll ever return to my black roots” or so he says. The only reason he's ever gonna do that is when he could finally accept himself, which he couldn't, right now. A faint blush rested on his cheeks, and since he's very pale, it was slightly easier to spot when Yeon is just across him. Was he sore? That would be understatement of the year. “If you don't expect anyone to get incredibly sore after what you did, I'm afraid you're gonna have to question if you just fucked an alien” he jested, craning his neck to the side as he rubbed against it, evoking a tired yawn and moan. Yep, he's definitely beyond sore. “But to answer your question, yes, Yeon, I'm very sore. All your fault.” The water was helping him wash away the exhaustion on his body, as well as the sleepiness because the pale-haired male actually wants to converse more with the valkyr.

“They say taking cold showers too frequent could be unhealthy, especially if you shower late, are you telling me Yeonseok Lee is a bit of a rebel back in his days?’ the amusement lacing his tone was evident, he was so enthralled by the idea of getting to know this guy. “I won't say in a specific manner of how it affects us because even I haven't gone through the actual consequences, and I would like to keep it that way” pursing his lips lightly, the elder Stormwind played with the water delicately, as if it was as fragile as porcelain. “Heat in general, makes me weaker, that's what I know. We're wholly accustomed to the whole cold thing so I imagined such drastic change would definitely affect a few things. The same thing when our fire dimmed after spending our days in a cold island with no fire.” He could never truly get a full understanding of how far their abilities grow, it's a bit vague, in a way. “I do dislike heat with every fiber in my body due to preferences. The only time I would actually like it if it involves… certain activities. So you won't find me in some club mingling in between those sweaty bodies. Could also be because I detest human interaction. You seem like an extrovert, or an ambivert, am I mistaken?” It was only fair that he too asked questions. There's plenty of what he wants to know about this guy.

“And what about your shadow ability? I heard you can cloak yourself in shadows when it's in your advantage, is that true? Or is that another thing someone exaggerate?” His eyes softened slightly at the thought of having a home to come back too. He wanted that too. “Then don't” with that, Daehyun tossed the ball towards the male. “don't put this place off for sale or anything. You can be absent but you can never truly leave once you find a place you're comfortable with. Home is not easy to find, Yeon. Some people struggle to find it and even after a while of searching, they couldn't find it still. Take care of your home.” Perhaps, he envied him. Now that he's asked, Dae realized he never had an actual plan on where to fly to after leaving the eternal city. “Maybe go back to Daegu. I want to visit my parents’ grave and visit the capital to watch cherry blossoms during their season. You? Where would you go if you have the chance?”

Perhaps tonight had been a mistake, perhaps it hadn’t. He felt a little bad knowing who Dae was in relation to Jae and Hanseol now but he was pretty sure if anyone could figure a fight out, it was those two, honestly they gave him hope that maybe there was something good to look forward to one day, if anyone had love, it was them. He also couldn’t really bring himself to regret it because he felt so good for it, nothing about being with him had felt wrong, or complicated or pressured. It was as simple as it was with them. Always had been he supposed, since the moment they met the two of them had been nothing but upfront and real with one another. They had both gotten what they wanted and it had been a glorious experience along the way. He’d never met anyone who thought almost exactly the same way he did when it came to the idea of relationships, commitment and sex, it was really refreshing he supposed.

Hearing Dae talk so openly about the fact that he died was interesting, it was clear from his tone that resentment and even a little hatred might be there and yet he didn’t refrain from talking about it and he didn’t skirt around the details of it either. Yeon already had a pretty good picture of what happened to him because of Mirae, she hadn’t been able to stop talking about her brother and while she never said his name, he now knew that to be Daehyun. Stabbed through the chest with a sword. Didn’t get much colder than that. He thought to himself as he glanced over at the pale-haired male. He didn’t seem like something that really wanted pity though so he didn't try and offer it, instead he chose to continue the conversation “Knowing what you know now, would you have wanted to stay a Phoenix?” it sucked that his choice was taken from him but Yeon was curious to know what he would have chosen for himself.

Yeon laughed softly and immediately stopped biting his lip when he commented on it “Yeah it’s a habit, I have a lot of them” he chuckled and shrugged “If people watched me close enough they could probably figure out how I was feeling from my ticks alone” he admitted with a shrug, nobody got that close though, even Han hadn’t managed to pick them all up yet but then the celestial was pretty clueless at times so that wasn’t surprising. “You have the lip biting thing too though you know” he commented with a smirk “Tis how I know what you like” he winked as he leaned his head back into the water a little. He found it pretty amusing when Dae likened his stamina to a buck “Not sure whether to be flattered or offended by that particular comparison” he admitted as he met the other man's eyes, not hiding the amusement there.

Yeon found it funny that instead of noting on the fact that Yeon died at the young age of 20, Dae was more worried about the fact that he screwed someone underage, which he didn’t of course “Legal age is 18” he responded with a quirked brow “And I am definitely 28, despite what my youthful appearance might say” a lot of people thought he was even older because of the way he acted and conducted himself in business scenarios “How old is feeling old?” Yeon asked, he knew he was over 100 because Mirae talked about being separated for a century but he wanted a number. The blond flicked his hair out of his eyes as Dae talked about their little bathroom escapade “Seems we both surprised one another, never had you pegged for a head kinda guy before today” he smirked, oh he was very good at that though and the valkyr certainly wasn’t complaining “So did you go with it because it pleased me or because you liked it yourself?” he raised his brows curious on his thoughts on public sex, either way was pretty hot so it didn’t matter to him what Dae answered

Yeon chuckled softly, perhaps it was a dumb question but he just wanted to get Dae talking about that particular shade of blond, he looked, utterly breathtaking with it, it made him look like he was from an anime rather than a real person sometimes and the valkyr really liked that. The story he got behind it was deeper than he was expecting it to be though, he knew the feeling though, he changed his hair after he moved to Evermore because he didn’t want to risk anyone recognizing him. He was dead after all. To his parents and old friends anyway. “It suits you” Yeon commented with a nod of his head “I actually find it really hard to picture you with any other color” he was so used to his own sandy blond color that he found it hard to picture himself with anything different though “Pain in the ass to bleach it every month though I’ll bet” he chuckled at the irony of the words he used considering their current sore state.

As he watched the other male though, a faint smirk crept up on his lips as he spotted the very hint of a blush on Dae’s cheeks, that confirmed him what he already expected, which was that Dae had never subbed before and Yeon was his first. He didn’t comment on the embarrassment, the smugness on his expression did all of the talking, only seemed fair after Dae had done the honors for him after all “Good” he commented with the other male said he was sore, he wanted him to remember what it felt to give full and complete control to someone else, because he sure as hadn’t been able to forget letting Dae do it to him, twice now. He knew this memory wasn’t going anywhere fast.

Yeon laughed as Dae asked him if he was a rebel when he was younger, the playful tone of his voice making the valkyr smile, Dae actually had a dry, slightly...okay very dirty sense of humor which the valkyr could appreciate “Uh excuse you, I’m a rebel now too” he chuckled, he didn’t really play by the rules, not societal ones anyway, he did what he wanted, when he wanted, because he wanted to. Yeon figured heat was actually dangerous to a Niveis but likely only in extreme levels and for prolonged exposure, Phoenixes could survive in the cold, after all, it just weakened them to a point where eventually they lost control over their fire abilities. Yeon chuckled at the coy way Dae admitted what situations he didn’t mind heat “So cold everything huh, kinda hard for me to imagine” well, with Dae he’d gotten a taste he supposed, being with him had felt so different to others simply because of how cold he was which made every touch and every movement feel so much more purposeful and honestly intensified the pleasure Yeon felt during it insanely. Dae’s words made the valkyr ponder for a moment, was he an extrovert? “I guess I am” he responded with a chuckle “I spent most of my days surrounded by people but I don’t always feel like I’m with people” he pursed his lips “There’s only a handful of people I can stand for longer than a few hours though so Ambivert sounds about right” he eyed the other male up and down “And you’re the introvert of the century, mountain man” he winked.

Yeon nodded, it seemed like both of them were taking the opportunity to brush up on their supernatural knowledge. He closed his eyes for a moment and tapped into his shadow energy, smoky dark tendrils surrounded him and when he opened his eyes, they were entirely blacked over, even the whites “Pretty scary looking right?” he commented with a chuckle as he let it go and the energy went back where it was supposed to, he blinked again and his eyes returned to their chocolate brown “What you’re talking about is shadowmelding, only works at night but it basically allows for invisibility” wouldn’t work in here with all the lights on though.

Yeon caught the ball when Dae returned it to him but his expression faltered a little when the other male suggested that maybe he should keep the apartment, he hadn’t really thought about it the way Dae put it “Seems like a bit of a selfish waste to hold onto a place someone else could appreciate more than I do though” there was his humility again, the only thing that really showed that Yeon did care for how others saw him or thought about him. He nodded when Dae mentioned wanting to go back home to where he came from “I have very fond memories of the cherry blossoms, on the rare moments the universe lets me dream I usually see them” they shared that in common then. Going home to Korea was on the tip of Yeon’s tongue when Dae asked him where he would go but he quickly closed his mouth on that thought, couldn’t go home. Couldn’t even say the words, damn valkyr intuition. “Probably somewhere Scandinavian, I don’t really mind which country as long as I get to see the Northern Lights” he’d always had a little obsession with them and he’d love to see them in person.

He wondered if Dae would have noticed those panicked moments he had as he swallowed that question, it wasn’t really a lie because he couldn’t go home even if he wanted to so it seemed pointless to say he’d go there. He tossed the ball back again in Dae’s direction waiting for him to catch it before he spoke again “Are you and Mirae close?” he was pretty sure he had his own perspective on this question considering he knew them both now but he was interested to know how Dae saw it.

Throughout his years of venturing the world ever since he had a small taste of what he assumed to be ‘freedom’, Daehyun has never met someone quite like Yeonseok Lee. He’s met millionaires, attractive blonds, alluring people who oozes confidence to their character, dancers, each of what Yeon seemed to embody, except humility. Yes, he’s never met someone as humble as Yeon. And even then, he didn’t think he’s ever come across someone who had all the things he listed above, pairing one of each to create the person he is today. It was either one or two, but never all. Meeting Yeon made him rethink plenty of things, mainly his self control when it comes to a few things, but also the way he views things. Naturally, the snowy-haired Niveis is quite a judgmental person who didn’t have any filter to help him communicate smoothly with any living being, or well, semi-living or undead beings. With the blond, he feels that he no longer needed to be apprehensive about anything, other than his want to stay slightly longer so he’s able to enjoy his company more, and it’s not just the sex, it’s the way he carries their conversations.

Don’t get him wrong, the sex was great, powerful and passionate. He couldn’t see himself denying the valkyr when it comes to that, but there is so much more to him than a good sex partner. It just so happened that he’s one of those who got hooked on the valkyr’s charms too. While embodying the positiveness, Yeon was someone he could see himself get along with. It does seem that Dae had a type. Would he want to stay a Phoenix? Yeon’s question made him ponder for a while, it made him stare at the other male for a few brief seconds. “I’m not sure… I hate being a Niveis, that alone wasn’t something new, I’m pretty sure everyone in my tribe knows how much I resent being this despite how much I revel in flying and swimming. I can fly as a Phoenix either way, but can’t really find myself swimming for hours long. When I was a Phoenix, I was somewhat a pyromaniac, I’d always play with fire. I’m entranced by the way they dance, the way it would reflect much like its owner. It’s fascinating and for the longest time then, I felt like I finally understood who I was” he then chuckled bitterly, it was as if you could taste the cladded taste if you paid attention to it.

“Until I was robbed away from that person that I thought I was. I have nothing against being a Niveis, much like how I was connected with the fire, I feel connected to water and ice now. I love them. But could you imagine a younger self who thought fire was what he missed out on, for years of growing up, and once he had finally reclaimed that part of him, it was taken away and he’s left to fend on his own to control this new thing that would spiral out recklessly if he can’t maintain them. It’s not pleasant...but then I remember how I became a Niveis, so a part of me wants to stay a Phoenix while the other sees it as a stronger person who crawled out of his shell, rebirthing into a new person. In a way, it’s my second rebirth, but my last.” Being indecisive is not Daehyun, he’s never had a problem choosing when it comes to anything but when it comes to these, he felt compelled to stay in the middle. Arching a questioning brow towards the valkyr, he had the judgmental caption plastered across him. “Yeah, you have a lot of them, each one makes them memorable.” Dae does have a biting habit, it’s not just reserved solely for the lips but Yeon’s lips is quite possibly his favorite thing about him. “Oh, trust me, it’s a compliment, Valky. I mean to say you can go on for hours long. Most can’t even go through one round, much less a second one, or a know how the numbers work, don’t you?” Contrary to people’s belief, and perhaps his own, Dae couldn’t even say how much rounds they went at without blushing.

Thank god.

“Well, it’s easy to mistake legal age to be 21, these days” he retorted back, clearly holding up to his defensive stance. “I have no idea how old I’m supposed to be, you can say you’re 28, am I supposed to say 179? Well, 180 come December.” If he bothered to remember, perhaps he died at the age of 27, and maybe he did remember but didn’t bother to make it something known. “There’s plenty of older people over a millennium, so I won’t say I’m that old…” he murmured silently, rolling his shoulders as he allowed his body to float away. When he dived in, he choked on the water as he heard the valkyr’s remark regarding their bathroom session. Coughing out the chlorine infused pool water, he glared at the blond from the corner of his eyes as he massaged his throat a few times to soothe it. “I was just trying… to return the favor.” Sure, Dae. Sure. Did he like it or was it solely to pleasure him? Perhaps, both. “I don’t do things I don’t like, so…” It’s not really an answer but somehow, Daehyun found himself being so flustered by Yeon. What is this guy doing to him? “I like the color...but I wouldn’t put it past me to try other colors. I’ll stray away from black, though. You’re not looking bad yourself, I’m sure you’d look hotter in black but either way, I’m not complaining about the view.” Of course, he isn’t. Yeon looks ethereal, he possessed this certain undead beauty to him.

The stories about the vampires and species alike on their beauty was not untrue. He did spare him a glare when he had unintentionally used the word describing their sore state, especially the way he looked so smug about the aftermath washing over the Niveis. “You’re liking this a little too much, Valky” he chided. “I imagine you are quite the rebel, yes. Especially when you don’t play by your own rules now, either. One-night stands, hmm? Stop being infectious, you twat. You’re making me go against my own rules.” Was that a hint that he’s slowly losing this battle on following the rules in his book? Perhaps. “Oh please, you like the cold, I didn't hear you complaining when I trailed my finger down every curve of your body, up until it reached those lips.” He had a smug smirk outlining his lips, clearly taking pleasure in recalling his obscene thoughts. It was nowhere near fulfilled, but Yeon had surpassed every single bar he's set up, it was like asking if he's gonna end up creating a brand new one. The way he eyed him up and down made his toes curl up, in a good way. It sends shivers down his spine and for someone who's known the coldest winter, the fact that he could feel this sensation alone, says something.

“It's not my fault I don't like human interaction. Such an effort to muster up… for people I like, however, that's a different story. If I could hold a conversation with them, one that does not involve bending them against any surface, you have your answer right there” he winked playfully, as if telling him that he's one of those people who gets to experience both with no repercussions. “No longer a mountain man, though. Mountain man here moved a few weeks ago.” But why does he feel a bit skirmish just thinking about Yeon not calling him by anymore nickname after this? Is he that latched on him that he didn't want to part ways? He would be lying if he wasn't the slightest shocked upon seeing the revelation shown by the valkyr. He felt goosebumps over his body and the water felt slightly colder then. But the longer he took in the sight before him, the more he could see the beauty underlying it. “I mean, if I wake up to that, I'd have a heart attack too. But when you see it more carefully, you can see the beauty underneath it.” Did he just indirectly called him beautiful? Maybe. Not everyone's true form is supposed to be fairytale-like. But they're equally as beautiful.

“Now that is one cool ability. I imagine it works wonders when you need to stalk someone and hide.” His turn now. After all, Dae believes in equality. His eyes glazed over the entire pool area as he stepped closer. Gazing at the roof above them, he ran his fingers lightly over the water and his eyes flickered to ice blue filling his irises, replacing his dark mocha hues with a more brighter contrast that glowed fervently. Dae willed for some of it to drive upwards until it reaches the ceiling and transformed them into snow. It was a trick he learned a while ago when he was busy trying to calm his temper. What can he say, he really has a soft spot for snow. “Who said there's no snow in June?” he said giddily, eyes lighting up at the sight of the white particles landing on them. A frown creased his features afterward, upon hearing what the valkyr had to say about this place. “Nobody is gonna appreciate it more than you do, Yeon. You probably personally decorated this place, you made sure everything is well furnished from a smidge. This place is you.” The entire place seemed to hold a special place in the valkyr's heart and the last thing he wanted to see is it being taken away from him. Nobody knows, but Daehyun Stormwind is quite the sentimentalist.

The only fine memory he had on cherry blossoms was when he would bring Mirae with him to witness them bloom. It was only a few times, though. “I've seen the Aurora Borealis. They're beautiful. Words couldn't do them justice, unfortunately. If you're planning to see them at their prime, go during winter when it more dark. I'd tell you to bring someone special you want to witness it with, but we both know that's a bit far-fetched. Don't worry, going solo is just as the same” he reassured. It's a beautiful sight that he never forgot to witness every year around the same month of December, specifically on his birthday. “Go to Reykjavík. Their nights are long during winter solstice.” To say that he didn't notice how quickly Yeon's expression faltered briefly when he talked about cherry blossoms, and relating it to home, would be a vast understatement. He wanted to ask, so bad, but decided against it. It wasn't his place to intrude.

Catching the ball, he was left surprised again by his question. “You really have something on surprising me, aren't you?” he did answer it nonetheless, though. “Not really? We love each other. But time has separated us more than we could stay to mend our relationship. She's my sister and I'm her brother, she's blood, I'll never stop protecting her. It's ingrained inside of me. I hope we can grow closer… but I think it's going to intervene with my plans on leaving. Mirae might not say it now, but she won't be delighted to hear that I'm going to leave again.” Throwing the ball right back at the male, he pursed his lips lightly before asking his question. “Do you miss your life? Do you like becoming a valkyr? Is there anything you feel that you should've done?”

As Yeon looked back at Dae, he realized he asked a question without a simple answer, the younger male went quiet as he listened to Dae speak and took in the words he said. Yeon always got the feeling that while Dae was confident in himself, he didn’t love himself the way that Yeon did, there was a sense of pessimism that followed the other male and he supposed he was looking for the reason for that because he wanted to understand the other male. Especially because Dae was someone he found much harder to read than most. While the other male was direct and honest, much like the valkyr, Yeon sometimes got the feeling Dae may hide things he didn’t even realize. For example, the valkyr suspected there was some disconnect between Daehyun and Mirae from the way they talked about one another somewhat like strangers. He liked both of them but when they spoke about their sibling, it was like talking about a distant friend they hadn’t seen in a few years.

Hearing Dae feel like he finally found his true identity only to have it taken away from him, honestly, Yeon felt like that was something worse than death itself, death sucked but it was over quickly and then they were both brought back. It was painful, sure. But losing who you thought you were? That was so much harder to process, Yeon would know. But he also felt Dae when he explained how he’d tried to accept the life had now too, he missed what he had before but he also knows he is this other person now. “I think I understand more than you probably think” he commented with his mouth slightly agape at their similarities, it wasn’t a story Yeon particularly liked telling but if anyone could get him to talk about he suspected it was the Niveis “You are strong though, you should know that” Dae didn’t need Yeon to tell him that though, he suspected the male knew a lot about inner strength and perhaps inner demons too.

Yeon laughed softly as Dae commented on recognizing Yeon’s habits and quirks, Dae had a fair few he’d come to recognize already. Dae was strangely possessive for someone so noncommittal, it was an in the moment thing for him, the valkyr supposed. But every time they were together, Dae would always initiate marking and biting. Yeon had come to recognize that as the way Dae showed he was attracted to something or into it. He reserved his dry humor for those he didn’t mind being around but his bright and soft smile, that was reserved for people he really liked. He’d seen it only a few times, mostly around Jae who he could tell the other male had a soft spot for. It made Yeon wonder if something would have happened between them if Jae wasn’t with Hanseol. “Did you forget how many times already?” he asked with raised brows and a mock offended tone “Cause I remember each quite visibly” he teased with a chuckle, he enjoyed setting even someone as confident as Daehyun on edge.

Yeon probably would have been more surprised by the age Dae spoke if didn’t already have an inkling of it being high from Mirae, Yeon hadn’t really met many other immortals before so hearing that age was kinda impossible for him to picture. He knew one day, a high age would be his reality, but until that day, it would still feel foreign to him. When Dae defended himself as not being old Yeon smirked “Teasing you for being old would be far too stereotypical” he chuckled softly, though he did just call him old in the same statement so it was close enough. “What’s it like? Seeing a whole century turn?” though he supposed Dae’s experience would have been pretty unique given Niveis were in hiding for many years.

Yeon actually really enjoyed catching Dae off guard, it was evident to the valkyr that the other male wasn’t used to being around someone who challenged him, must have been pretty boring, he supposed, always being around people who did exactly what you expected them to. The other male definitely challenged the valkyr too, made him question the rules he held for himself and the way he presented himself. Never had he wanted to impress someone so much with his skills in bed until Dae. Seeing Dae choke on the water and glare at him though, that was a whole new level “Pretty hot, isn’t it? Knowing they all wished they were us” he chuckled, admittedly they were lucky the owner hadn’t called the police on them considering how loud they had been, he would definitely steer clear of that cafe from now on. Dae’s comments on his hair color made Yeon chuckle, hotter in black huh? Guess he’d keep that in mind, though his natural hair reminded him of home.

Yeon raised his brows “I quite like your company, so I suppose you could say that” he admitted with a nod, he could appreciate upfront and forward people, those you didn’t have to second guess yourself around or act like someone you weren’t with. It was rare to find people like that but he’d been lucky to find a few and maybe today he found another. Though when Dae called him out for breaking his own rules he couldn’t argue with him, never more than once, he had agreed with himself and today he had given into Dae far more than that, worse yet, he didn't even regret it. It just made him smirk more when the Niveis cursed at him and essentially called him additive though “Guess rules really were meant to be broken” he mused, just takes really fucking good sex and someone so gorgeous you give up wanting to resist. Yeon felt a shiver roll over his body at the very mention of the way Dae’s hands had felt against his bare skin though “No fair with the ice play and you know it” the Niveis knew exactly what it did to him and he took pure advantage of it.

Yeon raised a brow at Dae’s next words, he supposed that was a compliment, as far as compliments from Daehyun came anyway, he had weird ways of telling people he was impressed with them, that was for sure “Guess I’m honored then” he responded with a chuckle, he didn’t have many people he could have a real and honest conversation with either so he understood. The blond was a little surprised to hear that Dae had moved away from the mountain though, he thought he liked it up there “Here as in the middle of the city?” he asked with raised brows “Are you okay? Did someone kick you off the mountain or something?” he teased with a chuckle though he was curious to know the reasons why, especially if the other male wasn’t planning on being in Evermore much longer. Yeon was shocked when Dae said there was beauty in his valkyr eyes and his gaze did falter for a few seconds before he blinked and his eyes returned to their normal state “All I see is darkness myself but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Yeon would never tell someone they were wrong for having an opinion, even if he disagreed with it.

“Can’t say I stalk people on a regular basis” he responded with a chuckle and then turned his gaze on Dae “You, however, seem to like following other Niveis around for a living” he remembered the night they met when Dae had knocked out another ice wielder who had refused to come with him “Did you ever manage to rope him in?” Yeon wasn’t really sure what exactly he wanted from the guy but Dae didn’t seem like the kind of guy to give up or leave something unfinished. He went quiet as he watched Dae use his abilities though, of course, he suspected Dae used them before when they were intimate but seeing his eyes light up like that, there was a certain beauty there too. Seeing the ice cloud appear above them and then start snowing though….that was unexpected. Yeon chuckled and did the childish thing and stuck his tongue out to catch a snowflake on his tongue, it tasted like chlorine but the sentiment was there “So you can basically make a snow day whenever you don’t wanna leave home” he teased with a chuckle, okay, it was pretty cool. Yeon heard Dae’s comments about the apartment and grimaced a little, well, he wasn’t wrong, this place had sentimental value to him but it still felt like a waste to leave it empty “Maybe I’ll let my friend Celia stay here, perhaps she won’t kill me for leaving then” he chuckled softly, he had options right?

“You have?” Yeon asked the moment that Dae mentioned seeing the northern lights, he didn't know why he had such an obsession with them but he had wanted to go longer than he could even remember, he had begged his parents so many times to take him but things just never seemed to work out. “God I am so jealous” he admitted, though he appreciated the advice on when and where was best to see them. Yeon knew most of it because he’d done a fuck ton of research on it. He just...wanted the trip to be something special, it was something he kept pushing to the future as someone to look forward to. A ‘one day’ which maybe would eventually become a some day. “Eventually I’ll make it” he spoke as a promise to himself more than anything.

Yeon laughed when Dae commented on him being surprising “Hey you’d be bored and have left already if I didn’t” he jested back and tilted his head as he waited for an answer. And it was the one he expected, it wasn’t that hard to put two and two together when you knew them both, they both came across as quite disconnected from each other “She’ll probably miss you but from what I’ve heard and know about her, she’s quite the independent gal, you don’t need to worry about her too much” hell she knew how to sass Yeon which was quite the feat, especially as he’s probably gonna be her boss one day. As he caught the ball he went quiet so he could hear the question. And then he said nothing.

That was the hard question.

Yeon cleared his throat while he thought about what he wanted to say, there was a lot of things that came to mind but he wasn’t sure quite how deep he wanted to get into it all “That’s not a simple question” he answered, much like Dae’s answer about being a Phoenix vs a Niveis there were different factors involved. “I didn’t leave my last life on good terms” he admitted though he couldn’t look at the other male while he talked about any of this “I said things I can’t take back and now I’m dead to everyone who ever knew me so” he pursed his lips “Sometimes” he admitted with a grimace “Sometimes I miss the life I had, other times I realize how far I’ve come in spite of it” he answered with a nod “I’m not ashamed to be a valkyr and it’s given me a lot of opportunities, but also struggle” he added “But I don’t think I regret becoming one, because if not I would have just been dead and gone” he didn’t believe that part could have been changed, that was part of the plan fate had for his life and he accepted that his time was on that day. “I just wish I’d gotten the chance to say goodbye so they had peace with it” he admitted with a nod, he had argued with his father before he left and told him he hated him and he couldn’t stand the fact those were the last words he ever said to him. He was so much more careful with his words now. He gave a sad smile as he looked over at Dae for a moment, there were hints of tears in his eyes, the first time he’d shown real emotion around the other male.

He nodded, sniffed, let it go and tossed the ball back “Books or Movies?” he asked curiously trying to lighten the solemn mood a little.

Truthfully, the questions that Yeon asked wasn’t something he could easily answer without sparing another glance back at how far he’s come from then. Such as the first question he was given, talking about his Phoenix heritage? Now that was a sensitive question that even Dae had to refute others who he shouldn’t have been refuting. Why? Simply because he couldn’t talk about it without reminiscing how hurtful he felt. It wasn’t easy for Dae. Yet he found himself speaking about it to Yeon, someone he should’ve to opt as a stranger seeing as they only got to know each other today. Before this, Yeon was nothing more than a one-night-stand, now? It feels like there’s a friendship bud that was slowly starting to bloom the more they talk to each other and for once, the snowy-haired Niveis didn’t feel bored or dull. Talking to Yeon and talking to Jae are two different things, though. With Jae, everything was casual and there was the friendship setting hanging above their heads, but with Yeon, it wasn’t like he’s his best friend but there’s this familiarity sense to him that Dae couldn’t deny he feels attracted to.

Something about the valkyr speaks to him and he felt compelled to stay so he can stare into it deeper; to find just what it is about the blond that made him feel comfortable. He didn’t have to filter a word, there were no feelings to be taken care of, though he still made sure to be careful with his mannerisms. The questions about his sister, however, that piqued his interest. Yeon had implied earlier that he knew Mirae, which made him wonder what she said to him about him. In a way, he knew they both at least had the similarity of being dead once. In his experience of encountering a few and read up on them when they first came to Evermore, valkyrs are those who’s been medically deceased, which meant each died, the same way the niveis were born. Perhaps that was why he felt more comfortable when it comes to such topics because a part of him has been reassured that Yeon too, understood how it felt like. “Not many can understand it, so I’m just glad someone could relate to it.” Truly, it wasn’t a topic even he would discuss with Jae, though he was sure the dhampir never poked around the said topic because he didn’t wish to upset the Niveis.

But hearing from Yeon of all people, to say he’s strong, it was something he never expected at all. It made the male gape momentarily as he tried to take in the information, every particle asserting itself into his head. It’s almost impossible for him to comprehend this fully, he’s received praises and compliments alike from the valkyr but this was out of the world. “I- thank you…” and now he’s lost for words. Dammit. “Nobody’s ever said that quite like you. If that makes sense in any way…” he even scratched the back of his head awkwardly. God, what is he doing to him, why was he flustered over one comment? Strangely enough, he wanted to get to know this guy more. The way Yeon would casually point out things without giving a care in the world but also maintaining his boundaries, it was one level of control he’s not sure he’s ever witnessed before. Coughing awkwardly at the said remark about his marking habits, he rolled his eyes and averted his gaze to the water instead before eventually glancing back at the valkyr. He’s goddamn attractive that it’s really hard to look away when he knew that’s the last thing he wanted to do.

What was it about this guy that he’s attracted to? Screw that, Dae knew exactly why he’s attracted to him but he’s not anyone special. At least, that’s what he tells himself. “How could I ever forget? I would gladly redo them so we can… reminisce it.” Just because the Niveis was taken aback and fell into his semi-shy shell, doesn’t mean he’s changed into a different persona. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind that, hmm? But I think I should refrain from doing that, considering,” as he made the hand gestures that ranged from him trailing his forefinger down his neckline up to his chest before chortling in laughter. Daehyun Stormwind does not simply laugh out loud with people present unless it’s malicious laced. He only ever laughed with Jae because the dhampir is such a goofball that he couldn’t deny. There were a few nice tidbits when it comes to being an immortal and that was being able to see how the world slowly evolves, though, given their rather low-profiled lives, Dae didn’t know how much has changed until 40 years ago. “I didn’t get back out in the world until a little over 40 years ago, since you know, living that dull on-leash life under a tyrannical rule for a century and a half. But I do think so many yet so little have changed. It depends where you see it.” It’s refreshing to see some new things but unfortunately, Dae has been let down and disappointed far too many times than he has been proud of the changes.

“Plenty of pros and cons though. Being immortal, I mean. You get to witness historical changes over the period of time but without the right people to spend it with, or at least, just one person, it’s not a life worth spending alone.” Sentimentalist, sure. He is quite amused by how Yeon managed to play around the ideas as if they didn’t just bend each other’s will earlier. “I mean, I don’t know about you, but there could be a few people who recorded it, you know, weird people exist.” Scoffing at the valkyr, the Niveis shook his head and wagged his forefinger in front of him in an accusing manner. “Tsk tsk, you’re wild, you know that? Far wilder than I initially thought you’d be, though I guess nobody normal would lie on top of a counter in a bar while the fire alarm goes off” he snarked, oh yeah, he’s not about to forget about that night. It was a very remarkable one, and despite today topping it, it’s a memory he’ll never forget. “What’s the point of creating and enforcing those rules if you’re going to fuck them anyway? Pun intended.” The wry smirk resting on his lips was making it increasingly hard for the elder male to look ‘innocent’ with his doll-like lips.

He likes what he’s seeing, that’s for sure. The way Yeon shivered momentarily, it never escaped his notice. “I never claimed to be a master at being fair, Valky, and besides, I remember you writhing in pleasure, hands encased all over my body, clinging to it like it was your last meal” and boy, he made sure that purr sounded a lot louder than it usually does. For the first time in probably the hours they’ve met, a pout resurfaced and the elder Stormwind clicked his tongue in annoyance while casting a rather unamused hooded gaze towards the blond. It was as if he could eat him whole. “The cabin is still there. I was the one who wanted to move out. I said it before, I was going to leave Evermore, didn’t I? Staying with my tribe would only make it harder. I don’t do well with attachments, and there’s a reason for that. I can’t leave them once I do. There’s this annoying thing inside of me that does not want to go without looking back, it’s really burdensome. So I had to move because it’s stressing me out. Guilty conscience, I guess.” Little did Dae know, all he ever needed was just a reason to live through that. “Yeah, in the middle of the city. I’d tell you but then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise anymore” he teased, resting his head against the cold tile at the edge of the pool. This is really refreshing. It feels like he could get lost in this forever.

Of course, Yeon would say that. Daehyun could see the beauty in others but he couldn’t see anything good about himself, so perhaps that’s how things are. Even though, in his head, Dae truly believed that there’s nothing good about him. “They say the owner never recognizes the extent of their beauty, so…” again, offering compliments such as this, did not come easy to him but he wanted to say it. Seeing him stuck out his tongue to taste the snow made him stifle his laughter, one hand covering his mouth as he tried his best to refrain himself from giving out. Oh, that’s it. Dae splashed the water against the blond and made sure to send a really good message using the water, okay fine, perhaps he played dirty by using his abilities. “A) I am not a stalker. B) I’m a spy. C) Yeah, found him at the border of Alaska a week after that, had to literally rope him into telling me where his associates are at so I can track down if there are any unusual activities. D) I may have hospitalized him for two weeks. E) Yeah, it comes conveniently because I can lower the temperature that keeps your toes curling. It’s better than causing a random hail because you’re pissed off.” Okay, guilty. He’s done that more than a few times. He was a bit delighted to hear that he’s gonna keep the place either way.

The way Yeon’s eyes lit up at the mention of northern lights reminded him of a child’s hopeful eyes when they spot a huge lollipop at a candy store; it was endearing. Cute. “Nothing wrong going with a friend too, you know. It’s beautiful, you wouldn’t want to miss it.” There is some truth to what he said, Dae wouldn’t stay if he wasn’t interesting. He feels like a proud brother hearing someone else talk nicely about his sister, there was this triumphant look masking his face. “Missing me, I can deal with. I just hope she won’t resent me. I left her for a century, you know. I don’t know how she’d react once she realizes I’m leaving again. “No question is supposed to be simple, Valky.” He should’ve known it was going to be a sensitive topic, but he wanted to know. “I’m sorry, things couldn’t have been easy for you. To die is one thing, to leave things on a bad note with your family, that’s another.” At least, Dae knew Mirae gave him her blessing to leave before it happened. Yeon didn’t get to say another word afterward. Those tears, the sight of it made his heart wrench. He’s always been a cold guy but to people, he knew to be good? He’s weak.

“You’re a good guy, Yeon. The world would’ve wept if they were to lose a kind soul such as you, I’m glad you get to live your second life at a better note.” How was it that someone like him could hide a thousand emotions behind those eyes? Catching the ball, he shrugged casually. If Yeon wants to change the mood, then he’s more than happy to comply. “Depends. Some movies are better than books and some books are better than movies. The Mortal Instruments? Books. The Hunger Games? Books. Twilight? Uh…you? What about special talents? Do you have any? And no, your skills in and outside the bed is not included.” Without realizing, he threw the ball a little too hard towards Yeon, aiming at his head instead.


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