That was quite the eventful trip for the snowy-haired niveis who's currently standing in front of the bathroom mirror, staring into his own reflection with his hands half buttoning his shirt and buckling the pants. The silhouette behind them didn't escape his notice however, in fact, it's the only reason he couldn't stop smirking while he busied himself as he ruffled his hair into a much more neater messy outlook from earlier. Blowing the stray strands from his face, Daehyun brought one hand up to adjust the lining and hummed to himself a rather a familiar tune that he always does.

No doubt at this point, the whole cafe knew both their names already, and a part of him wondered the kinds of looks they'd receive once they exit the bathroom. It wasn't as if they were being quiet, in the first place and his attempts on silencing the valkyr was an utter failure. He wasn't one to say though, seeing as he wasn't exactly docile about it either. Was he impressed? Yes. Was he satisfied after what happened earlier? Definitely.

It was worth every second, hell, he could still feel the burning sensation in the pit of his stomach whenever he thought of it, even when it hasn't even been less than 20 minutes since their last trip to pleasure land. The question still remained stark, is it really the last trip? For both of them? He's not sure. For him? Perhaps the niveis was a bit too early into concluding things because no way was he sure he wanted this to be their last journey together. Dae agreed that this would definitely take his mind off that night but while it was better than what he expected, he wasn't sure if this would do anything more than just replace the dent and whining inside him that he received from that memorable night.

Wouldn't that leave the niveis wanting more? Did he even reach his closure? Daehyun didn't know because he's way too deep into his high that he forgot what he came here to do. One look at the blond and he's all weak like a gelatin. Stealing a look at the blond who also looked like the equal mess he was in earlier, but a hot mess, the pale-haired male couldn't help but to nibble his bottom lip unconsciously, before wiping his mouth with the sleeves of his shirt and turned on the water tap to wash his hands. “I still can't believe you chose a public bathroom out of all places.” Oh, he's still on that topic. How could he not? This is his first public rodeo, after all.

There was nobody else in the bathroom, which he was positive was due to them being a loud mess. Poor souls were probably traumatized to even set a foot inside the cafe, much less inside this bathroom. The elder Stormwind knew they scared the innocent customers away with their crude and obscene actions from earlier that he was sure went on for quite a while. “You know the cafe manager would probably have us blacklisted for its entire lifeline, right?” he grumbled and heaved a sigh as he turned to face the valkyr by leaning against the sink, propping his hands on both of his sides. “I actually like their coffee… what a shame.” Of course, he would talk about their coffee, even after what just happened, it sounds exactly like Daehyun Stormwind. 

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Yeon was as good as in the sky. Because he was just so incredibly high on what he just experienced. The valkyr followed Daehyun out of the bathroom stall, pulling up his pants which he buttoned as he did so, the shirt he had discarded earlier was hanging open over his chest as he made his way closer to the mirror. His blond hair was tousled and teased but it wasn’t anything running his fingers through it could fix, he thought as he threaded his belt back through the loops it had come undone through thanks to how hurried they had been to take it off. He buckled it and then started on the shirt. Hearing the faint tune that came from Daehyun he glanced over at him curiously, it sounded familiar, though he couldn’t quite pin why.

The two of them had made quite the scene and it had been absolutely blissful, completely blowing the memory he had of their first night out of the water for the valkyr, every touch, every kiss, every tiny movement was spinning around in his head. He couldn’t remember a time he had felt this giddy and lightheaded from being with someone. In a strange way, he felt more satisfied than he had ever been and also like he needed more all in one mix of thoughts.

The precedence behind this whole thing was that they both needed it just one more time, to close the door on the 4 long months of frustration they had been suffering from, to prove that it wasn’t really as good as their heads were making it out to be and letting them move on with their wayward lives. Problem. It wasn’t as good as remembered. It was better. He cursed the Niveis in his mind for just being that good. Yeon couldn’t pin what it was about him, but no one even came close. He could come up with a whole list of things that made Daehyun an excellent lover but the blond wasn’t sure any single one of them was the specific reason. It just felt like the two of them got each other in a way that was unspoken. As he finished buttoning his shirt he shrugged on his blazer.

Reaching into the jacket pocket he grabbed his cufflinks out of it and started to fasten them at the ends of his sleeves without much thought to the action, something he did every day when he was getting ready to head out after all. He noticed Daehyun staring at him a few times in the mirror and averted his gaze with a knowing smile as he looked down at the sink, they’d both definitely done quite the work on each other, he could still feel his whole body wanting to shudder from the aftermath and he had been first. He let out a shaky breath as he flicked his eyes over to the pale-haired male. He looked good, even with his slightly frizzy flyaway hair he looked good. Yeon pulled breath spray out of his pocket and furrowed his brow wondering if Dae would be offended if he used it, eventually he shrugged and sprayed his mouth anyway before offering it out to the other male in case he wanted to use it and then washed his own hands, leaning down to splash some water on his face to clean off some of the sweat that had made his face a little shiny.

He was running his hands through his hair to make it look semi-presentable when he heard Daehyun comment on the setting of their encounter and laughed softly “One thing I am not blessed with is a lot of patience when it comes to what I want” he quirked his brow with a chuckle as he looked over at the broom which was still resting under the door handle “Never been afraid to take a few risks myself” he spoke before realizing quite how appropriate those words were, choosing to do this for a second time, that was the biggest risk of all of them and he was still unsure whether he could say it paid off.

“I am prepared for the attack the moment we get through there, I can hear them debating whether we’re done” he winked and raised his brows realizing the Niveis probably wouldn’t have realized he could hear pretty much in the cafe talking this whole time “Most people are jealous though, who wouldn’t be when someone’s got a mouth like that” with an amused smile he pressed his index finger up against Daehyun’s lips as he felt his hands against his sides “You can always coax a friend to get it for you” he spoke with a chuckle before he parted his lips realizing Jae would probably not be welcomed back inside either, they’d probably throw Han on the list for the hell of it too.

“Time to face the music I suppose” he teased and stepped out of the Nivies’ hold and lead the way to open the door. The woman on the other side was red in the face and instantly started to lecture the two of them about what they had done whilst not being able to say what it was directly the whole time. The blond valkyr was trying not to laugh so badly but he managed to keep a straight face and spoke in his business formal tone to her explaining that she had no proof of anything. Eventually, she just insisted the two of them get out which was when the valkyr finally let an amused snicker escape his lips as he glanced over at Daehyun “No problem, your coffee made me choke worse than he did anyway” he spoke boldly causing a deadly silence to take over the entire cafe. The blond smiled and made his way towards the door and heading out onto the streets of Evermore, glancing over his shoulder to see if Dae was going to follow him or be on his way, his dark hues lingered there for a moment and he realized he wanted him to follow, a second time still didn’t feel like enough "You know I could have gotten you into so much more trouble if I knew your surname" Yeon commented those his eyes remained on the passing traffic. 

He was not hiding how subtle he was, staring at the valkyr from the corner of his eyes, eyeing his reflection from head to toe like it was the most prized possession ever. Perhaps, he is. In all honesty, he is the best Daehyun has ever had, possibly the best in all of his years, period. Though it does point out a few problems, those regarding attachments, mostly. Now all the niveis wanted to do is bring him back home with him. Yes. That much. Today was supposed to mark the ending of this ‘pent up frustration’ they both have going in, that kept fueling the fires inside them. But what happened? Instead of feeling satisfied, which admittedly, they were, it left Dae wanting more of. He switched one for another, from the same individual, but a more throaty and worthwhile action. Not saying that night wasn’t good but after today? It wasn’t the best, definitely.

Both of them managed to make each other look more than decent and presentable, which could be dubbed as a talent after what went on earlier. Dae wasn’t offended when he saw the breath spray the valkyr fished out from his pocket, he scoffed because he was genuinely surprised by how prepared he was. He did take it from him but gave him a judging look that looked as if the niveis was judging his whole existence. “You are oddly prepared for a lot of things, aren’t you?” After using it himself, he gave it back to the blond and brushed the non-existent dirt off his shirt while staring at the other male who’s also busy adjusting his clothes properly. How was he able to look hotter now? The way Yeon had adjusted his blazer like he just got out of a meeting sends a lot of energy. Arching a questionable eyebrow towards the valkyr, the pale-haired male sniggered before pursing his lips. Well, he’s not one to say anything about patience too, right? Seeing as he’s nowhere near patient too.

“So, you’re the guy who knows what he wants and takes it. Classic.” The way he worded it though, definitely sent a hidden message to the blond, implying that he wanted to see more of that. Daehyun was never a master of subtlety and he shows it a lot. Countless times he usually didn’t care what others would think of him, but when it comes to this guy, he suddenly felt like he wanted to be seen in the best light ever. Following the statement that came out from the valkyr’s lips, he gaped briefly until he was reminded that valkyrs possessed those enhanced hearing and whatnot. He’s normally not shy or embarrassed by anything he does, but his cheeks felt slightly warm at the mention of that. Note, slightly. It wasn’t enough to cause any actual faint blush, mostly due to the fact that the snowy-haired niveis is inherently shameless in plenty of aspects. “I stand by my point earlier, you really seem prepared for a lot of things, mosquito,” that comment that followed after did prompt a wry smirk to creep up to rest itself on his pouty lips. Especially after Yeon pressed his index finger against it, which he even nipped. Just because he could.

“Glad to see someone else praise my mouth, it’s more than just biting, mind you” he chided teasingly, tilting his head slightly to the side as he eyed the blemish-like marks on his neck which was fortunately covered by the material the valkyr wore for a shirt. “It’s just a shame those wouldn’t last as long…” Darn his healing rate. His tone literally indicated that if he's given another chance, he would apply those marks again. Friend, right… Now he’s thinking about Jae. He wondered how the dhampir is taking things. Hopefully not too bad. His train of thoughts was interrupted when they were greeted by the cafe owner who was beet red that it almost caused the niveis to laugh. The lecture was very amusing, those words obviously stayed for a while before eventually dropping itself as one of those things Dae couldn’t be bothered to remember more than 24 hours. Hearing the details from a bystander though, that’s a new experience.

The impact that landed on the elder Stormwind when he heard what came after from the valkyr didn’t prepare him enough to withstand it, so much he coughed but smirked nonetheless before slowly trailing behind him. Once they got out of the cafe, he chuckled. “Did the coffee really cause you to choke worse? Either I have bad taste over coffee choices, or I wasn’t being full me today, seeing a drink could surpass me.” Of course, he’d take note of that first. With both hands tucked in both his pockets, he glanced over to the blond standing in front of him. "My only friend punched you today, so I'm not getting anywhere near this heavenly coffee again... But, in a way, you're lucky it's worth it. I can push aside the coffee since what I receive today was so much better than any coffee I've drunk." Shameless. See. The moment he heard something about his surname being a lot more troublesome if the valkyr knew of it, it piqued his interest successfully. As if he was able to tear his gaze away from the valkyr initially. “It’s Stormwind. My sister and I changed it some time ago. Originally, it’s Kim, but that doesn’t apply to us anymore. So if you wish to know the name of the guy who made you lose your vocals today, it’s Daehyun Stormwind, remember that, why don’t you?” he purred, clearly not understanding what chain of events and reactions he just set off inside the valkyr’s head. “But in what way would that be more troublesome for me? Do you moan out people’s full names or something?”

Neither of them was being subtle with their wandering gazes, Yeon’s eyes kept drifting to the little slightly reddened marks you could just about see on Daehyun’s neck, there wasn’t that much time to leave darker ones but there were enough there to make the valkyr smirk a little, there was something very satisfying about being able to leave his mark on someone quite so drop-dead gorgeous, claiming the top spot on his list. Though he’d gotten plenty of them for himself too, he didn’t care, no one dared to try and judge him when he was at the studio, they knew how he was. Still, it was rare that he actually let someone make marks on him where they would be visible the next morning.

He was impressed by the way he managed to clean himself up well so quickly, Yeon had his routine down to 10 minutes nowadays, not enough to spend standing in front of a mirror and fussing over his looks, he had business to do and people to please. As he offered the spray out to Daehyun he caught the judging look and rolled his eyes for a moment at the comment “Every walked into a business meeting just after eating garlic bread at lunch?” of course he was being hypothetical because he was pretty sure whatever job Dae did it probably wasn’t customer facing considering what he had seen that night in the bar “But hey it works for this too” he added with a wink as he took it back and tucked it back into his pocket. He wasn’t wrong though, the blond like to be prepared for everything, that way it was very hard for people to catch him off guard. Yet the Niveis seemed to be able to do it over and over again without even trying so maybe he’d met his match.

When Dae surmised his words the valkyr chuckled and shrugged “I suppose you could put it like that” he spoke as he reached up to smooth out a wrinkle in the Niveis’ shirt, letting his fingers linger there longer than he really needed to just to test the waters of whether he pushed him off more than anything, you could tell a lot by how someone reacted to your touch “Better than someone who dangles a carrot but never gives you the full meal though right” he teased with an amused look in his eyes, he always preferred a partner who could be certain about what they wanted, he was all for teasing but he always had every intention to follow through and he wasn’t much for people like that. His time was pretty valuable so if he spent it with someone it meant something, not to mention if he spent time with the same person more than one. “I have my moments” he teased as he felt the other male nip against his finger and he smirked rolling his shoulders and getting ready to face the angry mob.

There was nothing but praise to give for those lips and what the Niveis could do with them, honestly, Daehyun was everything he looked for in a partner like that, vocal, up for trying new things, skilled and unfazed but also incredibly into it when they came together. It wasn’t a secret anymore that the valkyr derived most of his own pleasure from giving it to others, so it was strange for him to allow to the tables to be turned for once. His tone about the marks on Yeon’s neck made a smirk appear on the valkyr’s lips as he reached a hand up and ran a finger down the side of his neck the exact same way he had done the first night they met in the bar “And to think you called me out for being kinky that night” he whistled a little his tongue running over his bottom lip as he went for the door.

Making his way through the woman’s speech without laughing was a feat in itself because she was so flustered and red and completely unable to say what it was she was telling them off for but in the end, the result was what he expected it to be, asked to leave and not come back though he couldn’t help his crude comment as he headed out of the shop. He was sure they were just glad to have some peace and quiet. It didn’t take long for Daehyun to follow him out, the two of them coming to a stop just by the edge of the road. Yeon turned slightly as he walked along the road so he could catch Dae in his peripheral as he spoke “The coffee burned my throat, you were quite soothing in comparison” he gave an amused quirk of his brow, the Niveis was very cold after all “Don’t worry, your pride should be fully intact” he teased slightly, it was definitely the best he’d experienced.

The Niveis took it one step further by saying the experience had been worth it, Yeon was still walking, though his pace slowed to fall into an easy walk alongside the Niveis, considering what had just occurred you’d think things would be awkward or weird, but really it felt quite comfortable with him “Man, he’s got quite the punch on him” he commented with a chuckle “No doubts where he learned that from” he remembered the punch that Daehyun had given the poor soul at the bar a full-on knockout and he’d seen that bruise on Jae’s chin which he had a suspicion was inflicted by the Niveis. He wasn’t even mad about it though, probably deserved it, to be honest. The compliment was noted though, he was glad to know he’d managed to live up to expectations “Even better than I remembered it” he commented with a laugh, acknowledging that he was pretty screwed from here on out without it.

As he came to a stop he heard the other male speak his surname and completely froze, he coughed a little from the pure surprised of what he heard while Dae explained the fact that he changed it. The pale-haired male’s explanation was probably innocent to him but the valkyr was looking at him with a puzzled look on his face, staring at him more deeply than he had before before looking into space a few times “Damn I should have seen the family resemblance” he commented with a wry smile, what a way the world had of working “Though in my defense, you and Mirae?” he opened his mouth for one another “Are you sure you were raised by the same people?” he questioned, Mirae was this sweet outgoing girl who drew everyone in and her brother was...well quite the opposite, avoided people, generally grumpy. “Believe me I didn’t forget your name even before I knew all of it” he spoke as he nodded his head, he was never going to, he knew that much for sure.

When Dae asked him why his full name was significant he shook his head “No my security team just request me to give the full names of anyone I bring home with me” he spoke and then popped his lips as he looked back at the other male. He knew that was supposed to be the last time but he couldn’t be the only one who wanted just a little more “If you want to that is” he spoke as he looked up at him almost vulnerably, he wanted him to say yes so badly that he was holding his breath.

The way Yeon wasn’t even trying to pull his gazes away from his body did not go unnoticed in the niveis’ eyes, especially when they wandered the longest around his neck area, which caused him to instinctively bring a hand to rub at the spot so he could identify what’s there. Obviously, he knew what’s there, but he didn’t identify the damage at the mirror earlier. That’s exactly what he did for the next few seconds, analyzing the marks the valkyr left on him as he leaned closer towards the mirror and tugged his shirt lower so the marks would be a lot more visible to the peripheral vision. “Well, this is quite the party you left…” he trailed, the hint of amusement lacing his voice without amiss. But then he’d look over to what he left on the blond, the pride sizzling in him when he saw the damage he made. It looks a lot more beautiful on someone as gorgeous as Yeon, for sure.

His skin blemishes it convincingly, though that blemishing effect skill was nowhere near perfect which made him grin secretly. Today was a good day for him, even when he knew it shouldn’t have been, considering what might’ve gone down with his best friend and his boyfriend earlier. Following the words about the spray, he rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Annoying brat…” he shakes his head but not long after, a smile crept up because the niveis couldn’t help it since it was just amusing to him. “But I guess that’s okay because you’re my brat.” Did he realize he had said it out loud towards the guy in front of him, or that it slipped up from his lips? No. But would he really mind? Not so much, he’s not really one to form any attachments easily but with the valkyr, he strangely wanted to befriend him. Okay, maybe more than a friend, considering the things he still wished to do on the male, but a friend is more than what he deserved, honestly.

The pale-haired male didn’t really have a wide section when it comes to friends, the few ones such as Jae and Kal, the ones he was able to cherish, even if he doesn’t show much of them. The fact that Yeon even went as far as to smoothen the slight wrinkle on his shirt tells him a lot. Usually, he would feel really weirded out by the sudden intrusion in privacy space but with him? It felt right, enjoyable even. Hell, even his breath hitched at the sight of the blond resting his hands perfectly around the area. Calm your hormones down, he grumbled silently to himself. If he didn’t like the idea of doing those at a public place, now he’s free to reconsider, only with him. That’s how far his terms recoiled, just him.

“I don’t know, sometimes when they know their value and worth, people would still follow that carrot wherever it goes” he cooed wryly if Yeon would give him a chase, then he would do exactly that. There was just something about him that attracts him so much, but he doesn’t know what it is. Was it his confidence? It’s no surprise that Dae loves such people who know their value, but it’s more than that, definitely. The enigma that is Yeonseok Lee himself, it’s someone he could never say no to. He really does have his moments, that one was is undoubtedly something he couldn’t deny. The way Dae was so close on blushing like a tomato when Yeon called him out about the marks he left on him. Of course, he remembered that night. It was supposed to be one of his bad nights, having to engage in a fist fight because the other party would not cooperate, much to his dismay. Not to mention, Yeon wasn’t exactly someone he’d bring into his bed in such state, he doesn’t like taking advantages over people in those situations. Had nothing to do with him as a person, at all. But boy was he grateful that he did take a chance with him because it was the best night he's had.

“But you are kinky, aren’t you? I never claimed to be a master at control either. As you remembered that night, I had no patience for the guy” he shrugged, dismissing it lightly as if it didn’t bother him even though it actually does. His body language says that much, the way he lifted his chin and wouldn’t go anywhere near direct eye contact because he was slightly nervous. Much like a cat who wants to be coddled by its owner, Daehyun trailed hotly after Yeon. The woman’s lecture didn’t go on deafened ears either, but he was more invested in hearing what the valkyr had to say. He wasn’t exactly shameful that everyone heard, anyway. He only said so because he doesn’t like to hear people lecturing. But with what Yeon offered? A century worth of lecture can pass him if that means he’ll get to spend more time with the blond. “I’m glad I served well” he hummed in delight, licking his lips instinctively at the thought of doing that again. Nowhere enough, unfortunately.

The other male paid attention to how he likes to keep his pride? That surprised him and only drew him closer to this guy, how is he going to get out of this when all he does is dive deeper and deeper? Speaking about the punch, he tilted his head to check if it was injured, it’s fine now. “Yeah… he’s actually quite strong. Which I don’t doubt since he’s a dhampir, it’s in his blood to be a warrior. What did surprise me was how perfectly he sent it, no offense, but that punch was one of the best I’ve seen him pull” he complimented, of course, he would praise Jae. The snowy-haired niveis has been training with the dhampir for months and developed a stable and strong friendship with one another. Was it possible to choke on your own saliva? Apparently, yes. He was just about to retort sassily at the beautiful male before him as usual until he heard about his sister. Yes, his baby sister, the only woman he would give up everything for; Mirae Stormwind. No wonder he looked weird for a brief moment. Wait, what? Did he know his sister? Dae stopped for a moment and let his head process things. The elder Stormwind is usually very quick to act, recurring to his agile state, but when it comes to these types of things, he’s a little slow.

The niveis wasn’t able to say a word about it when he was hit by a ton of bricks the moment he heard those words come out of the valkyr. Bring home with me, those words kept ringing in his ear that it made him zone out for a few quick seconds. He agreed so quickly it was as if he’s been waiting for the invitation since he didn’t want to impose, but damn that was a quick response that he blurted out. “I mean… I’m not going to lie that I said this was the last time...because then I would be lying to myself or may even suffer worse consequences from the last time.” Straight to his face, without his lips quivering or anything. “Wait… Do you know my sister? Yeah, people say that a lot. My sister is the day and I’m the night. It’s why our tribe also calls us the Stormwind siblings, some even derived one of us is the wind and the other is the storm, I’m guessing you can see which is which for that,” Still did not answer his question. “Did you fuck my sister?” Hey, it’s his sister. Though Daehyun wasn’t sure if he’s more jealous of the fact that Yeon could’ve slept with his sister or that he’s not pleased to hear his sister was one of his one night stands.

Yeon chuckled a little looking the other male up and down, he supposed that was one way to put it, he wasn’t much for leaving marks on others normally, it did feel a little personal to do so because it was kinda like telling the whole world this person was claimed, that they had someone who had done that to them. For the two of them, it was a way of proving a point to each other, it was the game they had played since the day they met. A battle for dominance between them that was never resolved because every time someone got the upper hand the other would find a way to turn it over again. That was addictive to the valkyr who found himself consistently matched in every move he made or word he spoke and it kept pulling him in for more “Well you know how much I love partying” he teased with a chuckle considering the place they had first met.

Yeon quirked his brow when he heard Daehyun call him a brat, while he had a huge problem with pet names and the likes he was never all that bothered by other people insulting him, strange he supposed but insults were just words to him and he’d heard it all before. What did catch him completely off guard was the other male’s words about him being his brat. His. The valkyr swallowed as he glanced over at the pale-haired male to make sure he hadn’t heard him wrong. From the look on his face, it wasn’t a mistake. Yeon pursed his lips in thought for a moment, he was pretty sure Dae didn’t mean it in a romantic way at all, they’d already established where they both stood on that topic so he supposed it meant the other male wanted some sort of attachment. That was a lot to process for Yeon who looked uncharacteristically flustered for just a few seconds before he regained his composure “Yours huh?” he commented with an arched brow “Does this mean we’re friends now?” he questioned with a chuckle. He wasn’t sure they were there yet but he was willing to entertain the idea of it.

Admittedly, Yeon could probably use more friends, it had become very evident lately that he didn’t have very many people he could truly call and friend and trust. Anyone who met him already knowing about his wealth he tended not the trust the intentions of because he’d had people try to get close to him simply for his money before. He’d gotten lucky with Hanseol and he’d known Celia longer than he really remembered. Dae still didn’t know exactly who Yeon was and he was still sticking around though and that did mean something. The blond smiled to himself as he noted the way Dae held his breath for just a second as the valkyr ran his hands over his chest. Normally Yeon would be done and onto something else already but with Dae, he was willing to take his time. To revel in his company for just a while longer as he sat on cloud 9.

Yeon nodded a little taking in what Dae said about following someone who was worth it “Maybe you’re right” he commented with a thoughtful tone, Yeon definitely recognized his own worth, he wasn’t the kind of guy that would waste his time for any reason so him sparing a person some always meant something. He hadn’t expected to spend quite so much time on a guy he went home from the club but the valkyr was willing to admit there was more to Daehyun than that one night now, something about him, had managed to get under Yeon’s skin and the blond feared it wasn’t going to be easy to shake him. Nor was he sure he even wanted to. Yeon had resigned himself to the fact by now that the rule book had thrown itself out of the window when it came to Dae so now he was playing the game as it came along and the two of them seemed to be keeping up with one another well. Studying the other male he almost wondered for a moment if he seemed a little flustered but as usual, the other male managed to keep hold of his calm persona.

The blond shot him a look when he called him out and he chuckled softly “I never claimed otherwise, though you weren’t complaining, in fact, I’d say you were into it” he chuckled softly, normally Yeon was pretty disciplined with himself and self-control wasn’t an issue normally but just like every case, Dae seemed to bring out that side of him too. It was interesting seeing little cracks in Dae’s armor, they were small but the fact that he refused to look the valkyr in the eye for a few brief moments definitely told him there was more behind the cocky external. Strangely, Yeon found himself wanting to know more about him, beyond what he was capable of doing in the bedroom, or the bathroom rather. His eyes naturally dropped to Daehyun’s lips as he licked them and he felt a bit of a sweat come over him as he thought about the things the Niveis had done with them, he was so good and it was incredibly unfair, one person shouldn’t be able to make him a frustrated mess like the pale-haired male did.

It was very hard to catch Yeon off guard, every situation or scenario he found himself in he’d typically been in before so he remained relatively unaffected by most things that people said or did, he also had very little filter when it came to the things he said to people, other people just didn’t really scare him he supposed. Daehyun though, maybe he scared Yeon a little, or rather, the things he made the valkyr want to do scared him. At the talk of the punch the valkyr found his hand rubbing gently against his nose, it had healed really quickly but nose and mouth injuries usually did, still stung a bit though and it would serve as a reminder not to piss Jae off, nor Daehyun either if they both trained the same way “Glad I could serve as good target practice I suppose?” he offered with a laugh, well that’s what he had been doing, after all, drawing fire away from Han. It made him wonder how the two of them were getting on. He feared from the couple of twinges in his hand, not well, what did Han punch? Yeon knew better than to bother Han when he was upset though, he’d gotten yelled at to leave him alone enough times already.

The look of shock on Dae’s face as Mirae’s name rolled off Yeon’s tongue was absolutely priceless for Yeon, so much so that he allowed a smirk to creep up on his cheeks but surprisingly the other male didn’t say anything about it, instead going quiet and letting Yeon move on to the topic of going home. This time the valkyr was the one holding his breath though it wasn’t for long because almost before the words had even been spoken the Niveis was agreeing to his proposition. He hadn’t been expecting such a quick or enthusiastic response so he went quiet a little speechless for a few moments “Okay” was all he could muster in his surprise. Damn, he’d gotten the blond stunned for words twice now, that was almost unheard of for Yeon.

It seemed the information from earlier finally settled in Dae’s mind because he started talking, almost babbling, in the meantime, Yeon pulled his phone from his pocket and scrolled through his messages, a couple of emails he could handle later and a text from Han saying he was going home. No need to wait up for the celestial then. He worried at his bottom lip for a moment as he typed back a simple text ‘Take care of yourself’ he caught Dae’s words as he spoke but didn’t really react until Dae asked him if he fucked his sister. Yeon cleared his throat as he looked up from his phone at Dae parting his lips as though he was about to act offended but then he bit his tongue, Mirae was attractive and probably his type if there weren’t professional commitments involved so it wasn’t a giant leap to make either “I did not” he responded with an amused chuckle, well that would have made things awkward and their afternoon was going so well “She didn’t tell you she’s going into the professional dance world? Seems like it’s a smaller world than I thought” he mumbled softly, it had been a few weeks now since he invited her to the studio, he thought she would have mentioned it, but maybe they weren’t as close as he got the impression of.

“Alright let me make this call then” he spoke as he hit the 5 on his speed dial and it called up his security manager, he held the phone against his ear as it dialed the number and then the call connected “Hey Mike, gonna need you to add a new name to the list” he spoke formally into the phone but it was clear from the smile on his face that the guy at the end of the line was pretty witty “You got it” he spoke with a chuckle “Yeah it’s Daehyun Stormwind” he ran his tongue over his bottom lip “Discreet please” he answered and then glanced up at Dae for a moment and smirked “In fact if you could just leave for a few hours, get some food or something” and then hung up the phone. He thought about ordering a driver to pick them up but it seemed just as easy to get an Uber in the middle of the city so he pulled up the app on his phone and ordered one. While they waited for it to come he tilted his head up to look at Dae for a moment “Has all the new information sunk in yet?” he asked with a quirked brow, hell he was still processing the events of the past hour or so himself. Mind-blowing seemed like an accurate description.

For someone who doesn't seem to prefer any bodily contact with any living being that are not animals, or only making an exception for a few nights, Dae was more surprised by the change of environment when Yeon stepped into his life. The valkyr was just a one night stand, it wasn't supposed to be more yet here he is, looking so devilishly handsome and the way he smirked, it sends him flying around the cloud 9 itself. At first, he was afraid of what this meant. Was he attaching himself on him now? This wasn't supposed to happen, right? He wanted more of him, that much is wholesomely confirmed. And he got him, just earlier, in the form of the most mind-blowing sex ever. Yes, in a public bathroom located at a small and humble cafe. The things he would do just to get a taste of the blond again. Daehyun didn't wonder where this would leave him at, he said it would be the last time, or at least he convinced himself that it would be, but why does it feel so weird if he says goodbye and hope to never meet him again after this?

What's going on? While his head is whirring with its confused state, the snowy-haired niveis did not miss the opportunity to feast his eyes on the other male, using the mirror as the platform to do so. The looks they sent one another also sends another message; they wanted more and whatever it was earlier, it was not enough. That was when Dae knew he wasn't hallucinating or having illusions from the way Yeon eyed him and how he did the same to the valkyr. He wasn't alone, and he's happy about it. The two of them were the polar opposites of each other, but were they really? From the outer appearance of how one would perceive things, they are. Yeon is sociable, he's charming, confident, perhaps slightly narcissistic but that's what the pale-haired male loves about him. The idea of someone who knows what they want and go for it, it sends him over the edge, in a good way. Then there's him, who's literally the opposite of the valkyr lest for the confidence and narcissism in him. And the hair. Though Dae admittedly sported a more paler version of platinum blond, almost drenching it in a mixture of pale blue and silver.

If things would not ask for it, he wouldn't even do as much as to speak. Rewiring back what he just said towards the valkyr, and judging from the look Yeontan's gave him, Daehyun widened his eyes briefly before cursing internally. That was not supposed to slip out loud. Or slip up, at all. Way to make things more awkward, you stupid bird, he grumbled silently. Thankfully, Yeon had a way to make it less awkward and successfully diffuse the tension in the air. Friends, why does he strangely want to befriend the guy he wasn't supposed to meet again? The attraction he felt for this entrancing guy, it was indescribable. But surely, befriending him wouldn't meant the end of the world, though perhaps it would put a bump on their path when it comes to giving in to their carnal desires.

“Mhmm, if you want it to be. You seem like a cool guy, admittedly, a jerk, but you did save your friend earlier so I guess I can sense the fidelity fire in you and that's always a good thing to find in people,” he mused, his dark mocha hues twinkling in delight at the idea of finding someone who not only understands how the world works, but someone who would be loyal to one another. He won't say it outloud but how the hell is this guy perfect in his book? It's unworldly. “Nice to meet you then, I'm Daehyun Stormwind. You can call me hyung if you want” he winked playfully, it wasn't a foreign encounter whenever someone of the same ethnicity called him hyung, even Jae does. Naturally, Dae who's been called hyung in his past life, kept that habit until today. Flashing a rather proud smirk, the niveis shrugged cockily. “Of course I'm right. It's a rare sight to find me to be in the wrong, you know.” Maybe it doesn't apply to their current situation but knowing Dae, he wouldn't pass an opportunity to flaunt his own skills, especially to those he weirdly wanted to impress.

He never pegged himself as kinky guy, but actions speak louder than words and there's no shame is admitting so. “Maybe I do like it. Sometimes all you need is a little excitement in life, don't you think so? Nothing bad will come out from a few spices.”Of course, he'd say that. One should never underestimate Daehyun Stormwind's hedonism. “I admit I was both torn between feeling angered by you being such a dick towards Jae, or the fact that I winced momentarily because he targeted your pretty face.” That actually happened, and he's said it not once but more than that now – he's a bad friend. “I'm glad it healed, anyhow… would've left a nasty bruise if it doesn't” he murmured, pursing his lips lightly, chewing his bottom lip habitually. Slowly but surely, despite his pride, Daehyun was accepting that he's probably too deep into this to say no. He should never have trifled with someone like Yeon, but he wanted to do it either way.

The best part is that even if he had the chance to turn things around, he wouldn't take it because the result he received was far more worthwhile. Minus the pent up sexual frustration he suffered for those 4 months. The elder Stormwind did not regret a single choice he made, and this won't be one of them either. Hearing that Yeon did not sleep with his sister, Dae released a relieved sigh. Dancing? Mirae talked about it but he never really went around the topic because it wasn't his place to interfere in her interests and whatnot. She's a grown woman, who knows how to take care of herself and while Dae would never stop being her big brother that will literally break the person's bones to whoever hurts her, he respects her well enough. Besides, dancing is not in his interest department, he doesn't like anything involving it, well… except maybe this guy in front of him. Dancing did him good, for sure.

“It might be embarrassing, but I don't really talk to my sister that much. She said something about dancing but didn't say she's going to pursue it… professionally. Not that I would intervene. She's old enough, she's like 176.” What a sad revelation to hear it from him and not her though. The fact that the niveis is elated to hear that they'll be receiving more privacy soon says a lot about him, right now. He may be patient in his area of work but when it comes to everything else, he's only calculating, not much on the patience department. But for the blond? He's willing to wait how many hours he wished him to do. “Kind of… wait, you have your own personal security detail? Who are you” he gaped, leave it to him to take a while to ear the information in.

There was a strange thrill for him in this particular situation, not knowing what came next but still feeling like he was along for the ride, it was so different than what he was used to, he realized now that a lot of his behavior was routine, he had a schedule, he followed it, people weren’t really given the opportunity of timeslot to change that. From the moment Daehyun had walked into his life, nothing had been to schedule though, from the night he had no intention of going home with anyone to waking up in the early hours next to someone who was stranger and now, pretty much giving in to him the moment he saw him. He had no idea how any of this would play out and there was a certain excitement to that he couldn’t describe, not to mention that the sex was better than any he’d experienced and that in itself was also addictive and kept drawing him back in. Such an interesting puzzle, he thought to himself as he looked back at the Niveis, a puzzle he admittedly was interested in solving to see where it might take him.

There was a very slight twitch of his lips when he spotted Daehyun’s very slight eye widening and he noted the fact the Niveis seemed just as surprised at what he said as Yeon. Thankfully, the valkyr was an expert in avoiding awkward topics and conversation, he couldn’t stand small talk or letting the conversation fall so he tended to always keep a cool demeanor. That didn’t mean he didn’t get a little flustered on the inside though, he was just pretty good at covering his reactions. He was also an expert in reading people, had done several courses in it actually because it was an essential skill for running. Did he want to be friends with Daehyun though? He wasn’t sure he had the answer to that question just yet, on the one side, the idea of keeping the platinum blond around was thrilling but on the other, he wasn’t sure how his self-control would hold up if he didn’t burn the bridge.

He was a little surprised that he didn’t get a scoff and the comment  brushed off, instead, the other male actually complimented him. He pressed his lips together and lowered his head a little, something he tended to do when he felt flattered “You know, I never pegged myself as a good friend but then I realized I never really had many” he chuckled softly as he shrugged, goes back to what he said earlier about people only being able to get to you if you let them. Choosing to be friends with someone, that was about more than just hanging out with them to him, it was choosing to let them past his walls and once someone got there he found it very hard to ever give them up. When Daehyun formally introduced himself Yeon smiled softly, the comment about Korean formalities didn’t surprise him because Dae had been the first person to speak to him in Korean for years “I’m Yeonseok Lee” he spoke and chuckled, the name always sounded strange because in the 8 years he had been in his second life he had pretty much entirely adopted an American accent “And I haven’t called someone hyung in about 8 years” he admitted as he pursed his lips, he could tell the other male liked it though “Nice to meet you, Daehyun-hyung” he winked, he’d let him have this one.

Yeon had always been pretty self-aware that his tastes were quite broad when it came to the bedroom, it mostly came from the fact that his biggest kink was bringing pleasure to others which meant he had adapted himself to many a partner over the years and found he enjoyed some of the things he got to experience. Others, not so much, but he was all for trying everything once. “Ain’t no shame in liking what you like” he affirmed with a nod of his head, from the way Dae phrased it sounded like he wanted to be told it was okay and Yeon was more than happy to give that to him. When Dae spoke about the punch, Yeon chuckled softly “Yeah I don’t always word things the best way, my friend Celia tells me I’m too direct” he wasn’t really much for talking around things though, he’d been raised a cutthroat businessman and you didn’t just drop those tendencies easily. “Perks of being dead” he commented as he rubbed at his neck, the healing was very useful, meant he could be a little reckless if he wanted to. His eyes just would not leave the Niveis’ lip which he kept biting and sucking though, it made him want to bite it too so badly but he was trying to hold himself together and prove he didn’t need to throw himself at the other male. It wasn’t going all that well.

It made sense to him why he’d spent 4 months feeling so frustrated now, it really was as good as he remembered it to be. Admittedly, that wasn’t really the outcome he was hoping for because it meant the other male had something over him, quite possibly permanently. Because if Daehyun he wanted him right now, he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to say no to whatever he wanted from him. He was still processing the fact that Mirae and Daehyun were related as he talked on the phone, so he was the brother she had been locked away from for years. Damn. That had to be tough. He glanced over at Daehyun wondering what else had must have been through in his long life. He now knew for sure that the other male was over 100 years old, a lot had happened in his own 28 so he couldn’t even imagine it. Not to mention how very different the siblings were, both had their qualities and he was sure they both shared that passionate drive he had seen a twinkle in both their eyes.

Once he was done with the call he heard Dae talking about Mirae and their relationship, he didn’t want to pry too much because he sensed it was a sore topic and not something you wanted to go into with someone you were just getting to know “Well she’s still deciding, though I think she’d be great” he offered with a half shrug of his shoulders, it was a big leap to make though, that much was for certain. Thankfully Yeon’s security seemed to be in a good mood today and were willing to give him some space at the penthouse. It was mostly about protecting his property and work than it was him since he purposely kept out of the public light but his board had insisted it was necessary. Just as the Uber he’d ordered showed up it finally clicked for Dae that Yeon had private security. It made the valkyr scrunch his nose a little in amusement as he jerked his chin towards the car.

Climbing into the back seat he scooted over to leave room for the Niveis, the driver greeted them but then instantly turned on his speakerphone and resumed his argument with who he presumed was the guy’s wife. It was loud, mixed with the interesting music playing over the stereo which he didn’t recognize “I guess you could say I’m no one but also someone?” he offered as an answer to his question. He lowered his voice so that the driver didn’t listen in “I own one of the largest dance companies in America right now” well it was pointless hiding his wealth from the person he was literally about to bring into his multi-million dollar home after all, Yeon wasn’t the kind of guy who threw his name around or his job role “But I also don’t publish most of my work to my name, so that’s why most people don’t know it” his eyes were affixed on the Niveis who for some reason, he cared about the reaction of.

It was clear that once he’s stepped in, there’s no way he was going to be able to get out from this place. It feels like all the hold the valkyr had on him was slowly but surely, wrapping its tendrils around him to keep the niveis in place, preventing him from trying to get out. Much to his dismay, he didn’t feel like he wanted to get out now. Not after what went down earlier today, there’s no one else who would be able to satisfy him the way Yeonseok Lee did, and there’s no one else he could turn to even if he wished to do so. Jae couldn’t be bothered, at the moment, and he did not wish to impose on the dhampir when he’s probably having a crisis of his own that is a whole lot bigger than what Dae has going on currently. This is a problem he’ll have to settle on his own, and that is exactly what he shall be doing. A part of him secretly wondered if the valkyr was also taken aback by the statement he slipped out earlier, the one about how Yeon is his brat. It was something he would forever scold himself on, but the other half didn’t want to apologize for doing that.

The only apology he has to offer both himself and the valkyr was an apology on making things more awkward than it has to be. The elevated tension filling the air managed to level itself into a much-compacted area the moment Yeon directed the attention away from the topic on hand. Thank god for that intervention, or Daehyun wasn’t sure if he’s going to survive the tomato-filled cheeks that would surely leave a mark on him; a mark he doesn’t want. Being shy and timid is the last thing he wanted to do, especially in front of him. He does want to keep him around, that much he knew. But as what? A stranger? That simply would not work between them seeing as he’s not exactly open to strangers all around. Perhaps, as a friend? Yeah, he could do that. It’s easier when Yeon is very charming and had that trait of his that managed to draw people in like an enigma. A devilishly beautiful enigma that he knew would bite him in the near future, but he’s more concerned about how he spends his time for now. Living life to the fullest, right?

When Yeon lowered his head slightly, it caused the snowy-haired niveis to tilt his head to the side habitually and arched an inquisitive eyebrow towards the male. Cute. “I can relate, so at least we’re even there. But at least, you draw people in and they enjoy being around you. It’s the charms, I’m guessing. You seem like you’ll be a social butterfly easy enough but only a handful of people would be able to handle you for your directness. Not that they’d complain, your presence would probably be more overwhelming than most” he pointed out casually, compliments don’t come easy out of the elder Stormwind who’s notoriously known by everyone for his cold behavior that’s almost as cold as the niveis himself, if not more. But seeing as he’s very honest about everything, if he says it, then it’s true. He also judges everyone harshly on first time basis too.

Letting those words roll off his tongue sounded easier when it comes to the blond, strangely enough. “I don’t offer people chances because I always judge them from first impressions. It makes me sound like the bad guy but it’s the way I work,” he murmured, seeing the way they both met after 4 months of no contact since that one-night stand, it doesn’t sound like an ill-fated relationship. It was always weird to hear someone introduce themselves in the American manner since they always pronounced the last name before their first in Korean. He wasn’t surprised when he heard Yeon hasn’t called anyone hyung for 8 years. Hell, Daehyun had no one to call hyung because most of the people older than him is either far from being a hyung or they’re females. It felt nice to hear someone refer to him as one since Jae did, and it feels like he had some of his old habits inebriated in him.

So when Yeon suddenly took him off guard by letting that formality term escape his lips, the pale-haired male coughed awkwardly because he actually did choke on his saliva momentarily after hearing it. “That sounded so much better from you...and weird…” he sniggered. The way Jae called him hyung was different, but then again, Yeon wasn’t just a ‘friend’, is he? Friends don’t have sex with each other unless they were being idiotic drunks or friends with benefits. “True, no shame in liking what you like. Why change yourself for others, when you can live a better life being yourself. You only live once, after all.” Questionable choice of words, Dae. The niveis chuckled to himself as soon as he said them. “Well… for us, second life, anyway.” Celia? It sounds like he might not be that bad in the friend department, definitely not as bad as Dae who only had his sister, Jae, and a small number of his tribe members. “Great minds think alike, she sounds like she knows you well” he mused, Yeon is very direct, and that’s attractive. He doesn’t have to worry if there’s another layer behind those words, searching for inner meanings are always a pain when you don’t want to do that.

“I have another friend who knew death, cool.” Even when he phrased it lightly, there was nothing cheery about death, and for the both of them, Daehyun had a feeling that they were robbed of their lives too quickly. No point in dwelling solemnly either. The gaze that fell on his own lips also didn’t go unnoticed by him, how could it when all he’s been doing was stare at the male before him attentively, paying attention to every habit he did. It made him smirk for a while, knowing exactly the impact he has on the valkyr, a flower of pride blooming inside him. Talking about his sister with someone else, it felt nice. He’s reminded of those small moments when he’d whine about Mirae to Jae as any older brother would. “She’s very passionate, I have no doubt she’ll be brilliant in whatever she wants to do. Once she puts her mind to it, she’ll never let it go, I’m just glad she found the way to enjoy life again. Things weren’t easy for us before this..” he pursed his lips and let out a heaved sigh, how is it that every time that topic crosses, his mind would go automatically to Coldren, the guy he trusted so much, which was why when he was betrayed, it felt more painful than any wound.

The pain of betrayal, he never wanted to feel that again, hence why he is picky when it comes to people he lets in or how he doesn’t bother to befriend easily. Dae almost didn’t realize the car has already arrived and if it wasn’t due to Yeon, he would’ve turned a blind eye and forgot it was supposed to be there. He followed suit shortly after, climbing into the back seat, leaving a small space between him and the valkyr. The music blasting in the car was unlike anything he’s heard before, and seeing as the driver resumed his argument with what he presumed to be his wife or someone, he was left alone to deal with his thoughts, in a compressed space, sitting so close with the blond. This was going to be harder than he thought. Following the revelation regarding his identity, the niveis gaped for a short while before blinking a few times. “I did not expect that… I knew there was something about your aura. It’s way too powerful to be so normal…”

He’s in awe, yes. But don’t expect Dae to be all googly-eyed over something so trivial, he does not care for materialistic things, and he sure as hell does not care how many money or wealth that person possessed. He is amazed, however. “Very humble, aren’t you? I am starting to think you’re not real, someone can’t be this and that at the same time, you know. It defies the law of nature’s balance, the universe, and whatnot,” he leaned closer until his lips were quite literally just space away from his ears. “It’s not like you’re real, to begin with, anyway” he purred. Did he just call him ethereal? Yes.

The strange thing with Daehuyn was Yeon didn’t feel the need to put a label on what the two of them had, a mutual attraction he supposed. They both enjoyed one another, Yeon certainly enjoyed Dae, he was attractive both in his stunning looks and charisma. He could understand why some people might be intimidated or put off by the way that the Niveis was but honestly, Yeon found it pretty sexy. He was used to being around people who were yes men so to talk with someone who actually challenged him, that had him intrigued. Besides, Dae wasn’t a nasty person nor unjustified in the things he said most of the time. He did seem to jump to conclusions pretty quickly but so did most people in the world and he had backtracked on them when he realized that he had gotten the wrong impression. He could respect someone like that, not everyone was perfect after all.

Yeon pulled a slight face as he looked back at Daehyun, he could see why people might think that was a good thing but there was far more to it than that “The attention has its benefits but I always find myself questioning people’s attention” he shrugged softly “Either they want something they have or they want me” he explained as he bit against his bottom lip for a moment “Neither of which I really want to give” he didn’t like people who only liked him because they thought he could bring them success, he didn’t like those who tried to get close to him for his money and he was very clear about the fact he wasn’t looking for a relationship so those who kept trying to lure him back because they thought they could win him over were just as bad to him “So finding friends, actual friends, who aren’t in it to fuck me over someway” he shrugged “Not so simple” he did smile softly though, because Daehyun had complimented the person he was and there was no putting that on, Yeon was very much himself at all times so someone who liked him for who he was, that meant a lot.

It was strangely easy to talk about subjects he might normally avoid with most around Daehyun, he did strike Yeon as a good listener who really took in the things you were saying and thought about them, Dae had even responded to some of his offhand comments that he hadn’t really meant or thought that much about. He seemed to notice everything. Though considering Yeon had come to the decision the other male must be a bounty hunter of some kind, he needed to. “From a guy who has seen the worst of the fakest people in the world, I find first impressions are usually pretty spot on” he commented “So I don’t think it makes you the bad guy, if anything it makes you the smart guy” Daehyun definitely gave the blond the impression he was quite intelligent. He got the feeling they were both pretty good at reading people but Yeon was definitely having trouble pinning Daehyun’s endgame. Usually, it was obvious what a person wanted from their life and from you but with Dae, it almost seemed like he wasn’t sure and he was moving forward in the hopes of finding it.

Yeon chuckled softly noting the way he managed to catch Dae off guard by using the formality right after he brought it up, it was obvious the Niveis wanted him too but he supposed he didn’t expect the valkyr to play along. Yeon could be rebellious in most things but he was finding it hard to deny Dae the things he wanted, even when it was just hinted “It feels weird too” he commented and also laughed with Dae, he hadn’t used the term in so long and it was somewhat of a reminder of the life he had back in Korea. But instead of the usual sad memories and flashbacks, he was just remembering all the elder friends he had in high school and the good times they had together. That didn’t stop him from hearing Dae talking about owning who he was. Now that was a statement which triggered a proud smile on the blond’s lips, he enjoyed people who were relentlessly themselves very much “Words I try to live by every day” he admitted with a slightly shy smile “I hope if there’s one thing I manage to do with my life, it’s to encourage other people to own the person they are” he was always pushing people to be the best versions of themselves he did it with everyone who worked at the studio and he had been doing it with Hanseol.

Dae’s correction that he had a second life made the valkyr pause for a moment though, seemed like their stories were similar that way “One of the only people who do” he admitted with a lighthearted chuckle “She was there for me when pretty much everything in my life changed and no matter what happens I always know she’s there” he chuckled “Not many people you can really say that about in life” perhaps Han would be like that for him one day, but beyond that? No one else. He grimaced a little at the topic of death though it became evident quickly that even that topic didn’t scare the two of them off, at this point he was wondering if there was anything off limits “I try not to think about it too much” he commented and shrugged his shoulders a little as he spoke the words “When I do, I try and turn it into something positive, I must have been given a second chance for a reason right?” perhaps that was too existential a question for people just getting started but he didn’t feel weird talking about this with Dae.

Yeon just had a smile on his lips as he heard Daehyun talk about Mirae, he kinda lit up at the mention of his sister, his voice becoming more animated and excitable and his expressions showing just how much he cared about her, it was nice to see yet another crack in that armor. “I think she’ll go very far, it’s very rare I find someone quite so headstrong and determined” he admitted with a knowing smile. Mirae had told him that she had been through a lot of hardship in the past when it came to the life she led but she had still managed to turn it into something good and while Daehyun may seem a little lost, he got the feeling the pale-haired male could too.

A few minutes had passed while they were talking and all members of being told off and kicked out the cafe seemed to be gone, instead, the two of them were talking about whatever came to mind. The conversation didn’t stop after they climbed into the, admittedly quite small, car either. The driver had zero interest in them, he was too busy arguing and the music was even drowning out the words he was saying anyway. That left Yeon’s full and undivided attention on Dae. They were sitting side by side and he only needed to lean slightly to brush against the Niveis’ shoulder. Yeon ran his tongue over his bottom lip as he watched him take in the information about what the valkyr did for work. In a way, he was glad he didn’t already know because that took the paranoia he had about being used for his money out of the equation. He could relax and do what he wanted without worrying about complications. That was a freeing feeling.

Yeon quirked a brow when Daehyun said he didn’t seem real, that was a strange thing to say, he had thought while he listened to the words Daehyun said “I have my issues, don’t fool yourself into thinking I’m perfect” he chuckled softly but his body did tense because the snowy-haired male had this habit of getting right in close to him and setting him on edge. The purring tone from Dae made Yeon swallow. God, he was so hot it was unfair. It hadn’t even been an hour since he last had him and the valkyr already wanted more. Eyeing the driver for a moment who didn’t seem to give a damn what they were doing Yeon undid his seatbelt and without giving himself a moment to reconsider his actions shifted his position to face the other male. He grabbed onto one of the handles at the top of the door and used it to pull himself over Daehyun’s lap, his knees resting either side of him and then he lowered himself against his thighs “Tell me I’m not real now” he spoke softly as he leaned in close the words barely above a whisper as he dropped soft kisses against Dae’s neck.

An attachment should scare Daehyun off. It really should. But he was also mindful of what kind of attachments he'd develop with the people around him. He only wouldn't care less if it's developing attachments for those he's probably never going to see again, not for a second time, much less a third or the fourth and the numbers go on. Platonic attachments like the ones he have with his best friend, Jae, his sister, his chief, Kal, those connections would tie him with them where he would forever serve as a protector; a watcher, one of the many eyes looking out for them from everywhere possible. He's never had a romantic attachment, much less a relationship to go his way. The niveis simply doesn't believe in the idea of love from a long time ago, and he still doesn't. That is not going to change anytime soon, or perhaps, ever.

Entertaining the idea of possibly finding a prospect in that, is giving himself hope and this is one hope he can survive without. Dae doesn't need a girlfriend or a boyfriend tying him down, he's perfectly content with what he has now. No strings attached, nothing to keep him grounded. With Yeon, it's clear that he's very attracted to the valkyr and wanted more than just sex. Okay, the sex was mind-blowing and once or twice wasn't going to cut it, he needs more. But the elder Stormwind also knew himself well enough to satiate the other desires that is far from the carnal department. The idea of befriending the valkyr was positively impacting him in ways he wasn't sure what it is, just yet. One thing came out of it – Daehyun Stormwind wants to keep Yeonseok Lee around. What Yeon said had truth to it so the niveis nodded in response to it. “You're not wrong. In a way, despite our first encounter being less pleasant, what came after was the opposite. I wanted you, I still do, obviously, but that's not the main focal point here” he said, he's not ashamed to say that outloud. If he doesn't say it now to him, who else would hear it?

“But not in that relationship context, of course. I can deny the attraction, denying myself what I've been giving for the past years would be torturous, so to say. I have no qualms with relationships but I don't want it, it seems like you're one of those people too?” he had that impression of Yeon the first time they met, but would not dare to do his assumptions about that. The moment Yeon confirms it, only then will he be confident enough about the feels he received from this guy. “I'm not good at reassuring people, but I'm sure the right people will be able to see those traits in you and embrace them. They still exist… somewhere, I guess. It's hard to come across them, but I'm choosing to believe what my best friend said. He's unusually very positive.” Jae has changed his perception more than a few times and everytime Dae heard him talk, he couldn't help but to be mesmerized by the dhampir's firm belief and convictions.

So young yet so wise. It's no wonder the marvelled at him and would've had a small crush on him, which he probably did, once upon a time ago, before he knew he was taken and before he's completely edged up on getting hooked for Yeon. Once again, the valkyr continues to surprise him more and more. He had given no indication in what he does for a living, but the blond already filled in the blanks. Interesting. “I've been called smart before, but not like this” he admitted truthfully. Dae found that the more time he spend with the male, the more he found it harder to leave him be just like that without any possibility of meeting him again. Yeon is enticing, drawing him in with ease without even intending on it. Honestly, he did not expect to hear those words rolling off his tongue since Yeon gave him the vibe of someone only listening to what he has to say himself and nobody else. It's his life, his rules, his way.

Catering to the niveis' indirect request is just making him flutter from inside. The way one word was able to make him so giddy shows that perhaps, Daehyun isn't all cold. He's more than that. “I've left Korea for god knows how long. I still can't get used to another language rolling off my tongue because I'll always be reminded of my home, even if wasn't much like home. How long have you been in America? Your accent is fluent enough for most to mistake you as a native” he inquired, clues from how he's said it earlier showed that Yeon is not from America. “Now you're sounding a lot like a life coach.” It's refreshing to hear someone who could speak for themselves, it feels like those people actually still exists. The snowy-haired niveis knew that valkyrs are only created after they've gone through the cycle of death, he remembered encountering a few who just completed their transition but ended up being vampires due to the lack of control, instead. Such a shame.

Yeon was the first valkyr he's met that lived up to the stories. Jae is a half-valkyr so he couldn't even conclude anything from that. But Yeon, on the other hand, probably knew close to nothing about where he came from, which made him feel guilty. When they've established this friendship on a more stable ground, maybe then he'll be able to tell. It only feels right that way. Especially seeing as Dae is a closed off person, retelling the story of his tragic end wasn't something he'd like to remind himself and every time he recalled it, the pale-haired male couldn't feel he sword piercing his flesh. Not really an ideal memory to keep holding on to. He didn't realize that a grin crept up to his lips when he heard how passionate their blond talked about his female friend. “She sounds like a good friend. I think it's important not to be alone when you're at that brink of defeat. Being an immortal can be a lonesome life but it doesn't have to be.” He's glad that Yeon had someone with him, Dae only wished he had someone to help him back then. Perhaps he wouldn't be so cold.

Nodding softly at the mention of it, it was only right that he encouraged the valkyr to see it that way. Not everyone had to be condemned or subjected to a sorrowful empty miserable life. “Live your life the way you want it to be, it's yours, anyway” he murmured, a faint smile tugging on his lips. It feels like forever now. “I hope she does. She deserves to be happy after that... “ Seeing back what she was forced to go through, happiness is what he wishes for her and sadness is the least of what he wanted her to endure once again. Once or twice was enough, there is no need for more. The space inside the car wasn't as spacious, but it was decent. It allowed him to be closer to the blond without intending for it. The music however, he'd lie if it doesn't bother him the slightest, though he learned to let it go and ignore them.

Keeping his eyes trained on the valkyr next to him wasn't helping his case too. His eyes would always wander off back to this luscious plump lips that he made sure got swollen at least twice today alone. “Perfect in my dictionary is slightly different…” he chuckled faintly, finding the amusement in his words and the way he had phrased them. Up until things changed, the next thing he knew, Yeon was already sitting on him, bad surprisingly, it felt so right. Help him now. How is he supposed to look away from this? Most importantly, how is he going to say no? “You're unearthly… it hasn't even been an hour yet” he chided playfully but knew he had no intention of letting him slip away. Dae brought one hand up to run through his blond locks, and licked his lips in contempt. He even went as far as to bit his lips while contemplating if this is right.

When is he ever rational when it comes to these, anyway? So fuck it. Tilting the valkyr's chin up so he would be able to meet his eye, he tugged on his flaxen locks gently before crashing his lips onto the valkyr's own without any hesitation. Not one second had passed and he's already moaning softly into the kiss while the other free hand snaked itself around his waist, pulling him closer. “You're going to make me go crazy, you…”

Relationships just weren’t something that Yeon really wanted for himself, not romantic ones anyway, he didn’t see himself as the guy who went around buying bunches of flowers or pining over someone, people didn’t give him butterflies in his chest and honestly the idea of being tied to one person just didn’t appeal to him. He was a very busy and free-spirited person, he wasn’t sure a partner would be able to handle the constant distance he would put between them, having to work around his busy schedule as well as all the traveling. He hadn’t met anyone he’d want to center his life around and even if he did, it wouldn’t be fair to ask them to commit to someone who was rarely ever there. Like he told Celia, he just didn’t think love was in the cards for him so he never looked for it.

A lot of the people he met though, they did want more. He was willing to give people one night because it was easy to move on after that and you rarely had to see that person again. It was when they kept finding reasons to reappear in his life that he recognize the warning signs, a lot of people had gone to insane lengths to try and lure him into a relationship and every time he had turned them down. A second time meant giving someone hope that there could be more, a third. If it came without the connotation that it could be a relationship then he’d be fine but everyone he met gave him the impression they wanted more. But Daehyun, he was a lot like Yeon, or at least the valkyr got that impression, he liked what he liked and was unapologetic about wanting it, but he wasn’t interested in tying himself down either. “Wanting me for sex is one thing, wanting me to have feelings for them when I don’t and never will, that’s different” he liked being wanted for the fact he was attractive but that was his limit.

“If you want me to tell you I have no interest in a relationship then I can give you that, I don’t” he nodded softly, they were making it absolutely clear where they stood on this and that gave him the comfort he needed to feel like a second time wasn’t a mistake. Yeon had never really met anyone who felt the way he did about love and relationships until he met Daehyun. It was a weight off for him, looking back at the other male he didn’t feel pressure or any awkwardness between them, it was pretty casual actually, which was a nice feeling, freeing. “The right people already have” he affirmed with a slight nod of his head “I’d rather have a few people who I can trust than be surrounded by 100 who I always have to keep at arm’s length” he shrugged softly, people were, for the most part, self-absorbed and greedy. When you found one of the rare ones who were decent, those were the ones you pulled in and never let go. He smiled as he heard Dae talk about Jae though, it seemed like the two of them were very close.

“How did you meet Jae?” he asked curiously, he presumed that’s who Daehyun was talking about when he said his best friend, when he had seen them at first the two of them were joking around with one another and smiling, something he hadn’t seen really for the snowy-haired male. He supposed he would refer to Han as his best friend, they spent a lot of time together and while at first, it had been out of duty, he’d definitely grown to like the celestial’s company a lot. Yeon was pretty good at picking up on tiny details and Daehyun seemed to be the same way, he had to know what he was doing if he wanted to keep up with the business world. People out there wanted to bury you and could easily do so if you didn’t have your wits about you. “I notice a lot about people” he admitted with a soft smile, often he noticed things people did that they didn’t even realize they did themselves. Yeon found himself interested by Dae, he was far more complicated than he first made himself out to be and Yeon liked each layer that seemed to be unraveling. Nothing had sent him running so far.

Yeon had noticed the way that Dae was very fluent in the English language and yet seemed to also hold onto his Korean dialect, the valkyr however, he sounded entirely American nowadays. Being around Americans all day, every day, had that effect, you started picking up the accent and imitating it in your words until you adopted it entirely. Nowadays people would probably be surprised if he told them he hadn’t lived in America his whole life “8 and a bit years” he responded honestly, flicking his eyes up towards the snowy-haired male “Quite literally every business contact I have is American, it doesn’t take long for the accent to sneak up on you” he chuckled softly “And you’ve managed to hold onto your satoori this whole time huh?” it was impressive really. He had let it go when he moved forward because he felt like Korea was a part of his past now. When Dae said he sounded like a life coach “You know in another life I probably would have been one” he chuckled gently.

Yeon really didn’t have many people close to him, Celia was a constant, of course, she was probably the one person he could say without a doubt would always be there if he needed them at any point. He got along with the ambassador Gideon but the two of them weren’t especially close. Hanseol was a close friend but they were still figuring out their friendship and the Volakiri bond they shared which definitely had its teething problems. Everyone else was either a professional contact or distanced friend. Daehyun was...Yeon wasn’t really sure what he was, he kinda filled a box of his own because there wasn’t really defining where this was going to go. He was just holding on for the ride and enjoying it as he went. “I don’t think I would have made it this far without her to be honest” he responded with a shrug “Hopefully she knows that” it would inflate her ego no doubts though. “But you’re right, it doesn’t have to be” that felt like a mutual agreement that they wanted to know one another too. Maybe they could be friends. Friends who had incredibly good sex together?

The blond really enjoyed watching Daehyun talk about his sister, it reminded him of the smiling and playful version he had seen of him with Jae. The valkyr kinda liked the idea of being able to make him smile like that too. He did enjoy brightening other people’s lives, after all, that’s why he did a lot of what he did. His dance company was about far more than money, it was about taking care of his people and helping them to shine. He was the same with his friends, he wanted the best for them and always wanted to boost them up. “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure she does” he gave a faint smile, that was a promise he could make, he saw a lot of his new recruits going far with their talent and energy. Hard working people were the best ones to work alongside.

Yeon noted the way Dae’s eyes kept dropping to his lips, they were both thinking about kissing one another often. Well, the valkyr was more thinking about biting on Daehyun’s since he had been doing it incessantly since they left the bathroom, he wondered if it was to drive him nuts because it was certainly working. The words about being perfect made the blond raise his brows “I didn’t know you had the power to redefine the word perfect hyung” he teased as his knees rested either side of the Niveis’ frame, essentially pinning him to the spot without needing to restrain his arms. He had him right where he wanted him and seeing the look in Dae’s eyes, he didn’t want to be anywhere else. He met his eyes as Dae called him out and he shrugged with a cute smile as he pressed soft kisses against his neck.

He felt the chills tingle down his spine as he felt Daehyun’s hand slip into his hair, the other male knew just the ways to push his buttons by now and it seemed he had no intention of hesitating on using them. It did catch him off guard a little when the other male took hold of his chin and forced his eyes to meet his though. Yeon sucked in a breath only to hum it out softly as he felt the other male’s lips meet his, the force of the kiss catching him by surprise. He was already sitting in Daehyun’s lap but he let him pull him in closer as the kiss deepened, his chest pressing up against the other male’s as he attempted to erase any space between them. The soft words Dae spoke made Yeon chuckle against his lips the sounds of their kisses music to his ears compared with the loud blaring from the speaker “You have quite literally met your match Daehyun Stormwind” he spoke softly, his lips catching against the other male’s as he spoke the words before kissing him again and then began to nibble on that bottom one that had been driving him insane this whole time.

“You really have to stop biting your lip, you can’t keep filling my head with ideas” he murmured between kisses as he wrapped his arms around the Niveis’ neck refusing to stop kissing him or move away from his lips for longer than a couple of breathing seconds. The driver either hadn’t noticed or didn’t give much of a fuck what the two of them were doing in his backseat but it was so hot regardless. It made his head spin at all the possibilities there were for the two of them once they were alone and nothing was stopping them from doing whatever they wanted to one another.

The only reason why Daehyun never saw himself as relationship guy was only because he couldn't even think of him entertaining the very idea of it by playing Romeo. That, and that the life he's leading isn't exactly safe and mild, he's a take or leave it guy, and he's made plenty of enemies throughout the years during his missions. Just because he managed to lay off them, doesn't mean they wouldn't go after the people he cares for, namely his sister and significant other. His sister, he knew, could take care of herself. But his girlfriend? Or boyfriend? How well can they take care of themselves? Wouldn't he be burdened by having to take care of them while focusing on another department entirely? Did Dae even have time to spare for such trivial matter like that? No, he doesn't.

He's a nomad, he lives off a few places over the years and move the next, and whilst Evermore is supposed to be their new home, a permanent one at that, it wasn't as if the snowy-haired niveis had any intentions of staying any longer than he needs to. He was thinking of exiting the tribe and find his own peace, very soon even. If it wasn't because of Yeon today, he would've gone home afterward and start packing his stuff already. He promised to keep in touch with Jae and there's been talks about moving but nothing confirmed as of yet. There's nothing else for him in Evermore. Other than his sister and his best friend, no one else is tying him to the eternal city. Until this guy set his foot inside his life, that's when everything changed. Quite literally. The valkyr was an unexpected presence in his story, the one that wasn't even tailored through yet, but the longer he sees it, the more he's sure Yeonseok Lee is a very interesting addition to his path. How is he going to leave Evermore now that he's already making the first step on befriending yet another person, who no doubt would be able to make him stay with one blink?

There is no mistaking his weakness around the valkyr and the latter has shown that he had no problem exploiting it too when it serves him of great interest. Daehyun was flattered and found himself leaning closer towards the blond without realizing his plans on leaving just went out of the window, momentarily. But to find that again might take some time. “The way you phrased it, me wanting you for sex, sounds harsh,” he pointed out dryly, a smirk gracing his lips faintly. “not that you're not good at them, you're very good at what you offer” that was him indirectly telling him that sex with him was the best he could've ever experienced in his 40 years of roaming around. It's amusing to him. At first, it was exactly that. The pale-haired male wanted no more than to feel the blond's flesh against his, skin to skin, lips attached on one another and pleasuring each other like there was no tomorrow to look forward to. What's changed? Nothing much. Close to nothing.

Only now, Yeon gained his respect and they wanted to form a friendship around the circle surrounding them, but would it be successful? No one knows. That's the best part when it comes to the both of them, neither party knew what would happen. Everything is unpredictable. They are unpredictable. The prospect of being friends sounded too good to be true, but it didn't mean Dae didn't want to try. Yeon is a good company. Friends who casually have mind-blowing sex with each other? Can that even work? How is he going to keep his hands off this then? Problems after another. A relieved sigh escaped his lips as he heard from Yeon that he too, has no interest in relationships. That's odd yet not surprising at the same time. The blond gives off a certain vibe but there is also hidden layers to him, he's more than what he poses himself to be. And Daehyun wants to find out.

“That's very wise of you” he murmured softly, noting the maturity he held in his stance and movements. Of course, he too, would agree with him about keeping one person who's loyal to the end rather than a hundred who he always had to keep an eye out for. The world is a bitter and cruel place for those who have no idea how to play the game, after all. This was the part where he's sure he's slightly luckier than the latter. The elder Stormwind has people reaching out to him, it was only him who said no, despite knowing fully well they are trustworthy and kind people. Perhaps, he didn't want anyone to pull him back to the past that held nothing but misery for the niveis. Every time he looks at one of their tribe member, he would be reminded of the century long tyrannical rule of Coldren. It was simply something he cannot get off from his head, so there he is. When Yeon asked how he met Jae, Dae pressed his lip into a thin line before chuckling tenderly. He really likes the dhampir, he had so many potential in him that he wishes to see triggered one day. Jae is still growing and that's the best part, knowing there was so much more than the dhampir could achieve if he sets his mind to it.

“It's a silly story. I went to the local university's library because they had more information, I swear I didn't sneak in. They never checked any ID on me, though admittedly it was late, they're probably just tired. Who would want to rob a library anyway,” the fact that he went through such lengths to justify and defend himself for the entrance showed it wasn't all cold and harsh with Daehyun Stormwind. He's warm when he wants to be. People just needed to find the right buttons to push. “My hair is you can see right now. It's almost white. The power went out and I hit the aisle, books rained on me and Jae thought I was a ghost” he shrugged, smiling fondly at the hilarious first encounter memory of theirs. “he helped me navigate through the city's history when I was doing a few digging. Then, I offered to train him after knowing he's a dhampir… push comes to pull, we developed great chemistry and become friends.” It was a rather normal one, surprisingly. “And you? How did you meet Han? I suppose not on a blind date, obviously.” It seems that it's been established there was nothing romantic between the two but still, Dae wanted to know.

8 years does sound like a while to pick up some of the things along the way, especially when his everyday life revolves around the said language. Hell, even Dae spoke that language after fleeing from Daegu. Technically, his English would've dominated his linguistic ability but the niveis is a secret sentimentalist, he still valued his home, not specifically, but in general. It's not something he can just take away without stripping his identity. “Where I was from, the satoori is quite impossible to shrug off. Mirae doesn't use it because well, she never found a liking to it even back then. Slightly different from Busan satoori, but Daegu has its own charms to it. I see the city retained its charms until today, that's good.” There was no doubt Dae's been visiting once or twice over the past few years, reminiscing what he's lost. He even went searching for his former tribe to locate his parents’ resting place. Seeing the way the valkyr described his female friend, the niveis found himself robbery in awe of him. Easily detected but neither probably noticed. How many times has he had the chance to meet someone like this?

Seeing as his jobs always direct him to the worst of the worst, it's easy to say he hasn't exactly gotten the best experience in dealing with people that's nice. “I'm sure she knows it. It's good to have someone you can lean to when things get hard” he wants someone like that too, and Jae is slowly making up to that number one list. Now he's curious of how it would feel like if Yeon is one of his friends. Then comes that problems again though, how in the world is he supposed to control his carnal lust around him? The sex was way too good to just pushed away, but he's also someone who doesn't want to jeopardize a friendship over something that could be settled. The elder male sent a thankful smile his way when he thought about Mirae. Of course, he wants the best for his baby sister. It's in his blood to want everything nice for her. “Thank you” he mumbled his gratitude for the other male in taking care of his sister when he's not. If there was one part of the valkyr's body that he had to choose as his favorite, it would be his lips. Those lips often became the reason why Dae would come back for more. Abusing it felt like an accomplishment. He likes kissing him, more than anything else. There was just something about kissing the blond that really excites him.

Scoffing in response to his words, he rolled his shoulders and smirked. “When you live your own life, you get that power,” leaning closer until he was so sure the minimal space between them would drive the other male crazy. “besides, I can do a lot more than change words” he hummed, it sounds just like Dae to whisper crude things to Yeon. That endearment term that he still wore around for the niveis did almost evoke a moan from him. He's so vocal it's insane. How is he supposed to stay calm when Yeon's over there, calling him hyung? “I think you have met your match, Yeonseok Lee” he retorted sarcastically but smiled either way in that kiss. That very moment he felt the valkyr nibbling on his bottom lip was when he leaned against the seat as if he was rendered weak from it. “Who's to say you haven't already been filling that head with ideas, hm?” When Jae said he's a cat, he can really purr very well. Daehyun hummed against his lips and tugged on the blond's bottom lip, stretching it just a while longer to elicit another much needed reaction from the valkyr. “And these lips… need to start behaving.” The way Yeon pressed himself closer against him had him buckle his hips up automatically, as a hiss escaped him.


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