Full Name : Andrew Emil Dietrich

Nicknames / Alias : Mawl

Face Claim : Stephen Amell

Age : 30/649

Date of Birth : 5th April, 1370

Place of Birth : Copenhagen, Denmark

Sexuality : Heterosexual (up to player’s preference)

Nationality/Species : German-Danish Niveis

Occupation : Mercenary (formerly)

Distinguishing marks : Left Wrist Tattoo / Former tribal marks on his left shoulder/ Niveis tattoo on his right side of his torso

Status : Not within the community yet

Personality :

Positive - Calculating, Meticulous, Fair, Respectful | Negative - Devious, Impulsive, Cynical, Conceited

Andrew Emil Dietrich was born to a set of parents that were both loving and nurturing in one of the biggest and largest Initia tribe in Copenhagen. His arrival to the world had been long awaited by the entire tribe since his mother was the sister of the current Magister. It was also solely due to the fact that the Magister wasn't able to give any heir to the tribe after 10 years. It had been written before, that legitimate right will be transferred down to him as agreed by all the leaders. The magister, Eron, have been suffering an illness that was slowly deteriorating his health since a few years ago and his wife had recently passed away. The name Andrew Emil Dietrich was bestowed upon the twilight child to bring the Greek meaning for "strong", "manly", "courageous” and Emil was derived from the Latin aemulus meaning “rival”, a rather prodigal name for the baby boy, as the entire tribe had high hopes for him.

Growing up, Andrew was nurtured and taught every art he needed to master for his future. Since the Initia children would not be claimed until the age of 7, he had plenty of time to get used with every element there was.  The tribe was mildly comprised of humans as well as the Initias, with the majority being Initias themselves. As soon as he reached the age 5, the entire tribe was surprised with the news brought by the infamous couple that were his parents, noting that he would be having a younger brother soon. He was very enthusiastic and looked forward to the day of his birth,  where he would finally be able to share and divide the burden that was placed on him. Andrew would never have told anyone that he felt severely depressed every time he would not be able to achieve his goals due to the pressure he's felt since the moment he was born.

It wasn't until his mother took it up herself to confront the young boy and asked if anything was bothering him. A young Andrew dismissed it playfully by saying he was just exhausted from the daily practices and nothing more. But Freja, who was a powerful person in her own right, especially in the element of fire itself, prodded her only son with the truth. The boy did not fall down to the attempts, however convincing his mother was at the notion of becoming. Nevertheless, a week after his 7th birthday, he started to feel searing pain on his back that eventually resulted him complaining the pain and ache he's been suffering, to his mother. His mother went to his room and inspected his back, while covering her mouth as she gaped at the lines that made itself visible, trailing down his shoulder blades.

His mother said nothing about what he was experiencing, leaving young Andrew in dilemma, if he should do his own research on the weird occurrences that has been manifesting in him. The only thing he remembered her telling her, was that under no circumstances was he to tell anyone what he has been experiencing. Very strictly. It was the first time Andrew had witnessed his mother spiraling out of her usual demeanor and calming air that she exuded.

By the time his younger brother, Anders, was born to the world and celebrated much like the same manner during his own, Andrew grew more quiet than ever and turned into a whole new person. His rather exuberant and outgoing self was not depicted no more in his days, resulting his friends wondering what was going on with the young Initia. He has always been good at masking his emotions and replaced everything with another whole different air that makes it impossible for others to pinpoint whatever was happening to him.

Up until he reached 11 years old. Things got so much more difficult as his uncle that became his mentor since a child, grew sicker as the years passed by. One day when he was coming for his usual tutoring, his uncle expressed his desire to make him his heir as he feared his time was not lingering around any longer. “I know you are ready. You're a powerful fire Initia. You will serve as a competent replacement for me. It was what you've been taught to do since the moment you were born. I swear I was the one who was happier than your parents.” The latter was not wrong as Andrew did grow closer to his uncle rather than his own father, who gave his every attention to his younger brother. His mother, the 3rd child and youngest of the family, was younger than his uncle by about 13 years, making him to be over 53 years.

During his much more frequent trips to his uncle's home for the next few years, he learned more about their family's history, even up to the details of his mother going against the tribe a time ago to marry his father, an Earth Initia that hailed from Munich. That, and how his uncle descended into his current title and position as magister of his tribe at 19 years old. His control over the fire element gradually got worse as it often spirals out of control, and the poor lad resented his family for not helping him through such an important in his life, especially when he was probably about to ascend the title of the next magister. Freja closed him off from her life completely, as the couple focused on his brother, altogether. As he roused himself at the fledgling age of 15, he finally couldn't take it anymore. It was shortly after his uncle passed away at the age of 57, that Andrew felt every rage emitting itself into his focus. Everyone kept giving his knowing looks but his mother would not even spare him a glance.

Not one.

The next few days, he locked himself in his own solitary confinement inside his room, refusing to speak or see anyone else. However, the moment he got out of the room, he witnessed a loving moment where his mother and father doted upon his brother as they jested around like the happy family they were supposed to be. The jealousy he never thought he had just splurged out in an instance, where the curtains suddenly caught itself on fire. His mother saw him and dragged him outside, away from prying eyes until they arrived somewhere inside the woods. Freja told him to leave and never come back, and when Andrew asked why, the only answer he received was “It was for your own good.”

It wasn't good enough for him. But she made sure he left when he was supposed to. “If you love me, you will leave, Andrew.” It simply wasn't good enough for him so he retaliated strongly against his own mother until she dropped the weight on his true identity. “You are a Phoenix! A rare deviant species that you so diligently studied with your uncle. An abomination to the world.” She didn't need to say anything more, Andrew who's heard and studied the species since he could read, felt like he's been fooled his entire life. With no other words being uttered, but a goodbye, he packed what he was allowed and fled the tribe the next day at first light.

Andrew lived a nomadic pattern throughout his journeys, making a mark at every place he ventured to. However, the once light hearted person he was shifted gradually into someone that was bitter and filled with resentment. He grew colder as the years passed by and led a post-unattached life, never settling anywhere for more than one or two months. The phoenix didn't bother making any acquaintances anywhere for fear that he will develop an attachment to them. For the first four centuries, his focus was solely maintained on Eastern Europe, from Belarus to Romania. He went through a few rebirths due to his tendency in getting in trouble that originated from his reckless nature. He had contracts as a mercenary that went by the pseudonym, Mawl.  An occupation he opted for, as he was able to put his abilities to good use.

It was just supposed to be a simple mission, kill and be done with it. Like any other. But on the eve of Christmas in 1983 Oslo, he couldn't bring himself to deliver the kill that night as he stared at the blonde woman from afar. The woman who was supposed to be his target. She was staring at the Christmas tree at the town square with so much sadness filling her piercing blue optics. A weird mixture of empathy itself came out of Andrew as he went against his own code. He followed the woman for next couple of years, protecting her from every edge. Up until she confronted her and told him she knew he's been trailing her ever since. The phoenix expressed his honesty on not knowing why he felt a protective urge to protect her. The woman who revealed herself to be Josefine Dietrich, told him that it was only evident that he would feel protective brotherly urges.

Andrew dismissed her, saying he didn't have any other sibling with the exception of Andersen, who probably died so long ago. And he certainly did not possess any younger sister. She revealed his family's tribal marks that was tattooed on her forearm, and yet he still would not believe her, constantly debunking her by saying his family was famous in Copenhagen a time ago, so she could've been an imposter all along. Upon being met by opposition from her eldest brother, Josefine took it up to herself to show every evidences that brought her authentic identity, briefly informing the male that all three of Freja's children ended up being phoenixes. Including her and Andersen. Shortly after Andrew left Copenhagen, she was conceived by Freja and Peter. She managed to pierce through the cold walls that Andrew built for centuries over the resentment he had towards his family for not regarding him when they should, and eventually reminded her brother that family is still there for him. How Andersen and her have searched through the ends of earth for him while encountering multiple rebirths.

However, much to their dismay, the auspicious day that became their reunion was ruined when Andrew's employers went after Josefine, as he did not fulfill the end of the contract. They were easily outnumbered and despite their experiences and strengths being the older species, they were bested the moment Andersen was struck down by a blow against his shoulder blades. The weakness that Andrew never knew he had was revealed to be his siblings. The last thing he remembered was Derek, his employer; telling him that if he wasn't able to do his job properly, there was no need to keep him around, before the darkness engulfed him as the the golden end of the blade pierced his chest. Their bodies were then thrown inside the cold frozen water.

When he woke up, instead of feeling the usual warmth in his blood, he felt the cold instead. When he searched for his brother and sister, he couldn't find them. The male searched wildly for any sight of his siblings until he found them stranded again the edge of the frozen stream,  with both still in their unconscious state. Despite being the last to fall, he was the first to awaken shortly after his transition into yet another deviant species of theirs. One that was never heard before. Andrew waited for his siblings to wake up as he sat next to them, laid in the cold wintery weather of December. He also found a new mark etched on his right torso, a mark of a blue phoenix. The moment the other two woke up, they basked in their reunion that was previously short lived and tried to figure where to start again now that they were no longer phoenixes. Even though he was once again thrown into a world of being something and someone that was left out, he was glad he had people to help him through this; something that he didn't have when he was struggling as a phoenix, that resulted his rather bitter personality.

There, the three of them vowed to stay together and to help each other with the progressive state of their current selves. It was early 2019, where the three Dietrich siblings attended a New Year's festival and heard about Evermore. Without wasting any time, Andrew led both his brother and sister on a trip to Colorado to find the said city, hoping they would be able to live a better life as they begin anew. Little did they know, they were about to find something much more in the infamous supernatural city.

Family :

Peter Dietrich (father - deceased)

Freja Dietrich (mother - deceased)

Anders Dietrich (younger brother)

Josefine Dietrich (younger sister)

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