Name: Caspian Oakley

Age of Appearance: 50 | Actual Age: 110

Birth Location: London, England | Current Location: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal

Species: Niveis | Rank: Scout Leader of the Community

Family:  Lucia Aspen Oakley (Daughter), Camilla Oakley (Sister), Anivia Frostbourne (Mother of his daughter)

Distinguishing Marks: Icy Blue Phoenix (location players choice)

Faceclaim: Clark Gregg


Positive: Honorable, Talented, Intelligent | Negative: Flighty, Arrogant, Emotional

Born to a proud English Initia family, The Oakley clan prided themselves on their expertise on earthen element that claimed them. Charles and Hannah were just as prideful as their other family members. So the moment that Hannah was with child they already knew that they were going to work with the child to be as connected to earth as they could be. Soon in no time Hannah gave birth to a male heir.

Caspian was his father's pride and joy. While Charles would have loved the child no matter the gender something about having a son first, a child to carry your name on was something the Initia was proud of. All the first born males in the Oakley clan gained the earthen element. With no reason to think Caspian would be any different  Charles had Caspian watch him while he trained his element showing him the powers he would have one day.

Caspian spent his short life figuring he would be just like his dad ad the other males in his family. It was when he was seven he was playing with his younger sister  Camilla when he felt a burning in his chest. He moved deeper into the woods feeling the need to place space and be alone. As he laid in the field he was breathing erratically and then the red veins spread and he felt like he was on fire.

His little sister was worried about him, since he had crawled off on his own finding her way to her mother doing her best to explain that Caspian went off on his own till finally showing her where he was. Hannah took one look at Caspian and knew that she had to take his life, that he was to be a Phoenix. Sending her daughter back to the clan she picked up her son and moved with him to the river.

She stood there struggling as she knew she should drowned the male child before he could bring harm to the family. She watched as her child struggled in pain and then took pity on him creating a raft out of the wood. Placing her child who was in pain on the raft and set him off to let the river take him and let fate decide what would happen to him.

Caspian watched in pain as his mother faded out of view, confusion spread through him, it wasn’t till the young child washed ashore in an unknown location that he was sure not to survive in long enough on his own. That was when Lucia found the child, Lucia had been casted from her tribe just like he had when she was younger learning how to be a phoenix on her own.

Taking in the child she raised him, teaching him what he was and how he would have to control his anger. Everytime he showed anger she calmed him telling him a story of a princess locked in a cabin. Lucia not only raised Caspian as if he was her own, teaching him how to read and write along with training him in his fire abilities in ways he could only dream off. To Caspian Lucia was more of a mother then his own had ever been.

As Caspian grew he question Lucia on others of their kind, and why he was the way he was. So she told him that most of their kind do not choose a peaceful path, that being a phoenix if being of a malace soul could lead to destruction of the world That it was to be safer for them if they stayed hidden from the world. That they were a deviation of what his parents were. A mutation that scared the Initia more than anything because it showed them that they were limited in fire wielding.

Over the years Caspian began to hate being locked away in the woods, he yearned for adventure so one day when Lucia was off getting food for them, he made his way through the woods. He manage to find his way into a town, he found his way into a pub and drank the night away. He laughed and had a good time with the people there and time just seem to slip away from him. Next thing he knew it was night and he knew he was going to be in massive trouble with Lucia.

He made his drunken way home when he found a group of initia had found their home and had murder Lucia by removing her head. Caspian grew enraged and looked to the Initia who had attacked their home only to realize it was his tribe. His mother and father stood their ready to kill him, he moved his hand up ready to engulf them in flames when his younger sister stood in front of him.

All fight left him, but that was his downfall as Camilla plunged the blade into his chest nicking his heart. His hand raised to Camilla leaving his hand print burned into her shoulder as he stumbled back taking off. Caspian didn’t make it far when he landed into the river that had once brought him to Lucia, he had already been on the brink of death, he wasn’t sure if the water had taken him or the blade that was in his chest that he manage to free from its lodged place just before hitting the water.

All Caspian knew was when he awoke next it was on the shore, the waves lapping against him, something was off within himself. He had no concept of time that had passed as he crawled his way from the shore line. He found his way to a small town in england where he started a new life for himself. After losing Lucia he wasn’t sure what to do with his life, he had no one he trusted. He also no longer had the burn inside of him or the red veins that use to grace his skin before.

He had an icy blue phoenix mark that appeared on his skin. It took him time to realize he had control of ice and water longer then he would like to admit. He wondered what had happened to him, if there were even others like him. With no ties to anything anymore he set out on what he would consider the adventure of his lifetime. He moved from place to place expanding his knowledge base of the world and looking for others like him, doing his best to avoid Phoenix and Initia alike not wanting to be dragged into what he considered a pointless war.

His travels brought him to group of people who seem to be looking for him. They showed their abilities to him proving they were like him stating that they had a whole tribe made up of just Niveis on an island if he wished to join them on their travels back. He chose to go with them knowing in the end he could just leave if he couldn’t find answers to the questions he had.

Landing on the island made Caspian feel out of place and at home all at once, the cold had no effect on him and the tribe was filled with people openly practicing their abilities with no fear of being killed. It was so different from the way he was raised. These people were proud of what they were.

Shortly after arriving he met the Chief of the tribe Anivia, she was quick to dismiss herself and yet he didn’t want her to leave. He had so many questions for her, so he waited among the tribe as they had dinner to see if he could catch her again so he could ask her his questions. When he saw Anivia again though she was rushing from the tent she rushed to an he could clearly tell something was wrong.

Caspian followed Anivia from the camp and when he saw her about to explode in rage he stepped in. Caspian took hold of Anivia hands even though it was a high risk to interrupt a Niveis in a rage just like a phoenix. She was trembling all he wanted to do was to help her. Caspian remembered how Lucia would tell him a story to calm him in his phoenix rage. So that is what Caspian did he began to tell her the story of a princess who had been kidnapped and hidden away and how a brave knight saved her, by the time he was done with his story the anger seem to have calmed in the Niveis Chief.

Anivia seemed grateful for Caspian and invited him back to her tend for tea. Which Caspian jumped on, he couldn’t explain how he felt about her. Something about the Chief was breathtaking and he needed to get to know her. So he followed her to her tent and spent the night talking with her, The two shared their past with the other, it was an emotional night for them both. Emotions going crazy they both leaned into each other to comfort the other spending the night together.

So began their secret love affair. Caspian understood that Anivia didn’t want to let her tribe know about her relationship with him. As it was new and neither of them knew if they would stay together or just be friendly. Their secret didn’t last long though and before he knew it they were being pushed together wanting a union between the two. Anivia made it clear that wasn’t what she wanted to Caspian, but the tribe was worried she was going to be like her father. Something he knew she feared more than she would let anyone see. So even though it hurt him that she wanted to end their affair he understood. Her tribe came first and always would, Caspian stepped back and focused more on his time learning about the tribe and their ways.

Caspian spent his time learning how to help bring the tribe of the isle. He wanted to be as helpful as he could while learning about a tribe that had mainly been Niveis only. He liked learning the differences and the similarities they held to their Phoenix counterparts. As time passed Caspian and Anivia learned that she was with child. Though Caspian wouldn’t tell Anivia this, it brought a fear to him. He had never thought about being a father having issues with his own parents. He was worried he wouldn’t be a good father.

Caspian did know though if he was going to have a child brought into this world, it should be with the woman he cared for deeply. One evening Caspian asked Anivia is she would marry him now that they were to have a child. Still Anivia refused to union with him, Caspian felt hurt that his former lover still denied him. He was to the point of giving up on them, but looking to her growing belly he knew that he would never give up on being there for her. He vowed to himself to be whatever Anivia needed even if it was a friend, and he would always be there for his future child.

When Anivia gave birth to their beautiful daughter, looking upon the baby girls face Caspian saw a future he never knew there could be.  Caspian looking upon their child asked if she could be named after the woman he considered his mother, the woman who had died because of the initia and a pointless war, That is how Lucia Aspen Oakley gained her name, from two strong female warriors before her time.

After Lucia turned five Caspian started to join the scouting missions, to help bring people back to the isle that would benefit the tribe leave the isle. Caspian became someone Anivia rely on always, but they both knew that he could never be her second in command as they had to much bias in their hearts for one another. For many years Caspian came and went as he pleased bringing Lucia tales of the world as he did so.

Caspian favorite time was returning home to his daughter seeing how she had grown in his time away. Bring her little gifts and lessons from the world around them. Promising to take her with him some time, when she was ready. Caspian and Lucia were close and very much alike. Though his heart broke every time he left he knew she was safer in the tribe with her mother. Caspian feared that Lucia would be taking from him just like the woman who was like his mother.

On one of Caspian trips he brought a man named Rhydian Snow back with him to the isle. He watched Rhydian become close with his little family and part of him hated it. He found Rhydian to be rude and far to dark for his liking but Anivia trusted him so Caspian kept his bias thoughts to himself keeping a close eye on him even when he wasn’t there he always had someone reporting to him about Rhydian’s actions.

Caspian Missions became more frequent as they were planning to move the tribe for the isle was rapidly approaching. Though Caspian was shocked to learn it was to happen quicker then he had expected. One of Anivia’s trusted tribe members found him while he was in london picking up a gift for Lucia explaining that they had moved from the tundra. The pair found their way back to the tribe, Caspian chose to stop leaving the tribe at that point once returning.

The tribe traveled around the world together until they found Evermore settling in the mountain tops. Evermore was going to be their best chance at a normal life being what they were. Caspian chose to spend more time with Lucia. They would take trips into town and walk among the shops, talk about opening up a shop and selling trinkets that Lucia had carved. It was one of their times walking through town when Caspian spotted Camilla. He hadn’t seen his sister since she plunged the dagger in his chest. Quickly taking Lucia back to the tribe Caspian returned to the city on the hunt to find his sister, unsure of what he was going to do when he found her.

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