Name: Dario Marceli

Species: Niveis 

Faceclaim: David Castaneda

Age: 35 years old


Kind hearted - Caring - Optimistic - Free Spirited  | Persistent - Opinionated - Impatient - Flakey

Lareina was born on the 1st November 1984 to Phoenix parents, Adriana and Diego Marceli; both parents were truly ecstatic of the birth of their child, and in particular the day in which she decided to enter the world - The Day of the Dead. Adriana and Diego believed that Lareina was a gift from their deceased loved ones; a long overdue gift but finally the universe played nice. Thus, it was no surprise that the baby girl was loved upon and showered with many gifts from the moment that she left the hospital; the family lived a very mundane life, despite being a Phoenix household, they chose to live among the human community for as long as they were able. The community in which they lived in was incredibly small, their neighbours also being Mexican-American too; therefore, despite not being biologically related, Lareina had many Aunts and Uncles and cousins to play with. Due to the showering of love she received from her first breath, it was no surprise that she a loving being herself; she was gentle, softly spoken but more importantly - respectful of everyone and everything around her. 

Being such a soft being also confused many people outside of her community; her Father, Diego being one of the top Agents in The Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI, primarily focusing on serial killers. Diego attempted with all his might to keep his daughter away from the graphic images and files but she was simply too curious for him and always found a way to get a peek. Yet, the things she saw did not phase her in the slightest, it did not bring on the nightmares nor any violent behaviour; she simply felt sadness in her heart that these poor individuals had their lives taken away from them for no good reason. They were people who were not like her, or her family who had the chance to live again once one lifespan reached it end; and knowing that her Father was trying to do everything in his power to prevent more deaths, made Lareina so proud. With this in mind, she often tried to make his home life as stress free as possible, which included helping her Mother around the house and not getting into trouble in the schooling system. 

Lareina was an A* pupil in almost every subject, but it wasn't necessarily due to born knowledge, she spent most of her free time in the school's library to study; she had high hopes for her own career path and desired to reach an Ivy league college after graduation. However, as she aged, and reached puberty she soon became subject to many boys affections; at first, the attention was very much unwelcomed, it made her feel awkward and made her shy away from any further interaction which simply was not needed. Lareina declined many parties and date offerings as she did not want to get distracted from her end goal of achieving great status within the FBI; she wished to follow her Father and join the justice system. Plus, she loved her Father dearly and knew that if she gave into the teenage dating scene, it would surely give him a heart attack if he found out that she was considering anything more with a male. However, she could only avoid such attention for a short period of time and eventually, one boy managed to change her mind; and soon enough, one party led to many other parties. 

She hated to admit it to her family, but she absolutely adored the attention she was receiving; many of the individuals she spent time with were humans, thus, she believed her Phoenix nature drew them in. It was at this point that her family noticed a difference in her behaviour; their once well behaved daughter was now staying out late at night and began to let her grades slip all because of her desire for popularity. However, due to the alcohol and drugs she was taking on a regular basis, her body began to shut down; and her heart could not handle the stress which she was putting on it. Diego was unsure of what this meant for his daughter as he feared if her heart became lifeless, Lareina would not be able to survive a rebirth if it happened; therefore, with his supernatural connections he kept, albeit never used, he arranged surgery to aid his daughters survival. The surgery was long and emotional as they waited for their daughter to come back to them with a new, and stronger heart; one that had not been through the trauma of substance abuse. 

Once she came back round, she promised her family that she would not dabble in such activities anymore; however, she refused to give up her status within school and would continue to attend parties and social gatherings. In fact, her open heart surgery attracted more attention at school. People wanted to see her scar, they would ask her multiple questions about the processes and if she felt any different with a new heart; and funnily enough the latter confused her greatly because she did feel different but Lareina kept it to herself as the small community would not understand her position. Despite still coming across as both the loving girl she once was as well as the popular girl at school; she couldn't deny the overwhelming feeling that she was now in the wrong body. Lareina kept the secret to herself for many months, and even years throughout her rebirths; but despite the new life she would get, the underlying feeling of still being in the wrong body continued. 

Due to the sudden onsets of rebirths she experienced after her surgery, her family decided to relocate to another small town in California; the move frustrated Lariena but she knew it was for the best if they were to keep their identity a secret from the mundane world. However, she was thankful that when she settled into community college - yes, she did not and could not maintain her grades to get into the college of her dreams; her status continued which certainly helped with her identity crisis. Diego managed to keep his job going, interviewing convicted serial killers as well as assisting towns and cities with their ongoing unexplained murders. However, little did they know that the move would change their life forever.

Upon one winter evening, Lareina was invited to an after party to celebrate the Christmas holidays; the hostess had a miraculous house, in fact, the young Phoenix had never seen anything like it. The party was just as incredible - people were laughing, dancing, drinking their  body weight in alcohol; the temptation to join in was incredibly hard but she was able to resist and still join in. Soon enough, the early morning hours crept in and people began to venture home but for Lareina, it was still so early so she remained alone, in the winter air in front of the swimming pool; her feet dangling in the water - the fire in her blood keeping her warm. The Phoenix was in her own little world, thinking about where she wanted to go in life considering she had many years ahead of her. However, that evening, one of her lives was cruelly taken; from behind, a hooded figure approached her and hit the back of her head roughly with a rock - rendering the girl unconscious. With her unconscious body, the hooded figure pushed the body into the pool and kept her head underwater for long enough to know she would not wake from the experience; once satisfied her life had been taken, he took off and left her there floating. 

Lareina's body was found by her Father who was concerned over her safety as she did not return home at the hour she was expected; he also called in his supernatural workforce to begin an investigation over the attack. He took his daughter's body home, and waited impatiently for her rebirth to come; but what they witnessed was utterly baffling, a scene that they had heard about but not the one they had ever experienced in their lifetime. Their beautiful daughter was now a man; they looked on in horror as the male awoke confused in their daughters bed. The silence lingered in the room as the male familiarised himself with his surroundings before commenting on his parent's expression. This triggered many conversations within the Marceli household, and he explained that since the heart surgery he forever felt in the wrong body and now, now he felt at home in the male body; Lareina now called herself and went by the name of Dario. Of course, Adriana and Diego were happy for their son that he had found peace within himself but certainly were concerned over the next noticeable difference. 

When Dario began to practice his powers, fire was now ice; his eyes glowed blue with each ability and he could not deny the cold sensation that ran through his veins. Due to the sheer panic and confusion, it was no coincidence that a woman by the name of Anivia appeared at the Marceli door; she explained what had happened to Lariena/Dario and of her tribe in Evermore City who were both born and turned Niveis. Anivia welcomed Dario to the tribe and due to his natural curiosity and need to for something new; not to mention escaping the murder, Dario accepted Anivia’s offer and traveled back to Evermore to explore a Supernatural City - a city he never knew existed, after all, he was brought up in a mundane society. With his new life in the city, and within the tribe, his murder case turned cold, however, in his free time he continued to access police files to try and locate the murderer so he could have his sweet revenge.

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