Jay Avon Clark

Age (Appearance): 25 | Species: Initia | Age (Real): 28

Faction: Ailward Guard | Rank: Upto Roleplayer's Preferences

Subspecies: Privus | Elements: Water and Electricity

Faceclaim: Luke Mitchell

History of Name: The name Jay means BLUEBIRD and is of English origin. It can also be a nickname for those who enjoy talking, as in ‘jabberjay’. The name Avon is Irish in origin and means CREEK or BED OF WATER. The surname Clark is English in origin and evolved from the word and profession CLERK.

Birth: December 9th, 1991

Occupation: Electrician and Mechanic in Evermore

Parents: Juliana and Jeremy Clark

Siblings: Jasmine Clark, half-sister (21)

Species: Intia. Jay and his family are Initia and have the ability to control the elements. However, unlike some of the Initia in Evermore, they have learned after meeting Rosalyn Sterling that they have the markings for being Privus Initia. They all have one Radix power, apart from Jasmine and Juliana, who is pure Privus and the result of an affair between her Mother and another pure Privus initia. Much like Rosalyn, neither of them received powers until the incident. Jay and is father both had the Radix element of water before meeting Rosalyn and then gaining subsequently electricity (Jay) and ice (Jeremy).

Heritage: Jay was raised in a coven of Initia in West Virginia, United States; this is where he was taught about his powers and met other people like him. His family had some complications, however, as neither his Mother and Sister received powers until well into adulthood.

Religion: Jay does not consider himself religious, but partially spiritual. He regularly practices yoga as a way to train his mind and body and hone his powers.

Hobbies: When it comes to hobbies, Jay swims to keep fit and makes films with his friends in his spare time.

Likes: Being part of a group, rising early, and having a routine

Dislikes: Isolation, a lack of exercise, and pineapple on pizza

~Can be changed to roleplayer's preferences~

Julianna Clark was a doctor who specialized in treating cancer and his Jeremy Clark was an Olympic diver who had retired and then chose work as a trainer for those undergoing cheMotherapy. They waited many years to have children after devoting their lives to other pursuits and met through family friends. Julianna had always considered herself unlucky when it came to matters of being an Initia. Her powers had never truly manifested, unlike the rest of her family. Perhaps that was why she chose to dedicate so much time to serving humanity. When it came to Jeremy, he was a water initia, and spent much of his life in the water. They married in their late thirties and chose to settle down on the Eastern seaboard of the USA. This was where their son, Jay, was born and grew up in one of the biggest Initia covens. His parents moved to the area wishing to make a name for themselves in the field of science.

It wasn’t hard for them to do that, considering the prestige of Julianna’s degree and Jeremy’s athletic accomplishments. They opened a treatment facility which on weekdays was open to humans and on weekends closed to the public and converted into an Initia training facility. The money that they made in both of their careers made it a successful, secretive venture. Covered by the workday logo of treating cancer patients, many lost young Initia who struggled controlling their powers came to Julianna and Jeremy and found a temporary home to heal inside. However, the work was hard for Julianna, considering that she herself had never had powers. Very often, people questioned what she was doing inside a society that benefited people with elemental powers, when she had none. Despite knowing it was wrong, she began finding comfort in one of the other trainers and not her husband. At first it was just a friendship, but over time it grew into an affair which eventually became Jay’s younger half-sister, Jasmine, and led to the divorce of his parents.

Jay was only seven when his parents got a divorce. It wasn’t easy on a young child to split his life between two homes. Living with his father was the only home he’d ever known and moving into a new life with his Mother was new and unfamiliar. It left him full of uncertainties to see his family splitting down the middle. However, as a generally bright and adaptive child, he rose to the challenges that came with a new stepfather and sister. It didn’t last long before it became clear that as a busy doctor his Mother had much less time for him than his father did. Whatever weekends he spent at her house were full of crying babies, dirty diapers, and Juliana monitoring his homework. Jay wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having a step-dad nor was his step-dad thrilled with the idea of having him. The only peace and quiet he found on every other weekend was in the yearly pass that his Mother had purchased to the local aquarium. It was something that he’d asked for forever and only now received with no holds barred. In essence, a bribe. The custody battle waged on for three years and when almost daily trips to visit the fish couldn’t satiate him, Jay confessed to a judge that he wanted to live with his father. While Juliana was not pleased with her son’s decision, eventually, she gave in and their family split by the final strings that were holding it together.

Finally secured in one home, Jay grew up with Jeremy during his teen years. Far away from his half-sister and his Mother, he started to harbor a serious grudge towards the half of his family who had disappeared. He’d done nothing wrong and out of the blue his Mother had called it quits on their family. It wasn’t easy to get over the anger and distracting his mind proved easier than growing past it. He chose to work with his father at the Initia training center and slowly began experiencing the growth of his own powers. Much like Jeremy’s, Jay’s powers were based around the water. He’d grown up learning to swim, but unlike his father, however, he didn’t choose to stay within the boundaries of chlorine pools. His fascination was with the ocean and its depths. At the age of twenty, Jay began studying Oceanography and Biology in a double school major. He was more like his Mother than he may have hoped and loved school and learning.

In distance, he couldn’t have been further away from Juliana who had moved to Evermore with her new husband Richard and their baby daughter, Jasmine. The small city in Colorado lead her and her new family to discovering that unlike they had once believed, they were not dysfunctional members of the Initia community. They were Privus Initia who were now lead by Rosalyn Sterling, who herself was on a journey to find more of the undiscovered members of their tribe.

Jay did well with routine after two years had earned an internship at his school studying a pack of dolphins who had broken from their natural habitat and chosen to live along the coastline of New York city where they were regularly spotted by people. His study with NYU had him come in from the beach everyday at different times. Jay loved working with the dolphins. When he merged with the water a unique kind of magic happened deep under the waves and he got to study the wildlife from a distance. However, living inside the edges of the human world and working with water, he had to be careful to conceal his powers and make sure that no one thought of him as more than a hardworking student who studied the ocean and what lay within for average reasons. His father had drilled it into him to always leave his magic in the ocean and make sure that when he was with others, he locked it away inside.

Jay grew to be discerning young man, but also wary of strangers. He knew that living so close to the human world was dangerous and as his father sometimes worried, daft. However, despite his wary head, his heart still lead him back to make friends among his peers and have as much fun as he could during his college years. It wasn’t easy being different and sometimes he tried to forget that he wasn’t just like the others. There was more to it than just being an Initia he wanted to live in the same world as the one he observed daily. One without danger at every turn.

Several years danced by after he graduated from college and he found himself a job working at a nearby open ocean aquarium. His life remained much the same, but his restlessness of unbelonging grew stronger every day. His water power blossomed under his father’s tutelage, but swimming in the ocean among others began to be impossible. Despite that Jay had learned early on to control his powers, it seemed like ocean waves called to him and sometimes what happened was completely spontaneous. However, despite the danger and Jeremy’s warnings, he didn’t quit his day job and continued to bond with his human cohorts. It was an afternoon only week later while going deep water diving with his crew and teachers that in the midst of a swim, he needed to adjust the equipment on his diving suit. As he did, electricity spiked through his fingertips and shorted out his diving gear. As the heavy machinery stopped feeding him air and started weighing him down, Jay could see his life flash before his eyes. It wasn’t long before his lungs felt the pressure of the deep dive and unless his instructor had noticed the equipment malfunction he certainly would have died. However, he wasn’t the only one that was affected as the current from his tank traveled and struck a nearby diver. While they weren’t close friends, Jay never fully recovered from the guilt of the coma that swallowed Jessie Nolan. She was a nice girl who he’d shared a desk with for over two years and her girlfriend didn’t deserve anything like the trauma of losing her partner so young.

After the dive, Jay spent a week in the hospital recovering from coming up for air so quickly. The bends were every diver’s worst fear, but not his. He sank into a deep depression, wondering if what had happened was tied to his Intia powers. Could he really be responsible for hurting someone else? Despite that he didn’t want to leave New York, Jay bid goodbye to his father and sought out Evermore. He may not have wanted to leave and being around his Mother was one of the last things on his to-do list, but at the very least, she may have answers. His powers were no longer something that made his life interesting and happy.

The first people Jay met in Evermore were the Ailwards. Their welcome to the city helped him find hope that perhaps his element was not the end of all hope. He embraced their philosophy of protecting those who cannot protect themselves and enjoyed training to help his Radix elements work in harmony with his body. For the first time, he felt like he had made friends who he could reveal his entire self to without fear or regret. There was no boundary between his powers, his person, and the people around him.

His arrival at Evermore hit near midsummer’s eve and just as he was beginning to feel his smile return to his face a giant gala was thrown at the Ailward mansion. Being a newcomer to the city, it was his temporary home and he found it exciting to drape the place in lights and garlands. Wine poured freely throughout the night and although he didn’t find smalltalk easy, Jay found himself more comfortable around people than he had been in many years. However, it wasn’t easy to let go of his old shield that protected him from danger. It was late in the night when he felt the hair on the back of his neck bristle as a young lady with raven black hair watch him from atop a balcony. Perhaps it was the drink in his hand that made him bold enough to confront her, however, the charm that came from the statuesque young woman took him off guard. She introduced herself as Rosalyn Sterling and said that she admired his attire. Unaware if he should be complimented or annoyed, Jay said nothing. When she reached out to shake his hand, he was overwhelmed by social aptitudes of the pretty girl introducing herself to him. He scratched his head and shook her hand. As their fingers touched, a bolt of electricity sprung through his body and left him gasping for air. “I’ll see you around, Jay.”

Had he told her his name? Jay shook the numbness from his fingertips walking quickly in the opposite direction. With his head down and his mind in the clouds, it was easy to run into others. When he looked up, he found himself staring into the deceptively familiar face of his mother, Julianna. She looked different. Her hair was shorter now and had a few streaks of gray, despite them being well hidden. There were also wrinkles around her mouth where he previously only remembered a sunny smile. Anger churned in his stomach. He didn’t know this woman and she certainly wasn’t welcome back into his life. Their interaction was short and far from the friendly reunion that his Mother had hoped for, but she told him briefly of her life and a young woman from the city who had helped her discover her powers. Who was his Mother to draw him back into her world? She was the one who chose to leave.

After that night, Jay’s life began to change. He still felt connected to the water, but more and more so accidents were leaving the Ailward manner deprived of electricity as he found his fingers connecting to lightbulbs and laptops. Confusion was not a big enough word for what fought inside him. His powers were no longer something that made his life interesting and happy. They were unsafe to use together and while his Father had taught him about his power controlling water, adding in electricity was another thing entirely. His powers, both Radix and Privus, were unsafe to use together. He hadn’t had a choice, but somehow, he knew that his interaction with Rosalyn had changed him and now life would never be the same. There was no roadmap for where he was going and the only thing he had going for him was the relief of no longer being alone. While most of his life has been filled with safety, there are still days that he doesn’t understand what it feels like to be comfortable with who he has become. There are too many questions to answer and his family no longer seems to have them. However, the Ailward Guard adopted him like a brother and made him feel more at home than he has in years.


Personality Traits

Humble - Hardworking - Funny
Doesn’t make time for family - Perfectionist - Wary of strangers

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