Name: Lucia Aspen Oakley

Age of Appearance: 28 | Date of Birth:  | Actual Age: 40

Birth Location: Unyak | Current Location: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal

Species: Niveis | Rank: Daughter to the Chief, Healer

Family:  Anivia Frostbourne (Mother),  Caspian Oakley (Father)

Kaldre Forstbourne (Uncle), Camilla Oakley (Aunt)

Distinguishing Marks: Icy Blue Phoenix (location players choice)

Faceclaim: Chloe Bennett


Positive: Free-Spirited, Compassionate, Gifted  | Negative: Apprehensive, Timid, Aloof

Lucia Aspen Oakley was born to the Chief Anivia Frostbourne and an outsider of the tribe Caspian Oakley. Lucia grew up with parents who loved her fully as if she was the light of their lives. It wasn’t until Lucia was five did she notice things were different about her life. She started to notice her mother and father while close were not like other children's parents in the tribe.

They didn’t live together and her father began to leave a lot, leaving Lucia with her mother Anivia. Anivia loved her daughter dearly but the only problem with being chief of a tribe, she couldn’t spend every moment of the day with her daughter. She would leave her with the Elder who tended to the children when their parents were out hunting or doing other things to keep the tribe going.

Even though Lucia was an only child she spent a lot of time among the other tribe members children forming relationships with them. Lucia was a gentle soul much like her Grandmother Aspen. Though Lucia wasn’t the best at fighting she did her best when it came to training and learning her abilities if only for self control and self defence. Lucia spent extra time training with her mother when she could pin her down long enough.

Lucia life was a cycle of spending time with her parents when she could, and being treated with kid gloves because she was the chief daughter. The young Niveis hated being treated differently, most children would have acted out to get their parents attention but not Lucia she chose to sneak off from the tribe and sit in the middle of the snow covered forest to draw the trees, and snow bounded animals. Lucia grew use to the solitude and found peace among the quiet.

The older Lucia got she found her interested turned from fighting to healing just like her mother and her mothers mother. She gained a vast knowledge not only in the herbs the tribe knew of but herbs and remedies outside of the tribe thanks to the scouting parties, her father seem to go out of his way to find her new things which she appreciated greatly. It helped her have a better understand of what was helpful for when they left the isle like her mother always talked about.

Lucia was grown up and spent her time like her mother did in her younger years patching up the warriors of the tribe. She enjoyed her work deeply and was considered a valued member of the tribe finally earning her place among them of her own merit and not because she was the daughter of the chief.

Moving the Tribe proved to be quiet a task they were a rather large group at that point a mix of outsiders and isle people. They were called many different things in their travels around the world, in the random towns they settled outside of. Lucia quite enjoyed  traveling around the world. She would break up from the tribe once camp was set up and draw their surroundings collecting plants she didn’t know to study their properties.

When they settled in a town outside of  Barcelona. Lucia explored the gardan’s the city held only to find herself coming face to face with a man who’s look took her breath away. Paolo was the kind of man who only knew passion in life and chose to show that to Lucia as he quite enjoyed her being a shy girl who had not experienced much in life.

It didn’t take long for Lucia to learn that Paolo was a phoenix, it only made her want to be with him stronger. He was what her grandparents she never met were, what her father had been. Spending all of her free time with him, he showed her his fire abilities and she in returned revealed what she was to him.

Paolo was captivated with her ice powers asking her to show him everything she could do. She explained how some of them came to be, how they were phoenix that died in ice and water or that they were born this way. Paolo went from a sweet man to obsessive over her after that night. He would follow her back to camp almost getting caught more than a few times, he even broke into her tent while she slept unknown to her.

One evening she awoke after not visiting Paolo for a week, their tribe was going to be moving camps soon she she wanted a clean break from him. Though when she awoke from a soft noise in her tent she had a gag in her mouth and a bag over her head. Panic set in and she struggled but for the moment had forgotten on how to use her powers out of pure fear. She was dragged from camp, her captor placing her in a chair after a short flight, the burning smell made her stomach sink as she had a feeling it was Paolo.

As the bag was removed from her head, her eyes adjusted to the flames burning around the room and she screamed against the gag, her gaze pulling to Paolo. He explained that for Lucia to be with him, she needed to be a Phoenix so if dying in ice or water turned them into Niveis, fire must correct the abomination she now was. Lucia stared at the mad man as the smoke rolled into her eyes. She calmed her breathing and focused on fear for a moment swallowing it.

She needed to figure out how to get out of here without getting hurt. She let her hands begin to cover in ice and make it so she could slip out of what binded her hands removing the gag she took off towards the door going to freeze the flames when Paolo’s hand grabbed her wrist burning her. Lucia let out a scream as she  looked to the man she thought about having a future with once and all she felt was fear and anger. Her eyes turned icy blue and she used her powers to break his hold on her and then in her rage began to drown him, holding her hand over his mouth filling his lungs with water watching the life leave his eyes.

When Paolo was dead she stepped back in shock she had actually killed him, tears began to fall from her eyes as she wrapped the wound putting out the fires that had taken over the room and made her escape. Returning to camp just before most had rose and cleaned herself up keeping her wound wrapped from view. Her mother entered her tent before they were to leave and could tell something was different with her daughter. When asked Lucia denied anything and got to work packing her belongings.

Her want to leave Barcelona was high, that was the day that her mother announced they would be heading to Evermore. Going to the states would hopefully place enough space between her and what she had done she could figure out herself. The trek to the states with all of their tribe was long, but having her father along helped ease her fears. He always had stories to tell her, and taught her how to make trinkets out of different materials with her elements.

Perfecting her new skill she began to sell the trinkets in their travels earning a small penny for the tribe. Arriving to Evermore presented a new set of troubles to the group, becoming a faction among all the other including a race they were a deviation from caused a lot of the tribe to fear for their lives. Along with the new threats they faced but potential upsides. There was the fear that Paolo had been turned into a niveis and was out for revenge on her.

Lucia found herself sitting in their new settlement day after day, though she knew it was safer she needed freedom also. So she found herself going to town with her father most days as they learned the layout of the town and what it had to offer. The more of the town Lucia saw made her want to find a job and maybe a place that would let her set up her little trinkets to sell on the side.

One day Lucia traveled down to the town alone and walked along the streets when a help wanted sign caught her attention in the window of a pawn shop. Walking in she looked to the man who kinda looked like her mother, but smiled to him asking is she could apply for the job. That her name was Lucia Aspen Oakley and that she was new in town. Lucia had heard stories of both her uncles when she was younger but when the male introduced himself as Kal she didn’t think much on it.

She did show him her little trinkets she crafted using her abilities, expressing an interested in selling them in the shop if he did hire her. After filling out the application she left him with a Trinket made in a rare blue stone only found from the isle of a dove and a snowflake in hopes he would call and offer her the job.

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