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The "Shopping" List (Aurantia, Aureus and Malva)

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Leaving the Manor was not something Aureus did regularly. Though it pained him to say it the Manor had become home over the last year or so, his feeling of grief over the Isle somewhat dimmed. Though…Continue

Death walks into a Bar...... (Aureus, Erythreus and Virindues)

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Grumblings on the Wind (Aureus and Astoria only)

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"The trouble is, you think you have Time" - Buddha

But then it slips through your fingers...

Aureus Ailward
Aureus Ailward
Jude Law | Aspect of Time

Nicknames: Reus, TimeBoss
Ex-Affiliations: Phoenix, Initia
Age: Pre Execution ~ 349 Now ~ 1569
Looks: 35 to 40 depending on if he has had coffee or not
Occupation: Time Lord
Residence: Ailward Manor, Evermore
Relationship Status: Conflicted

The Ins & Outs

Species: Ailward Aspect
Position: Ambassador for Aspect Faction
Title: Aspect of Time
Unofficial Title: Grumpy Old Timer
Good Traits: Brave, Valiant, Confident
Bad Traits: Fears Abandonment, Sarcastic, Cynical, Rage Issues

Aureus’ life began in the part of Europe that is know today as Germany. His parents, Emmerich and Klaudia Amsel lived amongst a nomadic, Initia tribe that raided smaller villages to sustain itself. Klaudia was desperate to have a child but as time went on it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Klaudia was reaching the end of her childbearing years and still hadn’t conceived so she made the radical decision to visit a witch doctor which the tribe had captured. She has never revealed what happened that night but Aureus was the result.

As a child he was cherished by both his parents until his mother noticed that he was starting to develop red lines along his back. He was only eight at the time but his mother knew straight away that her son was not a member of her own species. Her son was a phoenix, the mortal enemy of the Initia. She was unsure how long she would be able to hide this fact from her tribe especially her husband, who at the time was brother to the Magister.

When Aureus showed signs of being able to manipulate fire, Klaudia knew it was only a matter of time before he was discovered. During the dead of night she packed up what measly belongings she had and, her and Reus fled in the opposite direction that the nomadic tribe was heading. At the time Aureus did not know they were on the run as he had moved from place to place regularly with the nomadic Initia tribe he had been born into.

Aureus spent much of his teen years traveling across Asia learning different cultures and languages but never staying in one place for more than a few months. Undeknowence to Reus at the time his mother moved them because they were being pursued by a small group of Initia lead by his father. Klaudia decided that the quickest way to lose them was to risk taking a boat across the pacific ocean to America. They stowed away on a ship bound for Washington and said goodbye to Asia and the lives they had there.

America was only still a babe when they landed on its fair shore. They had been at sea for many years and Aureus mother was poorly after the voyage. Luckily there was an Initia tribe settled by the port that invited Klaudia and Reus to stay with them. Aureus had matured on the trip and his back was covered in black lines in form of angle wings. Now that he was in his early twenties it was once again easy to hide the fact that he was phoenix.

Life was okay for a few years. His mother never really recovered from the trip across the ocean and continued to feel to get worse until she finally passed away when Reus was twenty-five. It got harder and harder for Aureus to stay hidden without his mother's constant reminders. He’d slipped up more than a handful of times but thankful the Initia tribe in which he was residing in were not very observant.

All this came crashing down when a small group arrived at their little village. Aureus had not seen the man in years but he instantly recognised his father across the clearing in the village center. Unfortunately his father recognised him too and instantly outed him. Having no other choice he took to the sky in fiery flight, his emotions getting the better of him.

His instincts brought him east as his body burnt and rebuilt itself and he crash landed just south of modern day Florida. Raising he realised that his rebirth had given him an advantage, his father would no longer be able to recognise him by sight. With this good omen he moved further inland and began to slowly build a life for himself. Sometimes he stayed with Initia tribes but mostly he spent his time alone. He’d yet to meet any other phoenix though sometimes he got the feeling he was being watched from afar.

Aureus had changed his name to Erik after he had gained his new face further hiding his identity from any who chased him. He still used his family name of Amsel as his accent was a dead give away when he spoke. It had been sometime since Reus had heard word of his father so the phoenix presumed he was safe. He settled in a small town just on the border between North and South Carolina. The population was mainly human, there was an elderly shifter couple but they never made fuss over his presence. He built a house, got a job delivering supplies out to the different ranches and fell in love with the blonde haired bar maid. He married the woman in front of the whole town and soon after had a baby girl. Life was good.

Nina had just turned four when it all came crashing down. Aureus had been away at one of the far ranches so he was late returning home. There was an eerie quiet to the town upon his return. He noticed that the Inn was full and that there was a horse he did not recognize tethered to the post outside his house. Abandoning his own horse, Reus entered his home calling out to his wife. The bottom floor was empty but he what he found in his daughter's bedroom still haunted him to this day. An old man sat in the chair that he used to read to Sofia at night, he smoked a pipe and waved a knife over the lifeless bodies of his child and wife that rested in the small bed. The blood on the blade looked like it had dried sometime before. Reus looked to the man with rage in his heart and fire in his eyes. “Finde dich,” he’s muttered as Aureus cremated him with a blast of white hot flames, “Found you.”

The town had burned that night as Reus raged and murdered all the Initia that had come into the town with his father. Nothing survived his wrath. In the morning he’d kneeled in the smoldering ash that once was his house as the bones in his wings snapped and reformed, muscles lengthening to form the wings of a osprey. He was too consumed by his own grief to notice any of this, the pain of both just melded into one. This was the lowest point Aureus had ever reached and for the first time he cursed his immortal life and what he was. All that seemed to happen others around was death and suffering.

This was when he met his first phoenix. A regally dressed woman came to him as he buried what was left of his family. She stood in silence as the wind did it’s best to reignite the embers in the still smoking town. “Come child,” she’d said to him. “We have watched you from afar for a eon and have deemed you worthy.” Even in his grief stricken state her words washed over him in like a bucket of icy water. We watched… They watched and didn’t step in to help. If they had been watching for as long as they said they would have known what the Initia planned to do. “Why would you not protect the child?,” he’d said words dipped in venom. “We could not be sure she was one of us.” They had chosen to stand idle when they could have stepped in, protected the defenceless humans and stopped this tragedy from ever happening. But they did not and to Aureus that was unforgivable.

Reus was not sure was happened next. He remembers flames, screaming and blood. So much blood. The next clear memory he has is of himself lying amongst several blackened, winged corpses. He’d immediately been overcome with remorse. He had flat out murdered members on his own kind in blind rage. He had turned into the thing that the Initia tribes said he was and he hated it.

The Complication
Ophelia Dreyvalian
Caitlin Stasey | Celestial


Scrolly scroll box
Aspect of Time
The TimeLord

The Aspect of Time takes the form of the golden dragon, they are tasked with protecting the flow of time within the world, they keep watch over the progression of the world over time and ensure that the flow of time is not altered or interrupted.

Aspect Power
The TimeLord

The Aspect of Time is able to see the memories of others upon touching them.To prevent accidental transfer Aureus wears gloves on a constant basis. This is to respect peoples privacy but also to prevent him from going insane from information overload.

Aspect Power
The TimeLord

The Aspect of Time is able to manipulate and/or remove the memories of someone else, they can also restore memories once lost.

Credits: Code (x)

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At 19:27 on December 24, 2017,
Fluid Role
✘ Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Here's your presents for being good this year xx

Not only because you are the Aspect of Time, but because my son, you need to get with the times.

I heard you were a fan of playing with the Celestials so got you an actual thing to play with instead because people aren't

~From Santa 

At 15:34 on December 24, 2017,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward

Hey bro!!!!

Merry Christmas.

1. An alcohol boquet, we'll drink it together :P

2. Because you're the Aspect of Time and all xP

3. More clothes for your cluttered wardrobe

4. Money means nothing ... but I love my family so, here's your biggest gift x)

and last, but not least... we gonna have a bro's night out, and go to a gentlemen's club called "Unnatural Taste" even as socially challenged as I am, it's my treat and you can't say no!

~Love your favorite brotha


At 21:10 on December 23, 2017,
✓ Clara Carter

An Early Christmas Gift Just for you

Image result for christmas baskets

Merry Christmas
~Clara Carter

At 15:53 on December 23, 2017,
✓ Samira Young

Hey Mr. Mild <3

I've brought you some presents <3 I sure hope you enjoy them <3


~Samiraღ | ~Adam | ~Krystal

At 23:31 on November 5, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Thank you for accepting my request hope we can role play

At 13:39 on October 20, 2017,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward

Apologies for the delay in response!

But hey, at least I've replied right? :p

At 10:18 on September 17, 2017,
✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

To celebrate the site turning 3 today! Thanks for being a member of ECRP and making this community a wonderful place!

At 15:09 on September 16, 2017,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward

Why, hello there, brother dearest. How convenient of you to stop by. Hope all is well with you.

- Cora x.

At 21:10 on September 15, 2017,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Aurantia Ailward


Of course dear brother I would love to help you keep Malva out of trouble. And don't worry, I'm fairly well versed with keeping up with both of you.



At 20:06 on December 24, 2016,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Merry Christmas!

Time is precious, don't break this, you turd <3

Love, Cornelia xx


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