Hanseol has been living by himself for as long as he could remember. From the day he flee from his home country, or the country where he landed in the first place, till this day. Well, minus the days he spent locked up captive in his cell with his fellow Celestials at the island where the Ailwards were keeping them at. Yes, he still harbored ill feelings towards them and wanted nothing more than to pay them tenfold for what they have done to him and the others but as time passes while they were settling down in Evermore, he thought it would do him no good to keep dwelling in the past and that he should be marching forward for the future instead. But of course, just because he forgave about it for a while, doesn’t mean he forgot about it. The bitter memory will forever be embedded in his scars.

A scar he’ll never forget. Ever.

Waking up from the nightmares again, Hanseol sighed before pulling himself up from the bed that became wet due to his sweats and rinsed his face with the cold water from the tap a few times. Is this how it felt? For people who’s been suffering nightmares such as him? It hasn’t been long but it’s enough for the young Celestial. Staring at the reflection before him in the mirror, he only saw a sleep-deprived boy. His dark brown hair was wet as the water travelled to his collarbones, and his dark eyes were empty. But was it really? Was it truly empty as it looked?

“What am I doing with my life..” He mumbled to himself as he covered his face with his hands. He preferred to keep himself occupied with his new work, but it’s not really doing him justice. He thought by being tired and exhausted, he would be having a better and easier time to fall asleep but that’s far from it. Ever since he started his occupation as a veterinarian at the local vet clinic, he’s been have trouble sleeping. As if he didn’t suffer from them before. Instead of sleeping on his comfortable bed at night, he often finds himself dozing off on his desk at work. Well, to him, to the very least, he had dogs and other animals alike to keep him company for the night and day. As a certified animal lover, nothing makes him happier than being with animals. It breaks him however, to tell the owners regarding their sick buddies.

Getting dressed in his simple but casual attire, he made his way out and decided to wander around the town for a while in the early morning. He’s a morning person, even though he might not look like it. Facades and covers tend to fool a lot of people. He passed by a normal human being many times without inviting any type of suspicion on him thankfully. He was immensely grateful for that ability. Since he knew, despite having a faction backing and protecting him, he needed to learn how to fend for himself, something he’s done even before he was captured. Finding himself settling down in one of the local cafes, he ordered his coffee before taking it and perched himself on one of the benches for a while before going back to the vet clinic.

He unlocked the lock and prepped the place before sliding into the counter, greeting the sleepy furballs as he wore his coat that had his name printed on it. He decided to keep the name he was given instead of using a new one. ‘Hanseol Park’ was printed instead of ‘Aleksander Park’. The irony. He should be awaiting a few customers who will come by to get vaccine shots and whatnot, so while waiting, he lightened the place up and fed the others. In his hands, he also had that bunny plushie, one the furballs seemed to love seeing how alike he was to it. 

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Willa was a naturally light sleeper thanks to all the years of having to sleep with one eye open. She felt the tiny body of her Pomeranian move and his small claws clicking against the puppy steps on the side of the bed as he got out of bed. The Nephilim didn’t think much of it as she rolled over in bed and tried to get back to sleep since Bifrost would get out of bed multiple times a night to either sleep on the couch or wander for a bit. Sleep once more over took her but it wasn’t long before she heard a loud crash and yelp and she shot up in bed. “Bifrost!” She yelled as she quickly got out of bed. Walking into the living room the lamp on the side table was shattered on the floor and her pup was curled in a ball little bloody paw prints on the floor.

“Little wolf?” She asked softly leaning down as the puppy looked up at her with same eyes before releasing a pained whimper. “Aww baby.” She said before gently picking him up seeing blood coating his fur and paw. Quickly checking him over she could see glass in his paw. Since she didn’t know k-9 anatomy she didn’t want to pull it out so she gently wrapped his foot up and grabbed her jacket and car keys not caring that she was still in her PJs.

Placing the pup on the leather passenger seat of her car she got in on the driver side and quickly started the car and backed out of her parking spot at her apartment complex. “Little Wolf that’s why you’re not supposed to pull on electrical cords that and one will at some point electrocute you.” She didn’t really think the pup understood a thing she was saying but it helped with her own stress over the situation.

Reaching the veterinary clinic Willa carefully lifted the tiny pup in her arms and carried him towards the clinic door hoping they were open. The Neph has been bringing Bifrost here since she got him and thankfully the door was unlocked the small bell above the door chiming as she walked in. After first she didn’t seem anyone which had the odd affect of angering and panicking her all at once but she knew getting her pup help was what mattered. “Excuse me is anyone in?” She asked in a loud voice before turning a corner and seeing a male in a white veterinary coat she felt relief. If Willa herself had a large shard of glass she could remove it and stitch herself up but with animals she thought it best to get the professionals involved.

“My dog has a piece of glass stuck in his paw.” She said holding the tiny wounded puppy who seemed to be rethinking his attack on the dreaded power cord rift about now.

Hanseol was busy occupying his small spare time before truly opening the clinic by feeding the furballs their food. He was typing in a few information on the day into the keyboard when his ear caught the bell ringing from a distance. The bell that was placed on top of the entrance door that will usually notify them of comers. The bell indicated that there was someone so early in the morning. He wondered who, and his curiosity was answered once he saw a dark haired woman rushed in while dressed in nothing but her PJs. It was quite an attire but it must have been an emergency to which he was right on.

In her hands, she held a small Pomeranian puppy, one he recognized. She has been bringing the puppy ever since quite a while ago. Hearing the woman, he placed the bunny plushie on the counter before taking the puppy into his hands gently to examine the injury closer. "May I?" He asked softly as he wore his glasses that was on his coat's pockets. There, a small shard of glass somehow had found its way into the poor furball's paw. It was a bit minor but still lethal enough for the small pup if it was not removed since it could invite the bacterias for a new home. 

Placing the pup on the table at the next room, he beckoned the Nephilim into his office as he went off to get the medical supplies needed for the removal. "You can wait here first. I'll be back with Bifrost soon enough. Please don't worry." He had a bunny smile accentuating his features. It's almost impossible how boyish he looks despite not looking the part physically. Soon after, he came back with a box and wore the latex clear gloves as well as rolling his sleeves up before he went down on work. "Let's get this sucker out of you, Bifrost." It was no surprise how he could have remembered the puppy's name, since he holds a strong memory in his mind. 

After a couple of minutes, he had managed to remove the piece of glass and is now bandaging the poor little thing with care. He had given it a shot of anesthesia so it would not feel pain, seeing how small it was to withstand such pain and by now, it was pretty much asleep in his hands. Hanseol got two cups of coffee and brought it with him as he greeted the Nephilim. If he wasn't mistaken, in the files, her name should be Wilhelmina. He offered one of the cups to the woman that is still in her PJs with a slight smile. "Bifrost is resting in the room. I gave it anesthesia so it would not suffer in pain. The effect will go along a few more hours so I'd suggest keeping him here for a day to see if it has any bacterial infection that might kick in late due to the pup's size." He informed her as he took a sip of the coffee. "If you don't mind me asking, what did happen to Bifrost for it to end up in such state?"

Willa wasn’t really one to panic or freak out but Bifrost was the first pet she had ever had and she took that responsibility very seriously. Her father had hunting dogs and horses but that was different than the small pup she now had which counted on her for so much. Bifrost wasn’t a hunter, he was a cuddle puppy and he couldn’t even jump up on the bed without the help of the steps, in the wild he would never survive and she knew that. The pup however wasn’t in the wild, well parts of Evermore were wild but not like that.

The Neph was sure she looked affright in her PJs and coat with her hair in crooked ponytail on the top of her head but she didn’t care. The Vet tech, she was pretty sure his last name was Park or something didn’t seem that disturbed by her appearance and seem to recognize her pup but he was incredibly lovable and just had one of those personalities people remember, plus he was a little fluffball. Willa quickly allowed the vet to take her pup since she knew she wouldn’t be a whole lot of help and he had far more knowledge and training even if he did look like he should still be in school. “He pulled a lamp off the table and I don’t know if it hit him and he stepped in glass or if he just stepped in glass.” The ancient Nephilim pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down on it softly.

Following the man into his office she gave a small nod though not worrying was not one of her skill sets. The Neph tried to sit down but quickly found herself standing back up and pacing the office as she waited. Bifrost was probably the only thing she loved in life other than her brother. The Pomeranian was really a good dog even though she’s made fun of women with similar dogs in the past since she didn’t understand. “He’s going to be alright.” She said to herself feeling the hint of an accent slipping through which always happened when she was worried or nervous and neither of those were something she was often.

Even though Bifrost and the Vet hadn’t been gone very long it felt like hours which she was sure that it wasn’t. A yawn parted her lips as she covered her mouth, she was still tired as the adrenaline began to wear off now that she was where she needed to be to get her pup help. Looking in the mirror in the office she grimaced at her own appearance. Reaching up she pulled her hair from the ponytail before pulling it back up in a more centered position this time. As the vet tech came back in she gave him a tired and worried smile. The coffee he handed her eased her mind a bit, “Thank you.” She said taking the cup and bringing it to her lips as she listened as he spoke. A frown turned her lips down since she didn’t want to think about not having her pup until tomorrow but she understood why he was suggesting it. “I’m not going to argue with the doctor’s orders.” She said with a sigh before taking another drink of her coffee. “He’s been doing really good with most messing with electrical cords and I guess he either was tugging at one or got tangled in it since he was curled into a ball when I got to the living room after the crash.”

Hearing the explanation coming out from the mouth of the female Nephilim, he nodded in understanding manner. "Seems like it, seeing how young the little furball really is, it'll probably find wires fun. Luckily it was not a fatal cut, although the shard was a bit bigger than I thought. You made the right decision by rushing here instead of taking it out yourself, even though I'm pretty sure you are more than capable of doing so." He said, hinting on her supernatural identity. Being a Celestial meant he also had his fair share of time researching and learning about others that is close proximity of anywhere near his own. 

You see, he needed to make sure he made allies and friends instead of foes and enemies. He doesn't need those in any time soon. Or ever. Hanseol knows better than to make any acquaintances that will only question him later on. He was sure his species wasn't that very well known of to others and he'd like to keep it that way. At least, for him. He wanted to live a normal life. Maybe with a few side remarks but he'd like it if his supernatural status does not meddle in his daily life despite having the eternal city filled with supernatural majority. 

"Had the shard been taken out any earlier without using the synthesizer to neutralize the poor pup's pain, Bifrost might have suffered a high risk of bacterial infection kicking in sooner than one would expect." The young Celestial told her. "But not to worry of course, he's a strong little furball." Nothing a few words of reassurance can't do, right? Have mercy on the boy, he just got out of the island which kept his captive for decades long, and a lot has changed, whether it was from technologically wise or not. He's a natural born introvert so socializing is not at all in his forte. Being shy doesn't help either.

"I feel like it's rude for me not introducing myself, even though my name is already printed here. I'm Hanseol." He smiled briefly at her. He really does look like a senior high school student in looks wise. His boyish facial features doesn't help either. He's a literal bunny.

There wasn’t anything Willa could do with all the cords around her apartment and Bifrost had been doing so well. The last time he chewed a phone cord had been months ago so she hadn’t worried about it. Of course, now she felt like a terrible pet parent. “Mostly he’s been sticking to his rope toy and plushie squeak toy. I didn’t know he was going to revert back to power cords.” She said before chewing on her bottom lip again. “I can help a person, I have no idea how to help a dog.” Though she knew that Bifrost had needed help that she didn’t know how to provide.

Thankfully the man before her was being incredibly kind since at this point she could easily break. With so little that she cared about in life, if she lost Bifrost she would be incredibly sad. For the past year and some months Bifrost was all she had to love and hold onto until her brother had resurfaced in her life.  Of course, even with her attitude problems so to speak she knew who to be kind to especially since he was helping her. She could tell he was something but what that something was she had no idea.

The intensity with which she was chewing on her lip increased as he spoke of what could have happened and she was so glad she brought him in. Small or not Bifrost was incredibly strong and he was a survivor. Sure she often treated him like he was glass but he had the strength of a full grown wolf. “Thank you for helping me out, I know I’m going to have to pay whatever and it’s fine.” It was well worth it just to know her pup was in good and capable hands.

“Wilhelmina, but you can call me Willa.” She said with a small smile this one far more friendly and relaxed than earlier but she was still worried about Bifrost since it sounded like there was still some potential risk. Willa had to admit that Hanseol was adorable in the cute and cuddle way which was such a weird thing for her to think. “Nice to formally meet you.”

"It's my job as a veterinarian after all. Helping animals is written in the description when I took it up last time I checked." He shrugged but the smile never faded. It was as if it was created by some mad geniuses as an artificial smile. But it was all genuine, that much he can assure. "The pleasure is all mine, Willa." 

"So tell me, why a Pomeranian? I mean out of all breeds available for dogs, not saying Pomeranians are a problem despite them being the little devilish furballs they are- they're cool. But you don't really see people having Pomeranians these days, so I wonder why that particular breed became your pick." He asked carefully, so he would see if he had overstepped his boundaries or not. Hanseol was just trying to hit up a conversation so things would not be so awkward around them. It's still so early in the morning, you see. And the last thing he wanted was to stand there like some icicle or statue, not knowing what to do.

He had to admit of course, striking up a conversation, even when it's just a few tiny words, was quite a challenge for the Celestial. He was a natural born introvert after all, he's lived his entire life as a nomad which surprisingly developed the trait of keeping to himself even deeper over the past years. Even during the captivity, he didn't strike much of a conversation with his fellow cellmates. Not that he needed to do so, he was pretty sure everyone else were content with the idea of escaping and no more than that thought occupying their minds. 

"I hope you don't find me trying to pry...it's just-I would really hate to make this awkward..if it's not already.." He mumbled sheepishly with his hand rubbing the back of his neck.

 Willa nodded knowing that Hanseol was right but she was still grateful, she could never do a job like this knowing that she couldn’t always help all the animals. Despite being a hardened warrior she loved animals and it would break her heart to have to put one down. “It’s not a job all of us could do so I appreciate it even if it is your job.” After all she appreciated when people showed her gratitude for her job though she mostly worked with incredibly boring people since she appraised and authenticate pieces for the local museum. With having lived so long her job made sense given her ability to date pieces and she knew what to look for to authenticate the time frames.

At the question Willa couldn’t help but laugh since a Pomeranian was not her first choice, they were mostly show dogs or a symbol of privilege since for some reason women liked to carry around small dogs. Bifrost however was on the slowly headed towards the larger side of his breed. “Oh I never wanted a small dog, I didn’t think they served a purpose to be honest. One of our donors at the museum brought him in and was talking about how their daughter just got this puppy and then left him with them without saying a word. They didn’t want him and seemed cold to him so I asked to hold him and the next thing I knew I was taking him to the pet supply store for a bed.” She hadn’t wanted a pet since as a child they only had hunting dogs and she never got to play too much with them. Bifrost loved to cuddle and play fetch and was actually a very amazing pup and wormed his way into her heart.

“Don’t get me wrong I love the little fur ball so much but I wasn’t sure about him at first. I especially wasn’t sure about him after countless objects in the apartment being chewed up. He chewed the leg right off of one of my end tables.” She said with a bit of a laugh since she had no idea he was going to be such a handful for his size. This was probably the longest conversation she had with a stranger in awhile but it was a small comfort and kept her mind off her poor drugged up pup.

“It wasn’t really that personal of a question so I don’t feel like you were prying. Besides you work as a vet I’m sure you hear or ask people stories about their pets all day. It makes me wonder if you have any good stories.” She said with a small smile trying to help put him at ease since social interaction didn’t seem to be his strong suit and he was nice enough.

"Wouldn't blame you at all. You wouldn't be the first to think of that. Pomeranians are quite devilish little things..They look so innocent to you on the outside and they'd literally wreck your entire household in the given time. I feel like we don't give them nearly enough the proper credit." At this moment, he was already trying hard to stiffle his laughters and dial it down a notch but it seemed a bit impossible to do so while he was talking about Pomeranians. How did one small breed of a pup got him laughing this much? When was the last time he laughed or even chuckled like that? Honestly, there was no telling because even the boy didn't remember. 

"You're right, during the term that I've worked as a vet, I have heard countless of stories from the pet owners. It surprised me of course, since it wasn't even that long to begin with. I just moved here a couple of months ago and only started this occupation a month back but the stories I have heard would be equivalent to a year's worth." Hanseol nodded in response, agreeing with what she's said earlier. With the length of where they're slowly going with the conversation, he didn't even realized that she was still in her pajamas and he is standing still. Huh, what a weird combination of wardrobe the two would make. Still, it does bring amusement to his eyes.

"If I have any good stories? I'm not sure. I'm not a forgetful person though I do tend to miss out the clear and big things despite remembering the small details." He pondered for a moment. That was the truth. He wasn't much of a fan for big recollections. If you knew him in time, you'll find out that he takes his care deeply on the small and little things more. He doesn't take things for granted. Guess his life lessons before the evolution of his species did give him some tips to remember by. He's used to not having family anyways. So he tends to take in every detail and every form of emotion shown upon him. "Once, two people did came by to get their dogs a vaccination shot. But the two were sworn rivals and let's just say, the argument didn't exactly take place outside the distance. When I told them to bring the fight outside the premise, I didn't think they'd literally be that impatient and start it once their feet stepped off the clinic. It seems like their dogs were so fed up by their constant arguments and made it rather easy for me to give the shot, which usually consisted of two people holding the dogs down due to their uh- 'aggressive' nature. Had no idea what happened but the next thing we know, the two dogs pranced away from their owners and went to god knows where. It was very amusing." 

It really was, though. Hanseol remembered having to keep himself from face-palming right on the spot and not breaking into fits of giggles there and there. 

Willa really couldn’t agreement, their level or small and cute was incredibly misleading since they were very mischievous. Bifrost was an adorable pain in her butt though she wouldn’t trade him for anything. “I never realized exactly how much trouble he was going to be when I said I’d take him. I love the little fluffball though, he’s sweet and far more protective than I ever expected.” After all, Bifrost may be small but he was fierce to be sure especially when he thought she was in trouble. Hanseol seemed to find amusement in it and his laughter gave way to her own. It was a challenge to keep such a small pup in line but she enjoyed how different everyday was with the little brat.

“Like with children if you have a pet you have new stories everyday so even being a vet for a short time is bound to give you all sort of silly and surprising tales.” Willa was sure she could write a book longer than ‘IT’ about the first year and a half or so of her puppy’s life and his silly escapades. Though Willa wasn’t sure that anyone would find the stories as amusing as she did. Willa was well aware of her attire and appearance but she didn’t mind or care what other people thought of her.

Willa never missed much whether it was small details or the big ones, that was sometimes the difference between life and death. The smallest indication of violence in a person was what she had to watch out for most of her life. Now she wasn’t being hunted, at least not to her knowledge but she was always on guard since there were other sorts of threats in this world. She listened as Hanseol seemed to have found a story worth telling. In truth Willa had only truly started to live, with her brother back in her life everything finally felt right. At his story Willa couldn’t help but laugh, “Some people are just crazy, I can’t imagine disliking someone that much that it just takes over you like that. Especially when you’re meant to be doing something for a pet, a creature you’re supposed to love and care about. Differences should be set aside in moments like that.” She said glad that the dogs seemed to get fed up and hopefully found a better life.

“You really think Bifrost is going to be alright? I don’t want the friendly there’s always hope speech, I just want the truth.” She said having never really been one to cling to false hope since she’d seen some of the darkest and most shattering things in life, she’s lost almost her whole family and the only man she’d ever loved. If she might lose her pup she wanted to know that too.  

He couldn't help but to agree with what Willa had said about her views of perspectives on the thought of someone disliking each other so much that it would cloud their own better judgements. That was truly where he realized the truth that lies deep within her words, even if she did not notice. Because he certainly did and it was up to him on how he should interpret the whole sentence. He knew by then though, she was not wrong. 

"Maybe it's because those two can't seem to shrug it off after spending so many years hating and disliking each other. It ended up being a habitual part of them. They could've found it hard to just set it aside, even for a moment. I guess, that's why people write books on human's psychological welfare. Especially on those mentally hinted part of their egoistical side. Ego seems to be making up what people are these days. I could be wrong, since I haven't really seen the world up so close and so upfront." Truthfully, he wanted to set aside the differences they had between the Celestials and other species. Particularly, their prominent never-ending rivalry with the 8 dragons. Hanseol didn't want to hate them. He didn't want to despise them.

Before all of that took place, he was a different kid. A different boy. A different person. It was the years of being held captive like some animal that made his persona grew colder and wearier as well as more cautious. The abandonment topic is not new to the Celestial. He searched throughout his life for a purpose, because he never really did fit in anywhere. The doe eyed male raised an eyebrow towards the Nephilim once she said she wanted the truth about her Pomeranian pup's condition. "I can assure you, that Bifrost is fine and will be fine. The moment of distress has passed a few minutes ago, well-for now at least. I'm just holding him here so I could do a double checking. I'm still a human you know, I can make mistakes haha. There might be a few details that could have went unseen under my supervision. I'm hoping there will be none." 

The irony..him calling himself a human when he didn't even feel the slightest bit of it. Well, at least he was being humane. That alone, was more than enough for him. "Of course you might not know this, but I don't sugar coat my words, Willa. I never do. Sometimes, the taste of the truth is what everyone needed, regardless of whether it will hurt or not. We need to get used to it anyways." He shrugged. Despite his exterior, he is quite a warm person. But you know, things never stayed the same. He was bound to be bent into shape after what happened to him. He was grateful that he still retained his bunny-like personality somewhere deep down him. Everyone needed a bit of light and hope in themselves, even though it wasn't always often. He was just waiting the moment for people to finally see him as Hanseol and not that arrogant looking boy. Perhaps, this was a start. He never really engaged with his customers and clients before, but the female before her struck him with a sense of curiosity and amusement. She was very interesting. 

Willa had always maintained a relatively blunt personality, she said what she meant and was unapologetic about. Her acts were her own and would take the consequences as they came but she would never be anything other than herself and people either loved or hated her for it but she didn’t really care either way. The only things she needed in her life were her brother and her pup and if people stuck around long enough to become friends that was just a bonus. Cornelia had managed to make her way through Willa’s harsh personality but the Ambassador had her own set of issues to work through and they seemed to find common ground in that.

“The probably with people is they allow little things to fester, I bet if you asked the two what started their rivalry in the first place they either wouldn’t be able to tell you or it would be something so small it should have been handled years ago. All hated comes from somewhere but in the modern world people hate one another for the stupidest of reasons.” Willa said with a bit of disgust on her face, at least in the time frame she had been born the anger and hatred had come from much larger issues than stolen parts of a play or a girl picking one boy over another. It was pathetic to her what people now saw as reasons to hate another or hold a grudge.

The only people Willa had ever hated were the ones who killed the love of her life, but she hadn’t allowed it to fester, she got her revenge. It hadn’t brought him back but it had made her feel better since what they had done had been unforgivable. Though as Hanseol looked at her with kind eyes she was brought back to her reasoning for being here in the first place. “Thank you. I understand that some people need hope and want a kind bedside manner but I want the reality of things no matter how harsh that reality might be.” A small snort left her as Hanseol said he was still human, “I think we both know that you aren’t human.” She said never being one to beat around the bush, she didn’t necessarily know what he was but it wasn’t human.

It was so rare for people to believe in the truth and the power of telling it instead of sugar coating things or beating around the bush. Things were not always perfect in life and not everything was always going to be alright. “What people lack these days is the ability to cope because people have sugar coated things or lied to them their whole lives. They don’t know how to handle when things don’t go their way or reality happens instead of their perfect make believe world. Bad things happen and there isn’t wasn’t a positive outcome for everything.” She said with a shrug, maybe it was the fact that she had been alive for so long and been hit with so much heartache and now she didn’t care if the news was good or bad she just wanted the truth of it.  

"I do wonder what on earth did they have against each other to have such rivalry and could not put it down when it comes to the point where both must give up their selfish sides for their loved ones. But, there's so many variety of it." He mused lightly. He has yet to learn more about the world that they live in. He only lived about 18 years of his life before he got taken by the guards. So it was very understandable how the young guy wouldn't and couldn't possibly understand the wide scope. Especially when it's such a general topic. But one thing is for sure, he's more than willing to learn. Knowledge is the key to power anyways. And power is the key to success. If he wants to survive, he needs to start thinking like a survivor. After all,  despite how safe it must've looked from the outer, there's no saying nor guarantee whether or not a day like before would come again. He'd die before he let himself be treated like an animal once again. 

"Some people do want the comfort to ease their emotional state. But personally, I think those who take it upfront and deal with it is the strongest people I would have known. While there cannot only be good moments in life, it's best if we hoped that there will be a lot of it to come in the near future. We just have to make the best of it." Hanseol shrugged casually, okay now he is somewhaf starting to sound like some philosopher major. Although, he wouldn't hold ot against him. He's a nerd and a geek. Wouldn't that be a compliment towards him? Maybe so.

Seems like he got himself busted on his 'identity' once she said he wasn't anywhere near human. "Same thought I had when you walked through that door there an hour ago." He pointed at the door that had a tiny cute bell over it with his index finger before resuming his gaze on her. It was then that he realized he was taller than her. Which shouldn't even come off as a shock anymore, he's taller than most girls. At least those that did not exceed 180 cm. "A Nephilim should be able to sense the aura of every species don't they? They'll be able to identify a person in the matter of seconds which is quite an impressive ability. Well-almost all species. Seeing as you could not identify mine. I'm not human, yes. Half of me would like to be one. Meanwhile, the other half of me just wanted to embrace this side of being apart of the supernatural society. Even though it would get me on the list of bounties afterwards." Truthfully, Hanseol has pondered on that fact for quite some time now. He wondered, had he not been a Celestial, would he have found peace in starting his own life? But then, he would never have the chance to find himself. Even though he seemed to be resenting his own identity, he appreciated it for sure. 

"I guess I wasn't wrong when I said you are quite the interesting person, Miss Constantine." Of course he knew her name before she even introduced herself. He had Bifrost's files anyways. The small information needed on his owner. 


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