Tick, tock, tick, tock. The sound of the grandfather clock chimed from the across the hall as she sat at the very head of the dining table; Nadiya decided to keep Poison closed today, she was convinced that it would be safer for everyone if she did so. It took a lot of convincing, for two reasons alone - Poison was her way of keeping afloat financially and to close for one night meant that she would be missing out on quite a lot of money, and secondly; many of the women that worked for her, typically had nowhere else to go and opted to stay in their rooms. Thus, on evenings like this, she had to kick some to the curb just because she could not be trusted when it came to blood; after all, no one ever went out of just one pint of beer, so why the willpower to stop after one pint of blood. The whole rule was ludacris for her, but she also knew why she she had to stick to it; anymore than said blood, always sent her down a very dark path - Diya could not control the urges, the temptations to take more than what was needed to survive. In fact, on almost every feed since she had arrived in Evermore, she had to organise babysitters to make sure that she stopped and to stand in to do whatever was necessary to stop her from talking yet another life.

Nadiya allowed her fingers to drum upon the wooden table as her hazel eyes remained on the front door; he was late which was surprising and completely unacceptable in her eyes. Of course, she knew he had other responsibilities that weren't her - he had his guard duties as well as the Therian boy that seemed to have won him over years go; yet, she only asked for him once a month and he couldn't even do that for her. She could slowly feel the burn itch at the back of her throat as she stood rather abruptly, the feet of the chair screeched along the floor as she did so; Diya wasn't known for her patientness, and he knew that - this would be on him. The Valkyr proceeded to grab her leather jacket, her heels clicked on the flooring which echoed around her empty house; she had never noticed just how eerie her house was until it was empty. She glanced back into the emptiness before allowing the night air to engulf her; Diya didn't have a particular place or person in mind, she just needed to find someone who would satisfy her needs. Which, if she was completely honest with herself, that could almost be anyone - she wasn't necessarily picky when it came to who she fed from.

Diya stalked the thriving streets of Evermore, yet she kept her head down; she wanted to rely on her sense of smell alone, rather than simply going for someone who was visually attractive. It wasn't surprising that she picked up a particular scent fairly quickly, and instinctively, her predator turned on; Diya sunk further into the shadows which she wore as a second coat as she followed the petite blonde down the street - it seemed she was leaving the city. This worked in Nadiya's favour as it would make it incredibly easy to pull the girl away. She waited for a few moments after they left the heart of the city before making her move; the girl was just as petite as she, thus the fight between the two was pathetic - Diya overpowering the blonde. A sinister smile found her lips as she pinned the frightened girl to a tree. “Shh” Diya cooed deductive, before humming a soothing nursery rhyme which she could barely remember her Mother doing when she was a child. With each note, she lowered her head closer to the girls pulse before eagerly sinking her teeth into the fragile flesh. The Valkyr's eyes rolled back in pleasure as the sweet poison ran down the back of her throat; it was as sweet as a honey upon her taste buds. Diya tightened her grasp on the girl who continued to thrash against her; yet with each passing moment, the strength in her fight was dying. It was in that moment that Nadiya could feel her sense of humanity leaving her.

Diya was too distracted to sense another soul which approached her quickly, and rather suddenly; it wasn't until her back hit the ground that she was brought somewhat back to reality - despite the craze which was happening with her. The predator had now become the prey as a set of teeth clamped down upon her shoulder which caused her to roar out; the simple bite to her shoulder weakened her suddenly. “Therian” She grunted through gritted teeth, the poison weakened her body rather quickly as the therian dragged her off into the shadows which she would normally consider her home.

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Since joining the guard Damien’s life had been far from easy. Always on the go. The life typical life of a Ailward guard member. Being sent on missions here there and everywhere. Covering up different situations, clean ups. Eliminating any possible risks before it could get out of hand. Ensuring that the secret of supernatural is kept safe far away from the human eye. Years back Damien used to be sent on many missions, the time when the guard was big in numbers. Yet now there few so few of them. Kept back from being sent on dangerous meetings, not wanting to lose any more people. Since the downfall of the Isle of Skye. Damien never thought that when he’d went on assignment he’d fall in love, gain a boyfriend but end up losing him almost soon as it happened. Yet he’d kept it all a secret from everybody when he’d come back just making some white lies to why he’d spent longer than he should have. During that time Damien had forgotten about his life long devotion to the guard just for that time. To what a normal life without all supernatural drama till it all came back to haunt him.

In the years Damien spent trying to move on and get his mind off from Arwyn, he’d met the woman who had turned him here in Evermore. At first Damien was pissed off, upset and suppressing his anger. All the built up feelings of abandonment that he’d been feeling his whole life same to the surface. Damien let Nadiya have her say why she choose to leave him, hearing why she did what she did. Both coming from dark pasts, survivors in their own ways. Coming back up from dark times. Forming a mother son relationship. Nadiya was the mother that Damien never had. Both there for each other. Damien told her of all that happened between him and  Arwyn, she was the shoulder to cry on after his heartbreak. Helping him through it. Damien was the one who helped Nadiya each month for when she would need to feed, monthly consumption of blood. The guard had helped him how to sustain his cravings but for Nadiya it was different. She needed someone there to make sure she didn’t lose control for her monster self taking over.

Damien used to find making time for Nadiya easier before. Spending his free time at the brothel that she’d owned. Even if it was really his type of place, he’d just go to spend time with Nadiya whilst she was at work. Maybe his eyes would occasional linger but nothing was never anything serious. She’d always joke saying he was still pining over his ex. Truthfully he was, it pained him more knowing that Arwyn was here in the city. Yet still clear on saying that were was nothing between them, confusing and paining Damien. Now he was splitting his time more with his guard duties taking up most of his time. With his new, higher up responsibilities. Being promoted to Malva’s own personal guard. His duty to protect her. Going everywhere she goes, ensuring no harm goes to her. Most of all making sure she gets up to no trouble which most of time with the issue. Not making it easier for Damien. Forever chasing her about, avoiding getting hexed.

Forgetting the time having been running some errands for Malva, Damien had almost forgotten that tonight was the night of each night he’d had plans. It was Nadiya’s day she’d need to feed. Making a pact that he’d be there go with her each time. Yet late was what he was. Finding himself hurrying over to Nadiya’s place in hope that she’d waited for him knowing that he’d probably be running late. Arriving at Nadiya’s home, Damien let himself in knowing it was the night that she’d close the place early. Using the key she’d given him he’d went on in, expecing, hoping he’d see the Valkyr waiting there for him. With her eyes almost rolling with his lateness but there was no sign of her. Nobody home. “Nadiya!” The curly haired Valkyr called through the house his voice later turning more worried, sensing knowing she’d gone without him. “Shit” He cursed already blaming himself for being late, worried for what she may do with the bloodlust.

Fleeing the house he went in search for Nadiya hoping to find her before it’s too late. Thinking that she’d probably go to the outskirts of the city where they normal went to. Using the shadows to help him. It went too long till he pictured up on something that could be Nadiya. Using his advanced hearing he picked up on a girl screaming but the screams being hushed. Smelling blood. He was too late, Damien hurried up it no use. Coming to a scene it wished he’d not see. A young girl lying on the floor unconscious with bite marks to the neck. Checking her pulse luckily for him it was still strong so she was still alive. Yet there was no sign of Nadiya but she was here. Where was she? The Valkyr closed his eyes, concentrating trying to pick up on anything. Picking up something he’d not expected, a Therain. Yet it smelt like a rogue on. Looking down at the floor by the uncoisus girl he’d noticed the ground looking strange. Crouching down he looked to get a better look noticing track marks. There was a struggle of some sort. Not in his favour. Fear filled Damien’s eyes, thinking of the worse. “Nadiya!” The Valkyr gasped, he was too late. Something's happened to here. “Nadiya!” He yelled loudly hoping to hear something but there was silence. Using his tracker abilities Damien went in search for his maker whose been kidnapped by a Therian. Hoping to pick up on some scent that would lead him to them, hoping no harm have been done to her. He’d never forgive himself as Damien wasn’t there for her. He was late, breaking his promise.

The pain was something that she could never imagine, nor ever describe to another being; of course, she knew that a Therian bite could not kill her, but the as the poison filtered through her veins, she suspected that Death would be much kinder to her than this. It angered her greatly, that she was unable to fight back, to take the Therian down because under any other circumstance, she, without a doubt could handle herself, and it would have been the Therian whimpering away with it’s tail between it’s leg; that was if she allowed the beast to live. Yet there she was, being dragged by the wrist, her body sweating in pain as it remained limp; she wondered if this was it - if this was where she would meet her end, after all, she was very well aware of the shenanigans which were happening in the city which could not be explained. In fact, she had to hire more security for Poison, in case any fights broke out within the Brothel, thus, her mind, despite being frantic, wondered just how long this man would allow her to live before taking her life. Or would he simply just hold her prisoner, it was well known that time had a habit of repeating itself; perhaps, he was some distant relative of Frank - who was her first kill - and he simply wanted revenge on his death rather than protect the girl who she was feeding from.

Nadiya could sense her vision blurring, the stars in the night sky began to blend deeply with the black sea above her; she had lost a sense of time and direction as the Therian took her to his lair, and sooner rather than later, she found that she had lost all sense of consciousness as her body became too overwhelmed by the poison which was trainting her bloodstream. Eventually, her eyes slowly fluttered open, the darkness that she graciously welcomed soon disappearing around her; it took a few moments to adjust to the light and to the scene before her; confusion was quick to set in as she witness the bars which surrounded her - the sound of constant dripping in the background. Where was she? Diya knew the poison was very much in her system, and she doubted she had been knocked out for more than a few hours, therefore, she weakly dragged herself on the very damp floor to the bars, to see that she was not alone - there were other creatures, much like herself in other cells who looked just how she felt. The Valkyr groaned and fell backward, her fingers rushed through her hair as her foggy mind trying to find some coherence; which when it found some, it automatically rushed to Damien.

Of course, she was still very much annoyed that he had been there for her when she needed him - it had been very clear that they were to meet tonight for her feed; after all, she had even placed the event on his phone, so he would have definitely got the reminder - yet she knew, he had other responsibilities now, much to her dismay. Diya had noticed that he spent the majority of his time with the guard now, and often suspected that it was to take his mind off of his ex-lover, Arywn? She could never remember the boys name, but she certainly was not a fan of him for breaking Damien’s heart. Either way, both of those two things consequently lead her son-like figure to spend less to with her, which like every Mother - she had to expect and accept, but it didn’t mean she liked it. As she sat upon the ground, the dampness soaking up into her trousers, she wondered where Damien was, would he still be doing his duty with his fellow guards? Would he be chasing down the boy who was not worthy of his time? Or did he actually remember that she needed him tonight? She hoped it was the latter, and she hoped that he was out looking for her, but that still didn’t sit easy with her - this therian was on a rampage, but the look of it and thus, didn’t care who he captured.

Nadiya used the back of her sleeve to wipe away the dried blood upon her sleeve as she noticed a shadow move in the holding cell beside her wich peaked her interest; it reminded her of her own shadow powers, which she could eventually use once the poison had left her system. “H-Hey.” She weakly groaned, as the side of her head rested against the metal bar. “Where a-are we?”

Maybe he was taking on more than he could chew. So many different jobs and responsibilities, Damien didn’t even know where to start. His loyalties always lie with the guard as they were the ones who’d given him a second chance. The only time he’d felt like he’d belonged, part of a family. Yet a more bigger crazy one than he’d expected. Being promoted to Malva’s personal guard when the thing or whatever happened went bad so fast. Truthfully Damien did enjoy and appreciate it all, wanting to be part of the guard more. Maybe it was an excuse to keep himself busy, years he spent trying to forget about his heartbreak with Arwyn. Yet he felt that he was back to square one with Arwyn being in the same city as he. Not knowing how to wrap his head around it all. Everything in his life was changing, all at a faster place. Some days Damien didn’t know where he was. Going to and doing whatever Malva wants. Keeping an eye and protecting her, fifuking in his duties. Dameien did feel bad, knowing he’s been neglecting the other important people in his life. There being less time spent around Nadiya. Not spending much time in the ‘Pleasure House’. The house did creep him out a big, he wasn't too fond of all that happens on in the place yet he knew that it does happen. Whatever floats people boats and all. It was something that Nadiya enjoys, that's all that matters. 

Now Nadiya was missing, Damien was starting to go out of his mind. Not knowing where she is what may happen. Knowing from first hand from personal experience of how bad things can go from a Valkyr suffering from bloodlost, having not fed for a long period of time. Especially when the Valkyr is an old addict. Worried if Nadiya’s alter ego self would be taking over, which was not a good thing. Worried to think he wouldn’t get back to her in time. Blaming himself, Damien knew he should of been there. He’d promised her now he’s broken it because he forgot himself. Being too busy, forgetting these days what day it was. Let alone when he’d made plans to meet or do something. Part of him was contemplating whether to go and get help from people back in the manor. It’ll be a lot easier and quicker to find her with more tracker specialists like him. Yet he knew that would be a bad idea all together. They’d only find and think of her as a threat. Since part of his past duties was to find rogue vampires and put an end to them. Damien not wanting that to happen to Nadiya. She was his maker, his sire, the only mother figure he’d ever had. 

It was his own fault that something bad happened to her because he wasn’t there, so it’s his duty to go and find her. Only hoping that he’ll be able to find her before it’s too late. The only thing that Damien had to go by from her scent, a scent he knew well. Trying to pick up on her scent was proving to me more difficult. All mixed up with different scents, almost throwing him off, a tracker biggest problem. Making him need to have more haste in trying to find her. Picking up on what trails was left behind, using his Valkyr abilities using his superspeed. Trying to hurry up, lucky that not much time was between what happened to him. Soon the sent lead him to a cave type thing. Damien took a deep breath focusing on shadowmelding, melding into the shadows away from sigh. Masking himself so that he could be hidden and not seen by whoever had taken Nadiya. Eliminating any upcoming threats, seeing someone standing on guard. Damien knocked him out in seconds, making his way further into the place. Seeing how many people he was up against. Maybe now thinking he was biting up more than he could chew. Seeing how there was more people than he’d first thought. Able to pick up on different scents and noises from inside. Making Damien grow more suspicious about this whole place. Trying to find Nadiya quick as possible. 

The cell which was now holding her aptive made the room in which she lived in a aschild look like a mansion - at least Frank kept the room somewhat warm, and allowed little to no leaks to come through the foundations; thus, for the first time in almost 90 years, she wished she could be back in that room if she continued this rather unfortunate situation. Nadiya glanced down at the back of her hand which had collected the dried blood from around her lips and sighed greatly, the blood she had received from the girl before her own attack was not enough, and what she did manage to collect would soon wear off; and because of that, Carmel, her alter ego would definitely soon make an appearance. Since arriving in Evermore and since she had created a safety plan of having someone watch her feed, Carmel had never made an appearance; it was as if the girl even existed, which was wonderful for her - but the fear that she would and definitely could resurface, would always be there, no matter how much time had passed since. Due to being desperate, she didn’t that it was try - she just hoped it would do something, she lowered her head to lick the dried blood off her hand; it still had some taste but if anything, it probably only triggered the urge for more. 

In fact, Nadiya even contemplated biting the Therian which brought her in, even if it did make her unwell; yet for now, she was too curious about the being in the next cell over. The person did not answer her, and she wondered if it was because her voice was so weak, that they didn’t hear her - otherwise the other only option was that the person did not want to speak with her; and that was not a possibility. Diya needed some form answers and whoever was in the holding cell must have known something about why they were here. Once she had crawled her way to that side of her cell, she rested her forehead against the metal railing and looked into the shadows were she saw the darker figure. Diya narrowed her gaze as she scrutinised the being; they seemed to be curled up in the fetal position, shaking in the far corner next to the brick wall in which water trickled down. Oh how she felt her heart ache for the poor thing - simply by how she was laying, Diya assumed she was a lot younger than she; just turned eighteen, possibly. The Valkyr inhaled deeply to gather her scent, and she too smelt like a Therian - recently completed her first shift, possibly. "My name is Nadiya" She spoke weakly, but more importantly, softly; her cheek resting against the bar as she noted the other cages within the cave thing. "My friends call me Diya, what's… Your name?" She swallowed, trying to keep herself composed and collected. 

The Valkyr winced a little as she shifted so her back was now facing the girl; she hoped it was some form of anxiety that the girl was experiencing - and much to her surprise, the other female began to speak. "Josie, my name is Josie" Just her response brought a very small smile to appear on Diya's lips. "We're not going to escape" The young girl whimpered slightly which caused Diya's heart to ache; she knew how it felt to be young and taken away from home for the first time. She exhaled deeply. “How long have you been down here?” Diya questioned softly, turning her head ever so slightly to see if she could catch Josie out of the corner of her eye. 

“I-I can’t remember” Josie whimpered before the air in the cave tightened, the tension rising and with still a blurry gaze, Diya looked upward to see a shadow of a rather large man stand before the cell to her own confinement; from his scent alone, she knew it wasn’t the man who took her a mere few hours ago. Nadiya wanted to fight him, he wasn’t here to save her, she knew that but she didn’t know how much she could take with the wolf venom still within her. Upon hearing the screeching of her gate open; she was glad that the man chose her and not the young girl; a weak snarl escaped her lips as she mustered up enough strength to get into a prowling position - ready to pounce at him. 

For the longest time he been finding himself unintentionally forgetting different things and people too. With now more responsibilities on his place. To be in charge of a whole faction, very different to just himself. Forgetting about the promises he’d made to others. Damien gave Nadiya his word that he’d spend each night where she has to feed her. To be there to make sure that she doesn’t take too much, to stop her if anything were to happen. Tonight he wasn’t there for her and she’d gone by her own. Not wanting to wait for him. The Valkyr was blaming himself, keep thinking through in his head if anything were to happen to her or other people. Here he was trying to be a leader. Some great leader if he’d left a potential blood thirsty Valkyr out on the streets on Evermore. This would be any guard members mission. To seek and take out any potential threats, covering up anything before it could get out. Damien knew that the human had a secret organisation who were in with the cover up. He’d always felt strange to the whole thing, with back in the guard. They’d been training all properly into the different systems and steps taken whilst it’s all mixed up. Not properly able to wrap his head around the whole human secret organisation. Remembering the outrage it had caused once during an ambassador meeting when all came out to what was actually happening underground in a way. In a way, luckily for both the Ailward guard and Aspects it was taking the spotlight and weight off them for all of what happened to the celestials. With table being turned to a different faction. 

Damien was trying to advert himself from getting help. Knowing that it would be the last resort to contact people back in the manor. Nadiya was his own sire, a mother figure to him. His responsibility in a way. All being complicated in a way with her alter ego, monsterself or person called Caramel.  That Nadiya likes to call her dark self that takes over from time to time. Damien knew well that it wasn’t Nadiya he was looking for tonight, it would be Caramel. In a way almost expecting to find the worse before he could see the good in the darkness. To be the one to bring her back like he has done before in the past. Bringing them closer in a way. Damien knew Nadiya was always worrying over her, more now than ever. Now able to feel how she does. Finding himself starting to go out of his mind. Sick with worry. Stumbling across a half drained young girl in the middle of the street at night. Picking up the scent of another being, more specifically being their species sworn enemy. Only making things worse. Damien still didn’t know what had happened here. Just able to figure out what have been started but not finished. Luckily for him the human girl was still alive. Damien made sure to ring up some contacts from the guard for them to head straight to the scene and cover it all up whilst he’d be tracking the rouge Theriantrhope. 

Hoping that he weren’t too late. Still able to pick up on the strength, that was still strong. Tracking has always been one of his strengths. Coming in handy for missions and situations like theses. Able to act quickly, trailing and analysing threats. Acting before anything else could happen to eliminate it all. Damien was surprised to stumble upon an underground prison. One that rouge Therianthropes have made and organsated. Acting upon instincts taking, swiftly taking out the guards there were standing on guard at the front of the cave. Quickly making his moving, heading down further into the cave. Amazed of how far it goes on for. Ensuring to keep in the shadows, keeping his motivate and self underwrap. To go undetected. Sneaking through behind different rouges trying to follow Nadiya’s sent further. Able to pick up on the scent strongly, meaning she wasn’t too far away. So close to finding her. Eventually making his way to a room what he could pick up Nadiya’s scent followed by strong scent of blood, heartbeats and different scents too. Meaning she wasn’t the only one who was taken. Taking out the two ones on the door. Proving to be more difficult than others as they put up a fight instead. 

As he entered the room where all the prisoners were being held, he saw a man hovering over Nadiya seeing he was just about to attack her. Leaving her blindsided, Damien knew she was hurt and not able to defend herself. Without a second thought, using his superspeed Damien swiftly ripped out the therians heart. Letting the body crumble in front of him as he still held the heart in his hand before his eyes fell on Nadiya. “Nadiya!” Quickly dropped it he rushed to Nadiyas side checking her over seeing a therian bite on her neck. “I’m so sorry I was late and not there for you. Stuff at work came up” Feeling like this was all his fault. “Let's get you out of here, wherever here is” He went on motioning to how this was weird surroundings even for him. Damien looked around properly seeing that Nadiya wasn’t alone, seeing the room full of people like her. Supernatural and human alike. “Shit” He cursed under his breath seeing it wasn’t as easy as he had first thought, knowing he couldn’t leave anyone else behind. Needing to save and free everyone else too. Breaking the chains holding Nadiya up he carefully helped her to her feet. “Can you stand?” Damien spoke softly, already able to know she must be hallucinating and weak from the bite. Soon needing to think of an action plan quickly before anyone else comes in. 

The burn was slowly but surely intensifying at the back of her neck, it scratched violently and was demanding to be satisfied; and no matter how frequently Nadiya tried to swallow the burn and need down, she simply couldn't. That alone frightened her, just this very small thing alone was nothing but an alarm clock for Carmel who had been dormant for a few months; oh and if she were ever to wake up from her peaceful slumber - her actions would be enough to see her dead despite Diya's efforts to befriend the Valkyrie. Thus, as she sat on the damp ground and whilst she still held onto the very small amount of control left; Nadiya began to make plans, if Carmel woke upon her escape, she needed to get out of Evermore as quickly as possible. A massacre outside of the city walls, she hoped would not have a result on her life - after all, she had done many in her past and she was very much still living; how? She didn't know, perhaps it was because of her girls at Poison, they needed someone and Damien, despite being all grown up and an Ambassador now, still needed her whether he liked it or not. 

The valkyr shook her head, she needed to stop thinking about what could happen when in this very moment she needed to start thinking of plan to get her and the other individuals out of this godforsaken place; she would need to do so weakly, the venom in her system was still potent and she probably still had a good day to go before she even remotely felt better. Nadiya moved her gaze across the holding cells, if she were still here tomorrow she could easily mould into the shadows and disappear from sight and teleport outside of the cells; the possibilities were endless if she could keep Carmel in check for long enough. Eventually she was pulled from her thoughts as a man entered her cell - just from his stance alone she knew he was not friendly. Thus, with wobbly knees she pushed herself up, albeit weakly into a pouncing position on all fours; she inhaled deeply to gather his scent and yet again, it was another Lycanthrope - were they a pack? An underground pack? Brows furrowed, her vision getting worse yet as she tried to muster as much strength as possible to leap, the man stood before her froze with wide eyes in horror. 

Nadiya kept a complex brow furrowed - how did that even happen? She racked her brains and recalled hallucinations were a symptom of a bite on a Valkyr; that must be it, and as the man fell to the floor, she did too - she needed to accept her situation and the other prisoners until she was fit enough again. Diya leaned into the bar, her eyes closing until she felt her body moving involuntarily and naturally she groaned. Upon the sound of the male voice, she smiled some - her mind was tricking her with comfort until he continued to talk to her about being sorry. Diya leaned into his hold and struggled to look up at him before weakly and awkwardly patting his chest. "My hero" The words themselves, she couldn't tell if she was being genuine or being absolutely snarky and sassy at him but nevertheless, she'd be having some words with him after this whole ordeal. Nadiya nodded with a giggle as he asked if she could stand. "The others" She nodded once more and shakily reached for the bars for stability so he could try and free them from their closed cells. 

With that, and much like a drunk individual she was using the metal bars as guidance to get out; she had never been bitten before but she knew her sight wouldn't keep for much longer. Nadiya stumbled somewhat as she heard the chaos Damien was creating behind her and the shouts of the prisoners demanding that they were next to be freed. "Shhhh!" She playfully hissed in their direction, a laugh escaping her as she did so - oh this would be fun until her strength completely failed her. As the prisoners got out one by one, a Nephilim male came to her side and glanced at the ill looking Valkyr; she patted his cheek and suddenly felt herself being thrown over his shoulder - he was clearly following orders from Damien. "Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to freedom we go!" She sang and then rested her cheek upon the angel-childs back. 

In the past Damien was used to being sent out on different missions. All different types of sistations. Some were purposely just for training exercises and experiences, then some were the real things. It was where he was able to truly understand the level of experience and skill are needed to pull it out. Finding he’d adapted and picked it up more easily and quicker than others took. Maybe it was a reason why he’d found himself promoted and moved up to commander over the others. Damien knew that he was probably not everyone's first choice and understood it. That maybe the position was offered to some other personal guards who were more experienced by choose to turn down the position preferring to stay where they were. Damien took the whole commander role and promotion seriously. Spending a while to pick up all the pieces under the unforeseen and hard hitting circumstances the whole guard had felt a few years back. Losing both their home, friends and family all in one night. Along with the commander so that's how he was offered it. Spending endless days and nights trying to sort through and figure everything out. Finding that he was keeping himself busy for other reasons. Always choosing to keep his personal feelings away from work so that what he did put more of his time and effort into the guard. Trying to prove to everyone that he was up to it all. Not wanting to let anyone done. 

During this time he’d almost been blinded by a way by his work to see the other things in his life. The people in it outside of the guard. Feeling that he’d been spending less time with Nadiya who was a mother figure to him, his sire. That he’d been letting her down, too busy with his work. Tonight was the tipping point for him to snap him back into reality that he needed to focus on other people rather than just his work. One thing that Damien knew that Nadiya never liked to make anything easy for anyone. Finding himself becoming more stressed as more time has passed to when he knew she must of fed to picking up another sent to losing hers. It was all his fault. Blaming himself for all this. Damien knew he should of been there, he promised that he would and he let her down. This mess should have never happened but it has, he knew he had to stop blaming himself and figure out a plan to save Nadiya. Already Damien was able to sense that this wasn’t a typical kidnapping where a rouge Therain kidnapped a Valkyr for fun. This was something else. Damien was starting to get worried for Nadiya’s safety and well being over not controlling her bloodlost. Right now blood loss was the least of his worries for her. 

By the time Damien had made it to the cave he was trying to figure out a plan of how to get inside it. With how he couldn’t easily walk in, grab Nadiya and walk out. It was never simple as that. Damien was shocked to see that this cave was actually an underground prison hostage situation. Not expecting something like this in the slightest, especially from rouge Therain’s. Using his guard skills, Damien was easily able to take out and get past any rogues in his way. Making his way further down underground until he got closer to where he could pick up Nadiya’s scent. There she was semi okay, at least she was alive that was the main thing. Quickly acting on instinct, he went to help free the others. Both surprised and shocked to see how many others there were locked up in there. Finding it was going to be more difficult getting everyone out safe and alive than he first thought. A simple rescue mission has turned into a mass rescue mission. 

After taking down a group of rogues, any one of them who tired to come their way, he started to look at how many people he had to try to get out of here. Already about to hear different sassy remarks coming from Nadiya who was resting herself against a wall. Knowing that she was out of it, the affect effects of the Therian bite but he knew it’ll rare off with some time. Damien looked over to a male Nephilim prisoner who he’d freed that looked in good enough shape to help him out. The Ailward Guard Commander motioned over to Nadiya wanting for him to help carry her out with how she was in no state to walk out herself. “Come on miss want to be a pirate, let's get out of here” He marvelled sarcastically rolling his eyes to her taking the least ahead. Making a safe path to get everyone out, making sure that no danger was up ahead. “You gotta make my life harder for me don’t you Nadiya” He commented teasing her but knowing she’ll probably have a snappy comeback or be passed out. Either way.

If Nadiya took death out of the equation, a Therian bite was actually quite fun; she received quite the buzz out of it and she enjoyed it - she figured it was what some drugs were to the human race. Hell, it was like this for Carmel anytime she went on a blood hunt. Everything felt soft, and different - sharp lines of an outline turned into nothing but a soft blur and objects moved in ways that they shouldn’t; which consequently made The Brothel House owner very happy and amused. In fact, death was the very last thing on her mind, perhaps because she knew the bite would wear off if she didn’t get another one, or that blood was only around the corner once Damien appeared and freed some of the other prisoners. Even, right this moment, she had a Nephilim’s neck only a few inches from her; she had never tried Nephilim blood, but God did it smell amazing and she could only imagine that it tasted just as good. In fact, she couldn’t stop herself from lifting her head to glance at the back of his neck. 

“Don’t even think about it, Valky” The Nephilim commented as he finally followed Damien through the dark, bleak and very damp tunnels; despite her gaze going in and out of focus, she could tell that they were very far underground and that whoever was the mastermind behind all of this had been thinking and plotting this for a very long time. Diya hummed as they moved their way through the tunnels and she was pleasantly surprised to see how well the hostages stood; of course, some stumbled and needed some assistance, but overall, they seemed strong enough to get out. Perhaps it was the adrenaline, however, they didn’t want to be locked up in there forever, or until the Therian did whatever he wanted to do with him. “Think about what, I thought nothing” She slurred her words and closed her eyes for the rest of the journey to upper ground. 

The fresh air soon woke her up, albeit she was still very groggy when the Nephilim plopped her onto the damp ground and leaned her back against the bark of the three. Diya could just make the shape of Damien stand in front of her and didn’t resist narrowing her eyes in his direction; if he had just done what he had promised, none of this would have happened in the first. “That was just another…. Misshh-ion for yous” Her words were slurred and anyone who didn’t know would think she was just drunk by her actions and her words. “Get me home, then blood” She ordered, flopping to one side. “With those too” She pointed to them all to bring them to Poison; they would figure it out there, as with the last bit of mental strength she had, she knew that this was bigger than just kidnapping a few Supernaturals. 

Damien knew he should be so surprised by what was happening now. With how it was feeling just like any kidnapping, hostage situation that was now happening before him. Thinking before those types of days were behind him with his commander position taking over which meant he was taking a step back letting others go on missions instead of him. He hates to admit that he missed the old days with going out on missions like theses. Always finding enjoyment of being out on the front line doing something he loves one of the reasons why the guard and this type of life and lifestyle was the one for his. This time around Damien knew he had to take it all the more seriously with it not being a typical training exercise. That now was the real thing, Nadiya’s life and others were on the line. In the past Damien wasn’t able to save everybody with memories of the night when they lost half of the guard and their people still haunted him and many others. So they could never forget about the mistakes that were made and all the lives were lost. Damien was too blinded by his life and duties to forget about the commitments he had made. Promising that he would be there for Nadiya for each time she needs to feed that she wouldn’t lose control and he couldn’t do that. Feeling a heavy weight of guilt resting on his shoulders. Thinking that comandor he was that he couldn’t even do that. 

Now he has found and saved Nadiya along with many other prisoners. A one man mission he had once thought would be easy for him was turning into much more complicated than he first thought. Damien had not just Nadiya to look after but the lives of many others. Looking over his shoulder to Nadiya who was being carried by a Nephilim who he had freed, he could see how close Nadiya was to the Npehilim’s neck. Knowing that the Therian bite would be making her even more thirsty, being drawn to blood more. “Just wait it out Diyah till we get back home then I’ll find something to make it all better” He reminded her softly almost begging for her to wait it all out. Luckily a few months back he had taken over and locked up a few necessities at the brothel just incase of any emergencies like these. Which would include an antidote to a Therian bite and back up blood bags keeping it all locked up and out of site for Nadiya. Damien took charge on taking lead to guide everyone out whilst making sure nobody was left behind along with making sure the path was clear. Still unsure of how many other rouge Therian guards there still could be scattered about that he hadn’t taken care of yet. Ignoring all of the gibberish that was coming from Nadiya being able to know she was still making no sense. 

Luckily the exit plan hadn’t gone as bad as he had first thought it would be. Damien managed to tactically take out a few Therian’s by using his shadowmelting powers to make him become part of the shadows almost which he used his adancage to knocking out and ripping out the hearts of the enemies. As they exited the cave Damien was more reassured that their were on solid ground away from all of what was down there. Damien looked around making sure that everyone managed to get out that they didn’t leave anyone behind along with making sure there was no Therian’s lurking about. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he ran his fingers through his curls trying to think of the clean up protocol and mess that would soon be happening. “You never like to make anything easy for me don’t you?” He teased softly the the Valkyr seeing how much more work tracking down and saving her was. “Come on, let's get you home” Nodding his head agreeing with her before hearing her comment which made his mouth hang half open with shock. That she wanted for them to take everyone back home with them. “Seriously?” Laughing thinking she was joking before knowing she was serious even with being half or mostly out of it. Damien felt himself becoming more stressed thinking about what they were going to do with the freed hostages. “I’m going to call Erytherus and some connections in the guard to give them a heads up of everything that have just gone down. So they can lock down the underground cave and start to take care of it whilst we can figure out how we can help everybody” Damien knew he had to call for backup to take care of the rest whilst he did all the rescuing and heavy work letting others finish it all up. 

“Come on you” Damien commented as he walked over to Nadiya picking up and carrying her bridal style thinking it’ll be the easiest way with how she was in no fit state to walk or to be carried on someone’s back. “Everyone we’re all going back to Nadiya’s brothel but don’t worry it’s not open to night” Turning to the rest of the freed prisoners letting them know that they were safe and that they would look after them all. Damien already knew that this would be a long night even longer and more stressful than he first thought it would be. 

The bitter, winter air felt nice against her flesh; she probably wasn’t in captivity for long, but with the therian bite and the lack of blood in her system - the air tasted like freedom, and a possible meal waiting for her. Yet, all of that highly depended on how quickly they could get her home to the medicine that she needed to survive; however, this wasn’t her first death and with the therian’s venom in her system, she doubted she could take anything seriously, even this. Nadiya moved her drunken gaze in an attempt to find Damien’s voice as he indicated that he would fix everything once they got home and she couldn’t help but scoff a little under her breath before giggling to herself. She rested her head back against the bark of the tree and attempted to see the others who were stood there, some shaking in fright, some ready to fight and others were cuddled to each other to keep warm. Clearly it was their first time being held captive - Diya knew this feeling all too well. 

Nadiya furrowed her brows as she tried to concentrate on just Damien and despite having him kneel so closely to her, she truly could not make out any of his features; everything she thought she could see was simply just her memory. Yet, despite that, she knew exactly how he would react to the concept that they would take everyone back home to look after and because of his reaction, she understood exactly how they become to be Mother and Son; she was immature, but she was also well aware that people should not be left behind - in fact, she was surprised he didn’t think of it sooner, being a Guard and their Commander; perhaps the Guard only had one priority - the Aspects. Everyone and everything was just collateral damage. “Yes Damien” She rolled her eyes shut, indicating that she was not going to argue on this matter, and he would just have to accept the other victims would be coming home. 

Soon enough she was welcomed by darkness, but that was after the comment of him calling in for backup; when truly, when she was well enough, she wanted to handle it herself - but she made a mental note to remind herself of that comment if she remembered it when she awoke. Nadiya fell into a blissful darkness as Damien’s scent teased her nostrils, his fabric cleaner sweet against her cheek as they took off in the direction of her home, of the city’s brothel, Poison. The Valkyr didn’t know how long it took for them to arrive at her home, but by the time they arrived, her sweat at worsened, a fever took over her body so when she felt the support of the chair, her head rolled backward; the Nephilim from before supporting the back of her head with his hands. Nadiya attempted to dampen her chapped lips with her tongue before the smell of a blood bag drifted her way which made her drool; as the bag reached her lips, she began to suckle upon it softly which only grew more aggressive, more needed with each droplet. 

Her fingers clutched at the bag needingly, a soft and delicate moan escaped her lips; as it had been so long since her last feed, she could feel Carmel stirring at just the taste and for the first time in a while, Diya was happy for her inner monster to come out - if it meant survival. “More” She grunted, her eyes eventually opened as she looked between Damien and the Nephilim male before her; Diya noted the look of concern on Damien’s countenance and rolled her eyes. “If you don’t get it, I will go and get it myself” She spoke sternly and more forceful that her usual, indicating the mixture of personalities of Nadiya and Carmel. She used the back of her hand to wipe away the blood which tainted her lips before smiling almost wickedly; in this very moment, she had forgotten about the other hostages in the next room. 

Lately he’s been finding that he’s been so busy trying to be a commander. Forgetting about the important things he’s got in front of him, forgetting about the promises he’s made. Finding out the hard way of all that could go wrong and all that bad things that comes out of it. Seeing all that's happened tonight could all been avoided.  “You know if you didn’t get kidnapped. I would have never came to save you and we wouldn’t have discovered this secret underground cave where all these people were kept locked up” He pointed out looking around not realizing that despite the bad situation they were in that good came from it all. “You saved these people, Nadiya” Even if she thinks that she did nothing with how he did all the whole saving part to it all. “I’m proud of you, I wanted to let you know that” He reminded her once again, sitting himself beside her. Kissing her on the head softly as he wrapped one arm around her, as they were having a mother-son moment. Even if they were grown adults who still needed one and another. Now nearly losing her, Damien knew how he needed to pay more attention and make more time for her. “I’ll make sure to stop more around the pleasure house than I do” Although he had yet come all that clean to Arwyn about everything and everyone in his life. Seeing and knowing how his boyfriend will overreact to him telling him that he was going to a brothel house and not for the reasons he may think. 

Damien already knew and could see how out of it Nadiya was, with how the Therian Venom was still running through her veins. Slowly trying to get out her system. Sure that she wouldn’t have taken much notice of the things he just said to her but hoped she could make out a few words of it. Looking around at all the people all scattered around who he just saved from being locked up and taking hostage. His commander self was trying to figure out what his next plan and motives were of getting all these people to safety. Whilst taking into account that it may not be too long till the rouge Therian’s call for more back up. Leaving them with not much time to act. “We gotta all get going, we gotta move fast” He ordered sounding commanding with not being able to help his comadnor and leader voice coming out. Hoping that there was enough people to help each other out, for people to gather enough strength to make it to safety with how they were still on enemy grounds. Damien already was taking responsibility of looking after Nadiya seeing how she could barely stand let alone walk anywhere anytime soon. By now he was used to carry out evacuation plans following protocols but this was a bit more different and difficult to other missions. With how it was not a missing or training exercise. It was the real thing, acting on instinct instead of motives. 

Making sure everyone was already they all set off to their place of safety with him taking the lead. Whilst Nadiya managed to fall asleep in his arms, he couldn’t blame her seeing she was probably exhausted from all that's happened to her. All of the time he was leading the way, Damien made sure to keep turning around. Counting how many people there were behind not wanting to leave anyone behind. Knowing if he did that Nadiya would either kill him or give him hell of not doing one simple thing whilst she was out of it. By the time they had arrived at the brothel house it was already starting to get light. Somehow managing to support Nadiya he managed to get his keys from his pocket. Unlocking and opening the doors he walked into her home, leading the way for all the others to come in. Firstly carefully putting her on one of the chairs making sure she was supported asking the Nephlim from early to keep a check on her for him. Whilst he went through to back room insearch for the supplies he needed to help her, already knowing where she keeps the supply of blood bags just in case of emergencies. Back when she had it put in he made sure that only people who had access to it was him, having it fingerprint recognition. Since he didn’t want for Nadiya/Carmel to get into it

Fetching too a damp cold flannel to help with Nadiya sweats. Coming back into the room where all the others were he kneeled beside Nadiya handing her the blood bag. “Here you go just pace yourself” Reminding her softly like he does each time he helps her to feed, with how he was there to make sure she has control. Damien was starting to regret letting her have the blood bags knowing that if she has too much that it would cause for her Carmel self to come out. Knowing that the blood bags wouldn’t be enough that she was wanting to have the real thing like earlier tonight. “I got a better idea” A stupid idea it was. Supporting and lifting her a little he went and sat down on the sofa to have her head resting on his lap. Looking down his wrist for a moment before biting down into it so that blood droplets were already starting to drip from it. Lifting and holding it just above Nadiya’s lips. “Here, drink from me” Looking at her softly that he had enough faith that she would be able to stop feeding from him when she’s had enough. Believing their sire bond would be enough to make her not lose all control.

Whilst Nadiya sat there, waiting for the blood bag to appear, her spine slumped into the seat and she couldn’t help but grin widely at the Nephilim that supported her head; although she couldn’t really make out his features, he was simply one big blob and that was perhaps what got her giggling to herself. The moment that Damien came out of where they stored the blood under lock and key, her senses came extremely alert and as if like she magic, she bolted up right although she was still a little wobbly and it was rather quite endearing to see how the Nephilim reacted to her sloppy movement. Her hands shook as she reached to take the bag from Damien and her brows furrowed. “You only got the one?” She sounded rather hurt by that, they both knew that she would need more to try and flush out the venom which resided in her being; but if she was in sound of mind - she would have completely understood why he did so. It was too risky otherwise; and it would let Gideon down also if she got out of control. 

The blood itself caused a series of somewhat pleasurable moans to escape her and her body shuddered in happiness at the taste; of course, it was nothing compared to the blood from the live source but it never was - and if Damien had arrived as they had planned, she would have had the bag anyway, but she couldn’t help but recall the blood from the young girl earlier. Nevertheless, the blood was doing it’s job and her hands squeezed it tightly to eventually there was no more left and she was demanding that they went to get her another back; Diya could sense the uneasiness of the Nephilim behind her but for once, she chose to ignore that and simply focus upon her son. She quirked a brow as Damien mentioned that he had an idea and as he looped an arm around her waist, she groaned and took his support to walk over to the luxurious sofa across the room. “Why would I feed from you when I hav--” She finished her sentence off as she looked over to the Nephilim but she was soon heavily distracted by the blood which came from Damien’s wrist. 

Nadiya had never heard of a Valkyr feeding from a Valkyr; she supposed it wouldn’t do her any bad, as it was just blood so it would do what she needed it to do. Plus side, it would taste better than a blood bag, she hoped. Although there was a part of her that felt like this was cannibalism, and hoped that this would stay in Poison; hey, perhaps she would get addicted to this and become the next Hannibal Lector. “This is stupid” Diya commented but she couldn’t resist the pull that even his blood had and found herself giving in to his notion of resting her head upon his lap; her fingers curled around his forearm as she held his wrist to her lips. Her teeth dug into his flesh as she allowed his blood to trickle down her throat; the warmth was just what she needed from it. Her eyes closed and her brows furrowed as she took blood from him, ignoring the murmurs of the others in the room with them and even the soft grunts of pain from Damien. Nadiya knew she had to pace herself, to not take too much but even if she did, she doubted he could die from it, right? 

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