Tick, tock, tick, tock. The sound of the grandfather clock chimed from the across the hall as she sat at the very head of the dining table; Nadiya decided to keep Poison closed today, she was convinced that it would be safer for everyone if she did so. It took a lot of convincing, for two reasons alone - Poison was her way of keeping afloat financially and to close for one night meant that she would be missing out on quite a lot of money, and secondly; many of the women that worked for her, typically had nowhere else to go and opted to stay in their rooms. Thus, on evenings like this, she had to kick some to the curb just because she could not be trusted when it came to blood; after all, no one ever went out of just one pint of beer, so why the willpower to stop after one pint of blood. The whole rule was ludacris for her, but she also knew why she she had to stick to it; anymore than said blood, always sent her down a very dark path - Diya could not control the urges, the temptations to take more than what was needed to survive. In fact, on almost every feed since she had arrived in Evermore, she had to organise babysitters to make sure that she stopped and to stand in to do whatever was necessary to stop her from talking yet another life.

Nadiya allowed her fingers to drum upon the wooden table as her hazel eyes remained on the front door; he was late which was surprising and completely unacceptable in her eyes. Of course, she knew he had other responsibilities that weren't her - he had his guard duties as well as the Therian boy that seemed to have won him over years go; yet, she only asked for him once a month and he couldn't even do that for her. She could slowly feel the burn itch at the back of her throat as she stood rather abruptly, the feet of the chair screeched along the floor as she did so; Diya wasn't known for her patientness, and he knew that - this would be on him. The Valkyr proceeded to grab her leather jacket, her heels clicked on the flooring which echoed around her empty house; she had never noticed just how eerie her house was until it was empty. She glanced back into the emptiness before allowing the night air to engulf her; Diya didn't have a particular place or person in mind, she just needed to find someone who would satisfy her needs. Which, if she was completely honest with herself, that could almost be anyone - she wasn't necessarily picky when it came to who she fed from.

Diya stalked the thriving streets of Evermore, yet she kept her head down; she wanted to rely on her sense of smell alone, rather than simply going for someone who was visually attractive. It wasn't surprising that she picked up a particular scent fairly quickly, and instinctively, her predator turned on; Diya sunk further into the shadows which she wore as a second coat as she followed the petite blonde down the street - it seemed she was leaving the city. This worked in Nadiya's favour as it would make it incredibly easy to pull the girl away. She waited for a few moments after they left the heart of the city before making her move; the girl was just as petite as she, thus the fight between the two was pathetic - Diya overpowering the blonde. A sinister smile found her lips as she pinned the frightened girl to a tree. “Shh” Diya cooed deductive, before humming a soothing nursery rhyme which she could barely remember her Mother doing when she was a child. With each note, she lowered her head closer to the girls pulse before eagerly sinking her teeth into the fragile flesh. The Valkyr's eyes rolled back in pleasure as the sweet poison ran down the back of her throat; it was as sweet as a honey upon her taste buds. Diya tightened her grasp on the girl who continued to thrash against her; yet with each passing moment, the strength in her fight was dying. It was in that moment that Nadiya could feel her sense of humanity leaving her.

Diya was too distracted to sense another soul which approached her quickly, and rather suddenly; it wasn't until her back hit the ground that she was brought somewhat back to reality - despite the craze which was happening with her. The predator had now become the prey as a set of teeth clamped down upon her shoulder which caused her to roar out; the simple bite to her shoulder weakened her suddenly. “Therian” She grunted through gritted teeth, the poison weakened her body rather quickly as the therian dragged her off into the shadows which she would normally consider her home.

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Damien knew he had to be tactical with figuring out a way to give Nadiya blood. Finding out the hard way in the first place of her struggle with blood. Hearing the tales of the past and how things all went wrong. Knowing she’s been through hell and back, she just needs some help to keep her on the right track. Which was where he came in. When they first figured out a new way around to make sure her dark Valkyr self Carmel was under control. Making it a lot easier if he was in charge of when she needs blood, almost it being routine. He had been too busy letting it slip out of his head. A simple mistake finding the consequences of it all. Damien knew he had to clean up the mess which was his fault. It was him who came up with the plan of keeping her blood bags locked up. It was what they did back in the manor with Valkyr’s who still struggles with their thirst. Whilst he was one of the ones who had their thirst under control, having no problems in decades back to when Malva first found him. Then joining the guard. Damien figured it would be best to stick to the one blood bag even if he knew that it wouldn’t be enough for Nadiya. Knowing how Therian venom works it’s already in her bloodstream needing enough new blood to be consumed to flush it out to get rid of it. Yet he wasn’t that stupid to give her and more human blood knowing that Nadiya will later regret and put more blames onto him. Walking into the room on tune he expected seeing the reaction from the Valkyr who was wanting more blood. “You can only have one of these Diya, but I have a plan” Letting her know he wasn’t disappointing her fully only having one blood bag when he knew Carmel would want a lot more. 

Sitting on a nearby couch so he could watch Nadiya drink from the blood bag. Almost to see how bad her thirst was so he could know how he was going to work around helping her. Seeing how her face was full of happiness as she took the first few sips. As expected it didn’t take many moments for her to drain the blood bag bone dry so there was nothing left. There where he came in with his plan which could go completely wrong. How it was a risky move, one that could potentially kill him. Yet he was willing to forget that risk for Nadiya. Moving over to her he let the Nephilim who’d been there helping him with making sure she was okay from the beginning. Damien carefully took Nadiya over to across the room to one of the more comfortable sofas where it would be easily. Sitting down he had her on his lap almost, letting her in with his plan. He couldn’t help to roll his eyes hearing her comment knowing she was referencing the Nephilm. Yet she was cut off as he sliced his wrist open so blood began to pour from it. Easily and quickly distracting her. 

He wasn’t stupid knowing the risks, escpailly how Nadiya was a Valkyr who had an addiction to blood. Reason why he thought this would be safer for the both of them. Damien knew it’s mostly advised to use humans as human donors rather than Valkyr ones, knowing that she would be thinking this too. “Well you know me and stupid ideas” He pointed out, chuckling as he felt Nadiya wrapping her fingers around his forearm, then feeling as her teeth dug into her wrist. Able to feel her draining him of his blood, feeling it get a little bit more painful as she took more. Knowing that it’s probably normally yet he’d never done it before. He was hoping that she would have some self control when she’d had enough blood to get rid of the venom. Hoping that their sire and mother-son bond would be enough. Or he’d had to get her to stop if it comes to it. 

The whole concept of feeding from Damien was bizarre, and for many reasons it didn’t seem right; she had never come across a Valkyr feeding from another and who knows what kind of toll this would have on her body, let alone the potential damage on his. She had hoped it wouldn’t do much, she doubted it would hold the nutrients that their kind needed, and thus, she wouldn’t get addicted to it. Yet, stranger things had happened; and the moment that the blood came trickling down his wrist as she laid with her head in her lap, she simply couldn’t resist. She assumed she would take any blood over nothing; and so, Diya did not hesitate to wrap her teeth around his wrist, allowing the cool yet somewhat heated blood to bypass her throat. It didn’t taste bad, per say, but it wasn’t exactly a michelin star; yet it was just enough to stir Carmel in the art of taking more than she needed.

Diya felt her brows furrow as she struggled to get more blood out of him quicker, and because of that, her hold around his wrist was much tighter than she had ever intended. A low groan which was a mixture of frustration and pleasure escaped her yet muffled by his wrist, however, eventually her eyes had reopened and glanced up at the male who she called a son; Nadiya could see the consciousness slowly fading from him as his eyes began to drop. Although her vision was somewhat blurred due to the lust of blood, she could see that she was perhaps beginning to take too much from him. 

“Do you really want to stop? He looks like he’s enjoying it”

The voices began to ring in her head, and there was rather a huge commotion between her thought processes but eventually she growled and shoved his wrist away from her. Diya also knew she had to put a safe distance between herself and Damien until his wound had healed; and so, she forcefully and rather dramatically rolled herself off of his lap and found herself crawling towards the other side of the room. She had extended her arms as if to say he needed to stay back. “I can’t… I want it all. You need to…. Heal!” She spoke breathlessly and wiped the blood away from her lips with the back of her hand; her black eyes moved across those who watched in shock whilst others looked on in awe. “Someone go and check up on my son! Now” Her last word was growled viciously as she paced to the window to control her breathing.  

She could hear the fuss over Damien and she slowly and discreetly looked over her shoulder at the young boy. “Did I hurt you? Don’t ever do something so reckless again!” Diya couldn’t tell if she was more angry at him, or herself for letting such a thing go ahead. 

Damien could be reckless at times or most of the time. Being one whose known for going through with his stupid ideas and plans he’s thought on spare of the moment. Not one to take time to think things through before. Instead choosing to go with the first thing that he’s thought of. Yet luckily for him it’s always worked to his favour, but this one could be his most stupidest one to date. Especially how complicated blood loss and those like Nadiya who struggle to fight off their inner demons. Damien knew that he wanted to make sure that she didn't end up killing someone or drink too much blood then she’d be regretting it. All her progress she’s made in the past few years all gone. Damien being Damien choose to go with his idea on a chance. Not knowing much about vampires drinking from other vampires. Yet he thought it would be better than for Nadiya to drink more human blood, how he knew that she wouldn’t be able to control herself. They didn’t have time to spend thinking of other alternatives seeing that his blood was the only other option, to spare anyone else getting hurt. Even if it meant putting himself in danger to put Nadiya’s own well being in front of his. 

The more he could feel draining his blood, the more he was starting to feel weaker. Less powerful with all of it going to her. Damien was only hoping that she’d know when to stop when she’s had enough. That he’d might not be able to stop her if she takes too much. Feeling that she was taking more with her grasp on his wrist was tightening. “Nadiya, pace yourself” He spoke softly, but knowing it would be much use. “Can you stop holding too tight” Damien could feel his vision start to go patchy now feeling the effects of bloodloss. That it had been a while since had fed on blood himself, now he was feeling the effects of it all catching up to him. The Valkyr felt that both of them were in a trance with time slowing down. He wasn’t sure if this is what it feels like to have blood drained by a Valkyr normally how he had always been the one drinking from a human instead. Yet he was one of to offer his blood out, risking his own life. Slowly it all had stopped feeling Nadiya’s grasp loosening all of a sudden as she let go and pulled thangs and self away from him. That she was able to stop herself. 

It took him a few minutes to re-collect himself with his vision starting to get back to normal how he knew it’ll be a short while till he was strong enough again. Looking up, he saw Nadiya had distanced herself across the other side of the room. Damien coughed a little he was stood up slowly knowing that he was weaker now. He looked to his wrist seeing it was starting to close up where he had sliced it open for her to drink from. “I’m fine Diya” He reassured her softly, shooting her a sheepish look knowing that she’d scared him half to death with stupid act. “I know, I know. I just thought that it would be a better idea, not having time to think of the wrists” Damien knew she could have fed from some of the other supernatuals in the room who they had saved. Yet he didn’t know if they were too weak to withstand what he had been through that he was stronger than them. In the end his plan worked out but feeling the effects from it all, that he wouldn’t do it again for sure. 

She was angry, she was ridiculously angry at Damien that he had allowed her to feed from him; what on Earth gave him such the idea? He could have easily lost his life this evening due to her unfortunate, bad tempered relationship with blood; Damien would have once again died by her hand, and all because he would have been under the impression he was doing the right thing. The right thing for the other potential blood sources in the room - he would have saved them from an unfortunate end, but did he ever think of how it would have impacted her? What if she had killed him? “Y-You’re an idiot!” Diya’s voice only grew louder. “What if I couldn’t stop? I would have killed you, again! And there would have been nothing any of these people could have done to save you, nor stop me” She flailed a little and ran her fingers through her hair roughly. 

Nadiya paced the room, back and forth, back and forth and she could feel all the eyes upon her; the air was filled with tension that it could have easily been cut with a knife. “You tried to play hero, you wanted to be the one to have saved the many. But you didn’t think of what your death would’ve done to me, your boyfriend or your Faction. So foolish, Damien!” She could feel herself overreacting now so she quickly had to come to a halt and take a deep breath before she did something else that was impulsive and risky. Diya pinched the bridge of her nose before glancing at his wrist; she assumed he would heal quickly and soon enough there would be no evidence that she ever bit him at all. 

Eventually, Diya was able to compose herself and rested her hands on her hips as she glanced between Damien and those that she had saved. “We need to get them food and water too, there are plenty of beds for them to sleep in” She spoke softly, as if the moment of anger never happened. “And then we have to decide what we do with that cave. And before you say anything, this is not going to your Guards, no way to do they get all the fun of taking that little shit out. I want to see his eyes when we catch him, and punish him for doing whatever the fuck he was doing” She glanced at Damien sternly and she dared him, she dared him to try and tell her no; because regardless of his decision, she would tag along with him - he just needed to ask Logan. Diya had a habit of putting herself in places where she shouldn’t be; such as active crime scenes. 

He could see that she was angry, that she had every right to be. It was his stupud idea he went along with. One that could have easily gone wrong or even killed him at that. Choosing to risk his own self rather than risking Nadiya potentially having more blood. He just didn’t want to risk that happening. Not wanting to risk Carmel coming out again. That if she has too much blood that Carmel would be here to stay. Something neither of them wanted. So if had to risk his life to make sure that it wouldn’t happen that was a risk he was willing to take to save her from her shadow self. Damien watched as Nadiya raged and ranted to him about his stupidity. “I had to do something Diya” He started to say, trying to explain himself. “Look I know I did a stupid thing. I promise that I won’t do it again. I was just scared of losing you again” Damien now could see how him putting and risking his own self made Nadiya feel. That he wouldn’t put himself into that predicament again rather than taking a risk and not thinking of a safer alternative. 

The Valkyr felt like he was being scolded. It was probably the first time that she’s yelled at him like this but he knew he deserved it. Their mother and son relationship was coming out clear now. “I’m sorry, I just don’t think at times” He’d often wonder how and why he was given a leadership position in the first place with how he was known for taking risks and being reckless. That he knew she was right that he always liked to play the hero, many guards members were the same. Now he was just waiting till she calms down and stops pacing. 

For a few moments he’d forgotten how they were in a room full of strangers who they’d saved and brought here. Let Nadiya take charge and decide what was the best decision, knowing that she was good at that stuff to him. “I can go to a shop and find supplies if you want” He offered straight away. The guard was good at carrying out these types of missions like these. It was what they were trained for. It would be easier to let his people do it but he could understand why Nadiya didn’t want for the guard to take over it all. “Okay, okay but if it goes south I'd have to call in for back up” He nodded his head in letting her take charge of the operation but if he feels that they are in danger he’d have to call for help. “I promise you that you’d get your revenge so that you and the others can get the justice you all deserve” He reassured her softly. Damien knew not to go against and stop Nadiya getting what she wanted and that she didn't want them to have all the fun without her. “So when are we going to do it?” He didn’t even know what the time was, how long they had left until daynight.

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