As if things weren't already worse enough for the Aspect of Magic, she was given the task of hanging the Christmas decorations last night by none other than her own guard commander, Illiana; who decided to host a Christmas Ball in two weeks. At first Malva was very adamant to go against being the person to do the said job, but gave up because it was Illiana. Sometimes, she blamed the small tender spot in her that managed to oversee and overlook the people she cares about. Staring at the Christmas lights piled up on the floorboards of her room, she grunted in response as she averted her gaze outside the window as she propped both her hands on the balcony's railing. 

Malva were one of the few of her siblings that resided at the highest floor of the manor. She preferred peace and serenity that comes with solace just as well. It was also advisable not to really bother her nowadays, given her unstable nature and short fuse. The Aspect of Magic has enough troubles and problems up her plate, she does not need more to pile up. It was a futile attempt of course, considering here she was, abiding by the wishes of the d'Fierro bride. The slightly flaxen haired aspect shook her head before returning inside and grabbed the lights, dragging it with her as she climbed up from her balcony to hang them. 

Now, for anyone, that is probably a dangerous and very reckless move. Because she was at the highest floor of the said manor and she didn't exactly have any harnesses or rope holding her to place. Nor did she have wings. Given, she does possess the ability of flight, but that was only in her dragon form and she knew, she would not have the time to will herself to transfigure into one despite the distance between them. Oh well, she did remind herself that she was in fact, an immortal. Though surely not meaning she was expendable. But then again, the Aspect of Magic had surrounded herself with unpredictable forces of magic and had a few moments of danger herself, a few broken bones wouldn't be a problem. Not that she wished for one. 

She would heal. 

But still.

Standing on her tippy toes, she arched herself to decorate the upper side while standing on the balcony railing. The wind blew through her and made her wobbly briefly. Until she managed to get a hold of her balance once again, she lets out a relieved sigh before resuming her work. It was all well, until she suddenly missed a step and tripped. It resulted her falling down and hit the snow that has already been sticking, on the ground. "Owww.." She grumbled in pain as she huffed in distress, still laying on the ground. The fall would have killed a regular human honestly. Or they would suffer serious internal injuries. Luckily for Malva, she's immortal. But yes, not expendable. She doesn't have fast healing. 

"I knew I should have used telekinesis to do the job.. but no Mal, you wanted it to be genuine and all, look what happens." She tried to get up but groaned out in pain as she tried her best to sit up. There were definitely a few fractured and broken bones somewhere. 

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Sapphire had just managed to move in with some of the other guards due to not being really close with them like she should. As she was at the manor just to help around with the Christmas decorations. Helping with the tree and its ornaments inside. The young phoenix then saw something in the corner of her eye at the window and turned as she then noticed Mal on the snow. Sapphire quickly put her things down and ran outside. "Mal?! Are you ok?" She asked as she ran to her and helped her up. Looking up at the lights that werent finished, Sapphire then looked to Mal to see if there was any visible broken bones or worst injuries. 

A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at Mal. "Maybe I should help you with the lights?" She said as she pulled out some medical bandages from her pocket. Knowing some medical training, Sapphire wrapped up any injuries that need to be wrapped. "Why where you out here by yourself hanging these?" She asked as she looked at her. "Someone should of been out here with you to make sure you wouldnt fall." She said  as she looked at her. The phoenix finished wrapping her arm and sighed as she smiled. "There, that should work while it heals." Sapphire said. 

Still laying on the thick heap of snow surrounding her, the Aspect of Magic saw a female's silhouette towering above her. She recognized it to be one of their guards, specifically a phoenix. And she knew they only had about 2 phoenixes in their guard; one being Draco, and the latter being Sapphire. Closing her eyes briefly before fluttering it back open, she gave her a small smile before pulling herself back up to a seating position. The soreness in her joints however, prevented her from actually standing up so she resorted to sitting with a sullen look masking her facial features.

"Illi told me to decorate the place for Christmas, but yeah, I thought it was a good idea to do it myself. Manually. Obviously, it wasn't." Having to be a doctor herself, despite majoring more towards pathology throughout the years of learning about medicinal science, she knew enough about their anatomy. "I think I might have dislocated my left shoulder, just above the clavicle area. And definitely sprained my ankle." She grumbled and thanked her first aid. "The help would be very much appreciated. " Rubbing the sore spot, she winced once before letting out a heaved sigh. "I am way too old to be doing all of this." Decorating was not her forte, it never has been. She had no idea why she didn't just use her magic to get it done with, she was guessing it was due to the fact that she hated being so dependent on something. On anything, really. She grew up being independent, and she'll stay that way.

Sapphire smiled at her and looked at her. "Well I don't think you are too old to do it but just need assistance." She said as she looked up at the lights and then back at her as she helped her up and moved her to a place where she can sit comfortably and not getting wet from the snow. Once she did that, Sapphire looked up at the lights as she climbed up the ladder and started to decorate the lights and smile. Being a phoenix was easy since any injury she would get would heal unless it was from gold. The phoenix continued to put the lights up as she then reached a spot where she couldn't get to with the ladder. A sigh escaped her lips as she pulled her jacket off and let her wings out to get the corner. 

The phoenix flew slightly to the corner and fixed the lights before flying back to the ladder and let her wings disappear in flames as she climbed down. She stepped back to look at the lights and smiled. "What do you think Mal?" She asked as she looked over at the injured Ailward Aspect. Having the lights perfectly up and ready for the season. Sapphire walked over to Malva and helped her to get inside once she got the okay from her for the lights. "Lets get you to your room so you can rest and I can go get some pain medicine for you." Sapphire said as she smiled at the Aspect. 

That was one thing Sapphire loved to do, was to help anyone in danger or in need of help. Even thought she wasnt a bodyguard for any of the Aspects, she was still willing to help them with anything they needed including the Aspect of Magic.

Grunting in response to Sapphire's previous remark, Malva managed to curve a small tip-lipped smile to come ahead on her face. She was sure, that every single one of them knew how her personality was like. She's an epitome of a coin toss. Heads or tails? One side is the more calming, nurturing, understanding and caring side of her, whilst the latter held the more darker sides of persuasion, cold, abrasive and temperamental her. At least there was one thing that came out prettily from both sides; loyalty. Loyalty and fidelity wasn't something foreign to the Aspect of Magic. It was a trait she was proud of. Despite the changes that occurred everywhere, it stayed with her and she was glad for it.

And for once, Malva did not bother to even struggle against the young phoenix's advances as she was placed on a bench nearby. "You're probably the only person who didn't think I'm old per say. Everyone else is just so grizzly." Scrunching up her nose at the sudden choice of words she had picked, it made the brunette chuckle softly. No matter how far their banter goes, it was all harmless. Briefly thanking the younger guard for her help on the decorations, she nodded and gave her a slight thumbs up. "It's decent and pretty enough. Best under the circumstances of course. So much of a last minute procedure. Thank you for the help, Sapphire. I had no idea why I didn't just use telekinesis for the sake of being smart." The Russian born aspect huffed, obviously displeased at the current state she was in. It was a clear emphasis on her recklessness. 

However, when she talked about going to her room, in an instance, she had to decline. Not even her siblings usually had the misfortune of venturing deep into her lair that was her room. It's not due to the fact that it might be messy, no. Far from it. She could literally make herself easier by using magic to clean and tidy everything up. It's more to the fact that her room was not exactly the most friendliest place, up to the point where not even her own siblings were willing to go anywhere near it without taking steps of precaution first. Enchanted items everywhere, and you might never know which is which. "I'd rather not. My room is so far up in the highest floor, and I feel like the ground is safer than it. I'll stay here."

Sapphire smiled and nodded at her as she moved so she could sit on the couch in the main room. The phoenix looked at her and smiled. "No problem Malva. I love helping people and plus we might be close in age so its fine." She said as she smiled. As Sapphire sat down next to her, she looked at the tree and smiled softly. Thinking back to her parents when it was her birthday and Christmas that they surprised her with tickets to the opera. The phoenix closed her eyes as she brushed away that memory it was the first time she had a rebirth and figured out what she was. 

The young phoenix smiled at Malva. "Well I better go help with other things that the guards might need me to do. But I think most of them have it almost done." she said as she tapped her chin. The phoenix stood and smiled. "How about I go get some coffee for us to get you warm." She said with a smile as she rushed to the kitchen to make some coffee for the two of them. Sapphire wasn't normally shy around the Aspects but she just didn't know what to talk about with them. Being the only female phoenix was difficult in its self but hearing that a new species that had moved to Evermore that were kinda like Phoenixes made her happy that she might try and make some need friends. 

With two cups of coffee in hand, Sapphire came back and handed one to Malva. "This should warm you up." She said as she sat down next to her and sipped her own. A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the cup for a moment before looking at Malva. "So how is your family anyways?" She asked Sapphire had only met a few of the Aspects but never really had the chance to talk to them. "I rarely see them now a days and I think I have met your oldest brother at least once." Sapphire said as she looked at her.

She almost did chortle when she heard Sapphire remarking they were closer in age, it almost made her choke on her own words. In a good way, of course. Staring at the female phoenix, she gave her an oblivious look that literally sends the whole 'are you for real?' message inadvertently. "Are you serious, Sapphire? Or did you just say that to make me laugh just for the sake of it?" She chuckled, a small smile intertwining itself with her facial features. Malva doesn't smile much, no. She doesn't have the time for it; aka the time where she called such things 'superficial' and 'trivial', it was hard to see where the Aspect of Magic was actually driving this to. "You do realize you're talking to me, Malva, right? The grumpy cold abrasive temperamental Aspect of Magic? I mean, there are definitely more from where that came from but I wouldn't give them a run for their money. I'm over 1289 years old, dear. Well 1290 coming up anyhow. You might want to pick up your words carefully the next time. Some might think you're that old." 

However, she did note the expression that rested on the female's exterior. She followed the gaze she held over to the Christmas tree outside. It was quite big, and very grand. But then again, luxurious and lavishness was not something that was utterly foreign for them. They've been living in such state for as long as they could remember; a slight contrast to what their previous lives were like. It's good to see something new come out of it. By the very least, Malva could rest in assuring herself that she found her purpose now. And she'll keep living in it. Christmas was supposed to bring them good fortunes and well wishes. She never actually celebrated it before, when she was still a Fae, and far from the person that she is today. To her coven, the Christmas season was the same as the other festive ones, but they called in Yule and commemorated it mostly to their ancestors. Yes, they actually performed rituals and traditional seances on Christmas Eves and Christmas itself. It wasn't exactly the best memory for a child. 

But then again, she didn't expect much to come out from it. Being the only child was a bore. Her parents weren't exactly Parents of the Year too. So there's that. "You probably had a good Christmas memory with your family. Seeing as you stare at the Yule tree- I mean Christmas tree, with compassion." The only Christmas memory she could ever come back to think of is that of hers and her siblings. Despite not having any brief recollection to what Christmas is like due to her different upbringing, the Russian born Ailward Aspect enjoyed the sentiment deeply. The warm feeling of being surrounded by family. "I doubt there's any of them left in here. Most went out to do god knows what. I assumed they're enjoying the festivity." She briefly thanked the phoenix who was considerate enough to give her a cup of coffee as she took it from her grasp. But when she asked her how's her family, it stumped her. She didn't know what to say. Not really.

It was rare for someone to ask her about her family. 

"Well.. I'm not sure how to answer that question. I guess we're fine. Ish. Contrary to your beliefs, we don't exactly talk much these days. We're busy with our own duties, up to the point where we don't even have dinner together anymore. Or council meetings, really. It's somber, but it is what it is, I guess." It was weird for her to talk about her siblings, especially when she had no context whatsoever. No input, nothing. "It's rare to catch us. We're quite the individuals despite being tethered and bound as one. I guess it's all well and fine. I can't say everything is going to be okay, because then I'd be lying." Sipping her coffee, she lets out a heaved sigh. "It's going very hard. We're trying to piece up something that we're not even sure was there to even begin with. It's complicated."

Sapphire chuckled. "Ok maybe you are a few years older than me, I am 104." She said as she smiled and listened to her. When the phoenix asked about her family, she could tell that not many people asked her about her family. "Oh, Well I only have one sibling, well half sibling and we haven't talked much either." She said as she nodded. "Family can be complicated when it needs to be but at least they will be there for you through thick and thin. 

The phoenix continued to drink her coffee as she smiled. " Well some siblings might just be busy with their own problems that they cant really talk about it with the others." Sapphire said as she looked at her. "Alot of family life is complicated, but dont get me wrong when I say this but larger families have tended to be more complicated yet also have the best support system out of any other family." She said as she smiled.  

Malva would admit, hearing the phoenix talk about family made her uneasy briefly. Mainly because she wasn't used to the subject or anything related to the topic in any matter. She didn't experience the best childhood for most, and being the only child had always been such a chore. It also didn't help that her parents were very strict and cruel. Yes, newsflash they were actually quite the cruel and devious pair. It was only a wonder why they didn't receive the same for their only heir and daughter but at the same time, Malva was glad she was far from any of the traits belonging to her parents. How she wished she had at least one thing to hold on as a memory trinket so she could have the same privilege of looking back and reminiscing such memorable figments.

"I think having family is complicated, only because it is supposed to be complicated. If everything was easy, then there would be no challenge. And if we've learned something throughout the centuries long of living in this world, is that everything must always be balanced. A scale that dictates which is which. A system that ensures both weighs the same. It's not pretty but it seems to be the most viable out of all." Like it or not, even the Aspect of Magic has come into terms with the fact that everything will always have such a loophole etched somewhere. "I love my family. I do. But I guess all those problems don't originate far from the root. We'll have to get over it at some point. And right now, everything is just showing to make do of it." Staring up at the Christmas tree, she pursed her lips lightly.

"The world is such a mysterious puzzle. Awaiting the moment when you need to piece them one by one. So much like family. But I guess that's what makes it uniquely beautiful. An exquisite and ethereal being at its finest."

Sapphire listened to her and nodded as she smiled. "Well it is made to be complicated." She said as she continued to listen. Sapphire didnt really know Malva's struggles but she wanted to help in any way possible. When Sapphire's parents were alive, Sapphire remember them being strict on a few things but mostly let her be a kid until she hit her teenage years. Once Sapphire finished her coffee, she also glanced at the tree and smiled softly. Memories of her parent's last christmas with her flash through her mind causing her to look away and close her eyes. 'I will not cry, it has been along time ago.' She thought to herself as she looked at Malva.

The phoenix nodded and smiled. "Yea, but some puzzles are not meant to be solved, yet family and friends normally end up solving many people's problems with loneliness and depression." She siad softly as she smiled, thinking about her half brother and her two best friends, Dominic and Siobhan. They made her life alittle less lonely for her. 

However, the stubborn and hard-headed Aspect of Magic was not about to take it all as it was supposed to be taken. She's always carefully carving out everything in her own way while also being considerate enough to take into everyone's views. Whilst family was made to be complicated, she didn't think she had the capacity to overcome the problems she faced. Yes, she loved her family dearly and cherished every single bond they have ever had the chance of tying together throughout the millennium, but she's been running away from all her adversities that she forgot what was real and what was not. 

Stubborn as she may be, Malva had a certain air and principle that she holds herself accountable to. She still had the right moral values and whatnot. It seemed to be the only thing keeping her truly sane and standing these days. "Maybe some puzzles are not meant to be solved, like you said. But it's not exactly viable nor possible to leave something like that hanging around the thread, right? Won't it be inconspicuous?" There was one more problem with the Russian born Ailward Aspect. An issue, really. She likes to think logically and believed that everything is supposed to have a logical explanation behind the works. Quite the practical minded that she was, someone who would delve deeper into science instead of believing superstition variables. The irony of her being a witch was also there.

"I feel like loneliness and depression is something colloquial to our family now. You live long enough to see yourself deteriorate under the pressure and obstacles. If my mental was the size of my physical, I would have clashed and went off blown by the air and turn into dust, similar to how dandelions flutter away." The tree in front of her signified that very sentiment. One day, the pine tree was also going to wither away. Everyone else might wither away, but not her. Not her family. Not them. They had to stay and while fulfilling her purpose in this world was all that Malva have ever wanted to do, she would not deny that it played a rather large role in her state as of the moment. Sometimes, she just wanted to rest. 

Sapphire looked at her and listened as she the nodded. "Yes." She said as she then looked at the tree. "Well Depression and loneliness in a family isn't really healthily. But to tell you the truth, yes I do grow alittle older but I am not planning on leaving the earth until its my time and then I will come back as fresh as a daisy. That does mean that people will even up leaving me before my time." She said as she looked at her. "But I have grown used to people leaving my life. I had already lost my parents and I know that I might outlive my friends but that doesnt mean I will forget them. Yes your mind does start to kinda go alittle crazy after a few decades but still, there are more people on this earth to be friends with." Sapphire said. 

The phoenix looked at the tree and started to tear up. "I was born on christmas....My parents died on christmas. Yes they were phoenixes but they wasnt able to be reborn." Sapphire said softly. Wiping a stray tear she looked at Malva. "Well I know you will outlive me but I think you should have fun during your immortality. I would, well I still kinda do even though I avoid a few things." She said with a chuckle. "But yes your family will outlive alot of people in this town but you still have each other to help through the tough times, and you also will have some friends who will help you, like me." She said as she smiled at her. 

There were times when Malva felt like it was hard and rare to find someone who could actually talk to her and be alright with everything. The only ones who actually had the chance to delve deeper in the Aspect of Magic's level of personal dive ins. People that was 90% comprised of guards and family friends alike. Even with Tatiana, her personal guard, she still yet harbored a lot of secrets and worries that hasn't make itself known to the world. Yet. But Malva was known for her uneven air that she exudes every time, that usually pushed away everyone else from ever trying to approach her. She didn't have a hostile air, no. But the air she brings would be slightly differing to the terms in mirroring herself. 

"Depression and loneliness, that's supposed to be normal everywhere else. We don't exactly have the luxury to sit around in family gatherings and act like every other families there is. We leave our mantles for a minute and the next time we returned to it, a bright red light of alarm had already went off. It's like a never-ending day at the fire station most of the time. I can never get use to it, despite having go through it for more than 1200 years already. I'm even nearing my 1290 year mark soon." Sometimes it was true that the Russian born Ailward wanted what it felt like to feel the air of familiarity once again. The 8 of them were very close to one another, even if they think they weren't. Dependency was their biggest trait together.

"You become accustomed to people leaving over time, Sapphire. But just because you get used to it, doesn't mean it's okay. Overall, it shouldn't be. The circumstances laid out in front of us might not be pretty or self-resolving. But if we follow the flow every time, what will happen to our sense of originality then?" It was a question the Aspect of Magic herself frequently asked herself. She was in constant dilemma so it wasn't rare. "It's not the age making my head go crazy, love. It's the magic. I've never expressed how burdened I felt by wielding such a powerful element that had its fair share in being volatile and dangerous, not to mention, unpredictable. One day, it'll tip off when I can't control it as well as I could. Then, no one will be able to resolve it." The most worried thing she'd ever felt was that one day will come where she would be deemed unworthy for her current title and mantle. 

It should be reassuring. She could finally retire and rest. After all, isn't that what she wished for, sometimes? "I hardly doubt fun is within our vocabulary, dear. It's a high profiled and endearing job, but sometimes you get a bit stressed with so many imbalances occurring everywhere in the parts of the world. One minute you have an interference in Greece, the next you find yourself solving a problem in Belarus." Glancing over to the young phoenix, she quipped a small smile. "Maybe we will. Maybe not. We never actually know what's in store in the future. Anything could happen. Tragedies happen every day so one day when we became the targets, it wouldn't be surprising. I never knew what Christmas was, my parents was too up their minds to celebrate it as Yule; as something that was supposed to be a power generator or something. Coven witches business are always so weird."


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