As if things weren't already worse enough for the Aspect of Magic, she was given the task of hanging the Christmas decorations last night by none other than her own guard commander, Illiana; who decided to host a Christmas Ball in two weeks. At first Malva was very adamant to go against being the person to do the said job, but gave up because it was Illiana. Sometimes, she blamed the small tender spot in her that managed to oversee and overlook the people she cares about. Staring at the Christmas lights piled up on the floorboards of her room, she grunted in response as she averted her gaze outside the window as she propped both her hands on the balcony's railing. 

Malva were one of the few of her siblings that resided at the highest floor of the manor. She preferred peace and serenity that comes with solace just as well. It was also advisable not to really bother her nowadays, given her unstable nature and short fuse. The Aspect of Magic has enough troubles and problems up her plate, she does not need more to pile up. It was a futile attempt of course, considering here she was, abiding by the wishes of the d'Fierro bride. The slightly flaxen haired aspect shook her head before returning inside and grabbed the lights, dragging it with her as she climbed up from her balcony to hang them. 

Now, for anyone, that is probably a dangerous and very reckless move. Because she was at the highest floor of the said manor and she didn't exactly have any harnesses or rope holding her to place. Nor did she have wings. Given, she does possess the ability of flight, but that was only in her dragon form and she knew, she would not have the time to will herself to transfigure into one despite the distance between them. Oh well, she did remind herself that she was in fact, an immortal. Though surely not meaning she was expendable. But then again, the Aspect of Magic had surrounded herself with unpredictable forces of magic and had a few moments of danger herself, a few broken bones wouldn't be a problem. Not that she wished for one. 

She would heal. 

But still.

Standing on her tippy toes, she arched herself to decorate the upper side while standing on the balcony railing. The wind blew through her and made her wobbly briefly. Until she managed to get a hold of her balance once again, she lets out a relieved sigh before resuming her work. It was all well, until she suddenly missed a step and tripped. It resulted her falling down and hit the snow that has already been sticking, on the ground. "Owww.." She grumbled in pain as she huffed in distress, still laying on the ground. The fall would have killed a regular human honestly. Or they would suffer serious internal injuries. Luckily for Malva, she's immortal. But yes, not expendable. She doesn't have fast healing. 

"I knew I should have used telekinesis to do the job.. but no Mal, you wanted it to be genuine and all, look what happens." She tried to get up but groaned out in pain as she tried her best to sit up. There were definitely a few fractured and broken bones somewhere. 

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The phoenix listened to her and nodded as she smiled softly. As Sapphire listened, she felt that they were connecting. Sapphire only had met on other Aspect but that was it, plus finding someone who was alittle similar to her made her alittle happy that she was connecting to the Aspect as Sapphire had sworn into the Guard to protect them. She wasnt even a personal guard but still will be putting her life on the life on the line for any of the Aspects. Sapphire sat there quietly as she listened. A chuckle came from her lips as Malva talked about imbalances around the world. 

She nodded in agreement. "That is true, we will never know what the future holds for us." Sapphire said as she then nodded. "Well I can understand people celebrating Yule instead of Christmas. Its because of Religion but it shouldn't matter about if its going to be Yule or Christmas, It should matter on family. Family gathering around and being happy to be around each other and getting caught up with their lives." The phoenix said as she looked at Malva. "Being Italy, it didnt matter to my family what it was going to be as long as we were together and happy." She said as she smiled softly.

Malva has never spoken to any other guards casually, with the exception of a few who's mostly known her for centuries long; like Tatiana, Valentine, Gabriel, Theodor, Aurelia, Illiana and others. She could talk to them easily because they've known each other for so long, especially with Tatiana and Valentine her personal guards, and Gabriel who was her apprentice, a time ago. Recently. she had also grown fond and closer to Draco, Illiana's husband. The Aspect of Magic who was a bit foreign and clueless when it comes to friendship topic, has been teaching the male phoenix on the arts of mental and physical altogether since months ago. Mostly on the mental part, where he needed to be able to learn how his opponent will react. It wasn't as if Malva would give him something that enables telepathic abilities, but sometimes, when you are able to read people easily, your job will get easier just as well. 

So to see her speaking and interacting with yet another guard, who by comparison is younger than most, was an evident shock in her system. But there was nothing wrong with doing something new, right? Maybe for her, it was. The Russian born brunette was not used to such concepts. She was as old-fashioned as far as someone could be, with her age being over the top at almost 1300 years old and whatnot. It also did not help that she didn't venture out so often, with only a few with Tatiana, because her brothers would not allow her to, in fear something might happen. Though Malva understood her brother's worries, she wished they would have more faith in her. "The idea of future scares me. I'm not sure if there was anything in there that I look forward to seeing. I'm content with what's going on, even if they were not perfect." It was evidently the paranoia that was eating the Aspect of Magic up, rendering her useless when it comes to all of this decision making. 

Slightly chuckling at her remark about Christmas and Yule, she shook her head in response. "My coven isn't most par on the whole religious things, Sapphire. We celebrate Yule because you can't exactly say you're celebrating Christmas, when the word didn't even exist back in that time. Where I was from, it was still when vikings roamed around the world, the Rus' vikings being my heritage as well as they settled in medieval Russia. The name Christmas didn't even exist until after the 11th century. Before that, it was called Yule, darling." She snickered lightly, thinking how old the Christmas name was, but was not as old as her to can it. "You're lucky to have such a family then. I'm the only child. My parents were deceitful and cruel. I do not exaggerate, believe me. They carved out my lover's heart and sent it to me in a parcel one time I fled a few days before my 18th birthday because I couldn't be bothered to live in the same colony as them."

The phoenix listened to the Aspect as she smiled softly. Hearing about the history of Christmas made Sapphire every interested and happy that she was connecting with another Aspect. "Ok so Yule was Christmas back in the 11th century? Correct? So would it be different from Christmas now, like you wouldnt give people gifts or decorate a tree?" She asked as she was very interested in the history. Normally Sapphire would of been bored from the history, but listening to the Aspect made the history interesting to her as the Aspect was much older than her and it made Sapphire curious.

Sapphire listened to her and nodded. When she listened to Malva talk about her parents, Sapphire smiled softly. "Well my parents passed when I reached 18. So I rarely go back to Italy anymore since I have a Halfbrother and friends here." She said as she listened to Malva talk about what her parents would do. "Wow." She said softly. "Your parents were like that?" She asked as she didnt want to seem judged to the Ailward Aspect. "I mean like youre parents were that strict and cruel?" She asked softly as she frowned. "I thought my parents were strict." She said as she looked at her. 


Malva would admit, she really does like it when someone asked her for something in the form of knowledge, especially one that dated so back in her time. It was refreshing to see them ask, and it was also a dent in the coast for her to understood how old she was, and how long she's been living in the world since the very beginning. The brunette Ailward was more than happy to satisfy and quench Sapphire's curiosity about Christmas. "It's the same with winter solstice, really. People don't celebrate it as much back in the days. I think if I recall it correctly, it was the Roman Empire who established the name, derived from Christ's Mass? Yeah, that's about it. Yule was a season where most of us use everything that was stored up from summer solstice. We have one period where we evidently make use of it. We decorate a tree, though it's not much on the decoration part. We only did it to give tribute to our ancestors, considering most covens back then practice ancestral magic as their main domain. Mine wasn't excluded from it either. Ancestral and traditional magic are the two more viable options for most covens who liked to play it safe; especially Fae, or light diviners." 

It occurred once again to the purple dragon that her parents were the one being a stint in the coven. Everyone else was kind enough and decent while being a lighthearted and light-natured creature. They wielded light magic, henceforth the outcome being nothing against the balance of the scale. But her parents were deceitful, they deceived everyone else, which honestly included her too. Until today, Malva couldn't believe how easy it was for her parents to drag her with them, without much questioning in the matter. Truly, parents of the year. Or century. "We don't give gifts like today. We celebrate the day with family and friends, since they were in the same coven. Most of the time, we tether and channel ourselves into giving completely to nature's behest, letting them do whatever they wish. It's mildly interesting for something that ensued during barbaric times." That was possibly the only memory she often looked back and smile upon, seeing as it was one of the few memories that were unstained in her life. 

"I have no idea what happened to my parents. I was the only child, much like the rest of my siblings. I only have aunts and uncles back in Russia and Frankia, right sorry- France. People call it France now. I never traced them down, knowing fully well my parents' bloodline ended with me when I died. I guess not really dead now, but I didn't have any children considering I was still so young when I died, so the legacy and generation ended there. Maybe one day, I'd take the time to track down my lineage and see how well they flourish and if they too, like me, inherited the magic ability to wield it." Maybe she should. At least, it'll keep her head off other matters she didn't need to concern herself with. A new whiff of something new. "My parents were too much in their head, however possible it was for them to deceive others, including me, is still beyond me. I guess, they were great at deceiving people, at the point where their only child also fell to the tricks up their sleeves. Anyways, I shouldn't be surprised how cruel they were. They were too ambitious. Wouldn't do nothing to achieve their ends. It's somewhat scary."

Sapphire listened to her as she nodded. Learning about how Malva celebrated Christmas, was interesting to Sapphire as she listened to Malva talk about the history and what they do. "Oh OK." Shes said. When Malva talked about her parents, Sapphire frowned a little as she listened. The phoenix looked at the Aspect as she listened to her talk about her parents. She nodded as she looked at her. "That is kinda scary that your parents liked to deceive people. My parents were kinda the opposite. My mother was a famous opera singer in Italy while my dad was a game developer...and when they passed I didnt know what to do. What I remember is that my mother would volunteer her time went she wasnt at rehearsals, she would be making food for the poor. For my dad, he would give homeless people some money and some clean clothes, to help them get jobs in Italy. " She siad

Sapphire looked at Malva. "I do remember a few homeless men that cleaned up nicely came to my dad and thanked him for what he did along with a small group of kids coming over to my house to play and thank my mom for feeding them." She said softly as she smiled. "After the accident, I promised myself that I would help anyone that needed help with anything." She said softly as she looked at Malva. "That is also why I join the guard." She siad as she chuckled. "Many people are different in their ways, you are different from your parents...and Im different than my parents but that doesnt mean we can follow some things our parents were able to teach us....well I wouldnt try deceiving people..." she siad as she chuckled.  

She had never been good with company, like ever. She remembered her the only times she ever actually talked or communicated properly was either with her siblings and the Ivakov and Dimitreu guards, or with her personal guard, Tatiana. Honestly, there shouldn't be a reason existing to why the Aspect of Magic became so unattached to such concept, especially when it's believable enough not to get a decent grasp over it. But that was just what loomed over her for centuries long. Hence, why she did not possess much of something along the lines of called friends around the world. Acquaintances? Yes. Friends? No.

“My parents liked to cause people's pain. It's twisted how sadistic they were. But I guess it doesn't take a no-brainer to grasp the reality cornering it. I gave up trying to find the reasons to why they would do such a thing that tainted our legacy. I simply went with the fact that they were horrible parents and people in general. Nothing else to go through it anymore, since they're dead already and that this matter was over 1290 years old. My numbers dictated just how long I've been doing this whole thinking and raking my mind over.” She mumbled, clearly wanting to Barry everything that there was about her past, the bitterness that seeped into her fleetingly as the moment passes. She was envious of how Sapphire's life turned out. Of course there was no telling when their loved ones would fly off from their arms when you're immortal, but at least she had a blessed and content life. The same couldn't be said for Malva.

“Your parents sounded wonderful. I wish I had the chance to know such people. But alas, you don't always get what you want, no? If that's how things worked, wishing and hoping while it comes true with no aftermath effects, then what's the point of a balanced world. It'll just be chaotic and a wreck. So far as I wanted the world to be a happier place to live in, there could be no light without any darkness hiding by the shadows, just waiting for the right moment to strike and devour.” It must've been her time with the world, or it could've been her time with her element. Her brothers and sisters knew very well what was happening and they've been threading through the thin lines since a millennium ago.

“It's very pure of you to join the guard. Honestly, after the tragedy that befell the Isle, we don't have as many as we used to. But our foundation still stayed strong. As long as we have the 8 of us still standing, there is no doubt in my mind we could pick up the pieces and get to work again. After all, it first started with just the 8 of us. Until you guys came by.” The young phoenix might be true in some points. Though her parents left a very devastating mark on her, she learned what it means to survive ruthlessly in the world because of it. She ruled away any possible attachments to anyone but her family, and how determined she was whenever she wanted something. It was the fire that fueled her into driving her to do what she needed to do. So maybe her parents did give her some important and vital life lessons

Sapphire listened to her and nodded as she smiled softly. "My parents probably would of loved to met you." She said as she then continued to listen about being a guard. "Well we are here to protect you and your family from harm. I might be the last female phoenix but I still know what I need to do as a guard." She said as she looked at the tree for a moment. Memories of the past Christmases she had alone in her house with the two dogs were mostly her memories for Christmas except the night her parents died. The lights on the tree shined as Sapphire smiled softly. The last time she saw a tree that big was when she was young and in Italy. The tree was in middle of the city and Sapphire and her parents would go to the city just to see the tree light up. 

The young Phoenix then looked at Malva. "Thank you." She said as she smiled. "Because of you and your family, I wouldnt really have something to live for besides my dogs. So I am proud to be a guard to protect you guys and to protect others to keep the peace in Eternal City." She said to her with a small smile but fire in her eyes as she was telling the truth in her words. Sapphire then looked at the tree once more before standing up and stretching from sitting for a while. "So would you like another cup of coffee?" She asked as she held her cup in her hand and held out her other hand to take Malva's if she wanted to have more coffee.

So far as the conversation had taken them, Malva admitted she felt slightly relieved to be able to talk and spout all the pent up stuff in her. Unfortunately, however, it wasn't everything. Not that it's surprising at all. Malva Ailward was anything if not secretive, she had her own parts and woes that only she participated in knowing them. Some were known by her siblings, but if she didn't wish for them to find out, then they never will. For the same reasons she had exhibited the first time, just for the sake of doing so. But it doesn't mean any decent casual short conversations like these could not make it up to her. Because let's be clear, it kinda did. The cold exterior that was wore by the Ailward Aspect had her own times where it was down, at least by a half pointer.

"I'm grateful to hear that, truly I am. We all are, for our guards that came here to support and carry out our cause as they leave everything behind; their life, family, friends. Everything." She wasn't always one to reiterate such words casually to the guards but sometimes, she knew exactly what to say to them. To receive them from Aspect of Magic was rare, seeing as she wasn't really much for all the compassion being livened. "Maybe they would've, Maybe not. No way of knowing it for sure, right?" She smiled softly as she saw the sun dawning on them, indicating dusk was near and night will fall pretty soon. "I'm glad we gave you something to live or fight for." She nodded gratefully and had to decline the offer for more coffee as she needed to resume her work upstairs. 

"No thank you, Sapphire. I should get back to my room to resume my work. I'm sure I can treat myself, seeing as I'm a doctor. However, I do thank you for your involvement and help earlier." Getting up, she brushed the small particles of snow off her and offered her a warming smile. "I'll see you later, Sapphire." With that, Malva brought her cup to the kitchen to wash before making her way back upstairs where her room was still evidently in a mess from the papers. "Well.. you're gonna have to wait." She mumbled as she craned her neck and placed herself on the bed so she could get working on her injuries. 

Sapphire nodded as she had her own cup in her hands and listened to the Ailward. Sapphire was normally the bubbly girl who would try to make friends with anyone but when she was on a mission she was stealthy and ready to fight anything that came towards her. "Yea." She said as she smiled. Her eyes went over to the window and noticed it was getting dark, it seemed like minutes talking to Malva but it was more like hours. The phoenix looked back at the Ailward and smiled as she nodded. "Ok." She said as she followed the Ailward to the kitchen to wash her cup out also. Once they were both done, Sapphire watched Malva head up the stairs, making sure she didnt need help. 

Once she heard the door click, Sapphire sighed and smiled as she looked at the tree. "That was a good time." She said softly as she smiled. The phoenix then decided to leave the manor to go get last minute christmas presents for her friends. As Sapphire left, she hoped that Malva was OK with healing her wounds as she walked out into the snow and headed to the mall.


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