It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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It's been so many months since he's settled in the eternal city, and Daehyun's learned a lot of things ever since he set foot here. His initial plan was just to stay for awhile before packing his bags and set on his journey elsewhere, exactly like what he had planned. The plan was still there, it just hasn't been set into motion. He still had the desire to leave Evermore for he could travel somewhere else instead but the Niveis found that to be increasingly hard after he's made quite a few friends here. He met Jae, a dhampir who turned out to be his best friend in a long haul, and his quirky ass Celestial boyfriend that seemed like he was always ready to fight him internally despite his shy self. He was reunited with his sister, Mirae and they were able to find peace and solace in their solution together. Long story short, Dae made his contacts list longer than he had expected. 

But one particular blond always stood out to him; Yeon. He's been his friend for months and it has finally come to the point where the Valkyr was going to move to NYC to achieve his long-awaited and well-deserved dream. He was more than happy to help, of course. Though he'll miss him greatly, there was nothing more satisfying than to see your good friend succeed in life. He was just folding his clothes when he noticed the sweater Yeon gave him sitting on top of his pile of clothes, it was the same sweater he told the blond that he fancied. In return, it was given to him. And he wasn't one to reject things so he took it. It was one of the only clothing piece that he actually washed by hand because he didn't want the washing machine to ruin the outlines. That's how much he cherished that sweater. Maybe he could wear it today but he didn't feel like it would fit the setting so he folded it neatly and placed it aside before taking his phone with him as he made his exit from his unit. 

He didn't know how they managed to make him say yes, was it Jae's pleading puppy eyes? Or was it Yeon's reassuring smile because it was to celebrate his success and send him off with good spirits. That's why he is here today, waiting for everyone else to arrive. Surprisingly, Dae was the first to arrive at the zoo, he wasn't a tardy person by any means but it's also rare to find him being the first, especially when he thought Han who was enthusiastic about the whole plan, would be here first. But there was no sign of the Snowball anywhere with his dhampir boyfriend either. It was either that, or he was already there and was planning to jump on both him and Yeon once the Valkyr arrives. So yes, maybe he was eyeing the entire place like someone was ready to jump on him. Just a bit more subtly. 

Technically, he wasn't the first to arrive, when he saw a familiar silhouette standing just near the statue, a small smile crept up to his lips as he make his way front, both of them were dressed casually. Yeon looks good, as usual. Dae was wearing his signature look but he looks a lot more polished and neat today. Still, you can never get rid of that leather jacket, that surprisingly hasn't been making an appearance for a while now. Well, it's back now. You know today's rule, right? No work related messages on that phone" he clicked his tongue playfully. "Today's all about having fun and none of that" 

Today already felt like it was somewhat of a bittersweet day. Jae wasn’t even particularly close with Yeon but the four of them had become this close collective, they spent a lot of time together and while it was Dae that he found himself resonating with most of the time, it felt sad to him to know things were going to change. As someone who had been through a lot of changes in the past year or so, truthfully Jae was hoping that perhaps he could bask in this moment for a little longer before something came along to change it. But that was the way of life he supposed.

The Dhampir took one last look at the envelope he had been holding in his hands, he had gotten it early yesterday morning and he was still in disbelief every time he looked at it, unsure whether he wanted to pursue it, wondering if it was too soon or if he would be setting himself up for disappointment. He’d hoped to talk to Han about it but with all the extra work Han had been doing the star had fallen asleep before Jae got home last night and he couldn’t bring himself to wake him.

Which led them to the current state they were in today. They had both ended up sleeping in and because Han’s house only had one bathroom it had then taken them longer than they wanted to get ready which now meant they were going to be late. Jae had managed to pick out a shirt and jeans while Han finished up in the bathroom and he was just tucking the envelope into his bag. He took out his phone to text Dae that they were going to be delayed “Han are you done with the blowdryer yet?” he’d showered first and his hair was mostly dry but it needed one last once over before they left.

He was still thinking about how to break the news to Han and when, he wasn’t really sure how he would react but the dhampir was feeling antsy having not said anything when it was such big news. It wasn’t that he was hiding it but that he was waiting for a good moment where the two of them could process it. He ran a hand through his slightly damp hair and sighed “Nevermind, I’ll just have to hope it dries okay” he added as he grabbed his keys ready to drive the two of them over to the zoo.

The last time they have all hung out together with 4 of them felt like forever. Han remembered game night and it didn't turn out well when it came down to his turn, he had made quite the big mess because the Celestial was simply not it when it comes to competition. Somehow, a few talks here and there led them to planning for one last outing to celebrate and commemorate Yeon's latest success and achievement before sending him off to NYC. There were plenty of suggestions on where they should go and honestly, he couldn't even remember half of the things they had suggested, despite most of them coming straight from his mouth. In the end, they finally came to a conclusion and decided to spend a portion of their day at the zoo, much to Han's delight. He loves the zoo, that was already a given, knowing that he could spend some quality time together with the three of them at a place he was well-versed in, makes the chest swell with pride. He may as well become their tour guide. 

The past week had been crazy busy for him, he couldn't even spare a conversation he usually does with Jae before falling face first on the bed and dozing off until morning came greeting them. That's how it resulted in them sleeping in for today, by the time the alarm went snoozing for god knows how many times, Han was still burying his face against Jae's neck. Unfortunately, for both him and Jae, they're running just a tad bit late because of it. All because they didn't schedule their showering times at the last minute, leaving the two to shower after the other had come out. Han prefers to take his time in the shower, especially when he's washing his hair. Today was no different. Han had convinced the dhampir that both Yeon and Dae couldn't mind if they were a bit tardy, even though it looks like he was more on convincing himself rather than the other. Okay, maybe he'll get a potential earful from his Volakiri and maybe Dae would glare at him throughout the entire day. 

The sound of the blow dryer drying his hair took over the room as he continued to style his hair in the bathroom, with only a towel wrapped around his torso, covering his half naked state. "Oh? Do you need it? I'm almost done, just a bit" he exclaimed loudly and quickly switched it off before sauntering over to his closet, taking out the clothes he wanted to wear for today. While he was zipping his pants on, Han was already making his way to Jae with a shirt in his hand, "How much are you willing to bet that those two are going to be lecturing me over tardiness again? Or Dae… not freezing me on the spot?" Honestly? He was a bit worried because it's Yeon and Dae. He quickly wore his shirt and managed to go over a quick glance before dragging Jae alongside him to the living room, waving a goodbye to both Yeontan and Byul, with the latter who was sleeping soundly. "God I hope they won't kill me for being late... "

People had admittedly made their complaints about coming today, mostly the 4 of them had found it hard to find common ground on something they all wanted to do but in the end he had been outvoted 3 to 1 when it came to the love of animals. He didn’t mind really, while he wasn’t the kind of person who wanted a pet himself he could see the charm in learning about animals and ever since he’d gained his bond with Han, he had a certain level of respect and love for animals he didn’t have before, besides, what was important to him was the company and getting to spend time with his friends before he moved on from Evermore.

He felt apprehensive about it all, mostly because he had no idea how all of this was going to play out. Usually, when he started a new venture, he had the upper hand and control over the situation but that wasn’t the case this time, this time they were at the mercy of the theatre company and he had the feeling it was going to be challenging and even frustrating at times. But this was one of his dreams, to be able to choreograph for an entire show was such a huge opportunity, one he would be stupid to turn down. 

Yeon heard Dae’s voice before he even looked up and grinned to himself before lifting his gaze and showing the screen “No work here, I was actually just closing all my messages” only Daehyun Stormwind could scold him for working too hard and get away with it like that. He chuckled and locked the device before putting it into his pocket and then leaning back against the sculpture “You look very dashing” he commented, noting that despite wearing the jacket he always wore, his general style seemed sleeker today “Got a hot date you’re trying to impress?” he questioned with a playful look.

“Any sign of thing 1 and thing 2?” he questioned, honestly it wasn’t really like Han to be late, he always seemed like the type to be early for everything and probably ready with a notebook in case he needed to write something down. He looked out across the crowd but he didn’t see them, not that he minded waiting really but this was his last day and he was definitely hoping they could make the most of it. Though Dae was here so that was a good start. 

Animals. Who would've thought Daehyun Stormwind of all people would have a certain soft spot for them? Definitely not him. At first, he didn't even agree to this whole thing but when Jae nudged him the second time in that discussion, he remembered that it's been a while since they've actually hung out with each other. And honestly, both Han and Jae wouldn't be seeing much of Yeon after he departed for NYC unlike Dae who already promised to come visit the Valkyr there soon. Ever since that day where he stumbled across a white cat, he's been fond on the idea of pets a bit more. Just a bit more. He knew Yeon was probably apprehensive about this entire thing secretly even if he doesn't show them outrightly. There was always something about the Valkyr that just speaks to him. The moment he noticed that blond hair of his that really just looked good on the male, dressed casually and still managed to look like a model who came out for a walk, his gaze also fell on the phone Yeon was holding. 

A look of disapproval was etched on his face when he saw that he had been going through his messages, a part of the Niveis hoped that Yeon would be able to discard his phone today, honestly. So when he was told that he was just sorting out his messages and not working, the elder Stormwind had a smile to him. "Good" he purred, "Today you should not be working or go anywhere near that word at all" It was basically a declaration, at this point. Maybe, he does indeed have a hot date to impress. Dae definitely chose to dress a bit more specifically today rather than just putting on whatever, like he usually does per usual. "I don't know Yeon, there's a pretty hot guy standing very near, do you think I'd be able to score his attention? Or do I have to kick my flirting skills up a notch?" 

When asked if he had noticed where Jae and Han was at, the Niveis lit out a grumble, "Don't tell me they're late to something they planned themselves…" It's weird to see them late, usually the two would be at the venue faster than any of them. He had hoped that nothing tragic befell them on their way here. "I don't care if he's Jae's boyfriend or your Volakiri, one of these days I'm actually going to tie him up and dangle him as lion bait… or shark bait. Chucking him into one of the dens would work too… maybe he'll be able to showcase his veterinarian and animal whispering skills in front of a tiger." He scrunched his nose up and coughed, "Wanna bet that guy may actually have adopted a tiger here and name it after his boyfriend?" 

Jae was usually quite organized and got to his classes early, but it wasn’t without extra planning, usually he had to set several alarms to coax himself to get out of bed because he wasn’t really a morning person. Han seemed better with getting up in the mornings but because he had come in so late last night, neither of them had managed to wake up in time. It was quite amusing really because it was usually Dae or Yeon who was late for their gatherings and now it had been reversed. He had to admit he was looking forward to today, getting to see the animals would be fun but getting to see Han with the animals was what he was really looking forward to, the star had this gentle sweet demeanor which always seemed to attract animals, like he was a magnet to them and for that reason, he was sure they were going to have some pretty magical experiences today.

Jae ended up laughing and shaking his head “It’s okay, I should have grabbed it before you stole it away” he responded and grinned running his fingers through his damp locks, he was sure it would be fine, his hair just got a little wavy when he let it dry naturally but it was probably better for it not to have heat on it every time he washed it. “They can hardly talk, the number of times they’ve been late because they forgot what time it was” he rolled his eyes “We know exactly what distracted them from showing up” this one was an honest mistake, sometimes he was convinced Dae and Yeon were late by their own knowledge because they were too busy doing other things.

Before long he had his bag packed with his wallet and the tickets they had bought online for entry and then they were hopping into the car, he closed the door behind him and set the bag down by Han’s feet before starting the engine. He turned up the music just a little, they’d both been listening to a lot of Lauv lately and so he had gotten the album to play in the car so they could sing along whenever they went anywhere. Before long they had crossed the city and was pulling into the parking lot of the zoo entrance. It looked like it was pretty busy today “So what animal are you most looking forward to seeing?” he questioned as he glanced over to Han with a slight grin.

He was usually an early riser, Han. That's as because his shifts usually consisted of morning sessions and honestly, he was almost never tardy, the Celestial likes to be punctual, if anything. Which kinda defeats today's purpose when he's really late when he should've been there at least half an hour early. He should've been there waiting for Yeon and Dae, not the other way around. But what could he do to control his own sleepiness yesterday? He came home late and was bedridden from exhaustion. Han recalled the minute he set foot in their room, he had already face planted himself against the pillow, which only leaves him to know that the person who changed his clothes was none other than Jae. Of course, his boyfriend was ever the considerate one. Today was a day they'd be hanging out again and the fact that they conceded to his suggestion to go to the zoo was making the Celestial giddy. He was finally able to show Jae the tiger he adopted and actually named after him. 

He hasn't seen the tiger for a month or so now due to his busy schedule that almost never leaves him time to go over to the zoo and check his babies out. He loves animals, and managed to adopt plenty under his name at the zoo since they rely on donations to keep operating. He was one of the many that always remembered to pay monthly for his adopted animals. Of course, the Celestial wished he could do more. But one step at a time, right? "Technically I didn't stole it... " he grumbled, okay maybe he did but, Han wasn't about to leave it at that, knowing him. "You'll be fine, you look dashing as always. Your hair is a bit curled from the no dryer but as usual, my boyfriend never looks bad." Han choked up halfway when Jae brought forth the issue of his Volakiri and Dae's tardiness. "We both know they're busy pleasuring each other to know what time it is… honestly I'm not surprised if I find out that they knew exactly what time it was but took that time to go for a quickie… or two." Knowing the pair? Very likely. It wasn't hard to guess what the two were busy doing. 

He noticed that the music playing was Lauv's song, in fact, it was the song they've been singing together lately, Never Not. He found himself harmonizing with the singer while tapping his fingers against the dashboard as he went over the tickets and details. "Oh.. I forgot to thank you for changing me out of my clothes yesterday… I was really tired out." He is Jae, after all. When asked what animal he was most excited to see today, Han was halfway grinning, "The zoo is practically a 4th home after my workplace and the research facility in Denver. I think I'm gonna propose holding a sanctuary there… the animals would get some funding while we do our researching work. They get to eat and groomed better" Since the zoo only relies on volunteers, it was easy to see where it goes. "But I'm excited to show you the tiger I told you about… He's probably bigger now. Are you looking forward to any animal?"

It was hard to miss Dae’s look of disapproval which told him just how seriously the niveis was going to take the no-work rule today, it was hard for Yeon to completely switch off from work because he was self-made and that meant that every final decision, initiative or new project came through him, because of that he had his mind everywhere when it came to work and frankly, he didn’t really have much opportunity to switch off “You say it like it’s easy” he responded and sighed gently, well at least he would have plenty to distract him in the form of animals and good company. He chuckled under his breath as he tucked his phone away in his pocket “You know, I think he might be pretty open to it, you just gotta find that perfect line to impress him” he grinned in an amused manner “Or are you hoping the good looks and clearly put together style speak it for you” he eyed Dae up and down purposely, he looked very good.

He laughed shaking his head “Why does that sound like something only Han could achieve” he responded with a smirk, the star was usually the one who was punctual and nagging them to be places, not the other way around. Without Dae around to distract him this morning though, Yeon had managed to make pretty good time, he didn’t mind getting up in the mornings, though he wasn’t sure he could say the same for the icy male. Yeon gasped at the way Dae teased he was going to string Han up and shoved his shoulder “Don’t act like you don’t like him, I know you do” the two of them had a bit of a rivalry going on, mostly because Dae liked flirting with Jae a lot but he could tell there was a mutual respect between the two of them which had been built over time.

Yeon raised his brows when Dae spoke about adopting a tiger “I’m not going to take that bet because I already know Han sends plenty of adopting cheques to this place and it sounds like something he’d do” he laughed and shook his head slightly “I’m hoping we get to see some lemurs” he commented with a smile, Yeon didn’t have many favorite animals but he did like lemurs, he remembered his father taking him to the zoo when he was young and he got to feed a lemur and have it climb on his shoulder, it was a good memory and he hoped to go home today with good memories too. “What about you? I know you kinda got roped in but there must be something you’re looking forward to, right?” he raised his brows, waiting for Dae to answer something like food.

He didn't want to impose on Yeon, he didn't like being the distraction or much less the intrusion in their lives. His life is not the same as Yeon's and as a friend, he should be more considerate to take in that factor. But he was also a bit of a rough guy around the edges, he wasn't used to having to filter his words when conversing with someone and the Valkyr knew that, he's been a good friend of his fortune the past few months. If there was someone who knows his antics, Yeon is definitely one of them. "I know it's not easy but can you do it for me?" And suddenly all bets were off and Dae found himself pouting slightly. What was this guy doing to him? He had no idea, but even if this was unusual for the Niveis, he was beginning to think that he's been quite soft around the blond. His eyes lit up considerably when he tucked away his phone, that's a step. 

He stared at him and smirked wryly when he implied that the guy may be open to it, "I've never been good with my words, you know that Yeon, in fact, I'm terrible at them. I don't even have a filter to begin with… didn't you say customer service would be in flames if they hired me?" Which was spot on. "So I only have my good looks and… good… attitude?" Failing miserably, that's what he's doing. He wondered if he really looked better today, but then again Yeon wasn't the type to just sugarcoat things outrightly. "Because it is something only he would achieve" he grumbled, surprisingly the Celestial would probably do something most people wouldn't. "I can't believe someone so punctual can afford to be tardy, either he overslept or he had some sexy time with his Jae. Knowing Han… I'm not even sure which one it is."

 Unlike the other three, Daehyun didn't like waking up early if he didn't have to. The earliest you'd find him rising is at 11. That's it. Don't even bother compromising with him if you're not bringing any offering to the table. So naturally, his grumpy self would feel called out right now. "Snowball is wasting the time I could have to sleep... He's lucky today's actually a good day." The Niveis huffed and crossed his arms when Yeon mentioned he preferred the Celestial's company more than he let it on, fine, maybe he grew fonder of that kid but you wouldn't hear him say that out loud. "If I admit that, Han may feel his ears ringing because people keep talking about him so I'll refrain from doing so" he murmured, he's grown fond of all 3 of them really.

 "He sent adopting cheques here?" he widened his eyes and coughed, "I swear that kid is a whole Tarzan. What is he? Dr Doolittle?" It was a bit endearing to know how much he cares for the animals though. At the sudden mention of lemurs, Dae couldn't help but to grin at the Valkyr, "You know, for a guy so intimidating and hot, you're pretty cute" He could picture a lemur on his shoulder now. When asked what kind of animal he was looking forward to, the words he said just immediately slipped out, "Fennec foxes… they're cute. I've heard of them before but never got the chance to see them in real life. And they're so cute… I also want to see the aquatic creatures, doesn't beat the ones in sea when you can just swim with them but… I still want to see them." Hey, he had some curiosity too. "Oh and the restaurant Han said served the best chicken. Yeah he promised he'd buy me the best if I behaved."

Thankfully he and Han had their morning routine pretty much in sync by now which meant they could both get ready at the same time without stepping on one another’s toes too much. He remembered when they had first moved in together it had been a challenge and Jae had even been late a few times because he hadn’t gotten up early enough to accommodate a second person in his schedule, now it felt like second nature. “You kinda did” he responded and laughed “But it’s fine, my hair could use a day of being natural anyway” and it was pretty warm out today so he was sure it wouldn’t take too long to dry. “I never know what to do with my hair when it’s curly, it has a mind of its own” he smiled though because Han said he looked good and that was enough.

The way the star spelled out what Yeon and Dae were typically doing when they were late made him chuckle “Probably, sometimes I wonder how they even actually manage to make it anywhere considering they’re all over one another” and coming from someone who also spent a lot of time in the bedroom with his boyfriend, that was saying something. The music was nice to listen to as they drove, it was warm and sunny out so he had the visor down so he could see properly “I packed your sunglasses in my bag in case you wanted them” Han had this tendency to always forget to bring his sunglasses and then complain when he couldn’t see, so Jae had thought ahead. He was enjoying listening to Han sing to the music, he had a great voice which always spoke to Jae whenever he was lucky enough to witness his singing.

Jae glanced over to him and smiled “You seemed too exhausted, you didn’t even wake” he responded shaking his head in amusement, it was impressive how Han could sleep quite so deeply like that “But you’re welcome, though next time at least take your belt off, it was tricky” he pouted slightly and laughed. He swore he could feel the excitement coming off the star when it came to this trip, he loved animals a whole lot “Have you thought about extending your study to exotic animals?” he questioned curiously, after all, Han seemed to love zoo animals a whole lot and there was nothing stopping him from learning more. Jae became excited himself when Han reminded him they could visit the tiger he adopted in his name today “Oh wow...I’ve only seen him in photos…” he widened his eyes, well this was going to be fun.

After he parked up they started to walk towards the park entrance, Jae had his bag over his shoulder and locked the car behind them “I’d quite like to see giraffes, I think they look fun, especially when they’re eating in the really tall trees” he nodded slightly. By the time they reached the front entrance, he could see Dae and Yeon standing together by one of the statues and headed over towards them.

They both know their times, aside from today, they were used to entering the bathroom are their own respective times, it's never clashed before. But seeing how they were hurrying because Han didn't want to get anyone earful from Dae after waking him up so early only to be late himself. The Niveis may actually freeze his ass! He poured once again when Jae insisted he stole it away from him, resulting in the Celestial hitting his shoulder playfully paired with a whine, "Jae." He ruffled Jae's curly hair for a bit and chuckled, "You can look good in any look, baby, perks of being a beautiful man… you never really have any look that really could be defined as bad fashion or bad hair day" he even patted the dhampir's cheeks.

 Han couldn't help but shudder when he thought about Yeon and Dae, "Please… I was visiting his studio that one time and while he was undressing after practice, I could see faint red lines all over his back and let's not even start on the hickeys, I'm just glad I managed to get out in time when I came over his place because I saw male's… clothes that definitely did not belong to Yeon only." God knows what else he could've witnessed. When Jae said he packed his sunglasses, his eyes lit up and he began rummaging the bag in search for them, "Gosh Jae, you're really my boyfriend huh? Always taking care of me. Thank you" he gave a quick peck against his cheek before hooking them on his shirt. He always forgot to bring it, Jae wasn't wrong. It's mainly because the Celestial can be quite forgetful. 

The song was his favorite so Han was happy to sing every word of it, besides, it would suit as a background music for him and Jae. He rubbed the back of his head and grinned sheepishly, "I'm sorry, it was a really exhausting day I just… wanted to close my eyes and sleep" He wasn't even sure if he snored because it was really tiring. "I thought you love unbuckling my belt though?" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and smirked, teasing Jae is his favorite pastime thing to do. He never thought about extending his studies like that but it does sound interesting, "Now that you've actually mentioned it… It does sound appealing. I've been working on the vaccine this entire time I kinda forgot who it's for. Maybe I'll check it out later" To study more about exotic creatures sounded like a plan. 

"Judging from how well he's been eating, he's probably bigger now… I mean I doubled the amount of meat last time, he was probably having a feast" Just like how he spoiled his fluffy babies, he never forgot to tour spoil his adopted pets there too. Han's love for animals is on a whole other level. "Giraffes? I didn't expect that but that's cute" he could just picture him in a giraffe onesie. He saw two familiar silhouettes and chuckled as they approached the two, "I know I'm late, it's my fault. I overslept... " he fiddled with his fingers sheepishly, "I'll make it up later."

Yeon sighed softly under his breath, only Dae could pull that card with him and get away with it “I’ll try my best” he responded and nodded slightly, he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t instinctively check notifications when they came in but if it was important to Dae that they spend the day together then he couldn’t say no. Yeon snickered slightly when Dae spoke about his lack of skill when it came to wording things “I did say that yeah” he laughed shaking his head “You have a way of wording things which could have ever Karen coming for you head before the end of the day” knowing Dae he would probably tell them to screw themselves or something similarly inappropriate. “You have good intentions most of the time?” he offered as a highlight, despite the way Dae worded things most of the time, his intentions were always to take care of those he cared about and that was important.

Yeon raised his brow and then shrugged, this was something he knew the answer to without even thinking about it, one of the side effects of being Han’s volakiri is that he could sense certain things about him “He’s tired, so I’m pretty sure he overslept” Yeon grinned sheepishly, this was still a very new thing to him despite having his bond with Han over a year now. You never quite got used to picking up on another person’s emotions and traits. “I know you’re tired too” Yeon added with a grin “You always grumble about Han more when you’re tired” he chuckled his breath. Dae and Han definitely had an interesting relationship which was hard to define, they often acted indifferent to one another but neither of them could really deny that the four of them were connected together. Dae said he tolerated Han for Jae. He rolled his eyes playfully “You’re both as stubborn as one another, I’ll give you that much” he added with a shake of his head.

Yeon looked back at Dae with an amused expression “Han loves taking part in any kind of charity which involves animals, he’s definitely roped me into helping a few times too” he chuckled, not that he minded, he had enough money to be able to afford to support several charities, though he didn’t talk about that often. Yeon raised his brows curiously when Dae said he was cute because of the way he talked about lemurs, he let the compliment roll off with a shrug and smiled “I have my moments” he responded and tilted his head slightly at the way Dae explained he liked fennec foxes “Those are rare” he responded, though he assumed Dae wouldn’t be mentioned them if he hadn’t researched that they would get to them today “I’ve been swimming with dolphins before but that’s about it” he nodded “A polar bear would be pretty cool” he responded and then laughed “I knew you were going to mention food!” he exclaimed and laughed nudging his shoulder.

Just then, he saw Han and Jae headed up towards him and raised his hand to wave slightly, naturally gravitating himself closer to Han “I told you he overslept” he looked up to Dae with a knowing look and shook his head in amusement “Dae’s already excited you’re going to buy him chicken so” he winked playfully and smiled at Jae “Everyone ready to get going? I’d like to get one of those feeding schedules” he wouldn’t be Yeonseok Lee if he wasn’t trying to organize the day after all.

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