It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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He didn't want to interfere with Yeon's personal and working life but when he said no phones today, he really meant every single word he said. Today was meant to be the day where the 4 of them would spend the day together, and possibly reminiscing all their moments together before the blond Valkyr's departure that he was secretly dreading for every passing moment. Of course he wouldn't let him know that he was thinking about that. What's important is Yeon's path to success, well… more success. "You better" he jested teasingly and narrowed his dark hues as if he was trying to tell Yeon that he's keeping his eye on him. "Well you know me, I don't care if a Karen would come to me, or every Karen in this world, tell me you have met a more unbothered person than me" he even puffed out his chest and cleared his throat. "I admit I'm not good at verbal communication though" He was terrible at it. Truly. You'll be lucky to even get a thank you from this guy. "Thanks Yeon" he rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance and chuckled, "You always have a way to make me sound like a better person than I actually am. Which I am extremely grateful for." What would he do without him?

 "I guess I can forgive him this time" he murmured, it didn't matter even if he did get annoyed by the Celestial, at the end of the day, a part of him knew he'd give in. Maybe Han just had that effect on people. When Yeon called him out for being tired, the Niveis narrowed his eyes and huffed, "I'm always tired, Yeon. And I always complain about Snowball" A small screech escaped him when Yeon said the two of them were similar to one another, "Excuse you, we are not. I am nothing like that overgrown bunny. I can't believe you just said that with your whole chest, I'm disappointed Yeon" he shook his head and clicked his tongue, "I'm nowhere near that testosterone boosted bunny…" The revelation about the Celestial's charity didn't surprise him, not that much, he had a feeling that he really does like animal from how he behaved but he didn't expect it was to this scale. "You always have your moments" he shot playfully. He didn't know why he picked fennec foxes but they were such an interesting creature, maybe Dae just couldn't help it. 

"You know me, I like me some exotic and rare specimen" he smirked and winked at him, chuckling under his breath when Yeon exclaimed he picked food. "That kid knows some crazy places for food, I have to respect that." Swimming with dolphins, he's a big fan of swimming and he wondered if he could have Yeon join him one day, "You think you can spare me a bit of your time in the near future for some swimming with them? Swimming with sharks, this time?" Even though he looked like he was going to glare the exact space Han walked into, his face eventually morphed into a softer one, "You did promise me chicken so... " He wasn't going to deny that. God knows how much Daehyun Stormwind loves his chicken. "Gosh, and to think you're not gonna be ahead of us this time, I guess you can't take the Yeonseok Lee out of you anywhere huh? Come on, let's get us into a feeding slot, the prince commands it so" he purposely mimicked the Valkyr's voice. 

He laughed softly, flipping his hair back after Han messed it up and sighing softly “I don’t know, remember that time it dried in a weird way and I had like a devil horn on my head which wouldn’t go away” he laughed softly, his hair could be unpredictable a lot of the time. He puffed out his cheeks when Han patted them. Jae chuckled as he glanced up at the star while he talked about Yeon and Dae’s relationship “And yet they both still attest to the fact they aren’t completely in over their heads” and yet he had noticed Dae’s temper getting worse lately, no doubt because he knew Yeon was moving halfway across the country. Jae smiled when Han thanked him for remembering his sunglasses “It’s for my benefit too, you can get awfully whiny when you forget something” he teased and nudged him playfully smiling because of the soft peck he received.

He enjoyed listening to Han sing a lot and was even humming along himself without thinking about it, he was pretty focused on driving though because this was a place he hadn’t driven to before and they were already late so he didn’t want to add getting lost to the list “That’s okay, you must have needed it” he grinned as he glanced over at him and then back to the road “We can’t have you all grumpy for the trip anyway” he was sure Han was probably sad that Yeon was leaving too, though the star hadn’t really talked about it. “Not when it’s like playing a game of operation where I have to avoid setting off the alarm” he laughed shaking his head “Luckily you sleep pretty heavily” he smiled softly. “I mean I wouldn’t complain if you became a zoo veterinarian and had to bring animals home to look after sometimes?” he giggled playfully.

It was evidently clear how much Han cared about animals from everything he did and even how he spoke about them, it was one of his most endearing qualities and Jae could listen to him talk about all the animals and their environments and facts for hours, he was so passionate about it “I’m sure he appreciates all the support” he spoke softly and grinned, he was looking forward to seeing him, hopefully he would be out today. “They’re cute” he defended and followed Han before the two of them approached Yeon and Dae. “I also overslept but” he shrugged slightly and grinned, they could scold him if they wanted to.

Jae smiled over at Dae in greeting before his eyes moved to Yeon who spoke about Han promising food to get them here “At the prices they charge here, you might live to regret that one” he jested before nodding in response when Yeon asked if they were ready to head in, he passed the tickets from his back to the lady at the entrance and before long they were on their way, he noticed Yeon had the map open so he crept closer to read it over his shoulder “Damn this place is big” he commented with widened eyes, the tiger enclosure was near the back of the park so it seemed they would have to wait till later to see him “Looks like meerkats are the first ones to be fed” he pointed it out on the schedule. Naturally, he reached out his hand for Han’s and when he felt their fingertips touch he smiled and laced them together.

"I remember being surprised but also not surprised when I see you look good even with crappy hair" He definitely did. Han recalled tumbling over the bed all because he couldn't hold in his laughter. Jae looked ridiculous that day. "But I think that's just your scalp screaming at you to stop dying or else it's gonna be so dry it won't survive the next time" he jested playfully, Han had told the dhampir a few times about his hair colors, he would never impose and tell him to stop doing that, not when the Celestial himself complimented him, but it was a teasing moment. The dynamic between Yeon and Dae was something he never forgot to address, mostly for the fact that the two of them could clearly see what's going over their heads while the Valkyr and Niveis kept acting like it's nothing. It made the teasing so much more amusing but there were times when even he had to bite his own tongue because either Yeon or Dae would sass him back so hard he'd sit down.

 "Excuse you, I'm not that whiny" he grumbled and huffed as if he was unsatisfied. "But thank you" he added begrudgingly, a smile painting his lips when he felt the dhampir's lips pressed against his cheek. "I can be grumpy about other things for sure" Han wasn't overly happy to find out that his Volakiri would be moving away too, it made him feel sad to see him depart but he also didn't wish to keep the Valkyr here for his own selfish reasons. It wasn't fair to any of them. Yeon never stopped encouraging him to work for what he wanted so he wasn't about to do the same either. "Yeah I tend to shut everything out once my head hits the pillow" He was a deep sleeper, considering how night terrors were something of normal until it wasn't, it was somewhat a progress for the doe-eyed male. "You wouldn't complain now, but wait till I bring home a baby chimpanzee" he scoffed and shook his head, his dogs would have a fit, that's for sure. "Sure they're cute" he narrowed his eyes playfully before walking over to the pair that's been waiting for them. 

"I just got paid a few days ago and all the research work from last two months finally cashed in and I got extra, enough to pamper you and them, don't worry" he reassured, he had planned it out carefully, "Besides, if I'm short then I'll just ask Yeon. You know he'd actually buy an entire line of chicken chain if he could" With how fond the blond was towards Dae? He probably would. After passing the tickets, he peeked over Jae's shoulder to see the map Yeon had, "Meerkats, I heard they could eat birds too" he threw Dae a look and chuckled, he was sure he could hear the other male's unimpressed look against him. Naturally, his fingers were intertwined with Jae's as they move on to where the meerkats were at. "Please make sure your best friend doesn't try to throw me in a shark tank..." he whispered. 

Yeon laughed under his breath at the way Dae threatened him to keep his phone under wraps, he got the message and did as he was asked, the last thing he wanted to do have people feeling like he wasn’t present enough for his own goodbye party after all. “That is true, though once people do get you to snap, good luck to them” he raised his brows playfully, there were certain things that Dae really did take to heart and then there were others he seemed completely unfazed by. “We all have our drawbacks huh?” he smiled softly, it would be awfully boring if not “Well...we are our own harshest critics no?” it is easier to say good things about others than it was about yourself almost certainly.

He gave a knowing smile when Dae said he could forgive him this time “See, you’re already getting along like a house on fire” he responded and winked, knowing a statement such as that would be something Dae immediately disagreed with. Yeon had definitely learned the ways to push his buttons. “Ah yes, that’s why you like sleeping in my bed so much right? Always tired” he cooed it playfully, though sometimes he had the feeling Dae came over just because he wanted company and not even always of a sexual manner. He laughed as soon as Dae reacted to his comment likening him and Han “Tell me...what makes you so different?” he held up a finger with each thing he listed “Stubborn, loves chicken more than life, extremely handsome bedmate” he chuckled playfully.

Yeon laughed at the double meaning of Dae’s words and sighed under his breath “I swear you two should just start a food tasting blog already, I’ve never seen two people talk so passionately about a steak” he rolled his eyes playfully. One thing he always noted about Dae was that he always seemed to want to make future plans, this time to go swimming with sharks “I think the sharks would feel like they’re third-wheeling on our...swimming” he winked noting the last time they had gone swimming “But I think I could make time” he bit his lip and chuckled, just in time for Han and Jae to finally show up, he was already heading into the entrance when Dae made his comment “Admit it, you like walking behind me” he chuckled. Before long they had decided to go to the meerkats. When they arrived he headed up to the barrier to watch the pack of rodents heading through their enclosure “Why do they remind me of Han whenever food is mentioned” he commented in a soft voice as he glanced over at Dae.

He shouldn’t have to feel threatened by a phone, but considering how connected Yeon was to his work, he knew he had every reason to feel threatened. Not that he would blame it on the Valkyr, how could he? Dae understood the commitment he had for his work, and this opportunity to spread his influence to more places and aim higher, it only made him happy for the other male. After all, he is his good friend, if he didn’t support him, then what’s the point? “When people get me to snap, they already knew what they were signing up for, that’s the difference” he pointed out, no way people did not know what would rile up a person. Daehyun still managed to give people a warning before things escalated. There were times when he couldn’t care less on what people would do, but there were also times when he would snap so fast. It’s hard to tell, though most of it depended on his mood. He nodded in affirmation when Yeon said they were their own harshest critics, where was the lie in that? 

He did, however, raise his eyebrows towards Yeon, looking at him as if he just said the most absurd thing ever, “Oh yes. For sure. Han and I are besties, didn’t you know that? Love that guy so much I just want to headlock him and never let go” Admittedly, Han held a better physique compared to the Niveis but the Niveis has also been taking people down for a while, he definitely knew how to hold his own fight. At the end of the day, if Dae wanted to take the Celestial down in a fight, perhaps he could try and hold out longer than a few seconds. “1) Your bed is the comfiest place I have ever slept at. That’s saying a lot, Yeon, I’ve slept in a lot of places, beds included. 2) If you’re not going to appreciate the beauty of that bed, don’t insult it” he narrowed his eyes playfully and shook his head, sometimes Dae would head over to Yeon’s penthouse and sleep on his bed, even when they didn’t have sex. His bed had basically become a place for him to sleep at now. 

When Yeon listed down their ‘similarities’, the elder Stormwind scoffed and smirked wryly, “Extremely handsome bedmate huh? Well I do agree that Jae is one exquisite man.” Given his attraction towards the dhampir? It’s unlikely to see him not complimenting the other male, but of course who was he to compare the blond to him too when he would cower faster than lightning? “My bedmate is quite handsome too, isn’t he” he chuckled, nobody could deny how gorgeous Yeon was, it was just there for people to see. Dae looked as if he was ready to argue with Yeon and pull a presentation about why steak is heavenly but found himself biting his own tongue to refrain from talking, “Let me take you food hunting and maybe you’ll understand” he grumbled and crossed his arms, huffing slightly as he continued to eye their surrounding. 

Of course he heard what Han said, he had called Dae birdy a few times, so when he implied that meerkats could ‘eat’ him, the Niveis clicked his tongue and chuckled dryly, “I hear sharks like their meat tender. Studies have it that tender meat usually comes from healthy people, or stars” he retorted as he side eyed him. The wink had him flustered momentarily but the Niveis was quick to compose himself, “Good.”He gave Yeon a nonchalant look when he was teased for preferring to walk behind him, “I can’t say the view’s not good. You’re wearing the good pants today.” Dae wasn’t even subtle at checking him out even when they’re in public, and it’s gotten to the point where it could even be something casual. When the rodents rushed over in groups, he snickered because the blond likened them to his Volakiri, “The eyes or the movements?” he whispered, his eyes following the direction to Han and Jae who were standing further away, “Who am I kidding. Both.”

Jae laughed under his breath shooting Han a look and grinned “Tell that to yourself next time you’re hungry and there’s no fast food places open” he commented with an expectant, he remembered having to go off their journey path to take Han to a McDonalds in the middle of the night because he was hungry and nowhere else was open. Jae nodded when Han said he tended to be able to shut everything out and just rest as soon as he got into bed, Jae was a little jealous of that because usually it took him a lot of time to fall asleep, he’d always get some stupid analogy from class or an essay question in his head and then his brain wouldn’t be able to rest because he was too busy pondering over the answers. “But chimpanzees are adorable” he commented and pouted slightly, he was right though, it would probably get crazy pretty fast considering the star hated leaving animals in need, he would always be the one to volunteer to take care of them.

He looked over to Han and smiled softly, he was always so kind and generous with his money, sometimes the dhampir felt a little guilty for letting him pay for things but Han never seemed to mind and he was right about Yeon, the valkyr threw money around like it was nothing, probably because to him it really was “I’m surprised he doesn’t already own one” he commented thinking about all the small businesses Yeon owned, he funded a lot of them, not just for his own benefit but to support people with dreams. Jae sighed under his breath when Han spoke about meerkats eating birds knowing it was a jab at Dae “It would help if you didn’t keep trying to antagonize him” he commented with a laugh.

“But don’t worry, I’d dive in and save you” he commented with a grin as they headed up towards the fence so they could watch the meerkats as they scurried around, one of them was digging a burrow and throwing dirt over another which made him laugh “Meerkats always seem to have so much energy, you’d think they’d get tired with all the running around they do” he glanced over to Han and back to the animals, the trainer had come out to feed them, explaining about how they got food in the wild and what they fed them, as well as where they came from. She was feeding them mealworms which they quickly came over to get the moment she placed the food down “They’re so cute” he mused softly “Though I don’t think I’d want to pet one” he chuckled and took out his phone to snap a couple of pictures.

He narrowed his eyes at the dhampir and clicked his tongue while jabbing his index finger against his chest playfully, “I’m not sure I like what you’re trying to insinuate here, mister” he scoffed and shook his head, who was he kidding, Jae was unsurprisingly on point with that claim. He is his boyfriend so there was bound to be certain infos where Jae knew him best, though he was sure his love for food knows no bounds to the point where even a stranger can figure out what’s going inside his head when he sees the food he likes. He pondered for a moment when Jae said chimpanzees were adorable, “Yeah they are… until you pissed them off. Studies say chimps don’t get mad, they get even with you but that is basically people wording it politely to say that chimps don't give a damn to make you eat your own words for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though I think that’s just them being sarcastic motherfuckers” he murmured the last bit silently because he wasn’t the type to curse out loud either, especially regarding baby chimpanzees. Not to Jae, he reminded himself. 

“Why? Do you really want one?” At this point, he would actually attempt to get him one if he thought about it. He’s been looking forward for this day for a while now, it was hard to get Yeon to join them due to his busy schedule and Dae was even harder because he had no idea where the Niveis ventured off to 99% of the time. But now they’re here today and of course, he wanted to make the best of it. “Maybe he does have a chicken chain…” his eyes grew bigger at the sudden form of realization as he peeked forward to ask Yeon if he does indeed have one, “Yeon, do you have a chicken chain? Because if you do and you didn’t even tell me then I’m seriously going to be hurt.” He only stuck his tongue out at the direction of the Niveis when Jae told him not to antagonize him, “You know he takes pleasure in teasing me too. We have to get even. I learned that from the baby chimps” he huffed, sparing him a sheepish grin when he said he would dive in and save him if so.

 “There’s my hero right there” he giggled and tightened his grip around his arm even firmer. The meerkats were cute, and Han had his eyes half as wide as them as his eyes followed their movements, he did frown a bit when the instructor said their names, “Huh he didn’t say their full name, Suricata suricatta. But I guess a suricate does it.” When he saw Jae snapping a few pictures using his camera, he chuckled, “Yeah, I don’t think you want to pet one. No offense, they’re cute but they’re one of the most dangerous mammals out there, if not the most murderous. It’s likely to kill one of their own too, talk about kinslayer” he murmured and leaned in to see them better, “Bloodthirsty guys. The Atlantic once listed top 30 dangerous mammals and can you believe these cute guys are higher than lions, wolves, and leopards? Roughly one in five meerkats die at the hands of their own species” he trailed and realized he was giving a lot of information, “Sorry, I totally geeked out, didn’t I?” he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly but didn’t miss Dae’s backhand comment about how sharks love their meat tender, “How likely will he actually throw me in a shark tank when you’re not looking” he deadpanned.

Yeon chuckled under his breath, Han and Dae had this strange relationship but he could tell they got along decently, there was a certain respect between all of their bickering and insults they threw back and forth “You’ll keep playing nice with him because of Jae, let’s be real” he commented with an amused chuckle, Dae and Jae were like 2 peas in a pod when you let them be, they could talk for hours about nothing and never get bored, it often caught Yeon off guard considering Dae could tend to be quiet at times. He grinned when he commented about his bed and how it was comfy “Well it’s definitely seen its value being appreciated since you came along” he admitted with a wry smile, he didn’t mind, if it made Dae happy and he was comfortable then why wouldn’t he let him use it “It’s still weird for me to have a man sleeping in my bed though” he commented with a playful look.

Yeon sighed in an exasperated manner because of Dae’s scoffing, it seemed there was no convincing him that he actually quite liked the Celestial’s company “He certainly is” he quipped playfully in agreement when Dae commented on how handsome Jae was, they both were honestly and he could definitely see people take a second look when they saw the two of them together. Then again, they did that when him and Dae were together too, even though they were together in the same way. He grinned playfully when Dae complimented him “Food hunting?” he responded and raised his brows curiously “Why does that seem like a strange way to phrase it” he commented with an amused shake of his head.

Yeon rolled his eyes when the two of them tossed insults back and forth underhandedly “Jae don’t you think we should ditch these two and let them have their catfight?” he teased with a shake of his head as though to imply if they didn’t stop arguing then he was going to leave both their asses. Naturally, he chuckled when Dae commented on his pants “You would know, you did pick them out” he commented with a playful glance over his shoulder before heading over to the enclosure and watching the little rodents as they ran around. He laughed when Dae mentioned both when he compared them to Han “Not to mention the way they go straight for the food” he grinned slightly as he listened to the woman talking about the animals and watched them as they fed “It’s been such a long time that I just went out and did something normal like this” he mused as he glanced over to Dae “Kinda feels like a double date huh?” he chuckled because despite the fact he and Dae weren’t dating, being with Han and Jae like this definitely felt different.

Out of everyone Daehyun thought to be close with, Hanseol was definitely not on the list, or at least he initially thought so. The Celestial was too… shy for him. Which was saying something considering how much the shyness faded away after he spent his time with the other three for months. He didn't mind his company, not really, though everyone knows he'll die before actually admitting it out loud. He let out an indignant sound of retaliation when Yeon pointed out that he would keep playing nice with the other male because his boyfriend is the Niveis' best friend, "I hate it when you make such good points." Yeon wasn't wrong, he really cherished his friendship with the dhampir. He could help but let a smug grin spread across his face when the blond talked about how the significance in the comfortable bed he possessed increased as of late, "I know right? Your bed loves my company and I bet you do too" he purred teasingly, not missing the opportunity to send a wink his way. 

The two of them flirted occasionally, it became somewhat a casual thing for them now. After all, they do like their company in and outside the bedroom equally. Yeon's a good friend. There was a certain sense of pride filling his entire being because Yeon never allowed anyone to sleep on his bed but he's done that countless times. Being an exception is a good thing. "But then again, you are definitely included in the handsome group" he added absentmindedly, it wasn't something new, Yeon is one gorgeous person, from head to toe, and his confidence only made him look more attractive than he already is. People were not kidding when they said confidence is the key to such attractiveness. Who wouldn't like someone who knows what they can do? "It's a strange way but what's not strange when it comes out of my mouth these days?" he raised his eyebrows playfully, Dae rarely cared how much sense he made.

 When the Valkyr mentioned about leaving him alone with Han and ditching him, the Niveis lit out a small whine, "No!" he retaliated before sighing to himself, "Fine… I won't poke him too much, no promises though" he grumbled dejectedly. The things he would do for them. The pants did look good on him, it fitted him snugly. "Mhmm, one of the times I'd say I have a good taste." A double date, it really did seem like that when there's Jae and Han, it was clear that they were a group of four friends but two of them are engaged in a romantic relationship while the other two enjoyed each other's company. "They do look good together" he mused softly as his gaze fell on the two of them, "You should do things like this more often then, get out… enjoy? You know I'm always there at your beck and call, Yeon. I mean, I won't kill someone for you until you give me something but yes, I'm here." 

Jae had a goofy smile on his lips whenever Han would talk about animals, he knew so many random things about them which he would come out with whenever they were around them and Jae had learned so many random cute facts from just listening to him “Well then they’re pretty smart, they know better than just to lose control of their emotions, if they can plan and plot then that makes them pretty similar to humans” he smiled a little and shrugged “Like you when you really want to eat somewhere for dinner and so you hint all day that you want it until I get a craving for it” he laughed softly, Han could be really sneaky sometimes.

Jae laughed and shook his head when Han asked him if he was being serious though “No I think our mix of animals is already crazy enough with two dogs and a bunny” he responded and chuckled, hilariously the bunny tended to be the messiest and the most mischievous out of all of them, he even chewed a hole in Jae’s hoodie pocket the other day. Jae had to laugh when Han called out asking if Yeon owned a chicken chain and he nudged against the star’s shoulder slightly. “Well at least you two keep the trips out interesting huh?” he chuckled under his breath. When Yeon asked if they should ditch on the other two he grinned “I don’t think we want to let them get in a full on brawl” he teased back looking at Han and then Dae.

Jae found it adorable how Han would pick gaps in the keeper’s explanations “Babe” he spoke softly to get his attention “People are here to see the cute animals, not to take their vet examinations” he giggled and stroked Han’s cheek slightly “Though I still love hearing you tell every single fact you can think of” he added as he turned back to watch the little meerkats running around. He really did love how much the star loved animals, he was so passionate and smart and it made the dhampir only grow fonder of him “They’re so small and yet so crazy scary” he added widening his eyes and rubbing gently against Han’s back when he said he geeked out. He shot Dae a look over his shoulder before turning his attention back to star “Completely impossible, he wants to stay in my good books” he tugged on Han’s hand a little “You pick which animal we see next” he encouraged with a smile.

Han was used too geeking out whenever it involves something he likes, in this case, as a veterinarian student in his placement year, and as someone who has been working with animals for the past three years, being in a zoo meant he would most likely flip in excitement. "And you wonder why people likened the humans to monkeys" he chuckled under his breath. It was ironic seeing everything. When Jae took him as an example to further justify his statement, the Celestial gaped and shook his head in disbelief, "Did you just take me for an example, Jae-" Han placed a hand over his chest, feigning offense and gasped dramatically, "I can't believe my own boyfriend would do this to me." Well, that's the fun in it. Jae  would actually do that to him. "But I will take it as a compliment because you said I'm smart" he grinned sheepishly, "Just curious… did the tactic actually work? I ended up making you crave the same thing, didn't I?" That was good to hear. 

"Yeah… two dogs and a bunny is already chaotic and messy enough as it is. Have you seen Hanseol Jr making a nest everywhere? I wasn't even aware house bunnies even do that…" he grumbled, the bunny tended to be the messiest out of the three pets but even Han couldn't bring himself to actually scold the cute little thing. "I always make things interesting, baby" he scoffed and narrowed his dark hues when his Volakiri and Jae talked about ditching him with the Niveis. "I will never let you forget the betrayal you did if you ever do that, Yeon. Remember, we're Volakiris for life, till death do us part, bro…" He even whined slightly as he tugged on Jae's arm, sounding his retaliation towards the Valkyr for even suggesting such a thing. His cheeks flushed considerably when Jae whispered and told him people were there to fawn over the animals and not take an exam out of it, "Right… yes" he chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. 

However, his eyes quickly lit up the moment the dhampir stroked his cheek and told him he loved hearing the explanation, "Always reminding yourself that you have a weird boyfriend huh" he cooed and traced circles against Jae's knuckles softly. "Small yet so crazy scary… you know what they say, the smallest and tiniest are usually the ones we need to keep an eye on. They can be extremely unpredictable. I have a theory that their body simply couldn't keep in their temper so that's why… they're scarier when tthey blow up." He purred softly when Jae rubbed his back, it was almost instinctual of him to do so. "I'll believe in him wanting to stay in your good graces…" He squealed in excitement when he told him he could pick the next animal for them to see, he flipped the brochure and eyed which section, "Oh yes, remember I told you I adopted a tiger and named it after you? Let's go watch the tigers next, I wanna introduce you to Jae" he giggled.

Yeon chuckled under his breath, he never really had an issue with Jae other than the one time that he punched him for being too flirty with Han, it hadn’t really stopped Yeon from being touchy with his Volakiri but he was respectful not to be too forward. He grinned slightly “We make a weird group of friends” he commented with a slight grin, honestly, he never expected to be so close with Han but they were good friends now, they talked a lot about random things, work, interests, Han talked about Jae whenever he was given the chance. Usually, they spent time together at Han’s house in the evenings either watching movies or playing stupid games, it was nice to have a best friend. He grinned when Dae boldly claimed he loved his company “I wouldn’t let you stay there if I didn’t” he purred back and smirked.

Yeon shot Dae a pointed look when he said that the valkyr fell into the handsome group, silently speaking the words ‘tell me something I don’t know’ with an amused grin. The concept of food hunting literally made Yeon laugh “Well true, it’s been interesting, getting to know someone like you, all your quirks” he chuckled softly “Like how you always wanna eat early so you can go into a food coma” he grinned slightly “Or how you like watching those home renovation programs before you go to sleep” even Yeon had started liking those because Dae would be watching them and he would wanna see. Yeon gave an amused arch of his brow when Dae quickly backtracked on the idea of being left “Thank you” he responded and winked when he said he would try to behave.

His gaze drifted over towards Han and Jae, seeing them together as they watched the animals with those stupid smiles on their faces “They do” he responded before looking back to Dae, perhaps if they were average guys in an average life then this would be a double date, though the idea of doing stupid cheesy date stuff with Dae made him want to laugh, he leaned in closer towards Dae and tilted his head "Nope, I couldn't imagine wanting to take you to a candlelight dinner” he jested with a playful grin "You'd spend too long trying to decide which kind of chicken seasoning to get and flirting with the waitress" he chuckled noticing they were off to the next animals, he gave one last look at the meerkats and then followed behind them “You know I like to see animals but the thought of having one in my house messing up my stuff” he shook his head, definitely not his thing.

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