It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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It still surprises him until today to know that he would willingly and freely be as lazy as one could possibly be if he was given the chance. It did feel like he had been carrying a certain weight over his shoulders and could use a sleep; a long one, which he might as well call it a hibernation process. Maybe he was just tired of a lot of things in general. That seemed like a plausible reason. "It sounds boring to you maybe but being an animal in general… not having to care about what you need to do to survive for another day rather than just thinking about which poor animal will be your prey for the day since you need to stuff your stomach… that sounds like heaven to me" it was clear that Daehyun would choose being reincarnated as an inanimate object too if possible. "But" he paused and grinned slightly, "you're right… eventually I would want to seek out some company." Though he didn't say it out loud, he was sure Yeon knew it too. How much he cared for their friendship. Two different people making it work.

 Who would've thought? But then again, he also found a friend in Jae too, yet another person who is different from him. Opposites do attract. "I had to make good use of my skills and that job fits the bill the most, besides… it did pay well, yeah, enough for me not to have to look out for the rest of my life if I saved up and spent responsibly." He was very meticulous when it comes to the financial book in his life, one would say Dae was pretty disciplined despite his hedonistic tendencies. "No, you're not exactly the type who would even go to a motel so no, I can't even imagine your extra ass sitting on a rock for a bed." Nothing wrong with it too, Yeon worked hard to get where he is now and he deserves to bask in the fruition of his success. "So if I'm ever traveling with you, I guess I won't have to worry about having to camp out" he jested teasingly, Dae wasn't a fan of camping in the wilderness either. He hated mosquitos. A lot. 

"The ideal living space for me? I'm not too picky or materialistic, so anywhere is fine for me but if you want me to tell you where I would love to live at, with maximum comfort, I'd say somewhere in the mountains. I like cooling places, no offense but even the air-conditioning here can't bribe me well enough to truly abandon my cabin in the mountains. It's still there for a reason" he shrugged, he was slightly attached to it, finding himself walking through the trails and just resting there sometimes. "Water bed is a yes… and a pool is always welcomed. Your place has some nice architecture to it." He chuckled wryly when Yeon called him cool, it feels nice to receive a compliment every once in a while and unsurprisingly Yeon was never short on it. 

"Knowing him? He would probably take off with the recipe on his own because he couldn't wait to finally crack it to try it…" Han's love for sweets are known. "But bribing him would be so much easier than you so… I might give it a shot. I just need to get him to seduce you- wait no… annoy you maybe… until you give the recipe up." Han wouldn't be able to seduce Yeon. Not Yeon. The Celestial would fail in the first 5 seconds even to save his life. The Niveis cleared his throat and smirked smugly when Yeon pointed out his observances, "He's extra hot when he growls… like have you heard that baritone voice-" he whistled and shook his head, "Magnifique." He saw the way Han stared at the hand he had wrapped around Jae which had him smirking even more, oh how he loves riling the other male up. "He's not wrong, I do have bigger enemies. Literally." He poked Jae's cheeks and clicked his tongue, "I can draw some whiskers and Jae would be set."

He chuckled and nodded slightly “There wasn’t much that she would tell me I had to do, but eat properly was one of them” and really he was thankful for that because it meant he continued his good eating habits into adulthood, though he did have some lapses now and then because of all the junk food you could easily get here “She really is” he commented softly with a bashful smile, he missed his mom and worried about her a lot, if it wasn’t for his father and knowing he would use her as a trap, he would have flown back to Korea to see her already. Sometimes he wondered what she saw in his father, she was kind and gentle and he was much harsher and strict. “I mean they try and make up for it with all their crazy sauces but it makes me wonder why not just give food flavor in the first place, are they really all that picky?” he arched a brow, perhaps they were.

“You must have seen modern food come along and change everything huh?” sometimes it was hard for Jae to remember that he and Han weren’t the same age and that the celestial had lived for much longer, because he looked so young and acted very youthful. “True, well at least he stopped chewing on the baseboards, that’s something” he commented shaking his head in amusement, the bunny was definitely amusing that was for sure. The way Han blushed when Jae pointed out his kindness pretty much showed that the dhampir was right, he could be very selfless, to the point where he forgot about his own wellbeing sometimes which made Jae worry for him sometimes. “You spread a lot of happiness, I’m sure even Yeon would attest to that” he commented, glancing over at the valkyr for a moment “I think being a good person is subjective to opinion but...taking care of those around you is definitely a good start” he commented and nodded his head slightly.

“I try” he commented with a playful smile when Han commended his attempts to protect him, Jae was very protective of, he tried to spend as much time as he could by his side and always remind him of how loved he was, they had their fights and bickering but by the end of the day they were always back in one another’s arms. When Han puckered his lips as though to give him kisses as payment Jae leaned in and pressed a soft peck to his lips and smirked “I think I like this form of payment” he commented with a cheeky grin. Before long Dae and Yeon had come over to join them, feeling the niveis’ cold arm around his shoulder made him smile, glancing over at him, he puffed out his cheeks when Dae poked them, giving a half-glare “You are not painting me whiskers, knowing you, you’d use a sharpie” he grumbled as they watched the tiger “I feel like it’s your turn to choose an animal” he pointed out to Dae, wondering what the niveis would even choose as his favorite, other than his own cat he didn’t really seem like an animal enthusiast.

Han didn't have much of a childhood, all he could remember was that he had a beautiful and kind mother; the woman who took him in when he couldn't even remember anything aside from his own name weeks later. Sometimes, he even envied those who had the chance to live out their childhood and grow up to be the person they are today. So there were times when he would often ask Jae about his childhood, he wanted to know how it feels like and it was a huge bonus getting to hear more about how his boyfriend used to be. "I hope one day we can both meet her. I really want to tell her what a remarkable young man you were raised up to be, though I am curious… your looks, where did you get it? Your mother? Or father? Or both?" There was no denying that Jaesung Moon is one very attractive man, his features are sharp and prominent yet soft. "God knows" he shrugged, people can be so confusing and complicated sometimes. "Maybe they just like being complicated. Flavored food or bland food… who knows what goes on in their heads." 

He hummed softly in affirmation in response to his remark, "Not much though. I didn't get to spend all those years unfortunately… but the years I could count, I try to make the best of it. I'm glad the food got better though." He's a food enthusiast, there was no way he wouldn't comment on the evolution it had. The reminder of the house bunny chewing on their baseboards made the dark-haired Celestial scrunch his nose, "Don't remind me… he is as mischievous as he comes… I can't believe I got fooled by him the first time I took him home. He was so innocent… and smaller." Really, the growth was nowhere near Byul's, but sometimes Han forgot it's been awhile since he got him. Despite having been in a relationship with Jae for a year already, the dhampir was still able to make him blush so easily, even when he didn't intend to do that initially. "Yeah well… Yeon would attest to a lot of things" he murmured, make no mistake, Yeon can be quite the hype man if he was given the chance. 

Han was always grateful to have his company, he was shy and a bit withdrawn from society, but Yeon influenced him to be more confident and a small boost from Jae who never stopped encouraging him to reach further heights made it possible. "If this is you trying then I really am lucky" he teased and poked his sides playfully, there's his personal cheerleader right there. The Celestial didn't expect Jae to lean in and peck him even though he was the one who puckered up his lips asking for one, thus leaving him flushed, a thin lipped smile that eventually morphed into a silly grin afterwards. "Of course you do, it's a very… addictive form of payment if you will" he sent him a wink and made a kissing noise. Yeon's position against him didn't bother Han the slightest, being clingy was something he was very accustomed to, in fact, Han might not admit it out loud that he likes it but his actions sure stated otherwise. He has never actually pushed Yeon away whenever the Valkyr offered his affection and while it hasn't been as much around Jae, the other male got used to it. 

"Excuse you, I'd be stupid not to be afraid of that man… you do realize what he does for a living right?" They do banter back and forth but Han always seemed to grumble and growl at some extent. When Jae said it was Dae's turn to choose an animal, the Celestial arched his eyebrows questioningly and scoffed, "Knowing him, he'd probably drag us to a shark tank. Or a penguin one… those are aggressive too, just like our Daehyun Stormwind here."

Yeon frowned for a moment and then shrugged “Don’t most of them get eaten before long? Seems kinda painful and pointless if you ask me” he paused before he pointed at Dae and grinned “You can be a house cat, get free rein the neighborhood, sleep all day, humans love you” he nodded a few times, yes, that made a lot more sense. “I read once that cats actually domesticated themselves which isn’t entirely surprising, why hunt for food when you can just mimic the sound of a baby crying and make the humans fall in love with you” he chuckled under his breath, cunning little things they were.

He nodded slightly “Plus it makes you sound like a badass, no complaints about that either huh?” he raised his brows playfully, almost seemed like something out of an adventure novel when Dae told people he was a bounty hunter, which he did from time to time because it made the girls with the bad boy inclinations fall at his feet. He chuckled raising his brows, Yeon knew he was extra and enjoyed the nicer things in life and he earned enough to be able to splurge a little “I still can’t believe you wanted to stay in that motel, there was literally splintered wood in the door, like have you seen any horror movies ever” he shook his head, the valkyr had standards and while they were loose there were lines he wouldn’t cross. He wrinkled his nose at the mention of camping “Yeah no, I might compromise with a cabin in the woods but that’s the best I’ve got” he chuckled, not exactly the outdoorsy type.

Yeon raised his brows and tilted his head slightly “You can’t watch all of those shows and not have some small inclination into what your dream home would be” he pursed his lips and smiled “So what your saying is you’d love a place perched on the top of a mountain with glass walls which let you see for miles around you” he could imagine that would be nice, though very impractical for getting back to at the end of the day. He chuckled when Dae approved the water bed and the pool too “And you were saying you’re not materialistic” he grinned slightly “I wish I could take credit but I’m not that artsy when it comes to design like that, I hired help” the penthouse was already built but all of the internal design he had paid to be renovated the way it was now. He did love the place a lot.

“Probably, you know what he’s like with anything sweet” he mused with a slight grin though it became a frown when he said he’d get Han to annoy him “He likes me more than you, you know” he responded with a wink, perhaps Han may be easily bribed but Dae was missing out the possibility that he could be counter bribed too. As he perched himself on Han’s shoulder he gave Jae a sheepish smile, the dhampir seemed used to his affectionate ways by now, enough that he didn’t punch him anymore anyway. “You smell good” he mused with a grin as he watched Han “Are you wearing a new cologne? I might have to borrow it” he snickered slightly as Dae and Jae bantered about wearing whiskers but pouted when Han made comments about penguins “I happy to quite like penguins” he teased playfully.

"I mean… they're animals. They have a food chain too, it's a miracle we are not cannibals so we don't have to worry about eating each other but the animal kingdom lives off on that strong hierarchy that influenced the food chain. If I'm going to be reincarnated as an animal, I hope to be reincarnated as one that didn't need to worry about being eaten as much…" Admittedly, it was not as easy to eat a sloth because they could be quite aggressive in their own nature. The suggestion on being a house cat made the Niveis scowl playfully at the Valkyr, "Of course you of all people would suggest me being a house cat. A very domesticated and lovable creature I know…" as a cat owner, Dae would not say no to that. He loves his cat at home, he was sure the three of them knew about it. Unfortunately, the said cat did not like Yeon. "You do have a point though… why waste your time having to do hard labor when you can be a cute little thing and entice the humans to do it for you" it was at that moment when he realized he was also in that position. "Come on Yeon, you know cats are lovable creatures" he teased, knowing fully well that the blond did not get along well with his new pet. It was interesting to see the rivalry between the two. 

"It sounds unrealistic yet so realistic when I talk about my job honestly" it wasn't a common occupation and it definitely wasn't meant for everyone. Sometimes when Dae and Yeon were out to get drinks, they would come back with a few girls for the night and he remembered most fell for it fast the moment they asked what he worked as. It still confused him till this day to know the girls who had a thing for the whole bad boy complex to be their ideals but he wasn't complaining. Why would he? "Hey, in my defense, the motel wasn't the worst place I've been at, I admit it wasn't comfortable but where do you expect to find a hotel in that kind of neighbourhood, Yeon? A 5 star hotel wasn't about to pop up in the nearest 10 mile… and the nearest hotel was like 60 miles away and you know I was not about to waste my time going that far just for hotel hunting." The statement about the horror movies did stand somewhere, if Dae actually stood anywhere near it, "And you talk as if I wouldn't be the guy who ends up sleeping through the entire period of people being killed by the ghost." If they were real, he was pretty sure the thing would end up being frustrated by him. 

"Haven't you watched The Cabin in The Woods, Yeon? There's literally a movie about it" he scoffed dryly and shook his head. "But hey, at least my cabin is safe and comfy" he wouldn't miss the chance to flirt with him, of course. "Spot on, it's not exactly ideal to have a place like that for main home though… too much effort to go back and forth, maybe a vacation home is more probable. An apartment at a high floor is close enough, I guess." He had to admit, Yeon's penthouse was close enough to the perfect vision he had, minus the mountains. "You had a good vision nonetheless, it's pretty." Coming from Dae who could probably find himself in the exterior occupation if things go well, that's a compliment.

A small groan was elicited from the pale haired male when Yeon pointed out that the Celestial happens to like him better, he wasn't wrong, Han really do like Yeon better and it was enhanced by the fact that they're practically bonded to each other. He had a scowl present when Han made comments about sharks and penguins, "Penguins are cool, okay" he huffed and crossed his arms. "Come on, as much as I want to show how fast a shark can eat to Han, I think I want to show him how hard a penguin can slap first." 

Jae nodded slightly, honestly, he did dream of bringing Han home to meet his mom one day and perhaps if she could get past his father’s influence then she would see how much Jae cared about Han and how much better being with him made his life “A mix of both of them, my mom is beautiful and my father has the...intimidating look I’m sure he passed to Eun” perhaps to him too but Jae liked to think he looked more like his mom. Jae pulled out his phone and pulled a picture of him with his mother, father, two brothers and sister before handing it to Han and letting him see for himself, he wondered what Han would think. Everyone in the picture was smiling, aside from his father who seemed to never smile, he was staring into the camera.

Jae laughed, their life back home was definitely kept interesting by their pets but honestly he couldn’t imagine their home without them, their schedules and their time revolved around their animals and it was special. Jae looked forward to taking the dogs for walks and holding hands with his boyfriend while they talked about their days. He even loved the little house bunny who was always causing mischief “He can be loveable though, remember that evening the other night where he curled up in your lap and wouldn’t move, you had to carry him back to his bed before we could go to sleep” he remembered Han not wanting to move because he didn’t want to wake him. Jae’s gaze drifted over to the valkyr and grinned slightly, he was a good friend to Han, Jae understood that now he had seen them together and while he sometimes triggered the jealous side of the dhampir, Jae was secure enough in his relationship with Han to trust his loyalty.

The surprise on Han’s face when he leaned in and pecked against his lips made Jae grin playfully, tilting his head as though to question Han what he was going to do about it, the silly grin which he got in response made Jae’s heart flutter a little, he swore that Han could be completely adorable without trying most of the time. Before long their two became four though, Dae had his arm slung around his shoulder, something he tended to do just to piss Han off but it was honestly nice, having friends he felt close to and could have fun with, he never pictured this to be what his life would be like when he first came to Evermore but now he wouldn’t change it.

Jae laughed at the banter between Han and Dae, him and Yeon had a certain understanding by now but those two still seemed to clash a lot, mostly because they seemed to enjoy antagonizing one another while Jae didn’t have the energy to be competing with someone like Yeonseok Lee. While they were walking over to the penguin enclosure he sidled up next to Dae “You and Yeon seem close” he commented thoughtfully, they had been friends for a while now but Jae had noticed how they even seemed to have inside jokes by now “Do you think he’ll come back after everything?” perhaps Jae was worried about Han’s wellbeing without the valkyr, he could tell the star was going to miss him, even if he wouldn’t say it out loud.

Han was just like any other guy who wanted to make his significant other feel proud of him and that meant being liked by their parents too. In this case, it was harder for him to do that because no matter how polite and likable the Celestial is, Jae's father is the biggest obstacle right there, which makes it hard for him to go and see his mother. Hopefully, one day he will be able to go past it. "So you follow your mother" he chuckled and leaned in to see the photo he displayed to him, it was a family picture, his parents were there alongside his siblings. He could see Eun, Ahri and him, with another guy who he assumed is his older brother, Hyunsik. "What a family filled with beautiful gene… your brother Hyunsik and Eun looks more like your father, their features at least, while you and Ahri followed your mother." His mother is truly beautiful, he probably couldn't even guess the actual age. Despite the stoic look his father gave, even he had to admit the Valkyr is a looker. 

Their pets could be a bit too much at times and while he could handle them, Han sometimes worry that Jae might find them unsettling. Thankfully, the dhampir didn't, in fact, he loved them even more because of it. The dogs had their antics and their house bunny is just as mischievous as the other two. Because Han wasn't always at home, he wasn't sure what kind of trouble they were giving his boyfriend. Though now that he had installed the CCTVs that would enable him to supervise while he's away, has definitely made it easier. "He was sleeping so soundly and peacefully… I didn't want to wake him up" he murmured softly, eventually the Celestial took the initiative to carry the bunny back to the room so he could sleep properly. Watching his pets grow in front of him was another form of enlightenment for the Celestial. Honestly, Han couldn't believe it's been a little over almost two years since they met each other and more than a year since they officially started dating, everything went by so fast, and they went through plenty of things already. 

Every single day was another reminder that he had secured this relationship with the help of Jae though. It was one of the reasons why Jae didn't mind Yeon's playful skinship with him. Jealousy between the four of them was no longer an issue, that applies to him too. Yeon wasn't anywhere near heavy, though it was already a given that despite not possessing enhanced strength like Yeon or Jae or even Dae who was surprisingly strong, Han exercised enough to be able to match. That was not to mention that a punch from Dae would hurt more than he would expect though. He concurred it was because of the elder Stormwind's occupation. "Tell me you are not sniffing me out in the open right now, Yeon" he exclaimed playfully and shook his head, "But yes, I'm wearing a new one today. Is it really good?" He wasn't really sure if it was as good since he has only smelt it himself. "Depends though… if I let you borrow it, will you return it to me?" he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly.

 "He just said he wanted to show me how fast a shark can eat" he pointed at the Niveis while whining at his Volakiri, "as if I wouldn't know. I'm the animal expert here" he grumbled. "Of course you would like penguins… they're like him. And you and I both know your fondness over Jack Frost is not as tiny as you play it to be, my dear Volakiri" he whispered.

Yeon chuckled because it was incredibly like Dae to want to select an animal he could be reincarnated to that didn’t have to worry about living their existence in fear of death, he tilted his head to the side slightly “Well I’d hardly describe your cat as loveable” he commented and wrinkled his nose slightly, the white fluffy cat hated the valkyr and took every opportunity she could to scratch him. “I guess both of you an acquired taste huh?” he jested as he looked back at Dae, he could be grumpy and sarcastic at times but Yeon saw past that prickly exterior, he was actually quite thoughtful and could be loyal as hell to those he actually cared enough to spare time for.

“It wouldn’t be something I’d have guessed you did from first meet but I guess now it makes sense, it gives you a chance to spread your wings, it pays well and I’m sure there is always work available” he nodded a few times, he could respect Dae’s choice of career even though he was sure there was someone more creative and expressive inside him looking for an outlet. It wasn’t really his place to tell him that he thought perhaps another path might be more fulfilling for him. Yeon pulled a disgusted expression as he remembered that dingy motel they had gone back to and shook his head “I told you I could have gotten us a helicopter but no, you wanted to stay in motel grime” he narrowed his eyes playfully at Dae, couldn’t say he particularly liked the setting but he still had fond memories of that night, Dae could be pretty fun when he was drunk, though it happened rarely.

Yeon paused for a moment when Dae said he would be the guy in the horror movie to sleep through the entire thing “Well at least if the ghost got you then you’d go in your favorite place ever huh” he joked shaking his head playfully at the other male “I don’t think I’d make it through a horror scene, but I’d try my best to kick its ass” he shrugged slightly as he glanced at the other male “Well at least it wouldn’t be gross and dirty” he responded with a sigh, he hated places which didn’t feel clean but it didn’t seem to bother Dae in the slightest. He raised his brows when Dae said his cabin was comfy and safe “Now that I can agree with, we’ve spent plenty of lazy afternoons in there and I’ve never seen any monsters” she grinned playfully “Except that one time that really grumpy Niveis came over to visit, she didn’t seem to like you very much” he tilted his head wondering what that was all about.

“I mean you have wings, surely a home up high isn’t exactly a problem for you” he knew for sure that Dae had shown up on the roof deck of the penthouse several times before and strolled in like he owned the place so it didn’t seem like it was a big deal for him “I think it turned out pretty well, though perhaps it’s a little large for one guy, I swear I have at least 4 rooms I haven’t even entered in the past 6 months” he chuckled in an amused manner, he did like having a pool and a gym though, that meant he barely needed to leave at all. He was following the group as they headed over to the penguin enclosure, still clinging onto Han’s shoulders and making it difficult for the star to walk a little “I am definitely sniffing you in public right now and you smell….delicious” he teased playfully “And I will definitely return it, scouts honor” he did the scout sign “Admittedly I never was a scout but still, don’t you trust me Han” he grinned slightly.

Yeon shot the celestial a curious look when Han teased him about his like for Dae in hushed breath “Is it some sort of secret that I like him?” he responded in the same tone Han used, of course he knew the game Han was playing but he wasn’t the type to take the bait like that.

He couldn't help but to instinctively scrunch his nose and shook his head, sending Yeon a judging look when he said his cat was hardly loveable. "Just because you and her have this some sort tension between you two…" he scoffed lightly, admittedly his cat has expressed her "dislike" over the blond Valkyr more than one occasion. He had no idea why at first, he thought she was just going through an aggression phase, because obviously he thought the cat was just the same like how humans are with their rebellious streak. "The vet did tell me she's just often irked by… people who would steal her toys." Dae remembered being amused over the fact that his own cat is possessive over him and wouldn't want to share the company with Yeon. "If by an acquired taste you mean we have a tendency to purr and scratch people yes" he purred and nudged him teasingly. It was an interesting picture between his cat and Yeon. 

"Mhmm… you kinda need to get your head in the game and focus though, like any job. But mine usually ends up with me being found out if I do that and you know how that goes" with a temper like Dae's? It was not an understatement to say people probably shouldn't try to poke or rile him up too much unless it was strictly inside the bedroom. The disgusted look on his face was hilarious, the elder Stormwind couldn't even refrain himself from snickering, "Yeah that's it" he shook his head, "A heli? Really, Yeon? You thought staying a night at a dingy motel is too much but renting a helicopter is not? Cute." Dae was basically facepalming himself the entire time when Yeon suggested that. "Besides… didn't I make it up to you that night? I was pretty sure I made it up to you a few times, I didn't count but we made a mess of the room even more than it was originally" the suggestive undertone in his words obviously implied something really went down on that auspicious night.

 "I mean if the ghost could even get anywhere near me to kill me, I'll give them my respect. Or wake me up enough to gain a reaction because where's the fun in that, right? Killing someone when they're sleeping… yeah that doesn't sound as fun. Bad scripting if anything." Dae didn't mind a lot of things, he acted nonchalant most of the time because he just couldn't be bothered by it. According to the Niveis, it took a lot of effort to do that and he was barely getting by. "You're gonna be that hot guy who survived the horror movie because you're a fan favorite, let's be real Yeon." Or the attractive one to die first but he's not about to tell him that. He cringed when he recalled the time both him and Yeon was interrupted, in his own cabin. "Yeah… I don't know if you've noticed, Yeon… but a lot of people don't like me. I don't like them either. It goes both ways." Indeed he does have a pair of wings he utilized a lot, "Yeah but I can't just fly out in the open, and the elevator can be such a bitch sometimes. The only time I ever forgave it was that time we had fun inside it."

The pale haired male narrowed his eyes slightly as he glanced over to his best friend standing by him, "I'm giving you D for realization but A for effort. We're very close, Jae" he chuckled wryly and hummed to himself while eyeing the enclosure. He pressed his lips together and shrugged, "I don't know. But I don't think he'll leave Han alone. Have you seen those two? Like two peas in a pod. He's sniffing him in public and Han is… Han. Yeah, he's not about to leave Snowball there." He pulled him closer by wrapping one arm around his shoulder, "Han will be fine. Speaking of which, I see you two have been chummy… er."

Jae looked between the photo on his phone and then to Han, hearing him say that he looked like his mother practically made Jae light up because honestly, she was everything he wanted to be, she was kind and thoughtful and taught all her children to be patient and understanding, sometimes she was too patient in his mind. “They were quite the couple in high school, everyone wanted to be friends with them and people said they were perfect for one another” he spoke softly “Of course they had no idea that my father was a valkyr, you can now tell how much younger he looks than my mother” this photo was taken a few years ago and yet you could see evidently the age difference “She never wanted to be supernatural, she made that clear, despite my father wanting to turn her” his mother wasn’t stubborn about many things but this one she stood firm on.

His expression softened, Han had this compassion and love for animals that was honestly unmatched by anything in Jae’s mind, he always put them first before himself and his pets were incredibly spoiled and well cared for “See what I mean” he teased with a slight grin “Any animal in the world is probably getting in line to be your pet because you spoil them so much” he chuckled slightly, he even knew that Han had a hidden tub of treats which he snuck out on special occasions to give the dogs special treats when they were especially well behaved. They had more toys laying around the house than was actually sane too. It was kinda adorable when he thought about it “Remember that time I woke you up in the middle of the night because I was going to get a glass of water and stood on Byul’s squeaky turtle” the chaos which ensued after as she defended her little plushie friend from being tortured.

Jae eyed Yeon and Han as they chatted about Han’s cologne shaking his head in amusement because the two of them were weirdly close. At first, it had set Jae on edge but before long he had come to understand that Yeon was far too interested in Dae to actually stray and that he was simply looking out for Han. Sometimes it did make Jae a little jealous but nowadays he mostly appreciated there being someone else out there who was looking out for his star. The dhampir raised his brows when Dae brushed off his comments with a slightly snarky line and then rolled his eyes “You know what I mean, Dae” he responded sternly before glancing back to Han and Yeon for a moment “I mean I’m not sure what exactly you see in mister ego pants but you clearly do” which was interesting because he had never seen Dae hung up on anyone for longer than 1 night before.

He chuckled and nodded “Yeah but that’s what worries me, I feel like Han has gotten so used to having him around, I think he’s really going to miss him” perhaps they all were in a way, it felt like their little friend group was being torn up a little and even him, the person least close with the valkyr, could feel the rift coming. Jae gave a slightly exasperated laugh when Dae pointed out that he and Han seemed closer now “I took your advice and we uh..figured things out” he responded, blushing a little because he remembered very specifically the advice Dae had given and it went along the lines of sex made everything better.

Seeing Jae light up when he told him he resembled his mother the most made Han quirk a small smile, it seems like the dhampir liked the compliment. But then again, from what Jae has told him, his mother is the gentle soul in his family that was led by his iron fist father. "Perfect for each other huh" it eas a wonder how someone like his father would get his mother, indeed. Even Han himself pondered on the possibility but they do love each other and while Jae's father is one strict man who did not bow down to anyone else or bend the rules for them, there doesn't seem to be anything that suggested he was infidel. A pair of high school sweethearts that lasted this long, Han could only hope to last as long with Jae. Perhaps, his will last even longer. Who knows? "So your mother insisted on living the normal life? As a human?" He couldn't imagine how sad it would be to keep on living when your love is dead, he couldn't fathom the pain. Could that be why Jae's father turned out the way he is today? 

A sheepish grin was present on his lips when Jae pointed out that every animal was lining up to be his pet, "I feel honored. If I had the capacity, believe me I would try to take care of every animal possible" unfortunately, there was only so much he could do and even a Celestial like Han had limits. He didn't even think of getting another dog because he didn't wish to neglect them due to his slightly unpredictable yet busy schedule these days. Byul and Yeontan was already missing him and it was only a fortunate case that Jae was around for them when he couldn't. "Oh god she would not shut up about it. She would take every given chance to whine to me at how you ruined her toy, even though it wasn't really broken. I convinced her so many times it was an accident but she wouldn't have it." Eventually, she relented. But it did take some time. "Huskies man…" 

Naturally, it would give him goosebumps to the fact that Yeon was sniffing him in public right now while knowing his Volakiri partner to be a Valkyr who could very well eat him up on the spot if the blond wanted. But the only surprise he received came from the fact that Yeon was doing something like that publicly, and Han allowing him. What are friends for? "Do I now? How delicious?" He may as well know. When asked if he doesn't trust him, the Celestial eyed him from top to bottom skeptically and scoffed, "Trust is a relative term, Yeon, but of course I trust you." At the end of the day, even he finds it hard to say no to Yeon. He had a deadpan look on his face when Yeon whispered back as if he was being sarcastic on liking Dae, "Well you're no fun" he huffed and crossed his arms. Ever since he came by and heard the obscene noises coming from a certain room, Han learned not to ask questions. "What are you planning anyway? I'm gonna miss you and honestly I don't wanna let you go but…"

Yeon gave Dae an exasperated look when he pointed out how he and Dae’s cat had a feud going on “If by tension you mean that she tries to scratch my eyes out on sight then sure” he responded in a grumbling tone, he never did anything to annoy her but she always seemed to have it in for him. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was a valkyr or because she just wanted Dae all to herself. He raised a curious brow when Dae said the vet confirmed she didn’t like to share “That’s a very coy way of calling yourself my toy” he cooed in a playful manner and then winked “Besides, when it comes to scratches she doesn’t even come close” he teased, reaching to touch Dae’s chin gently and grin, the valkyr was never one to back down when it came to a little suggestive talk between them.

Dae always seemed pretty focused on his work which was impressive, Yeon wasn’t sure how committed her could be to something like that, perhaps it paid well but he didn’t think anyone in the world could say it was actually their passion to hunt people down to the end of the earth “You can be pretty sneaky when you want to be” he commented with a grin, he had witnessed some of Dae’s tricks first hand and though he didn’t say much he definitely knew how to play people and get what he wanted. Yeon rolled his eyes when Dae expressed his dislike for the idea of using a helicopter to get out of there. Unfortunately, the valkyr hadn’t managed to get his friend used to his expensive tastes just yet “Yes, that’s exactly what I thought” he commented, wrinkling his nose but mellowing a little when Dae said he made it up to him “Oh yes...I remember a lot of distracting” he chuckled under his breath, their time together was always exciting he had to admit.

Yeon laughed at the imaginary horror movie plotline they were discussing, his and Dae’s conversations often evolved like this, playing out stupid imaginary scenarios that would never happen but made them both laugh regardless “I mean it is you though, you would hardly stay awake for the entire thing and the ghost can’t just keep waiting for you to get up, you can sleep for a full 24 hours and not blink an eye” he raised his brows as though to challenge Dae to disagree with him because he knew he couldn’t. He chuckled when he said he would probably survive because he is a fan favorite “I mean they would want to give me as much screen time as possible I’m sure” he teased with a low chuckle. “Can’t imagine why” he responded with an amused look “I mean you’re just so damn warm and approachable Dae” he commented, reaching to pat his cheeks with both hands playfully.

Yeon licked his lips when Han asked him how delicious he smelled “Enough to have me drooling” he teased, nudging against his ribs slightly, Yeon flirted with Han a lot and it usually either made the star flustered or he would brush it off, it was entertaining for him and Jae seemed to put up with it nowadays. The valkyr did know that the celestial would never turn his back on the dhampir and he did respect that boundary “Well then there’s nothing to worry about is there” he jested when he questioned whether he could trust him. Yeon blew out a breath when Han said he was no fun for brushing off his comment “I’m curious what you think a fun reaction would have been? Would you like me to admit that I’m about to confess and live happily ever after with him?” he chuckled softly, didn’t sound like him at all, he had to admit. He sucked in a breath when Han asked him his plans though “I’ve been working with a musical director in New York, the plan is to choreograph my own musical” he beamed proudly “I can’t believe I can finally say that out loud” his gaze softened slightly though “I’ll miss you though, who else is going to insist my fridge is stocked with sweets” he jested with a soft smile. 

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