It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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Was he aware of this feud between Yeon and his cat? Oh for sure. But was he acting as if it wasn't a problem? Yes. It was amusing to see how riled up Yeon can get over a harmless cat sometimes. "She's just showing her love to you, Yeon, don't you see?" he teased, knowing it was the exact opposite of what his cat was trying to do to the blond, "Maybe she found out how much you love the scratches, I left an amount every time" he winked and pointed his index finger to the Valkyr's back. Daehyun being promiscuous is nothing short of surprising, he took every given moment to jest with Yeon the same way. The Niveis cleared his throat absentmindedly before flashing Yeon a knowing smirk as a response to his remark earlier, "You and I both know I'm your favorite toy, Yeon, no point in denying that." It never bothered Dae to know that what they had was exactly that, they maintained a good friendship and they just so happen to like sex with each other, there was simply nothing out of the ordinary in that for the two of them. 

When Yeon touched his chin lightly and further closed the proximity until there was so little gap between them, the elder Stormwind leveled his gaze with his, following his dark hues with a knowing look of his own. "I do like myself a good challenge" he purred, the sexual tension between them both was almost impossible to be described. It was no surprise that he likes his compliments, especially if they came from the people he cared the most. "I'm a bounty hunter, Yeon, being sneaky is on the description" he chuckled under his breath, it wasn't his ideal occupation but it pays well and he would rather have a high paying job right now. When Yeon said he could recall plenty of distraction going on, he licked his lips and smirked, "I would bet." He would sleep for 24 hours and not blink an eye. "The ghost can just join me for a sleep then. Why bother scaring me when I'm not going to budge…" Dae is more likely to choose the opportunity to get the best sleep he ever had before meeting his maker. 

He scrunched up his nose and spared Yeon a look of judgment and disgust upon hearing him being sarcastically described as warm and approachable, "Fuzzy, aren't I? The only time I'm ever warm is when I'm under the sheets, Yeon." Completely consensual too. Jae never saw what he saw in Yeon and he couldn't fault him, the Valkyr could be an interesting case that not many were willing to crack. That was not to say Dae was trying to crack him, no, he simply enjoys being with him and they had more interests than one would give them credit for despite being the polar opposites. "One, mister ego pants look so damn fine in those pants" he quipped and eyed him, "yeah outside of it too but you get what I mean." He realized there was no point in telling Jae he's not hooked up on Yeon the way he thought he was and decided it was better to leave it to his creative imagination. 

"Han was fine before meeting Yeon, right?" The uncertainty that laced his voice clearly voiced out his worries too. While Han was his own self before meeting Yeon, the Valkyr delivered a lasting impact that others couldn't. It was different. He raised his eyebrows suggestively and whistled, "I told you Jae, sex always makes everything better. How was it? Ooooh did you tie him down?" He nudged him and kept asking for the juicy details. "I swear you guys grew more inseparable than before… so that's why…" Yeon and Han were actually in front of them but because Dae wasn't the one clinging onto Han, him and Jae managed to get to the front and before long, they entered the penguin enclosure. As expected, there were more people hovering around because the feeding session was going to start. "You have to admit though... penguins can look dashing when they wanna be" he murmured and pointed towards a group.

Jae shrugged his shoulders slightly, he supposed that his mother was the only thing keeping his father from becoming completely strict and cold but now that she was sick and it was becoming more and more evident they may lose her, it was slowly slipping away “I remember them being very close when I was younger, they would take me and my brothers to amusement parks and hiking a lot” he nodded slightly, he remembered his father tending to watch from the sidelines while his mother would always be playing with them. He had good memories of his childhood and they were mostly because of her “It was the one thing she would never change her mind on, she never wanted to be a valkyr” and he supposed he could understand why, Jae and his siblings as dhampirs could choose whether they wanted to be immortal or not but valkyr didn’t have a choice about it.

Jae smiled softly, Han was very loving when it came to animals and they would all flock to him, he would be the one they would single out in a room and come running over to for affection, he was the one who would end up with a dog curled up in his lap before long “I feel like if you had Yeon’s fortune you’d just open up a hotel for your pets” he laughed imagining him styling each room after the animals and visiting them all every day “Which is probably why you won’t manage to amass as much money as him” he eyed the valkyr knowing he would probably hear him. Jae had observed how harsh and cutthroat the other male could be when he wanted something. Jae sighed slightly as he remembered how dramatically Byul had reacted to her stepping on the toy, she could be pretty stubborn at times “She won’t even bring it near me now, like she’s convinced I have it out for it and want to see it’s demise” he sighed under his breath a little dramatically.

As Jae walked with Dae, he glanced over his shoulder at Yeon and Han and smiled, they really were close friends, even though they showed it strangely he could tell how much they cared about one another “Of course he was fine...but since he met Yeon he’s become…” he pressed his lips together “More than fine, he’s gained so much confidence in himself” he glanced over at Dae and shrugged “There was a point in time where I felt like he was only living for me and I see so much more” and he didn’t want any of that to go away because Han had come so far from the timid man he first met. His cheeks flushed bright when Dae immediately picked up what he meant by his comment and he purposely avoided eye contact “It was uh…” he bit his lip “Amazing, I never thought it could get even better but...I was wrong” and that was all the detail Dae was getting about his private time with Han.

He wandered up close to the railing, leaning over it as he watched the penguins on the ice, they were all clustered together because they were waiting for the keeper to pull fish out of the bucket and throw them out to the group “We’ve always been close” he scoffed but glanced over to Han, they’d had a heart to heart since Sunmin came to stay and he really felt like they were figuring things out. Looking out at the penguins he chuckled “They all look like they’re off to very important job interviews” he jested with a playful smile, he pointed out “I think this guy wants to be a swimming instructor” he commented before the penguin dived into the water as if to prove his point “And I think that’ll get him hired” he grinned.

Han always loved hearing stories from Jae's childhood, it always fascinated him and for someone who wanted to know more about his boyfriend, it was always something he looked forward to. If he could see a picture album filled with Jae as a child, he would've taken the chance. He wanted to do that too when he meets the dhampir's parents but things weren't as easy as one would say it was. Jae's father didn't like him and his mother is sick. But at least Eun and Ahri liked and approved of him. That should mean he's a good match for Jae. "You were probably a cute little guy, you grew up well so… maybe you even had those secret admirers as a kid" he gasped and covered his mouth dramatically. The Celestial respected Mama Moon for not wanting to be a supernatural after her passing, with children who are immortal and a partner the same, it was probably a hard decision to go through. "Your mother is an admirable woman…" if he was in her shoes, he wouldn't know what to pick. A part of him was grateful that Jae is a dhampir because as a Celestial, it meant he's an immortal and he really didn't want to worry himself with the possibility of Jae growing old.

 He cleared his throat absentmindedly before giving Jae the stink eye and pout, "That's not true… I wouldn't spend my fortune recklessly like that. I would build an empire from it. Why invest your money at one place when you can invest at more?" Of course. Jae understood Han very well. "I would open up hotels. Plural, baby." It was of no surprise that the dark-haired Celestial loved animals, it makes his occupation so much easier when he voluntarily wanted to study more about them. "You see, both me and Yeon have a similarity. We're both good looking" he winked playfully, "but Yeon is a businessman and I'm not. He is cutthroat while I would cry at the thought of Yeontan not being able to walk to the bathroom because he got a shot." He will never be the kind who could do well with business unfortunately. "Byul is a drama queen, you and I both know that baby, I'll buy her something and you give it to her as a peace offering. She'll forget you ever committed such crime against her soon enough. She's not as easy to bribe like Yeontan but she's not immune to it."

 A few months ago, Han would've choked at the way Yeon said those words but he was so used to the Valkyr flirting with him now that he expected it, "Careful Valky, my boyfriend still has the first bite" he mused wittily, it was no surprise to the two of them, Yeon has been the end of it to know Han's 'love bites'. He couldn't help but to grumble and murmur incoherent words in response to Yeon's nonchalantness, "Not that. But I don't know, you're being scandalous with Dae, Yeon. Give me something, you're telling me that nothing juicy or hot is going between you two? I mean sex with him couldn't be that good to keep you glued… and him as a friend is… well I won't say anything because he's my boyfriend's best friend so the taste is there somewhere. And I am friends with him too… somewhat." 

Proud is an understatement, he saw the way Yeon's eyes lit up when talking about the excitement surrounding his showcase, "I can't wait to see it. VIP and all, you know" he never stopped bragging about it either. "Bold of you to assume I won't stop stocking your fridge with sweets… I need a secret stash somewhere Jae won't find. But it will be boring eating it alone…" it was no surprise that Han would be missing Yeon a lot. When they stepped into the penguin enclosure, the feeding session was just starting and he was already dragging Yeon to the side to get a closer look. Another penguin nudged the other to the side and Han tilted his head in awe, "That looks like Dae. All we need is to dye the hair platinum blond." The penguin then shoved the other back and got the next treat which made Han laugh. "My theory still stands."

He sighed under his breath “Can’t say I appreciate her ‘love’” he commented shortly, giving the niveis a sharp look, he was sure he found it amusing to see the way his cat reacted to the valkyr. The blond chuckled under his breath when the other male pointed towards his back and he glanced at him over his shoulder “Almost as much as you love it when I return the favor” he commented with an amused expression. He winked in response when Dae boasted about being his favorite toy, biting on his lip “Well you know how much I like to play” he commented, looking into his eyes as he tapped against his chin. Seeing the expression in Dae’s eyes he grinned “Well if you want a challenge, I’ve got an interesting one for you” he purred as he gazed over at Han and Jae and wiggled his brows “Do you think you can do it?” he bit his lip seductively.

The idea of a ghost joining him to sleep made the valkyr grin playfully “Remind me not to imagine a movie on your life, it would end up being a sleep video diary” he jested with a chuckle, they were opposites in that sense because Yeon rarely ever wanted to sleep and only did so when he had to but Dae was always sleeping whenever the chance came up. He gave the niveis a look when Dae said he was warm under the sheets “Warm doesn’t even begin to cover it” he cooed softly. Before long he was off to sidle up alongside the celestial, shooting Dae a look over his shoulder “Don’t forget the challenge” he commented with an amused grin and winked.

Yeon was pretty natural with Han, they know one another well by now and tended to spend a lot of time with one another “Oh I know, as good as you’d taste, I know better than to get myself another right hook” he purred in an amused tone, he still remembered when Jae had punched him straight in the face when they first met, admittedly, he hadn’t known what was happening and it hardly looked good but it made for a good story to tell. The valkyr raised his brow when Han called him out for being scandalous with Dae. He shrugged slightly “There’s nothing to tell Han, we get along, we have similar interests and we have sex that makes all the online videos look tame” he grinned and then smirked “Believe me the sex really can be that good” he eyed the other male with an amused grin.

“He gets it” he spoke softly as he glanced over towards Dae and then back to Han “The life I lead, the noncommittal lifestyle, it works” he pressed his lips together “And I like being around him” and if that was a crime then they may as well lock him up already. He knew it was a big step to make the move to New York but it seemed like the best thing to do for the show, he wanted it to succeed, he wanted it to be something he could look back and be proud of “I’ll send your invitation as soon as I know the opening date” he responded with a wry smile. Han was a supportive friend he knew he would understand but he could also sense that he was sad to see the valkyr go “It’s not forever Han, we’re immortals, it’s gonna take more than a move to keep us apart” he reached up and squeezed his shoulder.

He looked out over the icy enclosure, the penguins were gathered in a little huddle and they were vying for the attention of the keeper that was handing out the fish, he couldn’t help but laugh as he watched the way they were slapping one another out of the way “I swear everyone in our group has now gotten a spirit animal except me” he commented and pouted teasingly “What animal would I be?” he questioned the celestial with a questioning look. Just then, one of the shoving penguins slapped another into the pool which made him laugh softly “Okay I see the resemblance” he commented as he leaned against the railing.

He shouldn't find it amusing but he does and Dae wasn't the type to shy away from expressing his emotions, especially in front of his friends. Aside from the other obvious things, he would miss the cute rivalry Yeon had with his cat too, the thought of the blond's departure and leaving them to pursue his career was leaving an ache in his heart. However, he still wished to see his friend succeed because he deserved it. You can't have everything. It's not as if Yeon is leaving permanently, he assured himself. "Of course I do, I'm always at the receiving end of your… playful antics" he smirked. When Yeon talked about a challenge, his gaze followed the Valkyr's and landed on the couple in front of them; the all too familiar couple. "You're not serious" he gaped but the smirk was still very much present on his lips as he glanced back at the male next to him. Now that is a challenge indeed. It didn't mean he was going to back down from it. Yeon knew Dae wouldn't back down from it. 

"You know me, Yeon… I don't say no nor do I back down. You sneaky Valkyr" he shook his head and chuckled before shrugging, "Challenge accepted." Yeon wasn't really wrong about a sleep diary, that would actually happen knowing Daehyun. "I recall you saying I look good when I'm sleeping" he scowled and huffed, crossing both arms against his chest as he grumbled something incoherent to himself. He really does like sleeping, it's almost impossible not to find Dae dozing off somewhere, if he could sleep with his eyes open, that might even be more possible. The challenge was still fresh in his head even when he was chatting with Jae while Yeon was preoccupied with his Volakiri. Oh, he is going to prove it to Yeon that he could win this one. How hard could it be, right? Hearing Jae describe Han's somewhat character development from the first time made him press his lips together, even he knew Han would be the one affected most by Yeon's departure, the Celestial is not just a friend to the blond but he actually shared a part of him together. It wasn't going to be easy.

 Seeing Jae all flustered by his nonchalant response about his sex life had Dae excited, he wasn't going to lie about that. He did attempt to give Jae advice on that, obviously he would wanna know if it bore any fruition. His smirk grew even more when Jae mumbled his response, "That good huh? You probably gave him good" he snickered and shook his head, he could already picture it in his head. Speaking of which, it did make him wonder if his challenge would prove to be difficult today. Han could probably be pushed by Yeon given the amount of alcohol in his system but Jae is the hard part, he is devastatingly loyal to Han and that is sweet, but he is also going to be the more apprehensive one. "Yeah yeah I know you and Snowball are practically inseparable it's annoying at times" he rolled his eyes, though Jae knew better than to take his words literally. Dae might not have a filter but he wasn't always mean. He just couldn't care less about filtering his words. 

The instructor started giving them their food and while he was eyeing the tricks the penguin from the left was doing, his gaze fell on Han and Yeon who wasn't that far from where they were, "I swear if Snowball leans any closer, he is gonna fall into the water and I don't wanna be the one who tells him this, well actually I want to… but the penguins hate people coming into their territory so he's gonna be slapped by them." He pointed towards Han who was leaning against the railing. "Go fetch your man, Jae, I'm hungry. We're gonna go watch the sharks at the aquarium and then we should get food."

Jae chuckled and grinned sheepishly “I was the youngest child so I got away with a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have” he admitted with a soft smile, his father hadn’t always been as harsh as he was now and Jae did have good memories with him, which was probably why it so hard to let him go now. He knew his father wouldn’t approve of the life he wanted now, especially not a life shared with a male partner but he also couldn’t bring himself to want to shut him out either. “As for secret admirers, there was that girl who kept telling my mom that I invited her over when I didn’t, I remember being so mad they wouldn’t believe me” he pouted softly, now he looked back on it, she was finding excuses to spend more time with him. “She is” he responded slightly “She taught me a lot about strength” more than his father did with physical training, strength came from standing by what you believed in.

Jae quirked a curious brow when Han seemed offended by his comments about how he would spend his money and yet he then followed it up by saying he would open up multiple hotels which only made Jae chuckle under his breath “Animals are your weakness Han” he teased with an amused smile, he was sure that a cute animal could distract the star from nearly anything. The dhampir nodded in agreement when Han explained how cutthroat Yeon could be, they were lucky to be his friends because he wasn’t sure he would ever want to be on his bad side, he had heard Yeon on a few business calls before and he could be harsh and cold when the occasion called for it “You wouldn’t believe he could be colder than Dae until you see him in a business setting” he commented in agreement as he rubbed Han’s shoulder gently “I think your compassion is one of your best traits” he confessed with an encouraging smile.

Jae had known Dae for over a year now and yet he still hadn’t fully adjusted to how tactless and direct he could be, especially when it came to embarrassing topics like this. The dhampir fiddled with hands a little nervously when he saw the way Dae smirked in response, knowing the Niveis would be imagining all the scenarios in his head no doubt “Good enough” he responded in a flustered tone, knowing he had turned a deep shade of red just from the mention of that night. His friend was so open when it came to all that, he dreaded to think what he and the valkyr got up to behind closed doors. He gave a shifty look when Dae complained about he and Han being so close “He’s my partner, of course I want to be with him” he spoke softly that was a no brainer to him honestly, weren’t boyfriends supposed to be like that?

He and Dae were watching the penguins from afar, they were entertaining and chaotic and he could see why Dae liked them so much, he took out his phone to snap a few pictures from a distance getting Yeon and Han in the background as they leaned against the railings watching the silly birds “I think you just have wishful thinking” he teased, nudging Dae before nodding and heading over to where Han was standing and creeping up to hug him from behind “Hope you don’t mind me borrowing him” he commented as he flashed Yeon a polite smile “We’re gonna walk through the rest of the aquarium and then find some lunch” he commented as he pulled away, pointing out the walkthrough tunnel they could go through to find their way out of this area.

"I always read about how the youngest of the family usually gets away with a lot of things, never knew if it was accurate or not but people seem to not deny it" he teased and booped his nose, despite the current dilemma Jae was going through, it did seem like the dhampir had plenty of good memories to go back to. Han wished it wouldn't be a problem, he too, wanted to go and meet Jae's parents too. He couldn't help but scrunch his nose and narrow his dark hues at the male before him at the mere mention of secret admirers. There was no point in denying how jealous and possessive the Gemini Celestial could be. He knows it and Jae knows it too. He listened to the story intently and found himself frowning, "She did? So she just came over like she was invited when in reality she wasn't? How did you even manage…" Han is a generally shy and reserved person,  he wouldn't bode well with people who couldn't take a hint or push themselves into his space even after he had specifically told them how uncomfortable it makes him. 

"But I guess I couldn't blame her either… everyone wants a piece of Jaesung Moon, I imagine." Though Jae looked even more handsome as time goes by, it was no brainer that he was also an attractive guy when he was younger. The story about how he learned strength from his mother made Han smile, "I can say the same with me too." The strong one was his mother. His father was no less either but her compassion and kindness trumps everything, thus elevating her worth and significance even more. Of course he knew animals are his weakness and he wasn't upset at it either. That was why pursuing his career in the veterinary world was important to him. It wasn't just a job. It was more than that. He shuddered involuntarily when Jae mentioned how cold Yeon could be in a business setting. He wasn't sure if anyone could refute those claims, Yeon really is intimidating in general but he is also scary in the office. 

"God I love you" he shook his head with a sheepish grin. Being compassionate is going to be a trait he will never forget. Han couldn't help but shake his head at Yeon's response, it was expected and honestly the Celestial had fun with all the teasing. Despite the pouting and whining from him, he also enjoyed the amount of attention he received from his Volakiri. "His right hook is getting better" he teased and cleared his throat, Jae has been training and working out even more as of late, and Han was there to witness it all. He widened his eyes and coughed when Yeon told him sex with Dae makes the online videos looks tame, "Seriously?" It didn't seem possible but Yeon was also exuding a lot of sexual appeal, and he was sure the blond slept with plenty of people for the sake of delivering pleasure to both parties. Taking his word for it wouldn't be too surprising after all. Yeon admitted that he likes being around the Niveis and Han could see that, it would be impossible not to see that honestly. Sure Yeon and him are best friends but it didn't just stop at one, clearly the two had another relationship that couldn't be described as simply FWB.

 "You better, don't make me go there and cause ruckus in front of everyone because you forgot to invite me, the most important person." He was right, it was going to take a lot to separate them, "I mean I don't know about you but the Volakiri oath sounded a lot like a wedding one. Till death do us part, no?" That part, he wasn't too worried on. "We're gonna see sharks after this, maybe they can be your spirit animal. Sharks are one of the ones on top of the food chain, unbothered and would basically intimidate you into the corner" he quipped, until he saw the picture of a koala on the brochure, "I take it back. This one is more like you. Clingy." When Jae surprised him with a back hug, Han purred in delight, "You can steal me any time baby" he allowed himself to be dragged away by his boyfriend but not before he sent a wink to Yeon. "Tell me, how much did Dae snark me. He was probably planning to push me into the water earlier."

Yeon knew how much Dae had been keeping his eye on Jae, he had heard him talk about how he was getting buffer and more attractive with time, sometimes it was kinda like listening to Dae drool over a meal he couldn’t have. Perhaps it was a little sneaky of Yeon to set the challenge but the valkyr was convinced both Han and Jae were more open-minded than they gave away, besides, Yeon had caught Han checking him out more than once and the star couldn’t even deny it because they knew when one another lied. “You know I wouldn’t joke about something like that” he purred in response to Dae’s shock. “Besides, we both know how much you’ve been looking for an opportunity” he jested, licking his lips, whereas the valkyr was definitely curious to know what it would feel like with Han, given their minds were so in tune.

“You do” he agreed when Dae recalled him saying he looked good while sleeping “So peaceful, like the whole world could come crashing down and you would just keep snoring” he grinned playfully, it really was impressive how deep that Dae could sleep, Yeon could be doing all sorts of loud things around the penthouse and he still wouldn’t wake until he was ready. Yeon smirked when Han boasted about how Jae had gotten stronger “You’re not wrong there, you’d have to be blind not to notice that Jae’s arms have gotten bigger” and when it came to noticing physique, Yeon was hardly one to miss a beat, he noticed everything. You could say he was very meticulous about details. Yeon wiggled his brows suggestively in response to Han’s surprise at his comments about his and Dae’s sex life “You have to see it to believe it I’m afraid” he cooed playfully, perhaps he was testing the waters of what Han was open to.

He shook his head and smiled when Han said he would cause a scene if Yeon forgot to invite him “I mean I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to miss it even if you wanted to, the one day in the year that I feel nervous, it’s probably going to be like a shock to your system” he elbowed Han gently in the side. Yeon didn’t get nervous about much which said a lot about what this meant to him. He laughed when Han likened their bond to marriage “Something like that, though I should warn you now, I don’t do snuggles” he teased slightly, they were always going to be there for one another, that much he was sure about, so there was no need to worry about one little goodbye.

“Sharks huh?” he commented thoughtfully when Han explained their nature and Yeon wondered if that fit the image he projected out to the world. Honestly, as much as he was seen as this cutthroat guy in business, he hoped other people didn’t see him as a completely unbothered character who only did things for himself. While he was thinking about it all, Han pointed out a koala on the brochure and Yeon tilted his head slightly “Well at least it looks cute” he commented as he took the leaflet so he could figure out where the koalas were. He needed to see one at some point to be sure right? He smiled and waved dismissively “Have at it” he teased Jae before falling back behind them to wander alongside Dae as they headed into the aquarium through all the tanks and tunnels “You must feel pretty at home in a place like this right?” he was sure being around water felt familiar to Dae.

It was no surprise that Dae found Jae attractive and obviously wished to bed him, he was sure even the owner himself knew that, though Jae probably didn't take it as seriously as he did. Which was… understandable considering their friendship. Yeon definitely knew. But then again, Dae never saw the need to hide anything from the Valkyr. "Oh who knows what you mean, Yeon" he retorted wryly and rolled his eyes, "but yes you are not wrong. I am looking for an opportunity" he nodded in agreement. If the opportunity presents itself then why not? "But you are too, aren't you? Don't tell me you haven't thought about Han." The look he spared him clearly said don't bullshit me. There was no shame in wanting what they want honestly. "I mean… good sleep is always something you have to love. I just sleep better than most people." He was considered lucky since others have it harder than him with all the endless insomniac nights.

 "I actually wanted to test the theory if all comes crashing down and I can still sleep it through…" it wouldn't be surprising to see him bribe someone to demolish his place while he's sleeping. Did he enjoy making Jae blush? Even after all this time? The answer is yes. They've been friends for a while now and Dae could still catch him off guard, which is honestly thrilling for the Niveis. "You are being so stingy with me on the details but no matter… at least you confirmed my guess, that's good enough. Aren't I a good friend hm?" he cooed teasingly and nudged his side, it is good to hear that things are well between the dhampir and the Celestial. "Right… he's your partner. Believe me Jae, if you are not his partner with how clingy he is to you then I'd be worried you got yourself a… decent and attractive stalker." 

Even though Dae loves to tease the Celestial, even he wouldn't deny Han is a looker himself too. Not quite like Jae who could put a painting to shame but definitely handsome. "My wishful thinking usually gets more than just wishful Jae" he winked and watched as the dhampir prance over to his boyfriend and dragged him away, leaving the Niveis with the blond Valkyr to walk behind them. "Yeah, the water is so calming… I'm tempted to go ahead and swim with them. The sharks here are so different compared to the ones at sea. You should come with me for a shark swimming session… you know where people swim in cages surrounded by sharks? I mean I would be outside the cage because there's no fun in that but" And of course, Daehyun Stormwind would know the difference in that. With his eyes eyeing every creature swimming behind the glasses, he caught the page Yeon was holding, "You wanna go see koalas? Have you finally found your spirit animal now?" 

Jae gave a sheepish grin “I mean my family were still harsh but my siblings would dote on me and go one about how cute I was when I did things my father would have scolded me for” he chuckled, it didn’t work forever but he was sure there was always a soft spot for him in his elder sibling’s hearts, they had watched him grow up right in front of them after all. Jae almost immediately recognized the jealousy in Han from the way he reacted to him talking about the girl he had once known. It was amusing to him that Han could be jealous of someone Jae didn’t even know anymore “She was friends with Ahri so she pretended to come see her only to spend the entire time bothering me” he grumbled remembering how the younger him had just wanted to play his video games.

Jae’s expression softened when Han said he had gotten his strength from his mother too “You barely ever talk about her” he spoke in a soft voice, he wasn’t going to pry anything from Han he didn’t want to say but the dhampir was trying to communicate that he liked hearing about her, he liked hearing anything about Han’s past because he usually kept it so tightly under wraps. Jae’s friendship with Dae namely was filled with back and forth, but it always ended up with some long-winded conversation about one thing or another “Cause you’re so hard done by” he responded with an amused shake of his head “You don’t need to hear every tiny detail about my sex life you know Dae” and it wasn’t exactly a secret that Dae would probably really enjoy hearing about it. Jae was more of a private matters stayed between him and Han kind of person. He chuckled at the mention of how clingy Han could be “Hey he let you steal me away for a while though, you should count yourself blessed” he commented with a wry grin before he glanced at Dae over his shoulder “Wonder what you could be wishing for” he jested as he crept up behind Han.

He was tempted to kiss Han’s neck but reigned himself in because of the present company but still held him close, enjoying just holding him for a few moments before the two of them were heading into the aquarium tunnel. Honestly he was glad to get into somewhere warmer because his arms were getting cold in the penguin enclosure “I think he was more wishing you’d fall in yourself and get slapped by a penguin” he commented with a low chuckle stopping at one of the tanks to point out a bunch of seahorses, eyes widening as he noticed how cute they looked. After hovering for a moment they were back to walking before coming to stop near the turtle tank “Is it me or are they being especially flirty today” Jae commented glancing over his shoulder at their friends “Then again, Yeon always flirts with you constantly so that’s hardly anything new” as though to assert his claim on Han he took a hold of his arm though, sidling himself close to him “Bet you’re going to miss him huh?” Jae hadn’t really asked Han about it before but he could sense this apprehension in him. Honestly, he was worried the star might cry when they had to say goodbye.

"I still want to see your childhood photos" he pouted slightly, Han was so sure Jae looked so cute as a kid and though he didn't have the whole growing up experience, he was always attentive whenever Jae tells him stories about what he did back in high school. Even a case of physical altercation gone wrong would interest him, or that time when Jae told him he spent a few days trying to unlock the wrong locker because it wasn't his. His jealousy is always over the roof, if could pop up at any given moment so sometimes it was just… there. Jae was used to it, he was sure of it. "Ah yes… using the sister friend card… I thought that only happened in the movies? It happens in real life too? Sheesh… that's a bad strategy in general. We all know things never go well when you fall for your friend's sibling" he shook his head as he expressed his dislike over it. Han watches a lot of dramas and movies whenever he has the chance, so that's why he's like that. Jae was right, he barely talks about his mother, who was an important figure in his life. But when he does, he makes sure he talked about her with the utmost respect.

 "Yeah… it's not something I talk about a lot huh? I didn't spend a lot of time with her so there's not much to talk about. Just a mother doting on her son… even though I was practically a stranger to her." It was impressive how much she loves him. He couldn't help but to hum in agreement when Yeon talked about Jae's arms, of course he noticed them. He's Han and that is Jae, it was practically impossible for the Celestial not to drool over his boyfriend. He was curious to know the connection Yeon had with Dae, they were so close but when the blond told him he needed to see it to know it, he cleared his throat and averted his gaze, "Yeah that sounds promising but maybe later…" The Volakiri bond has been changing him in a lot of ways, mostly for the better too. He could feel what Yeon feels and give versa. It really helps to know if the other is doing okay or not. Since he has been attacked not once but more than that over his period of stay in Evermore, it was helpful to know that Yeon would know if anything was wrong. 

"Right, if you're throwing up I'm going to be sick too… please uh… be prepared for that" Han hated throwing up. Yeon knows that, Jae knows that, hell even Dae knows that. The Celestial expressed his dislike over it so many times. He complained something along the lines of his throat being as dry as the Sahara Desert and his tongue feels like sandpaper. "Oh please, you'd think someone as clingy as you wouldn't do snuggles. Let's be real, Yeon, you want some of this too" he referred to his body and teased, he boasted about his good hugs plenty of times. But of course, there's more to it. "Koalas are endearing creatures. They're cute" he affirmed and was gonna show him where to find the koalas before Jae stole him away. But he saw Yeon with Dae, thinking the Valkyr will have someone who would definitely follow him around. He's in good hands, he thought. When he heard what Jae told him regarding Dae's wishes, the Celestial scoffed, "Of course he would wish that. Slapped by a penguin, yeah that sounds like the kind of entertainment Dae would get on." 

He glanced over to the two and shrugged, "They're always flirty… but you're right, they're especially… more flirty today. Wonder what goes on in their head." With Jae moving against him closer, Han purred in content, "Yeah… Yeon is always away but this feels real. I don't wanna think that I won't get to see him again, we're Volakiris after all. But I will really miss him" he admitted and went over to the end of the section where they could see a variety of fishes. 

He chuckled and raised his brows in a gesture which showed his own sarcasm in return to Dae’s retort “You do, that’s why I keep you around, my own personal translator” he shook his head playfully because he always knew he hit the nail on the head when Dae got a little offhand like that “I’m always right, everyone knows you’d had eyes for that dhampir since the day you met him” he gave a low chuckle licking his lips “If it wasn’t for the fact he had a boyfriend huh?” now they would both agree Han and Jae were good for one another without a second thought but that didn’t mean they didn’t have their own quiet dreams. They were definitely both suckers for attractive men after all “I mean who wouldn’t think about Han” he commented with a wry smile “Plus there is some curiosity in me, I wonder what it would be like with him...specifically” because of the volakiri element he imagined it might be intense.

“Can’t say I particularly have sleep high on my love list” he retorted in an amused manner shrugging his shoulders “Then again, that list isn’t especially long, it’s kinda high profile, you have to really matter” he licked his lips and grinned playfully, he still wasn’t sure how to define love when it came to other people but he did love his friends in a way that made him sure him leaving wasn’t going to be anywhere near the end. Yeon raised his brows a little surprised by Han’s response to his suggestive comments, it was hard to tell if he was being serious or just brushing the valkyr off but he pressed his lips together regardless “I’ll hold you to that” he responded in a suggestive tone with a wry smile, well it was something he supposed.

Yeon felt his stomach churn a little at the very mention of throwing up and he sighed slightly “I’d better keep taking Xanax when I fly then” his fears of flying could sometimes cause sickness which was ironic considering how much he needed to fly. Necessary evil he told himself to get past it. He poked his tongue against his inner cheek when Han said that he was clingy enough to be open to snuggles, he was joking before of course but perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world “Everyone wants some of you, Hanseol Park” he jested with a lick of his lips, oh yes they did. “Cute” he commented thoughtfully as Han was dragged away, was he cute? That wasn’t the first word he would use to describe himself honestly.

He fell into a natural step beside Dae as they looked around at the different fishes and marine life, it was interesting, almost like looking at another world, a much more peaceful one, he glanced over to Dae and laughed when he mentioned shark cage diving “I hardly think that’s what most people would consider as calming” he scoffed with a shake of his head “You have strange tastes in leisure Dae” he commented in an amused tone before glancing down to the brochure and shrugged “Han said they’re my spirit animal” he held the leaflet up beside himself and raised his brows “Do you see the resemblance?” he questioned as they came to the end of the aquarium tunnel and he was suddenly hit with the smell of food.

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