It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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Their friendship can't be described by anyone, hell even Yeon and Dae themselves didn't know how to describe the kind of relationship they have. But the two eventually decided to just leave it at that and enjoy each other's company, which wasn't bad at all. "Ah yes, your own personal everything" he jested, "your favorite toy, your friend, your food critic, I'm a lot of things for you, am I not?" Okay, maybe he likes feeling important like that. He likes knowing that Yeon and Jae like his company. It meant he wasn't a bad companion. And while Dae wasn't one to search for one's validation, it does feel good to know that. "Such a shame" he quipped casually, if Jae wasn't taken, he would've given himself a chance to tackle him. He wasn't a relationship guy, sure, but perhaps it wasn't off the books for him, as unrealistic as that sounds.

 "I've never had a problem with relationship status, they're like those publicity stunts you pull on social media to make sure people back off and stop sending you nudes. But I respected Snowball enough and cherished my friendship with Jae." The pale haired Niveis has slept with a lot of people, even married and taken ones. He gave Yeon a look that says good point when he said that about the Celestial, Han is fairly handsome, it was hard not to be attracted to him. "I need to get myself that VVIP pass to see Volakiri sex for sure. Hoping for that to come true, actually." Nothing wrong with being curious, right? "Ah yes, I matter" he grinned cheekily and puffed his chest out as if he was proud he was high up on the Valkyr's list. It was a huge feat considering how selective Yeonseok Lee is. He rolled his eyes and scoffed when Jae told him he didn't need to hear every tidbit, "Yeah but that's not fun. Who am I kidding, your humor and definition of fun is as dry as the Sahara desert" he shook his head and nudged him playfully. Jae is pretty private, he knew that. 

"Oh yes, blessed by Snowball because he allowed me to talk to my best friend for what? 10 mins? 12." The moment Jae skipped off to Han, Dae smirked to himself and eyed the couple, what could he be wishing for indeed, "A lot of things, Jae. But for today? Just one." Before long, he was joined by Yeon once again who was reading the pamphlet, "I'm a unique person, what can I say?" Swimming with sharks is not high on people's list, especially those who wished to live longer, but for the male, it was just an anniversary type of thing he would revisit sometimes. "Koalas?" He stared at the blond and chuckled softly, "Yeah I can see the resemblance. You're clingy, endearingly so. You are selective when choosing the people who are worthy of your attention and love. You definitely know your self worth and won't settle for less. Koala Yeon." When the smell of food hit them, Dae could feel his stomach grumbling, he hasn't eaten his breakfast today so that was probably it. "Thank God… I'm really hungry. Can we find food now?" There was a slight pull to his voice that indicated the Niveis was whining. 

Seeing the pout on Han’s lips he grinned slightly “We’ll go through the albums one day” he promised nodding his head slightly, one day he would find a way to go home and to look upon his childhood home without feeling fear for his own freedom. One day he would be strong enough, he had to be. He laughed and shrugged when Han questioned whether that was a real thing that happened “In hindsight I think she probably only made friends with Ahri in the first place so she could come to our house” he shrugged slightly, Jae had been pretty clueless then when it came to relationships, he didn’t even really know when someone was flirting with him. When he and Han started falling for one another he hadn’t exactly been smooth with his feelings but thankfully the star found his clumsy nature endearing.

Jae watched Han carefully as he spoke about his family, he didn’t mention them much and despite him saying there wasn’t much to say, Jae got the feeling it wasn’t the reason he didn’t talk about them “It’s okay to miss them, you know” he spoke softly, how could he not miss them when they were the very first people who took care of him. He knew how deeply that Han cared for those he let in after all.

Jae raised his brows when Dae insulted his sense of humor, okay he could be very private about his own desires but that was because firstly, he knew that Dae had some ulterior motives at times and it made him wonder whether Han would be okay oversharing. “I like to describe it as being mysterious” he teased back with a grin and nudged the niveis back with his shoulder. He shot Dae a look when he complained about how Han was trying to steal him away after their conversation “Hey you’re the one who told me to go get him because you’re hungry” he jested, wondering what the one thing Dae was wishing for was as he walked away.

He laughed under his breath at Han’s reaction to the penguin fiasco “Well it’s better than being eaten by the sharks” he commented with an amused look as they wandered through the winding tunnels “Probably the usual gutter stuff they usually do” he commented as she leaned against Han’s shoulder while they walked, playing with the star’s hand a little by rubbing the back of it “Sometimes I wonder if they would cross that line...given the chance” he commented in a soft voice. Dae hadn’t exactly been quiet about his attraction to Jae and everyone could see the way Yeon eyed Han after all, it wasn’t a stretch. “We’ll go visit him” he assured Han with a nod of his head “You’re linked, there’s nothing in the world that could drag him away from you” he smiled encouragingly as they headed out of the aquarium and saw Dae already making a beeline for the restaurant. Jae’s stomach growled from the smell “Food sounds good right now” he agreed.

Hearing that they would be able to go through said photo albums one day had Han beaming brightly, “Good, I wanna see a baby Jae…” of course he did, he wanted to go through every single moment that had passed in Jae’s life. “I’m pretty sure there were a lot more of where those embarrassing stories came from, huh?” He wished things would settle down soon so they can both enjoy without making Jae feel guilty towards his own family. "So… she didn't even befriend your sister genuinely? Only befriended her for the sake of getting a free pass to venture your home to crush on you? Sheesh…" of course the jealousy was steaming off the Celestial, nothing surprising when the subject is Jae. "Did she flirt? Of course she did. I just know she probably did." The huff coming from him probably did not go unnoticed by others, and it kinda made him look like an animated bunny stomping his feet. When Jae told him it was fine to miss his family, Han spared him a soft smile and giggled, "I miss them" he nodded, he really does. He missed having his mother chastise him because he always ate every meal as if it was his last because that used to be the case for the Gemini Celestial.

 You never knew when your meal would be your last when you're living a runaway life like that. "I think that's why I wished to see your mother someday when things are fine because she must be very kind if you take after her." Even before they were committed in this relationship, as friends, Jae showcased plenty of his kind heart as much as he does for his charming clumsiness. Han couldn't help but scrunch his nose in disgust when Yeon mentioned taking Xanax with him when he flies, for some reason he hated them. He never knew why. But then again any form of medication basically traumatised the fallen star, even if they were as harmless as they look, especially if they were pills. He could recall the period where he took a lot of painkillers and sleeping pills that were detrimental to his health. Thankfully Jae pulled him out of that. "Do you think I should start investing on Xanax though? For my panic attacks?" Though his panic attacks were no longer that bad, it still happens. 

He widened his eyes when Yeon responded to his teasing literally, "I swear you know no shame" he huffed and shook his head, it would take a lot to take Yeon to dial down the confidence he exuded. "Eaten by sharks? I don't even wanna question that…" It came from Dae, so nothing too surprising coming from someone who is generally questionable in everything he does. Would they? Cross the line if given the chance? Even Han wondered that too. Yeon doesn't seem like he would say no and Dae was unfortunately, a good pair to complete his devilish self. The Niveis was just as hedonistic. "I mean they're Yeon and Dae… try naming a pairing who are more hedonistic and likes sex better than them. With the exception of sex addicts." It wasn't entirely impossible but Han wondered if they were that forward with them. He grinned sheepishly and gripped his hand firmly, "Yeah, we're linked." That should be enough assurance for him. Jae wasn't the only one, the Celestial's stomach followed suit as the male groaned hungrily, "I wonder what they have…" before long, he was already dragging Jae with him to the restaurant. 

Yeon raised his brows when Dae pointed out all the things he had called him in passing relation before now “Oh you are everything Daehyun” he teased with his signature flirty voice, knowing how much Dae liked it when he spoke his full first name. He laughed when Dae likened a relationship to pulling a publicity stunt in order to avoid unwanted suitors “Do you think that’s what they’re together for? Dodging nudes?” he eyed Han and Jae with a chuckle, of course he didn’t think that, he was just pointed out the flaws in Dae’s explanation. Yeon might not understand how Han and Jae felt about each other, but it was clear to him that there was a bond between them that couldn’t be broken or messed with.

He smirked when Dae said he wanted to see volakiri sex himself “All in good time I’m sure” he teased with a playful glint in his eyes, oh he definitely planned on having Han at least once, his curiosity was simply too great not to know that experience. The star’s consent pending of course. Yeon looked over at Han with a concerned expression when he brought up the idea of taking Xanax to help him with his panic attacks “I think you should talk to a doctor about it Han, that’s what they’re there for, to give you advice” Yeon had offered to get Han a private seeing with his best doctor before but being stubborn like he was, Han had refused. “Don’t forget the breathing practices we went through, you know I can feel it when you panic” Yeon would usually call him and talk him through it, they both experienced it together. It could be scary but he was glad Han didn’t go through it alone.

He let out a low chuckle when Han said he knew no shame “And yet you’re still here” he responded back, he was shameless and he was very clear about his attraction to Han, everyone knew it. Yeon looked from the leaflet to Dae a few times with a curious expression, wondering if Han had read him right or not. He listened to Dae’s worked and then chuckled “Huh...I guess I really am a koala huh” he was clingy, he liked to keep the people that mattered close because there weren’t many of them and he’d lost them before. He was selective about those he let in because he knew the potential they had to hurt him later down the line. And lastly, he did know his worth and wouldn’t settle for less “Maybe I should get a keychain” he teased playfully as they headed up to the restaurant.

Before long they had headed inside and seated themselves at the table, Yeon had taken the opportunity to sidle up against Dae, but he was sitting across from Han, which means he got to lean against the table and watch him while he pondered over the menu a million times “You do realize all the food in the world isn’t going to be swallowed up because you picked a different one right?” he chuckled, both Han and Dae could be particular over food.

When Yeon called him by his name, the Niveis was sure something went off in his head, oh how much he loves hearing his name being uttered from those lips. And Yeon knew that. It didn't help that the Valkyr was clearly using his flirty voice either, the pale haired male narrowed his dark hues onto him and clicked his tongue, "You're playing a dangerous game" he pointed out, though it really does look like Dae was tempted to devour and eat him whole right there and then. A scoff escaped him when Yeon teased him for thinking so lowly on relationship and used Han and Jae for example, "You know what I mean" he mumbled and fiddled with his fingers absentmindedly, he didn't really know much on that department because he never wanted to give it a try to begin with. He told himself he was sure it doesn't fit him. The relationship between the dhampir and fallen star was clearly a bond one couldn't break easily. Not without those two having a say in it themselves.

 "Ah yes you and your… impeccable timing" he cooed seductively and shook his head, he was sure it wouldn't take Yeon long to get Han on board, those two are Volakiris, they know each other better than anyone else. They literally do. So Yeon knows how to play Han into his scheme and Dae was curious to see how it plays out. The day is getting even more interesting, that's for sure. He didn't expect much from the dhampir because privacy is something he cherished, even though Han was more than happy to flaunt the love Jae gave to him on certain occasions, "Mysterious" he deadpanned, the look on his face clearly described how done he looked while also judging his choice of words. Jae had a point and Dae hated that he did, which made the Niveis cross his arms in retaliation and huffed to himself shortly before the blond Valkyr joined him. 

Han does seem to know Yeon so when Dae heard he linked the Valkyr to a koala, it made sense. "Mhmm, koalas are cool." As they make their way into the restaurant, he chuckled when he heard Yeon say something about getting a keychain, "Didn't peg you for the type to get souvenirs Yeon" he jested and leaned in to whisper something into his ear, "your reminders are usually those locals." It was not a surprise to find the one thing both Han and Dae had in similarity is how enthusiastic they are with food. Though Dae was more selective while Han gobbles up everything. "Ugh I hope their chicken is good… I don't wanna be hangry, you know how I get when I'm hangry, no amount of sex could make that better." He eyed the menu and decided to split it since Han still looks reluctant to make his choice, "I'm gonna be that good guy who didn't torture the indecisive baby and tell him to pick something else while I choose the chicken, we can share."

Jae laughed, his expression flushed a little when Han said he wanted to see baby photos of him “I was a pretty chubby baby” he confessed with a slightly embarrassed tone because he wasn’t sure how Han would react to seeing an infant him, considering the star had never had a childhood he remembered himself. “Way too many” he spoke softly shaking his head slightly “I was a clumsy child, always falling and hurting myself, doing stupid things” he giggled softly under his breath. “She was one of the bolder ones I admit” he responded with a chuckle “And of course she flirted...really badly, young me didn’t even get the hint” he gave an exasperated sigh, he had been pretty oblivious back then.

Hearing Han say he missed his parents made the dhampir smile sadly “Maybe we should go say hello to them sometime...I’d love to have a conversation with them” of course Jae couldn’t meet them in person and he knew that, he wanted to see the place where Han fell and visit their graves “I can bring flowers” he spoke softly remembering Han telling him once that was where he got his love for flowers too. When Han commented about being eaten by sharks Jae shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly “He talks a big game but we both know he wouldn’t actually dare” if anything, their friendship was enough to make Han untouchable. Because Dae knew Jae would never forgive him if he hurt the star.

Jae shrugged his shoulders before glancing over at Yeon and then back to Han “You mean they’re not sex addicts?” he joked with a slight smirk, shaking his head in amusement “Have you...ever thought about that?” despite struggling to string the words together his tone was casual, he wasn’t going to get jealous if Han said yet, if anything he was just curious to know, because it seemed like no one was immune to their allure. “And you always will be” Jae assured, he had accepted by now that Yeon was always going to be a part of Han’s life and while that was a complicated concept to swallow, one thing was for sure, he was good for the star.

Before long they were sitting at the table, Jae was next to Han so he reached to rest his hand against the star’s knee under the table while he read the menu, he was good at picking things so before long he had decided he wanted to try the carbonara. When the waiter came over to ask their orders he was the first to answer, telling them the dish he wanted and ordering a mango soda because it sounded interesting.

Han scoffed and shook his head when Jae said he was a chubby baby back then, "All the more reasons for me to check and coo over those old photos? Baby Jae… and adult Jae. Surely there must be some resemblance somewhere in there" Han was just taking this as a chance to delve deeper into the dhampir's past while not imposing too much personally. "Clumsy back then, clumsy now too huh? That's my man" he giggled and ruffled his hair slightly but not too much to mess up the other male's hairdo. "Either young you were really oblivious or she was just really bad at the flirting game." He wondered how Ahri took it, or better yet, how his parents took it. Back then, the mere mention of his parents were enough to send the Celestial back to the dark space of his mind, because he would be tearing up just thinking about them. How he wished he had the chance to spend more time with them. 

But alas, the universe had plans for him that doesn't involve them in the equation. Now he's better at controlling the emotions though. He wasn't so sad anymore. "Well should huh? I'm sure they would love to know about you. Gosh I haven't… gone there in a long time." He wasn't even sure if their burial site was still at the same place or not. Considering the whole part during the Korean War and whatnot taking place. "Bring lilies… those were her favorites, you know" he chuckled, it was ironic how his mother's favorite ones were the same as his boyfriend's. Jae wasn't right wrong when talking about the Niveis, though he was sure Dae could hurt him pretty badly if he wanted to, it was obvious the pale haired male wouldn't do so. 

His eyes widened a bit when Jae said that, nudging his side playfully and putting one finger against his lips as if to indicate for the dhampir to keep it down, "Don't let those two hear it. They will never stop flaunting it in front of us. Don't give Dae a reasoning to give us a show with Yeon, you know they wouldn't say no to that." It's surprising to see how far the duo could go sometimes. When Jae asked him if he ever thought of Yeon like that, he cleared his throat and tried to avert his gaze away terribly, "Uh… I mean, honestly? A few times… he's Yeon. It's hard not to let your mind wander sometimes… don't you ever think of Dae that way? Because I'm pretty sure he would give anything to do you, Jae" he wasn't jealous, not to the point where he would grumble grumpily, because he knew it was just sexual appeal for those two.

 "I watch Yeon dance a lot when I came to visit the studio you know… so yeah." Watching the blond glide and move with that body? Hard not to imagine things. He was actually surprised Dae offered to split his portion with him just so he could cross one food off the list while being indecisive, but said nothing and decided to order the burger that was supposed to have a 500g patty on it with a side of curly fries, as well as cola. "Do you have anything you wanna do next, Yeon?" Whatever the Valkyr wanna try he would try his best to fulfill it. "I can say yes to most things… except orgy so choose wisely."

The blond valkyr had an amused smirk on his lips when Dae warned him “The same dangerous game I play over and over again” he licked his lips and shrugged slightly “I like to think I’m pretty good at it by now” it was always exciting when the two of them were together and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeon rolled his eyes and chuckled when Dae pointed out that he knew what he meant “Love is such a bizarre concept hmm?” he agreed with Dae, the idea of choosing one person and devoting your whole world to them was pretty outlandish in his mind. Not to mention that all of these ‘great loves’ usually ended with the two people going their separate ways, so was it even worth the effort in the end?

He chuckled and shrugged, Yeon had his eye on Han from the moment he met him and if he didn’t have Jae, he would have already made a move. Anyone with eyes could see the celestial was attractive, he had a body most would kill for and lately with his long hair he was getting a lot of double-takes from people around them. “I’m still holding out hope” he responded with an amused look “You know Han…stubborn as hell but he’s also pretty easy to sway” he poked his tongue out in a seductive way “I’d bet he’s just as easy to turn on” he snickered softly, he’d seen Han staring at him when he dances, the star definitely liked what he saw.

He still had his mind on koalas, there was something about the comparison between him and them which was curious to him, for one he thought they were charming and even cute but for the other he wasn’t sure if they fit him “That was the joke” he responded sarcastically but when Dae leaned in to whisper against his ear he chuckled in amusement “What can I say, I like to...sample the options” but with food he was much less fussy and picked out his meal and ordered it before long. “I swear there is no one grumpier than a hangry you” he shook his head playfully “Remember that time where we literally had to land the helicopter because you wanted a burger” he sighed, the things you did for friends.

“Well I can’t turn down the opportunity to go and see the koalas” he commented and chuckled in a nonchalant tone but then he smirked when Han said orgy because that was something he would usually come out with “How many people do you define to be an orgy?” he commented and wiggled his brow at the star.

Following the smirk on Yeon's face, Dae could only figure that he was going to be suggestive again, which was nothing new. Flirting back and forth was their casual play. But god was it hard for him to avert his gaze when he saw how the Valkyr licked his lips, "Right… the dangerous game you keep on insisting you play" he rolled his eyes playfully and shook his head, who could even stop Yeon? Not him, that's for sure. When Yeon said love was a bizarre concept, the Niveis could only nod in agreement, he thought the same honestly. Love doesn't seem real to him. Or at least, the idea of it was so glorious it didn't feel realistic since it was too good to be true. Could it be because he didn't think it was available for him? "I guess not everyone can be equipped with love. Not all are lucky to have someone who won't leave them. In this case, I kinda envy those two" who would want what they have should they be given the chance to have the same? Though Dae would spit on the very idea in front, there was no point playing coy around Yeon when the Valkyr knew him well enough to detect it. 

"Think I'll stick with a few fucks here and there. Besides, I can always rely on you to give me the best night so really, I'm not losing anything important." That was one way to phrase how hedonistic his life could get. He raised his eyebrows questioningly when the blond mentioned he was still holding out for hope, "Pretty easy to sway huh? Did he tell you he fantasised about you? I mean, I can't be the only one who saw how he was practically drooling over you that time you were dancing alone and he was watching from the sidelines." Dae visited his studio frequently and he just so happened to bear witness to Han's trembling eyes while raking in Yeon's form. "Oh for sure. You probably just need to give him a lap dance or… dance in general, with those tight pants, you're gonna have him m over you. I'd say get him drunk first because his inhibitions are lowered then." The only advantage he would take is them letting loose. Consent is still on the table of course. 

"While I… will focus on Jae." He couldn't help but laugh upon hearing his response to his 'souvenirs', "And I bet they're very fine huh?" He calmed down slightly after ordering his food, rolling his eyes at the Celestial who was surprised but didn't question further. Before long, all of them had ordered their food. "Hey, in my defense, I could've just flown out of it but then you were talking about how the pilot is a human so… I was being… a tad bit considerate not to give him a heart attack." Dae's appetite is something else, he probably eats plenty to replenish his strength and energy because of his demanding occupation. The pale haired male snickered when Han said no orgy, oh it was to be expected. "Oh Yeon, you're torturing the poor star" he added and let out a wolfing whistle. "But you never know if it's good if you never tried it before, hm Han?" He knew he was just inking the younger male by teasing but it was fun.

Jae laughed under his breath and shrugged “Well me is still me so” he shook his head in amusement, it was cute how Han always teased him and asked him about his childhood, he supposed the star must wonder what his own would have been like if he wasn’t a celestial. “At least you got to skip the school part and still be smart as hell” he commented before nudging Han with his shoulder slightly “Did they let you take your entrance exams without studying through the system?” after all Han had gotten into college and he never attended school, lucky star was born with a lot of knowledge he didn’t have to sit through hours of lectures to learn.

Jae giggled when Han called him out for being clumsy “It wouldn’t be me if it was any other way” he responded with an amused smile, twiddling his fingers in his lap as he wondered what young him was thinking about then “I just wasn’t really interested in anything but games and training back then” they say boys mature slower than girls, the idea of dating was foreign to him at that time. Jae could see a hint of sadness in Han’s eyes when they talked about his parents but he could also see how far he had come in being able to talk about them “I’m sure it would be nice to visit them...I have so much to much to be thankful for” he smiled as he looked over at Han indicating he felt lucky to have him. He smiled when Han said she loved lilies “Good taste” he spoke softly as he reached for Han’s hand so he could squeeze it gently for a moment.

Jae laughed when Han told him to be quiet because they were likely to overhear “Yeon literally has super hearing, if he wants to know then he’ll know” he commented, shaking his head slightly and smiling at Han, he trusted him which is why he was okay having this conversation, they had come a long way when it came to communication since they breakup, they knew one another’s limits. They had talked in depth about Han’s relationship with Yeon and Jae’s with Dae, they shared a deep bond which went past jealousy. “A person only has to have eyes to know Dae wants me” he commented under his breath before he glanced over at the Niveis and then back to Han “I’d be a trophy to him though....I mean he’s hot, we all know that, so of course I’ve thought about it once or twice” he nodded slightly, they were okay with admitting this.

Jae grinned slightly at the way Han shyly admitted that he liked watching Yeon dance and did find him attractive “I’m glad we can talk about things like this” he spoke softly as he reached for Han’s hand and squeezed it gently. When Han asked Yeon what he wanted to do and then mentioned an orgy, Jae practically choked on his own saliva before looking over at Han, perhaps it was joke but considering what they had been talking about earlier it seemed like the idea was on Han’s mind. Luckily their drinks came at that moment so Jae could sip on his to cover up his shock.

He instinctively went over to pinch his cheek as soon as those words came out. He had no idea why he did that but now that he has, the Celestial only grinned sheepishly, "Well… I still wanted to know how schooling was like, was it really that bad? Like, high school?" Han never thought himself to be particularly smart so when Jae said that, he could feel his cheeks flushing slightly. "I'm not… smart" he shook his head, he just really loved to learn things and somehow picked them up better than most. When he asked how things worked for him, Han shrugged, "I took GED, I didn't know what it was until after a year here… but I tried my best to learn before taking it. As for entrance exam, I was able to take it because I had my GED certificate. You know… the system is so complicated but I guess I did what they told me to do." He never thought people needed to go through so much just to study.

 The thought of being able to delve into the mind of young Jae was fascinating to the fallen star, things changed and he was sure the dhampir grew up a lot since then. Hell, they've been together for a while now and he's grown plenty so he could only imagine the overall result. "Not gonna lie, I was especially nervous when we started dating because well… it was a foreign thing to me and I totally spent the last two weeks reading up on dating tips for beginners. It was a whole moment for me." He knew where they were buried, so all he needed was the time and opportunity to bring Jae with him to visit his parents. Unfortunately, he had to think about Jae's situation, going back to Korea even if they would be staying at Busan and not Seoul is still risky. "One day" he promised and rubbed his thumb against his knuckles softly. 

He let out a small grumble when Jae pointed out that Yeon will know if he wants to know, where was the lie in that? "Don't remind me" he mumbled, he had plenty of times when he was reminded of his Volakiri and his… particular abilities. Though the Celestial can be quite territorial and possessive with his boyfriend, the bond the 4 of them shared went past simple jealousy. He trusted Jae and he was sure while they tease one another over time, they knew where each stood on that matter. "Oh so you totally realized how much he wants to get into your pants" he exclaimed accusingly and covered his mouth dramatically, shaking his head in mirth. Of course anyone can see it. Dae makes what he wants pretty known. The Niveis rarely took no as an answer and if Jae wasn't Jae, he probably would've gotten that part right before the day ended. "You mean he's cold" he snickered at the pun and spared a brief glance towards the pale haired male. 

"Careful, if he heard what you just said he's gonna pursue you and I'm not sure if you can say no again. He can be tenacious… which is probably why those two suit each other so much." There was no point in not realizing how well Yeon and Dae worked together. It was like a pair of mischief. He smiled reassuringly at Jae when he expressed his relief because they were able to talk about it casually. He wasn't really surprised when Yeon asked him how many it takes to be an orgy, it was as if he expected that kind of response. Volakiri things, he supposed. "My definition? 5 or more. Why? You have something working in that attractive head of yours?" He scoffed playfully and quickly took the chance to down his dry throat with his drink, especially when Dae teased him to let loose. "Of course you would know…" he muttered under his breath, and cleared his throat nervously. Judging from Jae's reaction, it seems like they were the preys there.

Yeon had an amused expression, he really enjoyed being around someone who was open-minded like Dae, it made life really existing, though sometimes it even spooked the valkyr because of how similar the two of them were. Sometimes he felt like to Dae who could actually read his mind “Keep winning you mean” he responded with a playful raise of his brows, he would keep playing for as long as the niveis would have him, truth be told, he was pretty hooked on him. “Me too...mostly because they sure” it was almost foreign to him how they seemed absolutely set on one another and like they didn’t need anyone else. And it wasn’t like they were still in the honeymoon period ether, Yeon had seen them go through a pretty tough breakup and come out the other side even stronger.

Yeon shook his head in amusement to Dae’s words “That’s what I like to hear” he jested with a wry smile, giving someone the best night was definitely a personal goal of his, he liked being able to ensure other people the highest level of pleasure and he prided himself on being able to do so. The valkyr smirked and shrugged “He hardly needs to tell me, I get a sense of what he’s feeling remember” he grinned to himself, he’d remembered dancing a solo dance and Han watching and suddenly he was overcome with a sense of desire. At first he hadn’t been able to figure out why and then it had made sense when he thought about it for long “Quite flattering when you’re dancing and you realize someone’s drooling over you” he licked his lips playfully.

“You sound less confident about that” he noted as Dae talked about Jae “But I think Jae is more open-minded than most people give him credit for” he commented thoughtfully, plus he had totally caught him staring at Dae a few times before. It did make him wonder what would have happened between the two of them if Jae hadn’t met Han first. Yeon shook his head as Dae talked about the helicopter incident “Well at least the burger place you picked actually tasted amazing” he credited in consolation, they definitely had some interesting adventures that was for sure. Yeon grinned when Dae called him out for teasing Han “Hey I’m just figuring out how open-minded he is” he defended as he leaned against his hands and waited for the star’s response “Five huh?” he commented with a smirk “Luckily there’s only 4 of us here then” he was toying a little but Jae and Han’s reaction spoke a lot.

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