It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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He couldn’t help but to snort when Yeon said that, “Ah yes, keep winning” he rolled his eyes playfully and shook his head, the blond is always so humorous and witty. It was a constant challenge, one he likes. It often made him the center of the attention and the Niveis knew he probably liked it. The Niveis had no problem giving him every ounce of attention he wanted, there was no point in looking another way when he was right there. Daehyun has made it clear several times that he is his favorite. As if anyone could ever compare to him. “They do seem like they have it all planned out. It’s almost scary if it wasn’t admirable.” The pair was clearly still young, and despite Han’s age, the fallen star was pretty much young, if they counted the actual years he spent. With Jae, he wasn’t sure who’s the younger one in the relationship sometimes. They were pretty domesticated and it was pretty cute, even for Dae. 

His only wish was to see them both end up happy with each other because if those two weren’t real, then he couldn’t believe that the idea of true love being real. He might not have it but knowing his friends do, that’s enough for him. “Ah right… your Volakiri senses. Half of him, aren’t you?” he teased, but if Yeon said Han was very much attracted to him, then there might be a chance things could still work out in his favor tonight. Their favor, to be precise. Since he was sure he wasn’t going to be the only one who will be enjoying it. Not when the Valkyr is there too. “I mean… I can hardly blame him for doing that. Have you seen you when you dance? He’s not the only one drooling, the entire class was pretty much doing the same when you do a demo in front of them.” Dae once said that Yeon could turn even the straightest person gay if he wanted to and he still stood on that. 

To be honest, Jae is pretty open-minded, Yeon was right. He could see that from the first day they met at the library and as their friendship grew. “He probably just needed a small nudge… the problem isn’t Jae. It’s Han. But if you’re confident he’s down for it, I don’t think it’ll take long for Jae to agree to it.” Jae was a pleaser, Dae knew that. Admittedly he is his best friend so of course he knew how his friend is like, it also helps that the Niveis is naturally perceptive. “Of course it tasted amazing, who do you think you’re talking about? It’s me, Yeon. I wouldn’t just settle for just anywhere… especially when we’re in the middle of nowhere ish…” Though he may not look like it, Daehyun was pretty meticulous with plenty of things. He likes to be precise. That includes food. He couldn’t help but find the situation they’re in interesting. When Yeon had leaned forward and got suggestive, he could see Jae choking from the corner of his eyes, the dhampir wasn’t really hiding the fact that he was taken aback by the commentary when he clutched his drink closely. It wasn’t as if the star was hiding his nervousness either, he could see from his seat that Han was swallowing hard. “Yeon, you’re scaring poor Snowball” he mocked, chuckling at how funny the two of them looked. They may as well eat them up there. “Though I must say I’m intrigued, Han… do you consider 4 to be… too much?” There was a double meaning there, of course there was.

Jae giggled, giving Han a slight pout when he tugged against his cheek before pushing his hand off and shaking his head playfully “There were good parts and bad parts...spending time with my friends and making other people’s days better, that I enjoyed...but classes were a constant source of stress, everyone was expected to be the best in the class and when you weren’t your parents seemed...disappointed” Jae dealt with that a lot, having to explain why his grades were good and not great, always being compared to every single one of his siblings. “’re a vet student...a really good one” he pointed out, giving the other male an expectant look and smiling slightly. He was proud of the star for doing something productive after he got out of captivity “Well you...really managed to overcome all of the odds that were trying to hold you back” he commented, beaming proudly as he reached up to stroke Han’s hair on both sides behind his ear “Most people would have given up” he commented in a soft voice.

Jae smiled softly when Han admitted her was nervous when they first dated and how he read up on dating tips online “You know I never expected you to know how to date...hell I didn’t know how to date before I met you” he smiled softly, reaching for his hand and rubbed gently against it “We figured it out by just...doing the things which made us happy...together” he nodded slightly, that was the point of dating right? To spent time with the person that made you happy and to get to know one another better. Jae nodded, closing his eyes as he took in the feeling of Han’s thumb rubbing soothingly against his hand and he agreed with him “One day” one day they would make it there and it wouldn’t be scary or dangerous, it would just be...two men, visiting a place of meaning and spending time paying respects to the people and the country they once knew.

Jae cleared his throat when Han quite so crudely pointed out that he knew Dae wanted to get into his pants “He hasn’t exactly been quiet about it” he commented in a somewhat grumbling tone and then he pursed his lips as he looked back at Han “You know I’d never do anything to hurt you when it comes to that...right?” what he meant by that was that he would never do anything to betray Han’s trust and that if they were ever to cross that line, he wanted it to be consensual and mutual. There was no part of him that wanted an experience that didn’t involve Han but if Han wanted to experiment, that he was happy to explore the possibility of. Jae scoffed when Han corrected him that Dae was cold rather than hot and shook his head playfully. In response to Han’s warning, Jae shrugged slightly “He’ll respect me if I say no, but the moment he gets a hint of a might be a wild ride” truthfully he wasn’t sure to what extent Dae wanted him.

Jae was sipping his drink as he listened to the others talk about their standards when it came to an orgy, which had Jae looking between Han and the others, it was clear to him what they were insinuating but the dhampir played it coy, he was glad when the waiter came back over with their food, setting it down and creating a small shift in the tension going on between all four of them. Though Jae was absolutely certain this wouldn’t be the last time they heard about it today, Dae and Yeon were hardly the types to let things go after all. He interrupted by sliding Yeon’s drink over in front of him “Have a drink, it seems your especially thirsty today” he pointed out pretty bluntly before sliding Dae’s to him too with a pointed look.

He listened to the way Jae would describe his life back in Korea, he knew the Korean standards were a bit strict compared to the others. Even back then, things were always so conservative that Han was a bit weirded out by. But he only spent a few months in Busan before going elsewhere so he didn't have the same knowledge a native would. "Sounds harsh but I'm glad you focused on the good parts." He couldn't understand the expectations people put on their children but perhaps it was because he has never been in that position once before. He received good love from his parents, even if it was brief. It wasn't until his mother's passing that his father suddenly got overrode by the mourning and loss so much he resented his very presence and existence. He blushed upon hearing the compliment from Jae, he didn't expect to hear that even though the dhampir is known to shower him with praises, "Thanks…" he mumbled meekly. He is still not used to it. That's for sure.

When Jae stroked his hair, he let out an instant purr, he was whipped for the dhampir and he was sure everyone who knew them knew that fact very well. "I would've given up too… but I think I'll be more angry just knowing I could've tried and didn't. So here I am" he giggled, he was proud of himself too. "I think it turned out well, even though there were a few horrors and errors here and there… for the better part, we turned out fine" he would never forget that they went through a painful process of breaking up but that was more of a reminder and lesson for him to not screw things up again by not trusting Jae. A relationship is built on trust after all. "Yes, one day I'll bring you back to Korea… I'll bring you back with me to Busan. It'll happen." He had already made a promise to himself right there on the spot. 

The Celestial guffawed when Jae muttered how their good Niveis friend hasn't been subtle about wanting to get into his pants, "Oh  you don't say. I don't think he cares… wait I think he wants us to know. He's Dae. Shameless personified, that guy. Why do you think it's scary seeing him and Yeon join forces…" Those two would step on everyone if given the chance. Dae would try just for the fun of it. He stroked Jae's hair and gave him a comforting smile, "I trust you baby… don't worry, I'm not threatened. You're mine at the end of the day anyway. Not even Dae can change that. Whatever happens, it doesn't matter because I know this heart" he pointed and tapped against the dhampir's chest lightly, "is mine." Though he had to admit that he did think about the possibility when Jae said Dae would take a small hint of yes and begin the wild ride as if it wasn't already one, "Oh, Jaesung Moon, are you interested too?" he teased. Han couldn't believe he's actually having a conversation about this with Yeon and Dae, no less. But he couldn't help but to bite his lip in response to their answers. "No, 4 is just fine actually" he blurted out when Dae taunted him, he couldn't help it. The Niveis was riling him up and the Celestial had to put him back on his spot. He took his drink and snickered when Jae said that to the both of them, "They're always thirsty, Jae." He still didn't say no to that preposition though.

As Dae talked about Han and Jae, the valkyr’s gaze naturally shifted over to the two of them and then he smiled softly “I’d say all of the above” he responded with a half-smile and a shrug of his shoulders “If they’re happy then I figure they should give it everything they have, that’s what I’d tell someone starting a business so” perhaps they weren’t quite the same thing but they were things you built from the ground up and were constantly working on right? In that case it wasn’t too different, the only difference was that another person was involved and that made things messier and more complicated, people could change their minds after all .

Yeon sometimes wondered if his own fondness for Jae came from Han too, it wasn’t the same obviously but he did have a somewhat soft spot for the dhampir which meant he was able to see past the fact he had punched him square in the face when they had first met. “Something like’s more complicated” he laughed softly “I still feel completely me but then there’s parts of me that resemble him now” which was hard to explain to someone who hadn’t experienced the sensation themselves. Yeon chuckled and raised his brows when Dae pointed out that most people couldn’t resist him when he was dancing, he offered a half-smile, he liked to think that his attractiveness wasn’t the only reason they were paying close mind to whis movements “Seems like people have good taste” he responded with a wry smile, it was still nice to be recognized as sexy though.

Yeon chuckled under his breath “Han is more open-minded than you might thing, I know for a fact he tops most of the time” he let a playful smile cross his lips “Though I do wish I could sleep for one damn night without being bitten by Jae, it’s fun for him but it just hurts for me” he’d definitely told Han to calm himself down in that respect a few times but it seemed like the star was hooked on it. Yeon rolled his eyes at the way Dae talked about the burger restaurant they went to “You were lucky I really enjoyed because I swear I was about to drag your hangry ass back” and whether Dae liked to admit it or not, Yeon was stronger than him.

Yeon did find this whole situation amusing, seeing how nervous and flustered Jae got but also how Han didn’t seem to back down to his challenging which made the valkyr chuckle “I’m not sure scaring is quite the word for it” he responded and when Jae placed his drink in front of him he chucked and winked before downing the entire thing and setting the glass back down on the table “You were saying?” he questioned playfully. “4 is fine huh?” he commented turning to Dae and raising his brows as though to say I told you he was open-minded. He smirked before picking up his burger and taking a bite of it.

"You are one true businessman to the end, Yeon" he chuckled and shook his head, that was a good advice to give someone when they wanted to start something but it sounded so practical coming from the Valkyr. "I can't believe that's the same guy that punched you square in the face the first time you two met" he pointed out, oh that day became a  hilarious memory for the Niveis who can recall what happened between the couple. Now that they seemed to have put it all behind them and trust became somewhat… stronger, the somber tidbit became a humorous one. "You two are actually so different yet so similar, if I didn't know about the whole Volakiri thing, I would've thought you're his childhood best friend who did every single thing together or you guys fucked." Knowing Dae, his assumptions are mostly baseless. "Most people have shitty taste but… I can appreciate those who can appreciate the art in another" he wasn't an artsy person, not like the three of them there. 

While Yeon is a businessman, he is also deeply involved in his art when choreographing his pieces, Jae writes and Han paints. Out of the 4 of them, only Dae wasn't too immersed in the field, aside from doing a few fixing here and there for fun. Though most of them are usually because he is a practical oriented person. When Yeon told him that the Celestial was more open-minded than he thought, Dae raised his eyebrows and gave him a curious look, chuckling when he affirmed the other male topped most of the time, "You don't say… I mean Jae looks like he'd bend himself down if that's what Han wants." Judging from how whipped the Celestial is, Han would do the same but it didn't take a genius to know who usually initiates. The news about Yeon feeling the sting Han felt when he was bitten couldn't help but made him attempt to muffle his laughter, "Oh I know about the biting" he winked, he might not know the full detail to their sex life but Jae can spill under pressure and nervousness.

"You feel that too? Damn. But I don't think Han would stop." He also saw a few biting marks on Han's neck despite him keeping them covered moderately. He could actually picture Yeon hauling his hangry ass back, the Valkyr is stronger than him at the end of the day anyway. But his grumpiness just couldn't be helped when he's famished. Dae gnawed his straw and smirked when he heard Han said 4 is fine, but said nothing. Not that it had to be said, one look at the pale haired male's facial expression and anyone can figure he was already generating something in that devious mind of his. He put the fry in his mouth and pretended to think, "I think we can arrange that, can't we?"

Jae nodded a few times, he had to focus on the good things to keep him going because if he allowed the pressure to constantly press on him then he feared he would end up not being able to cope. His father didn’t tolerate anyone getting out of line and the only reason Jae had so much freedom now was because his father couldn’t breathe down his neck. Jae was a hard working student and he no doubt could have made it in one of the fields his father had picked out for him but writing was his calling and the thing which made him happiest, he hated the idea of ever giving it up. Jae smiled proudly when Han spoke his sheepish thanks “You know you’re allowed to be a little proud of all the hard work you’ve done right?” he shook his head in amusement.

The way Han purred when he stroked his head made Jae smile softly “That’s my Han” he responded softly when the other male said he didn’t want to give up because he would have regretted that he didn’t try. Things had turned out well, he agreed “Somehow everything we went though ended up bringing us together and so your idea of fate would say it was all worth the journey right?” he knew how much destiny and the idea of things unfolding as they were supposed to matter to the star after all, it made the dhampir want to believe it too at times. That little promise to make it back to Korea together was important to him, he wanted it so badly because it meant they would have a true future together, one where they could be happy and open about their love for one another “I’ll hold you to that” he spoke softly and nodded his head.

Jae was blushing softly as they talked about Dae and Yeon and how they seemed to be teaming up “Yeah...I mean it’s not a secret that Yeon wants you either so” the valkyr was always clinging onto Han and stealing his attention away “I’m only assured in knowing that neither of them are interested in stealing you from me permanently” he knew the two of them were considered attractive to the other males but neither of them did anything long term and honestly it was a wonder they kept one another occupied this long. He closed his eyes for a moment as Han stroked his hair before fluttering them open and looking into the star’s eyes “I feel the same way, no one is ever going to come between the way I feel about you” and that meant that no matter what happened they would always be together, at one another’s side.

Jae cleared his throat and bit his lip when Han called him out for being interested but he didn’t directly answer the question, instead his focus drifted from Yeon who mocked his attempt to call him out and then to Dae and Han who seemed to be having a real conversation about what was acceptable. The whole time the dhampir was picking at his meal and by the time they were all agreed on the topic he had finished most of it and was drinking the rest of his drink. Perhaps he was a little too conservative to be agreeing to such a thing while sitting in the middle of a zoo restaurant.

Han knew things weren't always going to be pretty for them. The two of them still had existing problems that could very well pose an issue for them in the near future. Maybe even now. But what the fallen star knew was that they had the time right now to enjoy what they have and that is exactly what he plans to do. There was no point worrying about endless why's. "Yes, of course I know that… hearing how you're proud of me also gives me a bit of that ego boost too, do you know that?" he raised his eyebrows playfully and winked at him, Jae's compliments always seemed to get him through the day somehow. He's always grateful for that. He swore he almost kicked the air happily when he said that, Han knew just how weak he is for those small things the dhampir would do, and in a way that's what makes it all so wholesome for him.

"I like it when you put it like that… that's my Han" he giggled softly. "I like my idea of destiny and fate… makes me feel like I'm dreaming but since that's what I do for the longest of time, it makes perfect sense to me" To Han, there was nothing wrong with dreaming, even if one might not look as realistic. Sometimes, they needed an outlet to vent that unrealistic stuff. And for him, it's the other side. "It was worth everything… everything I did was worth it, you are worth it for me" he tapped his index finger against his chest softly and smiled, yeah that's his idea of happiness indeed. It could be a simple promise that may or may not happen but knowing the Celestial, he is determined to fulfill it. One day, they'll go back to Korea. Without any heavy feeling in their hearts. 

There was a certain level of attraction that he held towards the Valkyr, yes. Yeonseok Lee is one attractive male, nobody could deny that, not even Han. He was glad the topic of fidelity didn't really bother the both of them, it was proof that their relationship was really built around the trust they have now. A better one. "Oh for sure baby, nobody is going to steal me away permanently… I'm only yours" he reassured, his love for Jae surpassed a lot of things in his vocabulary. Nobody was going to be able to steal him away, certainly not the duo. "That's why I'm not really worried, see" he wrapped a reassuring hold over him and smirked briefly while glancing over to the other two males. Yeon knew Han would ever let him win an argument without firing back his own piece and unfortunately, the fallen star fell into said trap very easily. He was easily riled up whenever a challenge-like notion was brought up. Like now. The topic could be ridiculous but it didn't matter to him.

Even when the food arrived, Han narrowed his dark hues toward the Valkyr as he ate his food. Like the big eater he is, Han didn't take long to finish his food, they somehow had respect for eating and ate in silence. Most of the time. "I can't believe we are talking about a foursome during lunch" he muttered under his breath and shook his head, how was this even possible? Probably because Dae and Yeon are there. "Next… to the place his highness wanted to go, I guess."

Yeon chuckled when Dae pointed out how the valkyr was a businessman when it came down to it “On the contrary, a lot of businessmen would tell you to be careful and protect your assets and be ready for failure but I’m not that kind of guy” sure he would be in big trouble if one of his risks didn’t pay off but he got the feeling if you didn’t invest yourself fully into a venture then investors would be able to sense your caution. Yeon smirked a little at the memory of Jae punching him square in the face. Admittedly, he’d have probably done the same thing if he had been in the same situation and so he understood and had forgiven him for it “We figured it out, wouldn’t really work if we were at one another’s throats right” he chuckled, if anything, Yeon got along with Jae better than Dae did with Han.

The valkyr couldn’t help but laugh at the way Dae described his relationship with Han before nodding his head “I guess you could see it like that, I kinda get to cheat on the whole know one another for years things because there are just things I...know about him” he gave a sheepish smile, it was kinda complicated but he liked the connection it gave him. Yeon snickered at the way Dae pointed out that Jae was likely the bottom of their relationship, giving the niveis a raise of his brows playfully he tilted his head “What you wouldn’t give to be in Han’s shoes” it didn’t seem like a secret at this point that Dae lusted after Jae hard, he was pretty certain Jae was aware of it too.

The valkyr pulled an expression of distaste as they talked about the biting and how he felt it every time “All of the pain and none of the fun, it’s really quite a pain” he commented with an amused laugh “I usually turn to you for distractions though” Dae was always able to take his mind of the pain on his neck though it didn’t stop him from giving Han a glare the next day when he inspected the bite marks. Like everyone else he started making a dent in his food, the table falling into silence after the discussion came to a natural close. A wry smile on his lips when Han expressed his disbelief. “I’m going to ignore your tone and take that as a compliment” he commented as he pushed his food onto the tray to stack it neatly and then got to his feet, stepping out of the booth and taking out the map to find the koalas.

He raised his eyebrows skeptically and scoffed upon hearing his response, "No? Well you are one weird guy, Yeon. Hot but… weird sometimes. That's your charm, I guess" he was an enigma though. That much Daehyun had concluded from the first time he laid his eyes on the blond Valkyr. But then again, the niveis has always been the type of guy who would rather take plenty of risks than lament on the what if's. He wouldn't be able to survive on that. How Yeon and Jae even reconciled is still beyond him but Dae wouldn't wish for them to still be at each other's throats right now. The friendlier they are with one another, the better it is for him and Han. "I can still remember how thick the tension was the first time… such an iconic moment" if by iconic, he meant Jae punching Yeon, yes. He's a Valkyr, he knew the blond would heal either way.

It must be very beneficial and extremely convenient for Yeon to know Han like the back of his hand without even having to try at first, but considering the kind of relationship the two of them had going, Dae imagined it's gotten deeper than they ever expected for it to go. "So lucky… well me and Jae are doing the whole natural friendship thing, you know with the whole getting to know each other thing? Yeah. Not as fast as you and Han with the whole magic switch." He would've found it to be creepy if he didn't find the Volakiri bond to be more interesting. He was right, what Dae wouldn't give to be in Han's shoes for at least a day when all he's doing is Jae. Literally. "He is so lucky… I mean look at that dhampy, have you seen his ass?" He shook his head and bit his lip instinctively, there was no point hiding that he's been harboring dirty thoughts regarding his own best friend. It happens. 

The pale haired niveis couldn't help but to let a smug smirk outline his lips when he heard that, "Ah so that's why you text me in the middle of the night sometimes… and here I thought you really wanted me to fuck you." Not that he's offended. It's still Yeon wanting him to get rid of such pesky feelings at the end of the day. How could he refuse? Before long, the table filled with food earlier had already found its end, especially with Dae and Han diligently eating their food like it's their business. One day they could really participate in a food eating competition with each other. He snickered and shook his head at the Celestial before peering at what the Valkyr is looking at; the map from earlier. He pointed to where the koalas are located and beckoned for Yeon to follow. "Would it be extremely reckless and irresponsible of me to have us drink together after this? Go back to your place… and drink there instead of the club. Those two probably wouldn't survive in a club anyway."

Jae wrinkled his nose playfully and smirked when Han pointed out that he enjoyed how Jae’s compliments could boost his ego “Well I guess you should be glad I’m not afraid of that ego, if anything I find your confidence attractive” he grinned slightly, there was something about Han when he was in his element that had the dhampir completely head over heels. The way Han lit up when he spoke his next words made the dhampir join him with his giggling “You like it when I call you mine?” honestly Jae was happy to be able to call him that too, he felt incredibly lucky to be the one who Han had chosen.

Jae blushed slightly when Han said he was worth everything he went through “That’s a lot of bad things to make up for” he responded bashfully, Han had talked here and there about the time he had spent trapped in those cages and how helpless and alone he had felt. To know Han believed he went through all of that just so he could meet Jae was such a big thing to know for him, it put a little pressure sure but it also spoke volumes about what the star believed they shared. He felt reassured by the way Han spoke in such a certain tone when he said no one could steal him away which made the dhampir smile softly, meeting Han’s eyes for a moment with an expression which expressed “I trust you”.

Jae was busy picking away at his food while everyone talked and he was the first one to finish off, like Han say out loud, he couldn’t quite believe the discussion they were all having over dinner and honestly he was glad that dinner ended so they could head back out and see some more animals. He was trailing behind as Dae and Yeon led the way over to the koala enclosure. When they got there, a keeper was out front, holding one of them on her arm and giving a talk about the species and their nature. Jae shuffled closer to listen as she talked, it was interesting, koalas were quite a sleepy and calm species but apparently they could be quite viscious when they were scared.

When she called out to the crowd asking for a volunteer to hold the koala he shoved Yeon forward for a moment, only seemed fair since this was his pick of animal after all. Jae glanced over to Han and pursed his lips as the valkyr went off to meet his spirit animal. He supposed he was looking for some sort of reassurance about what might happen after this because it was late afternoon and the animals were starting to get tired and hiding in their habitats which meant soon they would be leaving “Do you want to...hang out longer?” he asked softly.

Of course, Jae would compliment him, it was as if he could get an endless supply of that from the dhampir. Jae also knew just how to keep him content, Han can be childish, sometimes even more childish than most people and out of the 4 of them, he was probably the youngest in the heart. “Ah my confidence is attractive, that sounds good to hear” he giggled sheepishly. When asked if he likes it when Jae calls him his, the fallen star nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, with no doubt in my mind. Why wouldn’t I like hearing you claim me like that? It’s… romantic.” That was one way to put it but Hanseol Park can be quite the romanticist, he finds it amusing. After all, he is the type to read a book on love and try to test out every theory written in there. “Yes, it’s a lot of bad things but doesn’t that make you even more worth it? All the bad that has happened to me, some that had scarred and traumatized me… but you pulled me out of that lonesome pit so you can hold my hand.”

It wasn’t as if Han had good memories all that much, but thanks to his will and circumstances today, he was able to create new ones to replace those. The look Jae gave him pretty much melted him to the core, he still couldn’t get used to this, how much love one could have for someone, how was that even possible? It was silent, almost too silent for his liking, but he was never one to talk while eating because he couldn’t focus on savoring it that way so the Celestial was hardly one to complain. So they ended up eating in peace, Han even halved the portion of the chicken because Dae and he had promised to share. If there was one thing the two of them could hit off on; it’s food. Before long, their plates were clean and Han felt even better, having his energy restored from eating. 

While Dae was busy tagging along with Yeon who walked ahead of them, Han wrapped his arm around Jae’s waist absentmindedly and trailed behind them, public affection didn’t bother them as much anymore. It never bothered the fallen star but still, he wished to respect his partner’s decisions. The moment they arrived at the enclosure, Han followed Jae to take a closer look and found himself being in awe, “They’re so small… yet so ferocious when needed” he mused softly. When Jae pushed Yeon forward so the Valkyr would be able to volunteer to hold a koala, Han snickered in amusement before leaning closer to the dhampir upon hearing his inquiry, “Why not? I mean… I kinda want to spend as much time as possible with Yeon before he departs. Why? Are you tired? We can rest if you want.” 

Yeon let out a low, amused chuckle when Dae pointed out how he could be strange with his logic but then tried to balance that comment out by calling him out “Nice save” he responded with a slightly judging look and then shrugged his shoulders “If being weird means being true to who I am then I’ll take the label” he responded with an honest tone. He’d rather be seen as the quirky guy than the cruel selfish one. He bit his lip and sighed when Dae mentioned the tension the first time he and Jae had met “I still can’t believe he kept me a secret” he commented with an amused shake of his head, this was Han though and when it came to Jae, the star could be irrational.

The valkyr could have gotten off with forging the bond with Han and then calling it quits but they had actually grown on one another a lot of their shared experiences meant they were sometimes the only person the other would turn to when they didn’t know how to talk about something “Hey I hang out with him a lot too you know, I just saw a chance to get ahead and why not take it?” he raised his brows suggestively and shrugged “Besides the bond is about more than that, he needs someone to look out for him you know, the world is a dangerous place for a celestial” Han knew that all too well and the valkyr would be there the moment he needed to be, even if it meant using the teleportation he hated so much. “I have definitely seen his ass” he responded with a chuckle “Though I think you have far more interest in it than me” Yeon was more an abs guy himself and it wasn’t exactly a secret Han had them.

The blond valkyr smirked when Dae mentioned his texting “Oh I did really want you to fuck me, it’s just that the brat started it” he rolled his eyes playfully, he was used to it by now and sometimes could even get back to sleep afterwards. Such a strange habit to him but if it made Han happy then he supposed he could handle it, he was sure the star had some questionable experiences of his own. The valkyr didn’t eat too much, he didn’t like to eat too crazy before a flight because it could make him queasy but he picked at his fries throughout dinner. Before long they were off to head over to the koala enclosure. “It would be incredibly reckless and irresponsible of you, yes” he chuckled under his breath with a wry smile that said let’s do it anyway. “I’m not feeling dancing on my own today anyway” he responded and pouted his lips playfully.

He was watching the woman demonstrating with the bear, it was cute and looked really soft and fluffy, barely paying attention to anyone because it was busy snacking away on the snacks the keepers had prepared. When they asked for a volunteer he didn’t intend to push ahead but Jae shoved him which got a glare over his shoulder in response before he found himself having a koala pushed into his arms, the woman explaining how to hold him and where to pet him. He nodded slightly taking it and looking down at it with an amused expression “It’s so soft” he commented letting a slightly surprised laugh of wonder.

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