It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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Dae may not say much but one thing was for sure, he doesn't lie. The niveis didn't see any point in lying, and it takes a lot of effort, one he is not willing to spare his energy to muster up a word of lie, much less a full sentence of it. When Yeon asked him that question again and pressed with the thought of Jae being single, Dae couldn't help but scoff and state at the valkyr with an indescribable look, "I know it's surprising but you don't really think I am the type to settle down right? Jae is the type to want a boyfriend and I can't be that for him nor do I actually want to. And you… you're not someone I can drop very easily. We know what happened for the first 4 months when I tried." He could still recall those memories of him grunting and complaining internally. He could believe that people did chase after the two brothers, he saw how Eun looked once or twice when he came over Jae's dorm back then and the elder Moon was visiting. 

"Mhmm, I feel like I'm the one being in their relationship when they broke up. I didn't like the atmosphere and whenever Jae came over to talk when he was worrying over Snowball, I feel fucking depressed. It's like there's a huge cloud above me and it's raining hard. And I don't like the rain." For someone who likes everything that is cold, Daehyun wasn't a fan of rain at all. It was… too gloomy. And he hated that feeling. Watching Yeon go off with Han, he snickered at the amount of skinship those two displayed, they were pretty open with that. As opposed to him and Jae, not that he had any problem with it, in fact Dae actually likes hand holding with the people he really… really likes. So far, the only person he has held hands with was Yeon. And Jae is also quite closed off when it comes to display like that. 

"They're Volakiris, supposedly twins are not even that similar to each other, that's to be expected I guess" that bond continues to wow him each day. He always made a note to actually study about it, asking a few questions to Yeon every once in a while. It's a fascinating concept. "Did you seriously just say that with your entire chest? Jae, are you hearing yourself? What danger" he shook his head and leaned against the seat, eyeing his own reflection in the side mirror. When the dhampir practically confirmed that he heard every single detail Dae was discussing with the blond earlier, the niveis chuckled and turned his head to the side to face him, "It's not really scheming, just… honest desires is all, you would know that, hm? You are my best friend after all, Jae. You know what I like… and how I think" he cooed, his piercing gaze was still fixated on the male behind the wheels, though it wasn't too burdening, it was really just Dae smirking and teasing Jae. "So… what do you think? Was it a good plan or was it bound to fail?"

Jae pulled a surprised expression when Han reached out to tap against his nose and shook his head playfully at the way the star acted like he had just managed to shoot three hoops in a row “You really do” he teased playfully, people wanted to look after Han and ensure he was happy, he had this personality about him which made you feel like he deserved more than the cards he had been dealt. Han was a really compassionate and good-hearted person, he did everything he could to help others, especially animals. He often put on a brave face when the world didn’t work in his favor but Jae could see the little ways he seemed to try and cover up the emotions he felt. Han felt deeply, that was one of the things Jae loved more about him.

Jae smiled at the thought of them finally being able to go on a vacation and getting to go somewhere nice “Yeontan and Byul are going to be jealous if we leave them behind” they would get a sitter to look after them of course but he knew how much Byul sulked whenever Han had to go out of town for a while. Jae glanced over to Dae and then back over to Yeon and Han together and pulled a half smile “They’re two people you would have never expected to be friends and yet somehow it works” he commented with a nod of his head, one thing was for sure, the valkyr was protective over the celestial and wanted the best for him. Jae didn’t feel jealous of them anymore because he understood them better now, understood how Yeon lived his life and the way he saw relationships.

Jae rolled his yes giving Dae a stern look when he played dumb on what danger Jae was referencing. He had been thinking about the proposal on and off through the day as he listened to the valkyr and niveis talk. Of course he found them attractive and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about a few what ifs here and there but the idea of it actually happening was... nerve-wracking for him. Firstly because he knew how possessive that Han could be, secondary because he wasn’t sure how he would feel about sharing his boyfriend with anyone else. But mostly because when it came to the bedroom, Jae was pretty intimidated by them and their...openness. “I mean…” he bit his lip, keeping his eyes on the road even though he could feel Dae’s eyes on him “Why me Dae? You could have literally anyone you want” he was honestly curious, was it just something to tick off the list? “I can’t even believe i’m really talking about this” he mumbled under his breath.

He couldn't help but giggle upon seeing the reaction Jae gave when he teased him like that. Making the dhampir smile is one of his favorite things to do, especially when he could do almost 'effortlessly', that truly makes him feel like he's at the top of the world. It didn't take them long to go their separate ways, Dae with Jae and him with Yeon. As soon as the timing allows it, Han found himself clinging onto the Valkyr like it was the most natural thing to do and much to his delight, the blond also reciprocated it without much fuss. The two of them showed their skinship very openly, and a part of him was grateful and fortunate to have someone who wouldn't shy away from his affection. Had it been Dae, he might've been whacked from the head. Hard. It makes Dae and Jae compatible, in a way, considering how his boyfriend isn't very open with displaying such affection with the niveis but then again it took him, his lover, to get Jae to return the same so he wasn't surprised. 

"The first thing I thought of when I said the cold one is a Twilight reference when they called the vampires that" he exclaimed bluntly and shook his head, the thought of Dae as a Valkyr hits differently. "God have mercy if he's like you" he added silently. "That's what I was asking myself, how could you be good friends with someone you slept with? I would've thought it'd be awkward but he's not a bad guy and despite lacking on social skills he's… decent" He could see how comfortable Jae could be with him sometimes and it comforts him to know the dhampir had someone to talk and vent to. He chuckled when Yeon said he did things to make him happy too, he wasn't wrong. "I would love to see it, Yeon. We both agreed I'm gonna get VVIP invitation, didn't we?" he teased, he wouldn't miss it for the world. How could he? He knew how hard Yeon worked on it and he wanted to be there to cheer on his volakiri. 

"I'll probably tear up watching it, let's be real" he remembered Yeon discovering how he was after watching him practice. He hypes Yeon a lot, or people he really likes and cares for in general. Han choked on his own saliva when the blond practically confirmed his suspicions, "You were serious about that?" He didn't make it sound like he was offended or taken aback by it but he was surprised, that's for sure. He saw the way he was pouting and scoffed, "Did you think Jae would be into the whole idea? Gosh Yeon" but now that he had confirmed he was thinking about that, Han couldn't help but chew his bottom lip and brush his palms against his pants unconsciously because his palms were getting sweaty. 

Yeon really treasured the relationship he had with Han, the celestial was so open to being his real self with him and the valkyr returned that in full. The two of them knew more about one another than either would probably admit give their connection but it was enough to have a deep understanding. Yeon knew the struggles and hardships Han had gone through but also he felt when the star was at his most joyful. He understood his fears and he respected his boundaries. It was a strange connection to have, being a volakiri but honestly he wouldn’t ever trade his partner because Han had truly come to matter to him.

He chuckled when the other male thought he was referencing Twilight, shaking his head in amusement “I think we’ll avoid giving Dae any more reason to be broody” he commented with a smirk and licked his lips when Han pressed further about his relationship with Dae. He knew there was no use lying about it was the star because the other male knew him better than that and their bond meant there wasn’t really any way to hide it from him “I guess because….sex has never really been romantic for us...we don’t make love the way you and Jae do” he shrugged slightly and gave a casual smile “He’s more considerate than most people give him credit for...he’s just not the type to brag about it” he could definitely tell that Jae meant a lot to him that was for sure.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have the front row, only the best for you my bestie” he chuckled because of the cringeyness of using that word but smiled nonetheless “I really hope it’s great” he spoke wistfully “I know I’m immortal and so small things like this aren’t supposed to matter but...they do, you know” he was sure Han could understand holding on to the little things considering everything he had been through. Yeon glanced over at Han, giving him a purposeful questioning raise of his brow in response to his surprise “I know I make a lot of jokes but I’m hardly one to turn down such an opportunity” he grinned turning his head to stare out the window “You have to wonder a little...what it would feel like considering our...connection” he licked his lips, he certainly was curious to know because he was sure it would be an indescribable feeling.

He chuckled when Han said Jae wouldn’t be into it “See I told Dae that but he seems to think you’re the harder one to convince...maybe your boyfriend has more secret desires than you think” he raised his brows suggestively.

"Basically, they're weird people who can be weird even more now that they are together" he concluded haughtily and shook his head, a weird combination given how shy the Celestial could be. Upon receiving the stern look from the dhampir, Dae cleared his throat and scoffed in response, he expected that from him honestly. He wondered how he would play this out but he's also interested to see how Jae would feel about it too. Obviously given the dhampir's personality, he wasn't going to agree so easily. The two of them were very loyal to each other, Han and Jae wouldn't give each other up for anyone and that much was clear but was this really them cheating when they're also participating together? 

When Jae asked him why he chose him, the niveis stared at the other male as if he just grew a second head, "I think the better question is why not?" Jae is very attractive, a lot of things regarding him exuded the kind of energy Dae found himself wanting to be immersed in. Obviously people like Yeon was more his type but whether it was because he couldn't get Jae or a hidden guilty pleasure, the niveis still wanted him. "You said I could literally have anyone I want and if I told you that who I want is you? What then?" he questioned, there was nothing stopping from being interested in Jae, after all. "But you are talking about it so it must mean you thought about it" he pointed out slyly and crossed his arms, leaning further against the passenger seat before chuckling to himself. Jae is like a tiger cub at the moment and it's extremely endearing. "Jae, sometimes I wonder if you're truly oblivious to how attractive you can be even with that dorky side of yours. Or you're just pretending to be ignorant about it." 

Contrary to popular beliefs, even a pair of glasses and baggy clothes wouldn't be able to hide away his beauty. It didn't help that he himself knows that Jae was more than what he displayed himself as. "You know and don't you dare try to deny it, that I was interested in you the moment we met. Yeah not the best encounter because I was grumpy but it worked out just fine. You're my best friend, Jae. The only reason why I didn't go after you was because you're a taken man and well, I can't afford to ruin our friendship over a relationship. This wouldn't be anything big though, considering you're not exactly going to be cheating." He noticed they were entering the parking lot while eyeing the way Jae would continue to stare forward as if nothing happened, though the slightly pale tone of his fists tightening its grip was saying something.

He laughed dryly at the way Dae surmised the way that Yeon and Han were together “I guess you could say that...they reflect one another somehow...despite the fact that Yeon is a confident millionaire and Han is a shy star” unexpected but they were good for one another because they balanced out the extreme parts of one another.

Jae glanced over at Dae every so often as he drove, he wanted to read his expression and determine how serious he was being about this whole thing because honestly, it was sometimes hard for him to tell just how deadly serious Dae could be, especially when it came to the things he wanted. He swallowed when Dae said he could have anyone he wanted and yet it was Jae that he was interested in choosing, the dhampir shifted a little in his seat showing how surprised he was by that admission “Who doesn’t...wonder about it once or twice” he commented under his breath as though it was some sort of secret admission. He could feel Dae’s eyes on him and honestly, it made him a little nervous to wonder what the niveis was thinking “Oh come on Dae...I’m not attractive to the point people...drool” that was more Yeon’s job and he could definitely understand why Dae had such an eye for the valkyr.

He had never even thought about straying from Han, that was out of the question for him, the dhampir loved the star more than anything and he would never do anything to sabotage what they had or hurt Han. Perhaps he had noticed Dae staring more than he should before or making slightly dirty comments but the half-valkyr dismissed it as just Dae being Dae. Perhaps he had been blind to what he was trying to tell him all along “Still it’s not…” he bit his lip, blushing profusely as he continued to drive “Something I have experience with...what if I don’t…” he bit his tongue, knuckles tightening against the wheel. Thankfully he didn’t need to say much more as they pulled up at Yeon’s building and he parked in one of the spots before taking out the keys and opening the door “I’ll think about it...okay” he spoke softly before closing the door and waiting for Dae to get out so he could lock up.

"You're telling me it's possible for Daehyun Stormwind to be even more broody? Am I hearing this right?" he scoffed, he didn't think the Niveis could be anymore colder than he already is but the pale haired male may prove him wrong just for the sake of it. "He probably hates Twilight though so he wouldn't know what I mean, assuming he even watched it." He leveled his gaze with Yeon as the blond explained to him the kind of connection and relationship he shared with Dae, which really explains a lot on their dynamics. His ears turned red upon hearing the part where Jae and him often make love to one another though, "Well… that's only right for us because we're in a relationship." And god knows how much he loves the dhampir. Despite always finding himself in an argument with Dae, Han knew the male was not that unapproachable or cold, he had a side that he only showed when he's calm and relaxed, something that often comes out whenever the four of them hang out. 

"I get what you mean" he patted his shoulders gently and spared him a bright reassuring grin, "You're going to do great, Yeon. And sometimes even though you're immortal, doesn't mean life suddenly becomes insignificant to you. We should enjoy it while we can." That's what he's doing right now. He swallowed hard when he saw the way Yeon looked at him before turning his gaze away as he implied he wanted to know how it feels like with the Volakiri connection they have, his palms were growing even sweatier than before and honestly he couldn't stop his head from calculating all the possible scenarios that could play out tonight. Fuck. Thank god the Valkyr wasn't looking his way when he said that because he swore he could see how the fallen star was squirming in his seat. 

His heart was also beating faster than usual and Han knew Yeon would be picking that one up with ease. He couldn't even lie that he hadn't thought about it because lying to Yeon was impossible. "Jae… Jae wouldn't even think about it" he mumbled under his breath but he didn't sound sure. Soon the familiar building came into their view and as soon as the car parked, Han was the first one to get out. His throat felt dry as he stared at the blond with his dark hues, "I'd say give it your best shot" he muttered and halted on his steps before turning around to glance over to Yeon, while biting his bottom lip nervously, "I don't even know how to… nevermind" before he could make a bigger embarrassment to himself, Han scurried off to press the elevator's button.

He laughed under his breath when Han questioned if Dae could be any more broody than he already was “I mean he’s not quite Edward Cullen level” he commented with a wry smile but agreed with Han when he said Dae would probably hate the movie “I mean the movie isn’t exactly good” he commented in an amused tone, cliche and cheesy but he could see the appeal he supposed. Mostly because Robert Pattinson was hot. Yeon couldn’t help the smirk which graced his lips when he noticed Han’s blushing “I guess you could say the experience is very different” he and Dae certainly weren’t worried about being gentle or loving when they were alone together that was for sure.

Yeon grinned in response to Han’s encouragement “I’ll be back in Evermore annoying the hell out of you before you know it” he teased, shooting Han a look, they were both immortal, what was a couple of years in the span of the future they had in front of them right? The valkyr definitely noticed the way Han responded to his suggestion planting. He snickered to himself because he swore he could hear the way Han’s heart was racing as he considered it and he could smell the scent of his swear telling him that the star was nervous. Still he didn’t turn to look at him and let Han believe he was keeping his thoughts to himself. On the inside, he was smirking though because he knew he’d planted a seed.

“You don’t think so?” he responded and licked his lips playfully “Because honestly, I think you could bat your eyes and he’d give you anything you wanted, Hanseol Park” he teased as he tilted his head, he’d noticed how the dynamics worked between them and while in normal situations Jae was the more confident one, he was fairly certain Han was the one who called most of the shots back home. “Well, you know what I’m like with a challenge” he commented as he shot Han a look, following him into the building and waiting outside the elevator, grinning like a cheshire cat because of what Han just said “You’re cute when you’re all innocent” he teased playfully before stepping into the elevator and swiping his card for the penthouse.

"That's a good comparison, if it were a reality show I might actually watch it" They were so different yet there were times when he wasn't even sure if the other was even someone different. Miracles of having a Volakiri bond, he's guessing. He thought it was rather daunting to have someone else in your head, knowing this and that to the dot. But he soon came to an understanding why it made them even stronger. Sometimes, or most of the time, Dae had an emotionless look on his face, it was either that or he looks nonchalant the entire time, which makes it harder for anyone else to gauge his thoughts. The niveis likes keeping a little bit of mystery to himself and teasing them until they are at their breaking point, soon to be washed over with a hint of frustration. 

He never averted his gaze away, and even when he wasn't staring at the dhampir directly, he was sure Jae could feel the intensity on his burning gaze somewhere. He was dead serious about what he had proposed earlier and wanted to see this to an end; the end he had planned out. "So you do admit you wonder about it" he jested, smirking triumphantly as if he had found another weak spot. "No, you're both handsome and attractive which makes it hard for people to just… pass over without a second thought. I don't necessarily drool over you publicly, Jae, but I can assure you that you are a worthy drooling material" with how often the dhampir has been working out lately and the questionable positions the two of them often find themselves in during sparring, of course he thought about it. "Doesn't mean I don't thirst over you though" he thought of it as two different things. 

"Just to make you feel better, I'm not the only one in this, Yeon's probably having a little chat with Han" he chuckled, he didn't know what went on but a part of him was confident Yeon was able to get the Celestial lined up for agreement. He is Yeon, after all. Not a lot could deny him. "If you worry you're not gonna perform well, fret not because it's usually the beginners who end up being a lot more freaky under the sheets." Dae has never had much of a filter but this time, it was spilling uncontrollably. When he said he would think about it, the pale-haired male snickered to himself and closed the door, eyeing the dhampir from a mere distance away before making his way to the elevator. He had an extra key card from Yeon since he ventures over to his place often. He stood just a few centimeters behind Jae while waiting for the elevator and whispered, "You won't know until you've tried though but… honestly speaking, it can make you feel so fucking good." And at that very moment, the door opened.

“I feel like people would be betting on which one of them would end up starting a fight first” he commented with a laugh, they got along in short doses but Jae had to wonder how the two of them would fare if they were together for a prolonged amount of time, they might be volakiri but they were also pretty much opposite personalities. Jae could definitely feel Dae’s eyes on him as they talked which made him keep shuffling a little on the spot and blushing, it was hard to be friends with someone so direct because they weren’t afraid of constantly challenging you even when you wanted to disappear into the seat because you were so embarrassed.

“I mean who doesn’t let their mind wander from time to time...especially when you have attractive friends” ones who were proud of showing their bodies off too, especially Yeon who basically encouraged people to stare at his ass every moment of the day. Jae bit his lip when Dae pointed out that he was worth drooling over and then went on to suggest that he enjoyed thinking about what might be between them. The dhampir didn’t even realize how harshly he was treating his lip until he noticed the metallic taste of blood in his mouth “It’s kinda crazy to me how you can see all of this and still be...platonic” he commented in a soft voice, for him sex had always been about love and it was hard for him to place himself in a different mindset about it.

Jae nodded a few times when Dae mentioned how Yeon was probably going to talk to Han about the idea “Dae you know full well that Yeon could talk Han into jumping off a cliff and we’d be going to get parachutes not an hour later” he sighed, he loved Han but he could be easily swept up into things which meant the dhampir would be the only one left with reservations. He just hoped that if he gave in that he wouldn’t regret the decision he made. “I can...perform just...fine thanks” he responded in a somewhat defensive tone shooting Dae a look that said he didn’t appreciate the lack of confidence. But he did feel a little under experienced here...he’d never slept with anyone but Han after all.

Before long they were in the elevator and Jae was pondering over it all in silence, maybe Dae was right and it would be a good experience for him. He was sure the niveis was able to notice the way his mind seemed to be drifting off which was a sure clue that he wasn’t dismissing it and that whisper was the last nail in the coffin as the dhampir let out a soft whimper which he quickly pretended didn’t happen as he stepped into the room and greeted Han and Yeon who were already inside.

Han shuddered internally at the thought of Daehyun Stormwind being anywhere near the thought of Edward Cullen, "No, he would eat that guy for breakfast if anything" he mumbled, sometimes he couldn't fathom how one could be so passive aggressive yet appear so heated at times. It was a shift that would've admittedly interested him if Dae wouldn't glare at him like he was trying to freeze him alive and then sink him under the sea somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean. "No the movie wasn't impressive but the actors were hot…" he mumbled, it was cringy watching them act out what would possibly be one for the most absurd, if not the most absurd portrayal of vampires. 

"You better come back with those sweets I've been craving. I hate that the only nearest outlet is located in New York City… can't they open a branch here, I'd give anything to have them here" he whined in complaint, the Celestial always had something to look forward to whenever Yeon comes back. He hated that his heart was beating like it was running on a clock, even more so when he was fully aware Yeon could hear every second of it. The fallen star tried his best to stay calm and even balled up his fist while counting to 10 in his head but the hall music was so distracting and the fact that Yeon was just standing behind him the entire time was even worse. He couldn't quite discard all of those thoughts and what ifs, would Jae be up to try it? He swallowed hard upon hearing the Valkyr's sweet alluring voice, "I swear you were trying to tempt me" he muttered under his breath but the fact that he was thinking about it says it all. 

The seed has been planted and Han took the bait willingly without even realizing it. By the time they entered the elevator, Han quickly shuffled to the side and held the railing firmly, clearly going through his options. "I am innocent" he huffed, "When have I never been innocent, if you could recall how things are Yeon, you're the one out of the two of us that's least innocent." It didn't take them long to get to his place, so as soon as the door opened, he dashed straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Just as he finished the entire glass in one drink, Jae and Dae entered the room. "You look tense, did something happen?" he joked, trying to find something to break the intense atmosphere he shared with Yeon. 

Yeon laughed at Han’s dramatic reaction to him likening Dae and Edward Cullen “True, and probably going on about how he’s ridiculous for pining over Bella” he chuckled, the valkyr had seen most movies, regardless of whether they were good or not, just out of pure curiosity when he was on the plane, it helped to pass the time. “That’s the reason to watch most movies” he teased slightly, hot actors were definitely a plus that was for sure. “When do I ever let you down, I swear you’ve consumed more of those sweets than the average person would in a lifetime” Yeon always made sure to pay a visit and pick him some up whenever he knew he was coming back to Evermore.

“Maybe I should invest and give them some mild suggestions” he teased playfully, the place did seem like a pretty good investment, there was always a line in there whenever he visited and people seemed to give rave reviews, expanding seemed like a no brainer. Yeon was amused by how nervous Han had suddenly gotten, all spurred from the moment he mentioned the idea of volakiri sex, it was evident that now the seed had been planted the star was unable to think of much else “Oh that’s exactly what I was doing” he teased and raised his brows “I can’t be the only one wondering how good it would feel” he commented in a coy voice, he was sure it would be spectacular given they already managed to share sensations when they were with a partner individually.

“Keep believing that” Yeon commented as they stepped into the elevator “Just remember who gets to feel when you and Jae getting a little rough at night” he commented and smirked shaking his head in amusement, they might come across vanilla as a couple but he knew that was far from the reality. “And I never claimed to be innocent” he commented and bit his lip “We both know I spend more time sinning than I do sleeping” he chuckled as they stepped out of the elevator and he watched Han dash his way across the room to get a glass of water. It wasn’t long before he heard the sound of the elevator opening again and grinned turning around to face Jae and Dae “They do look a little tense” he commented, inspecting Dae’s wry expression and the way Jae looked like a timid mouse. “Well I don’t know about everyone else but I could use a drink” he announced as he headed for the minibar and pulled out a few glasses.

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