It felt like this move had been the longest time coming and yet had come around so suddenly too. Yeon remembered talking about moving out to New York for the longest time and at one point it was more a crossing thought than anything but yet here they were today. Tomorrow morning he would be leaving for the airport and leaving Evermore City behind. Dae had managed to convince him to keep the penthouse but all the things had been packed up into boxes and shipped out to his new place already, everything else was still here if he didn't need it or it was packed up in the 2 suitcases he had packed and ready to take. It felt so empty as he looked out over the spacious building, he never ever realized how big it felt before all his things were removed, now it felt a little lonely. 

In true Yeon fashion he had insisted that they spend time together before he left which was exactly why he was getting ready to leave now, he was dressed more casually than usual, jeans and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up because it was warm today. They'd agreed to meet at the zoo. He and Hanseol had been hanging out a lot lately and of course, he still spent a lot of time with Dae but it had been a while since the 4 of them had spent time together, the last he remembered was their game night where Han had almost ended up flipping a table after a game of Uno.

Before long he headed down outside the building and got into the car, he gave the driver the address of zoo they were visiting today and then leaned back in the seat. It was on the outskirts of Evermore city where the land started to get more expansive so as he watched out the window he noted the way the houses slowly started to feel less crammed in, there were more gardens and space out here. Sometimes he wondered if he'd like to live in a place with more space and nature but he still seemed to find himself choosing places in the heart of the city. A part of him liked the hustle and bustle and being surrounded by people he didn't know. 

When he reached the destination he paid the driver and hopped out of the car, it seemed he was the first one to arrive as he didn't see any of the others waiting in front of the statue so he headed over to it, slinging his bag over his shoulder before leaning against it and pulling out his phone. He had a bunch of work-related messages which he was tempted to answer but he knew how much of a rabbit hole that would be so he swiped on the notification to dismiss it and nodded. Work free day, it was the last day he would get to spend in person with his friends for a while and he wanted to enjoy it. 

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Their friendship can't be described by anyone, hell even Yeon and Dae themselves didn't know how to describe the kind of relationship they have. But the two eventually decided to just leave it at that and enjoy each other's company, which wasn't bad at all. "Ah yes, your own personal everything" he jested, "your favorite toy, your friend, your food critic, I'm a lot of things for you, am I not?" Okay, maybe he likes feeling important like that. He likes knowing that Yeon and Jae like his company. It meant he wasn't a bad companion. And while Dae wasn't one to search for one's validation, it does feel good to know that. "Such a shame" he quipped casually, if Jae wasn't taken, he would've given himself a chance to tackle him. He wasn't a relationship guy, sure, but perhaps it wasn't off the books for him, as unrealistic as that sounds.

 "I've never had a problem with relationship status, they're like those publicity stunts you pull on social media to make sure people back off and stop sending you nudes. But I respected Snowball enough and cherished my friendship with Jae." The pale haired Niveis has slept with a lot of people, even married and taken ones. He gave Yeon a look that says good point when he said that about the Celestial, Han is fairly handsome, it was hard not to be attracted to him. "I need to get myself that VVIP pass to see Volakiri sex for sure. Hoping for that to come true, actually." Nothing wrong with being curious, right? "Ah yes, I matter" he grinned cheekily and puffed his chest out as if he was proud he was high up on the Valkyr's list. It was a huge feat considering how selective Yeonseok Lee is. He rolled his eyes and scoffed when Jae told him he didn't need to hear every tidbit, "Yeah but that's not fun. Who am I kidding, your humor and definition of fun is as dry as the Sahara desert" he shook his head and nudged him playfully. Jae is pretty private, he knew that. 

"Oh yes, blessed by Snowball because he allowed me to talk to my best friend for what? 10 mins? 12." The moment Jae skipped off to Han, Dae smirked to himself and eyed the couple, what could he be wishing for indeed, "A lot of things, Jae. But for today? Just one." Before long, he was joined by Yeon once again who was reading the pamphlet, "I'm a unique person, what can I say?" Swimming with sharks is not high on people's list, especially those who wished to live longer, but for the male, it was just an anniversary type of thing he would revisit sometimes. "Koalas?" He stared at the blond and chuckled softly, "Yeah I can see the resemblance. You're clingy, endearingly so. You are selective when choosing the people who are worthy of your attention and love. You definitely know your self worth and won't settle for less. Koala Yeon." When the smell of food hit them, Dae could feel his stomach grumbling, he hasn't eaten his breakfast today so that was probably it. "Thank God… I'm really hungry. Can we find food now?" There was a slight pull to his voice that indicated the Niveis was whining. 

Seeing the pout on Han’s lips he grinned slightly “We’ll go through the albums one day” he promised nodding his head slightly, one day he would find a way to go home and to look upon his childhood home without feeling fear for his own freedom. One day he would be strong enough, he had to be. He laughed and shrugged when Han questioned whether that was a real thing that happened “In hindsight I think she probably only made friends with Ahri in the first place so she could come to our house” he shrugged slightly, Jae had been pretty clueless then when it came to relationships, he didn’t even really know when someone was flirting with him. When he and Han started falling for one another he hadn’t exactly been smooth with his feelings but thankfully the star found his clumsy nature endearing.

Jae watched Han carefully as he spoke about his family, he didn’t mention them much and despite him saying there wasn’t much to say, Jae got the feeling it wasn’t the reason he didn’t talk about them “It’s okay to miss them, you know” he spoke softly, how could he not miss them when they were the very first people who took care of him. He knew how deeply that Han cared for those he let in after all.

Jae raised his brows when Dae insulted his sense of humor, okay he could be very private about his own desires but that was because firstly, he knew that Dae had some ulterior motives at times and it made him wonder whether Han would be okay oversharing. “I like to describe it as being mysterious” he teased back with a grin and nudged the niveis back with his shoulder. He shot Dae a look when he complained about how Han was trying to steal him away after their conversation “Hey you’re the one who told me to go get him because you’re hungry” he jested, wondering what the one thing Dae was wishing for was as he walked away.

He laughed under his breath at Han’s reaction to the penguin fiasco “Well it’s better than being eaten by the sharks” he commented with an amused look as they wandered through the winding tunnels “Probably the usual gutter stuff they usually do” he commented as she leaned against Han’s shoulder while they walked, playing with the star’s hand a little by rubbing the back of it “Sometimes I wonder if they would cross that line...given the chance” he commented in a soft voice. Dae hadn’t exactly been quiet about his attraction to Jae and everyone could see the way Yeon eyed Han after all, it wasn’t a stretch. “We’ll go visit him” he assured Han with a nod of his head “You’re linked, there’s nothing in the world that could drag him away from you” he smiled encouragingly as they headed out of the aquarium and saw Dae already making a beeline for the restaurant. Jae’s stomach growled from the smell “Food sounds good right now” he agreed.

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